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March 19th, 2006, 8:36 PM
~Cosmic Era 90~

A PLANT (productive location ally of nexus technology) know as Y27999 which was used for the sole purpose of Nuclear and Biohazard waste disposal for the last forty years, Plummets in to the earths atmosphere. (September 13th CE90) Apon entry Y27999 exploded due to heat and the wear of the PLANT. Now with the Earth contaminated the people are forced to leave earth.

~Cosmic Era-After Earth 10~

Now some years after the contamination of Earth, People have now made Colonies on some of the Plantes.Now facing a Energy Crises, the people decide to start making PLANT's once again.

~Cosmic Era-After Earth 50~

Over the years some PLANT's have exploded due to wear, and some plummeted into Planets. Now the people have decided to destroy all the PLANT's. Thus creating FIRE,LUNAR,and RING's. The Mars,Moon,Saturn Army. A message was then sent to Pluto about the decision to destroy all the PLANT's in as little as a year, and the Armys. Unbenounced to RING and FIRE the message would never reach Pluto,beacuse LUNAR would never send it.Why??because LUNAR wanted Pluto's PLANT's. Now while LUNAR,FIRE,and RING's are streanthing there Army's.Unbenounced to FIRE and RING's, LUNAR was secretly sending supplies to Pluto, and acting as if nothing has happened or is going to happen. Some how in the mites of this LUNAR found some old PLANT's drifting in deep space, now LUNAR had all that they need to trick Pluto,FIRE,and RING's. Now LUNAR went and met with its president in a secret meating,and at this meeting LUNAR assassinated Pluto's President and its staff. LUNAR now brought look a likes in to fill in for the President and his staff. Now LUNAR has full control over Pluto and starts to move parts of its army to Pluto. Now Less Then A. Year Later (July 7th CE-AE 50) the day has come for the PLANT's to be destroyed, And as planed LUNAR,FIRE,and RING's destroyed there PLANT's. And The LUNAR instated president of Pluto destroyed the old PLANT's which they found in space.

~Cosmic Era-After Earth 51~

Now a little over a year has pasted since the destruction of all the PLANT's and LUNAR's deceit. LUNAR has been mass producing Mobile Suits for the past year, and they now have 3 time's that of FIRE and RING's put together. Unbenounced to LUNAR, FIRE takes a visit to Pluto and finds out that they didn't destroy there PLANT's. Infuriated FIRE returns to Mars and contacts LUNAR and RING's about this situation. LUNAR now seeing that there back is up against a wall, and not wanting to go to war with FIRE and RING's. LUNAR proposes a deal with FIRE and RING's that they become one Army and atk Pluto. After much deliberation LUNAR, FIRE, and RING's agree, and become one Army F.A.R.(free alliance regime). Now a couple have months have pasted since FAR was established, Now ready for the atk FAR move's half its Army into Pluto's territory (November 19th CE-AE 51). FAR contact's Pluto and demands that they lay down there weapons and surrender, but the LUNAR instated President refuses and sends half its army out for the battle. The battle rages on for day's, before Pluto's Capital is captured. FAR then Proceeds to destroy the PLANT's massacring thousands and thousands of people. Now With The PLANT's destroyed FAR turns its eyes back to the president of Pluto, but before they can talk to him he is assassinated along with all his staff members.

~Cosmic Era-After Earth 56~

It's been five years since FAR atk'ed and took control of Pluto. Since Then LUNAR has been searching every inch of Pluto, for the five of fifteen prototype Gundam's that they built, but so far they haven't had any luck. FIRE has been in charge of controlling Pluto this year, they have had some trouble with Rebel's forces but its nothing that they cant handle. Unbenounced to FIRE the rebel's have stolen some of there Mobile Suits. Now the rebels venture deep into the underground facility deep under Pluto, that hasn't been discovered by FAR since they invaded Pluto. Some time after beginning there search the rebels find a hidden section of the facility with tons of Mobile Suites. Now having a force the rebel leaders decide that it is time to take there homeland back. After a little hard work and a lot of preparation the rebel force's are ready. The rebel declare there independence from FAR, and announce that they would be declaring war. Now the battle has raged on for months with no end in sight, and with the rebels losing they decide to surrender. But this doesn't go over well with a lot of the rebel's. so the rebels revolt against the rebel leaders. Now With the rebel leader dead and new management, the rebels re declare war and announce that they are the ICE Army. Now ICE decides to use the five prototype Gundam's that they found and read about in the logs, for this war. Now ICE searches its ranks for five people to pilot these machines, after finding these people ICE send them out with a small army.Now The True Struggle Begines,Can Five Pilots and Five Gundam's Really Save ICE and Pluto???

