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January 11th, 2006, 7:57 AM
3 years before Crimea's capital was brutally attacked by Daein, igniting a new war in the land of Tellius, there was a battle fought that nobody truly understands. Nobody, that is, but those who participated in that battle against Ashnard and his Daein soldiers. However, maybe we shouldn't start the tale this far in. Perhaps we should go to the beginning...

Kalace and his little sister, Bethany, were two Mages who were left with the task of guarding a Crimean temple- a temple said to contain one of five magical objects. The legend says that once all five of these treasures were brought together, they'll grant the user infinite power. Ashnard, on his corrupted road of evil, wanted these items for himself.

It was a rainy night, and all was quiet at the temple. Kalace and Bethany were in their hut, eating dinner, when the heard a crashing noise from the direction of the temple. When they arrived, a small group of Daein soldiers stood before them, a golden staff in hand. Kalace and Bethany didn't stand a chance, and were thrown into the nearby river by the soldiers, left to die.

You are a resident of Tellius who posess the ability to fight, heal, etcetera. Somehow, you get yourself wound up in the events taking place, and are forced to fight for one reason or another. You will experience many things, meet many people, and participate in many battles. Don't lose sight of your goals, as this journey is a long one indeed...

In Tellius, two species of beings roam: The Beorc and the Laguz.

Beorc is the proper name for humans in Tellius. Beorc wield many weapons, including swords, bows, axes, and some can use spells and such. Most Beorc live in Daein, Crimea, and Begnion, though some live in Laguz nations, for reason unknown. Most Beorc refer to Laguz as "Sub-humans", which the Laguz take as extremely insulting.

The Laguz are both similar and different to Beorc race. Laguz are 'changelings' for lack of a better word. Each tribe of Laguz has the ability to change between a different beast, and a form that appears nearly human. When in the nearly human form, members of the Beast Tribe have animal ears and a tail, while bird tribes still have wings. If you are a Beorc and a Laguz calls you a 'human', that Laguz is NOT your ally, or at least doesn't like you at all. Most Laguz hate Beorcs due to an incident involving the Heron Clan years ago.


Years ago, the land if Daein fell victim to a terrible plague. The devastated rural towns turned to their new leader, King Ashnard, for hope. Ashnard has since ruled Daein harshly and positioned his country as an enemy of the Laguz. A large majority of Daein is covered in snow, which is most likely due to the montainous region within. Daein borders both Crimea and Begnion.

The largest and most powerful country in Tellius, Begnion is the home of the goddess Ashera. Sanaki, the apostle of Begnion and chosen vessel of the goddess, resides in Begnion's imperial capital, Sienne. The seven senators and the upper class of the country also live in Sienne, while the working class occupies Begnion's farmland. It is near impossible to reach Begnion on foot other than from Daein, as it is bordered by a large mountain range. Begnion borders Crimea, Daien, Gallia, as well as Goldoa.

Phoenicis & Kilvas
Phoenicis and Kilvas, the two islands near the southern coast of Tellius, create a channel that is travelled by daring ship merchants. The islands themselves are inhabited by the Laguz hawk tribe of Phoenicis, and the crow tribe of Kilvas. Although the tribes often disagree, they see eye-to-eye on one thing: their dislike of the Beorc. Both the Phoenicis and Kilvas tribes practice piracy, attacking merchant ships and steaing the loot.

Little is known about the nation of Goldoa because of its secluded situation amid mountain ranges. Goldoa is home to the Laguz dragons, and is ruled by the Black Dragon King Deghinsea and his son, Prince Kurthnaga. Dragon-human interaction is rare on Tellius, though the king desires peace between the Laguz and the Beorc.

Long ago, the Laguz of Gallia were kept as slaves by the Beorc of Crimea. Though Laguz slavery has long been abolished, tension between Gallians and Crimeans runs high. Gallia is ruled by the mighty King Caineghis, who resides in Castle Gallia. The King's strength of character has earned him the undying trust of the Gallian Laguz, who resemble tigers, and lions in beast form, depending on gender.

Crimea is a peaceful nation which strongly relies on trade. Its coastal towns are inhabited by Beorc merchants who rely on trade from other countries, while its capital is home to Castle Crimea, house of the Crimean royal family. Princess Elincia is the true heir to the Crimean throne, yet her existance has been left secret. Many mercenary groups work in Crimea, including the Griel Mercenaries, and most of the land is used for farming.

The Triangle System
Battles follow a system as to which opponent will most likely win, and it's kind of like Rock, Paper, Scizzors. Swords are superior to Axes, Axes are superior to Lances, and Lances are superior to Swords. However, this does not determine the outcome of a battle.

Character Classes

Beginner Classes

The best rounded class, with a decent defense and offense. Generally, Rangers use swords, and are quite inexperienced at first.
Weapons: Swords

Archers are masters of the bow, and can deal damage from far away. However, they are very vulnerable to close range attacks, though they're speed generally makes up for that.
Weapons: Bows

Priest & Clerics
Priests can use staves, and only staves. Since Priests can only heal with the staves, and not attack, they should generally be well guarded, since they are weak against most attacks.
Weapons: Staves (Heal, Mend, ect)

Fighters are strong with the axe, and generally can take more damage. However, they are very weak against magical attacks, and aren't particularily quick.
Weapons: Axes/Hand Axes

Mages specialize in magic like Fire, Wind, and Lightning, and aren't very strong, so they require protection. They are quite fast however, as they don't carry a big weapon.
Weapons: Magic

Knight (Mounted)
Knights are mounted units that ride horses, and can use a large variety of weapons (however they can only use one type). They can move fast and are quite strong. A large disadvantage is their disability on rough terrain, as horses have issues moving.
Weapons: Axes/Hand Axes, Swords, Bows, Lance/Javelins

Myrmidons use swords, and aren't exactly very useful in quite a few cases. They bear a weakness against both lances and magic.
Weapons: Swords

Wyvern Rider
Wyvern Riders are mounted units that fly on the backs of Wyverns, and use lances for combat. They can move fast and far, not to mention that they can fly. Wyvern Riders, like all flying classes, bear a huge weakness to arrows, as well as Wind Magic.
Weapons: Lances/Javelins

Thieves aren't great in combat, but are skilled in other ways. They can pick locked doors and treasure chests, as well as steal items from enemies. They are fast, but are weak, meaning if a blow is landed on a thief, it would damage it severly, if not defeat it.
Weapons: Knives

Soldiers use lances and travel by foot. They have high defense due to their amor, and can move fairly quickly. However, they lack the attack strength of some other classes.
Weapons: Lances/Javelins

Knight (Unmounted)
Unounted Knights could be considered tanks. They move slow on all terrain, but can sustain great amounts of damage. Though they aren't the most proficient attackers, they are decently strong. The defense is generally given by the armor they wear.
Weapons: Lance/Javelins, Swords, Axes/Hand Axes

Pegasus Knight
Pegasus Knights are mounted units that ride white, winged horses. They are very fast, and generally use lances for combat. They have a poor defense however, and a large weakness to Wind Magic, as well as arrows and axes.
Weapons: Lances/Javelins

Beast Tribe
Hailing from Gallia, members of the beast tribe (containing cats, lions, and tigers) are vicious animals on the battlefield. While in animal form, they can move extremely fast and far, and their teeth and claws are extremely sharp and powerful. However, the Laguz can only maintain their animal form for a set amount of time, and cannot attack while in human form. They are also very weak against fire based magic.
Weapons: Teeth, Claws

Bird Tribes
Hawk and Raven Laguz take the forms of large Hawks and Ravens while in animal form, and attack with their sharp beaks. They are extremely weak to arrows and Wind Magic, and can only obtain their animal form for a set time.
Weapons: Beak

Dragon Tribe
As rare as Dragons are, they are heavy hitters and can sustain a large amount of damage. They breathe either fire or ice, and like all Laguz, can only remain in their dragon form for so long.
Weapons: Breath, Claws, Teeth

Master Classes

Snipers are promoted Archers. They are faster, and they can hit harder, but still keep all of the weaknesses an archer has.
Weapons: Bows

Bishops are promoted Priests, and unlike Priests, can attack using Light magic, though their defenses are still poor. Only males can be Priests and Bishops.
Weapons: Staves, Light Magic

Valkyries are promoted Clerics, and like Bishops, now have a way to attack: the use of a sword. Also, Valkyrie units ride horseback, instead of walking like Clerics did. They're healing arts also improve substantially. Only females can be Valkyries and Clerics.
Weapons: Staves, Sword

Warriors are promoted Fighters, and can use bows as well as axes. They become stronger, faster, and gain a higher defense as well. However, they still have a strong weakness towards magic.
Weapons: Axes/Hand Axes, Bows

Berserkers are similar to Warriors, and are brutal with the Axe, making them powerhouses against weaker enemies, as well as those who use lances.
Weapons: Axes/Hand Axes

Sages are promoted Mages, and their magical power skyrockets when the promotion occurs. They become so powerful they can even take down large Warriors and Berserkers with ease. They become more agile, yet still have the weakness against enemies wielding weapons, and they don't preform well against other Sages. Also, Sages have a choice between using Staves or Knives.
Weapons: Magic, Staves, Knives

Paladins are promoted Mounted Knights, and instead of using one weaon type, they can use two. They are faster, stronger, and have a great defense. They still can't move well in some terrain, however.
Weapons: Axes/Hand Axes, Swords, Bows, Lances/Javelins

Swordmasters are promoted Myrmidons, and are fast and strong on the front lines. They have a strong chance of scoring a critical blow, and can evade quite frequently.
Weapons: Swords

Wyvern Lord
As you can guess, Wyvern Lords are promoted Wyvern Riders, and are stronger, faster, and have a better defense.
Weapons: Lances/Javelins

Assassins are promoted thieves, and are extremely fast and evasive. They can hold their own against weaker enemies, and are very elusive, making them experts at sneaking.
Weapons: Knives

Halberdiers are promoted Soldiers, and have an improved attack, defense, and speed.
Weapons: Lances/Javelins

Generals are promoted Unmounted Knights, and have a much higher defense. Another benefit is that they can move quite a bit faster.
Weapons: Lances/Javelins, Swords, Axes/Hand Axes

Falcon Knight
Falcon Knights are promoted Pegasus Knights, and are much faster, stronger, and have a better defense. They can dodge better, though still share the same weaknesses with a Pegasus Knight.
Weapons: Lances/Javelins

Class & Weapon: (Please try and choose a beginner class, you can always get promoted later)
Profession: (Is your character a mercenary? A Crimean Knight?
Appearance: (Tellius is like a fantasy world, remember that)
Backstory: (A little history on your character)

RP Sample: ( I require one so I know if you're good enough to be here or not.)

January 11th, 2006, 6:46 PM
Name:Avis (and many other alias) Actume
Class & Weapon: Class-Thief Weapon-Double Daggers (http://imagescommerce.bcentral.com/merchantfiles/5077181/titan1.jpg)
Profession: Steals for people and is sometimes classified as a hitman
Appearance: Avis (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v243/Kaiyoseila/Avis.png) wears light brown slip on's (http://kungfu-shoes.tripod.com/image/WXZ-0001.jpg)and unerneath her extremely short miniskirt is a pair of chesnut brown shorts, that portrude an inch out of her skirt, reaching mid-thigh.

Her clothes as an assassin Clothes only (http://clarence.supereva.com/ragnarok/img/pag/Character_Assassin.jpg)

Personality:Avis is a cocky little stuck up, who doesn't take things for granted, but doesn't exactly feel grateful for what she has. She'll repay people who help her, whether the goods she gives them are stolen or not. She's quick on her feet, and she's quick at thinking up lies, and out of the box reasonings for what she's doing when she's analyzing something. But when she gets nervous, she'll start trying to confuse the person asking her questions, and if that doesn't succeed, then she'll walk away, just to come back in another few minutes or so. She has a polite and sweet attitude when you first meet her, just in case your a potential customer her manager, DarkSkar, hasn't told her about, which happens a lot. But once she finds out your not a customer, she'll drop the act like a nuclear bomb and probably say something insulting before walking away. She's very selfish, and doesn't understand what 'guilt' is, whether she's murdered someone or not. She's unnaturally cheerful, and laughs at memories quite often, though she knows that memories are only memories, and doesn't dwell on them for very long. She loves animals, of all kinds, and likes to talk a lot, which is what holds her back from becoming an assassin.
Backstory: Avis was always a violent girl, being brought up in an orphanage her mother ran for boys, she was always picking fights with them. She didn't ever win, as her strength was quite sad, but always managed to avoid anything but bruises by her quick wit and feet. She outran a boy one time and was beaten to peices by the others, and soon, it became her habit to steal things from them, though she'd always hide them in places they'd probably dropped, yet wouldn't see. Her parents were always too busy to even look at her, trying to get the most meddlesome boys adopted, and she began to scrounge for food, but she wouldn't sink so low as to beg, she was ready to steal big time. She started by asking her parents for money to buy a bag or, some candy. After some time of doing this, she earned enough money to slip into the back alleyway of the orphanage, where the black market her father participated in met for discussions and trades. Here she discovered her fathers biggest business partner, DarkSkar, who offered her a job on the market as a thief. The people paid her to steal things from others, which she did effectively. The day someone asked her to try to kill someone in the process, she merely said 'I'll try but if I succeed, the price is doubled'. And when the person was lying dead on the floor, she merely left it there, waiting for her payment. She made a living of this and bought her own place at the age of 12, away from the orphanage and the boys who no longer dared to pick on her.

RP Sample: [this has nothing to do with this RP]
Wow...not your ordinary boarding school..." I mumbled as I took a step off of the wobbling ferry, which I thought was clumsily docked, as it threatened to throw me off into the water.
I stared around at the shops, and parks and thought, 'Is this really a school?'
But I shook the thought out of my head and began to weave through the streets, which were crowded with other students, wearing an odd variety of clothing, with the strangest of coloring decisions.
I felt my optimism drop as I finally realized I didn't know anybody.
All my life I had been surrounded by annoying sisters and cousins, but I had in the least, known who they were, could easily talk to them, share secrets and everything to the extent of a best friend.
More than ever now I longed to watch Mamoru, my twin sister, skate board ahead of me on the way home, as I roller skated.
Mamoru was the only semi-normal sister that I knew.
There was Sakuya, who was overly obsessed with herself and the clothes our older brother wore, Yotsuba, who had an inability to leave anybody alone, especially Bro, and then there was Karen, who was by far the most normal, yet oldest, and often confined to her piano room.
I would've given anything to see a face I recognized, but I knew it would be no dice.
My family lived in a large mansion, and nobody except Sakuya really ever made friends with anybody else but our relatives and family members.
"Okay then, room 4356, I.D. 104948..." I mumbled looking down at the card my mother had shoved into my hands before Sakuya gleefully pushed me onto the ferry, glad to be rid of me.
'Well she can go jump off a cliff with her burberry jacket along for the ride.' I thought angrily as I shoved the card into my pocket, and climb the steps into the actual school.
"Now I wonder how I'll get around..." I said annoyed, as I looked around the riduculously large school house "I know my excuse if I'm late...I got lost." I mumbled angrily, as I tried to find someone who could direct me to my dormitory.

The Vince Knight
January 11th, 2006, 8:01 PM
Fire emblem..YAY!

Name: Vince
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Class & Weapon: Myrmidon,Iron sword
Profession: Mercenary
Appearance: Wears a Red and Black Top,Black Hair,chinese like face and Armored Pants.
Personality: Calm and Playful at times,but Vince can get annoying.
Backstory: Forced to become a myrmidon to get Gold for his Grandma's medicine.

RP Sample: "Today's the one day..Finally." Said Vincent as he walked into the pokemon TCG dome.
"Oh no.. This isn't the Pokmon TCG Dome! It's a Yu-gi-oh Dome! Do'h!" Said Vincent as he was thrown out the buliding.
Vincent walked around Owshiru City until he found a hole. As soon as Vincent went into the hole,bats flew by him trying to scare him.
"Are they trying to scare me? How ridiculous." Said Vincent.
When Vincent climbed down the ladder,a giant spider with venom in it's mouth looked at Vincent.

"Ummm.. Hi errr... Mr Spider.." Said Vincent.
The Spider chased Vincent around the whole cave for 2 minutes.
The spider stopped and Anthony appeared out of nowhere.
"Heh,Did you like my...Mechanical Spider? Hahaha..huh?" Said Anthony.
While he was talking Vincent decided to chase Anthony around the cave until Vincent would hurt him.

January 11th, 2006, 9:43 PM
Nice. I just hope this one will last. :I (Are there specific weapons we can create or do we use the normal ones like the game?)

Name: Ryo
Age: 16
Gender: male
Class & Weapon: Wyvern rider ; Iron Lance
Profession: A Crimean recruit
Appearance: Ryo has firey red hair and blue eyes. He wears a dark red armor with a red shirt underneath and tan pants. He has on a pair of brown gloves and wears brown shoes.
Personality: Ryo is calm, friendly and caring. Ryo loves a good battle and his wyvern, Arkash, enjoys his master's company. Ryo's good-natureness has gained many people's trust and he enjoys conversing with others.
Backstory: Ryo was born into a poor family. His parents tried hard to support him and his sister. Ryo had started training to become a Crimean knight to help his family from the suffering. His skills started to improve dramatically. After years of training, he achieved his goal and became a Crimean knight, however, he does not ride a pegasi like the other soldiers. He found his own mount, an abandoned wyvern he calls Arkash. Arkash had locked its heart away from humans hating each and all but his heart started opening little by little as he was nursed and played with by Ryo. Arkash's heart soon opened up to Ryo and they became friends.

