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February 19th, 2006, 6:39 PM
Man, it's been a good while since I RPed in this forum. Anywho, here I go:

500 years ago, a being appeared which threatened both the human, as well as the Pokemon races. This being went by the name of Gaet, and had intended to send the world into a state of eternal chaos and darkness, eventually killing the world's entire population. However, both the humans and the Pokemon would not allow this, and seven blades were created by the Pokemon. Each blade posessed mysterious powers, and each were handed down to a different, worthy human. In the end, these seven humans and their Pokemon allies were able to seal Gaet away using the power of the blades, which disappeared along with Gaet. The blades were to remain hidden until the 500 year seal was soon to break, at which point they would appear before their new masters, the ones that would lead the world to salvation once more. However, this story was lost throughout the ages, and people soon began to deny the truth involved...

"The 500 year curse will soon be broken. With the destruction of the curse, will come the destruction of the world!"

Your Role
You are a Pokemon Trainer, and while continuing your journey on what seemed like a regular day, the sky flashed blood red above you. You sense panic in your Pokemon, and you panic yourself as you seek shelter in the depths of Mt. Moon from a storm that followed soon after.

After travelling through the mountain for some time, you stumble into an unfamiliar cavern, where you also find five other trainers who had wandered inwards under the same circumstances. It is at this point that the blades present themselves to you. You are the new group of chosen humans, it is your duty to protect the world from certain disaster.

Many hardships will cross your paths, such as demons created from Gaets power, that you can not destroy with the power of your Pokemon alone. You must learn how to use the blades in order to combat these demons.

The 7 Blades of the Gaet War
Flazir: This sword contains an amazing degree of power, and is of the fire element. It was created from the flames of many different fire Pokemon. It holds the ability to unleash flames from the blade and focus them into a blade, though the technique is quite difficult to master. Flazir is a longsword with a firey red blade. Reserved by charizard_maa

Terrphin: Although not as strong as Flazir, Terrphin, the blade of the earth is quite powerful as well. As hard as diamonds, this sword is completely indestructible, and its large size makes for a good defense. Terrphin has a technique which, when the sword is thrown into the ground, can create a large shockwave around the desired target. The sword is very large and bulky, as mentioned before, and is therefore heavy and difficult to move. The blade is brown, and green vines dance around it.

Teriques: Teriques is the blade of the sea, and is recognisable by its deep blue blade. Teriques is a rapier, so therefore it is both fast and light. However, it lacks the physical power of the other swords. One of it's advantages, however, is how easy it is to utilise it's special ability. From it's masters will, it can manipulate most forms of moisture in any way its master pleases, which creates endless possibilities. Reserved by Naoko-chan

Guzram: Guzram is the blade of the sky, and has a translucent blade. It is another longsword, and a well balanced weapon. It's ability allows it to create blades of air that slice up it's opponents. Reserved by Deathspector

Luminia: Luminia is the blade of light, and takes the form of a glowing dagger. The weapon has little to no physical strength, though it has healing techniques, as well as multiple magical attacks. It can also create illusions by manipulating the light. It is best if the one who wields Luminia not stand on the frontlines, else it could be very hazardous to the wielder. The dagger can be used efficiently as a weapon if its owner practices in the way of speed and agility. Reserved by Kurosaki.

Shade: As you may have guessed, Shade is the blade of darkness, and takes the form of a poleaxe (http://www.diabloii.net/features/michael_dashow/images/barb_poleaxe.jpg). It is the only blade of the group that doesn't even closely resemble a sword, and it is pitch black in colour. The human who posessed it last time worked for Gaet for some time during the battles, but in the end came back to the side of the heroes. This weapon has a dark and mysterious ability, which brings out the darkness in anyone who wields it. Therefore, only the purest of heart can wield Shade. As for techniques, Shade can shoot a beam of concentrated darkness at an enemy, making it a very powerful weapon.

Lunario: Lunario is the seventh weapon, and takes the form of two yellow, crescent shaped shoulder blades. It represents the moon, and has the ability to give off a vast amount of light when its dark. It's ability grants the user a small anount of healing ability, as well as a technique that creates a chain of light which wraps around its apponent and binds it.

Of course, the weapons will gain many new abilities throughout the RP, these are just to get us started.

1) Basic RP Rules (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=48899) apply. I suggest everyone have a look at rule number 5...
2) No god modding. This should be a given.
3) I am in charge, so if you have any issue, bring them to me. I hate it when my RPs are spammed up by people arguing over stupid things.
4) I will not be requesting a sample. However, because there are only 6 slots, anyone who applies will have their previous posts in this forum investigated thoroughly. If you are new to the forum, I need some reference though. If you do not RP to my expectations, you will be kicked.


Age: (From 10-19 please)
Pokemon: (No more than 6, and no legendaries. But be realistic. If you are 10, you'd be a relatively new trainer. Therefore, chances of you having really strong Pokemon are slim to none)
Sword: (Once one is taken/reserved, it can't be chosen)
History: (A brief summary of your characters life.)

February 19th, 2006, 6:59 PM
Name: Mike Anone
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: http://www.serebii.net/anime/pictures/houen/402/AG71.jpg
Personality: Mike is very honest and determain. He is loyal to hyis friends and hate to see anger among them. He is close to his pokemon expectly his Charizard. He is a bit lay back but know when to go to work. He see things till the end and nevers gives up.

This is Mike's first pokemon when he began his journey back when he was 11. Mike has taught this pokemon many technques for every kind of situations. You can say this is Mikes' most powerful pokemon.

This pokemon is one of the few pokemon that he brought over from the Hoenn region. He train this one to be tough and shows it.

This is another pokemon that he brought over from the Hoenn region. This pokemon is strong as in attack but very hyper active.

History: Mike is from Petalburg City from the Hoenn region. He has fougth the gyms there and made it in the top 16 in the Ever Grade competition. He decided to come to the Kanto region for a challenge for both his pokemon and his self. He thought a change of enviroment would be nice. He misses his family but was glad to leave.

RE-EDIT:Blade: Flazir Terrphin

February 19th, 2006, 7:26 PM
Okay, your profile checks out okay. Do you have like... a nickname or something shorter that I can call you by? ^^;;

Oh, I completely forgot about the sword section of the profile, so you need to add that.

February 19th, 2006, 7:36 PM
Name:Riddel (Ri-dell) Lash
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: Riddel has long navy black hair, which she never let's down from it's loose ponytail, tied with navy blue thread at the nape of her neck. She wears a plain icy blue sleeveless turtle neck, that reveals most of her pale stomach made of the materials on diving suits, and navy fingerless gloves made of the materials used on swimsuits. Her black boots are cross laced, and are the only thing on her that is not waterproof, save for her light blue choker, both of which she doesn't wear during her underwater battles. Her dark navy skirt reaches her lower thigh, and is also made of the same material as her shirt, but has pockets that keep the item's inside dry whenever she goes swimming. She wears waterproof shorts underneath her skirt, which are black in color. During underwater battles, she wears swimming shoes, black with an icy blue streak across them.

