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April 30th, 2006, 4:47 PM
(We see a sign in prompt on a computer, which reads "Welcome to KOL...please enter username and password"

(Brock's hands appear and type "PewterSong" in the screenname prompt and some stars in the password prompt.)

Brock: Epona, Epona, come out here by-- (a flashing envelope appears on the homepage as a voice says "You've got mail!") Ooh, let's see what we got here...

[Computer screen displays the following:]

Dear Brock

I've noticed that you can hold impossibly large objects in your backpack. How exactly do you do that?

Johnny Bobbin from Buffalo NY.

Brock: Glad you asked, my Johnny! My pack may not look it, (we see Brock's pack, unzipped and presumably empty) but large items can fit in there very much like our Pokemon fit in our Poke Balls, minus the flash of light routine. Come to think of it, what would that be like, anyway?

(we see Chibi Brock digging through the pack)

Chibi Brock: Cookware, I choose you! (a set of cookware appears in a flash of light similar to how Pokemon appear) Appliances, I choose you! (various appliances appear on the camp site) Extension cord, I choose you! (nothing happens) Extension cord, I choose you! (nothing happens)

Ash(voiceover): I think you forgot the extension cord, Brock...

Chibi Brock: Drat! I KNEW I forgot something!

(we cut back to Brock at the computer again)

Brock: Oh! I need to be sure I packed the extension cord for the camp stove...lest everyone wants to eat the food raw! Next one... (clicks the next e-mail)

[The screen reads the following:]

Dear Brock

I was just sitting here, when a random thought popped into my mind: If you're a rock pokemon trainer, why is it you've only caught two rock pokemon in your life?

Tiffany Hong from Los Angelas, CA

Brock: Well! A question from a lovely lady! Let's see here...

Geodude, Onix, and I go way back...

(We see baby Brock crawling amongst Geodude and Onix)

::record scrape::

Brock(voiceover): Not THAT far back...

(a remote appears and fast fowards the scene, stopping at Flint presenting Onix to young Brock)

Brock(voiceover): There we go...Dad gave me Onix as my first Pokemon...and I got Geodude soon after.

(We see young Brock release Geodude before Flint)

Young Brock: Look what I got, Dad!
Flint: I see....

(we return to Brock at the computer again)

Brock: Although I do love Geodude and Onix a lot, catching other types of Pokemon has broadened my horizons and bettered my training skills. Hope that answers your question, my lovely one! One more time! (clicks the next e-mail)

[The screen reads:]

Dear Brock

Hi there! I'm a big fan of you Brock, but I was just wondering; Why do you always sing "My Paradice" when your friends need you to stall, and where did you learn that song?

Ross Thompson from Denver CO

Brock: So you wanna know all about my most popular hit, huh?

(We see a music chart with "Paradaisu" at number 5)

Brock: Contrary to what I say on the show, "Paradaisu" is NOT the only song I know.

(Brock reaches for an acoustic guitar and tunes up, he continues talking as he tunes.)

Brock: When you have a lot of sibings in the house, a vast repetoire of songs is a must.

(a huge book falls onto the screen, the title of which reads "Brock's Repetoire")

Brock: Paradaisu I learned from watching a movie that featured a song with a very similar tune. (we see Chibi Brock watching a hula dancer dance to a slow tune reminescent of "Paradaisu".) I raced upstairs and wrote my own arrangement. (we see Chibi Brock writing on a sheet of music paper, with rejected paper wads everywhere) I altered and sped up the tune... (the original tune slowly speeds up and morphs into Paradaisu), and wrote my own lyrics. (We see a line of the lyrics: "Come on now, la la la, it is so wonderful!")

It makes the perfect distraction tune due to its catchy beat and an excuse for me to do something completely silly. Which reminds me...

::guitar chord::

Brock: Come on now, la la la, it is so wonderful!
La-la-la la la la, hear the word's beautiful sound!... Until next time... (gets up. The KOL homepage appears with the words "If you want to e-mail Brock, PM EmeraldSky, and she'll send them on to him!")


April 30th, 2006, 5:58 PM
(We see a sign in prompt on a computer, which reads "Welcome to KOL...please enter username and password"

(Brock's hands appear and type "PewterSong" in the screenname prompt and some stars in the password prompt.)

Brock: Checkin' all my e-mail, happy once again... (clicks the flashing mail envelope)

[The screen reads:]

Dear Brock,

How do you manage to withstand all those pulls on the ears by Misty and Max? Aren't your ears going to get damaged sometime soon?

Anon Nymous

Brock: Look, Anon...those aren't my real ears you're seeing! Instead Ash, Misty, et al. just pull on a wad of putty, to make it look like my ears are that stretchy!

(we see Brock getting putty dabbed on his ears)

Brock(voiceover): They put several layers on just in case one layer doesn't stretch. It feels cold at first, but as it warms up, it dries enough so I can remove it easily, and it's easy for whoever's supposed to pull on it to pull.

(We see a clapboard)

Director: "Who's Flying Now?" ear pull, take one! (the clapboard claps)

Brock(voiceover): When it's time for the ear pull, the person doing the honors just finds a loose piece and yanks it! (we see Ash doing the ear pull) They digitally draw in my real ear later so it gives the illusion my real ears are that stretchy! (clicks 'Delete') Next!

[The screen reads:]

Hi Brock! I want to know:

If you have so many brothers and sisters, why did you go with Ash?

Samantha Nichol of New West B.C

Of course, here's his answer:

Brock: Hmm...sometimes I wonder that myself. I will say that if I HADN'T joined Ash's little party---

(we see Chibi Ash, Chibi Misty, and Chibi Brock in party hats)

::record scrape::

Brock: Not THAT kind of party... (the scene shatters) Anyway if I HADN'T joined Ash, I'd be stuck singing and playing guitar for my siblings day in and day out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

(we see Chibi Brock strumming on guitar and singing gibberish to the tune of "London Bridge", as time wears on (depicted by a rapidly flipping calander) the "singing" and playing gets slower and less enthusiastic) You know how boring that would get after so long, right? (we see Chibi Brock asleep, but still playing guitar)

Don't get me wrong, I did write to everyone while traveling so I could keep them up to date on my travels. But the best reason I joined up was to see the world...and I still have more of it to see! (clicks the next e-mail)

[The screen reads:]

Dear Brock:

Everyone always says your a great cook, however, All that we've ever seen you cook is that same soup with Meat and Vegtables that come out of nowhere. Do you know how to cook anything else?

--Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix

Brock: Hm...what's so rhythmical about wandering, Mr. Phoenix? Reminds me of a blues song...

::guitar chord::

Brock: I'm just a wandering phoenix...and I've got the rhythm here to stay!
I'm just a wandering phoenix...and I've got the rhythm here to stay!

