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May 5th, 2006, 6:52 AM
Alright! It's a new story! This one is based on an RP I'm currently having with my friend, and I felt like putting it up! Of course, I edited it a LOT before I posted it up. I sometimes controlled Naruto, but my friend controlled him most of the time, and she also controlled Sasuke, so blame her if they act OOC, not me! You've already mey Amaya if you've read 'Newfound Feelings', so you probably have a good idea of how she acts, but this is the 1st time you'll meet Yeira. You'll learn more about her as I keep posting. Hope ya enjoy reading this as much as I liked RPing this!

(I like this setting, and am always using it in RPs. If you like this setting too and would like to try RPing it with me, e-mail me with I Wish Island as the subject!)

Now on with the OOC, AU RP/story! lol


May 1, 2006

The smell of sea water filled the air when Amaya opened her eyes. She bolted upright to find herself sitting on a beach with the ocean water splashing gently at her exposed ankles. She blinked.

“What the hell?” she muttered. “Where am I?”

She grunted as she got to her feet and wiped the sand off her back, butt, and legs. She looked around to find a basic island appearance: miles of white sandy beach, a few crabs here and there, and a forest starting about 5 yards away from the shoreline. The one thing that did not belong was a light blue house beyond the reach of the water.

“What the?” she muttered. Looking around again, she noticed something lying on the beach a few feet away from her. It was a boy with raven black hair that spiked up in the back, and his face was dangerously close to the water.

“Uh-oh!” Amaya muttered. She rushed over to the boy, grabbed him by the wrists, and pulled him away from the shore.

“Hellooo.” she said, shoving his shoulder gently. “Hey, you okay?”

He wasn’t breathing.

“Aw, shit…” she muttered when she held her hand above the boy’s slightly open mouth. “That’s not good…” she sighed. *Guess I’ll have to do CPR… Dammit…* She sighed again and found the notch below the boy’s ribcage. She laced her fingers together and pushed down five times. Then she quickly held his nose and, placing her mouth against his, blew gently into his mouth twice. She repeated this process twice. Just as she was about to blow into his mouth again, he started to cough.

“Phew. Thank god you’re alright.” she said.

The boy coughed again, this time sitting up and coughing up water. Amaya thumped him on the back to help him cough up the rest of the water.

“You okay?” she asked. The boy nodded, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Yeah… What happened? Where am I?” he asked.

“I think you nearly drowned, and I don’t know.” Amaya replied.

“Wait… Did you save me with…?” he trailed off, an almost disgusted look on his face.

“You should be glad I did! Or would you have rather died?” Amaya snapped angrily.

“Okay, uh, thanks…” he said, giving her a strange look. “I’m Sasuke Uchiha.” he said, getting to his feet and wiping himself off.

“Amaya Awakaru. Nice to meet ya, Sasuke.” Amaya stated, not really knowing what she had just said since she was a wee bit too pissed off to think.

*So, I’m stuck on a deserted island with a girl I don’t know…* Sasuke’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a girl’s scream. He immediately took off to find the source of the scream.

“Hey, where the hell are you goin’?!” Amaya called, following him.

Farther down the beach there was a boy and a girl, yelling at each other.

“What the hell were you doing?” the girl yelled angrily.

“I didn’t do anything!” the boy yelled back in reply.

The girl blinked when she realized just who she was yelling at.

“What the hell is Naruto doing here? He’s from an anime!” she complained. The boy named Naruto blinked.

“How do you know my name? And what’s an anime?” he asked, puzzled.

“Hey, Yeira!” Amaya called when she saw her friend. “Do you have any clue as to where the hell we are?” she asked, not noticing Naruto. (M/N: Poor Naruto!)

“All I know is that I woke up his head on my chest!” Yeira replied angrily, pointing at Naruto. (T/N: poor naruto)

(M/N: lol) Amaya looked at Naruto, blinked, then looked back at Yeira.

“Uh um, what’s he doing here?” she asked, pointing at him.

“My thoughts exactly! And why… Is Sasuke here too?” Yeira asked, pointing at the confused Sasuke behind Amaya.

That’s when Amaya realized that Sasuke was there. Her eyes widened and she covered her mouth with her hands as she looked at him.

“What, you didn’t realize that you had followed him?” Yeira asked, puzzled. Amaya shook her head, looking back to her friend.

“No, it’s not that. It’s just…” she trailed off, covering her mouth with her hands again.

“What? What did he do?” Yeira asked, ready to attack.

“He didn’t do anything. I saved his life… In probably the most awkward way imaginable…” Amaya replied, covering her mouth again.

“What? You didn’t… k-k… You did, didn’t you?” Yeira asked vaguely. Amaya uncovered her mouth, glaring at her friend with her arms at her sides.

“Of course I didn’t! Well, I guess, technically, yeah…”

Yeira ran over to Sasuke and began tugging at the sides of his mouth, looking inside.

“So, how was your first kiss with Amaya?” she asked the annoyed Sasuke. He suddenly jerked away, glaring at her.

“Kiss?! Sasuke, you got a kiss?!” Naruto asked him angrily.

“NO!!!” Amaya snapped, blushing slightly.

“So, was there tongue?” Yeira asked, bouncing around Amaya in an annoying childish manner. *Why that little!* Naruto thought angrily. Sasuke looked really angry now. *She’s as bad as Naruto!* Sasuke thought.


“NO!!!” Amaya yelled, anime veins all over her face and on her fist. “It was just mouth-to-mouth! Dumbass!”

“It’s still a kiss!” Yeira argued, rubbing her head.

“Why do all the girls like you?!” Naruto yelled at Sasuke.

“Hey, I don’t like him! Don’t insult me by saying that!” Yeira stated angrily at Naruto. Sasuke had a funny annoyed look on his face. *That’s a first.* he thought.

Still pissed off, Amaya growled and started walking around to release her anger without sinking the island, her chakra visible around her tightly clenched fists.

“You don’t? Then do you like me?” Naruto asked hopefully, pointing at himself with a hopeful look on his face.

“Hell no!” Yeira stated, blushing. “You’re such an idiot!”

“You’re both idiots! That should clear things up! Now SHUT UP!” Amaya yelled, her black chakra surrounding her completely now as she turned to the bickering twosome.

“What?!” the two exclaimed angrily in unison. *That girl… Her chakra… It’s huge!* Sasuke thought, amazed but not showing it.

“You heard me! You’re both idots!” Amaya yelled.

“I’m not an idiot! Naruto is, but I’m not!” Yeira stated angrily.

“What?! You’re the idiot!” Naruto said angrily, getting in Yeira’s face.

“Just SHUT UP! You guys are giving me a migraine!” Amaya stated angrily, holding her now throbbing head in her hands.

But Naruto and Yeira didn’t hear her.

“NO! You’re the idiot!” Yeira yelled.

“Am not, you are!” Naruto yelled back.

Sasuke had enough of this and started down the beach. Amaya followed, growling softly as she tried to ignore the pain in her head.

“Stupid idiots.” she muttered, rubbing her forehead.

Sasuke finally stopped when they were out of earshot of Naruto and Yeira’s voices. He sat down on the sand and looked out at the ocean.

“Those two are so annoying.” Amaya muttered, rubbing her forehead, her eyes closed. She collapsed at the base of a palm tree and sighed. *Silence at last.*

It was quiet for a while. Until Yeira and several Naruto’s came running in their direction. Yeira was fighting them off and was gradually getting closer to where Sasuke and Amaya sat.

“Shit.” Amaya grunted. She put her hands instinctively behind her back and, after a minute, slapped them onto the ground, muttering something under her breath as she did so. Suddenly a barrier of black flames surrounded them.

“That won’t work.” Sasuke said. Suddenly Naruto flew over the barrier, obviously thrown by Yeira, who followed, probably hit by one of the Naruto clones. Some of the clones jumped over the barrier, which all of a sudden disappeared. Naruto and Yeira landed where Sasuke had been sitting, but he had jumped out of the way just in time.

“Shit.” Amaya muttered angrily. “Why the hell are you two fighting?!” she asked them as she knocked one of Naruto’s shadow clones into the water about a quarter of a mile away from the shoreline. With one hand no less! The other was still rubbing her throbbing forehead.

Yeira was too busy fighting off the Naruto clones to answer her. With a twitching eye, Amaya pushed away the Naruto clones and found the original one. With a loud THUMP, she knocked him upside the head, immediately making the clones go POOF!

“Stop fighting, already!” she snapped, holding onto a patch of Naruto’s spiky blonde hair.

Suddenly, Yeira crashed into Amaya, making her release Naruto as they fell to the ground. Next thing they knew they were in a tangled pile on the sandy beach.

“Somebody’s a** is in my face!” Yeira exclaimed angrily.

“Hey, that’s mine!” Naruto said.

“GET THE HELL OFF ME, DAMMIT!” Amaya yelled, struggling to get from under the still bickering twosome.

“I can’t move!” Yeira complained.

“So you’re blaming me?” Naruto asked angrily.

Amaya growled and bopped both of them upside the head.

“Will you two stop arguing and GET OFF ME?!”

After a minute of struggling, Naruto and Yeira managed to get off of Amaya.

“You know, it’s not my fault that that girl knocked you and me over and that she landed on top of you.” Naruto said dumbly.

“This wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t attacked me!” Yeira said angrily.

“If you weren’t so dumb, then I wouldn’t have attacked!” Naruto growled. Both jerked around and crossed their arms across their chest with a ‘hmph’. It seems that they both had enough of this. Amaya rolled her eyes with a sigh.

“Finally. Well, I’m going to check out that house over there. Try not to destroy anything while I’m gone.” With that, Amaya walked off.

Yeira ran over to Sasuke and asked him something nobody else could hear. Sasuke obviously didn’t like the question too much. With a slightly flushed face and his hands in his pockets, he quickly walked down the beach. Yeira looked confused so she ran over to Naruto and asked him something. Naruto crossed his arms and started going on about Sasuke and how dumb he was and other things. (T/N: weird)

Amaya walked up the steps and onto the porch. The door was a soft white color with three small windows near the top. She opened the door and went inside. There was a hallway with an open entryway on both sides. The one on the left led to a kitchen, and beyond that was a very nice looking dining room. The one on the right led to a fair-sized living room.

Exploring further into the house, Amaya found three bedrooms with a bathroom each. The first bedroom, the master, was painted a cream color and had a double bed in the middle. The second bedroom was smaller than the master and was colored the same as the outside of the house. The third bedroom was the smallest and most darkly colored. Not black, but a dark blue. Amaya immediately claimed the light blue room and closed the door to that room before going back outside.

She noticed that Naruto and Yeira were arguing again and that Sasuke wasn’t there. *Probably went for a walk.* she thought, looking down the beach. *Yep. There he is.* she thought when she saw him sitting on the beach looking out at the horizon. She walked down the steps and over to him with hands stuffed in her back pockets.

“Hey, Sasuke.” she greeted. He looked at her for a moment before looking back out at the horizon.

“Hey, Amaya.”

It was quiet. Amaya looked out to the horizon to find that the sun was setting, filling the skies with several shades of pink, purple, and some orange. She smiled softly at the sight, a soft breeze blowing her hair to the side. It was a beautiful sight. She suddenly became aware of somebody staring at her. She turned to see that it was Sasuke, staring at her with a slightly curious look in his sapphire-hued black eyes.

“What?” she asked, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Suddenly, Amaya felt somebody shove her. She fell forward and landed very awkwardly on top of Sasuke. A very familiar laugh came from behind her. Amaya was completely on top of the Uchiha boy, but they weren’t face-to-face. She had overshot and Sasuke was stuck under her with his head in her chest. (T/N: amaya’s gonna kill me)

She squeaked loudly and scrambled off of Sasuke, her face as red as a cherry.

“Sorry!” she said in an almost squeaky tone. She then turned around angrily to find the source of the laughing: Yeira. When her friend had turned around, she had stopped laughing. Amaya’s chakra was once again visible around her hands, and she looked very pissed off.

