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January 23rd, 2006, 6:25 AM
As the title states, this is an invitational RPG, so...


Centuries ago, lived a man called William Meredith. Renowned alchemist, and village vet. Everyone knew who William Meredith was. He was the man who had brought together humans and Pokmon. Accidentally, of course, but he did so, nevertheless. He had been studying his alchemy, and was coming close to a breakthrough. He had found out that the magical substance that all alchemists were looking for was a substance which he called sulphur.

Carefully tipping sulphur into his mixture, he had a silver plate in his hand, which he was attempting to change to a golden plate. He had to tip the exact amount sulphur into his concoction or else it would result in something totally different. Without warning, his dog barked, scaring him, and causing him to pour too much sulphur into the mixture.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang and a flash of iridescent blue light, and William Meredith passed out. When he woke up, he found himself staring up at a bright blue sky, and lying down on a large meadow. In his right hand, however, he held a golden plate. He had succeeded to do what all alchemists dreamt about. But at a terrible price. He was soon devoured by a pack of hungry Houndoom.

But, doing this, he had created a portal between the human world and the Pokmon world. Soon, humans started wandering into these portals, and ended up living in the Pokmon world. Soon, massive civilizations were created, and it became as much a human world as a Pokmon.

But humans being who they were, wanted to find out more about these Pokmon, and began to capture them, to study. But soon, it became cool to have a Pokmon that listened to ones every command. They began to battle each other with these Pokmon.

After many tortured Pokmon, and the death of one Jolteon, humans found out a very important thing about Pokmon. These Pokmon worshiped a certain Crystal that they called the Crystal of Creation. The humans wanted to see what was so special about the Crystal. After many failed expeditions, one group of explorers found the Crystal. But seeing the beauty of the Crystal, they wanted to keep it for themselves, and they fought over it. Suddenly, the Crystal split into six equal pieces, and legend has it that they will only appear before one worthy enough to return the Crystal to its rightful temple.

A war broke out between humans and Pokmon due to the loss of the Crystal, and the war raged on for close to eternity.

Humans always believed that the worthy one would be a Pokmon, but little did they know that the Crystal Shards did not appear until centuries later, to six chosen children. These Children have a mission, an they wish to fulfill it, no matter the cost.


You are one of the six Chosen Children. The shard appeared before you one evening, and somehow, it managed to convey to you exactly where the temple was. You have to return the shard to the temple, where luckily, the other Chosen Children should be, and the shards can be reunited, creating peace amongst humans and Pokmon.

Other Information

- The temple is south of Cinnabar Island, situated in the middle of the ocean.

- Everyone shall start off in a different place (in Kanto), and meet up at Cinnabar Island. It doesnt have to be a different city, but it must be different.

- The shard contain magical properties, but you do not know of these properties until you summon them in a time of need.

- New and odd creatures called Spectres have come into being. They are after the Shards too, although no one knows why. Spectres despise water, and grow weak in the sunlight.


- Follow the standard Role Playing rules.
- I must stress the fact that no Bunnying/Character Control/Godmodding will be allowed.
- Please read the rules and plotline carefully. I dont want anybody to sign up without knowing what is going on.
- I will not tolerate any one liners, so if you cannot string together five lines of coherent English, then do not join
- Make sure you take time on your form. I do not want a rushed form. Post a place holder if you must.
- Accepted, Pending, or declined. If you are declined, you are DECLINED. No more said. If you are set on pending, I would have given you something to improve on. Improve on that correctly, and you are accepted. If you are accepted, well
- I shall choose which shard goes to whom. I will, of course, carefully take into account the personality of the character in question before doing so.
- Have fun!

If any of these rules are broken, the person in question shall be warned. If they are broken again, he or she shall be kicked off the RP. This may seem harsh, but it is necessary.

Crystal Shards and their Powers.

The Tectonic Shard Gives the user the ability to control the earth beneath. He or she can raise up columns of dirt and dust as protection, or create a crack in the earth, sending enemies down to their doom.

The Telekinetic Shard The names says it all. It gives the user telekinetic powers. He or she has the ability to control any object, and make it do your biding. This shard, however, takes up a lot of the users energy

The Inferno Shard This shard gives the user the ability to call upon the usage of fire in times of desperate need. The user may use the fire as both defence as well as offence. This is a very powerful shard.

The Levitation Shard This shard gives the user the power of levitation. The user can rise up into the air at will, and soar around. This is both a reconnaissance shard, as well as a defence shard.

The Strength Shard It gives the user immense strength and endurance. The user can now lift up massive rocks without any exertion, and can take a beating that would kill most people.

The Stealth Shard This shard gives the user amazing powers that contribute to stealth. The user can now become invisible, but for no longer than fifteen minutes, and can travel through solid objects.


Name: (No specifications here. Except, I would like it you posted both a first and a last name)
Age: (Nothing younger than twelve, and older than seventeen)
Gender: (No specifications. Gender-bending is allowed)
Pokmon Team: (Lots of specifications here, unfortunately. You are an average trainer, not some trainer god. So, you may have four Pokmon in their final stage, and two in the second or first. Anything lower than the specifications are allowed. Also, please type their genders and a bit of history about them)
Personality: (Some people just dont understand that this field is to be filled up with a paragraph, not a line of four or five adjectives)
Description: (This field should to taken care of with the utmost of care. I would like it to be in complete detail, and in sentences please. Again, not in a line of adjectives)
Other: (Please do not take this as a History/back-story field. I have purposely left them out because I would like you to reveal it in the RP. This field is optional, for it is just there so that you can note down any talents that your character has. Please be realistic, though)
RPG Sample: (EVERYONE is required to post one of these. Either give me a link to whichever RPG you want to show, or type a fresh one)

I shall post mine later.

January 24th, 2006, 3:51 AM
My Form

Name: Eliadon Shyndow

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Pokmon Team:


Pokmon Species: Typhlosion
Gender: Male
History: Typhlosion was Eliadon's first ever Pokmon. He had been wandering around Cinnabar Island, while his siter battled in the Gym, to earn herself a Gym Badge. There was a sudden break out of pandemonium, and Eliadon rushed over to see what was happeneing. A Typhlosion was out of control. Eliadon had immediately began talking with the Typhlosion, trying to calm it down. Once he had done s, the Typhlosion went on its way, and Eliadon was rewarded with an Egg from the inhabitants, which later hatched into a Cyndaquill.


Pokmon Species: Tyrogue
Gender: Male
History: Tyrogue had been found by Eliadon in Viridian Forest, while he had been training with his Cyndaquill. Tyrogue had been extremely weak, and washed up. Eliadon took the Tyrogue to the Pokmon Centre in Peweter City, and healed it. As soon as the Tyrogue had been healed, Eliadon challenged it to a battle, to capture it. The Tyrogue agreed. And so, the battle ensued, with Eliadon and Cyndaquill the victors, although Cyndaquill had nearly fainted during the battle.


Pokmon Species: Victreebell
Gender: Male
History: Victreebell had been captured as a Bellsprout by Eliadon while he was travelling to Vermillion City from Saffron City. He had defeated a whole tribe of Weepinbells, and the Bellsprout has seen him do so, and promptly agreed to be Eliadon's Pokmon. But the other Weepinbells disagreed, and made Eliadon capture Bellsprout only via a battle, and Eiladon happily complied, capturing the Bellsprout.


Pokmon Species: Golem
Gender: Male
History: Golem was a very interesting capture for Eliadon. He had just come out from battling against a couple of trainer in Lavender Town, when he saw an Ekans. he h quickly captured the Ekans, and continued. But then he met up with a trainer who was not at all happy with a Geodude. Eliadon, himelf had been having problems with controlling the Ekans, and quickly offered a trade. the boy agreed, and traded their Pokmon in the Lavender Town Pokmon Centre.


