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pokey a.k.a espeon
March 18th, 2004, 8:39 PM
It was the final battle in the silver confrence and also our last pokemon.
Pokey my Espeon vs Princess my rival's Delcatty."Pokey Psychic"I told him.
The attack was succesful but it didn't do a whole lot of damage."Princess
Double edge"my rival commanded.It struck Pokey hard making it fly torwards me and knocking me down."****" I thought."We have to dodge these attacks
or it's all over"I told Pokey."Okay Pokey Psybeam"I yelled."Princess dodge it
and then use double edge"And she did just what she was told."Pokey dodge it"Pokey jumped out of the way just in time."Psychic"I told him.This time
it did hit Princess."Princess use your best double edge"This attack hit Pokey
so hard he started throwing up blood."Pokey are you okay?"I asked him.
He didn't answer,he just threw some more blood and fainted."Pokey is unable
to battle Princess is the winner"Then the sun suddenly turned morning bright
kinda like........like Pokey was using morning sun.Then a miracle happened Pokey slowly got up."WHAT,POKEY CAN'T DO THAT"My rival screamed.
"HE HAS THAT STUPID FOCUSBAND""Oh shut the **** up"I tolded my rival
wipping the blood from my mouted."Princess has that ****en pink bow to power up her cheap *** double edges""Oh what the ****"my rival said"Let's
just start the battle."Princess double edge attack""Pokey dodge it and use
psychic"And BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!That did it we won the battle and became champions."Princess is unable to battle Pokey wins the match""W-we did it Pokey we won"After the battle we told Princess and her trainer good battle.
"I'm going to the Hoenn regoin"I said"Where you headed""Hoenn" she answered."Alright"I said"See you in the Hoenn league"She nodded and my journey to Hoenn began.

What did you think of this story,tell me if I should tell what happened to me and Pokey.

Okay peoples I know This thread don't make sense but I had a sucky story
that I wanted to get rid of so I replaced it with this one but can't change it.If any one knows how please tell me.

March 27th, 2004, 3:51 PM
yes I think you should tell what happened to you and pokey at the Heon league.

pokey a.k.a espeon
March 31st, 2004, 5:05 PM
In the deep woods near Littleroot town Pokey and I were well LOST."HELLOOOOOOO"I shouted."Anyone here?"When no body answered I was starting to get creeped out."Hey"Someone's voice cried out."Your're a pokemon trainer."Then a teenage girl rushed torward us."Hi""Hi" I answered
back.The girl was a teenager that had Gorgous black long hair and what was I?A twelve year old with short brown hair in a ponytail that always stuck up.
(I envied her)"I'm Eliza and um..........c-can you uh..catch me a p-pokemon"
"I-I'll even lead you to Littleroot town""Okay"I quickly responded."Great"
And so we were off to look for pokemon.We looked for hours and hours but no pokemon."Awww,how cute"Eliza said out of the blue."Huh what's cute"
I asked."Look"she told me"A Plusle and a Minun""Can you catch em""Sure"I replied."Pokey psybeam"I commanded.He hit the Plusle."Okay Ultraball go"I flung the yellow pokeball at the electric pokemon.The ball wiggled and then stopped."Here"I said"Call Plusle out I'm funna teach you how to catch a pokemon""Alright"she replied"GOOOO Plus""Now"I said"Tell..er..Plus to use to
Thunderwave""Plus Thunder wave attack"Eliza commanded."See this pokeball"I said "Throw it at the Minun"She launched it at the blue dude and the same result happended."I-I caught my first pokemon""Okay umm.."
"Laura"I interupted."Yeah now for your part of the deal"She lead me to the town in thirty minutes."Wow"I said "we're here""We're ****en here"

Next story:Mischievious Mudkip

March 31st, 2004, 5:25 PM
that's a great story!
it has a lot of bleeped swears, but i don't care (i always swear ;))

March 31st, 2004, 5:39 PM
Good story keep it up. This may soudn stupid but I like the way yu use swears.

April 1st, 2004, 5:55 PM
yo pokey

kool story^_^

pokey a.k.a espeon
April 6th, 2004, 3:22 PM
Now that I was at Littleroot town my next stop was Prof. Birches lab.I spotted it and rushed torward it.Then All of a sudden I fell in a hole.
"HEY" I screamed."Who put this ****en hole here"Eliza and Pokey were
peeking down the hole."Laura you o.k." Eliza said with concern."Yeah"
"Here grab this rope"Eliza said as she threw a rope down to me.I ferocously
climbed up.Right after I climbed up we heard laughter.It was from a baby
Mudkip.I was so pissed I launched an Ultraball at it.Mudkip was caught.
Then a fat dude in lab coat approached us."Y-you caught that Mudkip"
He said "Jelous" I asked"No but happy"He answered.I looked at him like he was crazy.He musta noticed it because he quickly said"You see that Mudkip
causes trouble around here and well I want you to have her""So you're
letting me have her"I asked"Yes""But aren't you going to give her to a beggining trainer""No they can't handle her""But how do you know I can"
"Well because I saw you at the Silver confrence and also I've heard about you from Prof. Oak and Elm""Y-you heard abou...Hey you're Prof Birch"
"Right and I've already got you upgraded Pokedex""Cool""Here it is"
Prof.Birch said as he handed me the Pokedex."I heard you like speedy pokemon"He continued."There's a Pokerace in Oldale town coming"
"Well you should enter""O.k""But you should rest at my house"HELLLLL
"Well"Birch"Let's go to my house"And we were off to Birches house.

Next time:The first encounter of Team Aqua

April 6th, 2004, 4:11 PM
when r u gonna make the next one?

pokey a.k.a espeon
April 9th, 2004, 3:35 PM
When we got there Eliza and I were greeted by the professer's wife and son, Brendan."So this is the Silver Confrence champ" Brendan said."I did'nt know
that you were a girl""Don't I have a ****en girl's name"I said annoyed."Heh sorry my dad did'nt tell me your name"After that un pleasant conversation we had dinner and went to bed or to couch I should say.(Eliza and I had to sleep on the ****en couches)I slept pretty good till we heard a window break."What's going on here"Professer Birch shouted as everyone ran to the living room.There I saw a man with a blue bandana."So Birch"He said"Where's
naughty Mudkip""I have her"I answered"Give er here or face Team Aqua's
wrath""Team Aqua?"I thought"Man just after I kick Team Rocket's ***""So kid are you going to give er up""**** na""I said"Not without a fight""GO KIP" I said as I flung the ball in the air releasing Mudkip."GO POOCHEYENA"The aqua yelled."Kip watergun"I told her as was spraying Poochyena."Poochyena tackle"He commanded.The puppy tackled Kip down she still stood strong.
"WATERGUN ONE MORE TIME"I yelled.That did it we won."**** you're strong kid"the grunt said as he ran away."Thanks Laura"Birch said"Well tomorrow's
the race and you two should be on your way"He led us to route 101 and Eliza
and I were on our way.

