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viridian doubletongue
February 3rd, 2006, 11:53 AM
I revived this thread because it was really good before.

It goes like this I ask a stupid question...& Then you give me a stupid answer...got it, good, don't got it...tough.

Note: The answers given must relate remotely to the question asked.

I'll go first
What happens if you stare up at the sky for too long?

February 3rd, 2006, 11:54 AM
You will get bored.
What would happen if the Sun blew up?

viridian doubletongue
February 3rd, 2006, 11:56 AM
We'd all die...painfully

What colour is the sky on Mondays?

February 3rd, 2006, 11:59 AM
There is no sky on Mondays

Why is there no sky on Mondays?

February 3rd, 2006, 12:48 PM
There is no sky on Mondays

Why is there no sky on Mondays?
Because thats when the sun is on vacation.

Why am I asking this question?

Involuntary Twitch
February 3rd, 2006, 7:03 PM
Because you replied to this topic. XD

Why is the sky reddyorangeyblueymagenta?

February 3rd, 2006, 7:05 PM
Because it is, and that's that! *brainwashes*

Why did I brainwash you?

February 3rd, 2006, 7:11 PM
uh, you should know.

Why do i have to go to bed?

Involuntary Twitch
February 3rd, 2006, 7:14 PM
Because if you don't, we'll all DIEEE!!! *shot*

Why did I just shoot myself?

February 3rd, 2006, 7:16 PM
Because you wanted uhh, what that word again *eats glasses*

Why did i just eat my glasses?

Overlord IX
February 3rd, 2006, 7:18 PM
because you thought it was the awnser to ur previous question.

Why is this game back again?

February 4th, 2006, 12:37 AM
Because Digital Mage didn't have anything better to do than to revive this thread.

Why didn't Digital Mage have anything better to do?

February 4th, 2006, 1:09 AM
Because he was eating lunch with Captain Hook.

Why am I addicted to flowers?

February 4th, 2006, 1:56 AM
Because being addicted to giant ants with hide-melting acid would be much more dangerous.

Why do I have seven toes on my left foot?

viridian doubletongue
February 4th, 2006, 3:35 AM
If I told you it would traumatise you for your whole life.

Is it?

February 5th, 2006, 10:44 AM
Only in an alternate universe. D:

Do demonic unicorns dwell in the said universe?

viridian doubletongue
February 5th, 2006, 10:46 AM
No, your confusing them with demonic horses.

What's that behind you?

February 5th, 2006, 10:47 AM
It's a *coughIdon'tkonwwhatcough*

How come I just coughed?

February 5th, 2006, 10:48 AM
Because you were trying to disguise that you are that bunny's secret agent.

Why in the world would that bunny employ you?

viridian doubletongue
February 5th, 2006, 10:50 AM
Because everyone else quit because of the lousy pay.

What looks like stick man but fights like an anime character?

February 5th, 2006, 10:51 AM
Bladeboy...no no! My dog! <3

Why would a dog fight crime?

February 5th, 2006, 10:52 AM
Because criminals might have muffins or even cookies, maybe?

When was the last time I talked to someone?

viridian doubletongue
February 5th, 2006, 10:54 AM
nineteen dickety-two.

How many feathers does a Bittern have?

February 5th, 2006, 10:59 AM
79 - 87

How come Bitterns have so few feathers?

viridian doubletongue
February 5th, 2006, 11:00 AM
Because they are plucked once a month of their expensive gold feathers.

How did gold evolve into the feathers of a bird?

February 5th, 2006, 11:02 AM
The space cows paint every bird gold when they hatch

Where do space cows come from?

February 5th, 2006, 11:04 AM
Space, DUH.

Why is my name green?

February 5th, 2006, 11:04 AM
When a mommy space cow and a daddy space cow love each other vewy much............

EDIT: Gah, beaten. @.@

Because it was lettered with spinach! 8D

How can something be lettered with a vegetable?

February 5th, 2006, 11:05 AM
Don't ask questions, it's just a game.

Why is this a game?

viridian doubletongue
February 5th, 2006, 11:10 AM
Because you play it.

Why do people have to question the game?