RP Sample: (I won't do any fighting samples this time. :P)
I woke up with a long yawn. I quickly got out of bed and got ready to go to the castle. I slipped on a red shirt and tan pants and ran outside of my house shouting to my parents, "I'll be back soon Mom, Dad!" I saw Arkash flapping his wings and stretching himself.
"Hey buddy. Ready to go?" I asked the large wyvern. He snorted once and I got on. We took a short fly around the castle and settled down near the castle gate.
"Ah. Ryo!" a guard on the left side of the gate said when I approached the gate.
"Your here earlier than expected." a guard on the right of the gate said.
"Heh. Yeah. I needed to get here a bit earlier than usual. Got to join up with the others." I said to both guards.
"Well. You should hurry on in. There are already a couple people in the castle grounds preparing." the guard on the left said.
"I suppose so. Well. See you two later." I said to them running ahead while being followed by Arkash.
We came to the castle grounds where many people were. I took a seat in the nearby shade of a large tree and Arkash sat beside me. "I guess I should just wait here." I said to Arkash patting his head slowly and softly. Arkash grunted a bit about the waiting but calmed down.
"Don't worry. We'll get our chance sooner or later."

oni flygon
January 11th, 2006, 9:51 PM
Name: Hideaki
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Class & Weapon: Level 1 Mage, Thunder
Profession: Freelance Mage
Appearance: Long dark hair, let loose. Dark brown eyes and a smirk, usually used for sarcastic or cynical remarks. Wears dark purple and green robes and dark purple cape. (Similar to Rei (http://eaichu250.superbusnet.com/feartwork/FE6-9/ray.png) from FE6's outfit)
Personality: Cynical and sarcastic, as mentioned. Hideaki reserves his trust to only a few of his friends and none to others. His extrovert and retorting personality makes it quite an awful combination as he would love to retort or tease anyone, usually comrades. But overall, kind at heart and wouldn't let down a poor peasant in a nearby village and is always willing to scare away brigands. He only fully opens his heart to one girl in the world.
Backstory: A freelance mage, he will only work if he get paid enough of his compassion overrides his reason. He was trained by the great and famed Levin from the land of Jugdral, became an apprentice to Mage General Pent of Etruria, and studied alongside the mystic Saleh of Caer Pelyn. He left home and traveled to Tellius in order to settle and live his life, but finds the continent in an upcoming calamity.


Lord Eliwood's army wasn't quite the most formidable army out there. But when it comes to being the most colorful, sure it was. You see little Rebecca there, talking with cheerful little Nino, Jafaar by her side. Dart over there, bragging to Geese about his treasure map and there's Serra tormenting Erk or Matthew, whichever poor soul she encounters first. Sain, fliriting as usual. I could close my eyes and know that Sain is flirting with someone... like Fiora or Priscilla. Oh and there's Bartre smashing rocks while Canas stands bemused. And Lord Pent, chatting quitely with Lady Louise. She giggled and laughed to Lord Pent's escapades. Ah, Lord Pent never runs out of stories. And me, just here, sitting peacefully, reading a volume of some ancient tome of some novelty. No one really cares right now if there's a war going on. But everyone is taking their time through recreation.

"Hideaki," a familiar voice greeted me.

I lowered my book only to be greeted by Nino's brilliant blue eyes.

"Oh, Nino..." I muttered and leaned a bit to my right. Yep, Jafaar's behind her alright. "Hello, Jafaar..."

Jafaar didn't respond but stayed close to Nino. Nino on the other hand, just began a conversation with me. I always argued with her, telling her to stop being so close to me. But it's hard to refuse with that look of hers... looking all innocent and I just can't say no to that.

"Nino, I hate you..." I would say afterwards "...BUT! In a friendly way!"

Oh, you have to watch what you're saying around Nino. Sometimes Jafaar'll give you that creepy stare of his. You know what I mean? That COLD stare that pierces your skin. It's creepy, I swear. I can't believe Nino's going out with that freak. And thank goodness he can't hear me thinking right now...

Electric Hero
January 11th, 2006, 10:15 PM
Name: Max Hunter
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Class & Weapon: Ranger, Sword
Profession: Mercenary and kinda a traveler... he was a member in the Greil Mercenaries, but one day, he decided to leave. Even he left just out of a sudden, he is still friend of the Greil Mercenaries... and he always calls himself an ally to the Greil Mercenaries.
Appearance: Electric blue eyes and jet black hair he likes to keep with a weird anime hairstyle. He wears a dark blue bandana and has a piece of blue cloth he keeps in a pocket. Wears black boots and dark blue pants, that look too large for him, a dark blue short-sleeve shirt he wears on a blue long-sleeved shirt, a pair of black gloves and a dark blue cape.
Personality: Max is, in one word, weird. He is most of the time happy, really cheerful, and actually he uses a lot of sarcasm. But sometimes, in one second, he can become serious, silent, or sometimes his "evil side" appears and he is cold and act like a killer... but even when that happens, he will always be a good person... no matter what... thinks about everyone first, then him. His friends are the only thing he has.
Backstory: As I mentioned earlier, he was a member of the Greil Mercenaries... and is a good friend to everyone there... even to Greil... but one day, he decided to leave. He left quickly in the morning, and he owns now a house in Crimea and can be hired for jobs, for he is still a mercenary... he says he doesn't need a big company to be one.

Yes, he has a short story... but what can I say? he has a simple life.

RP Sample:

January 12th, 2006, 1:12 PM
OOC: Finally, a good-quality Fire Emblem role-play. I joined a different one, but it died before it even began. I hope this one is good ^.^

Name: Toren

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Class & Weapon: Wyvern Rider, Iron Lance

Profession: Crimean Knight

Appearance: Toren wears a dark blue shirt with a slightly lighter blue vest wrapped around it. He wears brown pants and black shoes. His hair is spiky and brown, and he has light blue eyes. He is average height for his age and is pretty light, which is the reason he has to use light weapons. His entire body is slightly tanned, and he wears a sack around his back that is tied with a thin rope.

Personality: Toren is pretty quiet when around people, mostly how a knight should be. He is very loyal to the people that he calls friends and will protect his friends at any cost. He is normally shy and quiet when meeting people, and still quiet after he knows them. Is very protective when it comes to harming his best friend, his wyvern, Tilayo.

Backstory: He grew up in the land of Crimea peacefully. His mom stayed mostly at home and his father was in service to the Crimea knights, where Toren hoped to be someday. His father was a paladin who mastered in bows and axes, but Toren was mostly interested in Pegasuses.

As Toren grew older, he made his decision that he was going to train a little bit before he even applied to fight for Crimea. He tried riding a Pegasus, but it wasn't until the creature had bucked him off that he realized that Pegasuses, graceful as they are, mostly only let girls ride them. Then Toren saw a wyvern for the first time, and found a new thing he wanted to be, a Wyvern Rider. Not only did Wyvern riders let both boys ride them, but they were powerful and majestic as well. Toren begged his father to buy him a Wyvern, and in the end he gave in.

Toren named his blue Wyvern Tilayo, and they became fast friends. They formed a bond and Toren started to practice. Finally, when Toren applied for the Crimean Knights, he was accepted and began his career as a fighter. He hasn't had much experience in fighting, but will try his best and fight 'till the end.

RP Sample: Toren walked slowly along the dirt road towards his house. He had just been visiting his friend's house where they talked about how cool it would be to be a professional fighter in the Crimean Army. Little did Arua, his friend, know that Toren was already a full-fledged fighter in the service. Toren planned to tell him later after he had calmed down a bit. Toren was still a little jittery about the fact that he had even been accepted.

Hmm, I hope Tilayo is ready for a little ride. Maybe we'll fly up to the mountains for a little sight-seeing.

He smiled and started to jog, his large house finally coming into sight. His father was paid well for being a high-ranking official in the Crimea Army, so they're family was used to a lavish lifestyle.

As Toren jogged around his house to the other side, he found Tilayo hovering in the air, his dark blue wings flapping slowly, generating a nice breeze.

"Come on, Tilayo. Let's for a little ride."

The blue wyvern snorted and touched down on the ground, bending low so that Toren could climb on. Toren latched ontohis body and hoisted himself up onto his back. Tilayo nodded and began flapping his wings once more, letting his body slowly rise into the air. He started moving a little faster as they began soaring through the air, their speed picking up. Toren smiled as his hair began wildly shaking around from all the wind blowing through his face. He patted his friend, and they both took off, heading for the nearby mountains.

January 12th, 2006, 5:08 PM
Name: Tearo
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Class & Weapon: Dragon Tribe, Breath(Fire)
Profession: Unknown
Appearance: http://img65.imageshack.us/img65/8276/cavuw7jp3gv.png
Personality: Quiet, forloorne
Backstory: Attack by a band of theives as a child his mother and father were sent far away to a place called Daein. So he dicides to travel there to get his mother and father back.

RP Sample: "Watch out!" Tearo screamed. The giant spider bit the small girl. "You can't you defend?" Tearo said. "I'm sorry but no....." The small girl replied. "Fine. Watch out." Tearo said as he turned into dragon form. "ROOOOAAAAARRRR!" The spider withdrew immediately. Tearo turned into "Human" form. "Come with me. I will train you." Tearo said. "Thank you mister...." the girl said.

Raichu Master
January 12th, 2006, 8:10 PM
Name: Andre Halfi
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Class & Weapon: Priest, staff
Profession: Begnion soldier
Appearance: Andre, who is in his prime, has a gizzly untidy beard that makes him seem older than he really is. He refuses to shave, and when the prime minister orders it, he might consider it. His sky blue eyes are like icy glaciers when the heat of battle starts up and his long silver hair reaches the middle of his back, and is free flowing and well washed despite his untidy facial hair. His attire is a simple priest robe, embroidered in gold trimmings to show his position as one of the elite of Begnion. Other than that, the middle aged man is broad, and very unpriest like. One thinks of a priest as being skinny and pale, on the contrary, Andre is very well muscled, as if he was a knight at one time and fairly tanned. He refuses to wear those goofy priest hats, and is the most unothadox priest one is likely to meet.
Personality: Battle hungry, and fierce, this priest has an uncanny ability to be the first to suggest that the force rush head long into battle. When fear of casualties come into question, Andre huffs and says that he could keep any man alive, although that has yet to be proven. Andre has a companion, or he is a companion (works either way) to a young knight whose grown up as Andre as his foster father; and the only person he trust with his life is this young warrior.
Backstory: Andre served as one of the prime ministers leading priest, not because he was an extremely good healer, but if looks could kill, the rough and tumble man would certainly have killed a lot of the prime ministers enemies just by looking at them. The PM uses him more as a body guard, though he looks obsure in his priest garb with his build and everything. Hearing about Ashnard, he sends Andre, along with his adopted son, to meet up with the small vagabond group and aid them in any way possible.

RP Sample: will be coming later.

January 12th, 2006, 9:04 PM
Name: Kalace
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Class & Weapon: Mage, Fire
Profession: Temple Guardian
Appearance: Kalace stands at a height of 6', and he has long, dark purple hair that flows down to the middle of his back. He has a fairly muscular build, though he covers it up with navy blue and black robes, which make his sapphire coloured eyes stand out. On his feet lie two black shoes, and his legs are covered by the robe.
Personality: Kalace has a very serious nature, as he has lived a very sheltered life. Since he knows the Temple, and only the Temple, he finds things in the outside world very interesting. He is also very impatient, and just can't stand immaturity.
Backstory: Kalace was born and raised at the Temple. Ever since he was born, he was fated to be the Temple's guardian. He learned magic from his father, and was forbidden from leaving the Temple's grounds, rarely seeing people from beyond. His parents died a year prior to the events that took place that night, and Kalace was placed as a guard along with his sister, both inexperienced at magic still.

Name: David
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Class & Weapon: Ranger, Sword
Profession: Adventurer
Appearance: http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a282/Shinn_SEEDmode/1136643501834.jpg
Personality: David has a very adventurous personality, leaving no stone unturned until he understands everything around him. This trait always seems to lead him into trouble of sorts. On the battlefield, his nature becomes very serious, and he rarely gives up unless there is absolutely no other was for him to continue. On another note, he hates attention, so he keeps his heritage a secret, despite the fact his armor sort of gives away where he's from.
Backstory: David is the heir to a royal Daein family, though he has an extreme distaste towards the way Ashnard is running things during his reign. He left home because of this, his goal to explore as much of Tellius as he could.

Tired... I'll finish later... Oh, and Niko, sorry you didn't like my descriptions. =P

January 13th, 2006, 12:15 AM
Name: Hayden
Age: 13
Gender: Female; she claims that she is a male, though. [fwee~ Mari loves doing this. X3]
Class & Weapon: Level 1 Soldier; Iron Lance
Profession: A Daein soldier

Appearance: She has chin length golden hair that she stuffs beneath her helmet, along with bright cerulean eyes that gleam with her brimming energy. She has an average build for a girl her age, give or take half an inch smaller, but is a tad too slender to look exactly like a boy. Fortunately for her, her armor conceals everything, and she never takes it off…for personal reasons, among other things. Underneath her armor, she wears an orange shirt and baggy-ish brown short [sorta like Rolf's], which she found very easy to move in. As for her feet, she wears boots.

Personality: Hayden, let's see~ One would most likely spot her playing high up on trees, her lance either tied on her back or gritted by her teeth, swinging from branch to branch whilst being as loud and mischievous as she possibly can. In fact, she is probably the quintessence for a wild child. During a battle, she is fierce and will not hesitate to attack with full force. Her playful and childish nature, however, makes her consider combat as a game, making her quite oblivious to what really happens. Overall, with a mouth that never shuts and an infinite amount of liveliness, one will be sure that they will NEVER get bored around her. Perhaps disgruntled and annoyed, but never bored.

Backstory: Hayden's parents were both soldiers, with such high ranks that it makes one wonder if she is truly their biological child. However, her mother was a Crimean Knight while her father is a part of Ashnard's soldier, one that was to help him obtain all of the five treasures. When Ashnard found out that one of his soldiers had relations with Crimea, he instantly assumed that he served as a spy. Hayden's father was to be assassinated, but Ashnard saw him as a great asset to his army. So, instead of getting him killed, he ordered his soldiers to kill his beloved wife instead. Of course, they claimed her death as a mere accident.

Hayden was barely a year old when her mother was killed. Her father wanted to resign his position after hearing what had happened to his wife, but Ashnard would hear none of it. He threatened that if he were to betray him, his precious daughter would soon join her mother. Knowing full well what Ashnard was capable of, he knew she won't be safe, no matter what.

That was when he decided to ‘alter’ Hayden's identity. He thought that if everyone believed that she was a soldier…even better, a male soldier with no connections with him whatsoever, then she would be safe from harm…well, safe from Ashnard and his soldiers, at least.

RP Sample: erm, meep? X3

By the way,
I'll pretty much get rusted...
Suure~ onii-tan, you ish, like, one of the best writers in PC. You'll never get rusty~ish or whatnot. X3

Raichu Master
January 14th, 2006, 6:37 AM
Name: Jason Halfi
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Class & Weapon: Knight, Iron Lance
Profession: Begnion soldier

Description: Compared to his foster father, Jason is puny. Still trying to be the best he can be, and to muscle up; he has big shoes to grow into. He's a beginning knight, so his muscles aren't used to the stress of carrying the armor. He had short and tidy silver hair, if one didn't first look twice, you con't tell that he wasn't Andre's true son. The only thing that is different in the appearance of the men are the fact that Jason has ember eyes, and clean-shaven. His armor is a brilliant emerald green that catches any eye that looks upon it. He doesn't like it, but Andre insist on him wearing the heavy green armor.

Personality: Unlike Andre, Jason is more of the timid type, since he is still a knight in training, he is not sure-footed, and often messes up techniques. Andre's orders normally unnerve him, because he knew his father was once a knight and the things he expects Jason to do is far beyond his reach right now.Though as a knight, he is a stubborn as one might expect, and as selfless as a knight should be.

History: Both of his parents died of disease, and he was left all by himself at the age of 2 if it weren't for Andre taking him in as his own. He's been raised by him like a father, and doesn't consider him any less than that. After Andre's sword hand was ruined by an enemies sword, he retreated to the life of learning to be priest, and was commaned to help Jason with his knight training. Now able to be considered a knight, he stands by his father, and fights by his side. When Andre learned to use is left hand as well as his right hand, he was offered his spot back as one of the prime ministers best, but he refused saying "It's my son's turn." If need me Andre rushes into to save the young lads life, but other than life threatening circumstances, Jason is the fighting half of the duo.

Rp Sample: Also coming soon.

January 14th, 2006, 11:20 AM
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Class & Weapon: Theif and http://www.medievaltimes.com/giftshop/600/26 conan dagger.jpg
Profession: Begnion Theif
Appearance:http://nona-anime.com/images/cutepoots.jpg the girl
Personality: Mika was very short for her age. This lead to people picking on her therfore leading her to become mentally stronger. She was very stuborn whenever people got into an argument or whenever she wanted her own way.
Backstory: Mika was orphaned when she was six years old due to her family being killed and her only sister leaving her for death. She hated her sister for this and went into training to get revenge on her family.