“Yeira…” she growled angrily. Yeira gulped silently.

Amaya tossed a black fireball at her, but Yeira grabbed Naruto by the shoulders and put him in front of her, using him as a shield against Amaya’s attack. When she did that, the fireball hit Naruto square in the face. Naruto yelped and then turned angrily on Yeira. She ran off, and Naruto chased after her, yelling. They were headed in the direction of the house. (T/N: oh crap!)

Sasuke’s face was completely red as he sat up again. Amaya growled softly as she glared after Yeira, her chakra no longer visible.

“Stupid idiots.” she muttered under her breath, collapsing to the ground. “Uh, Sasuke, I’m really sorry…” she said awkwardly, not really knowing what to say. Sasuke’s face was still completely red as he shook his head and looked back at the sea.

~Back at the House~

Yeira burst through the front door, Naruto right behind her. Naruto was about to attack Yeira, but she unknowingly dodged his attack by going into the kitchen. Naruto stopped and started to watch her curiously. Yeira opened one of the cabinet doors and then closed it, a surprised look on her face.

“Ramen…” she muttered.

“RAMEN?!” Naruto exclaimed. He scrambled into the kitchen.

“No! Go away!” Yeira said, starting to push him out of the kitchen.

“Shadow Clone Jutsu!”

Instantly about 20 Naruto’s filled the room. Yeira bashed the real Naruto in the head as the Shadow Clones began to open cabinets.

“RAMEN!!” they exclaimed in unison.

Amaya walked in then with a pissed off look on her face.

“What the hell are you doing in here?! We can hear you yelling all the way down the beach!” she stated angrily. Sasuke was behind her, his face still slightly flushed. From the embarrassment of earlier or anger towards the person who caused the ‘accident’, it was hard to tell.

Naruto was holding a bowl of ramen in front of him, just outside of Yeira’s reach. She was behind him, and trying desperately to get to the ramen bowl. They were both yelling at each other. Then Naruto noticed Amaya and Sasuke and Yeira took advantage of him letting his guard down to snatch the ramen bowl away from him.

“No, give it back!” he exclaimed.

Amaya growled and slammed open a cabinet. She pulled out a ramen bowl and shoved it into Naruto’s hands.

“Here!” she said angrily. “Now leave Yeira alone!” She then turned to Sasuke. “There are two bedrooms down the hall, pick the one you want. The closed door is my room, so don’t go in there.” she explained.

Sasuke, just only a little bit flushed now, nodded and went down the hall.

Amaya sighed as Yeira and Naruto started fighting over who got to use the microwave and went to her room. She flopped onto the bed and stared up at the ceiling, thinking about what had happened that day. She blinked when she realized that not long ago she had used a jutsu. She was surprised. It seemed so natural, she didn’t even have to think about it; she just did it. *And the fact that I used my Naruto character’s name instead of my own…*She gasped as something came to her mind. She got off the bed and went inside the bathroom. She squeaked when she saw her reflection: elbow-length, dark green almost black hair, dark sapphire blue eyes, and fair skin. She nearly lost it.

“I’m… I’m Amaya! My Naruto character!” she whispered in wide-eyed surprise. She backed away from her reflection and sat on the toilet seat, her eyes still wide with a look of disbelief on her face.

“Where am I?” she muttered. “I wish I knew.” Then it came to her. “The Bermuda Triangle?” she muttered. “And how did I just figure that out?”

She sighed wearily, rubbing her throbbing head with her index finger and thumb.

“Oi, my head hurts…”

There came a knock at the door.

“Amaya?! Hey, you in there?”

It was Yeira, and it sounded as though she were eating.

“Yeah… Can ya be a little less loud? My head hurts.” Amaya said.

“Well, can you hurry up…!” Yeira asked. Amaya growled and went outside.

“What?” she asked.

“I gotta whiz!” Yeira stated, starting to jump around with her ramen bowl in one hand.

“Why don’t you go use the bathroom in the last room? Why do you have to use mine?”

“Naruto’s in there, and Sasuke’s in the other…” Yeira replied, starting to squirm. Amaya sighed and moved out of the way. Yeira burst past her and closed the door. (T/N: do i need say more?)

Amaya shook her head and walked out of her room, her hands in her back pockets and her eyes cast on the ground ahead of her. Sasuke came walking down the hall, but obviously wasn’t watching where he was going and bumped into Amaya.

“Oh, sorry…” he said, the sudden bump causing him to grab Amaya by the shoulders.

“Uh, it’s okay… Um, mind letting go of my shoulders…?” she asked, a very light blush on her face that was barely visible. Sasuke looked away and let her go.

“Thanks…” she muttered. “So, did you pick a room?” she asked, changing the subject.

“Uh… yeah.” Sasuke replied, looking back at her,

“So, is it the smaller room?” she asked. *Why does he keep looking at me like that?* she wondered.

Sasuke nodded. Suddenly the door to Amaya’s room opened and out came Yeira. Seeing her, Sasuke walked around Amaya and went out the front door. *Don’t blame ya, Sasuke. Can’t chance another ‘accident’ like before.* Amaya thought.

“Hey, Sasuke! Hey, Amaya!” Yeira greeted as she skipped down the hall over to her friend.

“Hey, Yeira.” Amaya greeted. “Did ya pick a room yet?”

“Uh, no…” Yeira admitted sheepishly. Amaya smirked mentally but kept an indifferent look on her face.

“Sasuke picked already, and so did I. Seems you and Naruto are going to have to share the last room.” she said with a shrug.

“What! No! No, no, no! I’m not gonna share a room with him!” Yeira stated, shocked. Amaya shrugged again, smirking.

“You’re gonna have to, Yeira.”

“NO! I’d rather share a room with Sasuke! He won’t do anything! Or… Please, let me share with you!” Yeira begged.

“Nope. And I don’t think Sasuke will share, either. You know how he is.” Amaya said.

“NO! Don’t let me get stuck with him! There’s more than one bed at least, right?” Yeira asked frantically.

“See for yourself.” Amaya said, opening the door to the master.

“HELL NO! I’d rather sleep outside!” Yeira exclaimed.

There was the sound of thunder and the power went out.

“****…” Amaya growled.

Just then, Sasuke came running back in through the front door. Even though he had only been outside for a minute, he was soaked.

“Besides, where is that perverted idiot?” Yeira asked, changing the subject so she wouldn’t get more bad luck. The lights suddenly went on again. Amaya shrugged.

“Dunno. Hey, Sasuke, you okay?” Amaya asked. He just walked past the two girls, only glancing at Amaya for a moment before looking forward. He went straight to his room and right when he opened the door, a bucket of water fell on top of his head. (T/N: not like it did much) Naruto’s laugh rang through the hall.

“Naruto, what’d you do?!” Amaya exclaimed.

“Naruto, you loser!” Sasuke exclaimed. Yeira ran into the room, nearly knocking Sasuke over when she came in.

“Naruto, Sasuke was already soaked.” she said. Then she began to laugh at Naruto’s sudden silence. Amaya threw a death glare at Naruto when she came back with a towel.

“Here, Sasuke.” she said, offering him the towel. Sasuke looked her in the eye before accepting the towel. Yeira ran next to Naruto and whispered something in his ear. Without getting an answer, she grabbed Naruto by the arm and started dragging him into the kitchen.

“Hey, let go!” Naruto commanded. As soon as Naruto and Yeira were gone, Sasuke said, “Thanks.” He continued to look at her. Amaya nodded.

“You’re welcome. Uh, it’d be best if you changed into something dry. You’ll get sick if you stay in that.”

Sasuke looked at her for a minute more before going into his room and closing the door. Amaya blinked and went to her room to take a shower so she could go to sleep.

In the kitchen, Naruto and Yeira were getting along pretty well. The only thing they began to argue about was what exactly to put in what they were cooking.

“Whatever we do… We’re gonna put this in it!” Yeira said.

“What is it?” Naruto asked.

“Just a little prank!” Yeira replied with a smirk. Naruto gave her suspicious look.

“How’s it a prank?” he asked. Yeira whispered something in his ear. He suddenly burst out laughing.

“I’m definitely not eating that!”

After her shower, Amaya came out of her room wearing a black sleeping gown and her hair loose. She yawned and went to the kitchen to get something to eat before going to sleep. When she went in she found Naruto and Yeira talking to each other in whispers.

“What are you two talking about?” she asked, eyebrow raised and a small smirk on her face. Yeira and Naruto turned to look at her.

“Oh, we’re so sorry about all the stuff we’ve been doing to you and Sasuke, so we made peace offerings! It’s not like us, but we thought it would be nice at least!” Yeira replied, offering Amaya a bowl of ramen with added flavors and seasonings. Amaya eyed Naruto and Yeira suspiciously before taking the bowl. It really was unlike them to be nice. Or, it was always really rare. *Maybe this time is one of those rare times…* she thought.

“Thanks.” she muttered and left to eat in her room.

As soon as Amaya left, Naruto began to laugh.

“Now we just need to trick Sasuke.” Yeira said, turning to Naruto.


Sasuke lay on the bed in his room, staring blankly at the ceiling with his hands behind his head. He had taken off his headband and it sat next to the bed on his nightstand, next to his alarm clock. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Sasuke quietly got up and opened the door cautiously, expecting Naruto to do something. But it was just Amaya, and she was holding a bowl of ramen. (T/N: it is amaya, but naruto and yeira tricked Amaya into doing it! he he!) She smiled sheepishly.

“Uh, hi, Sasuke.” she greeted. *Stupid Naruto and Yeira…* “Uh, here…” she said, offering him the bowl. Sasuke looked at the bowl, then back at Amaya, and accepted it. Suddenly Amaya bent over holding her stomach.

“Uh, see ya, Sasuke.” she said, rushing back to her room. About ten minutes later she came out of her room with a pissed off look on her face.

“NARUTO! YEIRA! ” she yelled angrily. “WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!?!!!!?”

Naruto and Yeira snuck out of the house through the side door in the living room. Amaya sensed two different chakra levels leaving the house.

“Wait… How did I do that? Oh, yeah. I’m Amaya, and she can sense chakra levels.”

She hit herself in the forehead once before leaving to go outside too. She could sense them, but she couldn’t tell where they were. *Where are those two?* she wondered.

Naruto and Yeira had snuck out to the Sparring Area and, surprisingly, they weren’t arguing.

“I wonder… Since Amaya can… Can I?” Yeira wondered aloud.

“What did you say?” Naruto asked.

“Uh… Naruto… Can you teach me some jutsu?” Yeira asked, ignoring his question.

“Teach you jutsu?” Naruto asked, sounding somewhat surprised.

“Yeah! Can you teach me some jutsu, like the Art of the Doppelganger or Sexy Jutsu?” Yeira asked, blushing slightly.

Amaya listened in when she found them in the new Sparring Area. *This’ll be more interesting than when Naruto was teaching Konohamaru.* she thought, watching them silently from around the corner of the door.

“Sexy Jutsu?” Naruto asked. An evil grin spread across his face. He looked Yeira over before saying, “I think I could teach you what I know.”

*This’ll definitely be interesting.* Amaya concluded, noting Naruto’s tone.

“Hey! What are you doing?” asked a voice from behind her. Amaya exclaimed and turned around to see Sasuke.

“Ne, Sasuke! Don’t do that!” she said. *I didn’t even sense him… * Sasuke looked out the door. *I can’t believe she’s watching… Wait a minute…* Sasuke began to watch Naruto and Yeira, but he didn’t realize what he was doing. He had his left hand on the wall, and he was quite close to Amaya, who now had her back against the wall. The only way she would’ve gotten away at that point was to go out the door, but then Naruto and Yeira would see her. (T/N: ha ha!)

“Uh, Sasuke… You’re a bit close…” Amaya muttered, her face slightly flushed. Sasuke didn’t hear her, so he continued to watch the two idiots.