Personality: Riddel is a very self-confident girl, who is an expert at underwater combat. She likes the rain, but only when it's raining so hard it's pounding against the windows, because light rain only unnerves her. She is rather calm for such an outspoken girl, but is quite eccentric when she's talking to someone with different views then herself. Riddel is often the one to do something recklessly, but is always the one to back out first. She's steadfast and determined, but only when she's bored, and there's nothing else entertaining to do.

Pokemon: Blastoise, Gyrados, Croconaw, and Staryu

History: Riddel always was the one in the pool first, bringing her water pokemon with her. She always loved water, and wanted more then just her Totodile and Staryu as companions. Of course, she wouldn't settle for just any companion, their main type of course had to be water. She easily bought a breather for underwater battling that was more often used for shows. She stayed at Cinnawood for a long time, battling underwater with the nearby swimmers. After she'd successfully captured many many tentacruel and tentacool, she sent these pokemon home, for she wanted a fresh start with her original pokemon in her journey to Kanto. She recieved a squirtle, which she began to use primarily, and dived after a magikarp from Pallet's shoreline. Embarrassed of having so much trouble trying to catch a magikarp underwater, she stopped using her squirtle which had evolved into a wartortle, and began to train the magikarp vigorously, though since it was already so high leveled, which she learned was the reason why it was so ridiculously hard to catch, it wasn't long before it evolved into a gyrados. After her magikarp evolved, she began to use wartortle again, and it was her primary pokemon. She mainly hung out in the waters near Cinnabar, still doing her battles underwater, and she soon became known locally as 'the underwater battling expert'. She didn't use her newly evolved blastoise in underwater battles, though many wondered why, but in fact it was because it had an issue with it's size and stubby arms for swimming.

Blade: Teriques

February 19th, 2006, 7:47 PM
I edit my post to add my desire blade.

Nickname? Call me Mike or C_maa. It doesn't matter. Call me what you want.

February 19th, 2006, 8:05 PM
Name: Jirae Flareback
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Jirae wears pretty simple clothes; a black, lightweight cotton T-shirt with a flame motif on the bottom. He also wear black shorts that go to right above his knees, which also have a flame motif on the bottom. He wears brown moccassin-type shoes. His hair is black and rather spikey, and has spikes of red thrown in for flavor.
Personality: I'm gonna deviate from my normal character personality on this one. He is, to be blunt, quite crazy and energetic. This is the kind of guy who gets drunk just because he can. He's prone to make rash decisions for no apparent reason, and likes living life on the edge. In fact, he once almost got his arm cut off just to 'see if he could move it in time'. He claims his friend was holding back, which show another of his charicteristics: paranoia. Whenever something doesn't go the way he planned it (for better or for worse), he assumes there must be some conspiracy, or something. Though he's a tad insane on the outside, he's really a caring person on the inside.
Blaziken-"Blaze"-Male: Blaze was Jirae's first Pokemon as a Torchic. He is very loyal to Jirae, and will die for him. Blaze's personality is much like Jirae's, and believe it or not, he's usually the one getting drunk with him.
Ninetales-"Kyuubi"-Female: Nicknamed Kyuu, Kyuubi was a lonely vulpix in a Pokemon shelter, waiting to be adopted. When all the other Pokemon were adopted and Kyuu was the only one left, they decided they would 'put her to sleep'. At the last minute, Jirae wandered in and adopted the Vulppix, unbeknownst to him that he was saving it from death. Kyuu is a friendly and playful Pokemon who loves companionship.
Umbreon-"Moonstreak"-Male: Moonstreak was the pet of a world-class eevee breeder. The breeder had tried very hard to evolve eevee into an espeon, and when Umbreon was the result, he shunned it and kicked it to the curb. Jirae didn't actually find Moonstreak, Moonstreak found Jirae. After getting drunk at a party, Jirae was wandering down an allyway when he was attacked by several Mightyena. Moonstreak, being a genuinely nice Pokemon, saved him and fought off the Mightyena. Jirae passed out from being drunk shortly thereafter, and when he woke up, there was the Umbreon. He captured the Pokemon and named it Moonstreak. Like Kyuubi, Moonstreak is a friendly and protective Pokemon, and is especially protective of Kyuubi. Jirae often mocks the two Pokemon, saying they're 'going steady'.
Pidgeot-"Breeze"-Female: Breeze is a hard-working Pokemon that never gives up. It took a long time to evolve, but Breeze was actually already a Pidgeot when Jirae caught her, showing how much determination this Pokemon had, training itself in the wild. Breeze will stop at nothing until she is the best.
Mareep-"Spark"-Female: The newbie of the group, Spark was only recently caught while Jirae was on vacation in Johto. Spark, being the weakling of the team, has grown quite accustomed to getting other Pokemons' help-too accustomed, possibly. She really does act like a baby at times, almost always relying on others.
Sword: Flazir
History: At the age of 10, Jirae set out on his Pokemon journey. Questing through Hoenn, he had no real goal for his life-until he met Flannery, leader of the Lavaridge gym. He admired the way she handled fire pokemon so well for someone so new to her job. He trained under her as a Gym Trainer for quite some time, until the gym was attacked by Team Magma. Fearing that it was not safe to stay, Flannery told Jirae-her best student-to continue his Pokemon quest. He currently has 5 badges, but has lately been vacationing around the world instead of training. This is what brought him to Mt. Moon, where the fateful event occured.
Prime examples of my roleplaying skills are Reach Into Time(Pokemon Roleplay) and Fantasy Dimension(Other Roleplay).
EDIT: Wait...that's not fair. The other guy edited his blade onto his registration at the same time as I posted this...

February 19th, 2006, 8:13 PM
...almost 20 minutes before you posted. Oo;;
Naoko, I've RPed with you before so I know you're fine. Kirky... I'm on the fence for you still, a lot of your posts lack detail. Burninating, you're going to need to choose a different sword. ^^;;

February 19th, 2006, 8:19 PM
...almost 20 minutes before you posted. Oo;;
Naoko, I've RPed with you before so I know you're fine. Kirky... I'm on the fence for you still, a lot of your posts lack detail. Burninating, you're going to need to choose a different sword. ^^;;

...I would think it would typically take about 20-30 minutes to write all that stuff up, but I didn't exactly time it.
I dunno if everybody else writes their posts in notepad first or something, but I write them out in the window...

And, I don't want to seem rude or something, but I mean...the information I provided revolves quite a bit around the fire type. If I chose a different blade, I'd have to change almost every aspect of the character...
whereas charizard_maa's information doesnt affiliate him towards any element in particular.
Charizard, if you really want the Flazir, I'll change mine to Shade...but if it's not too much trouble, could you maybe choose a different one?

Sorry if I seem annoying or something....>_<

February 19th, 2006, 8:22 PM
...I would think it would typically take about 20-30 minutes to write all that stuff up, but I didn't exactly time it.
I dunno if everybody else writes their posts in notepad first or something, but I write them out in the window...

And, I don't want to seem rude or something, but I mean...the information I provided revolves quite a bit around the fire type. If I chose a different blade, I'd have to change almost every aspect of the character...
whereas charizard_maa's information doesnt affiliate him towards any element in particular.
Charizard, if you really want the Flazir, I'll change mine to Shade...but if it's not too much trouble, could you maybe choose a different one?