Misty(voiceover): Brock! Answer the question!

Brock: Okay, okay...Ms. Bossy... Contrary to what you see on the show, I DO know how to fix a wide array of culinary delights! such as broccoli cassarole...

(we see the aforementioned cassarole)

Brock: Tacos with all the trimmings... (we see a plate of three tacos with various trimmings)

Brock: And the girls' personal favorite: Chocolate cream pie!

(we see one of the aforementioned pies, but Misty appears on screen and throws it at us with a SPLUT!!!)

(a windshield wiper appears and cleans the pie from the screen, allowing us to see Brock at the computer again)

Brock: I currently have some brownies in the oven now, even! They ask me to fix that soup you see on the show because clam chowder's quick to make! Now to check those brownies... (gets up. The homepage blips "If you'd like to e-mail Brock, PM EmeraldSky and she'll send them on!"

May 1st, 2006, 11:16 AM
(We see a sign in prompt on a computer, which reads "Welcome to KOL...please enter username and password"

(Brock's hands appear and type "PewterSong" in the screenname prompt and some stars in the password prompt.)

Computer: You've got mail!

Brock: And I've got answers! (clicks the first e-mail)

1. Ever think you'll find the girl you're looking for?

Brock: Yeah...I think so. I don't know when that'll happen...

Misty(voiceover): Try when Spoinks fly.

Brock: I didn't ask you! (returns to typing) But when I do find her, it'll be the happiest day ever! Next...

2. If you could change your hairstyle, what would it be like?

Brock: New haircut, you say? While I like my 'do as is because it's easy to care for...

(we see a model of Brock's head)

Brock(voiceover): There was that one incident that gave me an afro...(the hair on the head model changes to an afro with a *ping*) which I thought looked rather nice...

Misty(voiceover): But so thirty years ago... (the head model returns to normal)

Brock: I've also considered growing it out... (the hair on the model lengthens for a moment before returning to normal), dying it, (the hair on the model cycles between various colors), and curling it. (the hair on the model curls for a few seconds before returning to normal.

(we return to Brock at the computer again)

Brock: But I like my hair just as it is.

Misty(voiceover): Keep it that way, please!

Brock: Sheesh... (clicks the next one)

3. What's it like having a brother who's as girlcrazy as you are?

Brock: I don't know, Forest hasn't shown any good technique yet....but give him a little while and I think he'll do great at carrying on my tradition of love!

Misty(voiceover): And my tradition of ear pulling!

Brock: (sigh) Some tradition... (clicks next e-mail)

How would you feel if a Pokemon loved you? an example is the Jynx in the Johto episode "The Ice Cave!"

Brock: What? Me love Jynx? What was I thinking when I kissed her?

Misty(voiceover): You were sick, remember?

Brock: Oh yeah...while it wouldn't be the same as a human lady, I could get used to Jynx. She'd cuddle me...

(we see Jynx trying to cuddle Brock, only to squish him into a pancake)

Brock: Dance with me....

(We see Brock stumbling along in a Jynx conga line)

Brock: And maybe kiss me again!

(we see Jynx smooching Brock again, followed by Brock spitting out Jynx breath)

Brock: Okay, so maybe not kissing....speaking if which, (gets up)

Misty(voiceover): Don't even think about it!

(We see the reflection of Brock falling to the floor as the KOL homepage appears: "If you'd like to e-mail Brock, PM EmeraldSky and she'll send them on!")

May 2nd, 2006, 7:05 AM
(We see a sign in prompt on a computer, which reads "Welcome to KOL...please enter username and password"

(Brock's hands appear and type "PewterSong" in the screenname prompt and some stars in the password prompt.)

Brock: Loadin', loadin', loadin'... (the flashing envelope appears) Now THIS is more llike it. (clicks the e-mail)

Dear Brock

If you weren't traveling around with Ash, what career choice do you think you would have chosen instead?

Andrea Carter

Brock: Hmm...While being a Gym Leader and traveler have been fun, I still think about becoming a breeder...

(a cry is heard in the distance)

Brock: Hold that thought...(gets up.)

(In another room littered with toys. Bonsly is squalling his head off.)

Brock: Shh...it's okay...Daddy's here. (rocks Bonsly as he returns to the computer) As I was saying, being a coordinator was fun as well...although May used a cheap win...(random letters start disappearing from the screen) Bonsly! Don't touch--(the reply and e-mail disappear) So much for that e-mail... (clicks the next one)

Dear Brock:

What would you like to do to that guy that gave you an awful voice? Smack him?

Brock: If you mean that guy that thinks I sound like a grumpy old geezer (we see a brief flash of an elderly Brock for a moment. Bonsly cries when he sees the picture.) I'd love to do more than smack him!

(we see Chibi Brock slap a badly drawn Brock. Bonsly smiles through his tears when he sees the scene.)

Brock; I'd like to hit him clear out of the ball park!

(we see the badly drawn Brock, now scrunched up into a baseball, hurtling towards a Chibi Brock in baseball attire. Chibi Brock sends the badly drawn Brock-ball flying out of the stadium. The badly drawn Brock-ball crashes into the sun as Chibi Brock runs around the bases. Bonsly giggles as the sun massages the lump on his head)

Brock: And for the grand finale... (a lever appears next to Chibi Brock.)

Badly-Drawn Brock(in the "new" voice): No! Please!

Brock: Oh yes! (Chibi Brock pulls the lever, making an anvil squish the badly drawn Brock.)

(Bonsly is laughing profusely when we return to the computer)

Brock: You think that's funny, little guy? (Bonsly nods) I'm not gonna put up with a voice like that! (pulls up another e-mail window on the homepage.) I think I'm gonna write a little something to all the fans trying to save the old voices. (starts typing. The TO: reads "SOVA [AT] pokecommunity.com")

We see the KOL homepage appear: "If you'd like to e-mail Brock, PM EmeraldSky and she'll send them on!" Brock moves his e-mail window over and continues typing.)

May 2nd, 2006, 7:12 AM
I love this, it's brilliant :D. Very amusing, I'll keep an eye on it :P

May 2nd, 2006, 7:21 AM

This is intended to be a Poke-spoof of Homestar Runner's "Strong Bad E-mails"

May 2nd, 2006, 5:43 PM
(We see a sign in prompt on a computer, which reads "Welcome to KOL...please enter username and password"

(Brock's hands appear and type "PewterSong" in the screenname prompt and some stars in the password prompt.)

Brock: Hmm...what do the fans have to say tonight? (clicks an e-mail)

Dear Brock: Has Bonsly ever driven you crazy banging on the cookware?

Brock: Absolutly not! In fact, he's more like the drummer for my own little jam sessions.

(we see Bonsly banging on some pots and pans, gigling profusely)

Brock: I just grab whatever instrument's handy and play with him! (rummages around the desk for a moment) Looks like all I can find right now is one of Ash's whistles...hope he doesn't mind me playing it.