Pokmon Species: Pidgeot
Gender: Female
History: Pidgeot was probably the only straightforward Pokmon capture that Eliadon ever done. He had been traing his Graveller near Fuchsia City, when he saw a group of Pidgeottos. He knew that Pidgeottos were quite strong for their size, and that they could evolve into the might Pidgeot, so he commanded Graveller to use Rock Throw on one of them. And the battle begun. Graveller had the natural advantage, and won, allowing Eliadon to capture his fifth Pokmon


Pokmon Species: Poliwhirl
Gender: Male
History: Poliwhirl was Eliadon lates capture. He had been wandering along Route 21, on his way to challenge the Elite Four when from the river he was walking past, a small Poliwhirl was washed ashore. Quickly studying the wounds, Eliadon concocted a paste from a couple of leaves from a tree nearby, and healed the Poliwhirl. The Poliwhirl gave up his freedon as thanks for what Eliadon did for him, and is probably one of Eliadon most loyal Pokmon, second only to Typhlosion.

Personality: Eliadon is one of those people, who can wriggle out of almost any situation. If you drop him in the middle of a desert, he will find some use of that barren land, and find his way home. Same goes for conversation. If he's in a tricky position, he can talk his way out of it. On the whole, Eliadon does not like to be in the company of too many people. He is not what would be called a loner, but he takes time to trust anyone who he stays with. He even doubts his Pokmon for a while before completely believeing them. But once he gets to know the person, he's quite friendly, and loves sharing little tit-bits of information on different things with the friend. He's also very loyal to his friends, although that takes real friendship.

Description: Eliadon is what most people would call lanky. He is tall, exceeding six feet, and because he is not fat, he is thought to be thin. But in reality, he's not all that thin, but because he always wears baggy clothes, and he's so tall, he seems thin. As said above, he loves to wear baggy clothes, and is only seen wearing baggy clothes. He has a black travelling cloak which he dons while travelling between towns or cities. t keeps out the worst of the elements. He also never takes of a silver chain from around his neck. While travelling, he prefers to wear sneakers, because they are a lot mor comfortable to travel in. In his opinion. His eyes, sapphire in colour, are covered by his black hair.

Other: Eliadon is extremely quick-footed, and you'd have a hard time trying to keep up with him, because he's so fast. His life's ambition is to become a bodyguard, like his late brother.

RP Sample: Hello, I wrote the **** thing...

January 24th, 2006, 2:13 PM
Okay, I'm ready ^.^

Just a question before we start, will out Pokemon be able to evolve, or will they stay the current form that they are in? I realize that if they can evolve it will take a lot of battling, but I was just curious =D

Name: Toren Akio

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Pokmon Team:


Species: Quilava

Name: Flare


History: Flare started out as a Cyndaquil. Toren had been lonely when he was younger so his parents had bought him a Cyndaquil. At first, Toren was timid and frightened around the creature, but as time passed he opened up and they became best buds. Soon after Toren started to train with Flare and he became stronger. He was surprised to wake up one morning and in front of him sat a Quilava instead of a Cyndaquil. Apparently he had been doing some night time training by himself.


Species: Scyther

Name: Slash

Gender: Male

History: A very, how should I put this, over-confident Pokemon. Toren first met him while he was wondering through a forest. Cyndaquil had already evolved so the battle was pretty easy, but Slash did put up a challenge. He was pretty fast so it was hard for Quilava to hit him with fire, but in the end the Pokemon was caught. He is pretty cocky and arrogant when it comes to battles, but will stop focusing on himself and help others when the need arises.


Species: Pidgeotto

Name: Hale

Gender: Female

History: Hale was first caught as Pidgey, in the same forest that Scythe was. Surprisingly, she was caught not twenty minutes after Slash was. Flare was still raring for another fight and the next opponent to step up was Hale. She was faster than Scythe was so the battle went on longer than you would have expected it too. Unfortunately, she hadn’t been watching where she was going for a minute and crashed straight into a tree. This left her open for an ember from Flare that finished it all. She is really nice and exactly the kind of Pokemon you want to have. In battle however, she is almost as competitive as Slash is.


Species: Golduck

Name: Ivan

Gender: Male

History: Toren was wondering around a large lake on the outskirts of his hometown when a Psyduck popped out of the water. It was so confused as to what was going on that it didn’t even notice that it had been captured by Toren’s Pokeball. It finally wised up after Toren trained and evolved it.


Species: Wobbuffet

Name: Wobble(It named itself ^^; )

Gender: Female

History: Toren got this Pokemon pretty much by his good friendship with a girl named Erika. She had been a pretty good trainer until her parents told her that she needed to give them up because they losing money by trying to take care of them all. She gave him her best Pokemon, Wobbuffet. Shortly after, her family moved far away. Toren had had a crush on her, but he realized he would probably never see her again and so he never gave it another thought. He was however, having trouble moving on. Every time he looks at Wobble, images of her pop up in his mind.

Personality: Toren is usually very timid and quiet, shy in other words. He would rather smile and nod then talk a lot. However, he will speak out to voice his opinion or help someone in need. He is loyal to his friends and is very honest and truthful. He can be helpful in tough situations, and will try to do his best at everything he attempts. He looks at the world as just one large library, of sorts. When he's not drawing or playing with his pokemon, he usually dives into some sort of book, whether it be one about fantasy or a biography. Most of the people he knew thought he knew everything there was to know about any subject, but he realizes that he is far from it. There are so many things he wants to learn and knoew, yet not enough time. If only there was some kind of machine that would let you download facts and information into your brain, yet he knows that technology like that is probably far off from his lifetime.

Description: The clothes that he wears are pretty normal. For his top half, he has on a dark blue shirt with a fold-out collar. He normally wears regular blue jeans, but sometimes has on khaki pants. He basically wears white socks and black shoes with silver streaks on them. His hair is a medium brown color and is just all over the place(Eh, I don’t know how to describe hair ;_; ) His eyes are light blue, and he is slightly tanned. He always wears his silver necklace with half of a star on it(Someone else has the other half). Also, he always has on his black silver watch and fingerless gloves, though he sometimes keeps the gloves off.

Other: Toren sometimes draws in his spare time. He has been doing it most of his life, but he is still not that great at it, or that’s what he seems to think. Sometimes he will draw Pokemon, but he will also occasionally draw nature scenes that he think looks good.

RPG Sample: (Take from Fire Emblem: Eternal Warrior)

As Toren walked around and explored, he had to weave around several trees that seemed to be in his way. He had wished that Tilayo had brought him to the edge of the mountain, but meh, he couldn't have everything he wanted.

Once he squeezed his way through a large clump of trees, he was standing in a sort of clearing where he noticed a small cabin was sitting, just out in the open. Toren cocked his head and squinted his eyes, confused as to what was going on.

A cabin in the mountains? Sounds suspicious to me. Maybe I should check it out.

He made sure that his lance was secured around his back before cautiously moving forward. He came to the door of the cabin and knocked, wondering of anybody was home. Could it be some crazed madman? Just a lonely person seeking some peace in the quiet mountains? This all seemed very strange to him. Hopefully he would soon find out what was going on…..

January 24th, 2006, 2:21 PM
Name: Jennifer "Jen" Irisia (I-RHys-Ya)

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Pokmon Team:


Species: Espeon
Nickname: Violet
Gender: Female
Moves: Psychic, Sand Attack, Psybeam, and Flash
History: Very self-centered, this Espeon was Jennifer's first Pokemon, though she got her as an Eevee. Then, as she grew older, and through rigorous training, she became an Espeon. At first she wuold believe the story Jen told her about the shard, until she saw it with her own two eyes, and to this day, hopes to help her in her quest to go back to the Temple, so not only Jen can see what the Crystal of Creation looks like up close.