Sorry if I seem annoying or something....>_<
I didn't say at any point the Pokemon had to reflect the element. Oo
And it isn't hard to select everything you've typed and refresh the page every so often while your posting, it saves issues like this. ><

February 19th, 2006, 8:25 PM
Uh...I'm not referring to the Pokemon.
Take a look at the appearance and history, if you will.

February 19th, 2006, 8:30 PM
Uh...I'm not referring to the Pokemon.
Take a look at the personality and history, if you will.
Even still, I never said anything about having to do that, you did it yourself. It was a first come first serve basis, and charizard_maa was here first. I'm not going to force him to give it to you when hes the one who has the rights to it. Now please, discuss this over PM, this threads already spammy. .-.

February 19th, 2006, 8:54 PM
:Name: Marika Maraki

Age: 18


Personality:Marika is a very quirky and clumsy girl. Despite the fact that she is an excellent Pokemon trainer and great student, she falls over anfd tends to talk to much. Often, she gets nervous and begins to sweat. However, Marika is a very nice girl that loves people.


Gary was the first pokemon Marika had gotten, when she was ten and entered the Pokemon Academy in her town. She was afraid to to train it at first, because she was afraid of water type pokemon due to a Gyarados had destroyed her granmother's home when she was five. However, Gary taught her to love water pokemon and all other pokemon.

Irony was caught by accident when she was running away from it. A pokeball had fallen into the lake where it was and "caught" him. Irony she eventually began to love and unlike other Gyarados, Irony can't use dragon attacks. She vowed to help it learn some if it is the last thing she would do.

Masquerain ( Miki)
One day Marika was riding on Irony when she spotted an injured Surskit that was being attacked by a wild Pelipper. She ordered a Thunderbolt from Irony and knocked out the Pelipper. She had then cared for the injured Surskit, however, it decided to join her team of its own free will. It evolved one day when she was participating in a battle with her friend, Corey.

Espeon (Kaze)
Marika and Miki were battling in a tournement to win a special Eevee that was being sought after by many people. She won the Eevee and named him Kaze, due to the fact that he ran like the wind when it used Quick attacked. Kaze evolved one mournining into an Espeon due to the kindness Marika had shown him the while they have been together.

Flygon (Bason)
One day while traveling in the desert looking for a relic she heard about in Rustbourou City, she found a Flygon that had been following her. It joined her team, because He had wanted a cookie she had in her pocket. Also, he helped her find the relic in the desert, which was a crystal that she wears around her neck. Bason will only eat cookies which actually seperates him from the rest of her team, because they all loathe cookies.

Sword: Shade

History: Marika was born in a place called Ceroicie City, which is somewhere in the Johto region. Marika used to be afraid of Pokemon after the gruesome death of her grandmother at the hands of a Gyarados school. However, she began to love them after getting her girst pokemon, a Squirtle she named Gary after her friend that also dies in the same Gyarados incident. Marika eventually became a great trainer and graduated at the top of her class at the trainer school her parents sent her too. She may be very clumsy, but she is a genius. Marika also has a Sneasel, but it lives at home with her parents.

February 19th, 2006, 9:55 PM
Name: Terra Helgrind
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/20395796

Personality: Terra cares about everything and everybody even if she doesn't know that person. She helps out whenever she can even though she had a bad past. She always remains happy no matter what happens. She rarely ever gets mad, but when she does look out! Even though she may seem evil to some people at first she has a heart of pure gold.


Espeon (Star)
Star was Terra's very first pokemon and never goes in a pokeball because they are mentally linked together. They stick together through thick and thin no matter what happens. The share the same emotions and always agree with each other.
Houndoom (Draik)
Draik is well a hot head. He has a bad temper all of the time and doesn't like it when people get close to Terra. He is very protective of Terra and under all that anger he cares about her safty and would not doubt kill himself if anything ever happened to Terra.

Umbreon (Zar'roc)
Zar'roc is the queit one of the group. He doesn't say much, and likes to just be away from all people except Terra. He is the mysterious one who enjoys reading! He was tuaght how to read by Terra over the years. Mainly her reads Terra's poems that she writes often.

Arcanine: (Cody)
Cody is the happy go-lucky one of the team. He always cheers the others up when they are upset. He is the latest addition to the team and they have all been a lot better now that he is with them. He also loves to make them laugh, but when they face danger he is as serious as the others.

Sword: Lunario
History: When Terra was little her house burst into flames with her and her family inside. She had created pathways when she needed to get somewhere. She quickly escaped through one in her bedroom, but her family was not able to escape. She barely escaped herself. Terra was left with a terrible burn. She wanderd into the woods with nowhere to go and no one to turn to when she met a young injured Eevee. Terra spent weeks nursing it back to full health and that's how it all began.

February 19th, 2006, 11:20 PM
Eliadon Froonal



Eliadon is rather tall, and extremely weak. In a test he took, he only has 4% body fat, and the rest of his weight was all because of his height and bones. His is small built, his shoulders small and seeming to curve inward. His face has a sickly look to it, because his cheek bones can be seen. His blue eyes have shadows hung underneath them, and dark cicles encirlcing them. However, they shine brightly and have a calculated glare fixed into them. His hair is black, messy, and rather long, for it rests on his shoulders, and the fringe covers his left eye. This is a good thing, because underneath his left eye, he has a long gash. He wears a pair of baggy black pants, because anything he wears is baggy. the pants sag low, and he has to keep them tight with a black belt. His sneakers are black in colour, with a white Nikè swoosh implanted on either side. he wears a red tee-shirt which hangs loosely from his shoulders, and reaches his knees. Around hi neck, he wears a silver chain, with a small diamond as a pendant. People often wonder why he wears something s rare and expensive, but it's his own choice. He wears black gloves, the type that stop at the knuckles.

Eliadon is a loner. There's no doubt about it. Whenever he sees a group of people he immediately slinks back into the shadows of wherever he is, and hides. he despises talking to people, and hates being caught in a crowd. Sometimes people manage to strike up conversation with him, but he rejects them by replying with a snappy retort which puts them off. He is, however, extrememly smart, and even manages to find mistakes in his GCSE notebook which he promptly shows the teacher. He has even gotten into fights with his chemistry teacher, and reduced him to tears, and he left the counselor bamboozled by his language when he left the room. He reacts oddly to insults, by just smiling, and thinking of the other persons face when seeing him smile. He trusts no on but his faithful Pokèmon, and when he has a dilema which needs solving, he asks no one's help but his Pokèmon who, like their trainer are very high and mighty about what they can and can't do.

Pokèmon Team:

Species: Quilava
Gender: Male
Information: Quilava was given to Eliadon as a prize for winning a debate competition. The original prize had been a special Ultra Ball, but seeing as Eliadon flattened, rolled up, and toosed aside everyone he challenged, he ws awarded with a Cyndaquill. Eliadon knew that Cyndaquill was a reletively weak Pokèmon, unable to use Fire attacks without its flame on its back beig ignited. Because of this, Eliadon acted mean and cruel to Cyndaquill, whenever it lost, or was unable to complete a task. because of this, Cyndaquill grew up to be a very hateful Pokèmon, and worked harder. When it was finally able to pass what Eliadon wanted. Eliadon apologized, and made friends. This friendship has earned him complete trust amongst him and Cyndaquill, who evolved soon after.

