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May 17th, 2006, 7:25 PM
Hello all, to start off this is my first ever fan fic. Its a journey fic and hopefully I will be posting updates regularly, but just in case i waited to post this for awhile so there would be more than enough to post right off. I apologize for any spelling errors or gramatical mistakes as im sure there are some no matter how many times i comb over it. Well without further adieu here we go!

Rated; R

The sun had risen much earlier than it should have at least according to Bolt, but it did not matter today was the day. The beginning of his quest to become a master of the creatures called pokemon.

"Hey Bolt get your lazy *** out of bed, you'll never believe who's here" Bolts younger brother Flame called from the door to the room they shared.

Bolt Sprang out of bed rushing into the bathroom to get a quick shower, he then pulled on a brand new pair of jeans, strapped a small brown bag to his side, and finally a dark red shirt. He glanced in the mirror to check his spiky brown hair, Bolt was above average height with a powerful but not overwhelming build. Bolt had just turned 19 about a week ago and the excitement flashed in his hazel green eyes as he made his way to the stairs to start his long delayed journey. "Whups" He had almost forgotten, Bolt darted back into his room bent down and from under his bed he pulled a black box. He slowly opened the box and for a second he forgot how to breathe as he gazed upon a belt with six clips located towards the back and also a pair of crimson red wristbands. He took off his belt and replaced it with the new one. He then slipped the bands onto his wrists, then ran down stairs.

As he rounded the stairs and entered the living room he could hear the familiar voices of his mother and little brother. Another voice that Bolt could not immediately place. When Bolt got into the kitchen his heart almost stopped, it was Lance the famous Dragon master of the Elite Four.

"Well look who finally decided to get up" Flame said breaking Bolt out of his shock. Flame was sitting at the kitchen table with Lance and their mother eating some toast. He was wearing his traditional forest green shirt and jeans…and a pair of wristbands similar to bolts only the same color green as his shirt. He was only younger than Bolt a few years and most people thought the two brother's twins. Which infuriated both brothers pride on being their own person.

"Hey Flame what's with the wristbands you know those are only for your journey, mom says that Dad made her promise we would never wear them before we left, Besides Im the one leaving" Bolt said forgetting about the other two people at the table.

"Bolt!" his mother cried "we have company show some manners" Bolts mom had her coffee cup clenched in her hand so tight that her knuckles were white. Her long brown hair was starting to get grey with a few streaks here and there.

"Sorry mom, Lance it's a pleasure to meet you Ive seen all your recent matches you're the best trainer Ive seen" Bolt said He was not angry at his mother for snapping. He knew that it was hard for her to let him go, but he could not stay any longer he was already nine years late for his journey.

"Im glad to hear my battles don't go unnoticed these days" Lance said with a smile, Lance was as tall as Bolt with bright red spiky hair. Wearing his traditional jump suit and red lined cape. He had a calm face that only gave hint of the power within. He rose from his chair and shook hands with Bolt. "You look just like your father as I was just telling Flame, Lydia I thought you had a daughter?" Lance said to Bolts mother.

"Oh yes, She has been playing with a wild Eevee that wandered into our yard a few weeks ago" Lydia said getting up from the table to look outside the window into the yard. A tall blonde haired girl came running to the back door when her mother called her. She was carrying a small Eevee in her arms.

"Hey mom she had babies look" The girl said holding out the Eevee to her mother. "Oh, Hi" She said as she saw Lance standing next to the table.

"Hello, Vinya last time I saw you, you were only a small baby" Lance said smiling "Lydia you sure have done well without…" Lance stopped short as Bolts mother burst into tears. "Oh Lydia im so sorry I didn't mean to" Lance said walking over and putting his hand on her shoulder.

Bolt had always known Lance was a family friend but he had never met him and with each passing year it seemed morel like a lost memory which was now once again found, before his father had died Lance and him had been best friends both always claiming to be better dragon trainers than each other. As good friends as they had been Lance had not come back for many years at least not in the time Bolt could remember. Most likely because it reminded his mother of the past just enough to hurt.