(Brock launches into a rousing Irish tune whle Bonsly continues banging)

(we hear applause when the song concludes. Brock whirls around to see Misty and Ash applauding, so he gets up and takes a bow.)

Brock: Thank you! Anyway... (clicks the next e-mail)

Who do you like better Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny. And you have to give an answer and you can only pick one.

Brock: Hoo boy...this is a toughie...if I had to choose between my two perfect girls...

(the 'Jeopardy!' theme plays as Brock thinks about it)

Brock: If I had to choose one, the honor would go to...

(a drumroll is heard)

Brock: Could you stop with the suspenseful effects and let me give my answer?

(Ash giggles as he tiptoes away with a tape deck in tow.)

Brock: Okay, if I had to choose one of my two perfect girls....

(Nincadas chirp as Brock makes sure no sound effects are heard)

Brock: It would have to be Nurse Joy.

(a "ta-da!" stinger is heard as a picture of Nurse Joy appears)

Brock: Who doesn't love her special TLC? (clicks the next e-mail)

Dear Brock,

Do you think Ash and Misty like each other?They act like they're not friends but I'm sure they are.Also do you like fire types?Do you like Wobbuffets?

From Wobbuffet's favourite fan,
Blue Meowth

Brock: A blue Meowth, huh? Should I expect to hear from Red, Green and Yellow Meowth too?

Anyway, as far as I know, Ash and Misty are very close friends. Sure, they may fight at the drop of a hat...

(We see Chibi Brock swipe the hat off Chibi Ash's head and drop it...making Chibi Ash and Misty fight. The dust cloud continues rolling around for a moment before we return to Brock again.

Brock: And they may give each other gifts...

(Chibi Ash tears open a gift from Chibi Misty to find a Pikachu figurine. Chibi Ash then gives a gift to Chibi Misty: a box of chocolates)

Brock: And they may hug and hold each other tight....

(We see Chibi Ash holding Chibi Misty close as a movie plays in the background)

Brock: But the tell tale activity that signals they're in love is The Kiss (a smudge of lipstick appears on the screen). So far, I have seen no evidence that they have kissed. They may do it someday, they may not, but we'll see.

Fire types, huh? Well, Growlithes remind me of Officer Jenny (a picture of a Growlithe appears, followed by an equals sign, then a picture of Officer Jenny) and I've always loved Vulpixes for their super soft fur and sweet personalities. (we see Chibi Brock cuddling a Vulpix.) As for Wobbufetts, I find them the perfect prank target.

(We see Chibi Brock behind a bush, yanking a rope...which dumps water onto Chibi Wobbufett. Chibi Wobbufett quizzically looks around while Chibi Brock laughs.)

Brock: Speaking of which, I need to come up with a prank to get Mr. Wobby back for the time he swiped Bonsly. (gets up as the KOL homepage appears: "If you'd like to e-mail Brock, PM EmeraldSky and she'll send them on!")

(Brock returns a few moments later with a bucket, a tank, and a rope. He sets them aside, picks up his whistle, and resumes his song from earlier, only at a much slower pace)

May 3rd, 2006, 5:06 AM
Now if only this was in Flash format...

I knew this was based off of Strong Bad's e-mail (or, as many like to say, sbemail!!) before reading that post!

Genious! Write some more, please!

Oh yeah, and if you saw the recent sbemails, you've been SBLOUNSKCHED!

May 3rd, 2006, 5:49 AM

I need to have Brock sing more...

May 3rd, 2006, 4:12 PM
(We see Brock sit down before a computer, playing his whistle from the previous episode)

(We see a sign in prompt on a computer, which reads "Welcome to KOL...please enter username and password")

(Brock stops his song long enough to type "PewterSong" in the screenname prompt and some stars in the password prompt. He plays some more as he logs on and clicks the flashing envelope.)

Brock: Let's see here...

when/if bonsly evolves into sudowoodo do you still think it will be a crybaby?

Brock: Bonsly evolve? Now? That's not for a while but when--and if--it happens, I hope it shows more of its friendly side.

(We see a shot of a Sudowoodo crying)

Brock: Or not...wishful thinking on my part. (clicks the next e-mail)

Dear Brock,

I was just wondering, out of all the girls we've seen you swoon over in the show, why haven't you shown much of an attraction to Jesse?

Also, what would be your "ideal" girl to go out with, and where would you take her?

Thank you for your time n__n

-A female fan

Brock: Why not Jessie, you say? Aside from the fact that she's a bad guy...

(we see Chibi Jessie with an arrow marked "BAD GUY" pointing at her. An audience boos at her)

Chibi Jessie: What are YOU booing at? (Nincadas chirp)

Brock: And I'm one of the good guys...

(We see Chibi Brock with an arrow marked "GOOD GUY" pointing at him. The audience cheers)

Chibi Brock: Thank you!

Brock: ...and bad guys aren't usually supposed to associate with the good guys. True, I've had to put up with her on several occassions...

(we see scenes of Jessie screaming at everyone before we return to Brock at the computer again)

Brock: But my main turnoff with her is her temper! Unlike Misty, who forgets about the arguement in a few minutes, Jessie goes on, and on, and on...

As for my ideal lady...

(an outline of a female appears)

Brock(voiceover): Her hair would be long... (the hair on the outline grows until it reaches the floor) Not that long. (the hair is magically trimmed to waist length) There we go, so she can style it in many ways!

(the hair on the outline cycles through various hairstyles before returning to normal)

Brock(voiceover): Depending on the color of her hair, her eyes would be a complimenting color. Blue with blonde... (the outline changes to blonde hair and blue eyes. green with red (the outline's hair and eye's change again) or brown! (the outline's hair changes) Her body would have some curves, but she'd still have some muscles. (the outline's body changes to match the description)

And as for our dream date, that would be the traditional dinner (we see Chibi Brock dining with the chibi girl) and a movie (we see Chibi Brock and his girl in a movie theater) Can't go wrong with that date! (clicks the next e-mail)

How on earth can you tell which Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny you're looking at? To me, they all look exactly the same.

Brock: Trust me, they all have their own unique quirk or detail, which I happen to notice!

(we see some manila folders that have "Brock's Jenny/Joy Files" on it)

Brock: For example--

Misty: Oh no, you don't! (drags Brock away from the computer as the KOL homepage appears: "If you'd like to e-mail Brock, PM EmeraldSky and she'll send them on!")

May 3rd, 2006, 7:09 PM
(We see a sign in prompt on a computer, which reads "Welcome to KOL...please enter username and password"

(Brock's hands appear and type "PewterSong" in the screenname prompt and some stars in the password prompt.)