Species: Pidgeotto
Gender: Female
Information: Pidgeotto was the first and only Pokèmon that Eliadon ever captured by a battle. She had been a wee Pidgey when he and Cyndaquill ad wandered into her territory. She had seen her parents defending their territorry, and she retalliated by scratching Eliadon across the face, just bellow his left eye. Angered by the assault on his master, Cyndaquill answered by firing a Flamethrower at the small Pidgey. And thus a battle ensued. With Eliadon's amazing intelligence and stategic mind and Cyndaquills physical power, they managed to defeat the Pidgey capturing it. Eliadon used the same technique to train up Pidgey, and because of this, Pidgey became a very strong Pokèmon, and after winning a battle against a Magnemite, it evolved

Species: Butterfree
Gender: Female
Information: Butterfree had been found alongside the road as a Caterpie afeter its previous master had dumped it. Eliadon could not bare to see the small Caterpie wailing in pain and wilfullness. he picked her up, and tok her home, and began to train her like Cyndaquill (who was now Quilava) and she soon becae rather strong. However, she was not accustomed to these terms of training, and she ran away. One night, thanks to the light from Quilava's back, and Pidgey's keen eyesight, she was found, hiding under a large tree. Eliadon befriended her, and took her home, where she evolved. Then, she evolved again in the middle of a battle against a Poliwhirl, winning the battle with the move: Stun Spore.

Guzram Sword

Eliadon had a very rough, and unsettling history, with such harsh elements of pain, that it's often hard to retell. His father was a Judo Sensai, having passed the blackbelt exam at the tender age of eighteen. he was extremely skilled, an would often laugh at Eliadon saying that he wasn't a man. He would say that while Eliadon stayed inside, reading books, the other boys of his age were outside playing, growing muscles, and becoming men. he would say that Eliadon was a sissy not to be able to play ay sport, and this often left Eliadon crying throughout the night. His mother was a snooty woman, who had no time for her family, and would spend the day at her friend's houses, having small tea parties, and showing off about her husband's wealth, and position in the Judo Academy. The only person who ever stood by Eliadon's side, and comforted him through these rough times was his bodyguard, Razan Shyndow. Razan was closer to Eliadon than his father would ever be, and even helped Eliadon with girl problems. One day, however, Eliadon's father was beating Eliadon up when Razan walked into the room. Razan's orders had been to protect the principle, no matter what the cost. And that, he did. He stood inbetween Eliaon and his father, and fought back, nearly killing Eliadon's father. He was then fired. But because of this, Eliadon no longer had anyone to talk to, so he ran away, and lived for a year under the very same tree that he would soon meet his Caterpie. From there, he heard of the debate, and entered, winning Cyndaquill. After getting his three Pokèmon, he left New bark Town, and headed over to a new region called Kanto. there, he defeated the first of the eight gyms aplomb, and was heading over to Cerulean City, via Mount Moon.

RPG Samples:
Now I know that you are not looking for samples, but observing previous RPG posts of mine. Here's a list if the various RPGs that you might want to look at:

Journey for the Shadow Blade
A Friend in need is a Friend Indeed (both the old and new)
Pokèmon Extinction (revived version)
Century War-Heavy Gear
Reach Into Time
Broken Crystals and war Breaks out.

February 20th, 2006, 6:18 PM
Okay, everyone who has applied besides Kirky is accepted. However, you people need to work out your sword issues on your own, and not in this thread. I've added a seventh weapon to accomodate for the seven members this RP has.

Name: David
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: http://img85.imageshack.us/img85/9564/image12rz.png
Personality: N/A. I'd rather you see for yourself~

Yanma: Yanma was David's first Pokemon, and he's raised it since it was only a young Yanma. Because of the time spent together, the two have a strong bond with one another. Yanma is very mischevious, and usually gets itself into trouble.

Taillow: The newest addition to his team, Taillow is a very energetic. David recieved Taillow from a friend over in Hoenn. Always ready for action, Taillow is the type who never gives up, no matter the odds.

Mighteyena: David captured his Mighteyena in a fairly... different way from the normal techniques. While during a vicious storm that took Kanto by surprise, David took refuge in a cave, not aware of the fact that it was a Mighteyena den. The Mighteyena attacked him, but David refused to fight back, and he could not go out in the storm. All he could do was endure. He endured the attacks for 24 hours straight, after which time the storm subsided and he left the den. Halfway home, he collapsed, too beaten up from the assault. When he awoke the next day, the leader of the pack of Mighteyena layed by his side, and followed him where ever he went. Mighteyena had recognized him as worthy, and decided to fight by his side.

Bellossom: This Bellossom was once in the posession of David's younger sister, whom passed away in the storm mentioned earlier. Because of the girls death, both Bellossom and David came to understand each other, and Bellossom decided to stay by David's side. Bellossom has a very quirky nature, and it tends to act before it thinks.

Sword: Luminia

History: David is a member of village hidden deep within Virdian Forest. The village is called Kentoala, and it is basically the only place in the world where the legend of the war is handed down. The village is made up of warriors, and therefore all children born there are put through rigorous training excersizes. David, of course, is no exception, and has been through many difficult tests. He is currently travelling through Mt. Moon so he can complete his training.

February 20th, 2006, 6:46 PM
OOC: Is there a reason why my blade says 'reserved' when nobody else's does? 0_0;; did I forget to add something to my sign-up sheet?

IC: "Wow it's really raining hard..." A girl standing in the middle of the fields surround Mt. Moon mumbled, looking up into the darkening sky "And the clouds look weird too..."

In fact they did, with the reddish tint to it, it looked as though any moment now the sky would start raining blood. The Croconaw who was already in a bad mood after being caught by the muzzle in a Krabby's claw, one of which refused to let go, ignored his trainer and angrily stomped around the fields, looking for a pokemon to pick a fight with.

The staryu beside it was sweatdropping, and it's quite a sight to see a star shaped pokemon sweatdrop. Riddel turned around to see her Croconaw sitting on the rain pelted grass stubby arms folded as a Paras hald onto Croconaw's cheek with it's claw. It didn't look happy at all, it's brow furrowed into a straight line and it's fangs jutting out in a frustrated pout.

Riddel almost laughed at her pokemon, but a strong wind blew and Staryu, having no real arms to keep itself from flying off, spun rapidly in the wind, much like it did water to move, but this time it was not an option as it soared into the caves of Mt. Moon.

"Hey!" Riddel cried, returning her Croconaw who couldn't possibly keep up with her on it's stubby legs "Wait up!"

She ran after her pokemon, but after she started, she had little choice but to go on. The wind was now blowing so hard that the droplets of water pelted her bare arms and legs, and she was forced to continue, for it was sure that if she stopped, she'd fall face first into the mud.

"Return Staryu!" She called returning the spinning star and was pushed into the nearest cavern. Glad to be out of the wind, she leaned against the cavern walls and slid down the side "D*mn I never thought I'd say this but am I glad to be out of the rain."

February 20th, 2006, 6:50 PM
OOC: Yeah, it's because there is no issue with your choice. AKA nobody wants to fight you for it. I'll post my IC shortly. To the others who are fighting over swords: Sort it out!