Bolts mother put her hand on Lances and got up "oh its not your fault Lance, its just too much at once with Bolt leaving, and you coming over" She went to the counter and poured herself another cup of hot coffee.

"Well I suppose now is a good time as any to tell you why I have come here today" Lance said picking up a black bag off the floor with a poke ball stamped on the side. He opened it up and pulled out two boxes with the same pokeball symbol stamped on it. "These are for you two" He said handing the boxes to both Bolt and Flame.

"Thanks" The brothers said in unison, As Bolt opened the box he saw six balls, They were pokeballs but they did not look like traditional pokeballs. They were all black on top instead of the traditional red. "Whoa cool, thanks Lance" Bolt said

"Yeah thanks" Flame said across the table holding up a pokeball that was the same as Bolts.

"No problem boys im glad you like them, I had a friend of mine make they up at the league, your mother called me a few days ago and she told me that you didn't have any to start your journey" Lance said pulling what looked like tickets from his pocket. "And for you two" He said to Lydia and Vinya. I have two tickets on the brand new SS Mermaid with the master suite on the ship. She is taking her first voyage around the world stopping in ports from Kanto to Hoenn." Lance said handing the tickets to Lydia who stared unable to speak.

"O my goodness thank you Lance Ive always wanted to go on a cruise, but what about Flame?" She said looking over at Flame, who looked a little dissapointed.

"Well I figured he could start his journey along with Bolt" Lance said looking a little confused that no one remembered that Flame to was late in starting his journey.

"Awesome, Thanks a lot Lance" Flame said running upstairs most likely to get his belt. He came back down a few minutes later with his drawstring bag and Bolts too. Obviously he had packed quickly because his bag had bulges sticking out at odd angles as opposed to Bolts who had packed and repacked until all he could think about was folding. Flame handed Bolts his and sat down

"Thanks" Bolt said unsure about how he felt about his younger brother coming along with him. This was his time his journey how could Lance do this to him?

"As long as its ok with you Bolt" Lance said seeing the unsure look on his face.

"Yeah sure, at least ill never get lonely" Bolt said smiling as he clicked the pokeballs onto his belt.

The rest of the morning was a blur with Bolts mother and sisters hurried packing and teary good-byes. Bolt and Flame left with Lance leaving Their mother and sister to finish packing and to let the neighbors know they were leaving and to look after the Eevee.

As they walked down the street of Celadon city they passed the pokemart and Lance stopped short. "Don't you boys need to pick up some supplies for your journey? Id be more than happy to pick them up for you…Oh and I also have these for you" He pulled out two black egg looking devices that had a green circle in the middle. "These are PokeNavs from the…"

"Devon Corp based in the Hoenn region" Bolt finished for him as he examined the one that Lance had handed to him. "This is awesome it's a cell phone, Map and trainer locator all in one, they had it at the last tech expo as a prototype"

Lance poined his finger up with a smile on his face "And I had a few upgrades made on it, that is also a pokedex with info on every pokemon known, but try not to flash them around too much they are still not availible to the public. I figured at how worried your mother was going to be so I pulled a few strings. These have much better range than the Pokegear everyone is using" He finished grabbing a cart and headed towards the entrance.

"This is great isnt it Bolt" Flame said as he looked at the map of the Kanto region. "We will never get lost and we can call mom anytime we… want, and oh man she can call us anytime she wants…bummer"

"Yeah lets go we can worry about that later, Lance is waiting" Bolt said making his way into the store behind the dragon master.

They passed the isles and picked out various items that they would need Sleeping bags, Basic food supplies and of course a case each, for all the badges they hoped to obtain on their journey. After paying Lance took them to a nearby park and helped them pack up all the things they had bought.

