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April 1st, 2004, 3:02 PM
Here I will post a song and a rating everyday. Just to kick it off I'll post 5 songs today ^_.^

Title: My Band
Artist: D12
Category: Rap
Warning: Language, Descriptive themes
Lyrics: 8/10 (Very Funny)
Tune: 7/10
Voice Talent: 6/10 (It's rap folks)
Score: 21/30

Title: Take My Breath away
Artist: Berlin
Category: '80s
Warning: N/A
Lyrics: 6/10 (hard to hear and pretty bland)
Tune: 7/10 (Catchy)
Voice Talent: 7/10 (Not bad)
Score: 20/30

Title: First Date
Artist: Blink 182
Category: Rock
Warning: N/A
Lyrics: 8/10
Tune: 9/10
Voice Talent: 8/10 (Smooth)
Score: 25/30

Title: I Believe in a Thing Called Love (long title 0.o)
Artist: The Darkness
Category: Rock
Warning: N/A
Lyrics: 6/10
Tune: 8/10
Voice Talent: 8/10 (Man can he scream or whatever you call it...)
Score: 22/30

Title: Rocky XIII Theme
Artist: Weird Al Yankovich
Category: Parody
Warning: N/A
Lyrics: 9/10 (very funny)
Tune: 8/10 (you gotta love the rocky them)
Voice Talent: 6/10
Score: 23/30

Well that's it for today anyone have any comments/song suggestions?

April 1st, 2004, 4:46 PM
OOOHH!!!! do like "hit me baby one more time"!!! its like the coolest song EVER

April 1st, 2004, 4:51 PM
Well I Love country music! Hit me with "Im Gonna Getcha Good" XD

April 1st, 2004, 5:06 PM
Title: Baby One More Time
Artist: Britney Spears
Category: Pop
Warning: N/A
Lyrics: 5/10 (too repetitious)
Tune: 7/10 (pretty catchy, not bad)
Voice Talent: 8/10 (good voice, too bad she's such a well that's kind of R rated dialog)
Score: 20/30

Title: Gonna Getcha Good
Artist: Shania Twain
Category: Pop/Country
Warning: N/A
Lyrics: 7/10 (Fairly Repetitious but still good)
Tune: 8/10 (....I'm gonna getcha in a matter of time....ahhhh....)
Voice Talent: 9/10 (Excellent voice, not too...cute...like britney's)
Score: 24/30