Next time:The great Oldale race

pokey a.k.a espeon
April 9th, 2004, 11:43 PM
Titles:Speical no. 1 Kyogre's wrath
Special no. 2 Groudon's revenge(Diffrent main character likr Rikou special
Special no. 3 Legend of the angel Espeon
Dates? When I feel like writing them.
More details later.(It's going to take a while to make them but it's going to be big,lot's of gore and cussing

April 11th, 2004, 3:02 PM
thatz cool pokey

did ja write em yet?

pokey a.k.a espeon
April 11th, 2004, 7:47 PM
thatz cool pokey

did ja write em yet?
I might be able to put drawing from the story.My mom's boyfriend work has a scanner thingy.Oh yeah I came up with another special.
Snecial no.5 life with Laura(Pokey narrates).And no Flamegirl I did'nt write em yet/

April 12th, 2004, 2:20 PM
Well, the story's pretty good. The swearing bothers me a little, but other than that, I like the story.

April 12th, 2004, 5:20 PM
ok when i said "did ja write em yet?" i meant do you have them planned out yet?

and does Lonnie's scanner actually work?

April 12th, 2004, 6:37 PM
LMAO what in the world made u write a tory like that?

April 12th, 2004, 6:41 PM
whatz wrong w/ a story like that??

April 12th, 2004, 6:44 PM
i never said anything waz wrong with it i jus mean what gave him the idea for something like that

April 12th, 2004, 6:46 PM
Right now ima pissed cuz i wanna play pokemon lg anf fr and cant cuz its jap and i dont understand hw to translate the **** thing

April 12th, 2004, 6:47 PM
and talking like this is a drag cuz im on 56k and it takes forever to load

April 12th, 2004, 6:48 PM
are you downloading an RPG?

April 13th, 2004, 9:36 AM
Ron 2o04, that is off-topic, triple posting, and in other words SPAM... Please refrain from doing that. You post before that was also kind of rude laughing at pokey aka espeon's idea...

pokey a.k.a espeon
April 14th, 2004, 4:26 PM
Thanks Shodow and Flamegirl for sticking up for me.

April 14th, 2004, 4:51 PM
no problem pokey^_^

cool pic. where'd ja find it?

pokey a.k.a espeon
April 14th, 2004, 6:07 PM
Okay peoples I can't put my drawings.unless it's my avatar.

April 14th, 2004, 7:11 PM
where did you find the picture?????

PS. can i see your drawings 2-morrow?

pokey a.k.a espeon
April 15th, 2004, 3:59 PM
We got out Route 101 in ten minutes."Where do you sign up"I mummbled to myself.Eliza over heard and pointed straight said"There it is dumb ***""Who da **** you callin dumb ***"**** Laura just go"Eliza said pushing me toward a stand nearby."Would you like to sign up for the race"A lady at the stand asked."Yeah""your pokemon and name please""My name is Laura and my pokemon is Pokey my Espeon""Okay the race will start in 5 minutes and here's
you equptment"She handed me skateboard and leash"Aww coool,the extreme pokemon race"I said.Pokey was in a rushed to get there cause he was tugging on pants."O.k o.k Pokey I'm coming"We found our way to the starting line."On your marks...get set......GOO!!Pokey and I sped off.It was'nt till a second that we found out a Jolteon and his trainer were tied with us.But still we were doing good cause we werte beating Rapidash,Charizard,Dodrio,Raichu,and Persian.Then Jolteon suddenly sparked a thundershock at Pokey,hitting his leg.Pokey musta been pissed cause he shot a powerful Psybeam a Jolteon's Legs.He still would'nt give in.This continued on for two hours and the others gaver up."Pokey look the finishline"I told Pokey.The line moved closer and closer till we finished and won by a nose.After the race we told Jolteon and his trainer good race and Eliza and I continued on to Pedalburg.

Next time:Go Zangoose!!

April 15th, 2004, 4:02 PM
just like that one episode right?

pokey a.k.a espeon
April 15th, 2004, 4:03 PM
just like that one episode right?

April 15th, 2004, 4:16 PM
I couldnt think of anything else 2 say !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pokey a.k.a espeon
April 19th, 2004, 8:58 AM
Pedalburg was our next stop..But for now we were deep in Route 102.I started to notice Eliza was missing."Where's Eliza"I asked Pokey.Then we heard Eliza's voice."LAURA"I rushed to where the voice was.ThereThere stood Eliza and some men in black.It took less than a split second for me to relize that they were Team Rocket grunts."What's up"I asked her."These men..They're attacking to Zangoose with an egg""Okay brat"One said."You've seen too much,time for a 2-on-2 pokemon battle."GO RATTATA AND ZUBAT"I was starting to think"I thought I got rid of Team Rocket""I'll battle"I told Eliza."No,I want to battle""But Eliza these pokemon are too strong for you""Laura I want to battle"I sighed and said"Okay you can battle""GO PLUS AND MINUS"She yelled as Plusle and Minun popped out."Plus Quick attack Rattata"Plus tackled Rattata in a flash."Rattata Hyper fang"The grunt yelled.Rattata ferociously bit Plus and she Fainted."PLUS"Eliza yelled."Okay Minus Thunderwave Zubat"He struck Zubat with weak electricshocks only strong enough to paralize him."Okay Rattata Hyper fang"
And that finished him off."My turn"I yelled."GO POKEY AND KIP""Okay Pokey psybeam Zubat"That was all too easy cause that just brought Zubat down,
"Rattata Hyper fang that Mudkip["Rattata bit Kip like he did Plus and she fainted."What the ****"I said"Pokey psybeam"Again easy Rattata fainted."****"The grunt said"Retraet and they fled."Thank you,you saved our pokemon"A girl in a green baseball cap skipped torward us."These your pokemon"I asked."Yes"She answered"I've been trying to trade the egg to someone""So you want trade"I said"You want my Lotad"I caught Lotad when we first got to Route 102."Okay"She answered"Oh yeah by the I'm Gina""I'm Laura"I said"And this is...Eliza you okay""I lost"She said."Eliza everyone loses every once in a while"I told her"I lost my first battle"Those memeries flowed through my head.How when Pokey was an Eevee and Princess a Skitty and how she used 2 Double edges to beat him."Wow Laura thanks"She said"C'Mon
Let's trade"Gina said.We traded said our good byes and were off to Pedalburg.