RP Sample: Mika woke with a start. She had once again had a nightmare about her families death. She panted beads of sweat falling form her head. She got up and walked over to the window.
"Why did they have to die like that" She asked herself tears building up in her eyes.
"What monsters would do this to them?" She said smashing a glass with her fist. She walked over to the door and noticed that it was locked when she tried to open it.
"Huh?" She said looking puzzled. She grabbed two pins and stuck them in the lock. It didn't work.
"Argh I don't have all day" She said kicking it open. She closed it over and got dressed ready for another days work. She put on a red skirt which went down one leg and a long sleeved red top. She always had the same colour for each out fit. If the bottoms were red the top had to be red as well.

She walked out of the door mumbling,
"Stupid door!" She went outside to look around for something to steal.

OOC:Is this ok?

January 15th, 2006, 4:06 PM
OOC: Yes, I will permit two characters per person. I will begin now, and I deleted any posts that weren't sign-ups, since thats all that was really supposed to be posted.

IC: It was mid-afternoon, and the sun brushed across Kalace's pale face as the wind played with his long, purple hair. In front of him stood a young man in black armor. Armor that reminded him of the attackers from the night prior. Because of them, the sacred artifact was stolen, and he had been seperated from his sister.

However, this man wasn't like the others. He had saved Kalace from the depths of the river. This alone was not enough to earn Kalace's trust, however, and he broke eye contact with the man, and dashed into the nearby forest, towards Port Toha. The man called after him, but he continued running until he was deep within.

"Geez, you save a guy and he runs off..." The young man in black commented as he started to pack his things, ready to continue on with his travels.

January 15th, 2006, 4:12 PM
OOC: I'll do my post in a second, but first I have a couple questions. Where exactly do we all start? Do we know each other or meet along the way? just give me a little more information and I'll do the first post ^.^;;

January 15th, 2006, 4:22 PM
OOC: I'll do my post in a second, but first I have a couple questions. Where exactly do we all start? Do we know each other or meet along the way? just give me a little more information and I'll do the first post ^.^;;
You can start where ever you wish, and we meet each other along the way, over time, whatever you desire.

January 15th, 2006, 4:33 PM

Okay, thanks. I'll do the post now...


(I'll start where my RP sample left off)

"Come on Tilayo! I know you can go faster than that!"

He said, laughing as he teased his buddy. But Tilayo didn't think it was very funny. He took Toren's comment as a challenge. He snorted and then began to flap his wings faster than normal. They started to speed up, and Toren was surprised at how fast they were going. His clothes and hair were being blown all over the place from the rushing wind that circled around him.

"Whoa, I get it, Tilayo. You can go very fast. You can slow down now. We're almost to the top."

He said, patting Tilayo where he sat. They were currently making their way towards the top of a nearby mountain range. Toren was so preoccupied with talking to Tilayo that he hadn't even noticed. They had reached the top, and were currently descending slowly into a clearing surrounded by a bunch of trees.

"Ahh, good Tilayo. you can rest now."

Toren patted him one more time and then swung his legs around, hopping to the ground nicely. He grabbed his lance just incase of any trouble and walked off, heading for the edge of the mountain.

January 15th, 2006, 4:48 PM
Avis whistled as she ate her stolen breakfast of a carton of milk, bread, and cheese. It was light, half-eaten, and plain.
She leaned against the boulder she was sitting in front of, her legs cross in front of her. Today was nice, as this was the exact reason she'd chosen to live in these mountains. A. People didn't bother her too much, B. The view was wonderful, and I was nice to sit back and relax after being chased by angry merchants and C. Nobody ever bothered to look for the notorious theif known as 'Gem' in the deserted mountains. It had been forever since DarkSkar had come to her with an assignment. He usually gave her the less paying jobs that he'd rather not do. Perhaps business was booming.
The person she'd bought the cabin she lived in off of forgot about the place, as it was small, and she got it for a cheap price. It was extremely clean, cleaner than usual, as she had all the days to herself lately, unable to go into town in risk of being arrested, and not getting any jobs, she'd cleaned until there was nothing to clean anymore. Not that the place was ever a pigsty. How could it ever be? With all the poison in the shelfs, what if they were accidentally mixed into her drink? All the poisons were lethal, and clear, so the victim would never notice.
Avis's daggers lay next to her, one bigger than the other. Those were stolen too. Nothing she had except the big items weren't stolen. Even the big furniture was bought by selling stolen items. That was the life she chose, and the life she loved. Her sensitive cat ears twitched. She turned around, hearing someone in the clearing about a few dozen yards from her very home.
Gathering her food in a bag, she slung it over her back and grabbed her daggers hiding herself in the bushes. Surely the military and the merchants hadn't found her? All those poisons in her home! If they were destroyed, DarkSkar would have her head for it!

Raichu Master
January 15th, 2006, 5:01 PM
The Prime Minister of Begnion, who had just finished with a letter, yelled out to his guards, "Send for Lord Halfi and his son Sir Halfi at once!" This was indeed troubling news. The Prime Minister had just found out that Ashnard had sent a small band of soldiers to a temple in Crimea. The soldiers in his quarters obeyed without hesitation, jolting for the door and down the hall where Andre Halfi, and Jason Halfi were ordered to stand guard.

"What is it?" Jason asked cursiously over his adopted father's broad shoulders. After a long intense moment of whispering and moaning from both the guards and his father, Jason spoke up again, "Is something the matter father?"

"I don't know, but the Prime Minister wishes to have a word with us," Andre muttered in a grave tone as he led his boy and the guards back to the Prime Minister's chamber. Andre's icy blue eyes scanned the hallways of the many corridors of the capital, between lightning flashes. There was definitely something amiss, but Andre, with all his experience as a knight and a priest, could not figure out what exactly was going on.

"You wanted to see us?" Andre asked, kneeling down before the ruler of the great nation Begnion; Jason immediately following suit. "Is there something troubling going on in the capital? Are we under attack?" Andre said, bombarding the Prime Minister with questions as he dared to hold his head up to meet the Prime Ministers face.

"I did, indeed, summon you," the Prime Minister said in rushed tones as he swept from one end of the room to the other trying to gather up papers and reports. "Daein has struck Crimea. This time one of the five sacred temples."

"King Ashnard is not that foolish," Andre insisted, seeing no reason why the corrupt king would ever want to do such a thing all of a sudden.

"My intelligence can not be wrong, not with this. The lone survivor, Kalace by name, was reported saved by a young boy. That is all my reports so. I have sent more investigations out to confirm this," the Prime Minister went on to say as he sat down at his desk that commanded the attention of all who were present at the time. "I want you and your son, Sir Halfi, to go and collect as much information as you can. You cannot let King Ashnard get to these two, at any cost!"

"What about the apostle? She should also know about this," Andre protested, not really protesting the thought of the adventure, he knew how the apostle got if things were kept purposefully from her.

"I will deal with the apostle. Right now it is of utmost importance that you bring those two safely to Begnion for a personal meeting with the apostle and I. We must know what's going on before Ashnard has the chance to strike again," the Prime Minister spoke again, maintaining his calm demeanor.

"When should we leave?" Andre asked, his hands gripping at his staff in excited anticipation.

"Now," the Prime Minister ordered, "and be sure to report whatever you find, you know who we can trust and who are spies for us."

"Right," Andre said in all seriousness. Getting to his feet he took one more graceful bow and said, "By your leave, Prime Minister." Jason bowed as well, and with that the Prime Minister sent them sprinting out of the chamber to get their things.

"I can't believe this father! My first adventure!" Jason said, his voice raising in excitement. This would be the lads first journey that would put him on the very outskirts of Begnion, even into Crimea, and the timing couldn't be more perfect. The night when he finally recieved his knighthood.

"Very good, my boy! Let's get to this!" Andre said with a mighty grin as he entered their chamber to gather up the needed rations.

January 15th, 2006, 7:27 PM
As Toren walked, he had to weave around several trees that seemed to be in his way. He had wished that Tilayo had brought him to the edge of the mountain, but meh, he couldn't have everything he wanted.

Once he squeezed his way through a large clump of trees, he was standing in a sort of clearing where he noticed a small cabin was sitting, just out in the open. Toren cocked his head and squinted his eyes, confused as to what was going on.

A cabin in the mountains? Sounds suspicious to me. Maybe I should check it out.

He made sure that his lance was secured around his back before cautiously moving forward. He came to the door of the cabin and knocked, wondering of anybody was home. Could it be some crazed madman? Just a lonely person seeking some peace in the quiet mountains. Hopefully he would soon find out.....

January 15th, 2006, 7:39 PM
Avis's ears twitched "Oh no..." She breathed as her cat ears told her that the entity had found her home. All her disguises were in there too!!
She grabbed both daggers, one in each hand, the bigger one's blade facing behind her while the smaller faced forward.
She darted through the trees she knew well, and found herself in the bushes, watching someone approach her home. A spy? A client? They were definetly alone...

Contacting Skar now probably wouldn't be a good idea... she was thankful the poisons weren't labeled, and that she'd memorized where they went, but what if the intruder mixed them up?! She might kill someone she been paid to torture quickly, or she might torture someone she'd been paid to kill quickly!

Many of the stolen articles that many people knew all about after flyers for it return were passed out, were hidden in there! But she doubted they could find it, as it took her awhile to find it herself...still, if he was a spy dispatched from the military, they always searched home's top to bottom, particle of dust by particle of dust. All this thinking was just making her more nervous! Avis inwardly groaned. Why today, why today why today? She thought in a nervous sing-song tone.
'Maybe we'll be able to kill him from a distance...' Avis said looking down at the smaller dagger in her hand 'Wonderful day it'll be if it's a client though...'
Avis shook her head. The life of a theif wasn't this complicated until now! Success had gotten to her head, and she was confident that nobody would find her she became careless.

'We've got no choice but to watch what happens I suppose...' Avis thought to herself as she crept over to the window that revealed the one roomed cabin. '...Oh man!' She thought angrily as she noticed her kitten sleeping on her pillow. That kitten was a hard sleeper. No matter what Avis did, as silently as possible, the kitten slept through it. Of course, it wasn't that hard to do so, as Avis had to keep out of view, and silent, making the effort quite futile.

January 15th, 2006, 7:49 PM
Toren put on a disgruntled face when he waited for around 30 seconds and there was no response from inside the cabin. He knocked one more time, and then opened the door, surprised to find that it was unlocked. He shut the door behind him, and looked all around the cabing, taking in everything that was there.

"Yoohoo! Anybody here?"

He yelled, looking around to see if anybody would appear suddenly. It was kind of creepy to be in a semi-empty cabin in the middle of nowhere, but he tried to stay as calm as possible.

On his third look-see of the cabin, he noticed a shelf lined with tiny bottles and vials filled with a clear sort of liquid. They weren't marked or labeled so Toren had no idea what they were. he walked over to one of them, picked it up, and smelled it.

Whoa! What is this stuff?

He said, replacing the cap on it and seeting it back on the shelf.

Maybe I should leave before whoever lives here comes back

Toren was pretty sure that someone lived at the cabing. The room looked as if someone had been it only a couple minutes ago.

January 15th, 2006, 8:14 PM
Avis resisted the urge to laugh. What a bimbo! She shouldn't have worried at all! Yoohoo? Definetly not a Miliary spy, OR a merchant that was after her.

Avis wanted very much to see if he was easily frightened, but her stash of smokebombs, sleeping gas, and poison gas were in her bag, which unfortunately, was also in the cabin. Avis was nearly screaming. This guy was just some lookie-loo, and she wanted to freak him out, but she had nothing but her Daggers, which didn't look too great compared to the Lance strapped across his back.

ShiShi, Avis's kitten which was napping on her pillow opened her amber eyes sleepily as she heard the 'anybody here?'. When her eyes were fully open she lifted her head to face the newcomer, mewed questioningly and rather pitifully, as she'd never seen any human besides Avis and DarkSkar, both whom were much shadier than this human, who seemed much brighter than Avis, and especially DarkSkar, whom always had his face concealed behind a mask and his body concealed by a robe which seemed to have endless layers.

Avis would love to see ShiShi's reaction to the human, and especially her mothers...after Criza got back from hunting of course. Criza was a grey tabby cat, and ShiShi was a tabby mix, with something else that gave her longer fur than Criza.
ShiShi mewed in question a few more times before crying for Avis. Biting back the need to go to the little kitten, Avis made a frustraded face. Not fair at all!!! She wanted to go comfort her poor kitten, but great good it would do if the man knew Gem, the notorious theif that plundered the villages surrounding the mountains every few weeks. Actually, it'd be the worst if he reported her, but it wouldn't be good having someone who knew about her living in the villages anyway.

January 15th, 2006, 9:12 PM
"Ahhh, I guess I better get out of here."

He walk to the door and turned the knob, but then turned around when he heard a whiny little "mew" from a tiny cat that he hadn't noticed before. The litte kitten looked kinda cute and Toren smiled at it.

"Well, that settles it. Someone must live here. I hope they treat that cat well.."

He muttered, turning around and exiting the cabin. He shut the door and walked around the cabin, heading in the direction of the mountain side. He thought he had heard some rustling from nearby bushes, but he just assumed that it was a stray animal or something.

This is a strange feeling I'm having. I feel tranquil and yet creeped out at the same time. It's really weird

He thought as he walked along. He tried to shake the thought out of his head, but it wasn't working very well.

oni flygon
January 15th, 2006, 9:34 PM
"Hmm, a port town..." Hideaki thought as he walked through the gates of Port Toha.

By experience, he knows that port towns are the best place to find business. Commerce, trade, industry and the likes. It's the best place to find a job, of course. There's always some rich merchant who needs guarding (always willing to cough up some decent amount of Gold through the most boring trips) or some helpless damsel whose mother was kidnapped by bandits. Ah, business as usual. Well, not exactly. He hasn't really had any employers for the past few weeks. And his purse has been awfully light lately. Hopefully he'll have money for a day's meal and get a job in the town.

Hideaki wasn't surprised at the amount of villagers crowding the streets already, even though it was just a couple of hours after sunrise. It's a port town, come on. Avoiding the massive crowd, he scanned the bazaars selling those Tellius native fruits that he enjoyed upon arriving in this continent. Finally, his eye caught attention to that red and juicy fruit. What do they call them again?

"Say lady," he called out to the old vendor. "How much for them red watchamacalits?"

"Uh...apples?" the vendor looked quizzically at the foreigner. "They're five gold each."

Hideaki muttered, repeating the vendor's words and pulled out his purse. Counting the gold inside, he realized that he's pretty much spending half of his once great fortune for an apple...

"Eh... never mind..." He muttered, walking away. Seriously, what good use is money spent on knowledge when you die from starvation and be unable to use that knowlege?

January 15th, 2006, 10:11 PM
Avis mentally cheered 'YES!' she quickly darted into her cabin and gave the kitten a quick pat on the head as it was content with that small amout of attention.
Avis took her time in picking out a disguise.
Old woman? Merchant? Rouge? Beautiful girl picking berries in the mountains?
Avis frowned. He'd probably treat an Old Woman kindly, a Merchant boredly as he obviously wasn't interested in items, and a Rouge would probably freak him out to fighting...Beautiful picking berries, was a good bet, but merchant was so ironic!
ShiShi mewed.
"Yeah, I guess it'd be fun to see his reaction...but I'd like to live to see another day, and that Lance doesn't look too friendly." I said picking out the peasant dress, with the leather corset on the outside. This too, was a stolen article.
"A wig to wrap it all up..." Avis mumbled pinning her blonde hair down, and placing a thick, chocolate brown haired wig on. It wasn't too long, or too short. Just right, as she put a red headband on.
"Perfect." Avis said examining herself in the mirror "But first, let's give him a jolt." She smirked at ShiShi who mewed cheerfully back, although this was probably because Criza had hopped onto the windowsill, a dead mouse dangling from her mouth.
"How do I look? Authentic damsel in distress?" Avis asked, putting her hand to her forehead as a joke.
Criza lifted her eyes to Avis, hopped onto the bed to drop the dead mouse in front of ShiShi, and meowed in a dignified tone.
"You what?!" Avis asked indignantly "This dress SO doesn't make me look fat!"
Avis quickly darted through the bushes, her skirt not helping at all.
She caught sight of a wyvern and breathed in amazement. Skar had told her all about them, along with Pegasi, but these Wyverns were what interested her the most. They sounded so fast. Talk about your quick getaway. Too bad Skar said most of them had a strong sense of justice. Oh well.
Avis quickly forgot her original mission. Freak out the stranger, and became interested in the creature, though taking care to distance herself, as it wouldn't be good if the Wyvern didn't like her, and or trust her. (not that she'd blame him of course)
Criza appeared out of the bushes, not bothering to keep quiet as the bushes rustled. She was looking for more mice, and perhaps a bird to snatch.
"Criza!" I said in surprise, louder than I'd intended. I sweatdropped, how stupid of me! I bent down and put Criza into my lap "What're you doing here pretty kitty?" I crooned. Being half cat made me prone to be more sympathetic to cats then anything else.
Criza meowed back as she let her ears be scratched.
"How could you leave ShiShi all alone back in the cabin? You're a bad mommy." Avis smirked poking fun at Criza, who merely meowed a simple 'whatever' back to her.