(Brock drums his fingers on the desk as he logs on, then brings up an e-mail)

Dear Brock,

Which name do you perfer: Brock or Takeshi?

-A male fan

Brock: Well, while I love hearing my English fans talk about me....

(we hear a group of girls blabbing "Brock" again and again)

Brock: What my Japanese fans like to call me seems to roll of the tongue easier.

(we see a group of anime girls saying "Takeshi" again and again)

Brock: But at any rate, a Brock by any other name...is still Brock, regardless of the language. (clicks the next e-mail)

Dear Brock,

By now I'm sure you know of the Enigma Shadow incident. What would you do if you fell in love with a girl who turned out to be evil, like I did?

~Rich Mistbloom

Brock: Well! Even characters created by my fans like me!

Misty(voiceover): Not that that's a bad thing...

Brock: Hmm...if I loved a lady on the dark side....

(We see a picture of a female Darth Vader overlooking female Storm Troopers)

(record scrape)

Brock: Wrong dark side...(the picture shatters) It would be tough to accept that she was a bad guy at first...but depending on the universe we were in, I'd work up enough white magic to cure her!

(We see white mage Chibi Brock casting a spell on an "evil" Nurse Joy, turning her into a "good" Nurse Joy)

Ash(voiceover): Gee, did Rukario teach you white magic too?

Brock: I wish... (clicks the next e-mail)

Dear Brock,

Do you like to play music and dancing games at all, like Dance Dance Revolution?

Brock: Sure I do! I usually beat Ash every time we play against each other...which reminds me, I think I'm due for a round. (gets up)

(we cut to show Ash on a dancing pad, waiting for Brock to arrive)

Ash: Bout time...same song as last time?

Brock: Deal. (secretly sets the song to "Beautifly" (Upswing Mix))

(the screen splits to show the two player's views of the game, Brock on the left, and Ash on the right)

(As the song begins, Ash is unprepared for the oncoming mass of sparkling arrows, and begins stumbling all over them. Brock on the other hand, is hitting every note on the beat, usually a "MARVELOUS!!!" or "PERFECT!")

(When the song ends, we see Brock AAA'ed the song with 150 "MARVELOUS!!!"'s and the rest "PERFECT!", Ash just barely pulls a C)

Ash: Why didn't you tell me we were going to go that fast?

Brock: I was up for a challenge today! (returns to the waiting reply) there you have it, my superb DDR skills. (smiles as the KOL homepage appears: "If you'd like to e-mail Brock, PM EmeraldSky and she'll send them on!")

May 4th, 2006, 4:31 AM
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...

I'll assume that KOL stands for "Kanto Online", obviously taken from American Online, or AOL. The funny thing is that AOL also created something call KOL too! They call it Kids Online...

Maybe I should submit some questions for Brock? I've got a few he should answer...

May 4th, 2006, 5:06 AM
Go ahead, just PM them to me, and I'll send them on!

May 4th, 2006, 3:20 PM
(We see a sign in prompt on a computer, which reads "Welcome to KOL...please enter username and password"

(Brock's hands appear and type "PewterSong" in the screenname prompt and some stars in the password prompt.)

(Bonsly whines as Brock logs on.)

Brock: Just a minute, little guy. (clicks an e-mail)

Dear Brock,

Have you played the game Advanced Wars for the Gameboy Advance?

Brock: Well, depends on what you mean here, the only means of advanced wars I know of is the fine art of practical jokes.

(We see a huge book marked "Brock's Compendium of Pranks")

Brock: For example, one year for April Fool's Day, I thought I'd pull the old "bucket of water in the doorway" gag on Misty.

(we see Chibi Brock rigging a bucket to a doorway. When Chibi Misty opens the door, the bucket falls on her, soaking her.)

Brock: Misty got her revenge on me by giving me something called "SPLUT!"

(Chibi Misty hurls a pie a Chibi Brock with a SPLUT!)

Brock: I wasn't the only one to get the SPLUT! that year...

(We see Chibi Ash appear onscreen)

Brock: Ash got it after scaring Misty with a rubber Spinarak.

(Chibi Ash dangles a rubber Spinarak in Chibi Misty's face, making her scream. Chibi Misty counters by throwing a pie at Chibi Ash, which lands in his face with a SPLUT!)

(We return to Brock at the computer again)

Brock: Although it might get you in trouble later, that kind of advanced war is a lot more fun than any GBA version can offer! (clicks the next e-mail, but before it can load, Bonsly's whines intensify.) Okay, okay...come on. (gets up)

(Brock leads Bonsly into the living room, where Bonsly clambors onto the couch before the TV. Brock, meanwhile, digs through the video cabinet in search of something for Bonsly to watch.)

Brock: Ah-ha! (holds a tape over his head while the Zelda 'got item' stinger plays: "The Best of The Ash and Pikachu Show, Vol. 1" Here you go, champ. (carefully removes the tape from the box and inserts it in the VCR) Think you can watch this while Daddy does a few things? (Bonsly nods as Brock hits the 'PLAY' button on the remote.)

Bonsly smiles as a 3-D image of Black Mage Ash starts to zoom at the screen. A low key synth fanfare plays as a Poke Ball appears by the 3-D Ash's hand and begins to "write" "Pokemon Home Entertainment" before flying to dot the i in "Entertainment".)

(We return to Brock at the computer again)

Brock: That should keep him happy for a while. (we hear Bonsly giggling in the background as the next e-mail appears)

Dear Brock,

Who's your favorite legendary?

Shining Mew

Brock: Wow! A shining Mew! Don't see those every day...

I've met more than my fair share of Legendaries over the years, but if I had to pick one, that one would be Rukario, the Wave Guider.

(We see Chibi Rukario casting a spell on Chibi Brock, making him glow blue)

Brock(voiceover): Rukario was the one that gave us magic...Ash learned offensive magic, (we see Chibi Black Mage Ash), May learned defensive magic (we see Chibi White Mage May), Max learned time magic (we see Chibi Time Mage Max), and I learned summoning magic (we see Chibi Summoner Brock).

(Chibi Summoner Brock heaves a red ball in the air and says some gibberish, making a Charizard appear)

(We return to Brock at the computer again, but we hear some whimpering in the other room.

Brock: Hmm...Magical drawings, calm this weary spirit! Cartoon! (a flash of red light flies from Brock's hands and hits the VCR, making the tape inside rewind itself and start from the beginning again) That should keep the little guy busy while I go do a few chores. (gets up as the KOL homepage appears:"If you'd like to e-mail Brock, PM EmeraldSky and she'll send them on!")

May 7th, 2006, 1:08 PM
(We see a sign in prompt on a computer, which reads "Welcome to KOL...please enter username and password"

(Brock's hands appear and type "PewterSong" in the screenname prompt and some stars in the password prompt.)

