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February 20th, 2006, 11:36 AM
Ok. Bear with me here. This is my first Sonic-based FanFic series, and it takes place after the Doomsday Project Episode of the Freedom Fighters series (also known as the SatAM series).

For those of you that have NEVER seen this show, or those of you that simply need a recap, you can find it here, as well as character descriptions. Also, it tells you who those glowing red eyes belonged to.


Basically, this Fic series starts right where the planned continuation of the series was going to, and goes on from there. Since there is no definite script to follow other than vague summaries, I'll be largely making it up as I go along (it's actually convenient for me). Also this show ties into the X series to an extent (though obviously not the same way), so don't be surprised when the other characters start showing up. But don't expect it to follow the same storyline. Anyway, let's get underway.

Note: Special Thanks to Sonicverseteam and TV.com for the information used to start the Fic.

Sonic Unlimited

Scene: A distant shot of Planet Mobius, as seven jewels show up and encircle it. After a second, an unknown female voice interludes.

The Chaos Emeralds...
Sources of power that will awaken when needed...
Hear my plea...

The sincere Earth that gives bounty and grace to all...
The Flames of courage that dwell within our hearts...
The Winds of change which bring fortune and love to all...
The Water, a reliable source of life...

The Light of hope, which is sent from the heavens...
The Darkness, unseen kindness in our actions...
And finally, the Space, knowledge of places beyond our reach...

These seven Emeralds have kept Mobius in a constant state of balance. But evil continues to envelope the world in its grip. Please... Send us a hero, a chosen one, that they may save Mobius and the rest of the universe...

And never forget the Master Emerald... The source of the Chaos Emeralds' power... For in a time of great need, it will light our darkest hour...

Episode 1: Beware of Aftermaths: Part 1

Scene: The forest on the outskirts of Knothole. Two lone Freedom Fighters are running through the forest. Upon closer examination they appear to resemble a dog and a beaver. Two red beams suddenly hit them and they collapse, as a soldier-type SWAT-Bot can be seen approaching them.

SWAT-Bot: Targets neutralized. Returning to base.

Scene: The dog appears to still be moving, as he starts crawling forward. A burn mark is clearly visible on his back.

Dog-Animaloid: I've... got to... warn...

Scene: A second red beam hits the dog, knocking him out. A very short bald man appears from the direction the beam came from.

Short Man: If that fool Julian would've just done this, he'd have completely destroyed the Freedom Fighters by now. Oh well. I, Snively, will just have to finish what he started...

Scene: As Snively walks out of sight, one last pan shows the twitching bodies of the two Freedom Fighters, as the scene switches to the village of Knothole. A celebration of sorts is taking place, as everyone is rejoicing over their victory against Robotnik. Sonic and Tails are sitting together, while Sally, Bunnie, and Antoine are mingled with the crowd. Rotor is nowhere to be found.

Sonic: So there we were, just me and Sal', totally surrounded by the mother of all SWAT-Bot armies...

Tails: So what happened?

Sonic: That's when we used the Power Stones and shredded outta there! You thought I was fast without them, you should've seen me and Sal using them! We tore the whole place apart. It was beyond way past cool!

Tails: Whatever happened to your uncle though?

Sonic: I dunno... That's the thing. He disappeared, along with the robotisized citizens. Even with Robuttnik gone, it's still gonna be hectic until we get everyone back to normal.

Scene: Sally appears from the crowd and approaches Sonic and Tails.

Sally: It's a shame that those stones are out of power. We'd have a serious advantage if we could keep using them.

Sonic: No kidding... Huh?

Scene: Sonic immediately turns and looks toward the entrance of the village. He seems genuinely worried.

Sally: Are you ok, Sonic?

Sonic: I dunno... I just got this terrible feeling... It's like a chill just ran right down my spine...

Scene: Antoine and Bunnie approach the group. Antoine seems genuinely relieved for the first time in a long while.

Bunnie: What's all the fuss about, sugar?

Sonic: Did you ever get the feeling you were being watched?

Antoine: I am not getting zat feeling. I am getting more of the hungry feeling.

Sally: Come on Sonic. This is the one time in a million years I'm not scolding you for eating chili dogs and you're not pigging out.

Sonic: I'll catch you later Sal. There's something I gotta take care of.

Scene: Sonic speeds off in his usual super-run toward the edge of the forest, leaving a worried Sally and Tails.