“Did you hear something, Naruto?” Yeira asked.

“No.” Naruto replied. Yeira looked at the still open door, but she didn’t see Sasuke. That’s because he had hidden by pressing his body closer to the wall, and Amaya, so she wouldn’t see him. He had actually managed to accidentally press his body against Amaya’s! (T/N: go you!)

“Must’ve been my imagination.” Yeira said, turning back to Naruto. Amaya accidentally let out a high pitched squeak when she realized just how close Sasuke was to her, her heart racing and her face now completely flushed. (A/N: You… are… A *****!)

“I definitely heard something this time!” Yeira exclaimed, running towards the door. Sasuke had finally realized what he had done, and now stared at Amaya, his face flushed as well. Suddenly Naruto and Yeira ran through the door. Now Amaya’s face was, if possible, even redder than before. Yeira covered her mouth, completely shocked.

“What’s with all the girls liking Sasuke?” Naruto growled.

“Sasuke and Amaya, sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, then-“

“You’re being such a loser!” Sasuke stated to Yeira, the one who had been singing the taunting song.

“Here, Naruto. Let’s leave these two lovebirds alone!” Yeira said, grabbing Naruto’s arm and pulling him outside. Sasuke watched them leave, forgetting to move. He had moved back slightly, but he was still really close to Amaya.

Her heart still racing, Amaya slipped away from Sasuke and went to her room. She went in, locked the door, and collapsed onto her bed, staring at the ceiling. She placed the crook of her elbow over her eyes and started taking deep breaths in an attempt to calm herself down.

“God, he was so close… Too close…”

When Amaya left, Sasuke watched her.

“What’s up with her?” he wondered aloud as he watched her leave. He followed her, but stopped at the living room door and watched her go into her room.

~Back with Yeira and Naruto~

“Okay, Naruto. What are you going to teach me first?” Yeira asked. Naruto gave her a good look over.

“Once I teach you how to control your chakra better, I’ll teach you the Sexy Jutsu.” he replied. There was the sound of something opening.

“Hey, you two. If you haven’t noticed, it’s nearly midnight.” Amaya said through her window.

“What?!” Yeira exclaimed. Naruto yawned.

“We’ll pick up tomorrow.”

Yeira and Naruto went inside through the living room side door. Sasuke had retreated to his room. Yeira and Naruto went to their room.

“I get the bed!” Yeira stated as soon as they were inside and the door was locked.

“What? Why can’t we share?” Naruto asked.

“Because you’ll try something!” Yeira replied. She grabbed some clothes from her dresser and went over to the bathroom.

“Where are you going?” Naruto asked.

“To change, you idiot!” Yeira replied, slamming the bathroom door.

When Yeira came out of the bathroom, she found Naruto lying down on the bed staring at the ceiling with his hands behind his head. He had taken off his shoes and jacket and had tossed them lazily on the floor a few feet away. However, he had been careful to place his headband neatly on the nightstand next to the bed. Yeira had to admit to herself that Naruto looked pretty good in a black shirt. She was even tempted to just jump in bed with him.

Yeira blushed when Naruto looked over at her with his pretty blue eyes and smiled when he saw her pajamas. She wore an orange t-shirt and black shorts.

“What?” Yeira asked in an annoyed tone.

“Nothing…” Naruto replied, looking back to the ceiling. Yeira gave Naruto a suspicious look when she tossed her clothes by the dresser and walked over to the bed. The next thing Naruto knew, he was on his back on the floor.

“Hey, what was that for?” Naruto asked, looking pissed off as he got back on his feet.

“I told you, I get the bed.” Yeira said, lying down in the bed.

“No way!” Naruto argued, getting on the bed and shoving Yeira off.

“Naruto!” she exclaimed angrily, getting back on the bed.

They pushed each other, back-to-back, as they tried to get each other off the bed. They went on for quite a while before they both just gave up and just lay down on the bed, lying close to the edges. Yeira got up, turned off the light, and carefully made her way back to the bed, lying down on her edge of the bed. Naruto quickly fell asleep, which was easy to tell because of his slight snoring.

Yeira couldn’t sleep, not with Naruto in the bed. She laid there for what seemed like an hour before she heard the bed creak slightly and feel the covers being pulled taut. Suddenly, she felt his arms wrap around her waist and pull her close. He buried his face in her blonde hair, not snoring anymore.

“Naruto, let go!” Yeira growled. Naruto began to snore again. “He’s asleep…” she muttered in disbelief. Then she started trying to get loose from his grip. “Naruto, let go!” she demanded as she tried to get loose. He only tightened his grip and snuggled closer to her, his hot breath against Yeira’s neck. Yeira finally gave up. She was tired, and she actually liked Naruto being there. She was warm, and it felt good to have him so close. Almost immediately, she fell asleep.

~Author's Notes~

Alrighty, that ends Day One of the I Wish series! A note: the random notes you saw every once in a while were notes me and my friend made in the RP, and for some reason it just didn't seem right without them, so I put 'em in, exactly the way they were in the RP! I hope ya liked it so far, and plz review if ya did!


May 11th, 2006, 7:11 PM
It's wierd, but in a good way. I liked it. I didn't see any gramatical errors, though I could be wrong. I was confused once or twice but I kept reading and realized I was just stupid. I really like this so far. I hope to see more of this, since it seemes pretty promising.

May 14th, 2006, 8:33 AM
I like it :D Some bits were confusing but I managed to get on track with the story XD I hope you'll be doing more :P

May 16th, 2006, 6:49 AM
Alrighty! I got some reviews! Woo for me! ^-^ Now I shall post the next Day!

A reminder: This was once an RP I had with a friend of mine, and she likes to RP really crazy. So what you see is the extremely edited version. The actual RP was REALLY crazy and most of the time I couldn't understand what the hell was going on, so you should be pretty glad that I edited it!

Now back with the AU OOC RP/story!

May 2, 2006

Amaya somehow woke up early in the morning and couldn’t fall back asleep.

“Shit…” she muttered sleepily, getting out of bed. She yawned loudly as she stretched. “Might as well do something useful or something…” she muttered. She picked out a change of clothes and went into her bathroom to take a shower. (M/N: It’s 5:00 in the morning. Do you really think she doesn’t need it?)

She came back out about fifteen minutes later, her hair wet, and feeling fully awake. She wore a black tank top, tight blue jeans with big belt loops and zipped front pockets, and a pair of blue sandals along with her usual teardrop-shaped onyx around her neck. She walked out of her room to find the hallway and kitchen lights on.

“What the- Who else is up this early?” she muttered. She tried to sense them. All she could sense was Naruto and Yeira’s chakra. She opened her eyes again. *What the hell? Why can’t I sense Sasuke’s chakra?* she wondered.

Sasuke came out of the kitchen, holding a bowl of ramen in one hand and a pair of chopsticks in the other. His raven black hair was wet, obviously from a shower, and all he wore was a pair of blue jeans. He noticed Amaya just as he put some ramen in his mouth. Amaya blinked.

“Uh, hi, Sasuke. What’re you doing up so early?” she asked, trying to calm herself down. *He has no shirt on! Dammit! This isn’t funny! Somebody up there obviously hates me!* she found herself yelling in her head, meanwhile keeping only a surprised look on her face. Sasuke took his time to finish the ramen in his mouth and swallowed before answering.

“I wanted to do some early training.” He took another bite of ramen. He didn’t seem at all phased by the fact that he was running around without a shirt on, WET, in front of a girl!

“Oh…” Amaya muttered. Sasuke suddenly shivered, though he tried to hide it.

“Baka.” Amaya muttered, pulling her towel off from around her shoulders and tossing it to Sasuke, making it land on his head. “It’s still dry. Use it to dry yourself off so you don’t get sick.” she said, walking past him into the kitchen.

Sasuke followed her into the kitchen, placing his bowl of ramen on the counter. He then took the towel and dried his body off first. (T/N: ha ha! and in front of you, too!) Then he placed the towel on his head and dried off his hair. Once he was done, he placed the towel on the counter, revealing his now very frizzy hair. He took his bowl of ramen and began to eat, watching Amaya curiously.

Amaya did a good job at ignoring him as she also took out a ramen bowl and got it ready. While it cooked in the microwave, Amaya poured herself a glass of milk and waited, not meeting Sasuke’s curious gaze.

Sasuke soon finished his ramen and placed the empty bowl and chopsticks in the sink. He leaned against the counter and began to stare at a random object, which happened to be Amaya’s glass of milk. He had completely forgotten about training.

Amaya looked at Sasuke from the corner of her eyes as she took the ramen bowl from the microwave and poured it into another bowl.

“How about washing that bowl since you obviously have nothing better to do?” she suggested.

“What?” Sasuke asked, dropping back down to earth, his sapphire-hued black eyes meeting her dark sapphire blue ones.

“Why don’t you wash that bowl since you obviously have nothing better to do?” Amaya repeated, her heart fluttering as his gaze. He silently turned to the sink and began to wash the bowl. Once he was finished, he dried it off with the kitchen towel, placed it back in the cabinet, and left the kitchen to go to his room.

As soon as Sasuke left, Amaya sighed in relief and sat at the small kitchen table, placing her head in her hands and trying to calm herself down. *This is becoming too common… And this is only the second day! Gah!*

Sasuke peeked at her from the hallway. He was curious. *What does she do when I’m not looking?* he wondered. The whole time, he had been trying to figure her out. He was trying to hide it, but he knew he wasn’t doing too well. He soon decided to go get ready to train. He turned and walked to his room.

For the next 7 hours, Amaya wandered around, mainly outside. At noon, she went back inside to find Naruto and Yeira in the kitchen eating ramen. She glared at them.

“I’ve been wondering how long you’ve planned on sleeping. It’s about time you woke up!

They were both very sleepy, not because of lack of sleep, but because of a too deep of sleep. Yeira had a sleepy but content look on her face, while Naruto looked just plain sleepy.


“Hey, did ya hear me?” Amaya asked.

“Hey!” Naruto and Yeira exclaimed in unison, their hands covering the bumps on their heads.

“Hiya, you two.” Amaya said sweetly.


“That’s for what you said last night!” she said angrily.

“Last night?” Naruto asked, his funny confused look on his face.

“What about last night?” Yeira asked. They had obviously forgotten.

“Nevermind, then, bakas!” Amaya sighed, turning around and walking out of the kitchen. Naruto and Yeira watched her leave and continued to eat their ramen.

“What was that about?” Naruto asked. Yeira shrugged.

Amaya sighed again as she walked back outside, her hands behind her head. Her hair, long since dry, was not pulled up in a high ponytail and was being blown by the sea breeze. She closed her eyes and let the sun warm her face. Sasuke was to her left, and he wasn’t training. He was just sitting on the beach, looking out at the sea, obviously deep in thought. Amaya opened her eyes again and saw him.

“Hey, Sasuke.” she greeted.

He nodded in greeting and instead of usual staring he went back to looking at the clear blue ocean. *He must really be deep in thought…* Amaya thought. She shrugged and went to walk down the beach so she didn’t bother while he was thinking. When she passed him, he watched her walk.

~6 Hours Later~
(6:00 p.m.)

Amaya was changed and was eating- TA DA! - a sandwich! in the kitchen. Naruto and Yeira came in and looked as though they had been training and –TA DA! – they weren’t arguing. They were discussing how to use chakra more effectively. They started to make, guess what, ramen. Suddenly, the front door open and in came, guess who, Sasuke. He obviously had not trained. Yeira and Naruto continued to talk in between bites and Sasuke opened the fridge.

“Well, we’re all in the same room and somehow nothing got broken, messed up, or wet. Hooray!” Amaya said, partly seriously, partly joking.

Naruto and Yeira just continued with their discussion and Sasuke glared at her quite coldly before getting to work on the sandwich he was making. Amaya raised an eyebrow at Sasuke’s reaction. *What’d I do?* she wondered.