Shiny Umbreon
February 5th, 2006, 2:34 PM
because they don't have anything else to question.

why do the questions are called questions?

February 5th, 2006, 2:59 PM
because it wouldn't make sense

is this a stupid question? (try to make a stupider question to this)

Shiny Umbreon
February 5th, 2006, 3:05 PM
not more stupid than my answer

Why was my answer more stupid than his question?

February 5th, 2006, 3:16 PM
because it wasn't!

How come the forums are glitchy on my computer? (serissouly, they are)

viridian doubletongue
February 7th, 2006, 10:33 AM
Because you computer has a digital cold.

What's a digital cold?

February 7th, 2006, 6:07 PM
its when snot comes out of your cd compartment on your computer

Why is blue and the sun red?

I Want Your Skull
February 7th, 2006, 7:19 PM
Because the sun isn't red.

Why is you?

viridian doubletongue
February 8th, 2006, 6:53 AM
Because god made me.

What colour is the universe?

February 9th, 2006, 4:25 PM
The universe is the color of the alphabet.

Why is the alphabet a color?

viridian doubletongue
February 10th, 2006, 11:20 AM
Because it's so long it could be anything.

Has anyone really ever found a shiny golem?

Crunkn' Munky
February 10th, 2006, 11:29 AM
they are found all over in Poke'mon orange...
How much chuck could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

February 10th, 2006, 11:30 AM
11 pints of milk

will there be any time for that creature thar?

viridian doubletongue
February 10th, 2006, 11:35 AM
Not much *shoots it*.

Did I have to do that?

Crunkn' Munky
February 10th, 2006, 11:38 AM
maybe if your goldfish wore shoes you would have the right to!! hmph!!
why does glass smell like glue?

viridian doubletongue
February 10th, 2006, 11:40 AM
Because you were sticking your glasses the the wall.

Why on Earth would you do that?

February 10th, 2006, 11:41 AM
because you glued your face so you thought might as well put the glasses on too!
who is he who wore white without wasting wonka bars?

Crunkn' Munky
February 10th, 2006, 11:43 AM
My pet rock Steve...
Why does Elvis live in my sock drawer?

viridian doubletongue
February 10th, 2006, 11:46 AM
Because he left his stash there.

Why is Crunkn' Munky so insane?

Crunkn' Munky
February 10th, 2006, 11:51 AM
Because he wants someone to sniff his hand...
what is up with the number 82?

February 11th, 2006, 5:45 PM
to A PIRATE it's matey poed! youk

why am i addicted to advanceshipping?:\

viridian doubletongue
February 12th, 2006, 6:08 AM
Because your name is grandadvanceshipper...what a coincidence.

What is advance shipping?

February 12th, 2006, 7:16 AM
advance shipping....is uh.....uh......*bangs head on wall*

:knockedou y...did.....i...just....bang....my....head....on....da...wall?

February 12th, 2006, 7:36 AM
'Cause the lil' voice in your head stated so.

Why can't chickens fly?

February 12th, 2006, 7:43 AM
because their brain is so small they wouldn't even think they could fly?

y do chickens have a small brain?

February 12th, 2006, 8:05 AM
cause umm.......*kils a chick*
why did i just kill misty

February 12th, 2006, 9:37 AM
because you think Ash and May would make a better couple, maybe? O.o

Why do I think Misty and Ash would be the perfet pair?

February 12th, 2006, 9:52 AM
cause your my dark side
why is may nicknamened filty dog?

February 12th, 2006, 10:03 AM
Because Misty totally pwns her =P

Why does Misty totally pwn May?

February 12th, 2006, 10:05 AM
you dont want to know
why was i born

February 12th, 2006, 10:07 AM
Because the mighty pickle up in the sky created you for no apparent reason O.o

When will Idon'tknowwhat end?

February 12th, 2006, 12:03 PM
cuz......uh...............i dont get it!!!! *stabs smarties-kun in they eye*

O_O y did i just stab smarties-kun in they eye????

February 12th, 2006, 12:52 PM
Because you hate him.

Why am i trying to type in 2 colors?

February 12th, 2006, 2:31 PM
because u think typing in colors kick a$$?

y did i say a$$?

February 12th, 2006, 2:45 PM
Because you wanted money!