Next time:RIVAL BATTLE!!!

pokey a.k.a espeon
April 19th, 2004, 10:29 AM
We were still at Route 102 and to slow us down Eliza just had to find a new pokemon since her Plusle and Minun fainted.Unfourtenly she did'nt like the pokemon she was finding now."No not another Zigagoon"She said."She's gotta be less picky about pokemon"I told Pokey."****"She said."I don't wanna a Lotad"Ten minutes later the egg started to hatch"Eliza C'mere"I yelled."The egg's hatching"She rushed to us.There a baby Zangoose broke through the egg."COOL"I said."Boy or girl"Eliza asked."Boy"I replied.Since Eliza was taking so long to catch pokemon I decided to train Zangoose.2 hours later an univited guest came."Hey loser"My rival suddenly said."I've gotten stronger,let's battle""Okay"I said"GO POKEBALL"We said at the same time.The odds were already going against me.My Mudkip popped out while she had a Treeko."Yo *****"I said"I did'nt know you were the type to have a Treeko""I got him from prof.Birch"She said"When he told me he gave you Mudkip I asked him for his Treeko""You *****"I yelled."Laura just shut up and battle""Treeko absorb"Treeko started sucking the life out of Kip."Kip tackle"
Kip rushed torward Treeko knocking him down."Treeko pound"Treeko started punching at Kip."Kip tackle"Kip tried to tackle Treeko but he dodged it."Treeko finish it off absorb"After that Kip fainted."Kip good job return""I love you Treeko return now""GO POKEBALL"We said at the same time again.This time she had Seviper and I had Zangoose."Zangoose Quick attack"I yelled.Zangoose sped torward Seviper tackling her."Seviper poisentail"Seviper's tail turned purple and she banged it against Zangoose"The bad thing is she got a critical hit.Already Zangoose was weak."Quick attack"He did the same thing like before."Bite"My rival said.Seviper bit Zangoose and he fainted.At this point I was starting to get nervous."G-go Pokey"Pokey jumped into battle."Go Princess"Princess jumped to battle like Pokey."Pokey psychic"I commanded.Pokey flashed a Psychic at Princess."Princess Assist"The random attack was poisntail which poisned Pokey."Pokey bite"Pokey bit Princess hoping to make her flinch but she did'nt."Princess Double edge"Princess struck a critical hit.Pokey slowly got up but then he fell down again.Then I relized cause he was poisned that he just fainted."WAHAHAHA look who got the last laugh now"My rival said as she walked away"I lost...I ****en lost"I said.I was on the verge of taers."Laura"Eliza suddenly said"Someone once told me that everyone loses one time or another"My frown broke into a little smile."Now let me show you the pokemon I caught,come on out you guys"A Sanskirt and a Ralts came out."You caught two"I asked"Yeah""Cool""C'mon"She said let's go to Pedalburg.In 5 min. we were there.I rushed to the pokemon center to heal Pokey(Which I was carring)and the others and then went to the gym.

Next time"Pedalburg gym battle"

pokey a.k.a espeon
April 20th, 2004, 11:14 AM
I slowly approached the gym."Yes our 1st gym battle in Hoenn"I said to Pokey."Helloooooo any one here"Eliza got creeped out and said"Laura let's go"
"No,I wanna a badge"I told her.""Hello" a voice called out to us.A man appered."I'm Norman"He continued"I'm the gym leader here""Okay"I said"I challenge you""Is a 3-on-3 battle o.k""3's all I got"I said."GO KIP""LET'S GO SLAKING""Kip use takedown"Kip charged at Slaking hella hard."Facade attack"
Slaking started sweating and attacked in anger but Kip was o.k."Kip give it another takedown"We lucked out there cuz Slaking got a critical hit and fainted."VIGEROTH""Kip return"I said"GO ZANGOOSE""Zangoose slash attack"
Zangoose raced up to Vigeroth and just scratched him hard."Vigeroth use your slash"Vigeroth did the same thing.This went on for about 3 turn till Vigeroth fainted."Go Slaking""Another one" I asked"Yup""o.k Slaking get ready""For what" I thought."**** it Zangoose just use slash""Slaking dodge it"
Slaking dodged the attack in a flash."NOOOW"Norman yelled."FOCUS PUNCH"Slaking punched Zangoose so hard that there was smoke"Zangoose you o.k"He was'nt he just laid there fainted."Zangoose great return""Go Kip"
"Slaking facade"Slaking did it again he k.o.ed Kip."O.k Pokey go for it"Pokey jumped on to battle."Pokey psychic"Pokey flashed the attack at Slaking but..something was wrong.Slaking did'nt even try to move.Norman saw the confused look on my face and said"Slaking only attacks every other turn""Slaking facade"This Slaking was stronger than the 1st one cuz Pokey spat out a mouthful of blood."Pokey psychic"Pokey did what he did before but Slaking still hung on.Slaking on his turn well...Slacked off."Pokey use psychic again"Pokey barley hit him by a finger"Slaking Facade"Slaking hit Pokey's face and it was also a critical hit.Pokey was breathing heavley and his nose was bleeding alot.But then I noticed his nose was'nt the only thing bleed ,his mouth and the rest of his body was too."Pokey you ok""You don't have to keep on battling you should rest"Pokey got up and but he wanted to continue fighting."Pokey you should rest"Pokey refused."Pokey you need to rest"But he would'nt come."You really want to fight"I asked.Pokey nodded."Ok Pokey go for it""You too ready to fight now"Norman asked"**** yeah"I said."Ok then let's see who's better trainer"Norman said."Ok Pokey now's your chance,Slaking's Slaking off use Psychic"Pokey used his strongest psychic and the room got all bright.The next thing I knew Slaking fainted."We won Pokey""Congraulatoins Laura,Pokey"Eliza said."Here's the balence badge"Norman said as he handed me the badge.I shone it in the sun."Wow"I said"My 1st Hoenn badge"We went to the pokemon center and was off to Rustboro city.

Next time:Mr Briney's task for us.

pokey a.k.a espeon
April 26th, 2004, 4:31 PM
We were on the road to Pedalburg woods.We want to get there before night.
Pokey was racing ahead as usual."Pokey where are you going"I asked.Then I looked ahead saw an old man sitting with a Wingull."Hi"I told him."Hello"He said."I'm on the road to Dewford island,how do you get there""I could take you there"He said"Really""Yeah but you have to do do one thing""Okay"I said
"No task is too tough for me Laura""Okay you have to beat Roxann of Rustboro""So anyway what type of pokemon does she use""Rock type"ROCK
TYPE?!?"I shouted"I HAVE A MUDKIP""But her rock type beat Peeko my Wingull and she was at a way higher level""So,it'll be a piece a cake""Ok good luck lass"And Eliza,Pokey and I started again for the woods we get there there and set up camp.