Soon Naruto and Yeira were finished eating and they left the kitchen, lazily tossing their bowls into the sink. Sasuke walked over to stand beside Amaya and began to eat his sandwich.

“Lazy jackasses… Oh well.” Amaya muttered. She yawned loudly. “Oi…”

Sasuke put down his sandwich and looked at Amaya deeply. Amaya looked at him and felt her heart race and a slight blush come to her face.

“What?” she asked.

He continued to look at her, his eyes staring into hers. She felt her face get a bit hotter and her heart continue to race.

“What…?” she asked again.

“Do you-“

CRASH! It came from the direction of Naruto and Yeira’s room. Amaya jumped and landed on her back on the ground.

“Dammit! What the hell was that?!”

“What are those two losers doing?” Sasuke growled. He looked at Amaya and then held out his hand. Amaya took it and was pulled to her feet.

“Thanks… Let’s go see what happened.”

When they arrived at Naruto and Yeira’s room, the door was open and Yeira and Naruto were arguing again. They were wearing their pajamas and, what do ya know, the wall between their room and Sasuke’s room had been knocked down.

“What did you two idiots do?” Sasuke exclaimed rather angrily.

“Okay, how the hell did you manage to knock down the wall, you losers?!” Amaya blinked when she realized she just said and pointed a finger at Sasuke childishly. “You’re really rubbing off on me.”

“She knocked me into it!” Naruto explained.

“What? I was pushing you out of the bed and I accidentally pushed too hard!” Yeira argued.

“No, you used your chakra on purpose! You’re just trying to kill me!” Naruto exclaimed.

“What?! Why would I try to kill you when I li-“ Yeira stopped in midsentence.

“When you what?” Naruto asked, starting to get curious/

“Shut up!” Yeira exclaimed. She turned and ran out of the room past Sasuke and Amaya.

Amaya sighed as she examined the damage to the wall. She gave a low whistle.

“This’ll take a while to fix…” she stated with another sigh.

“Where am I gonna sleep? I’m not gonna sleep in there where Naruto and that other girl can see me.” Sasuke said. Amaya shrugged.

“Dunno.” she said.

“I’m not getting stuck in the same room as these two loser!” Sasuke fumed. Naruto sat on his bed and crossed his arms angrily.

“That’s for sure. But where can you sleep?” Amaya asked nobody in particular.

“I’d rather sleep with you than those tow idiots.” Sasuke mumbled. Amaya blinked.

“Can you two go away?” Naruto growled. He was obviously in a bad room. Sasuke just turned and left the room, muttering, “Loser…” Amaya followed.

Now Yeira came back. She seemed a little better, but just brushed past them and went into her bedroom. Sasuke leaned against the hallway wall. Amaya stood in the middle of the hallway, thinking. She looked at Sasuke.

“What are we gonna do with you?”

He looked up at her from the floor and looked deeply into her dark sapphire blue eyes. She blushed slightly, her heart racing for like the 5th time that day.

“Why do you keep staring at me like that?”

Sasuke looked away, his face slightly flushed.

“I-I want to know more about you!” (T/N: he actually said it! O.O)

Amaya’s eyes widened slightly.


“Nevermind… Let’s just go to bed.” Sasuke said. He didn’t look at her. Amaya continued to look at him, blinking.

“Fine. If you don’t mind, you could sleep in my room. I can manage sleeping in the living for a few days.”

“I think I’ll sleep in the living room.” Sasuke said, walking to the living room and not looking at Amaya as he passed her. Amaya felt a pain in her chest.

“Goodnight, Sasuke.” she said,

He didn’t reply; he just walked into the living room.

“I’m sorry if I said something wrong!” Amaya said before going into her room and locking the door.

When Yeira entered the room, she walked over to the bed and sat on the edge. Naruto was already lying down on the bed and he was already asleep. Yeira sighed and got up to turn off the light. When she turned off the light she walked carefully over to the bed and lay down on it, not so close to the edge as last time. Again, she couldn’t go to sleep. Naruto began to snore again.

“He’s not going to…” Yeira said when she heard Naruto move. Suddenly, once again, Naruto wrapped his arms around Yeira’s waist.

“No! Let go!” she commanded as he pulled her close. “LET GO!” she exclaimed.

Then she tried to roll. They both rolled off the bed and onto the floor with a loud THUD! Naruto was surprisingly still asleep and was still holding Yeira tightly.

“You stupid idiot!” she growled, finally forcing herself out of Naruto’s grip.

Naruto suddenly woke up.

“Wha? What happened?” he asked, not being able to see anything since the lights were out.

“You pushed me out of bed and you fell too.” Yeira lied.

Naruto got back in bed, confused. Yeira followed, this time facing Naruto so she could fight him off if he tried it again. Naruto quickly fell asleep. It was a long time, and Yeira was tired. She was almost asleep when she suddenly felt Naruto wrap his arms around her.

“No! D*** it!” Yeira growled. Now his body was against hers and he had his face at Yeira’s neck. *Oh just f*** it!* she thought, finally giving up. Then she quickly fell asleep. (A/N: hehe! Seems Yeira can’t sleep without Naruto! How cute!)

~Author's Notes~

And that is the end of Day 2! Hope ya liked it! If you liked it, plz review and tell me so! All it takes for me to put up the next day is 1 review! Alrighty? Okay! C ya then!


May 16th, 2006, 8:13 AM
I'm enjoying this so far XD Sasuke seems a tiny bit different than what he is actually like, But I like it XD Typical Naruto, Cuddling anything he can get his hands on when not even realising :P Can't wait to see the 3rd day ^^

May 18th, 2006, 6:46 AM
Thank you very much for reviewing! (And you too, Gohan, even though you only reviewed once.) I really appreciate it and my friend does too! I stated in the first post that Sasuke and Naruto would probably be OOC, since my friend was the one controlling them and she hasn't watched a lot of Naruto (no cable!), and I just wanted to remind pplz of that.

Alrighty, as promised, here is the 3rd Day! Hope ya like it!

May 3, 2006

Amaya woke up at7:00 the next morning. She yawned sleepily as she went to take her morning shower. 10 minutes later she came out dressed in the same outfit she wore yesterday and her hair dry. She walked out of her room into the hallway. It was rather quiet, and Sasuke had actually left to go train. Amaya sighed as she made herself a late breakfast of milk and toast. As she ate, she looked out the window at the ocean.

“It’s going to be a beautiful day.” she muttered, her chin in the palm of her hand.

Sasuke came into the kitchen. He had been training for an hour and had come to get something to eat. He grabbed himself a doughnut and poured himself a glass of milk. He ate silently, never looking at Amaya. Amaya gave him a quick glance before continuing to look outside the window, taking a bite of toast. He then left the kitchen and retreated to the living room. *Okay, this is starting to piss me off a bit. What’d I do to make him completely ignore me?* Amaya fumed inwardly, taking another bite of toast.

“Naruto, YOU PERVERT!” Yeira’s voice rang throughout the house.

“Oh god, what now?” Amaya groaned, walking out of the kitchen and towards their room. She opened the door. “What happened?” she asked boredly. She could hear the shower running and she saw Yeira standing in the bathroom doorway with a orange-and-vanilla colored towel wrapped around her. Her blonde hair was damp, as was the rest of her, and she was throwing everything from the soap to the towels at Naruto, who was hiding behind the bed. Naruto popped his head above the bed.

“I didn’t do-“

Suddenly a bar of soap came flying and hit Naruto square in the face, knocking him onto the ground. Amaya couldn’t help but laugh at that. She turned to Yeira, still laughing.

“What’d he do? Peek in?” she asked.

“Yes!” Yeira exclaimed in reply, chucking a towel at him. Naruto made a break for it out of the room, millions of bathroom items close at his heels. He ran past Amaya, not a single one of the items hitting her.

“Naruto, get your butt back here so I can throw more stuff at you!” Yeira yelled angrily. Amaya continued to laugh at them, leaning against the doorframe.

“You let him get away!” Yeira growled, going back into the bathroom.

“Sorry!” Amaya replied, waving her hand, giggling.

A little while later Yeira came out of the bathroom wearing an orange bra and black underwear.

“You are going to help me get him later!” she commanded, pulling on a pair of pants.

“Why should I?” Amaya asked, no longer laughing.

“If ya don’t help me, I won’t tell you why Sasuke’s ignoring you.” Yeira replied as she pulled on a shirt. Amaya looked at her.

“How do you know why Sasuke’s ignoring me?”

“Come on! You know that death glare he gave in the kitchen yesterday! It’s pretty obvious!” Yeira replied, walking over to Amaya.

“Well, it’s not to me.” Amaya grumbled, crossing her arms.

“Come on, let’s give Naruto hell!” Yeira said, linking arms with Amaya. Amaya sighed in defeat.

“Hold on a sec…” she muttered. She closed her eyes and focused on finding Naruto’s chakra. Her eyes opened again after a moment. “He’s somewhere around the Sparring Area.” she told Yeira.

“How’d you?” Yeira asked, shocked.

“Don’t ask.” Amaya replied waving her other hand.


Yeira pulled Amaya along. When they reached the Sparring Area, both Naruto and Sasuke were training, obviously trying to outdo each other.

“Great. Let Sasuke take care of Naruto.” Amaya said.

“Naruto, kick Sasuke’s ***!” Yeira cheered. She may have wanted to get back at Naruto, but this would be much more entertaining.


“Don’t ever say that in front of me.”

Yeira ran a little way from Amaya before saying, “Kick his sorry Uchiha ***!”

Sasuke stopped training and glared at Yeira.

“What cha doin’, Sasuke? I’m gonna pass ya!” Naruto said. Sasuke started to train again, ignoring the very annoying Yeira. Amaya growled as she turned on her friend.

“Nani?” she asked through gritted teeth.

“Oh, ****!” Yeira exclaimed, running over to Naruto.

“What are you doing?” Naruto growled as Yeira hid behind him, using him once again as a shield. Amaya walked towards them, her chakra visible around her hands.

“Naruto won’t help you this time, Yeira.” she stated. Yeira squeaked and ran, now hiding behind Sasuke.

“Get out from behind him, you coward!” Amaya yelled at Yeira.

“I’m not a coward! I’m being smart!” Yeira exclaimed, not daring to move.

“Hey, let go of me, you loser!” Sasuke said angrily, trying to get loose. Amaya growled.

“If you were being smart, you wouldn’t have taunted Sasuke and gotten me pissed off!” she stated, walking over to her friend.

“Oh, so you do like him?” Yeira giggled. Sasuke’s face flushed slightly. Amaya blushed.

“No, I don’t!” she defied, still going at Yeira, her chakra even darker around her hands. Sasuke quit blushing and pushed Yeira away, knocking her down. He stormed off, going inside the living room. Yeira sweatdropped.

“Heh heh!”

“Aw, shit… What’d I do this time?” Amaya muttered, now looking put out. Yeira scooted towards Naruto before she began to stand up. Naruto was kind of confused. Amaya sighed and walked back inside, collapsing on the loveseat in the living room and staring up at the ceiling. She obviously didn’t notice Sasuke, who was sitting on the couch across from her. He sat there for a moment, watching her.

“You lied out there, right?”

Amaya looked down and was embarrassed when she saw Sasuke. She could only manage a nod, looking away in an attempt to hide her flushed face.

Sasuke suddenly got up, walked over to the loveseat, and sat down beside her, looking at her deeply. Amaya was trying very hard to stop her heart from racing when she looked at him and met his gaze. He looked very deeply into her dark sapphire blue eyes. It was like he could see right into her, like he could tell everything she was thinking. Amaya backed away a bit when she realized that Sasuke’s face was getting really close to hers. He looked away.

“Sorry.” he said, his face red. Amaya shook her head, her face completely flushed.

“It’s okay…”

He looked at her from the corner of his eye and then stood up. He walked past her, not looking at her again as he left the living room and went out the front door.