The Vince Knight
January 15th, 2006, 11:46 PM
"Meh,another boring day." Said Vincent as he yawned.
Vincent walked around,he wanted to train his skills as a sword user.

Electric Hero
January 16th, 2006, 12:24 AM
ooc: Just announcing I changed my class...

ic: "this is a great day... sunny, not so hot, but not freezing... maybe it is because I'm near the ocean... the winds are strong here" I told myself as I walked through a forest near the entrance of Port Toha. The only unusual thing I saw on the way there, was a man running the direction to Port Toha... I wondered why he was in such a hurry?... I tried to ask him but he was already far away.

After a few minutes, I entered Port Toha and saw the huge crowd everywhere. I didn't hate huge crowds... but this one was really huge. I tried to get something to eat, and then find that man I saw earlier. And after walking around a bit, I found a place where a woman was seling apples. It looked like she had a customer... a man with dark purple and rgeen clothes with long dark hair... but he quickly left a bit disappointed. I walked past him with my hand in a pocket of my pants with a fraction of the money I owned.

I stopped infront of the woman and asked for two apples. "they are five gold each, sir" she replied. I quickly placed ten gold pieces infront of her and took two apples. I left quickly just immediatly after she said "thank you, sir". I ran after the man with purple and green robes and after I catched up with him, I poked his left shoulder and looked at him. "Good afternoon, I'm sorry, but I saw you leaving the store with the apples quite disappointed... if you really want one, I can give you one..." I told him with a smile. You may already know this... but I was in my good mood.

Raichu Master
January 16th, 2006, 5:14 AM
"Where are we off to?" Jason asked as they left the capital gates and stepped out into the wilds of Begnion. "I mean, we can't just go wondering off can we?" Jason was truly inexperienced in such travel, thinking it quicker if they had some idea as to where they were going.

"Northwest, hopefully these two won't sneak into Daein territory, if they do, you'll have a lot of fighting to do. If the fighting gets to rough, I might deside to step in," Andre said, after contemplating their coarse from there. He gave Jason a little wink after the statement, which gave the lad a bit more insurance to know that his father wasn't afraid to step in and clear out the field if Jason was in trouble. Jason was curious however, Andre had packed his ceremonial garb away in his bag, and instead wore loose fitting peasant clothes. Jason thought it was a disgrace to Andre's stature of Lord, but he kept his mouth shut on that subject.

"Father, why must I wear my armor? Clearly people can see it's bright well polished emerald hue from far off!" Jason said as their trail led into the dark of the forest. Jason thought his armor looked a bit more as a beckon for theives and rogues, or even stray Daein or Laguz.

"Because, Jason, you must learn to carry the weight of your armor. You will be wearing it from now until we finally arrive back home. You will eat, sleep, and breath in it. The next river is 4 days away, and it's in the opposite direction, so you won't be needing to take it off to take a bath any time soon," Andre snapped, ashamed that his son, a son he raised from an infant, was complaining about alittle bit of work. "You may have grown up in the comfort of the capital walls, but you WILL not complain about what I have set for you to do. It'll be strickly punished from now on. So heed my warning, son."

Jason shut up after Andre's speech, knowing that his father's wrath could kill around half an army. Soon, however, the hard armor of his boots began to give him blister on his blisters. Night had fallen, and there was still absolutely no sign of resting from Andre. They had been out on the road, or rather on a muddy trench, for a day and Andre pushed on like he just woke up.

While Andre continued on effortlessly, Jason's armor was beginning to get to him. Each step came harder and harder, each breath came in heavier gasps, and the sweat seemed to be falling like a waterfall. He was thirsty, hungry, and tired; yet he would not complain to his father. His father was his commanding officer, one of the highest honors in Begnion; he would not disappoint him again by complaining about the hardships of traveling. If this was what it was like to be out on an adventure, then so be it.

Finally Andre stopped on the third day, a small cave he chose for them to rest in. "We will not be stopping at any town, city, or village along the way. The rations we took and the game we can hunt will serve as our meals. Water is scarce, and we will drink in small rations, only enough to keep our bodies alive. You be tired from the haul but I assure you that this is only the beginning," Andre said as Jason gave a small whimper. Reaching for the rather large leather sac he had been carrying, Andre pulled out his map of the continent. "Here we are," Andre said as he pointed to a small moutain pass to the north of the capital.

"Father! We're going through the desert? That's insanity! We would have a much easier time going around the mountians!" Jason protested ernestly.

"No, this is the final step in your training as a knight. You may have been knighted, but you're worthless if you can't survive the trip. Now is the time, son, that you prove your worth to your nation. Now is the time, son, that you prove whose boy you are," Andre said as if he were giving a passionate speech to all of his comrades before a fierce battle. Looking back to his map, Andre pushed his stray hairs back behind his ear and continued to point at the pass and move his finger along it into the desert. "We will cross the desert. There is a small spring a day away to get water rations for the desert. Next it'll take us a tenday to cross this baron waste land. Next we go over the moutains which will take 4 days if all goes well."

Andrew then pointed to a large chunk of forest that bordered Crimea, "We will then come to the Serenes Forest. But we will no step into that territory. It is considered holy by some Laguz, so we will not step on to the land without permission. Instead we will go around it, which will bring us to the border of were Daein and Crimea meet. Once in Crimea we will stock up on provisions and find the two children we are after. Do I make myself clear?" Andre said at long last coming to the end of his briefing.

Jason didn't like the path, it seemed like Andre was picking out the hardest parth possible. With a hard swallow, he found his throat dry as he answered, "Yes sir!" With that, Andre sent his son off to sleep while he stood guard for the rest of the night.

January 16th, 2006, 8:48 AM
Mika looked along the road as she was trying to find some food for the morning.
"Ohh why can't people just be foolish and leave their food for the taking?" She moaned. Her stomach was on a rumbling rage as she had not eaten in a few days. She saw a stall and walked up to it. She stood there looking around as though she was looking for something to buy from the owner. As the owner turned away she grabbed some bread and milk.
"HEY COME BACK HERE!" The merchant shouted chasing after her.
"You shouldn't turn your back on your stall then" She laughed running into a tree.
"Ow!" She gasped. The merchant got her into an arm lock but she soon reversed it flipping the merchant over her shoulder.

She arrived back at the abandonned cabin she had found. It was quite a small one actually. She walked into a kitchen and layed the food out.
"Lets see, the bread goes here" she said walking over to a small cupboard. She pulled out a block of old cheese. She chopped it up into small pieces and put it on the bread. She poured some milk and sat down into her room and began to eat it.

The house was well tidied for an abandoned house. But this was because she didn't like the mess. She finished her food and layed back on her bed. A sudden banging sound on the door awoke her from an hours sleep.
"GIVE ME BACK THAT STUFF YOU STOLE YOU LITTLE THEIF" It was the merchant again. She opened the door.
"You can have it back if you would like puke" She said laughing at her joke. The merchant grabbed her by the neck.
"You ever steal my stuff again and i'll kill you. Got it!?" He growled. She grabbed her daggers and held them towards him. He dropped her and stood there in a fighting stance.
"Don't you for one minute think you can kill me you insolent fool" Mika grolwed getting into a fighting stance.

January 16th, 2006, 9:04 AM
I wander what's up with that cabin. It's so creepy

He thought as he walked along. The path he was taking was littered with trees all over the place and so he had to continue to weave around them like he had been doing before. When he was walking through a certain cluster of trees he failed to notice a small brier that got caught on his arms and game him a small cut.


He muttered disgruntedly, rubbing the red cut he had just recieved. He took a couple more steps and was finally out of the trees. he was at the edge of the mountains side. He kept walking until he was just a couple steps from the edge. He then looked down and was amazed.

You could see almost everything, streching from his hometown to the edge of Crimea. He had never really been this high before, and he hoped that he could come up here more often.

oni flygon
January 16th, 2006, 10:43 AM
Hideaki glanced at the apple and then at the man's smiling face. Of course the first thing that goes in his mind whenever a stranger offer his something is that they're either trying to poison him or they're just one those NPC villagers that give weapons to him and the likes. But then again, it's better to die with a semi-full stomach than an empty one...

"Why thank you, sir..." he smiled and snatched the apple from his hand and started devouring it. "Oh, and by the way," he began after swallowing his first bite from the juicy fruit, "you're a mercenary?" Hideaki asked, hopeful of getting a job.

January 16th, 2006, 11:47 AM
Mika flipped backwards towards a shelf that carried a little bag. She picked it up and strapped it to her theif belt. She picked a small round object from it and threw it at him. It blew up next to his feet sending a rush of wind shooting the merchant out of the house.
"NEXT TIME DON'T COME BACK!" She screamed slamming the door.

She gathered her stuff figuring that it was no longer safe for her to be here. She put all the stuff that she needed and ran away to look for a new home. She climbed a mountain nearby. She felt the prescence of someone around and saw someone looking over the edge.
Oh it'd be so fun just to push him off She thought to herself but carried on running. She climbed through the bushes until she tripped over some one with a cat next to her.
"OW!" She yelled as she landed on the floor with a thud. She looked up at the person. She had cat ears this was different to her as she had only ever seen normal humans before.
"Who are you?" She asked standing up. She saw the daggers she was carrying.
"Are you a theif as well?" She asked her

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Electric Hero
January 16th, 2006, 2:42 PM
The man quickly snatched the apple from my hand and bit it once before asking me "you are a mercenary?". Before answering, I calmly bit my apple twice and looked at him again. "Well... you are accurate... I am a mercenary, and I'm shocked how you guessed right, will you tell me?, and another question... why do you ask?" I told him. Then again, I bit my apple another two times, and waited for him to answer me.

January 16th, 2006, 4:43 PM
//ooc: eep, Mari ish always so late! :x

ic; "Grr, lemme go! I said, LET. ME. GO!" With all her might, Hayden pounded the armor-clad soldier that had her slumped on his back, ignoring the fact that her hands were bare at the time. She kicked and squirmed, but the soldier didn't falter. Oh, but his eyes were twitching. "If you didn't take away my lance, you'd be dead by now!" She yelled as she gave the soldier one last, but rather strong, kick.

"Hush up, little boy! The general will hear of this." The soldier's patience had long died out as he tightened his grip on the younger, in a near-suffocating sort of way. When he had reached his general's tent, he threw Hayden on to the ground and tied her hands together with a thick rope…you know, just in case. "Now you wait here, brat."

Hayden pouted as she watched the soldier enter the tent and glared at him. She protest and exclaimed rude remarks, but truthfully she wasn't the least bit worried. After all, this was habitual for her; everyday she'd caught eavesdropping, playing on trees, or fooling around with the weapons. Then, a soldier scolds her and reports her to "Mr. General". In the end, she gets a light scolding which she doesn't even bother to listen to, and she'll be causing mayhem once again. It was the circle of life~

"Sir Yen, your recruit, Hayden, once again played with the weapons. He damaged a newly forged silver sword and broke a few of the soldiers' armors. If word travels to King Ashnard, your rank will surely be degraded." The soldier halted briefly, entering a whisper-mode or something. "By the way, Sir, I think that lad needs to train a little more. His, uh, legs are as slender as a little girl's, clearly not fit for a soldier…although, he does kick pretty hard…" Realizing what he had said, the soldier immediately excused himself and ran off outside, flustered, apparently for his unnecessary comments.

Yen, their general, laughed lightheartedly before clearing his throat. "Hayden, come in here." He watched quietly as the young recruit entered with a pout. He sighed and motioned her to come forward. "Hayden, how many times must I tell you to act civil? I heard you broke another new weapon, plus the soldiers' armors. What did you do this time?"

Hayden rested her arms against her head -- she managed to slip off the rope minutes ago -- as she sat crossed legged beside her general. "I was only training, really! Okay, I was training at first, but then there was this squirrel! I was bored of fighting against a wooden log so I took a break and played with the squirrel. Buuut, when I got near him, he got scared and he got all crazy and ran inside this guy's tent. I was trying to get him back, but then I tripped on this little book and I accidentally hit an armor which fell onto the silver sword! See? It was all an accident this time, ac-ci-de-nt!" After she finished her story, she took a deep breath and flailed her arms about, a habit of hers, as she waited for her scolding.

Although, instead of the usual 'just try not to ‘blank’ again', Yen simply laughed, ruffling the recruit's hair. "If you act this cute all the time, everyone will know you're really a girl."

"Whaat?" Hayden cried, slightly panicking. "No one found out, right? I do a great job of being a boy, right? Right? Riight?"

Yen chuckled again. "No, dear, no one found out. Although the soldier carrying you a while ago noticed your ‘slender legs’, as he said, and thought it was best for you train more. You should really stop wearing shorts, you never know, maybe one day a bright soldier will come and realize that you really aren't a boy."

It was Hayden's turn to laugh. "That'll be the day…Ah, I have to go! I almost forgot to finish training!"

"Be quick, I received orders from the King. He wants us stationed at the border of Daein and Crimea to keep watch for any attacks. He also wants us to be on guard for one of the mages guarding the temple in Crimea, it seems he escaped, thanks to a young boy."

"’kay," Hayden gave him a wink and playfully saluted, "See ya later, Papa~~"

January 16th, 2006, 4:43 PM
Kalace had managed to find his way to Port Toha, completely baffled by the surrounding scenery, people, and various new devices he discovered in this first glimpse of civilization. Many people were calling out, apparently selling items like foods and medicines, while others were selling merchandise like swords and bows. As there were so many people, and it was loud, it was only natural for Kalace to become confused, and he quickly developed a searing headache as he wandered towards the center of the town, completely unaware of where he was heading. However, he had one main idea in his mind: Find Bethany.

David, on the other hand, was now just arriving on the outskirts of Toha, a pigskin bag thrown over his shoulder, which contained the food and money required for his trip. His armor shimmered in the sunlight as the sun began to sit in the distance, giving them an orange tint. He could only fathom the kind of people he'd meet in a place such as this.

oni flygon
January 16th, 2006, 5:38 PM
"Well, sir..." Hideaki began after gulping three large bites off his apple, "Only mercenaries wear those flashy looking clothes you're wearing right now. Also, I'd love to get a job as a bodyguard. Y'know, I'm one of those mages that protect special people..." before he could add more, his eye caught the glimmer of the sun's rays reflecting from some orange armor.

"Bah, I hate rookies...They always polish their armor as if they're going to bilnd their enemies in battle." he muttered under his breath while sheilding his eye and then stretched out his hand for a handshake. " Anyways, the name's Hideaki and I'd be glad to be in service!"

January 16th, 2006, 5:49 PM
"Huh?" Avis asked standing up and turning around with Criza in her arms "Oh, I'm guessing your a thief considering you smell like smoke."
"Keep quiet. I'm Gem. Maybe you've heard of me down in the villages." Avis added in a mutter "Considering I only steal valuable stuff most often. But I'm tailing that guy on the edge of the mountain. I'm going to try to steal something from him, but his Wyvern's going to be hard to get next to...besides, he's the one who was poking around my house." Avis said as she glanced at the wyvern.
"I'm thinking I'll get kicked sky high if I even try to approach that thing." She said as Criza purred, hopping out of Avis's arms to inspect the creature.
She meowed at it's feet, wondering what was so special about it. Skar had talked so much about the creatures, but they didn't look so impressive up close.

Electric Hero
January 16th, 2006, 9:27 PM
"hey! I do not wear flashy looking clothes! are you saying that even these dark blue and black clothes are flashy!? ... now I know I should wear completely black... or maybe not" I shouted as soon as he finished talking. But then I also recieved a bright light coming from somewhere around. I followed the source and saw a man in an orange armor.

Then, I told the man this large speech, "He may not be a total rookie... but he sure wants to stand out, makes me want to take out my sword and make the light go back at him, right in the face... but maybe not, not in that mood right now... or maybe he just don't wanted, whatever... you said to wanted to be a bodyguard... you sure you know what a mercenary is? we are hired, we do not hire other persons... and I do not need a bodyguard if you really wanted to protect me".

But then I started to think in another idea... something that could be good for both of us. "I got it... look... I may not need a bodyguard, but you can travel with me... as a partner of something like that. You sure want money, and I have a lot, but I haven't recently been hired... so let's do this... as we travel, you can do good things to the people around... or just telling people to hire me... I can do many things... and, I pay you for doing those things... what do you think? I get jobs and money, and from that very money, you get paid. From the money we get, half of the amount for you, and the other half for me... perfect, right?" I told him with a smile.

"Oh yeah..." I added shaking hands with him. "My name is Max Hunter, but just call me Max... and sorry if I sounded rude".

January 17th, 2006, 5:35 AM
"Huh?" Avis asked standing up and turning around with Criza in her arms "Oh, I'm guessing your a thief considering you smell like smoke."
"Keep quiet. I'm Gem. Maybe you've heard of me down in the villages." Avis added in a mutter "Considering I only steal valuable stuff most often. But I'm tailing that guy on the edge of the mountain. I'm going to try to steal something from him, but his Wyvern's going to be hard to get next to...besides, he's the one who was poking around my house." Avis said as she glanced at the wyvern.
"I'm thinking I'll get kicked sky high if I even try to approach that thing." She said as Criza purred, hopping out of Avis's arms to inspect the creature.
She meowed at it's feet, wondering what was so special about it. Skar had talked so much about the creatures, but they didn't look so impressive up close.