"I dont know how I can thank you enough for all your help Lance" Bolt said

"You dont have to thank me Bolt im happy to do all this for your family, after all youve been through after you lost your father" Lance said with a distant look in his eye. "your father was a great man and a great trainer, I think both of you have his talent" He said "now when I flew in I saw a small lake with a lot of pokemon around, why dont we take a ride over there and see if we cant catch your first pokemon" He said as he pulled a pokeball from his belt "Dragonite come on out!" Lance called.

A silver figure appeared and the dragonite materialized. It gave a loud roar and settled down when it saw Lance. "what do you say guys you want a ride?" Lance said hoping on dragonite.

Both boys shouldered their bags and climbed onto the dragonite. They flew away from Celadon after what seemed like an hour landed near a small body of water teeming with pokemon.

There were poliwag racing at the far end and rattata playing in the grass near where they landed.

"Wow" Flame said looking around "which one should I catch, there are so many"

Bolt was thinking the same thing when he spotted two squirtle playing near the trees few yards away. One had a sightly darker shell and the other had a faint white spot covering most of it back. "Im going to catch that squirtle over there, the one with the white. He elarged the first pokeball from his belt and started towards the squirtle. The two of them saw him and looked at each other. "Hey, Squirtle how would you like to come with me on my pokemon journey?"

"Hey" Flame said running up beside Bolt, he had a ball in his hand. "Yeah do you guys want to come with us?"

Both squirtle started jumping up and down and ran towards the two brothers. Bolt tossed his ball at the squirtle with white on his back. the ball hit the squirtle and the pokemon dissappeared as it was transformed into energy as the ball closed. It rocked back and forth on the ground and finally came to rest. Bolt had caught his first pokemon. He held the ball in his hand and looked over at Flame who also held a pokeball containing the other squirtle.

"Awesome, hey Bolt wanna have a quick battle?" Flame said with a grin on his face.

"Sure why not, Go squirtle!" Bolt threw the ball into the air. the ball popped open and released squirtle.

"squirtle squirt squirt" he said smiling wide.

Flame had sent out his squirtle as well. "Ready when you are you are Bolt"

"squritle water gun" Bolt called. A jet of water shot from the pokemons mouth.

"Squirtle dodge it and then use rapid spin!" Flame called. His squirtle sidestepped the water at the last second and pulled it arms and legs and began to spin as it launched itself at squirtle.

Squirtle tried to dodge but was hit on the side and went skidding. He landed next to the water and slowly stood up. "Its ok squirtle use skull bash go!" His squirtle dodged the jets of water that Flames pokemon was sending at him. Squirtle lowered its head and charged. He hit Flames squirtle head on.

"Squirtle!" Flame said "Get up come on I know you can do it!"

"HELP!" The sudden shriek made everyone jump as they looked towards the noise. It was a girl with long black hair who was running at full tilt towards them. She was being chased by a pack of weedle followed by a few beedrill. The pokemon did not look happy and seemed to be intent on driving the girl from the forest as fas t as they could.

"Hey squirtle, let get these bugs!" Bolt said to his pokemon, "Water Gun and keep it coming!" A steady stream of water issued from the squirtles mouth mowing down the bug pokemon. In their haste had not noticed the three people standing nearbye. A soaking and angry looking beedrill charged squirtle and just before it made contact a blue blur smashed it from the side.

"Good job squirtle, now lets get the rest!!" Flame too had turned from their battle to help the girl in need.

"Dragonite Hyper Beam!" Lance called from behind both of them. A Brilliant beam of yellow and orange shot from the happy dragons mouth and knocked out a few if not all of the bug pokemon. The ones that were not hit were either turning back towards the forest or to busy being hit with water from the brothers squirtle.

"Thanks Lance, didn't think we could get em all alone" Bolt said astounded that he had forgotten about the dragon masters presense for the second time in one day.
"I thought we agreed to stop with all the thank you's Bolt" Lance said walking up beside him smiling.