Tails: What's gotten into him?

Sally: I wish I knew... I've never seen him act like this...

Scene: Sonic speeds toward the former location of Robotropolis. As it comes into view, it is clear as day that nothing is left, except for a few traces of scrap metal strewn throughout the otherwise open field.

Sonic: It's just a pile of rubble... Why am I feeling this way? I... I'm trembling...

Scene: A soldier-type SWAT-Bot can now be seen in the distance, as it approaches Sonic.

SWAT-Bot: Priority-1 Hedgehog. Moving to intercept.

Sonic: A SWAT-Bot? But why is it still operational? I get it! Old Robuttnik must've programmed them to act on their own if his base was ever totalled.

Scene: Sonic does the classic spin dash right into the SWAT-Bot, tearing the machine in half.

Sonic: Sorry, but I don't have time to be messin' with you guys right now!

Scene: Sonic speeds off into the distance as the scene cuts back to Knothole. Rotor can finally be seen emerging from a rather large building with gigantic double-doors on the front of it. Tails is the first to greet him.

Tails: So, is it finished?

Rotor: I've gotta admit, it was alot of work, but I finally got it working. There's only the final flight test to go through, then we'll know for sure.

Tails: How 'bout I take it up?

Rotor: You're kidding right? This thing's untested and you're just a kid! I can't endanger you! Maybe once it's tested...

Tails: You know that's not fair! I know just as much about it as you do! I've been working right alongside you on it!

Rotor: I promise once it gets up in the air, I'll let you fly it.

Tails: Alright... Anyway, have you come up with a name?

Rotor: I've gone through all the names I could think of, Enterprise, Falcon, Blackjack, Highwind, but I think I've finally thought of the perfect name for it.

Scene: A crowd is now gathered around where Rotor and Tails are, as he prepares to make an announcement. Sally and Bunnie are standing next to them.

Rotor: As you all know, Dr. Robotnik has finally been defeated!

Scene: The crowd cheers in response to the remark.

Rotor: However, there are still matters that haven't been resolved. Chuck is missing, as are the robotisized citizens! As such, we need to expand our search to other areas of Mobius, areas that may still be under Robotnik's control.

Sally: We also need to try and locate Dr. Robotnik. Our sources said he escaped to a remote section of Mobius, but we still don't know the location. Until we find him and make him answer for his crimes, the war is still far from over!

Rotor: As some of you know, I've been working on a little project for awhile now. You'll be happy to hear that it's finally completed. May I direct your attention to the gigantic double-doors?

Scene: The double-doors are conveniently right behind Rotor, making them easy to spot. With the press of a button, the doors slowly open to reveal a blue and yellow plane. A loud applause follows.

Rotor: <to Tails> I still don't understand why you picked blue and yellow...

Tails: <to Rotor> Blue is for Sonic, and yellow is for me.

Rotor: Oh. I see. Well, you picked the color, so I get to pick the name. <turns toward the crowd> As I was saying, behold! The Tornado!

Scene: More applause follows, as Tails simply nods.

Sally: I kind of like that name. Tornado. I wonder how Sonic'll like it?

Tails: Speaking of which, where is he? He's been gone for over an hour.

Bunnie: I wouldn't worry 'bout Sonic. He'll probably be back soon.

Sally: He really seemed worried...

Scene: The scene switches back to the field where Robotropolis formerly was. Sonic is stopped cold and staring toward the screen. He is genuinely scared.

Sonic: Y... You... So you're the one I felt in the forest... It's been awhile, hasn't it?

Scene: A hand extends toward Sonic from below the screen, thus it is all we see. A red beam erupts from it. Despite his best efforts, Sonic cannot avoid it at such a close range and is knocked to the ground. A burn can be seen on his shoulder as he cringes in pain.

Sonic: Sal... Tails... G... Get away...

Voice: All too easy... Do not worry though. I won't kill you... at least not yet...

Scene: The hand lowers, as the screen fades out for a commercial.

Sonic Unlimited

Scene: Tails, Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, and Rotor are standing outside the hangar. Sally has a clear look of concern on her face, as she pulls out her handleld computer.

Sally: Nicole. Triangulate Sonic's location.

Nicole: Triangulating... Triangulating... Sonic is currently at the former location of Robotropolis. His exact coordinates are unknown.

Sally: Tails, Rotor, Antoine. Bunnie and I are heading to the former location of Robotropolis. Once the Tornado is ready, take off and follow us.