Species: Flareon
Nickname: Inferno
Gender: Male
Moves: Fire Spin, Take Down, Growl, and Flame Wheel
History: Inferno was always a very dark Pokemon. (No pun intended) When Jen first found him, he was about to die after having a bloody battle with an Arcanine. Jen quickly healed him with a Full Restore she had and asked him if he wanted to join her team. Feeling grateful that a human showed him kindness, Inferno joined Jen's team and is her guardian, protecting her in all situations.


Nickname: Ice
Gender: Female
Moves: Aurora Beam, Hydro Pump, Acid Armor, and Surf
History: Ice's personality is like her name: Ice. She is a very cold and distant Pokemon. She was abandoded when she was an Eevee, Jen found her in a dumpster one night, when she was taking out the garbage at the Saffron City PokeMart one night. Jen then took her in, like Inferno, and used a Water Stone to eveolve her into a Vaporeon recently, since she needed to have a Pokemon that knew Surf to be able to go to the Temple across the sea. Vaporeon only opens up to Jen, and her history before Jen found her will be explained in the RP.

Personality: Jen is a very kind, and sweet person, but she can never say no. She is way too polite to tunr down any realistic request, for example, she wouldn't say no to helping an old lady across the street, but she would say no, just like the rest of us, to something like......climbing a roof to re-patch it. She is also a natural-born vigilante, always ready to help someone in need, an example would be her Pokemon. She also can be very mean to someone who makes fun her and is quick to make a witty comeback.

Description: Jen has radiant black hair that reaches down to her lower black, and in the sun, it looks blue. She wears a pink flower hairclip on both sides of her hair. she wears no make-up, since her face is naturally beautiful. Her clothes consist of a black sphagetti strap tank-top shirt, a black frilled long skirt which goes down past her feet, which makes her trip sometimes, and she wears black sandals(a real gothic looking person, which kinda outsets her personality). She also wears blue color contacts, but her true eye color is brown.

Other: Since she has trained so hard with her Pokemon, she has learned to know how they are feeling by their facial expressions. She also is very intelligent, but slightly athletic. She only trained hard so that she could balance out being very intelligent, with being an awesome trainer.

RPG Sample:

As Jen looked at the clock, which read 6:30 Am, she thought, "aww man, I wish I didn't have to go to work in a hour." She got up out of her black bed, rubbed her eyes, and felt around for her glasses. She grabbed them off of her night-stand, and put them on. she turned on the TV to watch the news. As she turned it on, she stood up, and walked toward her bathroom, which was located right across the left side of her bed. She went to her sink and grabbed her white toothbrush, put some toothpaste on the toothbrush, and brushed her teeth, loathing the thought of going to work later. She took a quick shower and went to her kitchen. She pulled out a bowl from her pantry and ate some cereal. After that, she got dressed, and got her bag, put Violet, Inferno, and Ice's PokeBalls inside, and then went outside, and got on her hot pink bike. She rode through the streets as the sun began to rise. The sidewalk seemed like it would go on forever when she pulled up to the Saffron City PokeMart. She walked inside, and greeted her friend Tony.

"Hey Tony, what's up?"
"Nothing much, but Arbok got really riled up yesterday."
"She always gets liek that, doens't she?"
"Well, i'm off to the cash register, see ya."
"All right, hey, remember, we have lunch together today, don't forget."
"Don't worry, I won't"

She walked toward the black cash register, and put the numbers 12321 in so it would open. To her, the entire day seemed to pass by like a blur. She then found herself riding home where she saw a wierd glow. She burst into her house and saw a shard floating in the air, she reached up to touch it and.....

January 24th, 2006, 3:04 PM
Name: Ivory Blanke (Blah-nke)
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Pokmon Team:
Vulpix~ Female
History:Ivory captured Sienna on her way back home, after her journey to learn about different pokemon and the world. Sienna is often seen hanging off Ivory's shoulder, or walking next to her. At first, Sienna was very keen to stay away from Ivory, as she had a dislike for humans in general, but after a few pokemon treats and some good old fashioned love, Sienna warmed up to her, though she still dislikes other humans.
Personality:Sienna believes that she deserves the best. She will not settle for regular pokemon food oh no, gourmet or near gourmet only! Of course, she's not going to go hungry for this, so she nearly always has to settle for regular pokemon food due to Ivory's limited budget. Sienna is stuck up, cocky, and likes to argue.

Shiney Rapidash~Female (is shiny okay?)
Nickname:Rapid Dash (Dash for short)
History: Rapid Dash, once a ponyta came into Ivory's possession when she tumbled down a cliff and nearly crushed the girl to death by falling on top of her. After setting up a camp for the two of them to recover from the fall Ivory teased the ponyta on it's rather fat belly, but good-naturedly of course. The Ponyta was determined to get in shape, to match it's special appearance, and began racing from destination to destination with Ivory, and when Ivory finally managed to get the Ponyta into a pokeball, it evolved inside the pokeball.
Personalityash is an energetic Rapidash who has boundless energy. She's hyper, optimistic, and one who always has to win the arguements. She dislikes snobby people and pokemon, creating tension between her and the little Vulpix. She's not afraid to say her mind, and she likes giving death threats to the male pokemon.

HIstory:Jet was caught a Kingdra, and a stubborn one at that. Even after being captured, Jet was rather indignant of the fact, and liked to spray Ivory with a jet of water to show her his dislike for her. It didn't take her long to notice this, and she sent him off, though his party had already shunted him aside for being so weaks as to be able to be captured by a human, so with no other choice besides get eaten by a gyrados, he slid back into Ivory's pokeball. He soon became used to his fellow pokemon's ridiculous arguements, and became the most passive of the party.
Personality: Jet is a passive, sarcastic, wise-cracking Kingdra, who is often sighing at his partners ridiculous antics. Especially since they always manage to drag him into the pranks. His patience is about .2 millimeters long, and when he runs out of patience, he solves the problem by blasting the annoying pokemon away with a hydro pump.

History:Shade was a gift to Ivory from her father, who'd been ambushed by the very pokemon in Hoenn. He was subject to many painful hours of sitting in a pokemon center, the chanseys clumsily pulling out the spikes. Wanting nothing to do with the pokemon he'd captured to save himself from more needles, he sent the Cacturne to Ivory, whom was extremely pleased, but not so much when the Cacturne deliberately gave her a hug.
Personality: Shade is very mischevious, and whenever he is let out of his pokeball and is not in battle, he'll walk up to a random person, give them a hug and stick needles in them in the process. He likes to argue very much with Sienna and Dash, as he finds them incredibly funny, but usually keeps quiet when they threaten him with a fire blast.

History: Nightmare was a mischevious Haunter at the point Ivory caught him, and he decided to have fun by using dream eater on her. Unfortunately for him Ivory's reaction to the dream was to throw all the pokeball in her inventory at him, catching him completley by surprise, she managed to capture him. He was at first angry at the fact she wasn't even conscious at the point when she capture him, but when he met Shade, they became best friends and, partners in crime.
Personality: Nightmare is just as mischevious as Shade, but instead of causing them physical pain, he causes mental pain with Dream Eater, his favorite move. He finds that Sienna and Dash are below his martial status, and ignore them with a refined air, and finds that Jet is a stuck up old coot who needs to get over himself. The only party member he ever agrees with is Shade.