Why did i just snease?

February 12th, 2006, 3:10 PM
because u felt guilty of something?

y did i just awnser 2 this question?????

February 12th, 2006, 3:12 PM
Because, if you didn't you would be breaking the game.

why am i typing in blue and bold?

February 12th, 2006, 3:15 PM
you like the BALD eagle!no wait...???uh......XD
what is XD?

February 12th, 2006, 3:29 PM
it means a laughing face better then lol

how come that awnser wasn't stupid?

February 12th, 2006, 3:53 PM
cause im smart
whyam i smart?

February 12th, 2006, 3:56 PM
because you watch Pokémon

Why do kids cry?

February 12th, 2006, 3:58 PM
because ur a zombie and u keep eating ppl's brains that's y

y did i think of that awnser so quickly?

February 12th, 2006, 4:35 PM
BecAUSE you HADe no choice

WHY am I TYpING THis IN A whole LOTa CAps?

February 12th, 2006, 4:36 PM
Because you saw it soemwhere else and thought it was cool.

What makes green?

February 12th, 2006, 5:41 PM
Blue and another color..

How is soda drank?

viridian doubletongue
February 13th, 2006, 4:31 AM
Through your eyeballs.

How do you eat a sandwich upsidedown?

February 13th, 2006, 4:35 AM
Easy, you poke it with a fork, slice it in pieces and eat it.

What was that all about?

viridian doubletongue
February 13th, 2006, 4:42 AM
It was all about the sandwich that I never ate.

What was the filling for that sandwich?

February 13th, 2006, 4:48 AM
the banana that sang "its peanut butter jelly time!"

can you describe this question?

viridian doubletongue
February 13th, 2006, 4:58 AM
It is a question asking me do describe it.

What defines a question?

February 13th, 2006, 5:03 AM
the therory of relativity...

is space travel not not posible?

viridian doubletongue
February 13th, 2006, 5:11 AM
Yes....I mean no...I mean yes.

What does a hollow eat for breakfast?

February 13th, 2006, 1:10 PM
uh....uh................O_O i dunno!!!!!!!

wats a hollow??? (don't call me an idiot!!!! >.<)

February 13th, 2006, 3:20 PM
idiot XD

is misty an idiot 2?

Crunkn' Munky
February 13th, 2006, 3:23 PM
Because she takes 2 steps in 3 seconds, then yes
Why do I count Misty's steps?

February 13th, 2006, 3:31 PM
RESVRTF^#$EW^$R%(*E%^$E*SET^$UYR^FY you are my dark side! i shall kill youGUYIR%E$*&%&*#S$*&^%(&*)%
why did i just kill him?

Crunkn' Munky
February 13th, 2006, 3:37 PM
Because I am not dead...
Why did I just kill grandadvanceshipper?

February 13th, 2006, 3:54 PM
becuz he stole ur gf

y does crunkn' munkey have a gf? (girlfriend -_-)

February 13th, 2006, 5:02 PM

why do i think im venus the poke-god of love?

February 13th, 2006, 6:07 PM
because ur a girl? (XD)

y is grandadvanceshipper a girl?

viridian doubletongue
February 14th, 2006, 3:43 AM
Because of the rays from the red glow text.

What's my name?

Crunkn' Munky
February 14th, 2006, 12:41 PM
your name is Cindy Lucy
Why is the color blue, blue?

February 14th, 2006, 2:59 PM
becuse the great god of blue made it that name

y is there a great god of blue?

Crunkn' Munky
February 14th, 2006, 3:10 PM
No , but there is an Eiffel tower
Why are books readable?

February 14th, 2006, 3:13 PM
cuz we have a special power

y do we have a power like that?

viridian doubletongue
February 15th, 2006, 6:17 AM
To advance the culture of of modern civilisation.

What, what & the what, what?

February 15th, 2006, 2:01 PM
what what then wath watts wattson maykissash

now watt do i ax

February 15th, 2006, 6:12 PM

y can't i answer his question? :\

Chase Leader
February 15th, 2006, 7:35 PM
Because I never said you could.

Whats the point of never making mistakes?

viridian doubletongue
February 16th, 2006, 9:46 AM
A flawless record.