Next time:Team Magma in the Pedalburg woods.

pokey a.k.a espeon
April 26th, 2004, 4:54 PM
We were lost in the woods and to bring even more trouble we were smelling smoke."Something's burning Laura"Eliza told me"I know"Then a Ziggagoon ran
out a bush.Then we relized the fire was getting closer."Well well well what do we have here" A voice called out to us."2 girls and an Espeon I see""Who are you"Eliza shouted."I'm from Team Magma""Great"I thought"Another Team"
"Why'd you set the woods on fire"Eliza asked."Cause I felt like it""I challenge you"Eliza shouted"GO NUMEL"The Magma said."SANSKIRT"Eliza yelled."Sanskirt water gun"Sanskirt sprayed Numel making him faint."GO POOCHYENA""Sanskirt water gun"But her attack missed."Poochyena bite" Poochyena bit Sanskirt but she still hung on."Quick attack"Sanskirt sped torward the pup but he was ok."Poochyena bite 1 more time"This made Sanskirt faint."Go Minus :14: "Now Minus finish it off quick attack"And that was Eliza's 1st victory."LAURA WE WON""Good job Eliza""Grrrr...You girls may have won this time but wait till next time"And he fled.A few hours later were still walking when suddenly the trees were clearing and by then we knew we
were out the woods.(I did use Kip to put out the fire)

Next time:Ninetail's and Princess's crush on Pokey.

pokey a.k.a espeon
May 7th, 2004, 3:10 PM
So when we got to the end of Route 104 we imedietly ran into last person we wanted to see.....My rival!!!"Hey losers"She snickered."What are you doing here"I asked."Buying flowers""It figues for a prissy girly girl like you""Sup losers".Another voice called out.I imedetly knew it was our other rival Eddy."Oh no"We both said.Then Persion started to slash at Princess."Kekekekeke"Eddy snickered."My Persion's better than your Delcatty"
Princess then double egded Persion."Well I guess our pokemon are riavals like us"Eddy went on."No"I said"Persion and Princess have a crush on Pokey""Ha!!
your loser Espeon,NO WAY"To prove it Princess and Persion kissed at the same time.Persion at the left cheek and Princess at the right."Well Pokey should be with Princess"My rival said"They would make a cute couple""No way Persion was born for Pokey""How about a battle to settle this""Fine""Princess fight for your date""Persion you too""Persion slash"Persion scratched up a powerful slash."Princess double edge"And she struck back."Persion thunder"
Persion shocked Princess paralizing her."Princess double edge"But she did'nt move."Now Persion bite"And that did it she beat Princess."No"My rival said as
Persion came to claim her prize.But Pokey dodged the kiss and ran to Princess helping her up."HEY POKEY PERSION WON FAIR AND SQUARE"But it was'nt
Pokey's idea to have you 2 fight"I said."Hmmph,well then I'm going then so long losers"And he just ran off."So anyway We're resting here"Us too"I said.
So we did but kept our distance.2 hours later I woke up from a nap to Pokey
on 1 side of a nearby lake and Princess on another.They looked at each other
like...Like they like each other.2 be honsett though I knew about their lil thing for each other the whole time.

Next time:Rustboro gym battle.

pokey a.k.a espeon
May 7th, 2004, 3:31 PM
Yes,yes I know I don't got name for the rival,can you send a private massage
suggesting a name plaese???

pokey a.k.a espeon
May 7th, 2004, 4:09 PM
We were finally in Rustboro.We got to the gym as our 1st stop."Yo Roxanne,I
challenge you"I yelled."Okay"Her sprang out of nowhere"Let's battle"And just like that the battle began."Kip let's go""I'll lead with....GEODUDE""Kip watergun"
I yelled.Kip did her thing hitting Geodude."Geodude tackle""Kip dodge it and use watergun"She the exacty what I said beating her."HA!!!!That was too easy"I laughed.But when she got her Nosepass out I found that she was the main obsticle."Kip watergun"Kip sprayed the watergun at Nosepass."Nosepass
Zap cannon"And she shocked Kip instanly paralizing her."Hey"I yelled"Nosepass
is at too low of a level to learn zap cannon unless.......Her parents both knew that move when she was an egg""Very good,Laura you must of studied alot about pokemon""Kip watergun but she was too paralized to move."Nosepass
zap cannon"She hit Kip again."Kip this is no good return"But she had enough
strenth to dodge the pokeball.She then started to talk."I understood her.
She was saying Pokey always gets to and that she want to a chance to beat a gym leader."Ok Kip watergun"Kip did the same thing as b4."Nosepass tackle"
"Kip move out of the way"And that's what she did."NOW"I yelled"WATERGUN"
Kip finished her off and we won."Good job Laura"The leader said."Thanx u too"
"Kip we did it we got our second Hoenn gym badge".When we left we went to the mountains to check it.

Next time:The Skitty family

Mr Cat Dog
May 8th, 2004, 1:11 AM
Either somebody doesn't know how to paragraph, or there's something wrong with copying and pasting from word-processor to PC, as my eyes were @_@ when reading that fic. Don't be afraid to branch out, it makes the fic look longer, and that was one of the things I was going to say. Remember that you start a new paragraph when a change of time, place, event or speaker happens.
Also, I couldn't picture any description with anything. I'll give an example of where to improve on:

Kip move out of the way"And that's what she did.

This could become:

"Kip, get out of the way... NOW!!!" I shouted at Kip. She instantly responded by jumping out of the way of the incoming attack, and poising herself for her next command.

Well, it could be better than that, but that's the best I can come up with in 2 minutes. The plot iteslf is looking fine. All you need to work on is paragraphing, description and length (which will improve if you use the other two correctly).


pokey a.k.a espeon
May 9th, 2004, 3:11 PM
Laura is a 12 year old girl from New Bark Town.She has been a trainer since she was 6 with Pokey by her side the whole time.She beat the Kanto,Johto,and Orange islands gym leader.She is a trash talker but not a
bad person.

Pokey is hasty Espeon.His parents were kiddnapped by Team Rocket and his egg abandoned(Which Laura evenually found).Later his Eevee mom and Quilava dad was killed by TR.To this day Pokey seeks revenge from TR.

More info later..............

pokey a.k.a espeon
May 16th, 2004, 6:30 PM
When we got to the mountains Eliza started to say"Laura
uh...I g-got ssssomething to say""What"I asked"UMM......
never mind ,I'll tell you when we're at Rusturf tunnel""OK"
I answered.