“Now what’d I do?!” Amaya exclaimed, spreading out on the loveseat, her face in the cushions. *What am I doing that always makes him ignore me? * she wondered. She crossed her arms and lay her head on them. “What is wrong with me?” she mumbled into the loveseat cushion.


“Now that you can control your chakra better, I think you’re ready to try some jutsu.” Naruto announced.

“Okay, which jutsu first?” Yeira asked.

“I think you’re ready for my Sexy Jutsu.” Naruto said, acting like a teacher.

“Okay.” Yeira said.

“Okay, do it like this.” Naruto said. He made the hand signs and transformed into his Sexy Jutsu form. After a moment he transformed back.

“Uh… What’s the Sexy Jutsu gonna do for me?” Yeira asked.

“Do for you?” Naruto asked, surprised at the question.

“Yeah. How will Sexy Jutsu help me in a fight?” Yeira asked.

“Um…” Naruto had to think about that. How should her answer that to a girl?

~6:00 p.m.~

That night, Amaya was still in the living room. She had fallen asleep on the loveseat and she seemed to be sleeping soundly. Sasuke came back in through the front door and noticed Amaya as he started going towards his room.

“Is she asleep?” he wondered aloud, walking into the living room. He stood there, studying Amaya as she slept. *She’s so pretty when she sleeps.* he thought, crouching down and looking closer at her. His face was rather close to hers, and he could hear her breathing. She moaned softly and shifted a bit before getting quiet.

“What’s wrong with me? What’d I do?” she breathed faintly. Sasuke pulled back, worried that she might wake up.

“What does she mean by that?” he wondered aloud. Amaya moved again, shifting onto her left side, leaving her back to Sasuke. He leaned over her and looked at her face. Suddenly the side door open. Surprised, Sasuke hid behind the couch. Naruto and Yeira came into the living room, talking and, not even noticing Amaya, left the living room into the kitchen.

When they left the room, Sasuke came out of hiding and looked at Amaya again. *She’s so cute.* he thought. He was surprised to see a single tear slide down her face.

“Sorry…” she said vaguely. Then she drifted out of her obvious nightmare into a quiet sleep. Sasuke stared at her.

“It’s alright…” he said softly, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. With that, he left the room to get something to eat for her and himself. A few minutes after Sasuke left, Amaya’s eyes fluttered open. She sat up, sitting on her left leg and her right leg hanging over the edge of the loveseat. She rubbed her eyes sleepily.

“How long have I been asleep?” she asked nobody in particular.

“A few hours at least.” Sasuke said as he came into the living room. Amaya looked over at him. He held two bowls of ramen with a pair of chopsticks in each bowl. She blinked at him, surprised. It wasn’t he said that surprised her. It was the fact that he said anything at all.

“So, you’re talking to me again?” she blurted out, almost immediately covering her mouth. Sasuke blinked. *But I talked to her a few hours ago. *

“Here.” he said, handing her one of the bowls of ramen. Amaya muttered a thank you and took the bowl.

“Sorry about what I said. I thought I was still dreaming.” she murmured, quietly slurping up some ramen. Sasuke just nodded and sat down next to her. He glanced at her between bites from the corner of his eye.


Naruto and Yeira had already headed for bed. The shower ran, but Naruto was in it this time, not Yeira. She was sitting Indian-style in the middle of the bed. She had managed to find a small orange notebook and a pencil, and decided to use it as a diary. Since Naruto was in the shower, she decided to start her diary. It read:

dear diary,

well you aren’t a real diary, but i’ve decided to use you as one. well, today i woke up before naruto again and decided to take my shower. but instead of me getting done before he wakes up, he began to be a pervert and he peeked at me! XP

i have to admit, when i woke up i was happy there in his arms. he’s soo cute when he’s in his black shirt. anyways, let’s skip ahead. we began practicing and he was teaching me his sexy jutsu move. it’s weird, even though my RP character is good at jutsu, i can’t do it very well. in fact, i kinda suck!

bladhy blah skip ahead again. right now i’m writing in you. it’s run too and naruto is in the shower… maybe i should repay him for what he did to me earlier… ooo! i’ll be right back…

Yeira got up from the bed, leaving the notebook open with the pencil in the middle. She walked over to the bathroom door. There was a tiny crack in it, and Yeira peeked in. Suddenly her face turned completely red and she ran back to the bed. She continued to write.

uh… i saw more than i needed, but he was soo cute… the shower water has just stopped, so naruto will be coming out soon. we don’t need naruto reading you!

Yeira hid the notebook under her pillow and placed the pencil on her nightstand. A minute later, Naruto came out of the bathroom wearing only his signature orange pants. His blonde hair was wet, though barely visible considering the towel that Naruto had on his head, which he held up with his hands. He was still slightly wet from the shower, which wasn’t that hard to tell since he had no shirt on.

Yeira stared at him, wide-eyed and completely flushed. Naruto looked at her and gave her one of his huge dorky smiles. Yeira’s face turned redder and felt extremely hot.

Naruto took the towel and dried off his hair. When he tossed it onto the hamper in the bathroom, his hair was really, really frizzy. He went to the dresser and pulled out a black shirt. Yeira couldn’t help but watch as he pulled the shirt over his head and tugged it so it was comfortable. Yeira still sat Indian-style on the bed and her face was completely red. Naruto blinked.

“What’s wrong?” he asked. (F/N: he’s too dense…)

“Nothing…” Yeira replied, covering her face.

“Okay…” Naruto said, getting in on his side of the bed. Yeira then stood up.

“I think I’ll sleep on the couch tonight.” She grabbed her notebook from under her pillow and her pencil from her nightstand.

“Hey, what’s that?” Naruto asked curiously.

“Nothing…” Yeira replied, leaving the room. When Yeira entered the living room, Sasuke and Amaya were sitting on the couch. Yeira’s face was still pretty red.

“What’s with you?” Amaya asked through a mouthful of ramen. Yeira just walked over to the couch and sat in between the two.

“I’m sleeping on the couch tonight.” Amaya blinked and swallowed.

“Then where is Sasuke gonna sleep?”

Yeira just looked at the floor.

“I don’t think I can manage sleeping in there tonight.”

Amaya was getting curious.

“What happened?” she asked.

“Shower…” was all Yeira could manage to say. She didn’t want to think about it for fear of having her head explode.

“Say no more.” Amaya said, finishing her ramen. “But you didn’t answer my 2nd question: Where is Sasuke gonna sleep?”

Yeira shook her head. “I don’t know…”

“That’s really helpful, Yeira. Thanks a lot!”

Yeira began to rock back and forth slightly. Sasuke got up, his bowl of ramen empty, and walked into the kitchen. Amaya followed, leaving Yeira alone in the living room. Sasuke washed his bowl and moved out of Amaya’s way.

“Thanks.” she muttered, washing her own bowl. Once she dried it and put it back in the cabinet, she yawned loudly. Sasuke looked at her. “Oi, I can’t believe how tired I still am…” she muttered. “But we need to figure out where you’re gonna sleep first.” she added, leaning against the counter.

Just then Yeira came in and poured herself a glass of water. “Sasuke could sleep with you.” she said, leaving the kitchen, her face still red. Amaya stared after her.

“Are you nuts?” she called, her face slightly flushed.

“Or he could sleep with Naruto.” Yeira added. Amaya sighed and turned to Sasuke.

“Guess you’re stuck, Sasuke. You’re gonna have to pick.”

“If I were you, Sasuke, I’d sleep with Amaya! Come on! Me and Naruto have been for the last two days, you guys can manage one!” Yeira called from the living room, returning to her normal annoyingly perky self. Sasuke was flushed slightly.

“I, uh…”

Yeira came back into the kitchen.

“I don’t think you want to sleep with Naruto. First off, he snores! You don’t wanna try to sleep with him snoring right beside you. Second, I don’t think you’d want to wake up in one of the most embarrassing positions two guys could possibly be.” she said, putting the cup in the sink and going back to the living room. Amaya blushed a deep scarlet. Yeira was trying to make him sleep with her! *That *****!*

“Uh… I think I’d rather sleep in Amaya’s room…” Sasuke finally stated, his face flushed.

“Now that’s the spirit!” Yeira cheered. Amaya flushed a bit more, if possible.

“Well, wait till I change at least.” she murmured, going to her room to change. Sasuke followed her, not really looking at her, until he reached her room. He leaned against the wall as he waited. About 2 minutes later Amaya opened the door and Sasuke walked into the room. It was a rather clean room, definitely cleaner than Naruto and Yeira’s. Amaya came out from behind the door and closed it. She had her clothes folded neatly in her arms and she had her dark green almost black hair cascading down to her elbows. Sasuke looked at the bed and his eye twitched. *That’s a small bed.*

“Either we share the bed, or one of us sleeps on the floor.” Amaya said, putting her clothes in the dresser across from the bed.

*I think I’d rather sleep on the floor… If we shared the bed, we’d have to be hugging so that we could fit.* Sasuke thought as he watched Amaya. *Then again…*

“So, which?” Amaya asked, turning back to Sasuke.

“We could try sharing…” Sasuke suggested, blushing slightly and scratching the back of his head.

Amaya blushed and nodded after a moment. “Okay… But if I end up on the floor, it’s your fault.” she said jokingly in an attempt to lift the awkward atmosphere in the room. It didn’t work.

Sasuke sat on the bed and waited for Amaya. Amaya approached the bed, her face completely flushed and her heart racing. She would have rather slept on the floor, but she didn’t want to hurt Sasuke again. Sasuke blushed as she approached.

“How are we going to fit?” he asked, looking at her.

“I don’t really know…”

“Back-to-back or front-to-back?” he asked sheepishly.

“Um… Back-to-back.”

Sasuke nodded slightly and lay down. Amaya lay down beside him. Her heart nearly skyrocketed when she felt his back against hers.

“Are you on okay?” he asked, shifting a bit.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Amaya replied.

“Um… Goodnight…” Sasuke said, cuddling slightly against Amaya. She blushed deeply and tried to fall asleep.


Yeira wiggled on the couch, trying to fall asleep. “****! I can’t go to sleep.” she said, getting up off the couch. She walked to her room. The lights were out and she could hear Naruto snoring. “Naruto?” she whispered. She carefully made her way to the bed and climbed in, her back to Naruto.

“Yeira… I love…” Naruto mumbled almost inaudibly.

“What?” Yeira gasped.

“I love ramen…” Naruto mumbled, wrapping his arms around Yeira again.

“Why you… I’m gonna kill you tomorrow!” she growled quietly. *But, at least I can fall asleep…* she thought, falling into a deep sleep.

~Author's Notes~

Day 3! ^-^ Hoped ya liked it! Kinda mushy at the end, ne? lol The next Day is but a single review away! It's my least favorite day, and I think it's the shortest that I have written on Word. You'll probably figure out why it's my least favorite after you get about halfway through it. But that'll only happen if I get at least 1 review! C ya, then!


May 18th, 2006, 7:23 AM
Woo! 3rd day is up XD I'm starting to get addicted to this ^^; *Starts to sing love songs* It's all getting bubbly in the house XD

Great work! *Sits patiently for 4th day x)*

May 22nd, 2006, 5:54 AM
Thank you, Devastion, for the review! I'm glad you like it! But this is not my favorte Day... You'll probably be able to guess once you read it. If ya can't guess, then boy are you dense. j/k XP lol Anyway, on with my least favorite Day of I Wish.

May 4, 2006

Amaya woke up early the next morning, feeling well rested. She got out of bed, stretching. She looked at Sasuke to find him still sleeping. He looked so innocent and sweet. She smiled and walked over to his side of the bed. She smiled and giggled a bit at the look on his face. He looked so cute when he was sleeping! Sasuke rolled onto his back and mumbled something inaudible. It was a minute before he moved again, but this time his eyes fluttered open.

“Amaya…?” he mumbled, still half asleep. “Amaya!” He bolted upright, slightly shocked. His face was slightly flushed.