What is a menos made of?

February 16th, 2006, 9:52 AM

wats a menos??????


viridian doubletongue
February 16th, 2006, 10:12 AM
100's of hollows fused together.

What's a hollow?

February 16th, 2006, 10:18 AM
its those things u use 2 put all together 2 make a meno.

den what makes a hollow?


February 16th, 2006, 10:43 AM
A what? I just want pie

What did my answer have to do with the previous question?

February 16th, 2006, 10:45 AM
huh??????? i just ate 1 of ur friends

y did i eat 1 of his friends? :\


February 16th, 2006, 11:14 AM
Because deep inside you just want to be loved O.o

What the heck was I just saying?

February 16th, 2006, 11:20 AM
ur saying nothing O.o

y did i say he said nothing even though he did????


Crunkn' Munky
February 17th, 2006, 12:42 PM
No because your black words are unreadable
Why do Chickens have talons?

February 17th, 2006, 12:45 PM
bcuz they do

wats a talon? O_o


Crunkn' Munky
February 17th, 2006, 12:48 PM
Can't read your words
what is a henweigh?

Crunkn' Munky
February 17th, 2006, 12:49 PM
sorry for the double post but 4 pounds
sniff my hand?

MAR Heaven
February 17th, 2006, 12:52 PM
No I have already sniffed mine.

Am I watching MAD TV?

Crunkn' Munky
February 17th, 2006, 12:58 PM
No, you are watching Home Improvement
why doesn't he want to sniff my hand

February 17th, 2006, 1:00 PM
he wants to listen to the radio
can you ever dive into a vat of toxic waste and regret it?

Crunkn' Munky
February 17th, 2006, 1:04 PM
Is it Narquil?
Do you want to sniff my hand?

February 17th, 2006, 1:10 PM
no, wat if it smells O_o

y does he want ppl 2 sniff his hand? :\


Crunkn' Munky
February 17th, 2006, 1:18 PM
Because It improves eyesight which makes me see your words
Sniff the hand? just once

February 17th, 2006, 1:21 PM
no, i think it smells O_o

y won't he give up answering that question?


February 17th, 2006, 2:39 PM
Because he doesn't have a nose...

Why is Mario Luigi's brother?

February 17th, 2006, 2:41 PM
bcuz i'm the 1 who made mario let luigi be his bro

y'ed u do that?


viridian doubletongue
February 18th, 2006, 12:01 PM
Why do you insist on stupid questions?

How do you turn to the back page of a book without touching it?

February 18th, 2006, 12:05 PM
cuz u didn't awnser my question! >.<

y is he so empty minded?


February 18th, 2006, 12:08 PM
He isn't You just think he is

Why do you (DragonSlayer(Ryan) use chat talk on forums?

February 18th, 2006, 12:10 PM
bcuz i feel like it -_-

what kinda question is that? xd


viridian doubletongue
February 19th, 2006, 8:36 AM
A pointless (not stupid or random) one.

How come he's still allowed to post here?

February 19th, 2006, 8:47 AM
because GOD said i could

was he talking 2 me?


February 19th, 2006, 11:09 AM
walking to you? to kill you

why can i walk?

February 19th, 2006, 11:11 AM
bcuz were born 2 be a walker (xd i think thats the most stupidest awnser i have ever....awnsered O.o)

how come i can walk 2?


viridian doubletongue
February 19th, 2006, 11:12 AM
Because I haven't chopped off your legs with my axe for being so stupid.

Where did I put my axe?

February 19th, 2006, 11:20 AM
i threw it out sumwhere b4 u were gonna chop of my legs.

now, where did i even threw it out?


viridian doubletongue
February 19th, 2006, 11:31 AM
It's in my hands.

Do you have a last request?

February 19th, 2006, 11:33 AM
yes.......bye-bye sucker *teleports 2 a different place*

kool! since when i could teleport?


viridian doubletongue
February 19th, 2006, 11:38 AM
Since I killed you.

When is he going to realise he didn't teleport, he was sent to hell?

February 19th, 2006, 11:40 AM
actually i know i did teleport 2 hell and now i'm gonna teleport 2 a cave.

man,is he slow or wat?


viridian doubletongue
February 19th, 2006, 11:42 AM
Or what.