Personality: Ivory is a cheerful girl, who helps someone whenever she can. Of course, she expects payment afterward, or some kind of favor in return, which is why she usually doesn't wait for someone to ask for help before helping them. She loves watching arguments, and cheers her pokemon on when they're arguing with someone else's pokemon, though amongst each other she'll snap at them to stop. She has as little patience as Jet, but she solves her problems by snapping at someone or giving them a good whack around the head. She has a rather childish demeanor, and will often do things older people tell her to do with a good grudge.
Description: Ivory has chesnut blonde hair that reaches her shoulders, flipped out is a choppy fashion. (like this Hairstyle only). She has warm purple eyes. (Like so). She has a pale complexion and has rather thin lips covered in a light gloss. Ivory wears ivory cream capri’s with a split down both sides, starting at the mid-thigh, black laces stringing them together and ending in a bow on each side. A black spaghetti shirt with two spaghetti stands on either side cover her thin torso. A silver gray running jacket with two green stripes going down the sleeves and sides cover the spaghetti strapped shirt, or it's tied around her waist. She has on black and white sketchers intermediates, white base, and black stripes. The black arm shanks around her upper arms, black ribbon choker around her neck, and jangly bracelets around her left wrist complete her look.
Other: N/A
RPG Sample: “Not again!” I groaned as I whacked the dusty dashboard of my plain black mo-ped.
“Stupid…stupid…stupid…” I said as I whacked it some more.
“Come on…” I muttered as I turned the key, my large amount of keychains clanking against each other as the motor started up and died away once again.
“My hands are so gross…” I said looking down at my black oil covered hands.
I glanced at my ice blue blouse but shook my head, brown braids whipping my face “I can’t wipe my hands on my shirt, it’s the second day of school, one of the most important days!”
I shook my head hopelessly and tried to start the motorcycle again. Thankfully I was on a private road, leading to the collage I would be now going to, and not very many cars passed.
Glaring at a car that honked at me and swerved past, speeding up just to annoy me, I turned the key angrily and more roughly this time.
“Yes!” I hissed as the motor didn’t die away.


“Crap…” I muttered.
I was only about ten feet away from where I originally was when the motor died again…I ignored the silver Cadillac that stopped next to me, in the opposite lane (the wrong direction I might add) after three cars had already took a detour around me.
The tinted window rolled down and a girl with bright blue hair tied into pigtails that splayed from behind her head to her chin and cheeks stared, bemused at me.
“Valerie.” She said in a disgusted tone, smirking, her ice blue eyes glinting maliciously.
I sighed and turned to glare at her after ignoring her for a full 40 seconds.
She sighed, and moved her purse off her lap, opened the silver door and stepped outside, pushing the car door closed very proudly.
She leaned again the now closed door, the window still open, and watched me whack the dashboard.
She clucked at me with her tounge and shook her head “Your hand’s are absolutely disgusting. No wonder you can’t get it started.”
I inwardly sighed again and turned to glare at her again.
She took no notice of course, but instead said “Here. Wipe your hands on this.” She said, bringing her hand across her tan, sleeveless cashmere turtleneck to reach into a fancy bag, that rested on her light brown, skirt. She was about two inches taller than me, with those deadly black heels on.
She held out a tissue holder, and I took it from her, staring skeptically as though it would spray me with water any instant.
She knew me, because she was in my all girls class. We all knew everyone…well, almost everyone. She turned and opened the car door again, but before she stepped back inside, she jumped and turned around.
“By the way,” She said, a bracelet clad hand covering her dark red lipstick “That’s a Gucci tissue holder. Remember to give it back.”
She got back into the shiny car and mumbled as she closed the window and motioned for the driver to go, “And all the kids at school take a car.”
I stared after the car with a feeling of disbelief at her nerve, and amusement at her attitude. Turning over the bag in my hand I scoffed and threw it over my shoulder onto the hard pavement. Trying for the last time of the day I finally turned on the stupid mo-ped, and sped off toward school.
Collage to be exact.


I parked my mo-ped in the janitor’s parking lot, because it was the only place used for motorcycles.
“My mom made you some dinner.” I said holding out a package for the old janitor.
“Why thank you!” He said happily.
“You may be the only student in the entire school who knows what a rice cooker looks like!” He said taking the package gratefully.
I laughed, because I knew it was most definetly true, besides my friend Lara, who lived in a poor enviorment just like me, compared to the rich students all around us.


A man in a drivers uniform hurried out of the black limo, and bustled to open the back passenger’s door.
A girl with red orange hair, swept to the side of her head, with bangs that swept the opposite direction, stepped out of the open door and tossed a yellow tote bag into the drivers hands.
“Hold it.” She said carelessly, brushing her black leather trench coat off with a dignified air, and smoothing out her hot magenta dress.
She used her hands to poof up her side ponytail slightly, and held out and expectant hand at the driver, surveying her surroundings with a superior stare.
The driver jumped and quickly handed her the tote bag.
“Next time, hand me both straps.” She scowled at him, grabbing the other strap and placing it securely in her hand.
He nodded and stammered “Y-yes Miss Misty.”
“That’s Ma’am to you.” She said snottily, walking up the stairs toward the classrooms making a very big scene compared to the other students around her.
“Oh…” Misty said with an air of faked dislike as she saw the girl in tan and pigtails walking about ten feet away from her.
“Ugh…” The other girl said the same.
They both looked around and as the students filtered away to get their books, the other girl, Krystal, smirked at Misty.
She swung her purse on her side twice by it’s plastic ‘chain’ like handle and landed it on her back the third.
She glanced at the purse before turning around, her head twisted to see Misty’s face, yet making sure Misty could see it very clearly.
“Ha! Prada purse. Look at my accessories!” Krystal said daintily.
Misty swung her head around to clear her face of her stray bangs and grabbed the edge of her trenchcoat.
Inside was plaid, and she flung it open on one side so Krystal could see the tag, though of course not be able to read it.
“Huh! Burberry’s Jacket. Top that!” Misty said smirking at Krystal.
Krystal glanced at the last few stragglers that hadn’t yet made it to their lockers and finger the necklace around her neck.
The square was all diamond and she leaned forward, though ten feet away all Misty saw was a glint on her neck in the sunlight, coming through the pillars of the open hallway.
“Millenium necklace.” Krystal said grinning at Misty “Limited. Edition.”
Misty looked at the last person outside uncomfortably and searched herself for a brandname.
“Oh…” Krystal said in mock sympathy “You don’t have anything? Looks like I win…too bad.”
Misty smirked a very amused smirk and then grinned “Nooot yet!” She said waggling her finger.
“Come closer.” Misty said still grinning.
Krystal skeptically swept around the empty halls with her eyes one last time before walking forward a little.
“Come on, I won’t bite.” Misty said, walking towards Krystal, the ten feet diminished now to one foot apart.
“Look very closely.” Misty said seriously, as she let Krystal examine her face at all angles.
Krystal gasped with sudden realization “JULIA ROBERTS’S NOSE!” She said pointing at Misty’s nose.
Misty let out a squeal of laughter.
“I can’t believe you what kind of friend are you?! You don’t even invite me to go get a nose job with you.” Krystal said in a huff.
“You didn’t invite me to go buy the necklace with you.” Misty said as the two began to walk towards their lockers.
“I tried, but I couldn’t find you!” Krystal said earnestly.
“Where’d you look for me?” Misty asked surprised.
“Paris…” Krystal said as though it was obvious.
“You’re ridiculous!” Misty squealed, pushing Krystal away playfully “We’re in Taiwan!”


“A 50,000 dollar nose?!” Lara exclaimed.
Lara had long black hair and beady black eyes, with pale chalk colored skin, and today she wore a light blue poncho and a lime green skirt the fell to her ankles. Her delicate hands were loaded with heavy books.
“I could live for a year on that nose.” I said putting away my notes.
“I could too!” Lara said, taking out her third textbook.
“Why do you have so many books?” I asked Lara.
“Well,” She said taking out another large textbook “It’s collage right? Shouldn’t there be a lot of textbooks?”
“But the list said you only needed this one…” I said knocking against the blue book in my hand.
“Yeah, but I thought that was ridiculous.” Lara said closing her locker.
“If you’re right then I’m doomed…” I muttered.
“Don’t worry about it, you know me, I always think too much.” She said as we both walked to class.
“I guess so…” I said closing my own locker “That usually is the case.”
Just a few lockers away from Valerie and Lara’s lockers, is an open locker…inside, is a red ribbon, with bold letters printed on it. ‘You’ll be dead’. F4 painted sloppily in gold on the ‘be’ in the middle.