“What?” Amaya asked, surprised at his outburst.

“Nothing…” he replied, still looking at her. He scooted to the side, letting his legs hang over the edge of the bed. Amaya blinked.

“Okay… If you say so.” she said.

“Uh… Amaya. I’ve been thinking.” Sasuke trailed off.


He patted the part of the bed next to him. “I’ve been trying to figure you out…” (F/N: O.O he said it!) Amaya blinked.

“Am I that difficult to figure out? I thought that-“ She stopped in mid sentence, clapping her hand over her mouth.

“Thought what?” Sasuke asked curiously.

“Nothing. It’s nothing.” Amaya replied, waving a hand.

“It can’t be nothing.” Sasuke said, standing up.

“It is. Just forget I even said anything.” Amaya insisted.

“I know you pretty well now. It’s not nothing. What is it, Amaya?” Sasuke asked, taking a step towards her. Amaya sighed. She never was very good at arguing.

“I thought I was being obvious.” she said, looking away.

“You were and you weren’t… At times you seemed so different from other times. But last night, while we were eating, I figured I had figured you out. You do like me, right?” he asked, looking her in the eye. Amaya blushed and nodded slightly.

“What girl that you’ve met doesn’t, besides Hinata and Yeira?”

“Good point…” he agreed.

“But, what makes me different from those other girls?” she asked.

“Because, I like you.” he replied, blushing and not looking directly at her. Amaya blushed deeply.

“You… Like me…?”

“Yes.” Sasuke replied, looking at her again, no longer blushing. It was Amaya’s turn to look away.

“How am I different from the others? Why do you like me?” she asked, still blushing. Sasuke blushed again.

“That’s not an answer I have yet…”

“Sorry for asking. It just came out.” Amaya apologized.

“It’s okay.” Sasuke said, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

“What now?” Amaya asked after a few minutes of silence, sitting down beside him. Sasuke looked at her and placed his hand on her chin. He leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. (F/N: he moves fast)

Amaya’s heart started to pound so hard that she thought it might burst. She felt her whole body heat up and then get cold. *He’s kissing me!* After a moment, she closed her eyes and kissed him back. *I’ve always dreamed of this, but I never thought it would happen. If this is a dream, I hope I never wake up! Please don’t let this be a dream, though!*

Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in both her shoulders. She pulled away from Sasuke, shocked. Sasuke dug his nails into Amaya’s shoulders and he was in his completely evil form, the one that made him look like a chick! (F/N: ahhh!) Amaya freaked, shoving a hellfire ball into Sasuke’s face. Sasuke disappeared and all went black. Amaya felt herself begin to fall, head first.

Suddenly she was falling over the ocean surrounding the island. On the beach were her and Sasuke, just standing there. She closed her eyes. When she landed she had fallen onto a hard surface. She looked around her to find herself surrounded by about 20 Narutos. They all pointed at her and began to laugh. Yeira appeared from the crowd.

“You thought that Sasuke would like you? You are a fool!” Yeira laughed. All the Narutos disappeared except one that stood right next to Yeira. They continued to laugh. Sasuke suddenly appeared in front of her, no longer in his completely evil form.

“Die.” he said, thrusting a kunai at her face.


Amaya bolted upright. She sweated plenteously and she breathed heavily. After a moment, she whimpered and collapsed back onto the bed, pulling the covers over her head and closing her eyes in an attempt to stops the tears from coming. The door to her room opened and she heard somebody walk in.

“I guess she’s still asleep…” It was Sasuke. Amaya flipped onto her left side, whimpering softly.

“Amaya? Are you awake?” Sasuke asked, walking over. She sniffed and curled into a bowl.

“Go away, Sasuke.” she said hoarsely, her voice revealing her tears.

“I brought a cold washcloth for you to help bring your fever down.” he said, placing a bowl of cold water with a washcloth in it on her nightstand, next to the digital clock. It read 10:50. “I’ll go if you want me to.” he added, opening the door again, but not leaving. Amaya sniffed again and curled into a tighter ball, crying softly. Sasuke sighed and left the room, wondering, *What’s wrong with her? Did I do something wrong?*

Amaya sniffed and wiped away her tears. *It was just a dream, Amaya… But why did it have to be like that? I could actually feel him dig his nails into my shoulders… And I could hear Yeira’s voice… And Naruto… And Sasuke…* She started to sob, grasping her shoulders tightly. “Why…? Why’d it have to be like that?” she mumbled through a tight throat.


Yeira and Naruto were outside practicing. Yeira was beginning to get the hang of the Sexy Jutsu.

“Oh, Naruto…” she flirted in a singsong voice while in her Sexy Jutsu form. Naruto blushed slightly. He wasn’t used to girls flirting with him.

“G-good job, Yeira!” he managed to say.

“It didn’t work, did it?” Yeira asked, returning to normal.

“Let’s move to another jutsu…” Naruto said, turning and looking at the trees.

~A Few Hours Later…~
~1:30 p.m.~

Amaya opened a crack in her door and looked either way down the hall before walking out. One of her shoulders was completely exposed and her hair was all over the place. The tired/sad expression on her face completed the ‘sick and depressed’ look. She staggered down to the kitchen, on hand on the wall to keep herself steady. When she reached the kitchen she took a package of ramen from the cabinet and got it ready. While she waited, she leaned completely on the counter, her forehead on the cool countertop.

“Are you better now?” Sasuke asked as he came into the kitchen. He had a worried expression on his face. Amaya looked up when she heard Sasuke’s voice. When she saw him, her eyes widened slightly and a fearful look appeared in her tired dark sapphire blue eyes.

“I’m just hungry…” she replied, looking away from him. *She’s scared?!* Sasuke thought.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked, stepping towards her.

“Not really. I’m just hungry, I told you.” she said hoarsely, not looking at him.

“Okay…” Sasuke said, lying. *What’s wrong with her? Why is she afraid of me?!* he thought, walking next to her and leaning on the counter too. (F/N: not head down)

Once her ramen was finished, Amaya poured it into a bowl, took a pair of chopsticks and sat down at the kitchen table. As she ate, she held her head in the palm of her left hand, still not looking at Sasuke.

Sasuke was really curious now so… He made himself some ramen. Once done he sat in the chair across from Amaya. he kept looking at her. She could feel his eyes on her and she tensed up, feeling as though he might throw a kunai at her again. *C’mon, Amaya, calm down! It was just a nightmare!* said a little voice in her head, which she ignored.

“Did I do something?” Sasuke asked suddenly. Amaya looked up at his voice, looking tired.

“No… Why?” she asked, eating some ramen as soon as she finished talking.

“Why are you so tense around me?” he asked. He didn’t care, he wanted to know. “You’re scared. What’s wrong?”

Amaya looked back at her ramen, stirring it with her chopsticks. “It’s nothing…”

“If it was nothing you would be able to hide your fear. Why the hell are you afraid of me?” Sasuke asked again. Amaya cringed at his tone. She let go of her chopsticks so she could hold her head with both hands.

“It was just a nightmare…”

Sasuke blinked. “Why don’t you just let it go? Or was it that bad?” He took a bite of ramen.

“It was really bad.”

Sasuke dropped it at that. *I hope she gets over this quickly…* he thought, continuing to eat.

With a sigh, Amaya left the kitchen, leaving her ramen uneaten. She suddenly didn’t feel so good.

Sasuke looked at the ramen, then at the kitchen doorway, and then back at the ramen. *What am I going to do with that?*

~Author's Notes~

Alrighty. That's Day 4. Can ya guess why I don't like it now? I think it's pretty obvious. The ending kinda ruined the mood of this day, though, didn't it? lol Well, Day 4... Yep. 1 review and I'll put up the next part, Week 2 Day 1.


May 23rd, 2006, 8:18 AM
Yea, It was a really quick day and a very short one ^^; I definatly prefered the other days to this, But still.. I can't wait for the next one x)

June 3rd, 2006, 8:14 AM
Sorry took so long to get this up! I've been busy. The next few days are gonna be longer than Day 4. On with the story! ^-^


May 8, 2006

Amaya’s better now. She’s not completely over that nightmare, but she’s better. At least she’s out of her room more often. She’s gotten to work on that hole in Sasuke’s wall so he wouldn’t have to sleep on the couch anymore. Right now she’s taking a break in the hallway, leaning against the wall while sitting Indian-style of the floor. She wore a long-sleeved black shirt with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows and black shorts. She wore her dark-green hair in a braid and had a tired look on her face.

“Amaya! I haven’t seen you in a while! How the hell are you?” Yeira asked, running over.

Amaya glared at her. “Tired.”

“Okay! Well, I’m going back to train with Naruto again! See you at dinner!” Yeira said, waving and going towards the living room. Amaya sighed and closed her eyes in an attempt to calm down and relax.

Yeira went out onto the Sparring Area and looked around.

“Where’s Naruto?” she wondered aloud, slightly confused. “Well… I’ll go wandering. I’ve been wanting to look around.” she announced to herself proudly. She walked to the edge of the Sparring Area and heard Naruto’s voice coming from inside the forest.

“Naruto?” she muttered, disappearing into the trees. Naruto’s voice kept getting louder and louder as Yeira walked through the forest. He was yelling and grunting, as though he were fighting somebody.

Soon she found herself just outside a small clearing and hid behind one of the surrounding trees when she saw Naruto. He was training roughly, wearing only his black shirt and orange pants; his jacket lay at the base of one of the trees at the other side of the clearing. He had obviously been training for a while, because he was so sweaty his shirt stuck to his back. Yeira blushed as she watched him from behind the tree. *Oh, he’s so cute! I wish he’d take his shirt off…* she thought as she watched him.

Naruto stopped training for a moment. He wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand, panting heavily. He stretched his shoulders with a soft grunt. Then he grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it off over his head, with a little difficulty. He tossed it onto his jacket. Yeira was flushed now. What a coincidence…* Naruto looked good already, but him being sweaty made him look a lot better. (F/N: just like water)

Naruto looked at the tree that Yeira was hiding behind and she immediately hid behind it. He smiled and just continued to train. Yeira watched him again. He’s so hot! she almost squeaked.

“Oh, yeah! Yeira’s probably waiting for me by now!” Naruto exclaimed, running over to his shirt and jacket. He pulled on the shirt and carried the jacket as he rushed to the Sparring Area. Let’s see if she can beat me… he thought, running as fast as he could.

*Oh ****! If he gets there before me, then… Ah!* she yelled mentally, following him. She had trouble keeping up with him. *No! I have to get there before him!* she thought, bringing on a new burst of speed. She leapt up onto the trees, jumping from one tree to another.

“There it is!” she exclaimed happily when she saw the roof of the light blue house. She jumped off a tree and landed on her feet smack dab in the middle of the Sparring Area. “How did I do that?” she wondered aloud, surprised at what she just did. Not long later Naruto burst out of the forest and tripped when he saw Yeira. *How did she…?* he wondered, looking at her, shocked, still holding his jacket.

“Naruto, are you okay?” Yeira asked, running over to him, giggling slightly.

“How’d you-“ he stopped short, his face now slightly flushed.

“How’d I what?” Yeira asked, getting nervous.

“Never mind…” Naruto replied as he stood up.

“Okay…” Yeira said. Yeah, right…

~6:00 P.M.~

Amaya sighed sleepily as she went into the kitchen. She went to the fridge and looked through it. The only thing in it was a two-gallon bottle of milk, a package of turkey slices, and an almost empty pack of bread. She slammed the fridge door angrily and looked through the cabinets. Ramen, ramen, and more ramen. She growled and collapsed into one of the chairs surrounding the kitchen table.

“I’m getting tired of eating ramen all the time! I really wish I could have some McDonald’s or something!” She muttered.


“What the!” she exclaimed when she saw four different bags appear on the table, each with the McDonald’s Golden Arch on it. She poked the four bags to see if they were real. “How’d these get here?” she wondered. Just then Sasuke walked in.

