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March 20th, 2004, 2:45 PM
What? Miyu-chan is writing yet another fanfiction? Yes, sir! I've always been a fan of Inuyasha-sama. =P And here it is. Hope ya'll like it. =D

United worlds ; United hearts : Prologue
By : Miyu-chan

Authors Notes -

Rated for mild language. O.O; Well, I got this idea by playing around with the idea that whatll happen if they were all defeated by Naraku. >.>;

Disclaimers - I do not own Inuyasha in any ways. ;-; But I do own his clothing. XD (Joking)

Credit goes to:

Silver_Charizard, for suggesting the title to me, and helping me proofread it. n_n Thank you so ever much! XD *glomps him* Okay, now lets go on, shall we? =D

He was trapped in a nightmare.

There was fire all around him. Where am I? he thought. He tripped over something, he looked down to see a man and a woman lying on the floor, holding hands.

Miroku Sango he muttered.

It was like I couldnt control my words, those names just slipped out of my mouth. he thought. Still, the pair had a familiar presence around them.

He kneeled down gently and felt their pulse.

Dead. Both of them were dead.

He felt a tear trickle down his cheek, making zigzags on his face.

That bastard will pay for this. he growled clutching a fist, his nails digging in his palms.

Suddenly a scream reached his sensitive ears. He leaped up toward the source of the scream.

He saw that it was the woman he loved, screaming because a weird guy in a baboon pelt just killed a huge cat like animal. He also had a feeling that it was the guy who killed the couple.

You shall pay for this, bastard! He roared, swinging a sword towards him.

It nearly missed him by a few inches.

You fool, dont you know that you can never beat me? it laughed.

Inuyasha, the woman cried out, dont try, its hopeless.

Am I this Inuyasha? he wondered.

But, Kagome, we have to try, damm it! he roared back while swinging his sword at the baboon.

So her name is Kagome he thought wistfully.

Suddenly, he was hit with a gigantic ball of chi.

Ill deal with her first, you later. it said coolly, sending a ball of chi at Kagomes direction.

I wont let you get Kagome! he yelled, running as fast as he can toward Kagome.

He leaped high in the year and landed in front of her, spreading his hands wide.

I made it He thought as the chi hit him.

He looked up to see Kagomes horrified expression.

Inuyasha Why did you do that? she cried, tears rolling down her face

He grinned and wiped one away, which took great effort. To protect you, baka. Never give up Kagome

Those were the last words he said before he woke up.

Authors Notes 2 - And if you noticed that the thoughts and the actions are completely different, thats because him is just simply experiencing Inuyashas last actions.

(He is Inuyashas reincarnation, if you didnt know.) so, yes this is a serious reincarnation fic that will end for chapters! @_@ Yay for me~~

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hate to interupt but that'z really good^_^ I'm a big InuYasha fan so it's nice to see a good fan fic on it. Keep it up Miyu!^_-

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Here's the second chapter! Thank you so much, Teara for the positive feedback. =D

United Worlds ; United Hearts - Chapter One
Authors notes - The language in this fan fiction has been reduced to a not-so-dirty vocabulary, for the use to post on this forum. @_@ We all know that Inuyasha uses some curse words, right? n_n; His reincarnation is no expectation. =P And if I used any of those Japanese terms wrong, feel free to tell me. And I have no idea about Japanese cultures, so I try my best by looking at all those Manga and Anime. O.O; Dont sue me. ><

Disclaimers - I don not own Inuyasha. Takashi Rumiko does. I hope she can give him to be someday through. *_*

Dedicated to - Silver_Charizard, my brother who loves Inuyasha. And is always the first to read my Inuyasha fanfics. =P

Urgh, Yasahiro groaned, rubbing his forehead. That was such a weird dream He climbed up from his bed and went to the bathroom.

And I frigging died in that dream! he exclaimed while squeezing the toothpaste on his toothbrush, accidentally squeezing too much.

Oops he muttered, wiping off a little and rinsing it in the sink.

But, still I wonder what happened next when I died? Did she beat that weird baboon guy? he mused, his mouth full of foam. He spat the foam in the sink and began splashing warm water on his face.