This Is A Struggle For Ones Homeland, One's Freedom, And Its Beginning Now, This Is A Endless Struggle
Ok As You Can Tell This Is A Gundam Rp,I Hope Every One Likes It..

1:All Forum Rule's Apply
2:No Godmoding
3:No Spam/Flaming
4:Must Know How To RP/and Rp About Gundam's (its not to hard but its hard)/And About Gundam's
5:I'll Pick The Leaders My Self..(it depends on how well your RP Sample is)
7:Have Fun

Ok What Im Goin To Need Is 14 People To Join...(but to start i only need 4 or 5 people from ICE...and 3 people for FAR).Im Goin To Play On FAR and Rep LUNAR..*because i know all about them..(but i really wana play ICE..XD)

What i Need Is (for the rp to be closed)(look above for startin)

Gundam Pilot/Leader ICE
Gundam Pilot
Gundam Pilot
Gundam Pilot
Gundam Pilot

Me/Gundam Pilot/LeaderLUNAR
Gundam Pilot/Leader FIRE
Gundam Pilot/Leader RING's
Gundam Pilot
Gundam Pilot
Gundam Pilot
Gundam Pilot
Gundam Pilot
Gundam Pilot
Gundam Pilot
SIgn Up Sheets

~Gundam Sign Up Sheet~

Gundam Name:(ICE gundam can just be a name...but FAR gundam have to begin with ACE-Y### then the name)
What Ya Gundam Is For: (briff description of what its for..and specialize in)
Overall Hight:(between 55 feet and 85 feet tall)
Weight:(between 58 and 90 ton's*remember weight effects speed and maneuverability*)
Armarments:(only armarments that are banned in this Rp are Funnles)(and keep it to a min of 1 main gun..4 beam sabers..4 missle pods..ect)

~Pilot Sign Up Sheet~

Now Here is My Sign Up Sheets...


Gundam Name:ACE-Y117 Sliv

Sliv is designed for Stealth.With he Mirage Colloid System it renders the Sliv Mobile Suit invisible to radar,infra-red sencors,and the naked eye.The Sliv is good for stealth missions and atks

Overall Hight:60 feet

Weight:73 tons

-Offensice Shield System/Trans-Phase Armor
-2 Beam Sabers
-Sliva(hyper impulse cannon,Like Mu used but more powerfull)(right arm)
-2 Multi-Barrel CIWS(the 2 gun ports on the head)
-2 Multi-Barrel Missle Pods (sholder mounted)
- Two 125mm Schlag cannons (overhead)
- 580mm Scylla cannon (chest)
- 115mm Kaefer Zwei cannons (shield)(left arm)


Name: Ish Watson

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Description:Ish stands at 5'11,and weights just over 150 pounds,With curly redish brownish hair,hazenut eyes,(wears a all black pilot suit..when in his gundam)(when not in a gundam he wears a black casual suit)

Personality: Ish is a cold hearted man (as u can tell by what he did to Pluto) and has no emotion towards human life.but some times ish dose have his nice moments,but they are rarely ever seen
History: Ish parents were high ranking offers in the the LUNAR Army. So Ish was able to get into the Army easy as pie. And after a couple of years in the army he excelled to a high ranking general. After his parents were killed in the atk on Pluto back in (CE-AE-51) he has thus excelled to leader of the LUNAR Army..

RPG sample:I'll post mine later...im to sleepy to post it now
I Think Thats It...Well For Now...(if i missed any thang i'll edit..but i dont think i did).And If You Have Any Questions..Feal Free To Pm Me..

Thanks For Lookin


March 21st, 2006, 8:43 PM
Gundam Name: IceFire

What Ya Gundam Is For: IceFire was designed for in-and-out missions. The gundam was sent in, destroy's its target quickly and effiencly, and gets out.