Brock: No, you can't have a cookie now... (clicks the first e-mail as Bonsly groans in frustration)

Dear Brock,

Do you think you'll marry Erika?


Brock: Well, I dunno how Geodude and Onix would react...

(we see a duel unfolding betwen Onix and Gloom)

Brock: But we'd have no need for a flower girl at the ceremony! (we see an Ivysaur spreading flower petals as Chibi Brock and Chibi Erika walk down a church aisle. Chibi Misty is at the organ playing "Here Comes the Bride", and Chibi Ash is in minister's robes)

Chibi Ash: Dearly beloved, we're gathered here today...

(The dream sequence ends in a poof as we return to Brock at the computer again)

Brock: ::sighs dreamily as he clicks the next e-mail::

Dear Brock,

What was your favorite thing you did in Hawaii?


Brock: Either surfing...

(we see Chibi Brock in swim trunks, riding a wave aboard a surfboard...for about three seconds)

Brock: Trying to twirl fire....

(We see Chibi Brock trying to twirl a burning stick, only to get scorched to a crisp)

Brock: Or serenading the hula girls with my trusty guitar.

(we see Chibi Brock clad in a Hawaiian shirt singing "Aloha oe, farewell to thee..." as he plays his guitar. Some chibi hula dancers listen intently)

(We return to Brock at the computer again)

Brock: I'm kinda bummed Bonsly didn't get to go...

(Bonsly dances by, singing a song reminescent of "Aloha Oe)

Brock: We'll try and go back this summer, okay? (Bonsly cheers as Brock brings up another e-mail)

Dear Brock:

Please settle this arguement between me and a friend...I'm sure you can dance, but my friend says you have two left feet! So, can you dance or not?

Brock: Your friend's in the wrong here, because I can strut my stuff rather well, whether it's just stomping arrows...

(we see Chibi Brock dancing on a DDR machine with a crowd around him)

Brock: Or just grooving to a band!

(We see Chibi Brock strutting his stuff as a rock band plays)

Brock: But my favorite music to dance to? Something with a swing beat! (gets up and singlehandedly sweeps Misty in his arms, while at the same time turning on a jazzy melody on the CD player)

(We see Brock and Misty dance around the room--when the song concludes, we see Bonsly, Vulpix, and Geodude applauding by the keyboard. Brock and Misty bow for their sort-of audience, then Vulpix clicks on the Send button, bringing up the homepage: "If you'd like to e-mail Brock, PM EmeraldSky and she'll send them on!")

May 7th, 2006, 5:48 PM
(We see a sign in prompt on a computer, which reads "Welcome to KOL...please enter username and password"

(Brock's hands appear and type "PewterSong" in the screenname prompt and some stars in the password prompt.)

Brock: What should I do with all of this e-mail, what should I do with all of this e-mail, what should I do with all of this e-mail, ear-lai in the morning?...I'll read all of it, that's what! (brings up the first e-mail)

Dear Brock:

How did you learn to play the guitar? I think you sound great!

Brock: Well, I didn't wake up one morning, pick one up, and automatically know all the songs I know!

I found one of Dad's guitars lying in the living room one evening... (we see Chibi Brock tiptoing down a hallway--he peeks in the room and spots an acoustic guitar) I was bored, couldn't sleep, and Dad wasn't going to be home until at least midnight. (Chibi Brock yawns as he walks in the room). So to battle my insomnia, I set about teaching myself to play guitar.

(We see Chibi Brock tuning the guitar followed by a rather sorry rendition of "This Land is Your Land")

Brock: I eventually wrestled my way through a few chords that night...

(we see Chibi Brock trying to change chords, but ends up getting his fingers tied in knots)

Brock: With some practice, I worked up the courage to play in front of Dad.

(we see Young Brock playing "House of the Rising Sun" while Flint listens intently. Flint applauds when Brock finishes.)

Brock: Dad decided he'd get me my own guitar...

(Chibi Flint speaks to Brock in gibberish, but a guitar appears in a speech balloon. Chibi Young Brock nods)

Brock: --if I'd foot the bill.

(Chibi Flint holds out his hand, but all Chibi Young Brock can come up with is a few coins)

Brock: So I offered to get paid for my chores.

(We see Chibi Young Brock mowing the lawn, doing dishes, cleaning his room, etc.)

Brock: Several weeks and roughly 20,000 credits later; I got a guitar of my own.

(we see Chibi Young Brock posing with a guitar)

Brock: --which led to me getting several more....

(several more guitars appear in the scene, then we return to Brock at the computer again)

Brock: You know...all this talk about guitars has given me the urge to play something... (gets up, then returns a few minutes later with his guitar. After quickly tuning up, he resumes typing) So for your listening pleasure, a song. (clicks "send", then proceeds to play a laid back swing tune while the next e-mail loads)

Dear Brock,

Does it bother you that Pokemon like to listen to "Polka-o-Dolka" more than your music?


Brock: I try to please my fans with my songs, Great Sky Dragon; but there's just something about that song that Pokemon like...

(we see clips from "Gotta Dance!")

Brock: Is it the beat?

("Polka O Dolka" is stripped down to its bassline)

Brock: Or the tune?

(the melody comes back in)

Brock: Or Meowth's singing?

Meowth: Every single Pokemon dat knows what is goin' on is dere to sing and shake their ting until the break of day, hey!

Brock: The world may never know... (taps his foot to the beat as Bonsly and Vulpix groove to the song. The KOL homepage appears: "If you'd like to e-mail Brock, PM EmeraldSky and she'll send them on!")

May 8th, 2006, 5:51 PM
(We see a sign in prompt on a computer, which reads "Welcome to KOL...please enter username and password")

(Brock enters the scene playing his whistle. He plays for a moment, during which time Bonsly types "PewterSong" in the screenname field and some stars in the password field. Brock continues to play until the first e-mail comes up, prompting Bonsly to tickle Brock with a vine, messing up his song)

Brock: What? (notices the e-mail) Oh, right...

Dear Brock,

What places would you like to visit in Hoenn that you've never been to, like Sky Pillar, Seafloor Cavern, Cave of Origin, ect.

The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon.

Brock: Oh now now a bad guy wants to write to me, huh?

Anyway, seeing the Sky Pillar would be fun...that is if Rayquaza doesn't mind visitors.

(we see Chibi Brock running from Chibi Rayquaza. Chibi Rayquaza Hyper Beams Chibi Brock to a crisp)

Brock: Seafloor Cavern would be fun for treasure hunting....

(we see Chibi Brock in scuba gear, scooping up shards and Pearls)

(Brock sighs as he clicks the next e-mail)

Dear Brock,

In your opinion, how would legendary Pokemon react to "Polka-o-Dolka"? Like would they dance *chibi Mewtwo tangoing with chibi Groudon* or what? I thought I'd ask you since you've seen alot of legendaries...