Then a voice laughed out"Hahahah I remember you brats"
Then that same Team Rocket grunt that atacked Zangoose's parents appered."I've been looking 4 you
2 get revenge,let's battle""Bring it on"I boldy said."No
wait Laura"Eliza said"I want to get him back 4 beating me the last time""Alright"

So the battle began."Go Plus and Minus"Eliza yelled."Go Golbat and Raticate""Plus thunderwave Golbat"Little blue
sparks came out of Plus and 2 Golbat paralizing him."Minus
spark Raticate"Sparks flew out of Minus heading 4 Raticate.
"Raticate hyper fang Minus"Raticate ferosously bit Minus but he wuz ok.Golbat wuz 2 paralized to move."Plus spark
Golbat"Fourtunly it wuz a critiacal hit and it defeated him.
"Minus thunder wave Raticate"Minus did same thunderwave like Plus and paralized him.Raticate wuz 2 paarlized 2 move like Golbat wuz."Plus helping hand and Minus finish it off" and the amazing duo did what they were told and won."So you won this time but you 2 watch
I'll win and get my revenge have you and your pokemon as
my slaves"The grunt said as he ran away.

So we got 2 the tunnel."So Eliza you were--ooomph"I said
as I bumped into a boulder."Oh nothing"She said looking at the rock."Um let's just go to Dewford.And we rushed 2
Mr Briney and he took us 2 the island I went straight to the gym.

Next time:Dewford gym battle

pokey a.k.a espeon
May 16th, 2004, 6:57 PM
Laura-She has a blue backwards baseball cap.Gray long shirt and blue baggy jeans(How you can tell she's a girl is
looking at her pony tail)

Pokey-Is an Espeon with a special blue focus band and is smaller than the average Espeon.

pokey a.k.a espeon
May 16th, 2004, 7:37 PM
"Hey Brawly I challenge"I yelled as I walked in.It was dark
in there,then a light turned on."Alright"a voice answered"Ill
battle you".Then the battle immedetly started though it wuz too easy.

"Pokey let's beat this dude's fighting pokemon ""Machop
let's win"Brawly said."Pokey psychic"See????I told you this wuz easy, Machop wuz taken down."Ma-Ma-Makuhita""Pokey psychic"And that wuz that.That battle wuz quick and easy."Good battle Laura"Brawly said"Here the badge.

After that we went to Mr Briney and he brought us to Slateport.

pokey a.k.a espeon
May 21st, 2004, 3:13 PM
When we took our 1st step in Slateport I loved it.The people gave us lots of
gifts and stuff.But,trouble also instinly came."I remeber you"The Aqua grunt who attacked us yelled."I want my revenge let's battle""Fine"I yelled back.
"GO KIP""HEHHEHEHE GOOO MARSHSTOMP""Kip take down"Kip tackled Marshstomp down."Marshstomp Mud shot"Marshstomp shot mud hitting."Kip takedown"kip did what she did before.Marshstomp double team"By this point I
Knew just what to do."Kip spin around using watergun"Kip spun like Crash
Bandicoot.In 3 second she got him.By now Marshstomp was exhasted and this
was an oppertunity to strike 'n' win."Kip Takedown"She rushed torwards him and then.......Beat him."GAAAAA I LOST AGAIN"Then another voice called out
hey it's those brats"It was the Magma grunt who burned the Pedalburg woods."S-s-sorry boss"The Aqua grunt said.I turned around and there stood a tall man with a black beard.He walked over to me and said"Why must you
ruin our plans to expand the sea""Expand the sea???YOU'ER CRAZY"I told him.
"Child I'm not crazy"He told me"Everything begins in the sea"This reminded me
of that social studies lesson."Did'nt you go to school"He asked"Yeah"
"That's what I want then""but I did'nt get that lesson"I told"Besides the earth
is being over populated by people,the last thing we need is less land""Don't
get into things you don't understand"He told me."No way""If you are going to keep messing with us then let's settle this in a battle""Bring it on"But before
he could take out his pokeball the Magma grunt called out"Meet my boss Maxie""Soo Archie anothrer atempt expand the sea???""And for you young man"He told me"GIRL,I'M A FREEKIN GIRL"I yelled.Note:Some people mistake me 4 a boy because of my blue baseball cap."Anyway I liked the way told Archie about his insanity""If you want expand the land then I think you are
crazy""Hmph,well anyway off 2 make my dream come true"Maxie said as sped off."I'll do the same"Archie said and fled."Geo nerds"I said.Pokey and Eliza
nodded in agreement.After that we started our way 2 Mauville.

Next time:Mauville gym battle.

pokey a.k.a espeon
May 21st, 2004, 4:25 PM
We got 2 Mauville and it's gym in no time."Watson I challenge you"I shouted."
WAHAHAHA fine then little missy let's go,GOOOO Magnetmite""Kip let's go""Kip mud slap"Mud went on her tail and she slapped it on Magnetmite."Magnetmite
thunder wave"It did what it was told and Paralized Kip."Magnetmite spark"Magnetmite fried KIp."Kip watergun"But she wuz 2 paralized to move.
"Magnetmite tackle"Magnetmite slamed Kip 2 the wall making her fainted.
"Pokey c'mon""Pokey use Psychic"Pokey attacked and defeated it."Voltorb"
"Pokey return,Zangoose""Zangoose Crush claw"Zangoose slahed Zangoose hard."Voltorb thundrwave""Zangoose use quick attack to dodge and hit it"
Zangoose moved quickly and swiftly till he finally had the chance 2 hit it.
"Voltorb use tackle""Zangoose dodge it and use Crush claw"Zangoose dodged
and struck beating it."OHHOHO you'er gonna love this one,Go Magneton"
"Magneton use shock wave"I could'nt beleive it,it was so powerful it cracked
the floor open like a fault beating Zangoose 2."Pokey goooooooo""pokey psychic"He hit it but it was'nt very affective."Shockwave""It was the samething only stronger.It made bigger cracks,"Pokey psybeam"2 my surprise
it was just as strong as shock wave and it confused it."Magnetmite shockwave"But now that it was confused it aimed it everywhere.It hit us all even the trainers.By now Pokey and I were hurt bad,both of us with bloody wounds and panting hard.Magneton was weak and 1 more psychic can beat it."pokey psychic"And that did it we won the battle earned the bage after we
said our good byes and were off to Vandanturf

pokey a.k.a espeon
May 22nd, 2004, 10:06 AM
On our way to Vandanturf,Eliza was picking as much berries as possible.When we finally got there Eliza said"Laura you know that thing I had 2 tell you at the Rusturf tunnel""yeah"I ansered."Well....I'm going 2 enter pokemon contests and well that means I'll have 2 stay here awhile""Well,then if that's what you want 2 do then...go ahead""Thanks Laura I knew you'd understand,
you're such a great friend".Then a voice laughed out"HAHAHA"A female Rocket grunt appered."that's a really strong and healthy Espeon,I mine""Not without a fight"I yelled."Alright then a 2-on-2 pokemon battle,Goooo Zubat
and Oddish""Pokey C'mon""Yo Eliza how bout 1 last team battle""Ok,GOOO Minus""pokey psychic Oddish"Pokey attack and deafeated it."Minus spark Zubat"and instanly he won."Whaaaaa I lost???"The grunt shouted"You watch I'll get that Espeon Everyone wants"and she fled."Laura......"Eliza said"I think
Team Aqua,Team Rocket,And Team Magma are after Pokey""What do you mean"I asked"I mean Pokey's stronger tha a normal Espeon,in fact almost any
normal pokemon"Pokey's special"She contined"And I think that's the reason why the teams have attacking us rapiddly""But they can't have Pokey,he's mine,I hatched him from an egg,took care of him,He's loyal only 2 me"I told her."It doesn't matter if they capture him he won't obey them""But Laura don't
forget they have the technology 2 control pokemon"No Eliza, if a pokemon wuz really loyal not even brain washing could get 2 them,I've been with Pokey for 6 years and I swear nothing can get between our friendship""Fine, but still be careful""I will""Sooo I guess it's time say good bye".She walked me 2 the edge of town and that's where we split up."Well then bye Eliza""Good bye Laura thanks 4 everything"and I walked ton Mauville pastit and went in next Route to Fallabor,thinking about what Eliza said about the Teams wanting Pokey.