Tails: Roger.

Rotor: You got it.

Antoine: You are not wanting me to stay and guard the base?

Sally: Please do this Antoine. I have a bad feeling...

Scene: Sally and Bunny leave in the direction Sonic headed in. Meanwhile, Rotor enters the Hangar.

Tails: So, Antoine. You ever fly?

Antoine: No. And I am not liking where you are going with that.

Tails: This'll be your first time.

Rotor: <poking his head out the hangar doors> We have a bit of a problem. The Tornado is only equipped to take two. That means one of us has to stay here.

Tails: Hmm...

Antoine: Oui oui. I am being honored to, how you say, volunteer for guarding Knothole?

Tails: I guess it can't really be helped... Ok. We'll go and back Sally and Bunnie up. You stay here Antoine. If anything happens, contact us through the comm-link in Sally's house.

Antoine: Oui oui! Now you must be going.

Rotor: Heh... Guess we DO take all types, huh?

Scene: Sally and Bunny arrive at the location of where the two Freedom Fighters fell. Their bodies are still there.

Sally: My god... What happened here?

Bunnie: Are they...

Sally: No. They're alive... barely... I need you to take them back to Knothole. They need immediate medical attention.

Bunnie: Got it covered, Sal. You be careful. Whatever did this might still be out here.

Sally: Yeah. I just hope Sonic is alright...

Scene: Bunnie picks up the two unconscious Freedom Fighters and runs at top speed back to Knothole. The scene switches back to Sonic, as he is attempting to stand up.

Sonic: Wait... a sec...

Scene: Sonic spots what appear to be two robotisized citizens. After a second, one of them turns and spots Sonic. One of them is a metal fox, and the other appears to be a metal porcupine.

Sonic: What the... Robotisized... citizens...

Metal Fox: Hedgehog! Priority 1! Preparing to engage!

Sonic: Not good... I can't juice it... with these injuries...

Scene: As the two Robotisized citizens close in, more soldier-type SWAT-Bots can be seen approaching from all directions.

Sonic: Who's controlling all these metal heads?

Scene: Sonic is now completely surrounded by SWAT-Bots, with the two Robotisized citizens right in front of him. They immediately all point their weapons at him.

Sonic: Is this... it? No. I can't bite it here... I haven't even had a single chili dog today...

Random SWAT-Bot: Engaging Hedgehog!

Voice: Heaven's Justice!!!

Scene: A group of lightning bolts suddenly rain down on the SWAT-Bots and begin to shred them.

Sonic: What in the world?

Scene: As the lightning subsides, Sonic finally catches a glimpse of the origin of the voice. A pink, female echinda seems to be dressed in a sort of tribal garb and appears to be wearing blue bracelets. She holds out her right hand and a staff appears in it.

Echinda: I warn you! Leave this place now, or I will make you leave!

Sonic: I hope... she isn't talking to me...

Scene: The remaining SWAT-Bots gather between Sonic and the strange echinda.

Lead SWAT-Bot: Anomaly detected. Switching to secondary objective. Destroy all Freedom Fighters.

Echinda: Very well then... I have no choice...

Scene: As she finishes, the echinda raises her staff and begins to concentrate on it.

Echinda: Flames of courage in our hearts... Cleanse the land of evil!!!

Scene: As she finishes, flames shoot out from in front of her, engulfing the remaining SWAT-Bots, causing many to explode. After a few seconds, the fames subside, leaving only melted metal and scattered pieces everywhere. The two Robotisized citizens see this and run off.

Sonic: Whoa... <looking over the remains of the robots> I hope she's on our side...

Scene: The echinda begins walking over to a now worried Sonic.

Sonic: Uh oh... She's coming here... What if she decides to fry me?

Scene: Sonic closes his eyes, fearing the worst, just as the echinda stops right next to him. She raises a hand and puts it on the burn on his shoulder. It begins glowing for a moment, as does the wound. After the display, the burn is gone. Sonic then opens his eyes in amazement.

Sonic: Who... Who are you?

Echinda: I am called Tikal.

Sonic: Tikal...

Tikal: And I need to get to Knothole...

Scene: The scene switches back to the hangar in Knothole, as Tails and Rotor are finishing up the fine tuning on the Tornado.

Tails: That should do it.

Rotor: Yeah. I gotta say, I didn't expect you to be this handy with machines.