February 20th, 2006, 7:07 PM
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IC: Mike looked proudly at his newly won gym badge from Pewter City. It shine in his coat pocket and he was glad to have it. The battle was somewhat easy due to the fact that he was an experance trainer but still Brock put up a tough fight withi his onix. His Charizard was by his side also enjoying the fruits of the won battle.

"What a great battle Char? Don't you think?" said MIke.

Char nodded and let out a roar. Mike knew that his charzard was enjoying himself.

MIke then notice the rain clouds and saw that it was raining. Charizard was a bit worried and so was Mike. He hated to get wet but they needed to make it to Celerlean City by tommorow in order to train.

Mike saw that his pokemon was worried and said, "No worries. We make it to the cave before it rain too hard. If we do get wet then I promise to get out of the rain." Mike hope he was right.

Mike has also heard that Mt. Moon was a great place to gain experance and Mike know that any experance in a new region is good experance.

The rain got harder as they got closer to Mt. Moon. It was pouring hard too. Char was hating it too. Mike then nodded and Char bented down.

"Let get out of this rain. Towards the cave Char." said MIke as he pointed towards Mt. Moon entrance.

Mike then got on his Charizard and they flew towards the cave.

February 20th, 2006, 7:08 PM
OOC: There. Happy now? I changed my sword to Lunario.

February 20th, 2006, 9:55 PM


Eliadon hated the rain.

The very feeling of those thousands of tiny water particales, pummleing down upon his head and back was not one to be enjoyed. The water droplets soaked through his tee-shirt, leaving him with a soggy wet rag, that only slowed down his progress. Even his track-pants, which were supposed to be water proof were soaked through, and it was the best he could do to hold his pants up from falling down. His feet felt odd as the water soaked his socks, causing everystep he made a slight shuffle, and a squishy one at that.

He covered his brow, and looked up at the sky, swearing.

The clouds were red, a sheer sign of the supernatural. Clouds never changed colour from white, yellow or gray, unless there was a laser light show somehwere close by, and as far as Eliadon knew, there was no light show near Mount Moon. It was only barren land, with hardly any trees as protection from the pounding rain. Eliadon's only chance was to hide inside Moun Moon, and he couldn't even see the entrance.

"**** this rain!" he muttered under his breath as he continued with the shuffling. "None of my Pokèmon would do well here, either. Quilava has a natural weakness to water, and if the other two's wings get wet, they can't fly. How I hate this day!"

In fact, the only thing he liked about the day was that he had finally accomplished his first major step in the Kanto Leaue. he had got his very first badge from Flint Stone. How he remembered that battle...

Flint had sent out his Geodude to begin with, and none of Eliadon Pokèmon had any advanatge over a rock type Pokèmon. Pidgeotto and Butterfree were weak to Rock attacks, and Quilava was weak to both Rock and ground, but he had a plan. He used his Butterfree to send geodude to sleep, and then sent out Pidgeotto to weaken it with Gust. If it woke up, he used Butterfree again. he used the same tactic against the Onix too, winning him his first badge...

Eliadon had been too busy daydreaming to notice that he was standing in front of the entrance to Mount Moon. He looked wary at the sight of this dark entrance. Infact, it was so dark that even by standing in front of it he couldn't see what was behind it.

Quickly stepping inside, he released Butterfree, he pooped out of her pokè-ball most willingly.

"Buterfree, use Flash to light up this place!"

Buterfree squealed in reply, and flapped her wings harder, beginging to glow with a pallid colour, that filled up the cavern that he was in. He saw another girl inside...

February 20th, 2006, 10:15 PM
OOC: IS it alright is I RP in the first person, if not I will edit my post later.

"The rain is not a suitable place to be in right now, " I said as I walked under my red umbrella with Miki next to me. "Miki, can you use an attack to stop the rain alittle?" I continued as we walked through the Kanto region.

Miki shook his head and we began to tread faster as the rain got heavier. I thought to myself as My red umbrella began to become a dark Burgandy as the rain had altered its color. Miki floated around me looking up at the dismal surrounding. The yellow cloads and the suddenly red sky.

"Under no circumstances can the sky be red." I said to myself as Miki hid under the umbrella next to me afraid. "Miki, let's try to survive tonight before we worry about this come to think of it."

I began to contemplate the the surrounding area, when suddenly I had tripped on a gray stone as deppressing as the sky above. I oriented myself as I best I could and picked up my umbrella, as Miki tried to see if I was alright.

"After, all these years, I thought I finally would have given up my clumsy streak, Miki my old friend. I am fine. Now judging by the surrounding area and the closet place is Mount Moon. I believe we can take shelter there, since it in uninhabited."

I ran ask fast as I could with Miki by my side as I was being Pummeled by the rain on my head. Miki floated on right beside me until we came to an ominous hulk of a Mountain.

"Miki, I actually went a place without tripping. Now, let's go in. Bason, please come forth!" I said as I took out a pokeball with a star on it.

A Flygon with a large smile on it's face and Cookie crumbs on his noise appeared, holding out its rather small arms for the crucnchy pastrys it had loved so much.

"Bason, here is your cookie, now please take us up to that cave I pointed to."

Bason lifted me and Miki on and we apearred in an illuminated cave with two people already inside.

February 20th, 2006, 10:31 PM

Great, thought Eliadon as he stared at the other person who had just entered the lighted cavern, more people, and just when I thought that Mount Moon would be a place of soliditary.

Slowly, Eliadon began to become inconspiscious. It's a skill he had ever sonce being a child. he could blend into the surroundings, and cause people to forget him. he hulked his shoulders, hung his head, and screwed his eyebrows down. And sure enough, he was soon ignored.

Without a warning, he recalled Buterfree, plunging the cavern into enternal darkness, leaving the others to decide for themselves what they were going to do. He clipped Buterfree's pokè-ball to his waist, and grinned.

This is life...

February 20th, 2006, 10:54 PM
"Bason. come back to your ball." I said as I returned my Flygon into pure energy and placed the ball in which he was contained in my bag. I then put away my umbrella and took out my tent.

"Listen, if you need anything I will be in here sleeping." I said with a smile as Miki and I had retired into the cozy tent. "Miki, I wonder if anyone else will be joining us in this cave." I said as I took out some canned pokemon food for Miki and bag of chips for myself.

I began to replay the days events in my head as my Masquerain and I got comfortable.

"Today began fine enough, I was going to meet Corey in Cerulean City today and then this all occurs. Miki, we were even going to battle him again and go to the malt shop there." I said gloomly as I thought of also surfing on my Gyarados. "I would have loved riding on Irony today on the beach."

Miki began to sulk and then I hugged him to console him. "Don't worry, I think that we can still have fun tommarow. I hope this clears up enough in the mourning."

I left the tent with Miki by my side and turned to the others, "How long exaclty have you two been here?"

February 21st, 2006, 4:37 AM
Mike and his charizard were flying towards the cave Mt. Moon. The rain was pouring hard on both of them. MIke was getttng soaking wet and he knew his charzard was not enjoying this. "Hold on Char. Just a few more seconds and we be there.

Char then began to fly a little bit more faster once he saw the cave opening. Soon both enter the cave and into the dry Mt. Moon.

Mike got off his charizard and on the cave floor. He then took off his backpack and pulled out a dry towel to dry himself. Soon he was done drying himself and was not help drying his charizard. "This is better now right Char?"