“What are those?” he asked, looking at the bags. Amaya looked at him startled.

“Huh? Oh, these have food in ‘em.” she muttered, going through one of the bags. She gave a low whistle. “Lots of food.” she muttered under her breath. Sasuke walked over and opened one of the bags,

“What are these?” he asked, holding up a wrapped hamburger.

“A hamburger. I don’t really like them, but you might, I don’t know.” Amaya replied.

He toyed with the wrapper before figuring out that there was a wrapper. He finally unwrapped it and took a bite of it. His eyes brightened and he took another much bigger bite. (F/N: mmm…) Amaya smiled softly and took out a box of 10 chicken nuggets from one of the bags. Then another. And another.

“I sure am lucky!” she said happily. Sasuke soon finished his first hamburger and grabbed another one. (F/N: yum!)

Amaya blinked. “Whoa…”

Sasuke looked up from his hamburger. “What?” He had a bit of ketchup on the side of his mouth.

“Uh, Sasuke…” Amaya said, stifling a laugh as she pointed to the side of his mouth. He blinked, licked the ketchup off, and continued to eat. (F/N: more yum!)

Amaya shook her head, still smiling. *He sure is getting out of character.* she thought, getting out of her seat. She focused on finding Naruto and Yeira’s chakra and found them at – TA DA!- the Sparring Area. She went over there and got their attention by two Hellfire balls at them.

“Hey, you two. Time to eat.” she said.

Naruto was hit by both fireballs. Yeira had used him as a shield again. Amaya put a hand on her hip.

“Why do you keep using your guy as a shield?” she asked. Yeira smiled sheepishly.

“He’s a good shield…”

Naruto glared at her. “What!?”

Yeira ignored Naruto’s glare and began glaring at Amaya. “He’s not my guy!” Amaya raised an eyebrow at her, smirking.

“I seem to recall you going on about Naruto being yours before we came here.” she said.

“Did not!” Yeira stated, her face completely flushed. *Going on about me? How? I’ve never met them before coming here…* Naruto thought, puzzled. Suddenly, Yeira jerked around and burst into the forest.

“Yeira!” Naruto exclaimed.

“I wish I had never come here!” Yeira exclaimed as she ran through the woods. “I wish, I wish, I wish!” she added, tears starting to roll down her cheeks. Suddenly she tripped over an exposed root and skinned her knee when she landed in the middle of the clearing Naruto was training in earlier. Yeira sat, crying, her arms wrapped around her leg.

“I’m afraid… What’ll happen if he finds out I do like him. I’m so afraid…” she whined, just talking to the wind. “I wish so much, but nothing ever comes true… I’m so STUPID!”

At her cry, the trees’ leaves waved in the breeze.

“I wish I had never come here, but… I don’t want to lose Naruto… I know it’s stupid to like him at all. He is only an anime character…” She paused for a few sobs. The blood from her knee began to run onto her arm.

“DAMMIT!” she yelled, causing a flock of nearby birds to spiral out of the forest. She watched them, tears streaming down her face and the wind blowing her blonde hair behind her.

“I wish… I was a bird… Then I could fly out of here. You birds are lucky… You don’t have to worry about **** like this… You have a different mate each year…” She looked at her still bleeding knee. “I… know that… these wishes will never come true. I’ll just have to live life to my best. Even use Naruto’s advice and just believe it!” She grinned, wiping away her tears and accidentally wiping blood on her face.


“Yeira!” Naruto exclaimed. He looked at Amaya for a second and then burst off after Yeira. Naruto ran through the trees for what seemed like forever before he finally stopped.

“Yeira! He called. “Yei-“


Naruto shut up and went in the direction in which the yell had come from. He found Yeira sitting in the middle of a clearing. He hid behind the bushes before she noticed him.

“I wish I had never come here, but… I don’t want to lose Naruto…” he heard her say.

*Lose me? What does she…*

“I know it’s stupid to like him at all. He is only an anime character…”

*What!? She likes me? But she said…*


Naruto jumped at the sudden exclamation and at the birds taking flight.

“I wish… I was a bird… Then I could fly out of here. You birds are lucky… You don’t have to worry about **** like this… You have a different mate each year…”

Naruto looked at the ground, soaking up all that Yeira was saying, dozens of questions running through his head.

“I… know that… these wishes will never come true. I’ll just have to live life to my best. Even use Naruto’s advice and just believe it!”

Naruto looked up at her at the sudden use of his name and phrase. He noticed her grin and wipe something away from her face. He stood up.


Yeira jumped slightly at his voice. She turned around and, when she saw him, she looked away.

“Are you okay?” he asked, running over to her. I can’t believe I didn’t notice that earlier. he thought when she saw Yeira’s knee.

Yeira nodded, not daring to look at him. Naruto crouched down, taking off his jacket. Then he began ripping off the hem of his shirt. (F/N: he’s got plenty) Yeira quit hugging her leg to allow Naruto to touch it. He placed one hand on the back of her leg and began cleaning the scrape with the strips of his shirt. Yeira winced in pain. It really stung.

“Sorry…” Naruto said, stopping.

“It’s okay… Keep going.” Yeira mumbled, looking at the ground.

“Try to think about something else…” Naruto said, pulling off his shirt and ripping it some more. Yeira’s eyes were immediately drawn to his chest. She blushed slightly. She was tempted to just touch it, and she longed to lay her cheek on it.

“Done!” Naruto said, bringing Yeira back down to Earth.

“What?” Yeira asked, confused.

“I’m done…” Naruto repeated. Yeira then realized that Naruto was still holding her leg and that her knee was wrapped in Naruto’s very tattered shirt.

“Thanks…” she said, looking up at Naruto.

“You’re welcome…” Naruto replied as their eyes met.

They both leaned in slightly. Their faces got closer and closer, but Yeira looked away suddenly. She was afraid, though she yearned to press her lips against his.

“Let’s go…” she muttered as she tried to stand up. She winced in pain and almost fell over, but Naruto caught her, holding her by her shoulders.

“You okay?” he asked.

“I… don’t know…” Yeira replied, leaning most of her weight on him.

“Here…” Naruto said, placing an arm behind her knees and hoisting her up. She instinctively grabbed him around the neck.

“Uh… What about your jacket?” she asked, loosening her grip slightly.

“Can you grab it?” Naruto asked.

“How?” Yeira inquired rudely, returning to her normal state. Naruto crouched down, causing Yeira to tightly hang onto him. “You’re going to drop me!” she growled.

“Just get the jacket.” Naruto ordered.

Yeira reached for the jacket, causing Naruto to topple over. Naruto landed on top of Yeira. He had caught himself with his hands, and Yeira had caught herself with her elbows, causing them to be nose to nose. If Naruto hadn’t caught himself, he and Yeira would have been kissing. Yeira looked into Naruto’s beautiful sky blue eyes and couldn’t help but lean forward towards him.

“What the hell is taking so lo-“

Amaya came out from the bushes and stopped in mid-sentence. Naruto and Yeira jerked to face her, looking shocked and their face flushed. (F/N: didn’t kiss… darn) Yeira turned back to Naruto.

“Naruto, you stupid idiot! You dropped me!” she exclaimed.

“What!? If you hadn’t leaned over so much I wouldn’t have fallen!” Naruto growled.

“It’s not my fault that you’re too weak!” Yeira stated angrily.

“Weak!? I’m not weak! It’s just that you’re too heavy! You are heavier than you look!” Naruto shot.

“What!? I am not!” Yeira gasped angrily.

“Are too!” Naruto argued.

They were still in the awkward position.

“If you weren’t such a klutz and scraped your knee, I wouldn’t have had to carry your fat self!” Naruto continued.

“I am not fat, you stupid sea cow!” Yeira growled angrily. They were once again face-to-face. (F/N: naruto doesn’t have a shirt on! yum!)

Amaya smirked at the scene before her.

“Stop arguing, you two! If you don’t, Sasuke’s gonna eat all the food.” she said over their voices.

“Why would Sasuke eat all the ramen?” Yeira asked, looking at Amaya.

“Eat all the ramen? What?” Naruto exclaimed, looking at Amaya, shocked. “The ramen’s mine!” he exclaimed, finally getting off of Yeira and running back to the house. Amaya shook her head, laughing. She looked at Yeira.

“It’s not ramen. It’s McDonald’s. Sasuke’s fallen in love with the hamburgers.”

“McDonald’s? How the hell did you get that?” Yeira asked, standing up leaning on one leg. Amaya shrugged.

“Dunno. I was complaining about all the ramen and I wished for some McDonald’s and POOF! It just appeared.” she replied.

“Hmm…” Yeira thought for a moment and then burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Amaya asked, putting a hand on her hip.

“I wished earlier that Naruto would take his shirt off and…” Yeira laughed some more. Amaya started to giggle.

“He took it off?” she guessed.

“Yes! And he was sparring and all sweaty!” Yeira said with hearts in her eyes. Amaya thought for a moment and then covered her face with a high pitched squeal.

“Don’t make me think about that!” she said, shaking her head.


“Hey! At least I didn’t wish that Sasuke would kiss Naruto like in the 3rd episode…” Yeira laughed. Amaya grabbed a patch of Yeira’s sun blonde hair and shook furiously.

“You EVER wish for that and I SWEAR I will KILL you!”

“Ahhh!” Yeira yelled, getting out of Amaya’s evil grip and taking off towards the house. Amaya growled and took Naruto’s jacket off the ground before following her best friend.

As soon as Yeira got in the house she ran to the kitchen.

“Oh, Naruto! She’s trying to kill me!” she exclaimed, grabbing him from the back. (F/N: still no shirt on) Amaya walked in, Naruto’s jacket over her shoulder.

“You’re both such idiots. Here.” she said, tossing Naruto his jacket and making it land on his head. Naruto glared at Amaya from under the jacket and took it off his head.

“Oh, Sasuke, save me!” Yeira exclaimed, now hiding behind Sasuke. Sasuke didn’t do anything, and Naruto just watched her.

“What is wrong with you!” he yelled.

“This!” Yeira replied, pushing Sasuke into Naruto and causing them to kiss! (F/N: ha! what now!)

A barrier of black flames suddenly surrounded Yeira, plus some dancing beneath her feet.

“I TOLD you what I’d do if you tried that, you *****!” Amaya yelled. But her voice wasn’t the same. It was louder than usual, and it had another voice beneath her own. Her hair was longer and darker. Her eyes were completely black. Her black chakra surrounded her, some of which was shaped like two tails.

“Ahhh! Naruto! Help!” Yeira exclaimed.

Naruto and Sasuke wiped their mouths and stared at ‘Amaya’. Naruto’s eyes were wide in shock. *Whoa! Her chakra’s huge!* Sasuke thought, this time the amazement showing on his face mixed with shock and a little fear.

Two Hellfire Dao blades formed in Amaya’s hands and she started to walk towards Yeira.

“Amaya! Stop!” Sasuke exclaimed.

“Yeira! Get outta there!” Naruto exclaimed.

“I can’t!” Yeira exclaimed, covering her head with her arms.

With a cry, Amaya started to attack Yeira only to stop just as the Dao was about to hit Yeira’s head. The Dao blades suddenly disappeared. Amaya started to back away, holding her head in her hands, whimpering. The Hellfire prison surrounding Yeira disappeared and the two tails of black chakra were gone; Amaya was struggling to become herself again.

“****… it…!” she grunted, still holding her head.

“Amaya… Calm down!” Sasuke said, walking up to her cautiously. Amaya started to whimper louder, shaking her head as if trying to rid herself of a voice in her head.

Sasuke stood in front of her. “Just calm down.”

Amaya sunk to her knees, completely exhausted. She was completely normal now, hair and all. Sasuke watched her cautiously. With a tired sigh, Amaya collapsed, unconscious.

“Yeira, are you okay?’ Naruto asked, rushing over to Yeira, who was on the floor on her butt.