Tails: Between you and Sally, it's impossible NOT to learn things.

Rotor: Well. We've finished the Tornado, but there's no runway...

Tails: Leave that to me. The area in front of the hangar is a bald spot for a reason.

Scene: As Tails finishes, he pulls out a remote with two buttons on it.

Tails: Now, let's light up the field.

Scene: Tails pushes the button, as the entire bald spot seems to split right down the middle. Soil can be seen falling into the crevice that is created, as a runway literally rises up out of the ground. After the display, it is directly connected to the hangar. Lights begin turning on along the runway until its entire length is lit.

Rotor: When did you do THIS?

Tails: Remember all those times I was left here? This is what I've been doing.

Rotor: Man... I tell you, you might've outdone me here.

Tails: Well, should we go to the others?

Rotor: Yeah. Let's do it!

Scene: Tails and Rotor jump into the Tornado and turn on the engine. After a bit of sputtering, it is fully on. Tails can be seen putting on a pair of goggles, as the plane pulls to the runway.

Rotor: <noticing that he's in the back> Guess you're flying it today.

Tails: That's the way I planned it.

Scene: With that, the Tornado speeds down the runway, as it slowly lifts off the ground. Tails then pulls on the handle, causing the plane to gain more altitude. In no time, they're clear of the top of the trees. Bunnie, now on the outskirts of the village can see the Tornado flying right above her.

Bunnie: Well I'll be. They actually did it!

Scene: Bunny jumps slightly into the air and hits the ground with a jolt. The two injured Freedom Fighters jerk a bit as a result.

Dog: Ow.

Bunnie: Oh. Sorry.

Scene: As Bunnie heads toward Knothole, the Tornado is seen heading to where Sonic is. A distant shot is seen, as Tails and Rotor can be heard.

Tails: It'll be interesting landing this plane there...

Rotor: You just NOW thought of that?

Scene: With that, the screen fades out.

Next Episode

Sonic: First I get injured, then I run into a strange Echinda named Tikal. Well, turns out she's been trained in the use of Emerald Sorcery. But why is she here, and what does this mean? Come to think of it, who WAS it that shot me?

Next time on Sonic Unlimited

Episode 2: Beware of Aftermaths: Part 2

Sonic: Later!

February 21st, 2006, 10:54 AM
Not bad..it's a pity my information on Sonic is a bit limited, or else the concept (perhaps) might have appeared clearer. It seems to be a standardized, average script fic of Sonic..not much I can say after the first part, sorry to say. ^_^;

One thing you can fix is the 'Scene: blablabla.' Usually a scene is triggered in italics by inserting the given action/setting/whatever between brackets, such as~

[Sonic does the classic spin dash right into the SWAT-Bot, tearing the machine in half]

Also, conveying emotions in dialogues might have been a better idea. All your character's dialogues feel indifferent, which is not a good thing in terms of characterization. This is an example (albeit not the best one; I'm not sure what you would have intended to be specific):

SWAT-Bot: [in a monotone voice] Targets neutralized. Returning to base.

..or when in terms of actions:

Sonic: First I get injured, then I run into a strange Echinda named Tikal. Well, turns out she's been trained in the use of Emerald Sorcery. But why is she here, and what does this mean? [pauses briefly, confused] Come to think of it, who WAS it that shot me?

I apologize; my clarity in script fic (and a Sonic one) is severely limited. However, as I've reiterated, it seems like a typical, standard sequel of the original Sonic series. I'll wait until the second part to see how you'll fare, though, not to sound judgmental. I sincerely wish you the best of luck~

February 23rd, 2006, 11:42 AM
Wow, this is pretyy well written for a script style fic!

February 23rd, 2006, 3:22 PM
Ok. We're off to a pretty interesting start. Now don't be surprised when the characters start coming into the series in extremely... unusual ways. People that have seen Anime like Tenchi will recognize some of the inspiration later on down the road. This one's a bit shorter, but necessary nonetheless.

Anyway, I think I gave as much of a heads up as I possibly could, so let's venture onward.

<> = Scene during conversation
{} = Inner Monologue

Sonic Unlimited

Scene: The skies above the forest near Knothole. Tails and Rotor are flying toward the edge of former Robotropolis, as what is left of the machine city slowly comes into view.

Tails: <looking ahead in awe> Whoa. Sonic wasn't kidding when he said the whole place was wiped clean off the map...