Char then nodded and smiled as Mike began to dry him. Charizard wasn't so wet but still Mike knew that it needed to be dry in order to be at his best when they fight at the Cerlean Gym.

Mike then found some sticks near by them and gather them together. Mike then said, "Hey Char. COuld you use your Flamethrower to start a fire?"

Char nodded and use his attack to start a fire. It was soon much warmed now.

February 21st, 2006, 6:16 AM
OOC: You just don't read poss, do you, Akio. I plunged the cave into darkness, that means that you can't see...


Stupidity lies in the eye of the beholder, an in my opinion, he's pretty stupid. Showing off with that Flygon, I could beat him in strategy anyday, Eliadon thought as he snuck away from the other two, without being noticed. He knew that no one would see him in such darkness, and that only someone with intricate eyesight could see well in this sort of light.

Feeling his way along the wall, Elidon slowly managed to find an exit from the cavern. It was a small hole in the wall, low to the ground, and could barely fit Eliadon in. It was a good thing that he was thin. Working swiftly and silently, Eliadon planned and executed his departure with ease, and was soon walking in the midde of Mount Moon, far away from the other people.

"Go, Butterfree!"

Butterfree, for the second time in less than fifteen minutes was sent into the darkening Mount Moon to use Flash. Finally, he was getting somewhere.

February 21st, 2006, 6:56 AM
OOC: I read your post, I was really more refering to Naoko-chan and I did not know you were shrouded in complete darkness, also, you did it after I came to the cave, so I know you are there. Also, did you ever think of that? Also, if you read my post I AM A GIRL. You shyould not judge until you read my bio completely.

IC: I walked over to the girl who looked very cold and took out a bag to potatoe chips I had bought just before coming here.

"Here, you look hungry and tired. What is your name?" I said to the girl as returned Miki to his Pokeball and released Kaze, my Espeon. "Kaze, use Mourning sun to raise the temperature and dry our clothes!" I said as I tripped over my own shoe.

Kaze smiled for a moment and then used Mourning sun around the girl and the boy who had entered as well as myself. Then Kaze went into our tent and curled up to fall asleep. I shurged my shouldered and went to my backpack and pulled out a Pokenav to see if it would work.

"Well I can't call anyone, so I am at an impasse, so I guess we are all stuck here till the mounring."

February 21st, 2006, 7:41 AM
OOC: Weird...Akio, I just noticed your Espeon is named Wind. o.O
"Hic!" Jirae hiccuped as he wandered drunkenly down the path. "Man...that was one *hic* great party..." He then noticed that rain had begun to fall. "Aw...bummer." He said, scratching his head and looking up at the sky. "Hmm...shky'sh red. I musta *hic* gotten reeeally hammered..."
"Blazi..." Blaze said as he looked worriedly at the rain. He had gotten drunk too, but not so much that he didn't know this was bad. "Blaze! Blaziken!"
"Uh?" Jirae asked, beginning to doze off while standing. "Oh...rain'sh bad...hehe...*hic*...yeah..." He began walking again, crisscrossing across the road, teetering with every step. He did manage to recall the Blaziken to protect it from the rain, though.
"Reep!" Shock exclaimed as she ran in front of him, trying to keep him on the path.
"Ok...shelter...yeah...rainsh not *hic* good..." Jirae said, only half aware of what he was doing. He did know that there was a cave in front of him, though. "Hey...looky! Isha cave!" He said as he wandered in, unaware that it was Mt. Moon.
"Mar! Mareep!" Shock exclaimed. She could tell there were others in this cave.
"What ish it?" Jirae asked as he stumbled into the cave. Not too far in, he tripped on a rock and landed face first in the mud.
"Reep..." Shock said, sweatdropping. Once Jirae had gotten back on his feet, they continued on in through the cave until they came across a few other people.
"Hey...you ish peoples...*hic*..." He said as he stumbled into the area. "What'sh *hic* up?"
OOC: Forgive me if something seemed off...first time I've ever RP'd a drunk character =P. If I recall from some webcomics I read once, though, the 'S' almost always turns into a 'Sh'...right?

February 21st, 2006, 2:48 PM
Riddel blew a strand of wet hair from her face, which was drying out already "Hey, don't use that move!" She said standing up quickly "You'll get me dry!"

Dry, heat, basically everything about Morning sun was a terrible account.

"I'm sorry if I look cold, but I'm not. Besides, it's better when it's dark, then you can enjoy the rain while it's still there." Riddel announced as she glanced over at her two new intruders "If it's not too much trouble, might I ask what your names are? Considering the reason you're here is much too obvious."

Riddel shot a disgusted look at the new comer and snapped "What'sh up, is that we're trying to get out of the rain, and this girl here is trying to dry out our clothes and get us warmer, as disturbing the fact sounds, and that boy over there, which this girl was so kind as to point out to me, is apparently intent on searching this cave. That's just how I see it. Now, I apologize, but I don't associate myself with alchohol induced beings, especially when I'm stuck in a cave, with two other strangers."

Croconaw, whom had let itself out to play in the rain, clamped it's huge jaws shut with it's stubby arms as it resisted the urge to laugh.

OOC: Eh, not much...

February 21st, 2006, 4:45 PM
"My name is Marika, I am a college student and I was on my way back to Celadon City, but this rain put me in this position. What is your name exactly?" I asked the girl in response to her question as I walked into my tent and changed clothes abruptly. "Kaze, return into your pokeball!" I said as I placed my Espeon back in it's ball.

I took out another pokeball and called forth Miki once more. As the Pokemon went to my shoulder I began to sit down and watch teh rain fall to the ground near us.

"So, how long have you been here exactly? It seems, you are very calm in this situation. I take it your a water pokemon trainer that is very uintune with your pokemon." I said with a smile as Miki warmed itself against me. "Miki, maybe I should keep you in the ball for awhile until the rain stops."

I took out Miki's pokeball and retunred him inside. I thought to myself, "Who is this girl?" I figured as the night went on, we would soon find out.

February 21st, 2006, 5:45 PM
"Mighteyena? Have you picked up any strange scents around? Anything at all?" I inquired my Pokemon as the thunder boomed in the distance, sending a chill down my spine. It was a nostalgic experience, seeing it was all thanks to a storm that I met Mighteyena. However, it also brought painful memories as well. Of course, Mighteyena replied with his head shaking. Well, it was to be expected I suppose. I was sent out to this area on my final training exersize, with absolutely no leads what so ever. All I got from the elder was "You'll know it when you see it." Great... Makes things a ton easier...

The rain suddenly came, lightly at first, but it soon became heavier and heavier. I began running quickly down the mountain path after returning Mighteyena to it's Pokeball, the cape-like portion of my outfit flapping in the strong gusts of wind behind me. I continued running through the dark, wet environment, in search of any form of shelter. All was going well until lightning struck, causing me to trip and stumble into the wall beside me. The wall gave way and I fell onto the rock floor below me.

Wet, dazed, bruised, and now shooken up, I sat upwards. I crossed my legs as I took in my surroundings. It was a cavern of sorts, obviously within Mount Moon, and a group of others were in here as well, apparently sheltering from the weather too. I didn't say anything to them at first, however. I had no business with them.

