View Full Version : Paradise or Conspiracy?

March 22nd, 2006, 4:05 PM
Paradise or Conspiracy?

If I turned away from everything,
closed my eyes in shame;
could I ever fix myself?
Disregarding the errors of the past 15 years;
those are long gone, buried in the annals of idle time.

If we shut out reality would we get any better?
Forgetting the lives lost throughout this decade;
Death is natural as life goes on.

If you died tomorrow would that erase what occurred?
It is impossible to deny those millions of bodies.
No; for that is one thing you will never repair.

You’ve rewritten this tragedy too many times.
The pages are torn and distorted;
Ripped at the edges;
Illegible to mortals, leaving us only to imagine what you had done.

Look through this silver veil;
See through their aspects.
Discover how it feels to be purely apathetic.
Create a distant speculation as to what you’ve become.

How can you call this paradise?
But the question stands untouched, a virgin amidst the masses.

For this is the place where oases are filled with ashes.
Where happiness is a wild vestige, a tangent of those who dare to dream.
But here, dreaming is for the dead;
the graves are far too deep to consult.
We are left with a rabid dilemma.

Where can we go? Past the horizon?
What if there’s nothing there to live for?
Where could we run? Could we possibly even try?
The sins you abandoned return as sacrifice.
What is there to leave behind?
Memories? What memories do you speak of?
All I remember are emotions of calamity;
I can only remember those broken catastrophes,
their foggy silhouettes waltzing past us
as they left sharp imprints upon our faces.

We bear our marks of sheer disaster;
Sole memoirs of our beloved past.

We reminisce about what should have been;
What should have come to pass.

That’s all we do in this fragile silence;
We become a part of it.
For we too, are fragile;
Fated to be undiscovered in this artificial world.

Must all fall victim to your deadly artifice?
Where have all the sages gone?
For they could see through your disguise.
But gullible fools are all who stand here;
They consume your lies; they beg for more.

All you have accomplished is inhumane;
you turned us into monsters, blinded by desire.

How can you shield your eyes in shame?
You are not a murderer; you are something worse.
Not even the darkest of beings can perceive what you are.
Are you proud? I cannot distinguish that glint in your eyes;
Are those tears? Or are you amused by the torture erupting around you?
Hollow eyes can never tell, especially yours.

But do I truly want to know who you claim to be?
Knowledge scars the deepest poets, the boldest men.
Is it worth my dignity to unveil your soul?
The beast within lies right before me.

But I do not require knowledge to read your mind;
I know you despise the thing you’ve become.
You’re the purest nightmare of your imagination.
You’re eating yourself away, corrupting your bitter mind
to the point of no return.

So ends your legacy, your manipulation over me.
Yet I find myself asking silently, wondering out loud, reflecting off of sweet memoirs…

How can you call this paradise?
The world may never know.