January 24th, 2006, 4:26 PM
Name: Tobias Murdoch
Age: 15
Gender: male
Pokmon Team:

CLOVER: (Kirlia, f.) This shy little beauty, also known as "Cleo" is Toby's best friend and confidante. Her full name comes from the plant, due to similarities in colouration. Cleo is sweet-tempered and soft spoken, although, is her best friend is harmed, she will not hesitate to attack. She enjoys picking and arranging flowers, as well as reading--an activity most pokemon could learn, but few have the resources (namely, hands) to do. She knows Toby inside out, and can communicate with him telepathically. She also likes to be petted, hugged, or simply touched on the arm or shoulder when she's nervous, as it calms her, unless it's by someone she doesn't know, of course. When she's angry, which is almost never, the fits she throws have been know to provoke a lot of collateral damage--she becomes very, very violent when she's angered...

BRIGGS: (Growlithe, m.) Briggs was named after Old Man Briggs, the frightening old hermit who used to live on the edge of Viridian Forest and taught Toby how to catch, train and care for his pokemon. Briggs the Growlithe, given to Toby because he failed the VCPD standard-issue obedience test, is a rather dimwitted fellow, but what he lacks in brains he makes up for in courage and determination. He fights like a demon, and is easily the strongest offensive member of the team. However, being part of the police's breeding pool has done nothing for his looks; he's plain and unremarkable.

KIBUR: (Golduck, m.) Named after the cube--it's 'Rubik' backwards. Kibur was a gift from one of his mother's coworkers on his thirteenth birthday--one of the ducklings from the man's own Golduck, Jewel. At first the relationship was cool between trainer and pokemon; Kibur was constantly complaining of headaches, and Toby was impatient with him. Eventually though, Old Man Briggs' influence shone through, and Toby thought of giving his Psyduck head massages: the effects were immediate and more than welcome. Kibur eventually evolved from good treatment and plenty of massages, and stil recieves a good rubdown now and then--naturally, Cleo demands massages too, as do Briggs and Window. Toby is becoming quite the masseuse...

WINDOW: (Pidgeotto, f.): Winny is righteously angry at her own nickname. Toby never calls her Window in public, for fear of having to explain the whole story; Winny had a territorial dispute with a band of Spearow in Viridian Forest, and, severely weakened but victorious, tried to fly back to her nest. However, the wind, blowing strong that day, was too much for her sore muscles, and sent her tumbling through the air and right into Mr. Briggs' window. Taking the opportunity, Briggs and Toby, who'd been drinking tea inside, went out and proceeded to a lesson on the capture of pokemon. One Pidgeotto richer, Toby took his precious quarry to the Pokecenter right after. Once hse woke up she was fuming with rage. Incensed at having been caught by a newbie, she pecked away at her supposed 'trainer' when he approached to pet her. "It was the window that caught ye, m'dear, not the boy," reminded Mr. Briggs, and it stopped her from hurting the child further, but it didn't kill her ire. Even now, four years later, she still sometimes refuses to heed her trainer's advice, preferring her own (often better) tactics over his. During some battles he simply forgoes giving her advice, letting her do as she please. She's never lost him a match, so why bother?

Personality: Tobias is a very naive young man, having been raised a firm household whose basis was honor and justice, and it often doesn't occur to him that others might not follow these principles. He can be rather foolhardy at times, but overall he tries to think things through before he does them; what's more, Window and Clover make sure he doesn't get himself killed, on his mother's strict orders that he keep one of them out at all times. He's a friendly young man, but a very poor judge of character, as in, he'd try to befriend a biker thug the same way he'd go up to a Nurse Joy. This has gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion, but it's also made him many friends. He's pretty tactless but very sociable, and likes to have a stable group of friends; his cellphone is seemingly always ringing. He's obedient and mindful of his mother, and is polite to strangers. However, the more he discovers the world around him, while slowly figuring out more and more about himself, the more he's budding into a young rebel, one who enjoys doing things to purposely provoke others--a habit Clover, especially, is trying to nip in the bud. He's still very shy and awkward around girls; to him, the only female worth looking at, as of now, is Clover. Around other girls, he gets jittery and tongue-tied, unless he's known them for very long.

Description: Toby is fairly short for a boy his age, although his pediatrician has labeled him a 'late bloomer'. He's still barely reached five feet and three inches, rather pathetic at fifteen. Thankfully, a long career with the Viridian Venusaurs, the school soccer team, has given him the fitness and build he needs not to be seen as scrawny. He may be small, but his muscles are well-developped, even though they don't look like it. He's very endurant physically, but he does need a good 8 hours of sleep a night, for fear of waking up with a foul temper. He inherited his mother's looks, from her frizzy green-blue hair to her easily-tanned complexion. He has her square jaw and set face, with a cute, slightly upturned nose, thin mouth and expressive garnet eyes. His ears stick out a bit, but his hair, which tumbles gently down to his chin, covers them. He wants to get his ears pierced, not to mention get his hair cut and spiked, but his mother has expressedly forbidden it. He wears a plain white, collared, short-sleeved shirt with blue hems over a tropical green, blue-striped t-shirt. He keeps the white top open to show the dangling military-style dogtags he wears. He wears fitting jeans with flame-breathing Salamences embroidered on the bottom, with a green and orange braided leather belt. His feet are clad in a pair of old blue trainers, worn and caked over with mud. Clipped to his belt hoop is a decrepit silver pocketwatch, which he keeps safely tucked away in his pocket; it's a miracle it still tells time. It's a gift, so he rarely removes it, unless he's trying to catch pokemon, since it jangles as he walks. His signature is the VCPD jean jacket his mother's squad gave him the day he left the house; he's the only Viridian City resident to own one who isn't part of the Force.

Other: Toby has the magical oober-talent of being able to find any entry in the dictionnary without looking first! =D He's been taught the proper way to use a gun, though he certainly doesn't own one. (...yet. *cough*)

RPG Sample:
The evening is quiet along the edge of the woods. She's not sure where she's going--she's still young after all, and she's never been this close to the forest. A few sounds emerge from between the trees, caws of mother Murkrow, Hoothoot and Pidgey calling their young back to the nest. If she looks down the slope she can see the twinkling lights of the city, and wonders if Toby and Mama are looking for her. The sun sets behind the curtain of trees and she's somewhat scared, wondering what'll happen if the sun goes out completely and she's not back at home. She doesn't know where to go or what to do, because this has never happened before; Mama has warned her several times not to go off, so it must be bad, but she didn't mean to walk off in the first place, it's just because Toby was ignoring her in favor of silly sandcastles.

The sun bleeds fire along the horizon; it looks like the trees have caught fire, almost. She watches it as it pulls a blanket of darkness and stars over itself, and soon, she sees nothing, because it is too dark for her. She is not a nocturnal pokemon. She somehow feels she should call Toby with her mind, and tries, but instinct and power don't match and she can't, because she isn't quite strong enough yet. All she can do is stand there flickering distress. She shivers; it's the beginning of June and the summer nights aren't that warm yet. She remembers she should keep moving, and shuffles along the edge of the forest, keeping an eye out for danger, even though there's nothing in the forest big enough to eat her.

"My, what's a lovely little lass like ye doin' out here?"