It was just only a dream, Yasahiro. Get over it! he growled, and slapped himself in the face. That was something Sango would have done to Miroku He thought as he smiled to himself.

He stopped smiling as one thought came in his mind. Wait a minute, whos Sango and Miroku?

He shook his head and looked in the mirror.

I must be going crazy he told himself. Suddenly he noticed something was wrong with his reflection. His normally short black hair was replaced by long silver hair, with dog ears on top. And the eyes staring back at him werent his brown. They were gold.

What the?! He blinked and splashed some ice cold water on his face. When he looked up, his reflection was back to normal.

Okay, thats it. Im double crazy. he ran out the bathroom and started changing into his new school uniform.

Just as he was buttoning the top, a knock sounded outside his door.

What?! he yelled, frustrated.

Young Master, your father awaits you for breakfast. the voice of one of his fathers many maids said.

OK! Ill be down as soon as possible, damm it! he yelled back.

The maid shook her head. Ever since his mother died, he was sent here to live with his wealthy father with noble blood. His fathers relatives refused to admit that Yasahiro was part of their family, so they sent he and his mother away, and his father married someone that they approved of. But when Yasahiros mother died, that changed everything. The maid shook her head again and started down the stairs.

Just then, Yasahiro slammed his door open, ran to the stairway, and slid down the rail, passing the bewildered maid.

Young Master! I didnt dust the rails yet! she exclaimed. But it was too late.

My salary is going to be cut again she thought sadly.

After Yasahiro touched down, he started to run for the formal dining room, but on the way he bumped into his half brother, who looked down at him with a disgusted face, and shoved him away, dusting his clothes where Yasahiro bumped into him.

Now I have to change...He muttered to himself as he started for his room.

Yasahiro ignored him. He knew that he was just disgusted that Yasahiros mother wasnt of noble blood.

He slid into the seat across his father and muttered a polite. Ohiyo, Ojii-sama.

He picked at his breakfast, thinking about the reflection in the mirror.

It looked like me, but then again, it wasnt me But I felt that it *was* me God, Im confused with all these logic. He glanced up at the clock, realizing that he was late.

Oh, ****! he exclaimed, stuffing the scrambled eggs into his mouth, then rushing out the door.

Wait, Yasahiro, his father called. Yasahiro stopped to turn to his father. Ill give you a ride to school. Yasahiro gulped down the eggs with great difficulty.

No thank you sir, Ill ride my bike to school. he replied politely, bowing. After bowing, he rushed out the door.

Number one. He did not want to ride with his so-called half brother.

Number two. His fathers driving car was a Mercedes Benz. He did not want to be looked upon as a rich snobby kid. Not that he cared. Well actually, it was because in the past, it was he who looked down on rich snobby kids.

Number three. He always rode his bike to school.

Number four. He was uncomfortable around his father. With all these reasons, the answer was no.

He entered the room that his father told him that their family always went inside to pray, before leaving for work or school. He kneeled down in front of those portraits of his ancestors and prayed a brief prayer.

OkTime to go to school. he thought and stood up to leave. But while he was standing up he felt drawn over to the sword in front of his ancestors portraits. There were two swords that were passed down, generation to generation in his family. Tetsusaiga and Tensaiga.

Tetsusaiga Yasahiro murmured. The name felt just right on his tongue as if he said it a million years. Yasahiros eyes became glazy and reached toward the sword, its heartbeat matching his own. As he touched the hilt of the sword, his half brother came in.

Hey! What are you doing, someone like you touching my family heirloom?! he demanded coldly at Yasahiro.

Yasahiro snapped out his trance. What the ____ am I doing? He thought as he looked at the sword.

****, I dont know, why dont you just shut up?! he yelled at his half brother, storming out the room. He slung his backpack over his shoulders and peddled to school.


Hiragushi Kagome was walking to her new high school. She was surprised that she actually got into one, because she was overcome with grief over her friends death. AndInuyashas. Naraku killed Kaede first, then Rin, then Sango, then Miroku, then Sesshomaru, then Kirara, then Inuyasha Just thinking about it brought tears to her eyes. But in the end she defeated him, with Inuyashas words before he died, and with the help of her friends.