Rotor: <appearing slightly concerned> Uh, be a little careful. We don't want to crash on her maiden voyage.

Tails: <realizing he's still controlling the Tornado> Oh, right! Good point. Still... I hope Sonic's alright...

Episode 2

Beware of Aftermaths: Part 2

Scene: Tikal and Sonic are starting to walk toward the forest again, just as Sally catches up to them.

Sonic: Um, hi.

Scene: Sally slaps Sonic in the face, leaving a nice red mark. Sonic immediately puts his hand to the mark and has a confused look.

Sally: Are you stupid or something?! We were worried SICK about you!

Sonic: Sal... I...

Scene: Sally suddenly hugs Sonic.

Sally: Don't ever run off like that again! I was afraid you might be...

Sonic: I... I'm sorry... I...

Tikal: She cares deeply for you... You should treasure that as long as you live.

Sonic: <smiling slightly> I didn't mean to worry you, Sal...

Scene: After the dramatic moment subsides, Sally finally notices Tikal.

Sally: <now facing Tikal> I've never seen YOU around here before. Who are you?

Tikal: My name is Tikal. I'm an Emerald Sorceress from Angel Island.

Sonic: Angel Island? Wait a sec! How can that be?

Sally: That place is just a myth!

Tikal: <closes her eyes> No. It is very real. And I've come to ask for your help.

Scene: Sonic looks up and can finally see Tails and Rotor flying toward them. He starts waving.

Sonic: Hey! Tails! Rotor! I was wondering when you'd show up!

Scene: The scene switches back to Knothole, where Sonic and the group are inexplicably back in front of the hangar. Tikal seems to be explaining something to the rest of the group. Antoine and Bunnie have also joined the conversation.

Tikal: There isn't much time. The planet is in grave danger.

Sonic: What's happening? I was shredding a reactivated metal head when this weird dude suddenly fired a red beam of energy at me. I didn't get a good look, but for a second I could've sworn I saw...

Tikal: I see... Then you may have already encountered him...

Sonic: <with a worried look, as if he already knows the answer> Encountered who?

Tikal: I should explain... Many many years ago, a powerful wizard known as Ixis Naugis, ruled this world with a reign of terror. But through a massive battle, King Acorn sealed him into a nexus between life and death, where he should have remained for all eternity.

Sonic: Ixis! I've heard that name before in...

Sally: <with an urgent look> The Void! That's where my father...

Sonic: Yeah! Ixis and King Acorn! They were both there! But they ended up being frozen in this crystal stuff! How did Ixis escape?

Tikal: Yes... It was the one called Snively...

Sonic: <with a surprised beyond belief look> Snively?! That dork?! How in the world did HE, of all people, release Ixis?!

Sally: Yeah. I would've put my money on Robotnik.

Sonic: No kidding. The Doc's been known to do stuff like that, but not Snively! Talk about unexpected...

Antoine: <now worried> I am not liking where this is going...

Bunnie: How'd he get the power to do somethin' like that?

Tikal: The Chaos Emeralds... He somehow found his way to Angel Island... As hard as we tried, we couldn't stop him... He stole the Chaos Emeralds...

Sonic: Chaos... what?

Tikal: The Chaos Emeralds go by many names... They're referred to by some as the Elemental Crystals, or even the Orbs of Balance... But they are a source of unspeakable power... If used together, they cause what we call Chaos Control...

Sally: Chaos Control?

Tikal: Chaos Control is an energy wave of unprecedented magnitude... Using it, one can do things from increasing their own power to breaking open seals. If used carefully, it can even tear a rift in time and space... That's how King Acorn sealed Ixis in the first place...

Scene: Everyone is exchanging their own shocked and concerned expressions. Bunnie finally breaks the silence.

Bunnie: No way! You're sayin' somethin' THAT powerful's in the hands of Snively?

Tikal: <looking down slightly> Unfortunately, yes...

Sally: You said 'we'. Are there others on Angel Island?

Tikal: Yes. One other, anyway. His name is Knuckles... He'll be joining us soon...

Sonic: Knuckles, huh?

Tikal: He's not exactly the most sociable person in the world, but he's a great fighter... <blushes slightly>

Sonic: Ahh, I see. You two are an item, eh?

Tikal: <now completely red in the face> Wha? No! I just... I mean he... just helps me whenever... there's trouble... Ahem! Anyway, he said that he'd meet us at Angel Island!