The voice is hoarse and weary with age; the Ralts jumps, surprised, and turns to face a crooked little old man all bent over a cane. He looks down at her, eyes crinkling at the edges with amusement as she hides her face shyly.

"Now now there, young thing, I'm not after eatin' ye," he reassures her. "I live by these parts and've never seen ye before. Are ye lost?"

Keeping her head low, she nods, slowly, but takes a step back.

"That's quite alright, lass. My name's Barty Briggs. Perhaps ye could follow me to my house over yonder'n we could see about finding yer folks?"

She figures she's already broken the don't talk to strangers rule, and besides, she knows his name, so he isn't a stranger anymore, is he? So she follows; he walks very slowly, so keeping up isn't a bother. Occasionally, he stops to hack and cough violently into a hankerchief. Watching him, she gets the impression that even if he did try to hurt her, he wouldn't be in any condition to do her any harm.

His little cabin, with only one room--a cot in one corner, a kitchenette in the other, with a tiny wood stove, a bulky telephone and an ancient television set with--she'll discover later--only three channels. The place is lit by a naked lightbulb hanging precariously from the ceiling. He has a little table, big enough for two, maybe three people; he invites her to sit, but doesn't offer food or drink. Simply sets down a piece of paper and a pencil. He sits across from her and passes her the writing apparel.

"What can ye give me, lass? Can't find your family on me own, now, can I?"

He knows she's hardly feral or untrained, for having been so well-mannered earlier. Like he'd figured it would, the pencil trembles a bit and lifts into the air, just long enough for her to write what she's been taught:

VCPD - J. Murdoch

He chuckles under his breath. "Property of the Viridian City Police Department? That's a new one. Ah well, I'll call 'em up anyhow. Nice to make yer acquaintance, Clover."

He hobbles out of his chair with the piece of paper and goes to the telephone. She stares out the tiny, tauroseye window into the dark forest, feeling calmer now. When he announces that her Mama and Toby will be right over in a minute or two, she can only give him a nod. He rewards her with a cup of sweet-smelling tea that she doesn't touch.

"Yer a lucky one, Clover me lassie. Ya coulda been gobbled up out there," he points out the window, but his eyes tell her she would've been perfectly safe. Slowly, very careful, she sips from her cup, and then gives him a real, big smile.

January 25th, 2006, 3:40 AM
Ah, yes Tyson. You may evolve them, but it will take a lot of battling. Please ask me whenever you want to eveolve, and I shall decide whether or not it is allowed.

We just wait for Charon-Chan to post hers, and we begin.

January 28th, 2006, 6:42 AM
I was just informed, by Charon-chan herself, that she decided to quit this role-play. I don't know if you know this already or not, I just thought you needed to know ^^;;;

January 28th, 2006, 11:10 AM
OOC:Might Try? If you were invited you don't need to 'try' Diamond~Star

Whoops...I just PMed Charon! 0_0;;

January 28th, 2006, 1:17 PM
She wasn't invited, but I think she just wants to take the empty spot ^^; I guess we'll let Shadowspector decide what to do...

January 29th, 2006, 12:55 AM
Ah, I'm so sorry, Diamond~Star, but as the title states, it's an invitational RPG, and without an invite, you cannot join. I would have picked you, but there are lots of other people who've already signed up on the previous thread, wanting to have a go at this.

I think that Amethyst-Callista-Moon is going to be joining us soon. As soon as I open my Control Pannel...XP

Btw, thanks fo telling me about Charn-chan. A bit of a disappointment, because I was looking forward to RPing with her, but oh well. Thanks one more time...

January 30th, 2006, 6:13 AM
Yeah sorry about that xP ^^; *Is dumb*

February 5th, 2006, 3:20 PM
OOC: You're not dumb Diamond~Star, don't worry about it, everyone makes mistakes.

Anyway, DeathSpector, are we ever going to get another person? And are we ever going to learn what shard we're getting?

February 6th, 2006, 4:58 AM
OOC: Oh yeah, sorry about this :P

Yeah, well, Mariajet wanted to join, and I kinda said that she could, so sorry Diamond~Star. Once Mariajet signs up, we'll all get to know what shard we have. To tell the thruth, even I don't know which one I have... :P

February 6th, 2006, 9:49 AM
OOC: Soo, I guess getting Amethyst~Callista(sp?)~Moon to join this didn't work out? ^^;

February 6th, 2006, 5:15 PM
(I finally got around to this.)

Name: Terra Helgrind
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Pokemon Team:

Name: Star
Gender: Female
Species: Espeon
History: Star was Terra's very first pokemon. They are very close and have a speacial bond. Together they make a great team, but when they get spearated they are weak without each other. Star was a small Eevee when she saved Terra from her house when it was destroyed many years ago. Her attitude speaks for her. She can easily be angered or she could just burst out laughing. Star is usually a jumble of mixed emotions and sometimes shows Terra's true emotions.

Name: Cody
Gender: Male
Species: Arcanine
History: Cody was a Growlithe when Terra found him wandering around wounded. She treated his injuries and from there on out he never left her side. Cody had been eternally greatful for her kindness when other people he had senn while injured just looked down at him then kept walking. He worries about the smallest injury if Terra ever gets one and he is very protective of Terra.

Name: Driak
Gender: Male
Species: Houndoom
History: Driak decided to tag along with Terra and her group after they saved him from a terrible blizzard. He doesn't let anyone near Terra at all unless Terra wants to speak with that person. Driak will jump on the smallest thing just to keep it away from Terra. He is a hot-head with anger issues.

Name: Charchar
Gender: Male
Species: Sneasel
History: Char char or Char for short isn't the brightest Sneasel in the world, or even close to the brightest. He is actually a dimwit. His hyper and go-lucky attitude always brightens their day, or makes it worse. He is confused most of the time and thinks things are different than what they are. Example he sometimes thinks trees are trainers. Char is clueless most of the time and that's how he was caught by Terra.

Personality: Terra doesn't like to be near people. She doesn't trust anyone, but her pokemon. Her love to near fire often gets her burned badly. She doesn't mind because she enjoys the fire and heat. She hates water and the cold. Terra is what you would call a loner. She likes to do things by herself always.If anyone tries to help her she declines. Traveling through trees is the only way for her. Any other way is not good for her.

Description: Terra has long light brown hair that goes half way down her back and abruptly stops. Her emerald green eyes are usually emotionless if they aren't emotionless than they are usually tense and stern. She wears light red shirt and a solid black skirt that stops a little bit above her knees. She never takes a red band off from around her neck and she wears black tennis shoes so she can easily jump from tree to tree. She never smiles and her face is always unreadable.

Other: Terra is very stealthy and is very fast he walking pase is like a running pase to other people.

RP Sample:

Terra ran quickly through the forest. It sometimes seemed like she dissapeared. An Espeon ran next to her. "Come on Star we have to keep going."
She said dodging trees. Star nodded and kept running. In the distance yelling could be heard. "Hey you get back here I'm suppossed to capture you!" A rather large guy yelled angerly.

Terra scowled. "Well that's not going to happen any time soon." She yelled back and kept running. Terra hated having to deal with these guys so many times. They just wouldn't give up on chasing her.

Soon she stopped at a rather large cave and entered. As she entered she closed her eyes as warmth flooded over her quickly. There was fire in some areas, but it was securred in the areas by large rocks. Terra let out a sigh and sat down on a platform. She closed her eyes and breathed slowly trying to mantain the balance whitin her mind. She opened her eyes and looked around. It was calm and relaxing. Terra wondered why. She stood up and walked outside. There was Star staring into the distance. Everything seemed normal so Terra jumped up into a tree with a flip and looked far off into the forest. What will happen tomorrow? She asked herself in her head.