She looked up at the sky, admiring the sapphire blue color and the puffy white clouds. She spotted one cloud that looked like a dog. Just thinking about dogs made her think about Inuyasha. She shook her head, feeling the tears in her eyes. Now was not the time to cry.

Suddenly, she felt Inuyashas presence behind her.

Can it be? Hes not dead after all? she thought, surprised.

She looked around her franticly, trying to find a guy with red clothes and long, silver hair. She saw no one bearing that resemblance. The only people around her were her giggling friends. The only guy there was a guy who went to the same school as her, riding a bicycle.

I must have been thinking too much about him.. Kagome shook her head sadly as she continued to walk to school.

Authors notes 2 - Yes, the guy on the bicycle was Yasahiro. n_n So, what do you think? XD I really need a name for Yasahiros half brother =_= And I hoped I spelled those swords right. O_o

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United Worlds, United Hearts - Chapter Two

By- Miyu-chan

Author Notes - Im not Japanese, and Im not too familiar with the Japanese culture either. So, if you find any mistakes, PM me or Email me, or, leave a review telling me about it and Id be eternally grateful. XD On another note I just changed to an Inuyasha desktop! XDDDD He is such a cutie. =3 *glomps Inu-kun*

Inuyasha : *stuffled sounds* Lemme go! x_x;

Disclaimers - I do not own Inuyasha or Kagome or Sango or Miroku. But I do own the script of this fan fiction. I wish that I had an Inuyasha plushie though. =3

Kagome was busy taking down notes when the bell rang.

Saved by the bell! she thought, putting her books away in her book bag.

Okay, class dismissed. But, remember to do page 15,16, and 19 in your workbooks! Yamada-sensei reminded.

Awww! the whole class groaned. Kagome groaned too. It was the first day of school, and theyve gotten a English book assignment, a Japanese research paper, A research paper on Biology, and three pages of Mathematics homework.

Kagome grabbed her book bag and headed out to the archery field, where she signed up for the archery team.

Now, listen up people! said Fukazawa Saeko. We are not here to play! We are here to achieve, to succeed! she said. AndEeee! she shrieked in the middle of her lecture. She whirled around slapping the culprit leaving a bright red hand mark on his face.

Oh its just you. Saeko said, glancing sharply at him. Go back to where you belong, dont you have a kendo club to train? she said coldly.

Come on, Saeko-chan~ dont be so cruel

Go. Back. she said pointing a finger at the group of people.

Nakata Mitsuo sighed and trudged off.

Does she has to be so cruel? he thought, rubbing the bright red handprint on his face.

Kagome rushed in at this moment. Sorry senpei, Im afraid Im late she said, looking up at her, her eyes widening in shock.

Oh my God she looks just like Sango-chan This is just too weird too weird Maybe Im dreaming, and Ill wake up later

Kagome rubbed her eyes and said, Well Ill just go and practice there she said, pointing at the place nearest to the kendo people. She trudged over and listened to the rest of senpeis lecture.

Hey, Fukazawa-senpei and Nakata-senpei make a really cute couple~! a girl next to Kagome squealed.

Yeah, even though Fukuzawa-senpei acts all cold around him, she cares for him a lot. her partner agreed.

Kagome sighed. Her senpei sure sounded a lot like Sango, is it really a dream? She pinched herself to make sure.

Owww! she shrieked. The two gossiping girls stopped their gossip to look at her for a brief moment, then they returned to giggling again.

Kagome sighed again. If sighing once equals one yen, shed be rich by now.

If Fukuzawa-senpei really *is* Sango-chan, then why did they reincarnate to this time period? Well, I *am* the reincarnation of Kikyo, so it could be possible And is Miroku here too? And Inuyasha? Or is only Sango here? Or maybe Im all mistaken and senpei is just someone who has no connection to Sango. Kagome glanced up at Fukuzawa-senpei demonstrating how to shoot an arrow.

She looks exactly like Sango The pose the sprit Kagome turned around to stare at the kendo team training. One boy caught her eye, and Kagome suddenly had the same feeling that she had in the morning. Inuyashas presence.