Brock: Don't tell me you're playing on May's computer again...couldn't you have come and asked me in person?

Anyway, I'm pretty sure they'd dance as well...it seems any Pokemon that hears it, dances to it.

(we see a streetful of chibi Pokemon dancing, in addition to Chibi Ash, Chibi Misty, and Chibi Brock)

Brock: Next time you need to ask me a question, ask me a question personally.... (clicks the next e-mail)

To Brock,

First, what's your last name? I thought you had one, but I forgot it.

Second, what ever happened between you and Professor Ivy? All I know is that something psychologically terrible happened, you left Valencia Island and came back to Pallet Town to find Ash, and to this day whenever you hear her name, you relapse back into shock...

Thanks in advance,

Brock: Couldn't decide on a version to name yourself after, could ya? Mind if I call you Ruby?

First of all, Ruby; you can see my full name on my trainer card.

(We see a trainer card with Brock's picture and pictures of Geodude, Onix, Vulpix, Ludicolo, Forretress, and Crobat on it)

Brock: There you have it: Brock Harrison! (we look at the signature under the picture, which reads the name) Not Slate, as popularly believed.

As for the whole Prof. Ivy deal, she didn't do anything horrible to me at all...I break down whenever someone talks about her (sniffle) because--because--I LOVE HER!!! (starts to cry as the homepage appears: "If you'd like to e-mail Brock, PM EmeraldSky and she'll send them on!)

May 9th, 2006, 2:31 PM
(We see a sign in prompt on a computer, which reads "Welcome to KOL...please enter username and password")

(Brock's hands appear and type "PewterSong" in the screenname prompt and some stars in the password prompt.)

(Mudkip romps on the desk, interested in the flashing envelope onscreen)

Dear Brock -

Is there a Pokemon that you've regretted not taking with you, such as Lakoko the Ninetales, or the baby Stantler?


-Sui Kune

(PS: Can I steal your Mudkip?)

Brock: That's a hard question, Miss Kune...while I loved them both, and they apparently loved me in return...

(we see scenes of the aforementioned Pokemon)

Brock: I feel they are where they need to be. True, I miss them a lot...

(we see Chibi Brock cuddling a Ninetales plushie and crying over a picture of the baby Stantler)

Brock: But I know they were not supposed to be with me, even though they wanted to.

As for Mudkip...steal her, no. Babysit her, then maybe... (clicks the next e-mail)

Mudkip: Kipkip!

Dear Brock,

Why did Flint tell Ash that your mother is dead if she's still alive? Hmmmm?

Brock: To be honest, I don't think he knew where Mom had gone...

(We see Chibi Flint winding his way around Kanto (with his route represented by a gray dotted line)

Brock: So he made up that sob story to hide the fact that he didn't know.

(we see that scene)

Brock: Quite frankly, I never knew either. (clicks next e-mail)

Mudkip: Kip...

Dear Brock,

If a man came up to you asked to pick out one of the following Pokemon to keep, Scyther, Blaziken, or Hitmonlee, who would you choose?

Sincerly, General Blaze

Brock: Private Harrison reporting for duty, sir!

Seriously, all three are excellent Pokemon, it'd be a tough call.

Scyther could double as a lawnmower outside of the arena...

(we see a Chibi Scyther cutting the grass as Chibi Brock guides it)

Brock: Blaziken would make an excellent blowtorch...

(we see Chibi Brock about to weld some metal, After putting his helmet on, he watches as Chibi Blaziken shoots a Flamethrower at the metal, making sparks fly)

Brock: Hitmonlee would make a perfect training partner.

(we see Chibi Ninja Brock and Chibi Hitmonlee meditating outside of a temple)

Brock: But if I had to choose one, I'd definitely pick Scyther...

Misty(offscreen): Are you ever going to mow the lawn???

Brock: I could use him at the moment! (gets up as the homepage appears: "If you'd like to e-mail Brock, PM EmeraldSky and she'll send them on!")

May 10th, 2006, 10:12 AM
xD Wow, this is an awesome story!

May 10th, 2006, 10:54 AM
Here comes the next installment!

(We see a sign in prompt on a computer, which reads "Welcome to KOL...please enter username and password")

(Brock's hands appear and type "PewterSong" in the screenname prompt and some stars in the password prompt.)

(Bonsly hops on the desk as Brock brings up the inbox)

How did you know everything that happened with the Mirage System even though you were with Jenny when it all happened?

~A Bonsly fan

Brock(in his "cute" voice): Say hi to your fans, Bonsly!

(Bonsly waves to the screen)

Brock: It's hard to explain, actually...but I think the magical power Rukario granted me may have played a role....it could've been a vision, or a dream...or maybe I just have ESP. (clicks the next e-mail)

Dear Brock,

AHEM! Brock, your in the Ash and Pikachu show right? Well I was wondering what happens after some one says the T-word. I didn't catch that episode, so could you tell me?

Yours truely:

Brock: Could that stand for Team Rocket, perchance?

Anyway, it seems that the prop crew makes a batch of purple instant slime beforehand....

(we see some chibi crew members adding watrer to a purple powder)

Brock: ...rig buckets of it all over the place...

(we see the chibi crew members doing that)

Brock: and somebody gets stationed by a bucket, so that when someone says-- (types the word "toxic", but nothing happens) they dump it on whoever said it!

(Chibi Brock says "Toxic" on a stage, causing purple slime to fall on him and the screen)

(a windshield wiper appears and cleans the screen so that we see Brock again)

Brock: So there you have it...how the slime gag is done. (clicks the next e-mail)

Dear Brock,

How do you feel that your eyes are just... lines. Do you know why they're drawn that way?



Brock: Okay, so where's xXRisenXx?

Seriously, although my eyes look like lines to you guys, they work just as fine as any other eye!

It's been said they look as they do so I have an Asain look, but I dunno if that's true or not.

::microwave beeps::

Brock: And that would be the pizza I'm having for my lunch. (gets up as the KOL hompage appears:"If you'd like to e-mail Brock, PM EmeraldSky and she'll send them on!")

May 10th, 2006, 3:26 PM
(We see a sign in prompt on a computer, which reads "Welcome to KOL...please enter username and password")

(Brock's hands appear and type "PewterSong" in the screenname prompt and some stars in the password prompt.)

(Brock picks up his whistle and is about to play it when the first e-mail appears)

Dear Brock,

Would you want to train all of your pokemon so they would evolve to their final forms?


Brock: Imagine that! An e-mail from the Voice of the Forest!

While it would be nice to have the final forms of all my crew...

(We see Chibi Brock with Chibi Golem, Chibi Steelix, Chibi Ninetales, Chibi Sudowoodo, Chibi Crobat, and Chibi Ludicolo)

Brock: I respect their wishes if they want to remain as they are...not that that's a bad thing. (clicks next e-mail)

Dear brock
Why dont you get a Anortih?

