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March 6th, 2006, 5:48 PM
The Haunted Island

Recently some archaeologists discovered a island far south of the Kanto region, they named the island : Island of the Ghost

Island of the Ghost: The island was discovered recently, due to it's large number of ghost pokemon it was banned from being entered, as there was more than ghastly's, Haunter's, Gengar's, misdreavious's,banette's,shuppet's,duskulls's,dusclops's and sableye's there. The archaeologists who went there came across bundles of new ghost pokemon, but they never made it back to the kanto region.

Mission:Now the Indigo Plateau and the Elite four are looking for 6 skilled Trainers, who will be lead by Lance to the Island.
The first part of your mission is to find and identify the new ghost pokemon.
The second Part fo your mission is to find the archaeologists and bring them home safely.

What they didn't know is that they would also have to save themselves from the dangerous Island.

Sign up sheet:

Pokemon party:(up to 6, one has to be a ghost pokemon)
Personality:(a detailed paragraph explaining your characters personality)
Description:(a detailed description of your character)
History:(A detailed history of your character)
Reason for joining the ghost hunt:(a few lines about why you wanted to join Lance on this expidition)
Specialities:(If you want to specialise in a pokemon type)
Other:(Any other info you want to be known about your Charcter)

My Sign up sheet:

Name: Kaine
Age: 15
Pokemon party:
Haunter (shadow hand)
Kaine's starter pokemon, he decided to choose a ghost type as he had an idea he would have an advantage with the first few badges, on his way up to the Elite four

Kaine was near the borders of kanto into Jhoto, when he came across an abandoned cyndaquil, they instantly became friends when Kaine offered, cyndaquil his favourite kind of berry : sitrus berry

He was lucky one day to find an egg which was an eevee egg, he already had an eevee but he didn't see the harm in having two, he evolved one into his trust Silver umbreon

He was given an eevee before he was to face the Elite four by his father, when he found the second eevee egg his first eevee was ecstatic, now his trusty Black espeon is inseprable from him

Personality: Kaine has a dark personality around people. He has no real Friends apart form his loyal and faithful pokemon, He grew up in lavender town, hence the reason he got a ghstly for a beginner. Kaine is looking for human friends, but he isn't so good at making them, they either have a problem with him, or he does with them.

Description: Kaine is pale, due to an illness when he was young, he is over it now. He wears a long black cloak which has his families emblem on it, A Gold Espeon standing with a White Umbreon, and there are words above it that say "You never stand alone". Kaine takes pride in his clothes, he wears very stylish denims, but not a top. His body is pale, but he has a strong muscle tone. he has an athletic build, which includes, which he prides himself, a six-pak abb muscle.

History: Kaine was born with a rare illness, it has resulted in him being pale. His family are eevee trainers, he love his eevee evolutions, Jewel(espeon) and Silverbane(Umbreon). He chose ghastly as his first pokemon, they were friends from the begining as ghastly had very much the same personality as Kaine. Kaine prides himself in not only his body, but his mind, he comes off as strong but stupid, but he can be brilliant when he wants to be.

Reasons for wanting to join the ghost hunt: It's actually due to Haunter, Kaine isn't that much bothered by it, but His haunter (shadow hand) wants to see this island and explore.

Specialities: Kaine has no referable speciality with pokemon, his family wanted him to be and eevee trainer, but he wants a nice variety of pokemon.

Other: Kaine has a beautiful (girl's) emerald necklace, it belonged to his mother, but she had no daughter to pass it down to, so she gave it to him, and He wears it with pride no amtter what anyone says.

(This is my first real try at an RPG thread, only another 5 members can join before i will start. I hope it goes well :) )

March 19th, 2006, 6:53 AM
I'll join...happily :)



Pokemon party
Duskull - Blaze and Duskull have only just been united, and their friendship stems from this quest. Duskull only likes Blaze when it suits him.
Sharpedo - Sharpedo is quiet (unusually so for a Sharpedo) and is timid in battle, though powerful
Pichu - Blaze's first pokemon, he still isn't happy enough to evolve into a Pikachu
Charmander - Charmander is Blaze's best friend. Blaze has always had a passion for fire pokemon, though his like for change has stopped him being a fire specialist. Charmander and Blaze make a seamless team.
Ditto - Another of Blaze's strategies of change. Being a Ditto, he can...obviously...transform into other Pokemon, which Blaze thrives on in Battles.
Beedrill - Beedrill is one of Blaze's best conquests. In his longest Battle to date, Blaze caught this (female) Beedrill at the cost of the Scar above his right eye.

Ever flitting about, Blaze is one of those people who HATES things to stay the same. What he loves is change: different scenery, different people, different pokemon. And whatever happens, he will be loyal to those who are loyal to him.

Even though Blaze has never been classed as "cool"...you wouldn't think it. A black jacket fits over an athletic frame, with black baggy trousers. You can just see a peek of a red top under the jacket. Blaze has fairly short, brown, spiked hair, but when in important battles, he wears a black and red bandana.
His face is usually soft, and gentle, but in battle, it is intense and concentrating, but NEVER angry.