The girl came running over to them and threw her arms around Bolt and did not seem to want to let go. "Oh thank you thank you!" she said shaking almost uncontrollably. "I had just caught my first pokemon, a bulbasaur and was testing out how far its vinewhip could go. Then all these bugs came out and started attacking me, so I ran" She finally seemed to get ahold of herself and stepped back from Bolt who didn't seem to mind the hug at all.

"Boys ive just received a call from a good friend of mine concerning something very important" Lance said hanging putting away his own red PokeNav.

"Cool, whats going on can we help?" Flame said coming over to join the group.

"Top secret sorry Flame, I really am sorry to leave you in the woods like this, But you do have pokemon with you now so everything should be fine, Im sure you can take care of yourselves out here Lance glanced at the girl and gave the slightest wink to Bolt. With that he hopped onto his dragonite and was soon just a speck in the distant glare of the sun.

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Chapter 2

The girl had introduced herself as Marsa Triston, she was also starting her journey late, although she would not reveal her age stating that it was a womans perogative Bolt and Flame guessed her to be about their age. Which was very odd to both Flame and Bolt who thought they were the only ones who were unable to start on time. Her sister was also supposed to start but they had gotten separated and Marsa believed her sister would not have braved the woods alone and most likely turned back. So the three of them set off into the woods.

"You can call me Mars, everyone around here does, on account of my willingness to fight" She gave a grilish smile that had a hint of excitement in her voice.

"So whats your sisters name? Is she as pretty as you?" Flame asked who was walking a little ahead of Bolt and Mars.

"Her name is Preina and no she isnt as pretty as me" Mars said in an indignant tone. "Ahh" she said coming up to a broken tree stump that looked ancient. "were almost there"

After another half hour of walking they came to the small forest town named Garvile Town. There was a small road that went down the center of town with shops and buildings lining each side. At the far end of the town houses stood atop rolling hills that looked like a wave approaching the city to sweep it away.

"This is it, now this way to my house" She said setting off at a brisk pace. "We should hurry I don't want to spend another minute here that I don't have to, I want to get on the road and start my journey.

"Yeah us to" Bolt could not believe his luck, she wanted to jouney and become a master too, maybe she would want to…

"Hey do you and your sister want to join me and Bolt on our journey? you know what they say" Flame said cutting Bolt off as he usually did.

"Oh, well we were hoping to set off alone but I suppose, Yes we, well at least I will come with you" she said giving Bolt a deep look that seemed to have the same fire that he felt when thinking about his quest to be a champion.

A few minutes of dodging people Mars called "dullards" they came to a large house at the end of a block. This house could have fit Bolt and Flames house in their entry hall. The interior of the house was white marble with columns lining the hall way. On either side of the hallway Bolt could see the lavishly decorated rooms, massive fireplaces and huge brown leather couches.

"Here we are" Mars said opening the door and stepping inside "Preina! You here?" she called then she stepped over to a white wall panel that Bolt recognized as an intercom, Mars pushed a row of buttons pausing at each one to call for Preina. Finally she got an answer from the one labled "Bathroom #3"

Preina had a soft calming voice that was underlined with an anxious one. "Hello? Heya Mars finally decide to come back. Come on up im just finishing up my shower.

Bolt could hear the water in the background stop just before the intercom clicked.

"Well you heard her lets go on up, oh and feel free to let out your pokemon, my parents are out of town on busisness" She pulled a normal pokeball from her belt and tossed it, A silver form appeared on the ground and materialized to form a bulbasaur with what looked like a crecent moon over its left eye. "Bulbasaur these are my new friend and we are going on our journey with them, is that ok with you?"

Bulbasaur gave Bolt and Flame the same look that fathers give their daughters first boyfriends. Then his eyes lightend and he ran over to Bolt "Bulba Bulbasaur" he said

Bolt and Flame both released their squirtle which became instant friends with the bulbasaur. They ran off into the kitchen and crashes could be heard in the distance.