Overall Hight: about 50 ft, one of the smallest gundams ever built

Weight: 58 tons

Armarments: vulcan x 2, machine cannon x 2, beam scythe x 1, hyper jammer x 2

Name: Reiko Nakano

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Description: She's the smallest of the pilots, standing at only 4'11", because of the size of IceFire's cockpit. She only weighs about 90 or so pounds, making her small and light, just like her gundam. Her growth has actually been stunted because of working in IceFire for so long. She has short hair that only reaches to her chin because her 'mother' won't allow her to cut it any shorter and she needed it to be as short as possible to keep it out of her way. She has sharp ice blue eyes that when she becomes angry or engrossed in battle, people say they become a fire red, but it's just speculation. She wears dark baggy clothes, and usually wears her suit underneith her regular clothes because she trained so much, she feels naked without it on. She is very far behind most girls her age when it comes to physical maturing, at least, that's what she wants you to think. She learned how to fights from watching training records of past mobile suit battles and adapted it to a style that humans can use, where she using her size and speed to her advantage.

Personality: She's very short tempered and snaps at almost everyone, but that's because she hates human interaction, she'd rather live in her gundam and never have to talk to anyone again.

History: Reiko's life has not exactly been easy, her parents, being part of the old rebel group, were killed shortly after her birth and she grew up thinking her foster mother was her own, working in her mechanical repair shop. One day, while in a drunken rage, her 'mother' screamed at her 'YOUR NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU REAL MOTHER AND FATHER LEFT YOU AND STUCK YOU WITH ME! I NEVER WANTED ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU AND I STILL DON'T!' from that day on, she looked at life like she was all alone, and even when her past was explained to her, it still didn't change her outlook on life. When she heard about the gundams, she rushed to see them, seeing as her real parents had worked on the gundams with scientist, they were the ones who help build them. As soon as she saw IceFire, she felt like she was being drawn to it, and before anyone could stop her, she climbed in and locked herself in the cockpit for over a week. She lived on the emergency rations stored inside until she figured out how to pilot it, using her natural mechanical instincts to figure out the inner workings of the machine and then ejected herself when she was on the brink of dehydration. Since then, they could find no better pilot for IceFire, because, without their knowing, Reiko had adjusted the controls to someone of her size, which made it almost impossable for anyone larger then her to pilot it. Eventually, the scientist gave in and gave her control of the gundam, when she then turned into her home and started training so much that, from being inside the cockpit so much and avoiding natural light, her eyes are now over-sensitive.

RPG sample: Reiko stripped down to her suit and looks up at her Gundam in admeration, she would finally be taking it out for a training session with another Moble Suit. She popped the hatch open and grabbed her helmet and pulled it securly over her head, making sure not to have any hair blocking her view.

"It's finally time..." she climbed in, activating IceFire's control system as she closed the hatch. The computers whirred to life as the various monitors popped on, showing her different schematics and camera views of the outside world. The restrants were released and IceFire was balencing on its own for the first time since it's completion and Reiko's heart skipped a beat, this being a historic event in her life. The lights of the monitors reflexed off her keyboards and her fingers began flying nimbly across them, activating various circuts and controls and she took ahold of her controls and took her first few steps in IceFire.

Fifteen minutes later, she was at the underground training arena. Her opponate stood on the other side, poised in a fighting stance and Reiko took no time, charging at him right off the bat. Her speed surprized the other pilot so he was caught off gaurd by her sudden apperence in from of him.

"What the-" was all he managed before his MS was knocked off it's feet and Reiko stood over him, beam saber in one hand, not powered up yet, but she was ready to do it if she needed to.

"Come on, that's it?! That's all you can do?" as she was celebrating, the MS managed to get in a position to fire it's vulcans at the cockpit hatch.

"AH!" She screched as she jumped back, surprised by how the small shots managed to shake the Gundam so badly.

"THat's the breaks kid," the other pilot's face appeared on a screen. "Your suit may be fast, but it has little to no armor, so you can't afford to be hit."

"SHUT UP I KNOW THAT!" she screamed as she closed the connection...

That had been three months ago, and now, Reiko was ready for a real battle.

If there's anything wrong with it, PM me and lemme know.