When is this spammy bastard going to stop RPing in his questions, & leave this thread or post properly?

February 19th, 2006, 11:46 AM
when u don't call me a spammy bastered and apologize 2 me >.<

y is he being a so rude 2 me?


February 19th, 2006, 11:55 AM
agreeing with him you're annoying

is he a blackman?

February 19th, 2006, 11:57 AM
what? um...no -_-

is he a racist?


February 19th, 2006, 11:58 AM
no u stupid
were did i put my feraligatr's pokeball?

viridian doubletongue
February 19th, 2006, 11:58 AM
Around your belt with the others.

What are trees going to evolve into?

February 19th, 2006, 11:59 AM
my feraligatr army

were is he?

February 19th, 2006, 12:02 PM
o ur mom? she's in a cliff up there about 2 commit suicide

Is he gonna save him?


Dream Illusionist
February 19th, 2006, 12:03 PM
Yes, in a banana peel car

What do Jigglypuffs dream about?

February 19th, 2006, 12:22 PM

moron?WERE IS HE?

February 19th, 2006, 12:50 PM
i meant you*kills him*

*comes out with blood stain*
what just happened?

February 19th, 2006, 12:58 PM
ew, i just saw u ate ketchup pie.....

blech,he likes ketchup pie!? >.<


February 19th, 2006, 1:00 PM
BURP YUMMY pie of el kapsu


February 19th, 2006, 1:05 PM
.....O_O to be one to ask a question..."are you all nuts??!"
*doesn't really like ketchup....Mustard will take over the world!!!!

February 19th, 2006, 1:32 PM
no not really....*points at grandadvancedshipper* now hes nuts, he likes ketchup pie O.o

how does mustared take over the world?


February 19th, 2006, 3:04 PM
by you farting XD
pttt pttpptt pttt ptt?

viridian doubletongue
February 21st, 2006, 10:53 AM

Is that the ancient language of Yabavarius?

February 21st, 2006, 11:04 AM
For the last time, I will not let you go out with my sister! (aka, yes, and it would be pretty hard for you to want to go out with a sister that doesn't even exist)

What the heck was I just trying to tell you?

viridian doubletongue
February 21st, 2006, 11:35 AM
That you have no sisters, & even if you did they're off limits...or something like that.

Who spoke the ancient language of yabavarius?

February 21st, 2006, 11:59 AM
That little dude in the back of my head.

Since when is there a little dude in the back of my head?

February 21st, 2006, 12:02 PM
ask the little dude, he might know!

What is the meaning of life?

February 22nd, 2006, 9:07 AM
There is none, they just wanted you to live.

Why did they wanted him to live?

February 22nd, 2006, 7:15 PM
to die again

why are we meant to die? im scared of death I WANT TO BE IMMORTAL!

February 22nd, 2006, 9:18 PM
because if we didn't we didn't all of the people would start envading my personal space...Rawr!...XD

If I moved to the moon and the sky turned purple...what sould the capitol of Ohio be?

February 22nd, 2006, 9:35 PM
Paris, duh.

If I went emo and stabbed myself with a knife...would that bunny care?

viridian doubletongue
February 23rd, 2006, 4:47 AM
The bunny would not care, but then watch a long and epic film about your life (but plageurised from many other films) & cry his bunny eyes out.

How many hours does it take for a ungatuck plant to mature?

February 23rd, 2006, 7:11 AM
None because it would never mature.

Why is it that the number 23 comes after 22?

viridian doubletongue
February 23rd, 2006, 11:17 AM
Because 22 plus one equals 23.

What's it to you?

Alter Ego
February 23rd, 2006, 11:42 AM
Pea soup and a pair of wool socks. *Nods solemnly*

I say! You! Do you go by any other names than Eucine?

viridian doubletongue
February 23rd, 2006, 11:44 AM
Yes, I go by every name but Eucine.

How do you pronounce Eucine?

February 23rd, 2006, 11:45 AM
Huh? Is it time for the bingo?

What does this button do?