Born into a family with two other brothers, Blaze was always given the least attention. Maybe thats why he strays away from home now. His two brothers (Dane and Jinte) gave in and became part of Team Rocket. Now HE is experienced in the art of pokemon battling, and he aims to prove just how wrong they were to defect to Rocket. His first pokemon (Pichu) was given to him as a gift by one of his uncles, and to this day STILL hasn't evolved into a Pikachu. Maybe it will never be happy enough?

Reason for joining the ghost hunt
Simply put, Blaze's desire for change is his reason. Apart from even more experience, he wants only to experience new things in his life. And obviously he likes the social aspect too...


Blaze has a slight scar above his right eye, this was from the battle in which he gained his Beedrill.

March 19th, 2006, 7:53 AM
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March 19th, 2006, 8:01 AM
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Guess I should be more thorough eh? ;)

March 19th, 2006, 8:11 AM
Nah it's cool, just this wasn't meant to be a thread :S
thanks for being understanding ^.^

March 24th, 2006, 1:52 AM
Name: Zukani Eliteforcers
Age: 18
Pokemon: Gengar,Charmeleon,Squirtle,Bulbasaur
Personality detailed paragraph explaining your characters personality)He's a guy that hates to be stuck inside. He needs adventure or he'd get all frustrated and not listen or say anything.He's hates small places and likes wide open areas.
Description detailed description of your character)He wears Brendans clothes(hes his idol/inspiration) but has a Lance like cape with the words ZUKANI ELITEFORCERS in bold on it.Jet black spiky hair,Hiking/Spiked shoes and instead of Brendans hat(yes it's a hat not a headband)he wears no headgear.
History:A detailed history of your character)He was born with a terrible curse that scientists named Poke'destruction it made it hard to stand or even get oxygen into his lungs and his only hope was to have a operation that might just kill him and he took it.Soon his family died and he became a orphan and his new family was his new Squirtle.
Reason for joining the ghost hunta few lines about why you wanted to join Lance on this expiditionGhost pokemon killed his mother and father and now there are new ones he wants to tame them so nobody else dies
Other: He's got a tremendous scar from a battle with a Charmeleon(obtaining it)

March 27th, 2006, 12:49 PM
((I'll Join!))
Name: Kiki Komodo ((Hopefully you knew this was coming))

Age: 16

Pokemon party:
Pikachu (Peeky) - Kiki's first Pokemon. She's a bit lazy and sarcastic but is loyal to her friend and master. Hates her Purple Pokeball and looks like Sparky from the series.

Absol (Disaster) - Disaster looks like any Absol and was caught like any other Pokemon. She tends to hang out in the shadows showiong only her glowing red eyes.

Skitty (Kat) - Kat is one of Kiki's favorites. She loves to play around and look cute but don't let her appearence fool you she's one tough cookie and don't let her open her eyes.

Torchic (Fireball) - Fireball was found alone in a forest with her sister Blaze a black Torchic. The two were found by Kiki and her sister Kari who took the two in and gave them a home. Fireball wears an everstone necklace and a smile everywhere she goes.

Azurill (Jetstream) - Jetstream accidentally ate an Everstone when she was going through Kiki's things and now can't evolve even if she wanted to. She's normal and little but like all of Kiki's pokemon is a strong fighting force.

Misdrevous (Eris) ((Gasp! She returns!...Inside joke.)) - Kiki met Eris in a forest. She can talk and change her form to whatever she pleases but prefers to keep quiet and look normal or become human. She's just a temporary Pokemon as far as Kiki goes as she's on the quest for a Jirachi which she knows she'll never get.

Personality: Kiki's a sweet girl who enjoys shopping and the like. However she's not at all girlie. She hates pink and only wears make-up if she has to. She reminds people of a cat or an Espeon sometimes and tends to occasionally say meow out of nowhere. Her kind heart seems to affect all around her with a contaigeous smile. In battle though she's rough and tough but will always try to make sure noone gets too hurt.

Description: Kiki's about 5'6'' and weighs around 106lbs. Her hair is chin length and purple like an Espeon's. Her clothing consists of a purple Kimono (silk, cotten, or fleece depending on the tempurature) with a bikini underneath. On her back she wears a light blue courderoy knapsack where Peeky tends to sleep and her Pokeballs are a specialized Purple. Her fingernails are about 1/4 of an inch in length and rounded usually painted purple.

History: Kiki grew up with her four sisters in Celedon City living a luxurious life. Later she began her training with a Pikachu her father gave her and always tried to keep up with the news. She'd listen in on conversations and read the papers to keep up with things as well as train. She has gained four badges but her pokemon are quite strong. Now she wants even more adventure than she's gotten and quests to find more and complete the quest to be a master.

Reason for joining the ghost hunt: Kiki had been reading the paper one day to find a headline about the missing scientists. Concerned and wanting the adventure she set off to help.

Specialities: I'm not sure if this counts but she specialzes in Baby Pokemon or Basic forms.

Other: She cooks quite well. It's a major skill.