Antoine: You will um... how you say, not be needing me on this, right?

Sonic: Well... We WOULD have you come along, but this place needs someone to guard it. Actually there's only room for two on the Tornado anyway sooo...

Antoine: <royally relieved> I see... Well, I will be leaving the gathering of the Emeralds to you then, oui?

Bunnie: Guess most of us have to stay behind for this one, huh sugar?

Sonic: And I dunno how to fly the Tornado, so...

Rotor: Well, we...

Tails: <nearly jumping to respond> I can fly it!

Rotor: Yeah, well... I don't know if...

Scene: Tails is now sporting the cutest darn set of puppy dog eyes ever drawn.

Sonic: Rotor, I know what you're gonna say. But the fact is, between the two of ya, Tails has seen more action...

Scene: Tails is just smiling cutely in response.

Rotor: <looking down at the ground> Awwwww.... And I was hoping to fly her this time...

Sonic: What about you, Tikal? We can't do this without you and we need Tails to fly the Tornado...

Tikal: <winking> I have my ways...

Sonic: Um... <remembering how she fried the SWAT-Bots> I'll just take your word for it...

Sally: Sonic... I'll have to stay here too...

Sonic: Don't you worry, Sal... We'll be back before you know it...

Scene: The scene switches to Sonic and Tails being aboard the Tornado. After a second, the hangar doors open. Tikal is standing on the side of the hangar.

Tails: You know, I think this is the first time you've flown in something that WASN'T trying to kill you...

Sonic: Yeah. It'll be a nice break. You're sure you know how to fly, right?

Tails: <smiling and winking> Of course! Rotor taught me.

Sonic: <now looking worried> Ok. If you say so...

Scene: With that, Tails ignites the engine, and the propellers begin spinning. In no time, the loud rumbling of the Tornado fills the air.

Tikal: <yelling over the noise of the Tornado> I'll meet you at Angel Island! When you get airborne follow the North Star to the Outer Sea! Once you get there, look toward the east!

Sonic: I gotcha!

Tails: Here we go!

Scene: The plane slowly makes its way to the runway, as Sonic looks over his shoulder once more. Tikal is nowhere to be found. Outside, he can see a beam of light shooting toward the horizon just as the Tornado speeds off the runway and into the sky. Sally can be seen watching the Tornado take off from the ground.

Sally: Good luck Sonic...

Sonic Unlimited

Scene: A large dark room. The walls seem to be pitch black, but that could very well be from the color. A man in a dark robe is standing on the end of what appears to be a table. Two more outlines can be seen as the camera zooms in somewhat. One figure appears to have black wings, though it's impossible to see the precise details. Another figure appears to be large and round. After a moment, the room gradually lights up, revealing the oversized form of Robotnik. Across from him is a female that closely resembles a white bat animaloid with black wings and a heart on her chest. After a moment, the robed figure speaks.

Figure: For too long, I have been trapped in the Void, the Nexus... But no more.

Robotnik: That has been made painfully clear to me...

Bat Girl: Yeah. He really thrashed you.

Robotnik: If I had my Robotisizer, you wouldn't be so cheery, Rouge!

Rouge: Aww!! Did I hurt your feelings?

Figure: Enough!

Scene: The robed figure turns to reveal his face. His face can best be described as Ganon meets an Orc, but more resembling Ganon.

Rouge: <in her familiar seductive tone> Oh, come on Ixis... I was only having a little fun...

Ixis: Um, yes... Ahem! Anyway, our sniveling stoolie should be thanked. After all, it was HE who freed me. But now we need to find a way to crush the Freedom Fighters...

Scene: A very high pitched voice can be heard from the background.

Voice: How 'bout I just blow the whole forest apart?

Scene: A small dark purple devil-looking critter appears from a shadowed corner of the room and flies over to Robotnik. He has round yellow eyes and is wearing red shoes. He also has white gloves on.

Robotnik: Ahh! Meet Bokkun... I found him on the island that I crashed into after escaping Robotropolis. That's when I first began to draw plans for 'Operation Chaos'.

Scene: Bokkun is floating next to Robotnik, acting traditionally cute.

Ixis: You've mentioned this before. What exactly IS 'Operation Chaos'?

Robotnik: You are familiar with Angel Island, correct?

Ixis: Of course. I DID tell Snively how to get to it... It wasn't easy from where I was...