Mika looked at the girl she had just tripped over she heard her talking of a wyvern and pointing to it.
"Hey I can sort that If you like." She said laughing and grabing her daggers.
"It would be a challenge, for once" She growled noticing that all the stuff she had been doing lately wasn't very challenging at all.

She snuck up behind it not making a single sound. She jumped up and grabbed it trying to pull it to the ground
"GO NOW!" Mika shouted to Avis.
"Oh dear!" She said to herself knowing that the claws could cause injuries. She let go of the Wyvern falling to the floor. Mika moaned landing on the floor quite hard.

She noticed a cut on her arm.
"Stupid bushes!" She grolwed. She pointed to Avis,
"You go and get that person now." She said smiling. That was the most challenging piece of work she had done in ages, and it actually helped someone which surprised her.
"Now what am I going to do?" She asked herself. She noticed the cat and stroked it.
"Hi there little kitty" She said to it. She loved cats, she had always wanted one but the orphanage wouldn't let her have one and she couldn't buy one anywhere.

January 17th, 2006, 1:00 PM
OOC: *Stares blankly* Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm pretty sure that just posting that you BLEW UP my wyvern is considered powerplaying/god-modding. Please edit, because that's kind of unfair ;_; Also, I'm fairly certain that they didn't have bombs back then. Again, I'm really sorry if I'm wrong about this, please correct me if I am. Thank you for your time ^^;;;;

January 17th, 2006, 3:18 PM
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oni flygon
January 17th, 2006, 4:27 PM
"Eh, sure do, Max!" Hideaki replied and shook hands with him.

"But," he began. "You gotta pay credit when it's due. I need about 5,000 gold if you want a good travelling parter." Looking around, he noticed the same armor gleaming a while ago. "Say, how about we add him to our little merry group so we can get some man power in here? I am a mage, you know. Pretty nimble and packs a wallop but I surely dislike the taste of steel on my chest."

Electric Hero
January 17th, 2006, 7:47 PM
"Ok... what if I pay you every month? or every two weeks? you know... time enough to gather the money... but don't worry... you will get paid your 5,000 gold..." I replied him with a weird smile, like if I was sure he was going to be a good person to be with. "Oh and also... like we are going to be together for a long time... you gotta know sometimes I can change personalities... but is something it occurs to me" I added.

Then he suggested in asking that person in the armor to join us. "Well... I'm a Ranger... so I'm well balanced in everything... but actually, he doesn't look completely as someone who is very strong, like a Knight or something like that... but oh well... I think that more people is equal to more money... but like we already agreed... I think it is your duty to recruit him... you talk to him, get him interested, and then take him with me... I'll be looking for somewhere to eat, near here" I told him.

I stepped away from him two steps but then stopped and turned around to face him. "Offer him good things... money, food, adventurs... if he is really weird, you can even offer fun..." I said to him, and then I looked for a place to eat decently, but I never went too far... if he was going to look for me, he would surely find me with ease... why to eat so suddenly?, because an apple is not a proper lunch.

oni flygon
January 17th, 2006, 9:50 PM
Hideaki shruged afterwards, muttered "Oh well," and then moved towards the orange colored knight.

"Hey you, mister knight person!" he called out. "Care to join our little merry group of mercenaries? You get paid, food, some neat little adventures and whatnot. But you do look like you can help us since we need an extra sword arm, you know?" He smirked and continued "You know what? With your brawns and my magic, we could probably be one of the best mercenary group here in Tellius... so, care to join us?"

January 17th, 2006, 10:00 PM
OOC: Blah. You guys started already. -_- Darn. Might as well catch up. Oh and if I'm correct, you guys are gathered at Port Toha, right? Well. Whatever...

"Agh. Why did I get stuck over here?" I mumbled walking back and forth. Arkash grunted.
"Port Toha isn't where I'm suppose to be. I think they made a mistake sending me here." I said to Arkash. He gave a look of confusion also why we were here.
"I guess being a mercenary would had paid more, eh Arkash?" I asked my wyvern partner. He thought about it but made no reply.
"Gah. I'm hungry. You want to eat?" I asked Arkash. He had a look of sheer happiness in his face and nodded twice.
"Okay. Let's look for the nearest place to eat." I said and walked to the shops while being closely followed by Arkash.
"Hm. I have about 3,000 gold pieces. Wow. I didn't know I saved up this much." I said with a surprised look as I looked through my bag of gold. We came to a vendor that wasn't too fancy or anything but had some variety of foods. There were meats, fruits and vegetables.
"Um. Can I get some fresh fowl meat?" I asked the vendor.
"20 gold please." He said reaching his hand out.
"20 pieces? For fowl meat? Is he crazy? Oh well..." I thought. I handed him 20 pieces. "Oh and can I get about a dozen apples." I added.
"60 more gold." He said. I reached into my pocket and gave him 60 more gold.
"Wow. 80 peices of gold gone. Agh." The vendor brought about two pounds of fowl meat and my dozen apples.
"Thank you." I said to the vendor.
"Arkash, bring the meat please?" I asked the wyvern. He nodded and grabbed the meat with his mouth and with me, walked to an empty bench. I sat down and wrapped 11 of the apples in a sack, while holding onto one of them.
"Wow. Two pounds of meat. That's quite much. You sure you can finish?" I asked Arkash taking a large and juicy bite of the apple. Suddenly, a stranger caught my eye.
"That person looks like a mage but... what's a mage doing here?" I asked looking at Arkash. He shook his head indicating he didn't know also. "Something must be important. He looks like a hired mage. Probably protecting a noble or important person." I thought aloud. Arkash grunted and continued with his meal.

January 18th, 2006, 12:42 PM
OOC: I've edited my post i'm sorry i didn't realise you controlled it i just thought it was a creature that would protect justice at all costs x_x really sorry.

January 18th, 2006, 1:11 PM
OOC: That's okay ^^ Sorry about all the confusion.

"Huh? What's happening?"

Toren turned around and listened to loud roars and shouting coming from the area where he had left Tilayo. Toren almost instantly began running through the forest, darting around trees and trying to make it back to the clearing as quickly as possible. A couple of times he almost tripped over his own feet because of his speed, but he steadied himself and made sure that he was okay.

Eventually, he darted around one last tree and came into the lceraing from before. Tilayo was hovering in the air, flapping his wings and roaring loudly at two people that were in the bushes. He glared at them and took a couple steps forward, drawing his lance out and pointing it at them.

"What's going on here? What were you trying to do to my wyvern?!"

He muttered, never taking his eyes off the two girls. His lance was pointing directely at them, as if at any second he was ready to charge and slice right through them.

Raichu Master
January 18th, 2006, 2:53 PM
"GET UP!" a voice seemed to yell, it was very far away from the sleeping boy. Faint, though it was, Jason slowly opened his eyes, determining that it wasn't just part of his dream. Shock rushed into him as he found his father kicking his armor violently; what had gotten him in such a tissy? "You need to learn not to sleep so late! It's nearly midday!" Andre yelled as he gave Jason's side one last hard kick that Jason managed to feel through the hard metal.

"It's what?" Jason asked dumbly, not too sure what his father was talking about; poor Jason had been on the road for three days straight and he needed sleep, though he had no doubt that his father had stayed up all night. "Midday!?" Jason exclaimed as he jumped to his feet, wildly looking for the leather back that he had brought with him which contained what he would need for the trip.

"Yes, midday! And I have your stuff ready to go. Now that we lost more than half a day of travelling, we must make haste. The next time you EVER sleep that long, I'll leave you. I expect you up in the morning at the crack of dawn!" Andre demanded viciously, extremely disappointed at his sons laziness, surprised that the young lad had ever passed his knight training, what was the guard thinking by training them to be so lazy! Andre, himself, has gone a tenday without sleep several times in a row with only maybe a few hours of sleep inbetween stops. That was when he was on patrol around the borders of Daein, when there was need of such endurance.

"Yes, father," Jason grumbled as he got up. Before he knew what had happened, he doubled over in pain, his cold hands grasping at his sore cheek.

"What was that, boy!? If I ever hear you talk to me with such disgrace again, it'll be more than my fist in your face! You will address me by 'sir' from here on out!" Andre demanded, clearly not in the mood for his sons disrespectful ways, and determined to shape him up into an even greater knight than he once was.

Jason, truly frightened by his father's strength, only nodded, his shock showing in his eyes. He had known his father was strong, but strong enough to take down a fully armored knight with one swing? At that moment Jason knew that if he was willing to slug his own son for such an act, that he would not hold back the next time Jason crossed him the wrong way. He was no longer his only son among two daughters that are Andre's by birth; he was a soldier being trained for battle and the worst conditions, and as such, he should treat his father like the worlds finest general. No doubt he probably was at one point!

"Come, we must make the spring in two hours, if we are to keep in head of schedule! Now move, soldier!" Andre said, taking Jason by the shoulder and throwing him out of the cave with one hand. "March! And I want to see you pick up those knobby knees of yours! We'll have you the strongest knight in the land by the time this is over!" Andre yelled as Jason started to march off sluggishly.

Sure enough the young knight picked up his knees and began to march at top speed. They were going to have move faster than that to make it in the time Andre wanted, but Jason guessed that Andre was wanting to get there as fast as he could and if Jason was moving as fast as he could, his father wouldn't be furious that they made it there an hour later than what he wanted.

Sure enough, in two hours and a half of hard marching, at least in Jason's case, they were at the spring. Filling up several cantines, Andre handed each one to his son; when all was said and done Jason had 20 large waterskins.

"Now take off your armor," Andre instructed as he broke off a rather large peice of bark from a near by tree that was about 5 times as broad as the already broad man. Jason hesitated only a second, he wasn't sure what his father was getting at, but he dared not disobey him again. Stripping himself of the hot armor, Jason was left with nothing but his light chain mail armor that protect him incase something did pass through his splint armor.

Jason felt like he was going to day, the long days that he had spent walking with the armor had nearly killed him, he needed more rest and more water than what he had been given. Now this rushed march had taken more than he could possibly bare, more than what was humanly possible; he needed to rest for a good day and a half before he would be fit to move on.

"Clean yourself off, this will be your only bath until we get across the desert. Now that we made it 3 tendays before I had expected, we can take it easy," Andre said with a shrug as if it didn't matter. "You're sweating more than I have done in a long while. You look like you're about to die."

"A MONTH! You pushed me that hard!?" Jason yelled in shock. "But...but...but...!" Jason went to complain.

"What? You really thought that we would cross all those miles if we hadn't moved at that pace? I'm more experienced at judging time than you think, my boy. Now I said wash off, and put your armor on that peice of bark," Andre said as he pointed to the wood he had chopped off, it was fashioned into a sled by the way he tore it off of the tree. "We will not be moving through the desert by day. It is far to hot for you to move with your armor on. Instead you will take it off and sleep during the day. However, you will put it on at night and we will trudge on. I have marked points of rest, if we don't make it to those points during the cool hours of the night, we will surely have a rough time. Those marks indicate caves and other natural and man made ruins that we can use as shelter from the sun."

"How far are we from the Grann desert?" Jason asked as he hopped into the cool water to wash off, thankful for how cold the water seemed.

"Only a few minutes at most. We are on a small incline; down it the grass will thin and you will see the desert," Andre informed his son as he drew some lines on the map to chart out his desired course. "There's something I want to investigate at the first stop. We will move the first day by daylight. You will move with your armor on so you will appreciate the need not to have your armor on."

Jason felt like saying 'as if I don't already' but then he held that comment to himself, knowing that he would be punished and Andre wouldn't be saying that if he didn't think that Jason has learned what it was like to be hot in armor. "What's at the first stop? And why so much water?" Jason asked as he dried himself off, figuring those were good sensible questions.

"There have been reports that Daein wyvern riders are in that area; chased by pegasus knights. They seemed to have been carrying a hostage. I want to see what or who it was if the person or thing is still living. The water is for the tenday trip that we must take without another spring. It'll take a tenday since we must move slowly. If this person is still alive, we will do a search and rescue mission. If the wyvern riders are still alive, we must go in and rescue the person anyway, he or she might be in dire circumstances!" Andre told the boy in a matter of fact tone. "But for now we rest for a day or two. I am tired, and you must still be exhausted. We will take chase when we are in top condition. I will also start you on a training routine so that you may get as strong as me!"

January 18th, 2006, 2:59 PM
"Hey, it wasn't me!" Avis said defensively holding up her hands as Criza hissed. She sweatdropped at how guilty that sounded. -but it's true!- she protested to herself, but she wouldn't exactly say that out loud. A dagger and a lance pointed at her would be a fun situation to be in now wouldn't it?
Criza hissed softly at the thief and darted past the boy.
"Anyway, it doesn't matter what I was doing to your wyvern anyway. I'm tresspassing on your..." Avis paused "um...property...just as you tresspassed on mine." She folded her arms as though the subject was closed.
"Besides, she said it wouldn't be too wise to try and attack two thiefs at a time now would it? Especially when one of them for sure is a very accomplished hitman?" Avis smirked as Criza sat in the opposite bushes, tail swishing slowly back and forth, yellow eyes fixed on the Wyvern, which was still moving around.
"Oh, hold on then." Avis said "My cover is pretty much blown no thanks to you thief. I asked for none of your help on this, and you pretty much injured yourself. You're awfully determined to help. Not many experienced thieves would think twice of helping another. Since I obviously forgot to mention you wouldn't get half of the share." She pulled the brown wig off and tossed it aside, taking off the dress to reveal her thief outfit, and swiftly picking up her daggers.
"You let me go, I'll let you go with all your belongings!" Avis winked at him cheerfully as Criza gagged on a hairball in the bushes "Besides, now I'll have to clean out my entire house since it reeks of Wyvern Rider now."
Avis crouched into her defense position. A lance against a dagger. Real beautiful fight there. Definetly to her advantage...not.
"And you've done enough damage already. I'm wondering whether you're a real thief or not." Avis said coldly to the girl on the ground "A Wyvern was bound to make a lot of noise, so stay out of this."

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January 18th, 2006, 3:13 PM
"Well, I'm sorry for tresspassing on your property. I'll leave you alone from now on. You obviously have nothing to do with this, but you on the other hand..."

He shifted the lance so that it was now pointing at Mika, who was currently lying on the ground, looking like she was a little roughed up by Tilayo.

"You seem to be the one that tried to harm Tilayo. I am in service to the knights to Crimea, and practically trying to bring any form of danger to my wyvern is considered a serious matter indeed. You're lucky I haven't rushed forward and killed you where you stand, err...lie. What do you have to say for yourself?"

January 18th, 2006, 4:17 PM
"She's making a living for herself." Avis interjected, buying some time for the girl to slip from the Lance's tip "That's what we do. We don't care if you work for Crimea, as long as you have some gold on you."
"But this gold bag seems awfully light. Don't pack too much gold with you on journey's do you?" She asked, tossing the brown sack up and down. She's swiped it from the boy's waist as he had been distracted with the other thief.
"Wasn't worth it partner." Avis said pulling fingers through her blonde hair "Wouldn't even be enough for some good poison."
She lazily tossed the bag back to the boy "Or maybe you keep all your prized possessions on your Wyvern." She shrugged gleefully "Smart, as your Wyvern is no doubt good at protecting itself."
Criza emerged from the bushes, ShiShi in her mouth. She lazily crossed the scene without a care in the world and brought ShiShi to teach her how to hunt.
Avis hissed at Criza through gritted teeth [Couldn't you find a better time to do this?]
Criza glanced at Avis and shook her head and continued on her way.
"Now I'm interested." Avis said still glaring after her cats "I may have bargined for you to leave me alone, but I don't think I'll keep up my side of the bargin."
She sighed in a very fake way and said "Being a thief can get boring if there's no one to steal from." Avis was still eyeing the Wyvern, to see if there really was anything on it, but it seemed this person traveled light, with neccesities for a few hours to a day at most.
"You're a pretty Wyvern aren't you?" Avis crooned. She loved all animals, whether they didn't like her back or not. That's why she had been reluctant to find a way to sneak a bag of sleeping gas onto the Wyvern, for it would affect the poor beast as well "Of course, probably this wasn't the best way to introduce myself." Avis was having much fun, as she loved attention, and loved the way people looked at her when she brought up the most random of subjects in dire situations. Yet another trick to slip out of situations, but at the moment, Avis craved a mission, so she put herself into one. Talking a lot usually distracted most people who were polite, and from rumor, most Crimea Knights were exceedingly polite. Though she wondered after a stab at his Wyvern whether he'd really listened to anything she'd said.
"My name is Gem." Avis said bowing to the boy, who still had his lance pointed at the thief "Perchance you've heard of my plundering in the villages?"

January 18th, 2006, 4:29 PM
Toren sighed and squinted his eyes, keeping them on Avis all the time. He rolled his eyes when she bowed to him, but he didn't bother to return the gesture. This girl seemed to not only be a thief, but a very strange conversationlist a well. She acted as if they were just carrying on a reular talk or something.

"Well, normally I would bow back, but I don't show respect to thieves."

He accentuated his voice on the word "thieves.". He almost felt like screaming when he heard himself say it. He so despised the word almost as if it were a curse. He then moved his arm and positioned the lance so that it was by his side. pointing to the sky.

