View Full Version : And That’s When We Come Back To Haunt You. You’re Dead.

April 21st, 2006, 12:30 PM
And That’s When We Come Back To Haunt You. You’re Dead.

If this is the atmosphere you place me in
I will not breathe.
Just glance around for a split second.
Do you not see there is fear in our eyes?
So-called compassion you claimed to hone is sincerely nonexistent.
Bringing us down, limb by limb.
Tuck us safely into our graves so we can waste away.

I think I preferred the former era;
If this is our revolution, I believe anarchy would prevail.
Your dynasty is refraining, a twisted melody.
Scraping at our doors at night, fingernails on a chalkboard.
Overwhelming, grotesque and unwanted.
Let it burn in the flames of our families.
The ones you threw down in attempts to deceive our weary souls.
My apologies, but your plan did not work.

Flawless cruelty- yes, you define negativity.
Your bombs are your shelter,
feeding on the bullets you left in our skulls.
Ones which buried within us, covered us alive.
In dirt, in blood, in agony we writhed.
In your memories we are trapped, in your memories we cry.

Is there no one to redeem us?
The darkness of this rule must surely end…
I cannot believe that tyranny bears no enemy.
I will not sit and watch myself fall within your battle scars.
There must be a way out of your military maze.

Clawing at the walls, digging my fingers into your skin.
I’ll fight, I’ll rebel, I will not die alone.
I will not die without trying, even if my dreams are futile.
Even if I’ve been dead all the while.
I will not sacrifice myself to your country,
I will not be crushed in your hands.
Let the blind ones be doomed, because I will not be blinded from the truth.
Your brainwashing has not affected me.

Your spores of intoxication have yet to reach me,
and I will pummel them down.
Just like you pummeled the soldiers, the airplanes, the innocent beings.
I will bring you down.
As you killed civilians, citizens, I will stab you in the back.
Revenge is only necessary, because there is no turning back and you are