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January 13th, 2006, 1:27 PM
A mysterious warp has opened up in the cyberworld, creating rifts in the structure of the net. Any data near one, such as a virus or a navi, gets sucked into the rift. Needless to say, the effects are disturbing. The data slowly gets corrupted, then consumed by the rift, even if the navi is in it's PET. If you get marked, you are a goner. It can corrupt backup data too, leading to permanent deletion of navis.

However the actual warp doesn't broadcast the 'rift disease'. A probe was sent through the warp itself. Moments later, where the warp was, a massive explosion destroyed a huge part of the net there. Emerging from the wreckage was something. A navi?

Scientists quickly looked up on a datafile the navi. Strangely this navi was recorded, being a mysterious new entity and all.


A dark navi, who was sealed away by Tadashi Hikari, during Alpha's malfunction. Rumours have existed about this navi being able to possess others. It's strength rating is unbeliavably high, as it has the power to destroy entire areas of the net. It's creator is not yet known.

"What have we let loose?" cried one scientist.
The scientists didn't fully know.

Meanwhile Demon had gone. It must be stopped.

You are a NetOp who encounters Demon and is asked to help destroy it.


No character control
No godmoding or powerplaying
And all the other standard rules.

Sign ups


PET Type-

Net Navi-

Navi Name-
Navi Gender
Navi Description-
Navi Personality-
Charge Shot-

RP Sample-

And here's mine.


Name-Seru Kitayo



Description-About 5'7, Seru has longish brown hair, which is very very messy, and matching brown eyes. He usually wears jeans and a T-Shirt and sweatbands with his navi's emblem on his wrists. He keeps his PET on a chain around his neck.

Personality-Seru exists for his family, friends, himself and the respective navis. Not for strangers. He is quiet and soft-spoken, but he is always happy around his greatest friends. He doesn't trust strangers because once his navi was nearly deleted when his PET was hacked.

History-Seru has grown up with his parents and his small sister. He used to live in a scummy flat in Marine Harbour, but recently his parents moved to Central Town, so he's just getting settled in. Other than that, he's been attacked for his PET, which he got from his friend as a present (his friend was he son of an IPC executive) as it is a custom model.
He somewhat enjoyed science as he lived not far from NetBattle HQ, which was a major centre for science.

PET Type-Custom type. It looks a bit like a PSP but grips have been added on and the controls are on the grips.


Navi Name-Duskman.EXE, but everyone calls him Dusk.

Navi Gender-Male

Navi Description-Dusk is an average height navi, black in color. He has protuding ridges running down his back and arms. His legs are armoured and he has claws on his feet and hands, though he has a built in buster too. His head is of similar design to the rest of his body. He has red eyes, and grey hair coming out in long spikes. A silvery ridge runs through his 'helmet'. His navi emblem is a black circle with white lines in it crossing to make an asterisk *. In the centre of the asterisk is a red dot.

Navi Personality-Dusk isn't an asassin type. He loves to crack jokes and is always eager to do stuff. He loves netbattling and also pranks around a lot. However he knows Seru's lines and can get serious at times.

Charge Shot- Dusk Strike

Dusk sends dark energy to attack in a _|_ shape ahead of him. It's relatively quick to charge up, but it's not especially strong.

Well I'm hoping to start soon, if more people join.

January 21st, 2006, 2:58 PM
Name-Sonata Akai
Description-Sonata is on the left. (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v243/Kaiyoseila/MM.png) She wears a different outfit though These are the clothes she wears, except they're indigo, not pink. (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v243/Kaiyoseila/RinRin.png)
Personality-Sonata is quite balanced in her talents, and skills. She can be extremely passive at times, and extremely arrogant at others. She is most often passive, and closed, not liking people who don’t leave her be. She has a personality which is split into three different attitudes, depending on her inner feelings, which are constantly raging. She is quite the opposite of Anetta and Yai, being weak of heart, and easily coruppted, but being such a high and mighty figure in the business, she has an Iron hand when it comes to meetings that become chaos, or when she'd expecting something from a worker, she expects it on time. She is very good at smoothing things over,and has never experienced pain, only loneliness, which she considers worse than pain.
History(optional)-At a young age, Sonata was often alone after her father’s death. Her mother worked endlessly to stabalize the family’s netnavi business. Sonata was taught many technological skills, such as fixing PET’s, and repairing NetNavi data. She has entered the National Netbattle competition only once and she was awarded 5th place. She finds that her Netnavi is the only person she can trust, after being decieved over and over again by her mother's business partners, and watching her mother promise to do something with her for the day, and breaking the promise five minutes later. This gave her an window of opportunities, and she started to hack her mother's PET, corrput the data and everything, but even though her mother could get it easily fixed, it was a hassle, and she couldn't find the person who'd commited the crime. Sonata is good at anything slightly shady, like picking locks, hacking into computers and netbanks, you name it, although she's never done anything big, she's only hacked to get revenge on people she dislikes.
PET Type-Link PET, indigo and black colored with Harmonie's Indigo insignia in the middle.