February 21st, 2006, 6:00 PM
MIke then sat down next to the fire. He was hoping that it will dry him a bit better and also keep them warm. The fire was bright too so if any others were in the cave could see it. Mike didn't care if other came by but as long as they don't turn off the fire then it was ok. Mike could hear it was still raining. Char looked out too and notice the same thing.

MIke then said, "It looks like it not a small shower after all." said Mike.

Mike was getting a bit bored and was wondering if they could explore the cave a bit. Mike then said, "After a while Char, how about we explore the cave a bit. You know. So we won't be bored to much."

Char just shugged to say it was ok.

February 21st, 2006, 7:18 PM
"*hic*...'shcuse me?" Jirae said. Even drunk, it wasn't too hard to identify what he thought to be a personal insult. "I'll have you *hic* know that I ish a pokeeman trainer!" His words began to slur and his eyes began to droop.
"Maree?" Shock asked, looking up at her woosy trainer.
"Isha...*hic*..Isha...*hic*..." Jirae mumbled something and then promptly collapsed onto the ground.
"Ree." Shock rolled her eyes and then adopted a thundershock stance. Jirae began to snore loudly. Shock shot the thunderbolt, zapping Jirae to wake him up.
"Ahh! I isha wake! I isha wake!" Jirae said, jumping to his feet. Shock nudged a pokeball on his belt, and Breeze came out.
"Pidgeot!" It exclaimed, stretching its wings. Quickly surveying the situation, it flew outside and gathered some water on its wings, which it had used to form small bowls. It then flew back inside and poured the water out on Jirae. It was obvious that this wasn't the first time they had done this.
"Wagh!" Jirae exclaimed, shaking, trying to get the water off. "What, what, what?" His speech was hardly slurred at all, and it was apparent that the water had subdued his drunkenness-for now, at least.
"Maree!" Shock said, nudging her head in the direction of the other trainers.
"Oh..hi." Jirae said, rubbing the back of his head and grinning. "Didn't see you there before. Or did I? I tend to black out a bit when I get drunk..."
OOC: Hmm...I think I may be hinting at a later plot twist, or something...

February 22nd, 2006, 1:01 AM
OOC:Lmao...BT you make me laugh...and you do a pretty god impression of a drunkard. Also, Akio, forgive me. I didn't mean to insult you or anything. Friends?


Butterfree landed on Eliadon's shoulder as her luminescent wings began to shine brighter and brighter. Her entire body began to vibrate as she focussed her mind on one task, and one task alone. using the move Flash. Most trainers, who don't have an intiment link with their Pokèmon would make their Pokèmon use Flash all the time, but Eliadon knew how much energy it took for a Pokèmon to begin the Flash procedure.

But once the Pokèmon had managed to light itself up completely, it took up no energy. Fortunately, Butterfree was an expert at this, and she was soon shinging brigtly. Infact, it was so bright that Eliadon had to cover his eyes for a minute until he got accustomed to the light.

The cave surrounding him was evidently not a place where he was supposed to be. Completely covered along the walls were rows and rows of bats. It was a good thing that they used sonar to see, otherwise, the light would have angered them greatly. However, it seemed that Eliadon's very presence angered them.

Ten of them opened their small, yet muscular wings, and took off from the wall, sending a whirlwind of air careening down towards Eliadon, who was blown over, down to the ground, and it was only by holding on tightly to a stamalgmite that he managed not to get blown away, completely. Butterfree was faring no better, but Eliadon wasn't smart for nothing. His intelligence was always there, ready to spring at him.

"Use Confusion on these Zubats. They're weak to Psychic attacks like that!" Eliadon yelled over the roaring of the wind.

He was afraid that Butterfree didn't hear, but he needn't have worried. Butterfree focussed her large buggy eyes on the ten Zubats, and began to glow with a haunting blue aura. From her two eyes shot out a beam of intense blue colour, and it struck the Zubats, sending seven of them crashing to the ground, and the other three, smashing against the wall.

However, two of them were still alive, and they called in for reinforcements.

"This, is not good," Eliadon decided.

February 22nd, 2006, 4:57 AM
Mike looked away from the fire and up. He notice that a bright light was being produce somewhere in the cave. MIke thought it could be some trainer using a lamp or a pokemon useing Flash. Mike didn't really think that a move like Flash was need in htis cave. It was very well lite in his opinion. His Charizard did the same. MIke told him, "NOt to worry. Just something using some light. Maybe it just a very lit lamp."

Mike then notice something was happening towards the direction of the light. It seems like some wort of gust or something was happening. May it a battle thought Mike. He wasn't much in the mood for a battle right now. He then saw a lot of zubats flying in that direction as if ready to fight. Mike now knew this wasn't no pokemon battle but an attack on somebody. He decided to go over there and see what was happening. "Come on Char. It looks like somebody is in trouble."

Both he and his pokemon went towards the attack and thought he saw a kid and hist butterfree caught in the fight. Mike decided to help and said to his charizard, "Fire SPin."

Char shot a fire cycolon attack and caught a lot of the zubats in it. Most of them seem to fall from the constant attack.

February 22nd, 2006, 4:52 PM
"...Idiots..." I muttered as I watched a majority of the group fighting what appeared to be wild Zubat. I stood up, and began making my way to the exit of the cavern. The cavern appeared to branch out into the main path inside Mt. Moon. I snuck past the main group who were combatting the Zubat.

I was nearly at the exit when two Zubat flew in front of me, obviously trying to block my path. I backed off, fully aware of the disadvantage most of my Pokemon were at. "Darnit..." I muttered as the Zubat pushed me back.

February 23rd, 2006, 1:19 AM
Eliadon swore loudly as he saw the Charizard and its trainer enter the cavern. He had been doing fine, but the entrance of the large flying dragon seemed to disturbe the Zubats even more, and soon, the entire cave was swarming with Zubats. But you had to give it to the kid with the Charizard. he had guts, openly attacking the Zubats with a Fire Spin, a perfect diversion.

"Return, Butterfree," Eliadon muttered quietly, as his Butterfree was recalled inot her pokè-ball, plunging the cavern into darkness. However, the flame from the Charizard's tail was enough to keep the cavern as well lit as before.

Eliadon carefull placed Butterfree's pokè-ball on his belt, and began to slink away, leaning against the wall to keep out of radar of the Zubats, and acting as part of the wall itself.

He saw the exit to the cavern, and took the opportunity to leave, allowing the Charizard to deal with the Zubats.

February 23rd, 2006, 4:21 AM
The Fire Spin attack was knocking out most of the Zubats. Both Mike and his charizard were getting annoyed by the pokemon attack. There were so many zubats and not one worth fighting. Mike then said, "I hate these pokemon. THey so annoying and stupid."

Mike notice that the kid with the butterfree and the kid himself was missing. BOth were gone. Mike wasn't too happy with this since that mean he was stuck figthing these things alone.

Char's Fire Spin attack was knocking out more zubats but they just seems to be to many. Mike then had an idea.

He grabbed a pokeball from his belt and said, "Char prepare for some help." He then threw the pokeball and an Absol appeared. "Go help Char by using your Tunderbolt!!"

Mike's Absol moced gracefully to dodge any of the bat pokemon attacks. She then shot a bolt of lightning that knocked out a lot of zubats. THis lightning attack then made the rest that weren't trap in Fire Spin to run away. The Fire Spin then subsided and those zubats were also gone too.