Next time:A new travler.

pokey a.k.a espeon
May 22nd, 2004, 11:08 AM
We were on the road to Fallabor,about 30 minutes later we found a guy with a really really cool Espeon."Whasssup"I told him"Hey"he said quietly.I looked at his Espeon,it was shiny and I don't mean jewel shiny I mean it was a diffent color than a normal one,it was green."Wow, that's cool Espeon""thanks" he said."But 3 teams are after Speon""Hey"I said"they're after Pokey too"I said as Pokey jumped right in front of me."But why???your Espeon has the same color as a normal 1,he's smaller than a normal 1.""They want Pokey cause,he's stronger than a normal Espeon""ohh"He said"By the way my name's Steve""I'm Laura""Sooo Laura since Pokey's so strong why don't we travel together so we can look out for each other""Ok"I said."Soo Steve exacty how strong is Speon""WEAK""weak?"I asked"Then why do they want Speon""Because a pokemon like him is so rare that they want 2 sell him"
"Hellooo there little boy"A girl's voice called out.A female Aqua grunt."Oh my
goodness both of you are togther wahahaha this makes the job easier""Goooo
Carvanha and Poocyena""Pokey let's go,Steve aren't you gonna battle""No, I told you Speon's weak""C'mon it's worth a try""Fine,Speon""Pokey bite Poochyena"Pokey hustled 2 the puppy and took a bite out of her."Speon swift
on Carvanha"Little stars came outta nowhere and head straight for the fish.
"poochyena bite Pokey back"Poochyena bit Pokey like he bit her."Carvanha crunch Pokey"The fishy sped torward Pokey and ferosouly bit him."pokey bite Poochyena again"This time Pokey finished her off."Speon swift Carvanha 1 more time"Another knock out."Grrrrrrrrrrr...... they weren't kidding when they said Pokey's strong but Speon's supposed to be weak,oh well I'll get them next time"and she fled."well then Laura where you heading""Fallabor town"I replied."Then I'am 2"So we were on the road again with a new friend.

pokey a.k.a espeon
May 27th, 2004, 3:20 PM
The way to Fallabor way was still going on but we did come across and wild Numel."Hey Steve a Numel"I told him."COOOL" he said"I've been looking for one,Speon""Speon psybeam"Speon shot out a colorful beam and Numel was Already weak."GO POKEBALL"Stave said as he therw a pokeball.It wiggled and then stopped."I did it"I caught Numel.We traveled further and then and then went trough the firy path."It's hooooot"Steve whined"Oh c'mon steve I'm used to hot"I said.Then a Torkol apered."WOW A TORKOL"Steve"I'll catch it GOOO Numel"Nunel charged torwards Torkol but did'nt do that much damage.
Then it used body slam and beat Numel."Darn Speon GoOOO"But then Torkal had steam coming out from it and then dissappeared."NOOOOOOoooooooooo"
Steve yelled."I lost it""It's ok Steve"I said"I guess"He mumbled.We wondered to a place with alot of ash and pasted it.After that Fallabor town wuz seeable.But then that Torkol came.Steve did'nt wait he just threw a greatball and caught it."I did it I caught it""Good job"I said and we walked to the Fallabor pokemon center.

pokey a.k.a espeon
May 31st, 2004, 11:51 AM
While we were in Fallabor town I heard there wuz a contest hall and went there 2 find Eliza.I could'nt find her.Then an old man asked us"hey there kids are you planning on entering a pokemon contest.I answered"Naw""Nope"Steve replied."Well then just in case you will be in the future I thought I might just give some facts on pokeblocks""1st you need berries"This
gave me a flashback on the way 2 Vandanturf."But before you
just put any berry in the berry blender the type of berry your pokemon likes depends on their personality""So what's hasty"
I asked."The hasty type likes sweet and hates sour""wait a sec noway Pokey likes sour he does'nt mind it""Then he's not hasty""Yes he is he rushes ahead and another thing he loves spicy""Young lady what does he hate""He likes all tastes it's just he likes spicy the most"Well another way you
can tell is his stats"They're all high 4 an Espeon""Hmmmmm then I think he's quirky""Quirky???"
"Yeah,weird strange"Hey Laura I think you're quirky too"Steve said
"COOOOOOOL"I yelled."Geee Laura you ARE weird""So I guess we should be going then"I said."Ooohh wait here are some berries""Thanks"I said as I loooked at the berries he handed 2 me.Then it wuz off 2 Meterite falls.