“I’m fine…” Yeira said. Then she looked at her feet. “Holy ****! God crapped on me...” Her shoes were no more and she had very bad burn marks. She yelled, the pain finally setting in. *The ‘I Wish’ thing… I wish I wasn’t burned, I wish I wasn’t burned!* Yeira thought.

“What the?” Naruto gasped. Yeira’s burns had disappeared.

“Yay! It worked!” Yeira squealed, hugging Naruto.

Naruto grinned and placed his hand on her ***.

“You pervert!” Yeira exclaimed, slapping him hard across the face. She crossed her arms and fumed.

“Naruto, you loser.” Sasuke said.

“Oh, Amaya!” Yeira muttered. She went over to her and crouched beside her. “Is she okay?” she asked.

“Maybe…” Sasuke replied, looking at Yeira.

“That was like Kyuubi’s chakra…” Naruto stopped.

“That’s right! You have that fox demon in you!” Yeira giggled. Sasuke got quiet.

“What’s so funny about that?” Naruto asked sorrowfully.

“Oh, nothing’s funny! I think it’s cute! I love foxes!” Yeira said, smiling.

“You don’t hate me for it?” Naruto asked, surprised.

“Believe it!” Yeira giggled.

*That’s a first…* Sasuke thought, his eyes drawn to Amaya. Naruto looked relieved.

“I think Amaya will be okay. She’s not one to die.” Yeira said, standing up. “Sasuke… You can watch her, okay? I want to train!” she announced. “So Naruto, you come…” Yeira paused. “After… I get something to eat!” She searched through the bags of McDonald’s, grabbed 2 hamburgers, and pulled Naruto along. “See you later!” she said, leaving with Naruto.

*Great…* Sasuke thought. He looked at Amaya.

~3 Hours Later…~

~9:00 P.M.~

Amaya shifted and groaned as her dark sapphire blue eyes fluttered open.

“Man…” she muttered. She rubbed her forehead. “My head hurts…” She looked around. Sasuke had fallen asleep, leaning against the counter.

Amaya grunted as she got to her feet and staggered over to him on wobbly legs. She gave his shoulder a gentle shove with one hand, the other on the counter so she didn’t lose her balance. “Sasuke, wake up.” she whispered. She couldn’t talk any other way; she was still weak from the incident earlier. When he didn’t respond, she got right next to his ear and whispered, “Wake up, Sasuke.”

Sasuke’s eyes fluttered open. He looked around a bit. He had a very sleepy look in his eyes. His and Amaya’s eyes met.

“You don’t want to sleep in the kitchen, do you?” she asked, her heart fluttering but keeping only a sleepy look on her face.

Sasuke stood up. I’m hungry…

Amaya grunted quietly as she stood up straight, her hands on the counter. She was really tired and hungry but… She looked over at the table. It was on the other side of the kitchen and at the moment she could barely stand, let alone walk. Her stomach suddenly growled loudly. She whimpered, wrapping one arm around her stomach and one hand on the counter. Sasuke looked at her.

“Heh heh, don’t mind me.” Amaya said with a sweatdrop. She looked longingly at the three boxes of 10 Chicken Nuggets sitting on the kitchen table. She sighed and took a step forward only to end up face first on the kitchen floor.

“Dammit!” she grumbled, getting on her hands and glaring at her legs. “Stupid weak legs…” she muttered angrily.

*That was sad…* Sasuke held out a hand to her. Amaya took it grudgingly and he hoisted her up. Almost immediately she squealed as she began to fall. She instinctively grabbed onto Sasuke in an attempt to steady herself. And whaddya know? It worked! Now Amaya had her arms thrown around Sasuke’s neck. A blush came to her face.

“Go, you animals!” Yeira’s voice cheered from behind her. Amaya squeaked and looked at Yeira, her face now completely red. Sasuke grabbed Amaya’s arms and placed her hands on the counter.

“Aw… Don’t stop because of us!” Yeira said. Naruto was beside her, his arms crossed and he was mumbling things under his breath. (F/N: probably about sasuke) Amaya started to growl.

“If I were able to walk, I’d go over there and knock some sense into that blonde head of yours!”

“Which one?” Yeira asked stupidly. Naruto continued to fume, obviously not hearing what Yeira was saying.

“Probably both of you.” Amaya replied. She sunk to the floor and didn’t even try to get up. She looked majorly annoyed… and tired… Her stomach growled loudly again. And hungry too! *Today’s been really crappy…* she thought unhappily.

“Good one!” Yeira said, giving Amaya a thumbs up. “C’mon Naruto-“ Yeira turned to see Naruto still fuming. “Naruto? Naruto?”

“What the hell is your problem, Naruto? Don’t tell me you’re jealous?’ Amaya asked with a smirk.

“Naruto… jealous?” Yeira muttered, a surprised look on her face. The surprise was soon followed by anger. “Why can’t you just see it?... You-you idiot!” she yelled, beginning to cry. Suddenly she ran out of the kitchen.

“Yeira!” Naruto called after her. They could hear the door to Yeira and Naruto’s room slam. Naruto turned away from the doorway, now even madder than before. (F/N: nice anabel… naruto’s sleeping outside tonight… lol)

Sasuke shook his head. *Loser.* he thought.

Naruto, fuming, made himself a big pot of ramen (he used three packages!) and poured himself his first bowl. Then he began to eat. Soon he had forgotten the incident with Yeira. He was happy, and was being rather idiotic. He had already eaten three bowls of ramen, and it didn’t look like he was going to stop. Amaya had managed (somehow) to get to the table and was happily eating the chicken nuggets. Sasuke sat on a stool with his elbows on the table and his head in his hands. He was deep in thought.

Suddenly, Yeira’s head popped in through the kitchen doorway. Naruto was too busy eating his forth and final bowl of ramen to notice. You couldn’t tell that Yeira had been crying, but she didn’t look too happy. Yeira walked in and went straight for the fridge. She poured herself a glass of milk and made herself a turkey sandwich. She took a sip of milk and a bite of her sandwich before she turned to leave. She was right across from Naruto when he almost slammed his bowl onto the table.

“Ah, now to go to slee-“

Yeira glared at Naruto and walked out of the kitchen.

“What did I do?” Naruto asked.

Sasuke snapped out of his train of thought and once again shook his head. “Naruto, you loser.”

Naruto looked back at the doorway before standing up. He tossed his bowl lazily into the sink and left the kitchen. He walked down the hall to his bedroom. He grabbed the doorknob, turned it, and slammed into the door when he tried to go in.

“Ah, what the…? Yeira, open the door!” Naruto said, rubbing his head.

“Go away!” Yeira’s muffled voice yelled from inside.

“Yeira, open the door!” Naruto growled. He noticed Sasuke walk into the living room, chuckling to himself. He scowled. Sasuke thinks he’s so cool… he thought. He went into the kitchen and came back out a minute later with a pin in his hand. He walked back to the door to his room and started to pick the lock.

“I am going to get this door open, no matter what! Believe it!” he muttered. The door clicked.


He opened the door triumphantly.


Multiple things suddenly came flying out of the room: clothes, undergarments, pillows, etc. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a frying pan came and smacked Naruto square in the face, knocking him back.

Yeira quickly grabbed some clothes and ran into the bathroom; she had been caught wearing only her orange bra and black underwear. She came back out of the bathroom wearing her pajamas of black short-shorts and an orange T-shirt.

“Naruto, get out!” she yelled. Naruto was sitting on the edge of the bed in his pants and with another black shirt on. (If you’re wondering how many black shirts he has, I have no idea, and neither does my friend. His drawer might have a black-shirt hole in it or something…)

“I’m staying right here!”

Yeira had had it. She exclaimed loudly and tackled Naruto, making him fall onto his back on the bed. (Thank god for the bed!)

“You are NOT sleeping in this bed!” she yelled from on top of him.

Naruto was shocked, but he quickly regained his composure. “Are too!”

“You are not, you idiot!” she yelled, swinging at him. He caught her fist before it hit him.

“You’re such an idiot-“

Yeira began to cry. Naruto was confused. She got off him and sat on the end of the bed.

“Why can’t you see it…?” she asked, burying her face in her hands. Out of nowhere, Naruto wrapped his arm around Yeira’s shoulders.

“It’ll be okay. Believe it.” he said calmly. Yeira looked up at him, tears starting to stream down her face.

“Naruto? I-“

Twitch Twitch Twitch

Next thing Naruto knew, he was in the hallway on his butt.

“Don’t you ever grab me there again! ” Yeira yelled, her face completely red as she slammed the door in his face.

“What’d ya do this time, Naruto?” Amaya asked from the kitchen.

“Nani? Oh, um, hi!” Naruto said stupidly, still on his butt.

Amaya grunted as she came into the hallway. She had one hand on the wall to keep herself from falling. She had a semi-annoyed look on her face. She staggered over to Naruto, took his hand, and pulled him to his feet.

“She kicked you out, didn’t she?” she asked.

Naruto gave her a sheepish chuckle, rubbing the back of his head with a sheepish smile on his face.

“I figured.” Amaya said. “I guess that means you’re stuck sleeping outside.”

Naruto ‘hmphed’ and crossed his arms. After a moment, he turned, ran into Amaya’s room, and locked the door, all in about 5 seconds.

“Naruto!” Amaya exclaimed, pushing off the wall to get to the other side without falling. She pounded on the door to her room. “Naruto, get your *** outta my room!” she exclaimed angrily. She heard a muffled raspberry come from behind the door. She growled, gritting her teeth angrily. She pounded on the door some more. “Naruto, you inconsiderate little bastard! Get outta there!”

A muffled snore came from behind the door. Amaya gaped through the door, but quickly regained her lost composure and kicked the door, sending a jolt of pain through her right leg that hurt worse when she put any weight on it. She gritted her teeth again.

“****… Now where am I gonna sleep?” she grumbled angrily. She leaned against her locked bedroom door, thinking. She looked around and her eyes landed on the door to Sasuke’s room, which was still open. She pushed off that wall to the other side and looked in. It was the same way she had left it three hours earlier while she was fixing the wall.

With a grunt she pushed off from the doorway and landed on her stomach on Sasuke’s empty bed. She sat up and stretched. The wall was halfway fixed, but it was fixed enough for nobody to see her. She collapsed onto the pillow and hit her head on something hard. Sitting back up, grumbling angrily and rubbing the back of her head, Amaya felt around the pillow and was surprised to feel cold steel. She grasped it and tried to see what it was.

*It’s so dark… I can’t see a thing! I wish the lamp was on so I could see!* she thought. The lamp clicked on, filling the room with a soft light. Amaya blinked at the sudden light. Once she could see clearly, she looked at the object in her hand.

“It’s Sasuke’s headband…” she muttered, tracing the engraved leaf with the tip of her index finger. She looked at it for a while, still tracing the leaf with her finger. After five minutes, she lay down on her side, her head on the pillow and clutching the headband tightly to her chest. She closed her eyes after wishing the light off, thinking.

Her train of thought went to her nightmare last week, making a jolt of pain go through her heart and making her flinch with a soft whimper. She unwillingly remembered the nightmare, from start to end. Yeira’s words started to echo in her head:

“You thought that Sasuke would like you? You are a fool!”

Amaya closed her eyes tightly, fighting back the tears that started to form behind her eyes. *That was just a nightmare! None of it was real! None of it was true!* she thought, trying to fight the nightmare back into her subconscious.

“One thing is true… You are a fool to think Sasuke would like you.” said an evil little voice in her head.

You’re right… Amaya thought, clutching Sasuke’s headband so tight that the leaf appeared in her palm. *You’re right… He could never like me… The beginning of that d***ed nightmare would never happen… He would never tell me that… He never will…*

Her tears broke free, flowing freely from under her tightly shut eyelids. *Yeira is right… I am a fool…*

She gave a soft scoff, which instantly became a quiet sob. *I’m a fool…* was the last thing she thought before she fell asleep.

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