Scene: A montage appears, illustrating what Robotnik is explaining.

Robotnik: Yes. Angel Island used to be guarded by a creature called Chaos. In fact, that very creature is what spawned the Chaos Emeralds in the first place, hence the name.

Ixis: I see. I was always wondering...

Robotnik: For generations, a tribe of natives used to guard an object known as the Master Emerald. You might have seen it on the island...

Ixis: The large green emerald at the center of the island.

Robotnik: Yes. Its powers are ten times that of the Chaos Emeralds. But back to my story. One day, the tribe began to forsake their duty. Some even went as far as to attempt to use the Master Emerald for themselves. Chaos, who'se sworn duty was to protect Angel Island from hostile enemies, turned on the entire tribe. In the battle that followed, nearly half of the island was destroyed, along with the entire tribe. Only two members survived, the only ones that were still allied with the Master Emerald. Fearing that Chaos' power might erupt again, they sealed it into the Master Emerald, using Chaos Control for the first time.

Ixis: And that's how Chaos Control got its name!

Scene: The montage ends, and we see the interior of the large meeting room again.

Robotnik: Exactly. And who now possesses the Chaos Emeralds?

Ixis: I do. So I can use them to awaken Chaos.

Robotnik: You catch on fast.

Ixis: But won't Chaos try to attack US?

Robotnik: Not while we possess the Emeralds. Whoever controls the Emeralds, controls Chaos.

Scene: A grin comes over Ixis, as Robotnik begins to laugh. Rouge gets up and walks out of the room during the conversation. She ends up in a metal corridor, looking out one of the windows..

Rouge: Men are always on such power trips...

Scene: The camera zooms out to show the full view of what appears to be a round mechanical space station. After a long enough pause for the audience to view the fortress, the scene cuts to the Tornado, as Tails and Sonic are now over the Outer Sea. All that can be seen is blue water as far as the eye can see.

Sonic: Whoa... I haven't seen water this clean in a good while, except what we purify back home...

Tails: Now that Robotnik's base is gone, this world'll slowly get back to the beautiful place it once was...

Sonic: It's easy to forget that part of the war was to save this planet too...

Tails: Ok... This should be it...

Scene: Both Tails and Sonic are struck with a sense of awe as they look to the right. A floating island is clearly visible in the distance.

Sonic: That must be...

Tails: Angel Island!!!

Sonic: Well, why don't you take us in?

Tails: Here we go!

Scene: The Tornado comes about and heads toward the island. As it nears, Sonic and Tails realize that it is a very large island, easily spanning several miles.

Sonic: Whoa... Way past cool...

Scene: The Tornado circles the island, looking for a place to land. As it does, various creatures are able to see it. One creature in particular looks light blue and has yellow on the tip of its head and on its hands.

Creature: Chao?

Scene: As the Tornado continues circling the island, a red echinda can be seen observing the plane's route.

Echinda: <looking intently> I hope Tikal knows what she's doing.

Scene: As the Tornado makes its final approach, we see a shot of a distant crescent shaped island. This one isn't floating in the air, though it looks like it might as well be. The island is totally clean, almost like a small paradise. A very large purple striped cat can be fishing off the shore, while a green frog is sitting next to him. A pink hedgehog can be seen approaching the beach from a grassy field. From the change in angle, a lone house can be seen, as the purple cat looks at the hedgehog.

Cat: Hi Amy.

Amy: <smiling> When you're finished here Big, dinner's ready!

Scene: The scene switches to a shot of the interior of the house, as two peach colored rabbits can be seen setting up a table for dinner. One appears to be very young and the other appears to be an adult.

Young Rabbit: Like this, mommy?

Mother Rabbit: That's right Cream.

Scene: Cream and her mother, Vanilla finish setting the table, just as the scene switches back to Knothole. Sally is still looking toward the sky, but from the window of her hut now.

Sally: Please be safe, Sonic...

Scene: One final scene switch shows the Tornado closing in on Angel Island, as the screen fades out.

Next Episode

Sonic: We finally land on Angel Island and meet Knuckles the Echinda. But he's not too thrilled at us intruding on his island and begins to attack me. Whoa, WHAT?! Tikal told us to come here, buddy! Wait a sec... You're saying someone told you we were intruders?!

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Episode 3:

The Iron Fists of Knuckles

Sonic: Man, they're not called iron fists for nothing!