"Thanks for the help. That Tunderbolt scared them away just as I thought." said MIke. He then returned the Absol.

Char landed next to MIke and just roared. Mike then said, "Yeah. That battle was pointless. Still. We did help somebody."

February 23rd, 2006, 8:15 AM
OOC: Ugh...charizard maa, no offense, but your posts are rather hard to read compared to other people's...grammar and spelling mistakes are scattered throughout them...
"Huh? What the...?" Jirae asked as a zubat flew into the cavern where he and a couple other trainers were. He turned around and watched it fly out the cave. When he turned back around, a swarm of many more Zubats was coming.
"Geo!" Breeze said. Not needing a command from the still partly-drunk Jirae, she began flapping her wings, creating a whirlwind. Zubats that were too stupid to fly around the wind were caught in it and were sent flying in random directions, sometimes even hitting other Zubats. The Zubats that passed by the whirlwind didn't disturb the trainers, and instead just flew out of the cave.
"Alright then." Jirae said, scratching his head, when the swarm of Zubat had passed. "I think I'll go explore the cave...you guys can come with me if you want."
OOC: Alright, I'm rather confused as to who is in the same cavern as who, here....>_<

February 23rd, 2006, 10:30 AM
OOC: Same. Will post IC After school. If someone could tell me what's going on? 0_0;;

February 23rd, 2006, 6:17 PM
OOC: We're all supposed to be in the same cave, which I thought we were. I had intended to move on with the plot right away, but the Zubat thing got in the way of that. >>

February 23rd, 2006, 6:18 PM
OOC: We're all supposed to be in the same cave, which I thought we were. I had intended to move on with the plot right away, but the Zubat thing got in the way of that. >>

OOC: I was under the impression that people had entered from different enterances and were in small caverns nearby eachother, but not all in the same cavern. I made this conclusion judging by the fact that some people said nothing about coming across other people in the cave.

February 23rd, 2006, 11:43 PM
OOC: No, you're all wrong. You all came in through the same entrance, and I slunk out, followed by Charizard maa. The two of use were in a different cavern from the rest of you, but now I've moved to yet another cavern. Understod? I'll post later...I can't think of anything now.

February 25th, 2006, 3:27 AM
MIke and Char then went back to their fire but found that it was put put and all that was left was small little embers. Must have been been put out by the zubats thought Mike.

His charizard looked down at the fire and was a bit disappointed. Mike just nodded and said, "Well. It seems like we have no fire and the fire wood that was in the fire was alll that I was able to find. Let go exploring then."

Char then nodded and followed Mike though the cave. MIke was hoping to find some sort of treasure or something just something in the cave to pass the time as it rain outside.

February 25th, 2006, 9:14 PM
OOC: No, you're all wrong. You all came in through the same entrance, and I slunk out, followed by Charizard maa. The two of use were in a different cavern from the rest of you, but now I've moved to yet another cavern. Understod? I'll post later...I can't think of anything now.
OOC: Like I said earlier, we're all SUPPOSED to be in the same cavern, it's not my fault you decided to go on ahead without me. It's rude to go on ahead without the creator of the RP in the first place, seeing as he or she is the one in charge, and may have plans. However, when one or two people try to go ahead, it may mess up said plans, and therefore aggrivating the thread starter. So, in other words, fix it if you wish to continue.

February 25th, 2006, 9:40 PM
OOC: Sorry for not posting this sooner. I was very busy with moving.

IC: "Ack!" A girl exclaimed while getting pelted by rain. She saw Mt. Moon near by and dashed towards it wanting to get out of this rain as quickly as she could. An Arcanine ran infront of her. She jumped on and they started for Mt. Moon.

"Come on Cody. I know you hate the rain just like I do." She said patting him on his large head. They entered a cavern and the girl jumped off. She returned Cody to his pokeball and looked around. Terra saw a guy with a Charizard.

She said nothing to him and attempted to dry herself off. She released an Espeon and looked around the cavern some more.

February 27th, 2006, 6:06 AM
OOC: Sorry about wandering off. I thought that the cavern with the bldes was some place else. I'll correct it later. Sorry. *Takes off imaginary hat and bows down...*

February 27th, 2006, 6:23 PM
OOC: Should we all meet in one part of the cave?

IC: MIke and his charizard looked around the cave and sat down. Both of them were tired of seaching even though they didn't went far.

This cave was beauitful he thought but still it was boring. The rain was a bit depressing to MIke. He really wanted to get out of this cave but he knew if they do get out that the rain was pouring hard so they will get wet. Both he and Char hated to get wet.

MIke then saw a girl and an arcanine. "This is something that you don't see every day." said Mike.

Char looked at them and then Mike looked at him and said, "Best to go over and see what she doing here."

Mike and Char went over to the girl. He then sat down next to her and told Char, "Mind starting a fire Char?"

Char then gave him a questioning look as if to say with what?

Mike then said, "Then take a seat? We need to rest anyway."

March 3rd, 2006, 5:58 PM
The girl looked over at him. "Umm hi?" She said not truely knowing what to say. The Espeon sniffed the guy. "Star stop that." She scolded.

The Espeon backed away and the girl sat down next to the guy. "I'm.......Terra." She said with a pause. Brushing away a strand of her black hair she looked at the guy expectantly. "You are?" She then asked holding out her hadnw ith a smile on her face.

Star layed down next to Terra silently. Her eyes fixed on Terra the whole time. It was as if, if she looked away for one second Terra would fanish.

March 3rd, 2006, 6:03 PM
Mike looked at the girl that was sitting next to him now. Mike heard what she said and then said back, "The name is Mike. THe charizard next to me is my buddy Char."

Char just stood there watching the espeon and the girl. He was wondering if this girl was to be trusted.

Mike then said, "Yeah. So what about you? Any reason why you are here?"

March 3rd, 2006, 6:11 PM
Terra pointed back towards the way she had entered. "Rain. I hate rain." She said with a smile still on her face. Star let out a deep growl. She didn't like the way that Char was staring at them.

Terra looked down at Star then back up at them. "Don't mind her, she is just very watchful." She said while trying to get herself dry.

"Why are you here?" Terra suddenly asked. By now Star was looking really annoyed.

March 3rd, 2006, 6:17 PM
Char just sat down and then let out a bit of fire. He was making sure that nothing was goind to happen because he knew that Mike and him were going to need there strength in the upcoming battle.

Mike then said, "Same reason. Me and Char hate the rain so we came in here to keep dry. Char helps a lot with that."

March 3rd, 2006, 9:55 PM
OOC: Sorry for not posting sooner. I've been realy busy with some other stuff, and I haven't had time to post in this. I promise that I'll now pay more attention to this thread. I really do.


I grunted.

The only thing I despised more than rain, was darkness. Eventhough it helped me hide, and keep away from other people, I really hated it. It hurt my eyes when I tried to look around, and even with the help of Butterfree's Flash it was no easy prospect. I decided that it would be easier if someone else were to provide us with the light.

I wlaked back into the cavern, and swore under my breath. Even more people had come, and I was not enjoying benig in the presence of so many. Instead, i decided to turn away, and sit in the corner of the cave, away from useless gibberish