Alter Ego
February 23rd, 2006, 11:45 AM
It makes me throttle your neck for ruining years of delicate research so I'd suggest that you don't touch it. <.<

If I am divisible by a knife, what is the first derivative of a waffle?

February 23rd, 2006, 11:48 AM
eggy pie
who ate the 666?

viridian doubletongue
February 23rd, 2006, 11:55 AM
That person who eats everything.

What is the 50th equivalence of pi?

February 23rd, 2006, 11:57 AM
its a number i think o.o
did anyone notice what i did in the last post?

February 23rd, 2006, 12:28 PM
No, we were all to busy ignoring you.

Is the fact that a fact is a fact of a fact really a dinner under two thousand dust remains of a puddle of water?

February 23rd, 2006, 12:30 PM
the fact of a fact....
when is a person not a person?

February 23rd, 2006, 12:35 PM
When they are anything like you. :D

When you ask someones name and he won't tell it, why does a person that you don't know 15 miles away from you thinks about getting nacho's?

February 23rd, 2006, 12:42 PM
you are working in nandos....
do you like? (http://www.whatson.com/kerrang/)

February 23rd, 2006, 1:19 PM
There isn't anything in the world that i like, exept for a few things maybe.

Why were the last two questions by me so complicated?

February 23rd, 2006, 5:30 PM
completed?cause your dumb

why are there more p.s than a.s

February 23rd, 2006, 10:36 PM
Because they made more p than a and had to get rid of the s.

Why isn't there any logic in these topics when it comes to taco's?

February 24th, 2006, 6:44 AM
xD because taco's are stupid xD

why arnt taco's boat-shaped? xD

February 24th, 2006, 7:19 AM
Because apples are round. XD

Why does a rock look like a rock and not as a nacho?

Alter Ego
February 24th, 2006, 10:22 AM
Because a closed door is a closed door is a closed door. Like, duh. xP

When is a door not a door? (Warning, lame pun coming up...-.-)

February 24th, 2006, 11:28 AM
A door is not a door when it's a pineapple (duh)

Why is Cradily so utterly Adorable?

Alter Ego
February 24th, 2006, 11:35 AM
A door is not a door when it's a pineapple (duh)

Wrong, a door is not a door when it's ajar. xP

Anyways, the answer to your question is simple yet complex, shallow yet deep, joyfull yet melancholic, round yet square...hey! Is that a three-headed Magikarp?! *Points in a random direction and quickly switches the subject*

If I know that someone dun'it, but not how he dunit', why he dun'it, or what he's dun'. Do I really know who dun'it or not?

Psychopathic Canine
February 24th, 2006, 1:45 PM
Maybe ish the big queshtion(Actually yesh)
Why do I ushually say Aeia aeio inshtead of why?

February 24th, 2006, 5:15 PM
you hate whynaut why are there more pokeshippers than advanceshippers?(thats what i meant in my last post -_-)

February 25th, 2006, 3:37 AM
Maybe because there is dust on top of my tv

Why do i think that my answer is a good answer?

viridian doubletongue
February 26th, 2006, 11:22 AM
Because it was you that said it.

What happens if you plant a seed upside-down?

February 26th, 2006, 11:26 AM
The plant grows in China, duh

If i say you're dumb and you say shut up, what colour shoes would random guy #853274 have in Rome?

viridian doubletongue
February 26th, 2006, 11:31 AM
tan colour shoes.

& I know that how?

February 26th, 2006, 11:40 AM
You have wierd mental powers

Why are his wierd mental powers wierd?

Chase Leader
February 26th, 2006, 5:27 PM
because you can't comprehend them...

How long will the workers keep building him new ones?(ahem)

February 26th, 2006, 5:36 PM
until you die

What is on-star?

February 27th, 2006, 4:50 AM
Being on top of a star, duh

What does this mean: >;() ?

Psychopathic Canine
February 27th, 2006, 8:26 AM
It means I can do backflips
Why can I sayhabadeereegeetaymee bakwards!

February 27th, 2006, 8:39 AM
Because you have problems saying it forwards.

Why does that be an it and this be an apple when you're answering my question?

Psychopathic Canine
February 27th, 2006, 9:59 AM
Because I dont know!
Why does me have to fly to midgetland and eat metal bins so I can watch Nebedee killing someone?