"And yes, I have heard of mysterious thefts going on in my village. Normally I would arrest you right now, but I'm kind of in a hurry. I have things I need to do in Port Toha. So, is there any other information you wish to divulge to me before I leave? I think it sort of foolish to reveal yourself to me, because when I return I know that there is a theif hiding in the mountains in an old cabin.. You better hope you don't wake up one morning to find several swords pointed at you."

He smiled happily, knowing that he had something on her now. He was very curious to see what she would do next.

January 18th, 2006, 4:47 PM
Avis laughed and waved her hand as though it was nothing.
"That's alright, there's not much I can't handle getting out of a prison. Skar might be slightly pissed that I was caught, but otherwise, you need to learn what a thief does for a living." She said "They steal things from people, naturally, but we learn other things too. Of course, if I told you this, you'd have something else on me now wouldn't you?" She smirked "Now tell me. What do you have against thieves? The fact that they steal things? Or that their heathens? I must ask you whether you've ever really met a thief and gotten to know one." She said idly waving her smaller dagger around in front of her face "Because then you'd know that only the ones dress fully in black are disagreeable."
"But from your incredible blindness," She eyed the fact that he'd rested his lance at his side, not pointing it at either one of the two anymore "You obviously have just been told that thieves are bad people." She waggled her fingers at her and laughed again "That's what I was told by some merchant, and he didn't even know he was talking to one! He...well...misplaced a valuabe vase after that though."
She was having much fun with this, as the boy seemed to think that he had all the dirt in the world on her. Actually, the merchant thing was half a lie. The merchant didn't lose a vase, (because he wasn't a particularly rich merchant) but he did earn a hardy laugh.
Avis may have been a selfish girl, but she was rather cheerful, considering the only other thieves she'd met (excluding the one she'd met moments ago) we're all on the verge of turning assassin, and not very good to converse with. Obviously, Avis was a chatterbox when not on a mission.
"Besides," She said sheathing the smaller dagger and plopping onto the floor, sitting in the fashion most thieves she knew did, feet pressed together, legs bent in a sort of criss-cross, hands grasping the shoes and leaning back slightly "I don't think you're afraid of me, and I know I'm not afraid of you."
The short memory of the strange boy smelled one of the more potent poisons on her shelf brought a smile playing on her lips, as the boy would probably point his lance at her again if he knew what it was.

January 18th, 2006, 4:56 PM
"Well, I really need to leave now.I don't really care what you think abuot me because I could care less about your opinion, let alone anyone else's. So unless you have anything important to tell me, I'll be on my way."

He turned around and waved his hand to motion for Tilayo to stop hovering and come back to Earth. Tilayo growled because he was having fun, but reluctantly flew down and landed gently on the soft ground. Toren grabbed onto his and hoisted himself up, settling into himself a comfortable position and then glancing at Avis one last time.

"So, is there anything else?..."

He muttered, smiling. In reality, he actually cared nothing for the words of such a loathsome person, but he decided that it would be more fun to just play around.

January 18th, 2006, 5:18 PM
Avis pouted. This guy was so RUDE!!!
"And I'm supposed to be a bad person," Avis muttered to herself before sticking her tounge out at him and folding her arms "No, since obviously nothing important could come out of a person like me." She said glaring at him.
So much for the polite rumor. Avis knew now that Knights were nothing but a load of dog crap.
"Well, Mister Rider, I don't think you've anything to deal with here anymore." Avis was still ruffled at the fact that this kid would be bold enough to stroll into someone's house and be as rude as he was to them.
'Now, I, have a right to tresspass without the price of common courtesy, as that's my JOB.' Avis thought herself bitterly. She decided that if this guy would be boring, she could find someone down in the villages to bother...but they were even worse than the kid seeing their sour faces whenever she took too long observing something she wanted to buy. They even didn't look too happy when she finally bought the item!! Regular people were so weird.
She gasped and mentally smacked herself. 'My breakfast!' She wailed to herself in her mind, picturing the bread milk and cheese. She didn't even want to think about what kind of creatures had taken a share of her breakfast. Animals were nice, but sharing the same food with them was not.
"Kay." Avis said letting her legs spread out in front of her, straight and pressed together as she leaned on the rough wood of the tree behind her.
What a day. She honestly couldn't stand the thought of ever sticking with relatively normal people. She glanced at the bushes in which Criza had disappeared through as she heard a delighted mew from ShiShi, yelling to her that she'd caught a mouse with -some- help from Criza.
Criza purposely picked now, so I wouldn't be too happy when ShiShi caught her food, expecting a treat of some kind as her reward. I supposed it was smart, as that way ShiShi would continue to find food without expecting something extra.
Avis stared at her dagger and the way the sunlight reflected off the blade onto the other trees. She wondered when the next time Skar would come with a mission, as she was now craving the adventure and breathless anticipation of being chased by an angry mob of merchants.

January 18th, 2006, 5:36 PM

He muttered, smirking at her. He patted Tilayo to tell him that it was time to leave. Tilayo looked to the sky and roared, flapping his wings and taking off into the sky. They were heading in the opposite way of where they had come from because they were now heading for a new destination. Toren looked back at the mountains and shook his head, trying to shake the thoughts of the two girls away from his head. They had annoyed him so...

Gah, I wish I had never stopped in those mountains. I wish I had just gone straight to Port Toha like father asked. I'm sure I'll regret all this some day...

He shrugged his head again andlooked through the skies to see if there was anything worth looking at. The port was quite a while away, so he had plenty to do until they arrived.

January 19th, 2006, 2:46 AM
"hehe" Mika laughed jumping up.
"So, You like cats?" She asked Avis. She felt hungry again. She wondered if the other girl might be hungry too.
"Are you hungry?" She asked her grabbing some food from her bag and handing it to her.
"What a pathetic little knight" She thought to herself. She had never seen another theif before, or a knight even only the merchants that she stole from.

January 19th, 2006, 2:50 PM
OOC:....she 'keyword' menatlly smacked herself. And how did your charcter know that Avis had food over there? Criza and ShiShi are away hunting, and we're not in my cabin, we're in the clearing in which Tyson's Wyvern stalled. Please read posts a little more carefully, and edit ^_^

January 19th, 2006, 4:24 PM
"I'm sorry, I'm only travelling because I like to travel." David said in reply to the supposed mage who offered him a spot in his little mercenary band. "I have no need of a job as a mercenary, so I must decline your offer. I've actually been looking for a mage in black and navy coloured robes. If you've seen or heard anything about him, could you possibly tell me?"

At this point, Kalace had made his way to the docks down in the north-western section of the town. It was quite obvious Bethany wasn't in Crimea any further, so he thought it wise to take a ship elsewhere. He came to a hault just before the first dock, as an arrow flew right in front of his face. Kalace located the source: a large man mounted on a horse, equipped with a Steel Sword. He had no bow though, and Kalace realized the arrow had come from an archer behind him. From the black armor they were dressed in, one had to assume they were Daein soldiers.

"You aren't going anywhere, boy." The mounted knight said before spitting on the ground, his long black hair blowing in the wind. "You die here. Boys, take control of the town." With that, a small group of soldiers surrounded Kalace, and the rest headed into town, looting houses and such.

"Just what the hell is going on?" David murmured under his breath as he watched it, before drawing his sword.

oni flygon
January 19th, 2006, 4:31 PM
"Uh oh..." Hideaki muttered, facing the same direction as David's. "This looks like trouble."

He was wondering what could this little riot be and looked around and the villagers didn't seem to mind as if it happens everyday. He pointed to a lone peasant over at the corner.

"You! Aren't you going to help?" He shouted.

"Of course not!" the man replied. "This isn't any business of ours and we don't want to get involved with anything from Daien."

Hideaki raised his eyebrow in suspicion and looked at the soldiers once more. It's true. They're wearing black armor--something that's unique about Daien.

"Well, I guess there's nothing to do but help. So hey," he then nudged the knight. "Wanna help the guy?"

January 19th, 2006, 7:31 PM
As I finished my apple and Arkash, swallowing the last of his meal, finished his, some soldiers in onyx armor were running around looting and mugging people. Arkash growled a bit.

"Hmm. Looks like Daein soldiers." I said to Arkash. Two soldiers had approached the vendor that we purchased our food from. They knocked down tables of food and stole whatever they could find. I took my lance, from my side, and charged at the nearest soldier. I plunged my spear in between the space that the onyx armor did not cover piercing the soldier. The soldier cried out and fell down to the ground motionless. The other soldier was about to call for reinforcements when I slashed at his throat, which caused the soldier to make a choking noise before he became quiet.

"Are you okay?" I asked the vendor. He nodded and thanked me.
"It's no problem." I said back to the vendor.
"There are soldiers here so a commander should be nearby. We should check the surroundings." I said to Arkash mounting on him. We took to the air and scouted the area.

Near the north-western section of town, where the dock was, a man was surrounded by soldiers.
"They're outnumbering him in a large amount. We should help." Arkash nodded at my request and we flew to the man's position. I motioned for Arkash to land nearby the man.
"Hey. This looks a bit too much for you. You need some help?" I asked holding my spear in a defensive and offensive pose.

Electric Hero
January 19th, 2006, 8:49 PM
"great! now Daein soldiers appear!" I expressed as I returned to the place I started to walk away from Hideaki calmly, like if nothing was happening... that way you can avoid trouble. But then I saw a woman with her children in a house, trying to make one Daein soldier go away, but he was forcing them to give him everything. I walked over at him from behind and placed my right hand on his shoulder and said "Hey, leave them alone" with a cold voice.

The soldier quickly unsheated his sword and looked at me. "You shut up!" he yelled at me and tried to slash me. I quickly jumped back and landed on the street, where there was more danger of the soldier harming anyone else. "I don't want to kill anyone, so you better leave calmly" I told him. He just yelled and charged at me. He tried to slash me again, but it was a failure again. He tried once more, but this time, I didn't expect him to do that. I stepped aside quickly, and the blade of the iron sword hit the ground just infront of my right foot.

That was my chance, I grabbed my sword, and from the sheat, with one movement, I slashed the soldier's neck... but didn't totally leave him without head... think so. He just fell with a great wound in the neck. I looked at my right and saw Hideaki. "if you don't want to get hurt, run to alleys, but if you wanna help, just stay behind me" I told him before walking to the docks, since it looked that the Daein Soldiers were coming from there.

January 20th, 2006, 4:15 AM
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IC: Mika heard clashing of swords in the distance.
"Hmmm sounds like fun" She said. She ran to the edge of the mountain and climbed down running over to where it was. It seemed the Daein soldiers were attacking people. She grabbed her daggers and ran into Port Toha. She saw a man surrounded by the soldiers.
"Hey you want help?" She asked flipping backwards as a soldier attacked her. She jumped behind him and slit his throat.
"And stay down" She growled stomping on him. She flipped over the circle of soldiers to help the man that was surrounded.
"I'm Mika" She said to him eyeing the soldiers every move.
"Come you insolent fools!" She growled motioning them to come forward and fight. She got into a fighting stance.

OOC2:by the way, Thats you david.

January 20th, 2006, 12:34 PM
OOC: Err.....I don't think you could really climb down a /mountain/ that fast. It's a large mountain for one thing, and Port Toha, I'm assuming, is quite a while's away. Try to be a little more descriptive instead of "climbed down the mountain."

"Come on, Tilayo. We have important things to attend to in Port Toha."

He patted the wyvern one more time to signal to him to fly faster. Tilayo roared loudly and started working his wnigs harder, causing their speed to increase considerably. They had been flying for a while since they left the mountain, so as they passed around another mountain that stuck in their way and soon the busy post came into view.

They were pretty high in the sky so Toren couldn't exactly tell what was going on below him in the city. As they made their way down towards the port, there were several things that intrigued Toren. At first, they all looked like little dots, but now Toren was seeing something that shook inside him...people fighting. \Before Toren had not been afraid at all to fight the thieves because they were known for being stealthy and weak, but these knights in black armor didn't look as if they were real pushovers.

"Tilayo, land cautiously. I see an archer among the fighters."

Tilayor snorted to signal that he understood and landed behind a large building behind all the commotion so no one would notice them. Toren leaped off the wyvern and snuck quietly to the side of the building. He moved his head around the side so that he could barely be seen, but could get a full view of everything that was happening. He might join in if need be, but until then he would hang back.

oni flygon
January 20th, 2006, 4:24 PM
"Oh what now? Did everyone suddenly see Daein soldiers hundreds of miles away?" Hideaki snorted. "Not to mention get her pretty fast before they can even say a word..."

But seeing how Max already unstrategically mauled a nearby soldier, instigating a battle that could endager citizens instead of protecting them, Hideaki had no choice but to flip open his Thunder tome hidden underneath his dark robes. He levitated the volume a few inches from his hand and chanted the incantation. The tome began to glow a sapphire tint and pages were being ripped apart by some invisible hand and shot towards the sky and disappeared. Then a bolt of lightning surged from the sky and struck the oncoming soldiers.

"It's better that you stay back," Hideaki yelled at the Daien soldiers.

Hideaki scanned the village and seeing the oncoming fighters that were coming out of nowhere and sighed in frustration. "Well? Aren't you people going to do something?"

And with that, three black armored soldiers began to charge at him along the street. Their spears aimed at him and yelling, intimidating the citizens around them. He spat in frustration and chanted once more. The pages that were torn from the book headed towards the oncoming soldiers this and created a wall of electricity, which disappeared immediately and knocked back the soldiers.

He advanced forward, chanting in his mind and cleared another wall of soldiers with another thunder spell. "Geez... times like these when you wish you're a Jugdral Mage Knight..."

January 20th, 2006, 9:17 PM
OOC: Sorry for barging into the fight, but I'm slightly bored, and the Wyvern did roar 'loudly'. _ _;; *cough* bad excuse *cough* But I tried to describe the trip...if it doesn't suffice, I'll just get rid of this and post something else...

Avis's cat ears twitched as the Wyvern's loud roar reached her ears. Looking up into the sky peirced by the tall canopy Avis sent a sharp mew to Criza and ShiShi, telling them to take care of themselves for awhile.
She placed her forefinger and thumb into her mouth and a loud and clear whistle emitted as she blew with all her might, some birds flying out of thier nests as she did so.
Soon enough an orange tiger was soon at her feet, baring it's white teeth at her, the teeth was tainted red, meaning he'd just finished his nap after his breakfast.
"Mind bringing me a long ways to Port Toha?" Avis asked crouching down and scratching the tiger's ears as it purred.
"I'll take that as a yes." Avis hopped onto the tiger, her almost non-existant weight not bothering the tiger in the least as it hopped from ledge to ledge, a sort of circlet of leather bound around it's neck loosely as Avis kept her grip tightly on it to keep herself from falling as the tiger decided to skip the last ledge and directly jump down.
It would be past one village to the outskirts of Port Taho. Avis held the leather between one hand as the tiger darted through the village market she spied a merchant selling daggers.
She held her hand out as the merchant held the handle of a dagger out to a customer and grabbed the handle with one swift swipe.
She examined the dagger as Gonnah, her friend tiger ran through the market as people screamed 'Gem', and merchants hid their wares away.
"Bleh." She mumbled as she realized it was a plain ol' dagger, not the sharpest of it's kind to boot. She tossed the dagger over her shoulder and looked behind her.
"Whoops. Sorry!" Avis called laughing as a man narrowly avoided the knife being tossed straight between his legs as it caught on the wooden crate behind him. The man promptly fainted.
Avis saw the bustling of the Daein soldiers against almost none. She squinted her eyes as her pupils narrowed, making her eyes more cat-like then ever.
Look at those gold bags swishing on those Daein Soldiers! Even if they were filled with fluff...wait...what if they were filled with useless stuff? Would she risk diving into the brawl? As she heard a coin click together, her orange cat ears twitched again and decided, OF COURSE!
Gonnah began to run toward the brawl, and as Avis leapt off of him, he turned tail and headed back to the mountain, his friend still running toward the brawl. She headed toward the ones that were most occupied on the very edge of the throng.
'How stupid, this idiot keeps his money bag in the back!' Avis thought as she carefully slipped it off...
Avis yelped as the soldier behind the man she was attempting to steal from took a good swing at her with his sword.
He missed, but managed to sliced the tip of her hair off, which fell to the ground, as Avis decided that now was not the time for sneaky attacks. She ripped the money bag off both men's waists and ran for it.
"Catch me if you can!" Avis laughed saluting the two men who were about ready to chase after her, but were decided whether their gold or the bout of Port Toha was more important "Oof!"
Avis had ran straight into a man about twice her size. Sweatdropping Avis flashed him a cheerful smile, his angry glare unfazed.
"Hi there!" She said waving and just as suddenly trying to dash out underneath his folded arms.
"Not so fast." He said in a stupid slur as he grabbed the back of my shirt.
"Let go you big ugly brute!!!" Avis yelled pounding on his hand which was at least twice her hand's size.
"Return the money bags, and maybe nobody will get hurt." He continued.
"No way!" She yelled, as she continued her futile attempts to escape the brute's vice-like grip "Let go you disgusting dirty and gross...thing!"

January 20th, 2006, 9:28 PM
Toren was about ready to cry when he heard the shouts and screams of a girl nearby. The voice sounded sort of like the girl, Gem, from before. Toren put his hand to his forehead and slowly drifted it down his face. As is she hadn't been annoying enough before, she had followed him, or something to that effect.