"Don't worry about the mess" Mars said seeing the shocked and embarassed look on Bolts face "Bilb will take care of it" He is our butler

"Not bad to be a Triston" Flame whispered as they passed the huge columns that lined the entrance hall to Mars' house. They walked up a massive flight of stairs that was almost as wide as it was long, once they got to the top of the stairs they turned left down a long hallway lined with intricatly carved doors. Old paintings lined the walls depicting pokemon and most likely Mars' and Preina's ancenstors. Mars stopped in front of a door and opened it. Inside was girl with the same color hair as Mars, she looked almost exactly like Mars only a few years younger. Preina was still wet from her shower and had only just wrapped a towel around herself.

She shrieked in alarm at seeing Bolt and Flame and jumped back into the shower and slammed the door. "Who are you?, Mars what do you think you are doing?" she said still in the shower.

"Maybe we should wait outside" Bolt said pulling his brother out of the room and closing the door behind them.

"Wow it really good to be a Triston" Flame said with a wicked grin.

"Yeah it seems to be" Bolt heard muffled voices coming from behind the door.

"What were you doing with those boys?" Priena was yelling at her sister. "They just saw me naked!" She said as she pulled a violet hat on her head.

"Oh they didn't see anything, besides they saved me in the forest" Mars said smiling at her sisters shyness.

"Its not funny" Priena said hitting her sister on the shoulder. "Did you catch your pokemon?" She said with a humph "I was chasing an oddish then I came across its family, aVileplume tried to hit me with a cloud of that poison powder. I almost didn't get away, so I just came back here" she said

"Yeah I caught a bulbasaur, its great. Sorry you didn't catch yours" By the way the boys outside are starting late too they both just caught squritle. I uh…also said…that we would come with them on their journey" Mars said blushing a little.

"You did?" Preina said a little shocked "well I guess I cant judge them for your lack of tact. I still don't know about joining them yet though" Preina said making sure everything was just right in the mirror before going to the door and opening it. She stepped out and said "Hello my name is Preina its nice to meet you"

"Hello, my name is Bolt. Mars told us about you" He said extending his hand to shake.

"Hiya, my names Flame its good to meet ya" He said pushing Bolts hand away and grabbed Preinas to shake.

"Well now that were all introduced why don't we get some lunch, Im sure Bilb will be able to whip us up something" Mars said heading back the way they came.

Bilb was in the kitchen, already working on lunch when the arrived. He was a tall lean man with a thin wiry moustache. "Hello Madmousella Mars and Preina, oh I didn't know that you had guests. He said opening the fridge back up and pulled out another two frozen pieces of meat. He opened the back door leading onto a large patio that overlooked a massive garden. He walked over to a large silver barbeque which was built into a brick wall, opened it up and tossed the frozen steaks on it. He then turned around and smiled. "Lunch should be ready in half an hour please take a seat, can I get you anything to drink?"

"Water, will be fine" Bolt said taking a seat next to Flame at the clear glass table on the patio.

"Ill have a coke, no ice thanks" Flame said

"Nothing for me thanks Bilb" Mars said sitting across from Bolt.

"Ill have water as well" Preina said taking the last seat.

The steak was the most delicious thing Bolt had ever tasted, he wondered if Mars and Preina ate like this every day.

"Hey do you guys eat like this everyday" Flame said reading Bolts mind as he so often did.

"No not usually, only when we have special guests" Mars said smiling.

"Consider this a formal thank you for saving me in the forest"

"Don't worry about it, it was our pleasure" Bolt said taking a sip of water.
"I still have to catch my pokemon I cant very well become a trainer without a pokemon now can I" Preina said holding a minimized pokeball in her hand.

"We can head back out first thing in the morning, and catch you your pokemon, right squirtle" Bolt said leaning over to the tiny turtle pokemon when was eating with the other two a few feet away.

"Squirtle squirt squirt" He said happily

"What about you Bulbasaur?" Mars said

"Bulba bulbasaur" it said with a full mouth of food.