Alter Ego
February 27th, 2006, 10:28 AM
Now look here dude, I already said that I don't swing your way and I meant it, so I'd appreciate it if you kept your bawdy comments to yourself! There are kiddies on these forums, ya' know. <.<

By the way...have any of you guys seen my rattle? o.o

February 27th, 2006, 11:02 AM
Your rattle snake? It's obviously up yours.

Why can't I concentrate in class? XDDDD

Crunkn' Munky
February 27th, 2006, 12:03 PM
becuz you can't give up
Do chickens have talons?

viridian doubletongue
February 28th, 2006, 2:26 AM
Yes, & they are diamond carbide encrusted.

Do diamonds get grown on a diamond farm.

February 28th, 2006, 5:36 AM
No, they hatch from a puppy's tail.

Do puppy's pup and do larve's larv?

viridian doubletongue
February 28th, 2006, 5:47 AM

How do you see when there is no light?

February 28th, 2006, 6:15 AM
By holding your eyes open, duh

How do you hold your eyes open?

viridian doubletongue
February 28th, 2006, 12:05 PM
With toothpics.

How can you stretch your eyelids that far?

Crunkn' Munky
March 1st, 2006, 1:13 PM
By sniffing your hand
What is a monkchine?

March 1st, 2006, 9:13 PM
It's a rock painted like a chocolate chip cookie

Why did all my teeth fall out when I tried eating this cookie D:?

March 1st, 2006, 9:24 PM
beacuse it was a chocolate chip rock cookie...XD...^_^...Hugglez You For The Pain....

Ummm...Why Is A JellyFish Like Clear?

March 1st, 2006, 9:32 PM
To many jellyfish were being harvested to make jelly for on peoples PB and J sandwiches so the jellyfish has a meeting and decided that they should change their coloring from purple to clear so that it's more difficult for the human menice to hunt them down for they're sweet jelly...sadly the jelly fish are still being found...(rant mwa ha)

^ XD so that's why...yay huggles for all!=D

Have you had your recomended dose of huggles today?

March 1st, 2006, 9:44 PM
Sadly No.....I Need More...

Why Are Hugglez So Fun??

March 2nd, 2006, 3:15 AM
Because they make you happy, duh

Why is it that some people think their better than others?

March 2nd, 2006, 11:15 AM
They ate to many meany muffins when they were young

What is a muffin?

~\"Metal Sonic"/~
March 2nd, 2006, 5:52 PM
Humans with their bones shrunken and their bodies compressed into Dome-like shapes.

Why did King Kong win in Godzilla vs King Kong? Lightning doesn't power up giant apes. It makes them dead.

March 2nd, 2006, 7:03 PM
Ummmm...Beacuse They Didnt Want the Jap Dude 2 Win....And They Thought It Was Funny....*blows up king kong*.....Godz Is Avagenged

Why Did I just Blow Up King Kong???

March 2nd, 2006, 8:53 PM
Nothin' better to do... remember kids don't try this at home :o...try it at other peoples homes=3...?...*brick'd*

Why is the sky dark and full of white lights?...is it the sign of the a-poke-o-lopse =O!?

March 2nd, 2006, 8:56 PM
Ohhh...It Might Be....*goes to look it up on this inter-web thang*...Ahhhh...it means the end of the world....*BOOOMMM*...the world imploded...XD

Why Is A Car Called A Car?

March 2nd, 2006, 9:19 PM
Because calling it a burito would be just plain silly

-What all is on my computer desk?

March 2nd, 2006, 9:23 PM
me...laying there...waitin for you...XD...^_^...*hugglez*

So Why Am I Laying On Mandys Desk?

~\"Metal Sonic"/~
March 3rd, 2006, 8:33 PM
Cause you are.

Butter Tractor Fish Mustard?

Gary, the Magic Fairy
March 4th, 2006, 1:13 PM

Why doesnt grape soda taste like grapes?

March 4th, 2006, 1:15 PM
Because it's soda.

Why do you, i and everyone else excist?

Gary, the Magic Fairy
March 4th, 2006, 1:23 PM
to play this game until the earth explodes...

-Why am i still playing this game?

