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February 11th, 2006, 7:00 AM
Here is where you can discuss the multiple berries and Munchlax capturing, "Berry, Berry Interesting!"

Okay, the first episode past the Jynx skipping and yes, I felt confusion as I don't know how she won and blank. Silly plot holes/Kids WB.

We get the first in series introduction of the fourth generation (Diamond/Pearl) Pokemon, the pre-evolution of Snorlax, Munchlax. And for what it's worth, it is a cutie in the mold of Wynaut's first appearance in the anime with the 8th Johto badge. In fact, it's a weird replay of it as Munchlax would be blamed for the Pokeblock/food abductions like Wobbuffet was with Wynaut's taking the Rockets' food.

Munchlax is cute certainly in its zest for food and is a nice addition to the cast, although it's odd for May to have one as Snorlax doesn't seem to be her thing but they do spice things up with her, which is always a plus.

Fun notes:

Nice continuity of the berries and a good recap of them for those who forget (like me as I don't care for the berry setup) as we'll need them for the upcoming Festival. Including Brock's line of Nataile waaaaaaaaay back in AG 10, which was right, despite they've given so many names and mix ups (I'm looking at you, Legend of Thunder).

Eric Stuart had some fun not only with James and the lips but his Bogart impression in the milk interludes as well (which isn't fake actually).

And more continuity kinda with the tree bashing. What do I mean? It's a bad time to be a tree on this show as the series (particularly early AG) as they have been bulldozed, hacked by Pokemon hunters weapons, killed off by life sucking entities, zapped by lightning and now burned and kinda bashed with Combusken's attack. It's nice that they are getting consistent...sort of. It's still a criticism.

One nice continuity there is Jessie liking May's cooking as she did with Misty's in Sick Daze. Although it's funny as to reinforce the notion of the female hero lead apparently can't cook a cup of soup to save her life.

Another criticism is while hearing James like that was a hoot, a pity he didn't summon Cacnea and have fun with the calling of attacks as Ash did with Snorunt. Sighs, more wasted potential. Oh well, not new.

So for a recap episode of sorts/capture episode, it was quite entertaining and glad to see that everyone is having fun once in a while. 7/10 for the whole thing.

Miss Reyna
February 11th, 2006, 8:58 PM
You been saying that for the last couple of weeks now Weez but still no review. I begining to miss them.

Well. This is what we get instade of a shine Donphan and a not so super cool contest episode then we got the short end of the stick. Wow. Mar captures a pokemon. I could have watied two weeks for this episode. It isn't that important.

Notice that Ash's lips are big and stuff. Hmm. Just like an certain so called ovfeense pokemon.

Ok. Back to business. This was a nice episode. It was a bit funny. Pokemon dieing because of May's cooking makes me laugh. I replayed the lots of times. Toakoal makes funny face. A Munchlax eats anything.

Team Rocket did a great job today. Don't you think? I mean it actually worked. I see that May's cooking is hated all except for Jessie. She said it reminded her of her childhood. Well let me think. May's pokeblock was horrible so if Jessie's childhood is like that then Jessie must have had a horrible childhood. Poor Jessie.

Team Rocket did a great job until they did the faled 'More is better' thing. They always mess up there. James was funny saying the motto with big lips.

James: To announce our briefs to the stars above!!!

That was funny.

May trying to catch Munchlax. Notice Munchlax didn't lanuch a single attack. They must have been keeping info lax on him as of attacks. Notice no pokedex look up on this one. Those guys are hoping that the little kids don't do a web search on Munchlax. I don't believe he ate the pokeball.

9/10- It was very funny. I liketo see what Munchlax will add to the crew. I still wish to see the three skip episodes.

February 13th, 2006, 11:29 AM
I did another, so look above.

Sorry for lateness. Fics are stealing my brain.

Miss Reyna
February 13th, 2006, 6:22 PM
James: To announce our briefs to the stars above!!!

I just like that part of the episode. It was funny.

Weez. You do have a point. This was a good episode. It was funny and had still a point. I notiching that the pokemon that are being capture (Snorant too) are getting some episodes. I say this one was up there with the Ralts one. To more good episodes.

February 14th, 2006, 6:52 PM
I enjoyed the episode for the soul reason that the added a new Psyduck to their group. Munchlax is (nd you will see) a very rude and mean pokemon May has. it dissregauds May, but in a pretty funny way. Here is my opion on the berry theft, if her little Munchlax did not like her pokeblocks, I bet she would have blamed him too.