"Ahem pardon me for listening but a new shop opening tommorow morning. They are giving out pokemon to all the starting trainers. I believe the owner is a well traveled trainer from the hoenn region" Bilb said pouring more water for Bolt.

"Well there you have it, and we still qualify for starting trainers don't we?" Flame said smirking.

"yeah I suppose your right Flame" Mars said "You can spend the night here we have more than enough rooms"

The rest of the evening was filled with stories of great trainers and where their journey would take them. Bolt and Flame were given a large room with a massive fireplace and two large beds opposite the fire place. They both climbed into bed and whispered more on their journey and how great it was to of finally started.

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Chapter 3

The next morning everyone was ready early and they set off. They all arrived at the new store, there was an old man sweeping off the sidewalk.

"Hmm guess were a little early" Preina said looking a little anxious.

"Hello there" the old man had looked up and was walking over to them
"Hello, good morning is this the shop giving out the pokemon for begining trainers?" Bolt asked.

"It sure is your the first to arrive, come inside you can have the first pick" He walked inside the store and pointed to three small table with three pokeballs on each. "Ive gone many places and caught many pokemon, But in my old age i cant possibly take care of them all. On each table there are pokemon from a different region" he pointed to the first table "these are from right here in the Kanto region" he motioned to the second "These are from the Johto region and the last all the way from the Hoenn region. So you may each have one choose wisely" the old man stood waiting.

"I get to go first, I am a lady after all" Preina walked over to the first table, she picked up the middle ball on the table. She stepped back and waited for the others.

"Im up next I guess if its ladies first" Mars said stepping up to the middle table. she picked up the first pokeball on the table. She stepped back.

"Ill go then" Flame said walking to the middle table and grabbing the middle pokeball on it.

"Last but not least" Bolt said going straight for the last table and grabbing the first ball.

"Lets all go outside and see what pokemon you kids got" the old man said rushing over to the door with speed that defied his old frame.

Once outside they all tossed their pokeballs to see which they had chosen.

Preina's pokemon appeared first it was an Eevee. Mars' appeared next it was a Sneasel. Bolts pokeball revealed a Bagon and Flames a Larvitar.

"Oh, an Eevee, so many evolution possibilites! And its so cute" Preina said scooping it up in her arms

"Hmm a Sneasel, ive heard they are tough fighters" Mars said watching as her sneasel was jumping and slashing in the air.

"Alright a Larvitar! Flame exclaimed running to his new pokemon, he wrapped it in a big bear hug. The pokemon squealed with delight.

Bolts Bagon was rumbling with delight and running circles around him. He bent down and picked it up, its legs still moving. "This is awesome I thought I wasnt going to get Hoenn pokemon for a while at least.

The old mans smile could not have possibly been any bigger. "Im glad to see my pokemon have found good trainers that will give them the time and attention they deserve. He wished them well on their journey and went back to sweeping the shop in front of his store.

"What do you say guys? I asked Bilb to arrange for a private plane to fly us to any city we want to start our journey from" Mars said patting her Sneael on the head.

"I was thinking of starting off here, In Viridian there is a gym there and from what I hear the leader is a strong one" Bolt said pointing one of his own balls at the Bagon and returning the pokemon with a beam of red light.

"Im up for it if you two are, plus" Flame said pulling his PokeNav out from the pouch at his belt "were about a weeks walk away from Viridian, So ladies its your call whether you want to take your jet or walk" He said putting his PokeNav back into his pouch.

"I think we can handle a weeks walk, how about you Preina?" Mars said

"Well I don't really know, Ive never really liked battles. I think I can walk it, But Im not going to challenge the gym" Preina said looking a little embarassed.

"What!" Mars said staring with alarm at her sister "we both said when we were kids, that we were going to both become masters and prove father wrong!" Mars yelled at her sister

"I know but, Im not very good in battle, you've seen me and no matter how I try ill never get any better" Preina said getting a little red in the face.