Brock: That's it? Gotta be the world's shortest e-mail, right there.


When we met those researchers with all the Anoriths and Cradillys...

(we see that scene)

Brock: I wanted an Anorith...but also knew that they belonged to the researchers, so I didn't bring up the fact I wanted one.

And that, folks, is the world's shortest answer to an e-mail. (clicks the next e-mail)

Dear Brock

Do you think you'd ever like to have Sunflorazumarill join you?


Brock: Hmm. Clever.

It's a pity such a Pokemon doesn't exist, because it could attract a few curious ladies...

(We see Chibi Brock showing off a Chibi Sunflorazumarill to a crowd of girls....but they run away screaming)

Brock: Or not. (clicks the next e-mail)

Dear Brock

Do you think you may ever be th Gym Leader of the Pewter Gym again, even if it's just for a little while?

Yours Truely

Brock: Seventh Heaven? Was there anything wrong with Heavens One through Six?

Seriously, while I enjoyed my time being Gym Leader...

(we see Chibi Brock giving a Boulder Badge to a trainer)

Brock: Judging from how Mom and Dad fight over the Gym...

(We see Chibi Flint and Chibi Lola fighting)

Brock: I'm not sure if that sounds very appealing any more. (Chibi Brock slinks away from the arguement.)

(We return to Brock at the computer again as the next e-mail appears)

Dear Brock

When you went to Hoenn, why didn't you take Onix with you? I mean you could have just left Geodude and Crobat and took Onix with you. Why didn't you?


Brock: Well Chris, I was a little like Ash in one respect: I wanted a fresh start of sorts.

(we see Chibi Brock in Ash's clothing)

Brock: But Onix seemed happy with the kids...

(we see Chibi Onix with some of Brock's siblings aboard him)

Brock: Plus I hadn't seen Geodude in a while...

(we see Chibi Brock hugging Chibi Geodude)

Brock: Add to that that I could only take two--and they volunteered!

(we see Chibi Brock recalling Chibi Geodude and Chibi Crobat to their Poke Balls.)

Brock: Oh, now I'm in the mood for looking at some of our Houen pictures... (gets up as the KOL hompage appears: "If you'd like to e-mail Brock, PM EmeraldSky and she'll send them on!")

May 11th, 2006, 5:16 AM
(We see a sign in prompt on a computer, which reads "Welcome to KOL...please enter username and password")

(Brock's hands appear and type "PewterSong" in the screenname prompt and some stars in the password prompt.)

Brock: And now, please welcome your host--e-mail! (brings up the first e-mail)

Dear Brock,

Does it bother you that someone made a shipping between you and Wobbuffet, because both of your eyes are closed? It's called "Bluefood" shipping,

Joe Merrick.

Brock: Me? Wobbufett? In LOVE??? Course that bothers me, Joe!

I seriously don't get these so-called shippers--thinking two people are in love because they share some characteristic....there's a lot more to love than that.

I mean, some of these shippings sound perfectly plausible, but the one you describe--just isn't gonna happen. (clicks next e-mail)

Dear Brock,

If you are so interested in becoming the world's greatest Pokemon breeder how come you only have 1 of each spiece of your Pokemon. Wouldn't it make sense to have 2, 1 male and 1 female, so they could breed? All obey Snattle.

Brock: Well, I've been trying to look for the other gender, but they always seem to get away!

(We see a Vulpix diving out of the way of a Poke Ball, a Crobat flying away, and various other shots of Pokemon escaping)

Brock: But one I do get a pair...bring on the babies!

(we see Chibi Brock covered in baby Pokemon)

Brock: But not too many, please. (clicks the next e-mail)

Of all the woman you have met who is your favorite and why.

Brock: Hmm...hmm...::thinks for a minute:: There's obviously my two perfect ones....

(We see a shot of Chibi Officer Jenny and Chibi Nurse Joy)

Brock: Erika, Whitney, Jasmine, Clair, Flannery, Winona.... (As Brock names off the female Gym Leaders, a Chibi version appears with Chibi Nurse Joy and Chibi Officer Jenny)

Brock: Let's put it this way: They're like potato chips--can't have just one favorite! (clicks the next e-mail)

Of the pokemon you currentlly have, including ones back at the gym, which one is your favorite and why.

Brock: I'd say, Onix...

(Chibi Onix appears)

Brock: For one thing, he was my first Pokemon...

(we see Chibi Young Brock on Chibi Onix's back)

Brock: And my best battler too!

(We see Chibi Onix battling)

Brock: What more could you want in a friend?

Ash(offscreen): I'd want someone to come watch this movie with me!

Brock: In a minute, Ash! (gets up as the homepage appears: "If you'd like to e-mail Brock, PM EmeraldSky and she'll send them on!")

May 13th, 2006, 3:45 PM
(We see a sign in prompt on a computer, which reads "Welcome to KOL...please enter username and password"

(Brock's hands appear and type "PewterSong" in the screenname prompt and some stars in the password prompt.)

(Brock whistles a bit as the inbox loads)

Dear Brock: How do you always come up with such great songs?

Brock: Inspiration for me comes pretty easily. One thing I like doing is taking a notebook with me while I'm out and about.

(We see a black and white notebook with "Brock's Song Lyric Notebook" on it. It's tucked under Chibi Brock's arm as he walks along a road)

Brock(voiceover): This way, if I see something that inspires me... (Chibi Brock notices Chibi Ash playing with Chibi Pikachu, but Chibi Ash trips over a rock and falls) I can write it down so I don't forget it later.

(We see a piece of notebook paper on the screen. A pencil appears and writes in Brock's handwriting "Ash playing with Pikachu. Ash tripped on a rock and fell")

Brock(voiceover): Then, when I get to my guitar, I have material to work with.

(As Brock is talking, we see Chibi Brock strumming a guitar and singing what the pencil wrote down earlier in a flat and offkey voice)

Brock(voiceover): Another option is to take along a tape recorder.

(We see a tape recorder with "Brock's Tape Recorder" on it)

Brock(voiceover): This is helpful because if you hear something nice... (Chibi Brock hears Chibi Ash playing a relaxing melody on a Pokeflute) you can record it...(Chibi Brock records Chibi Ash's song) and try it on your own instrument. (We see Chibi Brock practicing the song on his guitar as the scene returns to Brock typing his reply.)

Brock: Hope that answers your question! (clicks "Send" and brings up the next e-mail)

Dear Brock,

Has Misty finnaly forgiven Ash about her bike being destroyed, or is still upset about that?


Brock: Actually, she prefers not to talk about it...the day we left Johto I gave her one that matched the old one.

(we see that scene from "Gotta Catch You Later!")