March 21st, 2006, 10:36 PM
hmmm...You forgot how much ya gundam weighs..and i like ya sign up sheet...wish ya had more battling in ya RPsample though...but all and all it seams otay...You Are Accepted Once You Add Ya Gundams Weight

all so you cant have god Armarments,you must change it to reg beam sabers...(besides there is no beam saber that can cut through another beam saber..(only way is to cut the hilt))


March 22nd, 2006, 8:35 AM

Gundam Name: Faith

What Ya Gundam Is For: It's specialy designed for speed and manouevability, an example: it has amazing speed, while still be able to zigzag without problems.

Overall Height: About 63 feet

Weight: 68 tons,

Armarments: High-energy beam rifle x1, Beam saber x2, High-energy long-range beam cannon x1, Combat knives x2, Shield

~Pilot Sign Up Sheet~

Name: Ryo Yamatono

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Description: He's about 5'08 and weights 121 pounds with blond hair that reaches to his shoulders. Blue eyes with often his hair in front of his left eye and it is said that he has an emotionless look. Often wears a baggy grey pants with a dark purple shirt with a black coat. His pilot suit is at the shoulders red with the rest black, the helmet is on the sides black with in between red.

Personality: A little cold towards just about anybody, isn't really the type you can joke with without aking for a punch in the face. The few friends that he has mean much to him and often has a complete personality change around them.

History: Ryo lived with his parents and older sister but often distant from them although he could go along with his sister pretty well. He lost his family when FAR attacked, but feels like his sister is still alive somewhere.
A year ago he stole a mobile suit to stop FAR but he lost and could barely escape the mobile suit before it exploded. After that he was aproached by a man who saw it all and asked Ryo if he wanted to join the rebels.

RPG sample: Ryo was preparing himself to launce into combat. He had put his suit on and was on his way towards his Gundam. Ryo turned every system on and made some quick system adjustments. "I'm ready to launch" He clearly said and took off.

Ryo immediately activated his trusters and went towards the enemy forces.
He took out his beam saber and slashed it through several mobile suits who hadn't even noticed that he was already there. Once Ryo got there attention they began fireing at him which he managed to dodge or block with his shield.

Ryo came back towards his enemies and took several mobile suit out. He switched his beam saber for a beam rifle and began destroying mobile suits one at a time. Ryo noticed that he was surounded by four mobile suits, so he trew up his beam rifle and grapped the two combat knives and trew them into the cockpits of two of the four suits. The two remaining enemy suits began fireing at Ryo, to dodge it he flew up grapped his beam rifle and destroyed them both.

The remaining enemy forces retreated, so Ryo decided to return to base and take a rest.

March 22nd, 2006, 5:15 PM
First, if you look at your sign up sheet you don't have a weight catagory, only in your sample so you may wanna fix it...


March 22nd, 2006, 8:01 PM
XD...i didnt mean to 4get that in the sign up sheet...Hydro a gundam is between 60 and 90 ton's..(ya base weight is that of a 18 wheeler..).and there is no base/max weight....ALSO...look at the sign up sheet again...your gundam must be between 55feet and 85 feet tall...so plz redo that...and u are accepted...
Strike:If Your gundam is made for speed it wouldnt weigh 85 ton's,speed suits are between 58 and 70 ton's...so plz change that..(enless you dont want your suit to be fast..and i did see some probs with your RPsample...but its still good...(onece ya change ya weight u are accepted)

all so im guessing you guys want to be on ICE???since your gundams just have name's...right???

March 22nd, 2006, 8:10 PM
Um, I looked at the official gundam website and all the faster models (Deathscythe, Gundam Rose, Shining Gundam) are all about that weight. You can check for yourself, it's www.gundamofficial.com

March 22nd, 2006, 8:32 PM
hydro...none of those gundams were even in seed..(this is a seed rp not a,gundam wing,or G gundam rp...).and the speed gundams of seed are between 58 and 70 tons....med is 71 through 79,heavy/max fire power gundam are 80 and up..

so plz know your facts be4 you try and tell me they arnt...

March 22nd, 2006, 8:33 PM
...I'm not even gonna argue with you anymore because you just confuse me...

March 22nd, 2006, 10:17 PM
There i changed it, i was a bit tired at that moment because usually i know a lot about specs for a mobile suit.

March 22nd, 2006, 10:47 PM
otay...Strike You Are Accepted...

And Hydro,why do u not follow the rules???the weight has to be between 58 and 90 ton's..ok?