February 9th, 2006, 4:09 AM
OOC: Finally! Yeah, asking Amethyst to join didn't really work out how I hoped it would. I think she's still pissed at me for kicking her off initially, and wouldn't reply, but anyway. Here's a list of all the characters and the shards they have. Please do forgive me if I haven't chosen the shard that you wanted, but it's hard doing this stuff.

Tyson Telekinetic Shard

Jack_Skellington Levitation Shard

Naoko-Chan Stealth Shard

Arach Strength Shard

Mariajet Inferno Shard

Deathspector Tectonic Shard.

Have fun..., and feel free to start any time...

February 9th, 2006, 9:42 AM
OOC: Yeah! ^^ finally gonna start, and I have the telekinetic shard....yeah =D I'll start out, if you don't mind....Oh, and I have one little question, do all of us know about the power that the shard gives us? Because you said it appeared to us and we needed to return it to the temple....


Toren roamed around the docks of Vermillion City, looking around and doging his way around tons of people who were boarding some sort of fancy-looking boat. He nor his parents were able to afford a cabin on it, and besides, it wasn't even heading to the spot that he needed to get to. There were was only one, tiny boat that he knew about that was headed for Cinnabar Island, and by the looks of it, Toren wasn't sure if it was ready to go out into the sea.

"THIS, is the boat that I'm supposed to be riding?"

Toren said, approaching an old man who was standing near a shabby-looking, old fishing boat. It was pretty small for a fishing boat, but at least it had enough room for a couple people to roam around on.

"Your name is Toren Akio, is it not?"

The old man asked, taking a couple, slow steps forward towards Toren. He had to walk around with a cane, and so moved very slowly and shakily as he walked.

"Yes, yes it is. but I thought that I was headed to Cinnabar on an excellent boat by a master fisherman."

"Well, we can't all have everything we want, now can we, boy? C'mon, climb aboard, we're about to set sail."

Toren's eyes widened as the old man grabbed his shoulder and started leading him towardsthe boat. It was a little frightening to be in such a position, and this combined with a shard telling him that it needed to be returned to a temple proved to make for a very strange week for Toren Akio.

(Eh, sorry if it's not to good. I tried >.>;;; )

February 9th, 2006, 2:55 PM
OOC: Um...my characters from Cinnabar, so I dunno if that'll make an issue...

IC: Ivory sighed frustratedly as the shard that had annoyingly blinded her with flashes of light the other night zoomed around her room, bumping into her every now and then to catch her attention.

"God d*mn what's your problem?!" Ivory shouted as she stood up on her black bed sheets, the shard zooming to meet her inches from her face.

It flashed brilliantly over and over, as if relaying a message.

"Cinnabar?!" Ivory said repulsively at the annoying peice of rock "We ARE in Cinnabar you stupid inanimate object!"

The crystal quickly dullened and fell to her feet on the bed as hurried footsteps out in the hall sounded. Ivory's bedroom door opened with a slam and her little brother, messy chesnut hair flung all around his eyes, and a natural little brother sneer spread across his face like peanut butter, rushed into the room.

"First sign of insanity big sis," He sneered at her sticking his tounge out "Talking to yourself! Let alone arguing!"

Ivory scowled and was about to yell 'get out' but the now annoyed Kingdra once sleeping peacefully in the corner of her room had already blasted her brother out of the room, and swiped it's tail around to slam the door. The puddles on the hardwood floor seeped into the light blue towel flung over them as Ivory's little brother called for his mom.

The crystal flashed again, and brought itself back to meet Ivory's eyes. It began to flash more, and Ivory began to understand that it used a sort of symbolic flashing system. And after a few more flashes miraculously understood that it wasn't satisfied in this part of Cinnabar. The Northern part at least.

"Well have fun." Ivory said opening the window.

The crystal merely floated there, as Ivory held the window open, but made no move to leave. It flashed breifly once, and fell inanimate on the bed sheets again.

"I'm not goin' with you!" Ivory said letting the window slam shut "You're crazy you know that?!"

"FIRST SIGN OF INSANITY!" Ivory's little brother called from outside the door, which Jet had locked at the first signs of which the annoying pest was coming back for more.

OOC: If there's something awkward in my post, just tell me. If I'm not allowed to be in Cinnabar already, I'll find somewhere else to be I guess.

February 9th, 2006, 9:41 PM
((OOC: I shall make the official second post!! ^^!))

It began to glow, over and over again, the light almost blinding Jen, causing her to return her hand. It kept saying Cinnibar Island, and Levitate, but to Jen, it was a big blur until a few moments later when she actually touched it; which was when everything became clear to her. She then decided to test out the power of the shard. She held it tightly and focused on her bookbag. It began to slightly hover in the air, but after a minute or so, Jen began to feel sick, and lightheaded, so she stopped. Everything then turned into a big blur, the last thing she saw was her ceiling, and then blacked out....

Several hours later....

Jen awoke. She was confused at what had happened, and then remembered wht had happened with the shard. She picked it up, and packed her bag, knowing she had to go to Cinnibar Island. She then picked up her phone, and dialed Tony's phone number. It rang many times before she got an answer.

"Hello? Who's calling at this hour?" asked Tony; he sounded a bit sleepy.

"Hello? Tony? I need to ask you a favor, it's Jen" she replied, not knowing what time it was.

"Oh, sure Jen, what's up?" he asked, a but worried.

"I need for you to cover for me at work, for a couple of weeks," Jen said, hoping that Tony would accept.

"Come again?" he sighed, "ok then, but you owe me."

Jen quickly thanked him, and then hung up her phone. Throughout the entire conversation, Jen was packing, so she was finally ready to go. She had a hopeful expression on her face, and headed towards the Underground Passasge to Celadon City, her first stop on her way to Pallet Town, where she would Surf on Vaporeon to Cinnibar Island.....

February 10th, 2006, 5:16 AM
OOC: Nope, no problems with your posts. In fact, they're pretty good. of course, You'll have to wait until we're all at Cinnabar before heading off in search of the temple. We do not find out about the powers of the Crystal shards, or even know that it is a part of a crystal until our Pokmon tell us. Also, I write in first person, so...


The windy pathway of Route one looked forbodeing as I stared across its vast emptiness. I was glad that I wasn't forced to travel across that pathway. It sent shivers down my spine, eventhough I was standing several feet away from the begining of the path. I looked back over my shoulder.

There, placed in the groudn was the very reason I was here. It was a small gem of sorts, no longer than the length of my middle finger, and no thicker than the width of my thumb. Yet it seemed to draw me closer and closer. I bent down, and scooped it up.

It felt warm on my numb fingers. It was winter in Pallet Town, and the winds were reaching record high speeds. It was a good thing I was wearing my cloak, or else I would surely have been frozen by now.

The gem looked like it had been broken, but broken with such perfection that it was hard to see that it was actually broken. For a split second, I believed that the jewel was meant to be like that.

I turned the jewel back an forth within my hands, and suddenly, light errupted from within it, sending messages to my brain. i couldn't believe wat they were saying...

February 10th, 2006, 9:01 PM
It was half a day's walk from Viridian to Pallet; with the ice and howling wind, it was twice that. So Toby had left as soon as he could, taking off right under his mother's nose. While he felt bad about running away (which was basically what he'd done), it wasn't as if he could tell her he was going to Cinnabar on the advice of a jewel. Besides, route 1 pokemon were nothing worse than Raticates or Spearow, and with Briggs to keep warm and Clover to keep him company, he'd be fine. Occasionally he let out Window to be sure they were on the right path, but the chances of getting lost were slim.

"Show me jewel, again." Cleo pleaded, speaking telepathically to her friend. A bit reluctant, he gave it to her, but almost felt it wince at her strong psychic presence.

"Don't hold it for too long, Cleo. I don't think it likes you."