pokey a.k.a espeon
June 1st, 2004, 4:05 PM
As soon as we got 2 Meterite falls trouble stirred hella fast.There wuz a scientist dude with 3 Aqua members wuz digging out a glowing metierite."Yes yes we got it"The scientist guy said."prof.Cosmo"The main grunt said"I'm sorry 2 say this but...That rock is OURS"And he snatched it from him and ran.I
jumped in the his way saying"Hold up it's not without a fight"But he did'nt listen,he just pushed me out the way knocking me out for a minute.When my senses were going back 2 me I a voice say"So Laura we meet again huh?"I looked up,it was Maxie."Team Aqua got away but we can catch up if you will team up with us""NOWAY"I yelled"Why should I trust you""Because I got a van
ready with it we can get there 2 stop it in time""I can catch up with them on foot""But they have a van too,on foot you'll be 2 late"I stared glaring at him.
"Fine"I said" let's go""But where are we going"Steve asked"To Mt Chimnmey"And that wuz that Pokey,Steve and I hopped into the van.30 minutes we got there.Already there wuz Aquas ready 2 battle.3 of them were out numbering Maxie."Laura go for Archie"Maxie said."But where is he"I asked"Up there"Maxie said as he pointed 2 the top of the moutain.As soon as I saw Archie ran up torwards him.Most of the grunts were paying attention 2
the Magmas but 1 stopped us."Hey you're that kid"He said"And you are ."I asked"Matt an admin of Team Aqua and so I challenge you"Bring it"I said
"NO"Steve said"I'll battle him"You sure"I asked"YES NOW GO".I ran without stopping till I got 2 HIM."Archie let's battle"I yelled"What you again""Yuo"I said
"Grrrrr...Fine then let's battle go Mightyena"""Zangoose you go"I said."Ok use Crush claw""Mightyena bite"Just when Zangoose wuz about 2 hit him Mightyena grasped his paw in the clutches of his mouth."Zangoose Crush claw"Zangoose quickly smacked the wolf with his claws."Mightyena bite him"
"Zangoose dodge it"When he dodged it Mightyena crashed into the wall."Zangoose finish it off Quick attack"Zangoose charged at the wolf and knocked it out."Go Golbat""Zangoose crush claw""Golbat dodge it and use Arial
ace"Unfourtinoutly it wuz a critiacl hit and it beat Zangoose."GO KIP""Kip hydro pump"Water shot from her mouth spraying the bat."Golbat Giga drain"
Golbat started 2 suck the life out of Kip"Kip make it stop by giving it a take down"Kip tackled Golbat down really hard."Golbat finished it off leach life" And that wuz enough 2 beat Kip."Pokey let's go""Pokey psychic"and just like that
he won."Hmmm.... you're pretty good worth my respect since this is our last
pokemon I'll make a deal with you if I win you'll have 2 join Team Aqua""Fine"
"Sharpedo GOOOoo..."A shark like pokemon came out."Pokey Bite"Pokey charged torwards and crunched it but then quickly stopped.Blood wuz dripping from his mouth."Pokey what happened""FUFUFUFU Sharped's skin is rough and hard making it painful for pokemon to attack it with phsyical attacks""What am I gonna do"I thought"the rest of Pokey's attacks are psychic which won't affect him oh when then we'll have 2 take a risk""Pokey bite again as hard as you can"Pokey did what he did before onlt lasting longer.
Blood wuz oozing from both Sharpedo and Pokey.Sharpedo wuz moving arond rampidly smashing into boulders till he shook Pokey off."Sharpedo crunch"But before he could even move a step Pokey jumped on a huge rock.When Sarpedo charged torwards him Pokey just sat there."Pokey move"But he did'nt listen he just sat there till when Sharpedo was an inch of Pokey,Pokey ran out way and rock got stuck in Sharpedo's mouth."YES GOOD JOB POKEY"
"Well Archie now that shapedo can't attack what now huh??What now""This,
Sharpedo slash"Archie yelled"Pokey dodge it"Sharpedo ran into a boulder breaking a little piece about the size of it's head off and it hit the shark."Pokey now's our chance to beat it bite"Pokey went for that chance and won."WHAT?!?I lost you may have won this time but it's not over yet heed my warning"Archie said as he fled."Whew,well Pokey we beat em""Laura
i saw the whole battle"Maxie said walking up to us."Thanks""Yeah Laura good job""We shall meet again Laura"Maxie said as he walked away."Well anyway Pokey is the 1 we should give credit for he cane up with own stradegy""C'mon Laura let's get to Lavaridge town before it gets too dark it's just south of here and 10 minutes from here""Ok"I said and we were on our way 2 Lavaridge.

pokey a.k.a espeon
June 1st, 2004, 7:10 PM
We were on the jagged path when I just remembered"Steve we forgot the metierite"I yelled."WE??"Steve said as he pulled it out his backpack."Whered you get that"I asked "You know Matt the guy I battled""Yeah""Well,when I beat him he gave me this""But what does it do""It makes magma into rain water and team Aqua must have been planning to do this to all the mountains""Oh"We were quiet the rest of the way and before I knew it we were there in Lavaridge.We went ti the pokemon center immedietly.As soon as we got there Pokey started to whimper.Knowing this I ran to the nurse Joy and asked"Excuse me something's wrong with Pokey""Let me see"She examined his mouth."It seems that your espeon has swollen gums,What happened""Pokey and I were battling a Sharpedo and all he could use wuz bite""Then that's the problem then""I-is he gonna be ok I is he gonna have trouble eating""He'll be ok his mouth can open up just enogh to get fed""Well
Laura"Steve said"You can go the pokemon gym""No,not till Pokey gets better"
"Alright".We got 2 spend the night there and every hour i checked up on Pokey.It seems he wuz getting better.Then it wuz morning."Laura wake"i awoke to see Pokey standin next to Nurse Joy."Pokey recovered fast but next time don't bite on a Sharpedo""I won't"Pokey jumped on lap and licked me."tomorrow Pokey we'll challenge the gym leader here"and we got up for training.

pokey a.k.a espeon
June 5th, 2004, 4:22 PM
The next day past and we were ready 2 battle Flanery."Yo Flanerly let's battle"I shouted."fine I acept you challenge"She said"Gooooo Slugma""The oughtta be easy gooo Kip""Kip hydro pump"Kip shot a huge amount of water at her but steam only came out of Slugma."What???"I asked"Haha Slugma's too hot 2 be put out by water Slugma rock slide"Huge rocks suddenly slid down at Kip."Kip
hydro pump that boulder"I yelled.The attack wuz so powerful alot of rock the size of Slumga came crashing down hitting her and making her faint"Wha?!?Slugma return!!!!Go Slugma number 2"A second Slugma came out."Kip hydro pump another boulder"The same thing happened only this Slugma lasted longer.
"Slugma earthquake"The ground shook up and this time alot more boulders broke
and hit both pokemon and making them both faint."GO Zangoose""GO Torkol" Flanery yelled."Zangoose crush claw"Zangoose charged for the turtle but then she went in her shell.Zangoose hit the shell but did'nt even make a dent."Torkol overheat"Firy steam cane out of torkol hitting Zangoose and knocking him into a little hole.He wuz stuck with his feet hanging out from the hole,he could'nt move."torkol overheat that hole next 2 you"Torkol walked over 2 a nearby hole and stuck her body in it and used over heat.Then suddenly tghe syeam came to Zangoose's hole and smoked him out of it making him faint."Pokey let's go""Pokey psychic"This did do damage but torkol was still standing."Torkol overheat"Torkol wuz about 2 attack but then stopped,she wuz too exhasted 2 move."Pokey now's our chance psychic"And that did it we won another battle thanks 2 Pokey."Great battle Laura you won"Flanery told me."Yeah you too""Here's the badge"She said as she handed me a badge."HECK YEAH WE WON ANOTHER BATTLE AND A BADGE"I yelled as we walked torwards the road to Fortree city.