Don't tell me that's her? Oh, darn it!

He shouted, running out from the side of the building and and darting over to the two, who were now struggling with each other. The man who was holding her seemed to be about twice her size, so the chances of her escaping were slim to none. Toren crossed his arms and smiled at her.

"Well, I can't say I feel sorry for you. Seems everyone gets their just desserts."

He was about to start laughing, but cleared his throat and remained smiling. Laughing would only classify him as some sort of bumbling idiot, which was the exact opposite of he wanted to be known for.

January 20th, 2006, 9:38 PM
OOC: Just desserts? huh?

Avis promptly glared at the boy "Ha ha." She said, though not really getting the saying in the first place, she knew it wasn't meaning any compliments toward herself "If-" She started, pulling on the mans grip "You-not-going-to-help-me-then-why-are-you-here?!" She asked trying to pull herself out of the ugly brute's grip
"Let go!" She yelled abruptly resorting to the lowest form of defense, as one big burly hand was holding her swift moving hands behind her, she sank her teeth into the hand that held her collar.
The man simply stared at her wondering what she was doing, as he obviously didn't feel it.
Avis spat onto the ground next to the man and mumbled "Great, now my mouths contaminated and for what? Nothin."
Avis pouted at the man who remained passive.
"Are you ever going to let go of me?"
"Not until you return the gold bags."
The two men I'd stolen from were roaring with laughter, and Avis hissed at them, the fur on her ears and tabby tail standing on end "Who asked you?!"
"Don't just stand there Mr. I'm so high and mighty!" Avis yelled at the boy who needed to get over himself "I think I'll have to burn myself to ashes to clean off all the grime if I'm in this guys grip any longer!!"
Of course, the man wasn't exactly giving her any oppotunities to return the money either, not that she would of course, as the coins jingled merrily in the bags as she struggled against the man's grip. This would be enough to live off for at least a year! People bring these things to war, she should go to battle more often!
She would whistle for Gonnah, but he'd probably be back on the mountain already, it'd take him forever to get back here, and he probably wouldn't even hear her.

January 20th, 2006, 9:51 PM
OOC: That means like she got what was coming to her, she steals stuff and somebody finally caught her. Sorry if I confused you ^^;;

"Oh, fine. If you're going to be such a big baby about it, I suppose I should help you."

He sighed and slowly lifted the lance off that was tied around his back. The man wasn't really paying much attention to him, because he was preoccupied with trying to keep Avis pinned down.

Toren rolled his eyes and crept forward slowly, getting closer and closer to the man. Finally, he leaned back and applied tons of force to the weapon, causing it to to shoot forward and pierce through the side of the man. Toren slowly lifted the bloody lance out of the man's body and awaited to see what would happen.

(I'll let you decide what happens...^^)

January 20th, 2006, 10:04 PM
OOC: No probs.

IC: The man immediatly withdrew his grip on Avis as he roared in anger, though much more than just blinded by pain, Avis managed to throw a poison pill, one of which she dissolved into drinks when the mission was too quick paced to bring liquid, into his mouth, and soon, he turned all shades of purple.
Avis stuck her tounge out at him "MLLLLHHHH!!" She mumbled.
But it was not to last, as the man fell rigid right on top of her, the quick thief managing to have only her legs caught under the heavy man's armor.
"Ugh." Avis groaned as she tried to push the side of the man up by lifting herself into a push-up position "Lose some weight!" She yelled at the half-dead man, as she wriggled her legs out from under the heavy armor, fat and muscle.
She brushed off the dirt on her thief's uniform and turned to face the boy. She was debating whether or not to slap him, for calling her a baby, or to thank him, for getting her out of the situation.
She wrinkled her nose as the decision was hard, but in the end she slapped him.
"Meanie! Can't you save a damsel in distress without calling her a baby in the process?!" Avis said, stubbornly, folding her arms and glancing at the bloody lance.
"But..." Avis mumbled, trying her best not to punch the guy again, let alone say something rude instead "Thank...you..." She muttered with difficulty.
"Now then." She Avis said pushing the heavy man off to the side "Where are those gold bags? Aha!"
She picked up the smaller of the two and tossed it up and down in her hand, watching it rise and fall as the coins inside merrily clinked against each other.
"Beautiful." Avis said closing one eye to focus on the bloody bag.
"Thanks for your help!" Avis said picking up the other bag and fastening them to her waist "Now there's a fight over there that requires your attention!" She said sweetly. So far so good. At least he didn't stick his lance in my face again for actually stealing something this time around.

January 20th, 2006, 10:16 PM
"Well, I suppose that you're....you're...welcome."

Ugh, he muttered the word like it was a curse or something. Although in a million years he would never approve of her actions, she had managed to say thank you so it was natural for him to say you're welcome, even though it was something he really loathed to do.

"Why don't you give those gold bags back? I don't seem to see anything that they did to you, although I'm sure that you don't care."

He stuck his lance out and sliced a large slit in the two bags, causing the contents, the coins, to spill out and scatter out all over the street.

"Better hurry and collect those, you might actually fail a theft for once. Wouldn't that be horrible?"

He said, winking. One of his favorite(sp?...) things to do was be sarcastic, especially around over-confident people such as her. His job was sometimes tense and all the jokes he played around with loosened all the pressure.

January 20th, 2006, 10:27 PM
Avis stared down at the spilt gold, a red flush creeping up her cheeks, then slowly brought her glaring gaze to the boy, who was looking as smug as Skar did after he'd finished a particualarly well paying job.
"I've had my share of failures thanks, and paid for them dearly." Avis spat sarcastically, and as unpleasantly as she could "Don't judge before you get to know."
The Daein soldiers, had apparently all but forgotten about their gold bags, as they were now in a fight with some of the people who'd been defending Port Toha.
Avis pondered whether she wanted to take the time to pick up the coins. So many decisions. She glanced at the empty bags at her waist and pulled them off her belt, picked up about 5 gold coins and placed them in her pocket.
She spat on the ground again, the unpleasant taste of the man's dirty hand still in her mouth and then asked idly, yet randomly
"Why do you hate me?" She asked as though this was a subject discussed daily "Is it because I'm annoying, or because I'm a thief?"
Avis honestly wondered whether the boy would answer, as he was such a disagreeable person in the first place.
She wondered what else she could steal in town. Port Toha was bound to have fresh items off the ships, and most shops were ungaurded due to the Daein attack.
She stared at the man on the ground, he was nearly dead, as he'd recieved no medical care and the wound was near his stomach, as crimson surrounded the wound. He gave a grunt and Avis jumped backward in surprise.
'Stupid Stupid Stupid' Avis chanted to herself in her mind clenching her fists at the man. Boy if DarkSkar found out about all her failures today...well she might not live to see the outside of the assassin camp he lived in.

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January 20th, 2006, 10:35 PM
"Well, it's not really a question of hate. It's mostly dislike, and it's not really the annoying part, just the whole stealing part."

He bent to the ground and laid his bloody lance beside of him, making sure it wouldn't make any loud noise. He scooped up a bunch of coins in his hand and tossed them through the air towards Avis.

"I really do think that you have a good side, you're just afraid to show it. Believe it or not, I have a good side as well. It's just that when I first met you, I was in a pretty bad mood before any of this happened. That girl trying to hurt Tilayo didn't help much either."

He scooped up a couple more coins and laid them in piles beside her, then leaned back and sat on the ground.

"You're lucky I could care less whether or not a Daein soldier has money or not. I suggest that you hurry and wrap all this up."

January 21st, 2006, 4:18 AM
OOC: I think I'm going to quit because i'm just causing too much trouble around sorry :( bye

January 21st, 2006, 7:47 AM
OOC: Okay...it wasn't that big a deal.

IC: "...I was wondering why you were defending a Daein soldiers money." Avis said as she crouched down next to the gold coins "I wonder what I should do with this." She examined a gold coin.
"I know! I can have Skar do a job for me!" She grinned fiercely as the image of her father floated in her head, but then shook it out.
'No. The only reason Skar hasn't killed him already is because he knows I want to be the one to kill him...but that'll be so many years from now. Dad'll probably be dead by then anyway. And I'll have to pay Skar to do it! Avis sighed and shook her head "I guess I do need this...to buy disguises and stuff I suppose..."
'But it would be so much more fun to steal it!' The part of me which was dying to become a full fledged assassin spoke in a smooth hiss.
'But it would be much more responsible if you bought them instead of stealing.' The part of me which wanted to impress Skar beyond end on my responsibility.
'Right, like Skar would be impressed if she turned into a soft thief.' The assassin in me rolled it's eyes.
"That's alright. The people in Port Toha can find this lot." Avis said standing up "I think it'd be better if I stole things, so my skills won't get rusty."
"I suppose it's even then." She said scratching behind her orange ears "We both dislike each other...Human."

January 21st, 2006, 8:41 AM
OOC: Yeah, Shylocke. None of it was that big a deal, it's just that I thought it was kinda strange how you climbed down a mountain and ran to Port Toha(which is far away), while all of us were in the same position we had been in before >.>;

"Human? And you aren't one?"

He said, smiling. Avis, or Gem, as she had told him, looked like she was in deep thought inbetween talking to him. It was as if many different personalities were raging inside her mind, which hardly made any sense in Toren's own mind.

"Well, I guess I'll be leaving now. And, I'm assuming that you'll be leaving to go steal something?..."

He sighed and turned around, bending down to pick up his now red lance, but then stood back up and started to walk forward, his lance leaving droplets of blood on the street as he did.

January 21st, 2006, 9:22 AM
OOC: She's a Laguz, and I haven't told you her name is Avis yet. ^_^ Unless I accidentally let it slip...*scans posts*

IC: Avis bristled with anger "Did you just call me a human, human?!" She asked clenching her fists, the hair on her ears and tail rising again as she hissed at him
"Do you know how incredibly insulting that is? That's like calling me a High Priest!" She shouted, though she seemed planted to the spot. She would've very much liked to strangle the boy at the present moment.
Avis brewed the best way to make her revenge on the boy...at least he hadn't called her a sub-human, but that at least would've been better than human.
Killing of loved ones was definetly an option...then there was killing of the person himself...there was the option of hurting the Wyvern, but she shoved that out of her mind, no way would she touch the poor beast with such an insufferable know-it-all for a master.
Avis tried to pull herself from the spot and found Talismans on her feet. She scowled at the boy, though she knew full well from the marks on the Talismen they were not planted by him, but she felt that this was his fault anyway.
"Watch your belongings Human." She hissed at him though she knew he couldn't hear as she disappeared, leaving only a few grains of sand floating in the air and the strong scent of sandal wood behind.
Soon she stood in the cellar of the Griel Mercenaries hideout. She actually didn't really know where the actual place was, but found herself in the cold stone cellar many times over.
"What?" Avis spat at Skar as he kept himself in the shadows.
"I see you've failed." He said in a low voice
"I didn't fail I left the gold there!" She answered struggling against the Talismen.
"With the help of a Crimean Knight?" He sneered at her.
"What?!" Avis repeated more forcefully this time.
A pallid hand wrapped in unnesseccary bandages and half covered by a black glove reached out and grasped her neck "Watch your tounge."
Unable to answer, Avis merely sent her best glare his way.
"It's time you find if you've improved at all to become an assassin. I think you've got someone new in your mind to kill along with your pathetic father." He laughed a rough and harsh laugh, the only part of him visible was his shining blood red eye and his hand, which was still clutched around Avis's throat.
Avis mumbled something and Skar spoke smoothly back to her "Well then, that's too bad isn't it? When you become an assassin-if ever-" He added silkily "kill everyone, who knew you."
Avis glared at Skar himself and he laughed "you honestly think you could kill any assassin here in this camp? Let alone myself?"
She gave him a calculating look and he let go of her, but not before tossing her aside.
"Go on then. Find you way to the Assassin training room." He hissed as Avis massaged her throat and dashed up the stairs of the cellar.

January 21st, 2006, 9:37 AM
OOC: Well, sorry, I didn't know, In your sign-up sheet, you classified her as a Thief, not a Laguz. And he doesn't know her name is Avis, I said 'As she had told him." Sorry if I confused you, again ^^;;;

Gah, there she goes again. Man, if only she would just learn when to zip it.

He sighed and darted into the large alleyway he had been in before. To Toren's surprise, Tilayo was no longer there. Toren gasped and started to run to the other end to see if he had just gone for a tiny walk, or fly. Again, Toren met disappointment. seeing that Tilayo was nowhere in sight.

Where is he? If one of those Daein people found him...NO!

He started to run again, quickly disappearing behind different buildings. He felt like a thief because of all the sneaking he was doing, but it was for the benefit of himslef and Tilayo. Toren looked to the sky, but didn't find Tilayo flying around anywhere. He sighed and started to run around again, seeing if his friend was anywhere to be found.

January 21st, 2006, 10:02 AM
OOC: Sorry about that, I didn't know Laguz had to be just...a Laguz...I thought they could have different occupations you know? By the way, I'm going to skip how Avis becomes an assassin, because right now I'm in a Ragnarok time line level up line character thing, and I know that's totally incorrect.

IC:"Well that was easy." Avis said squatting down next to her fathers body. She used the poison that the Human had smelled. One of the more potent ones that would easily kill anyone who swallowed it "Good-night old man." She said through a black mask, stabbing an assassins knife through the man's stomach, though he was well dead, this would inform that he had been killed deliberately.
She found that it was incredibly easy, since now her new uniform consisted of almost all black. Her blonde hair didn't really help, but she refused to cover it up, and instead had a thick black cloth head band on it.
Now she herself, was wrapped in the sort of bandages Skar was. It was much easier to go undetected in them, though it be a dead giveaway on the streets. Not that it matter much anyway.
"All those stupid boys in the orphanage are dead. Mother died long ago..." Avis said lounging in her father's old chair "Thief is gonna be an assassin someday, no need to kill them. Then there's the Human, I think I'll avoid him for the time being...And that's pretty much it! Already killed all those merchants I stole from anyway." She leaned back and a grin spread behind her mask "This is fun. Who knew throwing peoples lives away could be this entertaining?"

OOC:I think I'm going to start another sign-up, I'll work on that one now if it's okay to stuff someone else in there now.

January 21st, 2006, 10:46 AM
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oni flygon
January 23rd, 2006, 2:35 PM
The battle continued, nonetheless and Hideaki found himself exhausted and now surrounded by three layers of soldiers: infantry, armors and even annoying archers.

"A little help?" he muttered as his thunder tome was savagely used and only a few pages were left. "This won't last long..."

"Any last words, you worthless sellsword?" The Daien captain yelled at him.

January 23rd, 2006, 3:29 PM
OOC: Sorry I'm taking so long to post guys, it's exam time. vv;;

IC: "Sorry I'm a little late!" David called out as he cut down the first archer in the layer surrounding Hideaki with a horizontal slash. "Had a little issue with three soldiers wielding lances!" The fall of the archer and the sound of David's voice distracted the rest of the numbers for a moment as the apparent leader of the sorry group tried to get them back in line.

"Hmph, I didn't expect to find you here, m'lord. Betraying your country and family are you?" He said in a very disturbing tone of voice, as he looked towards the sky. "I'm sure your parents would love to hear about this. They may even cast you from the family. Troops, take the mage from the Temple, we leave now!"

"Glad to see you haven't changed at all, Suvius." David said in reply with a large grin on his face. "Still listening to that dillusional old man I see." In return, Suvius scowled, and road off towards the town's exit upon his steed, his red armor fading into the background as he walked into the darkness of the night. At first, it would have appeared that I allowed Daein to get a hold of that mage. However, the figure that appeared from behind I nearby tree proved otherwise. He had made his way out when we had distracted the soldiers...

