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February 13th, 2006, 7:30 PM
One new feature I'm adding to "The Ash and Pikachu Show" for its third season is eyecatches in between segments. These eyecatches will be loosely based on classic Disney Channel eyecatches like these: http://www.youtube.com/?v=wmb86eIm4mM

That said, I need your help in creating some of these. The best ones will be ran on the show.

If you'd like to help me out, here's the submission form for an eyecatch:

Eyecatch name: self explanitory
Ash hand style: Just like the Mickey hands in the Disney Channel eyecatches, Ash's hands will be a prominent feature in these eyecatches...so how are they drawn? (your choice between claymation, hand drawn, CGI, or live hands)
Eyecatch description: Tell me what happens in the eyecatch. My only rule is that you keep them clean.

Here's an example, too

Eyecatch name: CD Player
Ash hand style: Live hands
Eyecatch description: We see the inside of a radio's CD player, empty. Some hands that look like Ash's put in a red and blue CD, which plays a remix of "Gotta Catch'em All!" After a few minutes, the hands change the CD to a gold and silver one, which plays a remix of "Born to Be a Champion". After a few more seconds, the hands change the CD to a CD shaped like Pikachu's head, which plays a slightly glitched version of "On Our Way". A female annoucer says "You're watching 'The Ash and Pikachu Show'!" as the Pikachu shaped CD plays.

I look foward to receiving your eyecatches.

July 12th, 2006, 7:59 AM
Eyecatch name: Pika Pokecatch Party
Ash hand style: Clay Hands draw drawn hands, which become Ash's hands...
Eyecatch description: Ash's clay hands mold a ball of clay into a slab of solid "paper" material. Some of this is stuck to the hands, shaped like spikes. He makes fists, to absorb the clay, and then grabs a pencil away from the screen. He draws his own hands in another setting, and that drawing comes to life as his real hands, which are like, chalk drawn. He is moving around a Pool party area in a chalk setting, which after a few seconds remodels itself into a pencil-drawn area, just as Pikachu appears with the Pichu Bros. We hear Ash say, "Whaaa!" And Misty appears. Next, he is pushed into the pool. We see Ash's hands flailing around frantically underwater. She is faintly heard laughing, and he resurfaces. One hand extends, throwing a Pokeball which sucks her inside. His hands hold it tight, and finally it cannot shake anymore.

"I caught Misty," Ash's voice said. "That'll teach you to sneak up on me."

Next, Pikachu snatches the Pokeball away.

"Hey, Pikachu stop it!" Ash's voice. Then Brock appears, and is shocked back by Pikachu. The scene changes to where Pikachu and the Brothers are lounging around in beach chairs, the now captured Misty, Ash, and Brock's hands giving them massages. The trainer's groans of annoyance are heard. Pikachu's mouth emmits Ash's voice's sound, Ash saying from his mouth, "Well, you can't always catch'em all. (END EYECATCH by the screen going into Pikachu's eye, and now darkness expect for the word "End" in the darkness.

So, you like?