"It's so pretty though...I think I should know what it is, but...I don't."

Toby considered asking Window, but she probably wouldn't know. He took the shard away from her, and beside him, Briggs said something in Growlithe he didn't understand, but made Cleo giggle.

Tobias considered the gem in his hand, hitching his scarf up with the other. The jewel looked like it'd been broken off from something--broken off perfectly, with clean strikes. It was brown-orange, like amber, and pulsed with a faint yellowish, golden glow. He could feel the reassuring presence of it through his mitten. It wasn't warm per se, just...comforting. It wrapped around his mind like a strong hug, and he remembered when he'd found it, hidden in a drawer at the police station. He hadn't meant to steal it, but it had asked him to--who was he to refuse? He tenderly slipped it into his inner coat pocket, for fear of losing it or having it stolen.

Pallet town, a small community, was coming up ahead; already he could see thw windmill spire of profesor Gary Oak's lab. Minutes later they had left the tall, frozen stalks of grass of the road and entered the well-tended, flat fields of the small town. If he continued southwards, the jewel told him, flashing a picture of his itinerary into his mind, he could take route 21 to get to Cinnabar.

Suddenly, the shar sent sparks of color bursting in his head almost painfully. It wanted him to notice something nearby. There was someone...important? Clutching his aching head, he looked around, trying to find the source of the shard's excitement.


((OOC: He's noticing Eliadon, technically, or Ivory, if you wanna make her appear in Pallet in your next post, Naoko-chan. I'm leaving that open for y'all. n_n))

February 10th, 2006, 9:39 PM
OOC: Ivory's already at Cinnabar, so I dunno why she'd wanna back-track...???

IC: "Hey where are you going?!" Ivory asked frustrated as the shard zoomed all over the forests surrounding the volcano "What are you looking for anyway?!" She was done with this wild goose chase, and she made sure of that as she grabbed the shard from the air "Pick one path, and we'll go that way." She commanded.

It wriggled in her hand for a few moments, then glowed an eerie blue, and what it did next made Ivory yelp and let go of the shard abruptly. It had phased through her hand!! Literally!

"What are you anyway?" Ivory muttered, still totally freaked out and wondering whether she'd just imagined her hallucination. The mild winter in Cinnabar was to be thankful of, as she didn't have to wear a heavy jacket, unlike in places like Lavender, or Saffron. But this was ridiculous! It was smoldering hot after chasing around a shard she could barely see, save for the blinding flashes of sunlight reflecting off the smooth angles.

It flashed a few times to answer her question, though it was quite vague in the blunt answer of 'What do I look like?'.

"I can't believe I'm talking to a rock." Ivory muttered to herself.

"I can't believe I'M talking to a nut." The shard seemingly 'said' with more flashes of light.

<'Rock got your undies in a knot?'> Shade asked popping out of his pokeball <'Poor Rockie Wockie, it's gonna die soon!'> The Cacturne collapsed in laughter at the expression on Ivory's face.

"What a retard pokemon." Ivory mumbled through a haze of heat and frustration "Oi! Rock! I thought you wanted to go to the SOUTHERN part of Cinnabar!" Ivory shouted to the glint of light far ahead of her as she pointed behind her. In other words the opposite direction they were going.

February 11th, 2006, 1:54 AM

The lights flew around me in circles, like some crazed sort of flying creature, desperate to get inside my brain. Slowly, and carefully, I let my guard down, and immediately pictures and words rushed to my brain, with such force that I fell to the ground, clutching my head. The pictures were indicating a pathway to Cinnabar Island, across the water, and then from there, it was showing me another pathway, that led further out to sea, and suddenly, I was staring at a temple. After that, everything went blank.

I looked up, and felt the presence of another living thing. How I could do this, I didn't know, but I knew that someone else was there, and that he or she was important. I slowly got up, and holding the jem with trembling hands, I began to walk towards whoever was there.

But before I could take a single step, my pokè-belt began to vibrate, and one of them snapped open, flooding the surroundings in a pallid light. The light slowly took the form of my ever-faithful Typhlosion.

He stood up, towering above my cloaked figure, with menacing eyes, and his flame alight, I knew that he was not happy with something that I had just done. I cowered before him, and wimpered.


Typhlosion sighed, and grinned a wide and toothy grin, <I'm not trying ti intimidate you, Eliadon. All I want to do is ask you something. Reccently, and I mean in a matter of half an hour, I've been feeling an odd source of power emanating from you. What is it?>

I had to tell him...

February 12th, 2006, 11:43 AM
Toren leaned over the railing of the boat, staring down into the deep, blue water. Both of his parents had always gotten seasick when going on a boat or even thinking about a boat, but for some reason, Toren felt calm and relaxed as they moved through the endless sea.

Hale, who seemed to have been flying in circles around the boat, chirping softly to itself, noticed Toren by himself and then landed gracefully on his right shoulder. It cooed a little bit, cocking its head at Toren and wondering what was wrong, but Toren just smiled at her and whispered to her that she could go back to playing. She shrugged her head and zoomed back into the sky, never understanding why Toren actd so starnge, but then again, most humans did.

Ivan was currently swimming in the water alongside the boat, wishing that he could go on ahead. The boat wasn't moving that fast, and he would have been able to easily race ahead, but Toren gave Ivan one, tiny glare and he automatically knew what Toren meant...no.

"Erm, Captain, how long exactly is it going to take before we reach Cinnabar Island?"

Toren asked, turning around and walking towards the "captain", stopping beside of him and watching as he steered the boat. It was just one of those old run-of-the-mill steering wheels, but Toren noticed that it looked aged, as if it had been steering the vessel for many, many years.

"Oh, I'd say 'at we'll be 'ere in around an 'our half, maybe two 'ours. You just sit back and relax, we'll take 'are of everythin."

Toren rolled his eyes slightly, sighing and then walking quietly back to hir former spot. Hale continually watched him as she flew, and Ivan looked up occasionally from his swimming, but they eventually grew tired of it and focused on whatever it was that they were doing.

February 12th, 2006, 11:59 AM
"Alright you dumb rock where do you think your going now?" Ivory asked, very POed now as the rock continued it's journey north "Do you have some issue with the cardinal directions?"

It merely flashed in the sunlight as it waited for Ivory to catch up "Because South isn't North!" She said stomping up to it.

It continued after Ivory barely caught up, and soon stopped at the edge of...the pier?

"Hey, I'm not going to be seen talking to a rock, so either you keep us away from civilization, or I ignore you." Ivory said, already getting a few strange looks from passerbys.

'Too bad.' It said floating into the crowd. An invisible force pushed Ivory through the crowd, following the Crystal Shard "Hey what's the big idea?!" Many people shot indignant looks at her as the invisible hand pushed her right into them, often shoving them aside, making them think it was Ivory who did so.

"This is cheating!" Ivory said as she was pushed through the throng of people.

The stupid rock led Ivory all the way through the pier, and back to her neighborhood, which was extremely close to the port of Cinnabar, making it rather hard to even get out onto the streets sometimes, but this was ridiculous! Now she was phasing through everybody like the Rock had to her hand! And they didn't even notice!!

"Hey, peabrain!" Ivory said "You just took us in a huge circle. Where the h*ll do you want to go?!"

'We wait for the others.' It said flashing brilliantly now in the open sea sun.

"Others?!" Ivory said "There are other rock heads like you? This is getting insane." She would've left right there and then, but it was hard as she was somehow glued to the ground underneath her. It was totally unfair! She had no choice, no say, no opinion in this stupid...mission, or whatever.

'When they come we go South and search. It 'said'. As it anxiously (as anxiously as a rock can get) floated around Ivory waiting for it's 'pals' she glare at the rock and resolved to never talk to inanimate objects again. Excluding this thing, as it was too late for that.