March 4th, 2006, 1:39 PM
You have nothing better to do.

Why haven't i met Lacus in real life yet?

Otter Mii-kun
March 4th, 2006, 1:47 PM
She's in hiding with Molly... :P

Why can't Scrod Listenbuddy Motley get fired from his weekend stunt at his radio station?

Psychopathic Canine
March 4th, 2006, 4:51 PM
because cheese hypnotised everybody to like him

What happens if u eat too many <>s?

March 5th, 2006, 3:31 PM
you turn into a talking miltank

cna miltanks talk?

~*!*~Tatsujin Gosuto~*!*~
March 6th, 2006, 4:49 AM
Why does Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres have wings and they are birds?
No Stupid
~Dark Venusaur

Gary, the Magic Fairy
March 6th, 2006, 11:52 AM

Why does my face hurt?

March 6th, 2006, 12:17 PM
Because you where stupid enough to walk a hunderd times into a wall.

If this is that and that was overthere, why would donuts be rond nacho's?

Crunkn' Munky
March 6th, 2006, 2:02 PM
because ducks have beaks?
Do ducks sweat?

~*!*~Tatsujin Gosuto~*!*~
March 6th, 2006, 2:47 PM
Sorry cant see the computer?
Why am I a Human?

~Dark Venusaur

March 6th, 2006, 9:37 PM
Because of your cowlick >_>

What does chicken taste like?


March 11th, 2006, 10:32 AM
It tastes like a member of the chinese zodiac...:9mmmmm....

Why is there no hamster in the chinese zodiac?

viridian doubletongue
March 11th, 2006, 12:35 PM
Because the hamster forgot to apply.

Why is the hamster so stupid?

~*!*~Tatsujin Gosuto~*!*~
March 11th, 2006, 4:00 PM
because they are piles of crap
Why does pile's of crap smell?

:t003:Dark Venusaur

March 12th, 2006, 7:18 PM
the great pharoah of pluto demands it

why do we have to breathe.

March 13th, 2006, 7:51 AM
Otherwise we could kill ducks because we wouldn't need leather anymore.

Did my answer make any sense?
(like it has to make sense but anyway)

Jasmine's #1 fan
March 13th, 2006, 4:44 PM
Why do you ask if you know

Why can't we fly?

Kurosaki Ichigo
March 13th, 2006, 4:53 PM
Why do you ask when you know why.

Should Manifi be the water starter pokemon for the 4th region?

Jasmine's #1 fan
March 13th, 2006, 5:00 PM
Yes because it is adorable! :P

Why was a computer invented?

March 14th, 2006, 7:31 PM
for the sake of all things brown

why do i like potatoes

Shiny Umbreon
March 15th, 2006, 11:58 AM
Maybe 'cause I don't.
Why don't I like potatoes?

March 15th, 2006, 7:34 PM
Because I like them.
Why is water liquid?

March 15th, 2006, 7:42 PM
Because it was made that way.
What would happen if I stood in the middle of a tornado?

Jasmine's #1 fan
March 15th, 2006, 8:51 PM
You will stay in place :P

What would happen if i went swimming in a volcano?

March 15th, 2006, 8:59 PM
your sunscreen would wash off

Why cant the square route of 9 be 4

Jasmine's #1 fan
March 15th, 2006, 9:55 PM
Because the answer is 5!!!

What would happen if i went in a blizzard?

March 16th, 2006, 9:56 PM
your glasses would fog up

Papa Schwabs
March 17th, 2006, 12:18 AM
the answer is 200,003,375
why is toast toasted?
(i like toast mmm toast)

March 17th, 2006, 3:01 PM
becauase if it was baked it would be called bake
why is the ocean salty

March 17th, 2006, 3:07 PM
Because there anymore sugar.

Why does air contain water particles, when there is already more water than land?

Jasmine's #1 fan
March 17th, 2006, 3:49 PM
So the clouds can take a break

Why is grass green?

March 17th, 2006, 7:59 PM
Beacause its sick all the time.
Why do dogs bark?

Jasmine's #1 fan
March 17th, 2006, 8:29 PM
Because they eat to much tree. (Get it tree bark)

What would happen if an earthquake hit right now?