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Miss Reyna
January 14th, 2006, 7:17 PM
I not sure if I can do this but I haven't seen one let.

So let discuss this weeks US episode of Pokemon. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let it Snorunt. Any comments and stuff.

January 14th, 2006, 10:11 PM
Such a good episode. Plus, this is the first episode that Ash sings the title. Catchy.

January 15th, 2006, 11:46 AM
I don't know either, so let's see if PPNSteve says anything. I'll defer to him. If anything, just copy and paste the replies for the new thread if this closes.

Anyhoo. This episode is a rarity for me, in terms of this is the first time May has really gotten on my nerves.

Besides the fact she doesn't complain about the weather while basically wearing spandex, her attitude with the Rockets is rather perplexing. First when the Rockets steal Pikachu (and finally see the Rocket winter uniform although dark green isn't a color when it comes to the Rockets) and they admit their...determination, May rather rudely insults them by saying the underlying obvious fact albeit so brusque. Then when they blast off, she says a backhanded compliment about them and their persistence. Either way, be blatant and insult the obvious or be subtle about it but don't do both, as it's rather jarring and off putting. Although it does show her attitude about them this season as she's been getting pissy and pissy with them, and hopefully some kind of conclusion before the season ends with this.

Ash also got heated with the badges, which is fine as they are important to him but of all the "sneaky but maybe cute Pokemon steals my badges" episodes, this is the first time he has been so irate about it.

One curiosity is Jessie musing on actually using the legal approach with her Pokemon to partake in the Center's wares but alas the issue becomes moot as they steal anyway but at least the argument was presented.

This episode also answers the question of the badge edit several months in as we recall seeing it in the title screen this season and wondering will 4Kids edit it in the show or not? The issue is if they do, then they would be consistent with the past seasons but the title screen rather clashes as they show it there. And if they don't, then they are inconsistent with the past seasons (just as they were with Homura and Izumi but let's not go there). Either way, we get the answer as 4Kids edits it and at least they are consistent there (an irony as they haven't been last year).

Lastly, Snorunt debuts and has a cute personality like Ash's Squirtle of days long ago. Let us hope it keeps its personality as it would bring a different dynamic to the group but given past examples, don't hold any breath.

Overall, Snorunt saves the episode and hope it retains its personality, the Rockets get winter gear, some Rocket abuse, and a pissy May and annoyed Ash. Confusing but interesting nonetheless.

6/10. To cover all bases.

One more episode until the 8th Hoenn Badge!

Miss Reyna
January 15th, 2006, 4:08 PM
Now my turn.

Last week I said I was going to rant about this episode but I don't feel like it anymore. I have bary any support anyways.

Nice little intro. Ash singing the title. I guess that what you get when you have bad pun titles. It was a change.

Ash catches a new pokemon. Not a very nice one but a good one.

May does seems to question the Rockets a lot this season. I mean back on the fossil island she says something then a few episodes later she does it again. Does this proves she trying to be a bit more smart. New for her. She doesn't even complain. I mean she use to be very complainly now she is just shut with it. I can see that they are showing she has grown somewhat since she has begun her travels with Ash and co. A guess this episode shows how much she has grown.

I just want to see one episode where Team Rocket diesgusise themselves in regular clothing like trainers and go in to heal there pokemon and get a good meal. I mean they do get healed and feed for free if they are trainers right? How hard is it to do that. I mean if they just stay away from Ash and Co. then no problem. Anyways eventully Ash will make it there and then they can capture Pikachu with a full belly and healed up pokemon.

Little Snorunt. The name says it all. Nice pun name. Snow runt. Look almost human like with the black skin and blue eyes. People may say it is cute. Has a little jacket and a nice smile. Enough of descibing it. It does have personity many of Ash's pokemon this saga. A crying torkoal. A big ego and laxed Grovyle. A crazy Corpfish. Now a mischevious Snorunt. This guy kind of reminds me of Ash's Charizard. I mean with the blowing of snow at Ash like Charizard use and still do with its Flamethrower. The guy really likes Ash.

With all in the end. Ash gots a new pokemon, Team Rocket has winter uniforms (Green is an ugly color but Team Rocket makes it work) and May shows some growth. It all good in the end.

8-10. It brought some laughs.

January 16th, 2006, 3:29 PM
Yes, I was cracking up when Ash sung the title...That was SOOOO unexpected XD

January 16th, 2006, 3:41 PM
I've got to hear that for myself!

Not to mention the "Brocksicle" gag was funny.

January 16th, 2006, 5:27 PM
Ash: "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt!"

January 19th, 2006, 3:43 AM
i don't know if it was just me (with the exception of hamstar) but i was laughing so hard when ash sang the title. and i enjoyed the episode even though it was like the 7th episode in which he gets his badges stolen. PUT THEM IN A SAFE!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Reyna
January 19th, 2006, 4:27 AM
It is? I didn't know that. I knew he gotten his badges stolen before but 7th? That is a bit tiring.He never got them stolen when they were pinned on his vest except that one time. Why doesn't he jsut keep them on his person.

They just needed a thing to do for that episode I guess.

January 20th, 2006, 1:37 PM
It's basically the Hoenn version of the badge theft. Just not as inventive as past fares.

One thing I note was the reckless defying of physics in the show in play once again (i.e. the Ash/Joy snowmobile basically flying through the air in an act of recklessness), if they keep this up, we'll be heading to superhero level soon enough, although it's bad enough with all the Rockets' crash landings.