"Hey Mars, its ok if she isnt doesn't feel good enough to compete its her decision not yours and you should respect that" Flame said walking over to Preina and putting a hand on her shoulder.

Mars mumbled a few angry words under her breath and stormed off down the street.

"Ill go after her" Bolt said setting off at a run after Mars.

"Oh I hate to dissapoint her but I just don't have the personality to do it" Preina said

"Hey Ive known a few others that left for something other than challenging Gyms. There are tons of other things you can do, For instance you could be a breeder" At this Preina scrunched up her face in disgust "Ookay how about a coordinator, I hear that they they have to battle but only to show off the pokemons skills. They compete in contests to show off their pokemons condition and stuff" Flame said wondering why anyone could possibly want to do anything but battle and grow stronger with them.

Preinas eyes flashed when Flame described what a coordinator does. "But ive never heard of any contests like that here" Preina said

"That's because so far they only take place in the Hoenn region. The leaders of Kanto and Johto have been trying to organize them for some time but just don't seem to be able to pull it togther. Bolt has been couped up for so long sometimes all the information he absorbs leaks out" Flame said

"Well then that's where ill have to go" Preina said with a determined look in her eye.

"To Hoenn? That's half a world away" Flame said. He wondered whether telling her about Pokemon coordinators was a bad idea.

"Yes, after all we do have a jet standing by" Preina said

"We? I don't think Bolt and Mars want to leave for Hoenn quite yet, we don't know all that much about that region or its pokemon" Flame said

"Who said they had to come along ill go it alone" Preina said a little surprised at her own determination.

"Alone? Why don't we talk about this with Mars and Bolt before you go anywhere" Flame said

"Alright lets go find them, I really didn't mean to cause a problem" Preina said

"Aww don't worry about it, If I worried about that kinda stuff all the times Bolt got mad at me…well lets just say its not good to do" Flame said with a smirk

Bolt had followed Mars to a small coffee shop with a picture of a Scyther and some text under it that read "Stay Sharp with Scythers Coffee". He hurried inside. The shop was small, with murals on the wall with a Scyther in different attack positions always next to a bag of Coffee. The Shop had only a few tables with tall stool chairs, A large man stood behind the counter taking orders with a smile on his face. A Scyther moved from table to table using its blades as a tray holding them out for people to take their coffee from. Bolt spotted Mars at a small table at the corner to the left of him.

"Mind if I sit?" he asked tentativly

"Yeah sure" Mars said taking her cup of coffee from the Scyther.

Bolt wasn't sure of what to say. He was at a loss when it came to girls and what to say. "Hows the coffee?"

"Hot" Mars said sipping her coffee slowly.

The Scyther walked over and looked at Bolt expectantly

"Oh hi ill just have some water thanks" Bolt said looking at the Scyther wondering why a creature of such power was working in a coffee joint.

The Scyther gave Bolt a dissapointed look and stalked off to get his water.

"Your sisters just unsure of herself, Im sure she will want to challenge the gym when we get there and show her that she has enough skill" Bolt said

The Scyther came back with Bolts water and waited for him to take it from him.

"Oh thanks" He said taking the water and setting it on the table.

"No I dont think so" Mars said looking at Bolt with a sad face. "Ive kinda known for awhile that Preina would not follow through with our pact. She is right about not being able to battle, Ive tried to battle with her in the past but she never seems to hold her own. She panics and freezes up" Mars said with a mix of pity and anger.

"Well maybe we should meet up with her and Flame and see what we can work out, besides she doesnt have to challenge the gyms, maybe she will want to just tag along" Bolt said taking a healthy swig of his water.

"If I know Preina she will want to walk her own path, Which I suppose I always knew but i just hoped that it would be with me". Mars said dowing her coffee and standing up. "come on lets go find em"

Bolt went to pay the bill and then they left the shop in search of their siblings. They came across the two sitting on a bench in a small park in the center of town. They were petting their pokemon and feeding them popcorn. A man was pushing a small cart with chips and popcorn hanging from the sides. A small fountain with three oddish creating a triangle, each spouting a stream of water.