Brock: The whole thing was kinda silly you know, it was only a bike, after all. (clicks the next e-mail)

Dear Brock,

What is your opinion on the other video game companys, Sony and Microsoft? Also, what do you think of the miner ones, Sega (Sonic), Relic(Homeworld), Isomiac(Ratchet and Clank), and Criterion (Burnout)?

Sincerlly, General Blaze

Brock: Hmm...while we do have a PlayStation 2 here at the house....

(we see a row of game consoles in Ash's room, with an arrow pointing at the PS2)

Brock: It only gets used for Final Fantasy marathons...

(we see Chibi Ash at the PS2's controls. Chibi Brock is reading the walkthrough to Chibi Ash.)

Brock: And sessions of Dance Dance Revolution!

(we see Chibi Ash and Chibi Brock going head to head on DDR)

Brock: Ooh, can't forget Guitar Hero either! That one's my favorite!

(Chibi Ash asks "Do you mind?" to Chibi Brock playing air guitar along with the game)

(We return to Brock at the computer again)

Brock: As for Micro$oft...I fail to see what is so appealing about Halo...

(Chibi Ash, Chibi Misty, and Chibi Brock past a group of chibi Halo groupies gathered around an Xbox. Chibi Misty gives Chibi Brock the "What's-with-them?" look)

Brock: But they appear to be holding their own in the game world, even if their consoles are a pain to play.

Speaking of which, I promised Misty and Ash that we'd go through all of Ash's SNES RPGs and see how many we can finish in one sitting! (gets up as the homepage appears: "If you'd like to e-mail Brock, PM EmeraldSky and she'll send them on!")

May 15th, 2006, 5:16 AM
(We see a sign in prompt on a computer: "Welcome to KOL...please enter username and password.")

(Vulpix romps on the desk and types "BurningFire" in the screenname prompt, but before she can type her password, Brock enters and sits down.

Brock: Come on, Vulpix, down you go... (sets Vulpix on the floor, enters "PewterSong" in the screename prompt and some stars in the password prompt)

Vulpix: Vul?

Brock: You just checked yours! Now it's my turn! (clicks the flashing envelope on the homepage)

Dear Brock

Have you ever met a girl that likes you back?



Brock: The only occasion I remember the best was the whole thing with that one girl...::snaps his fingers:: What's her name...

Ash: Temaku?

Brock: Yeah! That's it! I was a little surprised by her action towards me...

(we see Chibi Brock surprised by Chibi Temaku)

...that I didn't know what to do! You know the rest... (clicks the next e-mail)

Dear Brock,

Can you name all of your siblings? http://img136.imageshack.us/img136/4063/brocksiblings6yv.jpg

Onix (Yes, even with no hands or legs, I can type!)

Brock: You SURE you weren't dictating it to Vulpix?


There's...(with each name, a Chibi Brockling appears) Forest, Cindy, Susie, the twins; Timmy and Tommy, Mia, Adam, Matt, Terra, and Sammy. (Chibi Brock is inserted in the family portrait, next to Chibi Forest) I love them all! I think I'll print the portrait for keepsake purposes, clicks "Print", which prints out the portrait of Chibi Brock and the Chibi Brocklings, then brings up the next e-mail)

Dear Brock,

Did you ever get the feeling that Ash's mother and Professor Oak are in love? I've always gotten that feeling.


Brock: General rule of thumb: Just because you've seen them together doesn't necessarily mean they're in love...until you see The Kiss. (we see a smudge of lipstick appear on the screen)

Delia and Oak are good friends, so it's plausible they could be in love, but I haven't seen a kiss yet, so we'll see.

(timer dings)

Brock: Oh! Nearly forgot about the cookies I had in the oven... (gets up. The homepage appears: "If you'd like to e-mail Brock, PM EmeraldSky and she'll send them on!")

May 17th, 2006, 6:38 PM
(We see a sign in prompt on a computer screen: "Welcome to KOL...please enter username and password)

(Brock's hands appear and type "PewterSong" in the username prompt and some stars in the password prompt)

Brock: This mailbag is brought to you by....me! (clicks the first e-mail)

Yo Brocko!

Why do you keep your eyes shut practically all the time? Did one of your father's practical jokes with crazy glue go too far?


Brock: Actually, Pierre; they actually are perfectly normal eyes...I guess the artists like to draw me with a permanant squint because it's easy for them....but who knows?

To Ash's Friend:

How have you been? Forgive me for not remembering your name as I only recall you by your spiky hair and squinty eyes. I hope you haven't fallen off any bridges lately. Tell me, how has Bulbasaur been since we parted ways and it left with Ash? My concern is that Bulbasaur has had time to grow and be the best Pokemon that it could be. Take care of yourself.


Brock: I haven't fallen off any bridges, but everyone else sure has!

(we see scenes of everyone falling from a bridge or coming close to doing so before returning to Brock at the computer again)

Brock: As for Bulbasaur...

(Chibi Bulbasaur appears on the screen)

Brock: He's served us well, and even cooler, May, my new companion, has one of her own, thanks to Ash...but I'll never forget the little guy...

(we see a montage of Bulbasuar's best battles)

Brock: If you want the full details, drop Ash a line at PokeMaster01 [at]kol.com (clicks the next e-mail)

Dear Brock:

What was the most annoying musical thing you've ever done?

Brock: Well, there was that time I snuck a harmonica into the Celadon City Department Store and played it along with that strangely catchy music...

(we see Chibi Brock playing the aformentioned harmonica in an elevator, while the other chibi passengers look annoyed)

Brock: But the one that really took the cake was this one time in the third grade...

(we see Chibi Young Brock looking bored in a classroom)

Brock: My teacher was so boring....

Off camera audience: HOW BORING WAS SHE????

Brock: She was so boring I fell asleep in class every day...(we see Chibi Young Brock snoozing on his desk) Naturally, the detention slips kept coming...

(Chibi Flint sternly glances at a yellow piece of paper, presumably a detention slip.)

Brock: But one day, I came up with an idea for a perfect end of school prank!

(A lightbulb appears over Chibi Young Brock's head)

Brock: I copied down every last word the teacher said...

(we see Chibi Young Brock furiously writing)

Brock: ...wrote some music to my notes...

(we see Chibi Young Brock writing on music paper)

Brock: ...practiced it on my guitar...

(we see Chibi Young Brock playing an acostic guitar)

Brock: ...recruited a few friends to sing it...

(some chibi friends appear in the scene)

Brock: ...and rehearsed it a few times...

(we see the chibi friends singing while Chibi Young Brock plays guitar)

Brock: We didn't get in trouble for it, but we told the teacher we found her very inspiring! (rim shot)

Ash: Har-dee har har...

Brock: Bad joke, I know. (the homepage appears: "If you'd like to e-mail Brock, PM EmeraldSky and she'll send them on!")