OOC: Sorry if my post is vague or whatever... so tired... xx

January 28th, 2006, 9:00 PM
Hope it's not too late to join!
Name: Jirae (No last name. Ashamed of his parents, Jirae shunned his last name)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Class & Weapon: Mage, Specializing in Fire Magic
Profession: Currently an unemployed wandering mage. See backstory.
Appearance: Jirae, being a former member of the Daein Army, stuck to his uniform, but customized it a bit. He wears the standard robes and hood of Mages in the fire emblem world, but with a bit of a color scheme change. The hood is black with red lines running down it, starting right above his eyes and going all the way down the back of the hood and robe. The robe itself is also mostly black, but has a red line on each side of the sleeves (above, below, left, and right of the hand) that runs to the back of the robe and meets up with the red line on it's side running from the hood. Jirae is 5'10" and weighs about 130 lbs. Under the hood you can see that he has brown hair, and brown eyes.
Personality: Jirae's troubled past led him to be a very coldhearted individual. Since quitting the Daein army, he has had no long time Beorc friends. Because of this, he has learned to hate other Beorc. The only true friends he ever made were Laguz, so he greatly sympathizes with the Laguz and usually wishes he himself had been born a Laguz. When confronted with other Beorc for whatever reason, he usually tries and finishes any business he has with them as soon as possible. Laguz, on the other hand, he usually engages in conversation when he comes across them. Because of his hate for Beorc (explained in backstory), he is usually shunned from society, and in turn hates the Beorc even more and continues to wander the countryside. Despite his outer nature, on the inside he is a very kind person and is very capable of making Beorc friends.
Backstory: Jirae's father was a general of the Daein army, so he was naturally trained with a sword to fight for Daein from birth. Around age 7 Jirae began to realize that he hated the sword. He felt that true weakness was relying on a piece of metal to fight. Due to this, he began training in the art of magic behind his father's back, with the help of a family friend, a Sage in his late teens named Delgarn who was also a daeian general. About a year after Jirae began training with magic, his father found out and told him that mages were weaklings, that that is not the path he should take. Countless times Jirae tried to express his feelings to his father, but was always ignored. Jirae continued his magic lessons with Delgarn, despite what his father thought. Through both his trainings, Jirae became proficient with both magic and the sword by age 13. It was on his 13th birthday that he challenged his father to a battle. His father refused, explaining that it would not be fair. In response, Jirae launched a fire spell at his father's back. Jirae's father was not the forgiving type, and was infuriated that his son was still using magic. Instead of attacking his son, he turned to Delgan. Jirae pleaded him to stop, but his mind was made up. Delgan accepted the challenge, having the same view on magic and swords as Jirae. It was a surprisingly long battle, but in the end, Delgan tired from fatigue. Being a general a much longer time, Jirae's father was not as easily tired. He lifted his sword to strike the final blow, when a tail whipped the sword from his hand. Alarmed, he looked around him for Laguz, but found none. He heard Jirae gasp and point at Delgan, so he looked. On the floor, in Delgan's robes, was a dragon tribe Laguz. The Laguz picked up Jirae and flew away, leaving Daein far behind.
They soon arrived at Goldoa, where the Laguz revealed that he was Delgan. Amazed, Jirae questioned how a Laguz had become able to use magic, to which Delgan did not answer. In the time spent in Goldoa, Jirae began to hate Beorc and become great friends with many Laguz. Everything was perfect until one day...when his father came back for him. Daein invaded Goldoa, killing many Laguz-friends of Jirae and Delgan. Many Daein soldiers were lost in the conquest to the Goldoan capital, but even more goldoans were killed. When Daein finally made it to the capital, Delgan was ready to fight, and so was Jirae. Jirae's father warned Jirae that because they were on opposite sides, he would show no mercy, even against his own family. Jirae replied with the same, and so the fight began. Once again the battle raged on for a very long time, but in the end, Delgan was slain. Enraged, Jirae let loose an extremely powerful fireball, and incinerated his father. Overextended from using so much power, Jirae fell unconscious.
Three years later, on his 17th birthday, Jirae set out from Goldoa, to wander the land looking for a way to help the Laguz.

RP Sample: Hmm, wow. I think that was a pretty impressive backstory, that may well have been considered an RP sample, despite the lack of dialogue, which was intentional. If you would like an additional RP Sample, let me know.
Also, if it's not too much trouble, could someone clue me in to whatever is currently going on? Seeing as though he was last reported wandering the lands, I could introduce Jirae pretty much anywhere in Tellius.

oni flygon
January 28th, 2006, 11:03 PM
"Oh geez..." Hideaki gave off a sigh of relief. "That was so close..." He then turned his attention towards David. He overheard the conversation between the captain of the Daien troops and him and his curiosity was ablaze.

"Hey, you!" he yelled out, pointing at David. "I've heard everything. So you're one of them, huh?"

January 29th, 2006, 7:36 AM
Avis looked around the old house she used to love and live in. It certainly wasn't this house...she thought as she looked at the dirty dishes piled up in the sink, the cobwebs that hung just about everywhere. Dear old mom had left dad after finding out he worked in the Black Trade. She never really found out Avis was in it too.
It felt so good to sit in her father's chair. She used to be beaten by her if she even touched it. Of course, she could afford much better than this now, but there was just that quality of success roaming around the cotton in the chair. Avis almost fell asleep but quickly snapped herself awake.
Worst mistake of a novice assassin. Falling asleep at the scene of the crime! Avis quickly gathered her poison's and carefully placed them in a bag at her side, the thick layers of the bag concealing entirely the sound of poison viles clicking together.
She let herself climb gracefully up onto the roof as her back skirt fluttered in the wind.
"Wonder who's next." She muttered to herself, a pleased smirk etching across her face.

'Killing everyone you knew allows you a fresh start to your new level of sinful life.' Skar had said to her when she protested. He hadn't really let her respond either in the vice grip he held her in just for protesting in the first place.

That she had to keep in mind during her next job. It wouldn't be too hard, as those words stuck to you like glue...sorta like how Skar's eyes always seemed to be on you, whether he was miles away or not. Avis stared into the full moon. It was nighttime in this part of the world. Who knew whether it was lunch time or morning or evening in where she was going. She dearly hoped it was night, as it would make life ten times easier.

January 29th, 2006, 4:35 PM
OOC: That's fine, BT. Is calling you BT okay? Anyways, Daein troops just attempted to capture Kalace at Port Toha, but our characters managed to trick them and the troops just left. It is early nightfall now, I believe.

IC: "Yeah, what of it?" David said firmly in reply. He had no intention of showing any weakness to this fellow. "Do you have some sort of issue with that? Would you like to kill me? You're welcome to, you know. I'll be killed by my own kind sooner or later." The sad part was, it was the truth. He was more then likely branded as a traitor now, and that would mean death.

"You saved me before, warrior of Daein, why is that?" Kalace finally spoke up. "You could have left me to drown, but you didn't." With that question asked, David turned his back to the group.

"It's true, I am from Daein, but that doesn't mean I follow Ashnard's orders. I watched you and your sister last night, mage. How they threw you in the river, and took your sister away on the back of a Wyvern."

"What was that? They took Bethany? She's alive?" Kalace inquired. He was speaking much faster now, to a point where it was almost impossible to tell what he was saying. It was a sign that he was either excited, nervous, or both.


Meanwhile, in the middle of the desert near Begnion, a girl awoke, covered almost entirely in sand. Her long, ruby hair, which was tied into two pigtails, flowed over her shoulder and down to her waist. She was clothed in white robes, and she held a book very close to her chest. As she sat up, her flaming red eyes surveyed the land in search for something familiar, anything familiar. Alas, all she found was sand, and she stood up, before walking blindly through the unknown area.

Electric Hero
January 29th, 2006, 4:47 PM
As I got near the docks, the group of soldiers ran in the opposite direction... to the entrance of Port Toha... they were leaving. I still decided to go to the docks to find out what happened there. "I wonder... where is Hideaki?" I asked myself as I slowly walked towards the docks.

When I got there, I saw the same guy that almost blinded us with his armor. He looked like one of the Daein soldiers, but he wasn't doing anything wrong... so I just stood there watching. Infront of me, that guy was talking to a mage, which said things really fast. A bit behind that mage, stood Hideaki, with his tome almost without pages. "Hey, you are that guy... with the blinding armor... you look like one of them... but you don't like one..." I said to the owner of the blinding armor as I sheated my sword.

ooc: sorry if it is not good... but I'm so exhausted right now... can't think well... ^^;;;

January 29th, 2006, 6:03 PM
OOC: Yes, please call me BT. On the other forums I'm at, anyone who calls me by my full screenname is either very polite or very noobish. BT's what I'm usually called, for shortness's sake.
Hmm...toha, eh? Alrighty.
"Let me off the boat!" Jirae exclaimed. He was on a boat headed toward Port Toha, and he intended to get off there.
"I don't think so. Don't think we don't know who you are." A big burly man replied, tying Jirae to a pole using some sturdy rope. "You've stolen something that Daein wants."
"Stolen? I've never stolen anything in my life!" Jirae responded in a yell.
"Don't try and lie to me, punk." The man said, reaching into Jirae's robe's pocket.
"Watch it!" Jirae exclaimed, struggling to get free but to no avail. "Stupid humans..."
"Humans?" The man questioned. "Hah! Don't be tryin' to lie about that too, kid. I can tell you're a Beorc, same as me."
"I'm not the same as you," Jirae responded, "I'm not an idiot."
"What did you say?!" The man shouted in a rage. "Look, kid, hand over what you stole and I won't have to hurt you!"
"You should be worried about me hurting you, not the other way around." Jirae smirked. He flicked his wrist behind the pole, and the pole shot up in flames. The ropes burned and Jirae was freed.
"This kid's a mage?!" The man said in surprise, staggering back. "Grr..." He reached behind him and pulled an axe out of a barrel. "That's it, you're dead, punk." He charged at Jirae, enraged.
"Something you may want to consider for next time," Jirae said, dodging the reckless charge with ease, "Use magical rope." He flicked his hand outward, and a fireball hit the man, lighting his clothes on fire.
"Argh! I'm on fire!" The man exclaimed, jumping off the edge of the boat and into the ocean. In response to the screaming, people began to come out of the cabins.
"Hey! The prisoner's free!" One exclaimed.
"Like I said, I'll be going now." Jirae said as the boat drifted into line with the Toha docks. He aimed a fireball at the ground beneath his feet and shot upward, agily landing on the docks. Water began shooting up through the hole he had created in the dock, and people aboard the ship began panicking frantically.
"Wow." Jirae said. "That was lucky." He turned around and saw a group of people. "Oh, hello." Jirae said wandering up to them. "The name's Jirae, I'm a wandering mage."

January 29th, 2006, 6:18 PM
"Hmm." Avis mumbled scanning the Port, or more in question group at the end of the port, where the rustle with the Daein Soldiers ha occured.
She couldn't find that guy anywhere!
'Darn. Lost him before I even found him...' Avis snapped her fingers lightly before disappearing from the rooftop's, she left some sand and the scent of sandal wood behind her.
Where could he be? She doubted he would even remember her now. Well, she wasn't going to waste her time looking for the stuck-up cronie during her first day of the best job in the world. She was going to live it up and build herself a name! Though she had to decide what kind of reputation she wanted now that she had a fresh start. Perhaps she would build her name so high that people would tremble whenever they said her name, fearing that her sharp ears might hear the word and she'd slit their throats for using her name too often.
Name. That's what she was missing.
She needed to fashion a new name for herself. Shade. Too guyish. Nightmare. Woah, freaky much? Moonlit. Too wimpy. Jet. Waaay to guyish.
Avis frowned as she pouted in frustration. This was too hard! She used to merely pick precious gems as her alias's, but she was an assassin now...Of course everything should be easy except picking a name.

January 29th, 2006, 8:15 PM
It had been minutes, no, hours when Hayden had finished her training. It was nearing nightfall already, yet the troop hasn't been ordered to move out yet. She wondered what had caused the king to halt his previous orders, and the messenger from before sounded so…pressing, too. Ack, she was so close to bursting from her contained boredom, but fortunately for her, a soldier came running her way, looking…she didn't know how to put it, but she knew it was something not good.

Which could only mean one thing: she had something to do~

"Hey kid, have you seen any Daein troops here? I need to speak to their General, at once."

…to Papa? "First of all, I am not a kid! And fine, I'll lead you to him." Hayden, with a pout, trudged towards her father's tent, the soldier obediently following behind. She cleared her throat. "Pa—General Yen, a messenger is here to see you. He says it's an emergency."

"Alright." Her father wasted no time and immediately allowed the soldier to come inside his tent. The soldier soon began his report, urgency present at his tone. Of course, Hayden couldn't do anything but eavesdrop. "There was a commotion at Port Toha earlier, sir. Kalace, the other soldiers reported, was located. But, they weren't able to capture him. I believe a small band of mercenary aided his escape. And, as of now, we have no lead as to his whereabouts."

"A band of mercenaries, eh…" Yen stroke his chin and heaved out a sigh. He was entering, what Hayden called, his thinking-out-loud-mode, which was self-explanatory. "If this only happened mere hours ago, they must still be in Port Toha…or at least close to it. So…"

The soldier sitting opposite of him only watched as he spoke incomplete sentences and nodded every few seconds. He was getting a bit fidgety and anxious, until thankfully, Yen had come to conclusion. "If I were to send a whole troop to pursue the mercenaries, it would only cause unwanted uproar," He paused momentarily, checking if the soldier agreed with him, "so, I've decided that I will send my new recruit, Hayden, and you to spy on them. Report everything you find out about them; their personalities, their actions, their motives. Everything. Any objections?"

The soldier hesitantly nodded. "Sir, a new recruit? And that one…the, erm, girlish-looking lad?"

"Yes. As troublesome as he might be, he is a skilled soldier…a bit lacking in experience, but he can surprise you. In any case, I trust that you will take good care of him. He is very young, you know, and more so, nave."

"U-understood." The soldier was still reluctant, though.

February 6th, 2006, 10:18 AM
OOC: Oh noes, we can't let this die...

"Tilayo! Where are you!?"

Toren shouted at as he ran through the streets, his head twisting in every direction and his eyes darting all over the place. His lance was still jiggling at his side, and he had scared a couple people off because they thought that he was trying to kill them with his bloody lance.

"Ahh, I guess I'd better clean this off."

He sighed and stopped right where he had been, pulling his lance in front of him where he would have easy access. Out of his pocket, he pulled a small cloth and then began rubbing all the sticky, red stuff off of his lance. It was mostly around the tip where he had punctured the man, so it wasn't very long before it was clean and once again shining clear in the bright sun.

He smiled when he put it and started running forward once again, moving the position back to his side where it had been before. Toren thought that he had heard a loud roar that sounded like Tilayo, so he changed directions and headed in a new one.

Finally, after several minutes of searching, he saw the blue creature just sitting on the ground, flapping its wings and just creating a huge gust of wind. He sighed when he saw his friend and then walked over to him, shouting to signalf ro him to stop. The wyvern snorted when he had to stop and then stared at Toren for several moments. Toren shrugged his ead and climbed upon Tilayo, telling him to walk along the ground instead of flying in the air in case there were still archers around.

February 6th, 2006, 3:31 PM
"Got it." Avis said snapping her fingers "Black Fang. Because I'll be using poisons the most, so that'll work out perfectly!" She pulled her mask off of her face and neck and breathed in the fresh air. The mask had an odd scent to it, and she didn't appreciate wearing the thing.

"Oooh, but what about that guy? He still thinks I'm gem...oh well, not like I'll ever see him again." Avis shrugged and hopped onto a nearby column that once supported the ruins of the broken temple. Her scarf flapping viciously in the wind, raking the pale light from the moon as she let her ears twitch in response to the howl of a wolf.

"Dogs." She muttered rolling her eyes as she continued her way from pillar to pillar until she reached the very top of the cherub fountain. Standing on one foot on top of the cherubs head she kicked the mossy, old and dusty statues head off as she stood on the uneven surface of it's neck.

'Someone will die tonight and I assure you it won't be you.' Skars word echoed in her head, as a pang of guilt hit her square in the disgruntled face.

"Someone did die already and it sure as h*ll wasn't me." Avis muttered angrily breaking off the cherub's heart shaped arrow and jerking it to the rotting wooden door, which immediatly fell over from rotting and age "Nobody else is gonna die and that's that."

February 6th, 2006, 10:39 PM
OOC: Ahh. My absence from this post made me miss out on the fighting. Nooooooo...... :( Oh well....

I was just outside the gates of Port Toha battling some of the remaining Daein soldiers that attempted to stop me from the chase. Two Soldiers and a Halberdier were closing in on me.
"Darn. Gotta take them down one by one. Let's go Arkash." I said and motioned him to move forward. The soldier on the left lept up and tried to attack me while the other on the right tried attacking Arkash. I lifted my lance and did a falling vertical slash. The slash hit his left side of his body and made him fall down. He was still alive but barely. The soldier attacking Arkash was about to stab him when I intervened and lunged at him. He stopped his attack and parried my blow ,however, I twisted my lance and horizontally slashed at his midrift causing blood to spill from the wound. While finishing off the two soldiers, I had forgotten about the Halberdier, who did a diving slash in the air. I managed to block the attack but was thrown off of Arkash's back, who also fell down and was momentarily unconcious.

"Step aside, you, if you don't want to die." I said to the Daein soldier.

"Hah. Such big talk from such a small kid. Show me what you got. Not that it'll help you. Hehehe..." The Halberdier chuckled.
Without Arkash for the moment, I lost my height advantage against him. I had to end it quickly. The Halberdier lunged his lance forward trying to stab me but I quickly dodged it. I tried swinging my lance at him be he easily dodged and he counterattacked while I tried to reagin my balance.
"Hah. How careless." He said and drove his spear into my left arm. I kicked him away and clenched my left arm. I gave a rasping gasp for air. I suddenly felt faster and stronger after the attack even though I was heavily injured.
"Agh. Huff. Must be my Resolve skill kicking in." I mumbled to myself as I got up and clenched onto my lance with the uninjured arm. I swiftly moved and ran straight towards him for a strike. He lifted his spear and brought it down quickly ,however, I nimbly dodge it and shoved my spear deep in his vital areas. I took it out and did a powerful slash at his stomach. The Halberdier gave a loud groan.

"Aggggh. What in the world? How did you....? Agh...." He said and fell down.
I gave a sigh and clenched onto my arm. Arkash had regain concious and came over to me. He gave me a worried look.
"Heh. I'll be fine. Just a minor wound. Ugnnn... huff." I managed to say. I got back on Arkash and we went back to Port Toha. I used a Vulnerary on some of my minor wounds as we were flying. "Let's find the Inn and rest." I said to Arkash, who nodded and looked for the Inn.