Next time:The Team Rocket Exutives battle

pokey a.k.a espeon
June 9th, 2004, 3:19 PM
We were back on the trail.It wuz peaceful for awhile before the Team Rocket executives came.1 a man and a woman."hey I remember you you're that brat who beat us in the johto region"The woman said."I remember you 2 beeeyatch"I yelled."Hmmmph you haven't changed a bit you're still that trash talking,foolish girl"The man said."How bout a battle kiddo
me and him vs you and without that Lance guy 2 help you"The lady said."Oh yeah I got Steve help me"I yelled."M-me?"Steve said nervously"But I don't want 2 battle""But Steve how come you were willing 2 battle Matt back at Mt Chimney but not now huh?!?"I told him."Fine gooo
torkol""New plans"The guy told the lady"You battle the boy and I'll take care of Crash""Laura
why did he call you Crash"Steve asked"Cause,"I answered"In Johto I'm known as Crash cause when I battle I mostly make my oppenents pokemon run into something""so, you do have normal name"The lady said."oh shut the heck up(I did'nt say heck)and just battle"I yelled.""Fine then goooo koffing""go Arbok"The lady said."Pokey psychic"And in a snap Pokey won."Gooo Houdour""Pokey come back GOO KIP""Kip hydro pump"The water sprayed on Houndour but he wuz still ok"Houndour bite"Houndour charged torwrds Kip and bit her hella hard."Kip hydro pump""Houndour dodge it and use crunch"houndour jumped out the way and bit up Kip"Kip hydro pump"Kip again Houndour dodged 'n' bit.Kip could'nt battle anymore."Zangoose go""Zangoose Crush claw"And that finished the dog off."Gooo Houndoom"I scared as heck( I did'nt mean heck)"Zangoose Crush claw""Houndoom dodge it and use Sunny day.The wolf jumped out the way and the sun turn brighter."Zangoose Crush claw""Houndoom flamethrower"a powerful burst of flame shot out of Houndoom burning Zangoose for a long time.Then when he wuz done Zangoose stood still and then dropped on the floor."Pokey goooo""Pokey bite""Houndooom dodge it and use crunch"
While houndoom's dodge did'nt suceed his crunch did.He brutally bit Pokey.Blood dripped from Pokey's rib area and already he wuz hurt"Pokey bite"Pokey got the dog and bit him.
"Houndoom crunch"I looked around and saw a rock near Pokey."Pokey dodge it"Pokey jumped out the way and Houndoon crashed into a nearby bolder just what Pokey and i wanted."what"The guy yelled."Heh,they don'nt call Crash for nothin"I laughed."Pokey bite"
pokey rushed torwards houndooom and bit his paw.He tried 2 bite Pokey 2 get him off but Pokey still bit.Then he tried 2 crunch Pokey but Pokey move out the way just in time making him bite his own paw."Pokey bite"Pokey bit houndoom's back but then his trainer told him 2 use crunch and this wuz sucessful.Now wuz our battle wuz down to the wire
both Pokey and Houndoom could only take 1 hit.i looked at Steve battle but lost.I then knew I had 2 win this battle or I'll have 2 join Team Rocket."Pokey bite"Houndoom dodge it and use crunch"Pokey jumped out the way just in time."POKEY BITE""HOUNDOOM CRUNCH"And the 2 pokemon jumped in the air and collided into eachother bite and then it wuz quiet.The dust clear and both pokemon were on the ground fainted"Fufufu looks like you have 2 join Team Rocket"The lady laughed.The Pokey suddenly got up.He wuz still weak but we still won."Ha!!In your face Rocket beeeyacthes we won"hmmph we'll be you next time"The lady as they fled."we won I yelled."C'mon let's get"Steve said.and were on the road again.

pokey a.k.a espeon
June 29th, 2004, 11:54 AM
Yo Pokey here G.That's right playa I'm narrating this joint.So anyway we wuz walking when Laura said we could rest.I wondered away 2 a shady area 2 take a nap.2 hours later I heard a"Sup Pokey"I woke and looked up 2 find my old friend Pichu."how's it going Pichu and how did you get all the way over 2 Heonn and where's yo mama""my mama got killed by Team Rocket and wuz wondering I can chill wit you and Laura ""Sure sure no 1 mess'es wit my bubby Pichu....but me"I told her."But did they killed yo mama""I dunno for no reason I guess"She said starting to cry."Hold up lil buddy it's ok my parents got killed by T.R too"
"Really"Pichu said staring 2 whipe a tear."Yup and Laura and me are planning to get rid those beyatches too now c'mon let's get to Laura"but when we started to walk 2 Ratatas jumped in front of us."This is Team Rocket area get out"1 said."yeah our trainers are working here they told us to get rid of any pokemon
or it's trainers here""We're not goin anywhere"I told em and struck 1 wit psychic making him fainted."Pichu thunder bolt the other one"I told her.She charged up for along time and then before I knew the other one wuz on the ground."Quick lil homie jump on my back"She hopped on my back and I ran to all the way to Laura and Steve."Sup Pokey"Laura said.then she looked at Pichu and said"Pokey is that thae same Pichu we met in Olivine city"I nodded yes."wow I have'nt seen her since you wuz an Eevee""Does she want be my pokemon"I nodded yes again."Alright then I got me a new pokemon""yeah yeah"Steve suddenly said."C'mon It's getting dark let's get going.An we wuz on our way.

pokey a.k.a espeon
July 7th, 2004, 1:54 PM
We were walking for 5 minutes.Till I relized that we were in Mauville again.
"Well Laura let's get our pokemon the the pokemon center"Steve said.
"Okay"I agreed.
We were in the pokemon center for an hour when we heard a loud explsion.I looked out the window.There I saw the Mauville gym in smokes but not on fire.I got Pokey 'an' rushed there.When I got there,I could hear Wattson's voice yell out.
I looked at who he wuz talking to.It wuz an aqua woman but she wuz'nt dressed
exactly like a grunt.I knew she wuz an adimin.
"Yo beyatch"I yelled."leave him alone"
She turned to me and said"And who are you"
"I'm Laura a.k.a Crash from New Bark town"
"So I've heard of you"She said.
"I'm Shelly an Aqua admin"
"I know that"I yelled.
"But I can't challenge you"
"Why?Scared?"I taunted.
"Nope Archie told me a kid with named Laura with an Espeon beat he told me
every Aqua member to stay away from you"
"What are going to do then stand there"I asked.
"Nope"And before I knew it Shelly threw a smoke ball and when it cleared she dissapered.I ran to Wattson.
"Are you ok"I asked
"So what's this Kyogre's tooth Shelly wanted so badly"Iasked.
"A tooth that can summon Kygre the key foe thy're plan to expand the sea"
"Since they are avoiding you you should take it"
"Yup"He said as he handed it to me.After that conversation.I spent the night at the pokemon center but coun't sleep.I could'nt help wondering if it'll affect my future or will it help capture a new pokemon.