Navi Name-Harmonie.EXE
Navi Gender-Female
Navi Description-Long indigo hair pulled up into a pony tail, and plain indigo helmet with a black stripe across the top. Dark blue eyes, and ice blue lips that are usually covered by a mask along with a jumpsuit similar to Roll's, but theres an indigo scarf wrapped around her waist in the fashion of a skirt, and both her indigo boots and gloves are smoothed over her black body basic. Her symbol is an indigo lone eighth note [music note] that seems like two claw marks unless you look closely.
Navi Personality-Harmonie is very similar to Sonata in more ways than one. She is eccentric when she's not netbattling but when she is, she's absolutely ruthless. She doesn't like people who are too hung up with themselves, and doesn't like people who put themselves down excessivly, because she just doesn't care. She is not clumsy in the least, but instead has incredible accuracy and coordination.
Charge Shot-Pic of the shot (http://bleedman.snafu-comics.com/?strip_id=18) the one thrown by the blonde one[bubbles] just it's not blue, it's a dark purple, and it charges rather quickly at her permenant hand cannon [it's a cannon, and doesn't transform back into a hand] and can be manuevered together to chase another around, although when it's being maneuvered Harmonie can't move from the place she's at until the energy shots disappear, making it not the best against two enemies.

RP Sample-I stood up from my kneeling position on the floor, in front of the great and worshipped statue of Regice.
I lived in a province that was dedicated to Regice, and created by no other than the great ice regi himself. Everyone who lived in this frozen city were followers, and servents of this regi. Nobody who wasn't born here was not allowed inside, unless that person had no wish but to serve Regice.
Ice priestess or not, I hated my position.
I wasn't respected, nor was I even acknowladged.
People acted as though I didn't exist.
All because my father decided that Regice was too lowly a legendary, and moved on to the other Regi's.
If I left, then my mother would be forced to flee.
But then again, if I was to be sent on a mission...
I shook my head.
It would never happen. Regice had taken me as the lowest person in the city.
I turned around and walked out of the crystal temple, that was covered in intricate designs of the battle of the regi's.
As I took my first step out of the very heart of the frozen city, I felt the calm and quiet of the streets, and the crystal and ice castles, where each Priest and Priestess lived.
The people Regice chose to serve him was just a reflection of this street.
Elaborate on the outside, Cold and simple on the inside.
I pushed the heavy door leading inside the very first castle on my left with all my might, as I was only 14, with too little brain waves to open it with my mind.
A nearby scholar priest saw my struggling and sighed.
As I fell inside with a yelp, I looked for the person who'd opened the door for me.
"Lune." I grumbled.
Lune was just the same age as me, but ten thousand times as stuck-up. He was better than me at everything, and his family members were Regice's favorite servants.
He sauntered away without replying.
He was smarter, faster, stronger, everything you could think of. He was better than me.
But everyone knew he had a crush on me.
I was disgusted by him, because he acted more smug, more stubborn, and more eager to show-off in front of me than even Gailia.
She was the most popular and beautiful girl in the temple school.
More like idiocy. She's got no brains whatsoever. Which is why Regice doesn't seem to like her as much either.
Another reason the people in my city dislike me?
Nobody addresses Regice in a casual way such as mine.
It's always, Lord of Ice, or Regi of Ice, or even Master...
That's what they are.
More than anything, I wanted out.
Out of this stupid place, and to someplace that I could be welcome. Kyogre didn't sound like a bad legendary...
But no. The only legendaries that would even think of accepting me are the other regi's.
Never in all my years would I follow another gatekeeper.
I know now that even if Regice isn't the legendary I would prefer to be under, it is the most powerful of all three gatekeepers.
Maybe it's because that theory was impressed upon me since as long as I can remember.
Maybe it's because Regice gaurds Aquace, which is where Kyogre sleeps.
Whatever the reason, I wished to see Regice for myself.
I wanted to know if he was really as great as they say.
My mother? Well, she can deal with her problems. She never really liked me anyway.
I stepped in front of the swirling portal that took me to the void nothingness, where regice gaurded the gate to Aquace.
"What are you doing?"
I spun around and saw Lune.
"Sightseeing." I said, walking into the forbidden portal, where only the oldest and most reknown priests were allowed.
"Hey! Your not-"
That was all I heard until I fell into a swirl of blue colors.
I landed bluntly on my feet in front of the gate.
"State your purpose." Regice said lazily in front of me, pointing his sharp fingers at me.
"Um...I wanted to see...Kyogre." I finished lamely.
Regice's fingers started to spin.
"You are a follower of mine are you not?"
I stiffened. Not good.
"Fine. If you must. But bring this too him also." Regice said. His fingers stopped spinning to reveal a blue orb in his three fingers, in a vice-like grip.
I put my hands forth from my cloak and held them there until Regice pulled his fingers off, which left three, inch long scrape marks on the once beautiful orb.
But as soon as I blinked, the orb seemed to mend itself.
Regice stepped aside and said coldly "find him, and do not come back until you've delivered this orb safely to him."
I nodded and held the orb tightly, afraid I might drop it if I was to come to another drop, like before.
I grit my teeth and closed my eyes.
Walking forward, I felt the ground collapse under my feet as i took the 5th step...