Yasahiro grumbled as Nakata-senpei walked back over with a red handprint on his face.

Whatca do again to get a slap like that? someone hollered from the back.

His senpei ignored them and started demonstrating how to wield the sword. Yasahiro grumbled again. He already knew all this. Heck, he was training with his mother since he was 5, she always said that Yasahiro had a special knack with kendo.

However, Nakata-senpei seemed so overwhelming familiar. Like he saw him before. In his weird dreams or something.

Miroku he murmured. Yeah, that was supposed to be his name. It sounded better than Mitsuo, thats for sure, ****. It sounded like a girls name! Yasahiro thought as he smirked.

This is all too weird he thought, thinking about the strange things that happened in the morning. He fingered the bracelet that he always wore, with a small woven rope and a pink shred of glass on it. His mother told him to never take it off. All of a sudden, he wondered why.

Is it that if Ill take it off, Ill turn into a monster or something? he laughed to himself at that thought. Little that he know that he was very close to the truth.

All of a sudden, Yasahiro felt uncomfortable, and he had a feeling of someone staring at him. He turned around and found a girl from the archery club staring at him. Well, it seemed to be staring at him, but Yasahiro couldnt tell because his face was shielded by a mask. On a closer inspection, that girl looked exactly like the girl from his dreams, Kagome.

What the ****?! He exclaimed loudly, getting up to run over.

Nakata-senpei glared at him. Where do you think you are going?! Practice isnt over yet!

Yasahiro ignored him and kept on walking. Do you think I care about all this ****?! You can practice swinging those wooden swords, I wont give a damm! he yelled back, attracting unwanted-attention from the members of the archery club. Gasps from the girls, and cheers from the boys.

Nakata Mitsuo walked over to Yasahiro and turned him around to face him.

I understand that you are very skilled in this field, but this isnt the way to show off. If you want to go run away, do it after training session. Or else the teachers shall be hearing about your behavior. he said quietly, and walked back to resume teaching.

Yasahiro grumbled and sat back down. As much as he didnt want to admit it, he was right. He got into enough trouble for the first day of school. He glanced at the girl, who was shooting an arrow.

Theres always time for later Yasahiro thought as he fingered the pink stone on the bracelet. Unknown to him, Mitsuo looked at him sadly.

Has the time come? he thought silently, glancing down at his right hand, where there was a ward wrapped tightly around it.

--- [flashback] ---

Ten year old Mitsuo was walking down the street, heading home from the grocery store. It was getting dark, and the foreboding shadows of the trees, and the cold wind, made him quicken his pace. He ran as fast as he could.

Moms probably worried sick about me he thought worriedly.

Suddenly, he ran smack into someone.

Gomen Nasai! little Mitsuo stammered.

The man turned around, studying Mitsuo with an intense stare.

He smiled. A wicked smile. From what youve done to me, you think a little sorry is enough?

Mitsuo blinked in surprise. He had never seen this guy before, nether less offend him. But from what he could tell, he was a bad guy, with capital letters.

Mitsuo turned to run, but the bad guy was standing right in front of him As if he moved at an incredible speed.

Oh I can that you cant remember. he said in a mock-surprise tone. Want me to help you? he laughed wickedly.

Iie Mitsuo stammered.

He went on, as if he didnt hear him. My name is Naraku, and Im here to give you a little present. He said coolly, circling Mitsuo like a lion circling its prey.

Mitsuo turned around and attempted to run, but there Naraku was again, blocking him.

Naruku leaped forward and touched the palm of Mitsuos right hand with his index finger. I assure you, Miroku. he said. You will remember with this. he said and disappeared.

A whirlwind of stuff spinning around him was the last thing he remembered.

--- [End of Flashback] ---

The time has come. Mitsuo thought, clutching his right hand into a fist.

Author Notes 2 - Inuyasha, Kagome and Sango and Miroku! XD What more can you ask for? ;D Hope yall enjoy it~ Next chapter, Yasahiros and Kagomes talk! =D I can already feel the plot bunnies hopping around. >=D This is my first fic to have run for so long. *tears of joy* Praise the lord~

Dedicated - Dedicated to Teara, who first complimented me on this fan fiction. XD