As Bolt and Mars made their way over to them two figures appeared almost out of nowhere and stepped in front of them.

"Are you the trainers that were at the old mans shop this morning?" asked a boy with a blue baseball cap with brown hair sticking out here and there. He was holding a pokeball the boy had an excited look on his face that reminded Bolt how his brother looked when he found out his journey was starting sooner than he thought.

"Yes me and my friend got pokemon from the shop this morning" Bolt said

"well then we challenge you to a battle!" The second boy said. He was taller than his friend and had a shaggy main of black hair. His lanky built showed that his height was new to him and he had not yet grown used to.

Flame and Preina saw them and came over. "whats up?" Flame said ruffing up the taller boys hair.

"We just challenged these two to a battle" The shorter boy answered.

"What do ya say Mars you wanna take these two on?". Bolt said grinning at her.

"Yeah sure why not, I need to get out some tention" Mars said pulling out a pokeball and tossing it in front of her. "Go Bulbasaur!". The pokemon appeared and gave a wide grin as it realized it was going to battle.

"Alright then" Bolt said pulling out one of his balls ans tossing it. "Go Squirtle!". Squirtle gave a happy jump at being released.

"Pokeball go!" The shorter boy called throwing his pokeball. The pokemon materialised into a swinub a small brown furry pokemon with black stripes going down its back and a small pink nose. It sniffed the air eager for battle.

“I Choose you" The lanky boy called throwing a pokeball that revealed a slowpoke. The slowpoke looked up at its trainer with a blank stare.

"Ill get things started" Mars said "Bulbasaur! vine whip that swinub and throw it" She called

Bulbasaur extended its vines and sent them at the opponents swinub.

"Swinub, dodge ice beam!" the boy called.

The pokemon skittered out of the way just in time and sent a light blue beam shot from the furry pokemons mouth.

"Squirtle jump in front of it and withdraw!" Bolt said

Squirtle dove in front of the beam and tucked its arms and legs and its head. The beam hit and sent Squirtle spinning back at Bulbasaur.

"Ha your going to have to do better than that" The shorter boy shouted.

"Quick Bulbasaur, use vine whip spin squirtle the other way" Mars called

Bulbasaur wrapped its vines around the spinning turtle and sent it back at the swinub. The swinub was unable to dodge the attack and was knocked backwards.

“Slowpoke confusion!” The taller boy shouted. Slowpokes eyes began to glow blue and both bulbasaur and squirtle were lifted off the ground and slammed back down.

“Squirtle you ok?” Bolt called. Squirtle got up and gave him the thumbs up. “Ok then rapid spin that slowpoke” Squirtle pulled itself inward again and launched itself at the slowpoke.

“Slowpoke dodge it and use water gun!” The slowpoke did not dodge and was knocked backward as squirtle slammed into him. Slowpoke made a move to get up but didn’t have enough energy. “Slowpoke!” the tall boy said running out to scoop up his fainted pokemon. Returning it with a glare at Bolt he stood back and watched the rest of the battle in silence.

The shorter boy was not ready to give up quite yet “Swinub tackle that squirtle!”

The attack caught squirtle by surprise who was still recovering from its last attack. Squirtle took the hit and came back with a headbutt knocking the swinub towards Mars’ bulbasaur.

“Bulbasaur razor leaf!” Mars shouted. Bulbasaur launched a barrage of sharp leafs at the swinub evey single leaf hitting.

The swinub landed hard and did not get back up. Its owner returned it to its pokeball and cradled it like a baby. “Maybe next time swinub you did a good job”.

“Great job squirtle our first match is a success” Bolt said running over to the pokemon and patting him on the head and returing him to his pokeball.

“And with whos help?” Mars said petting her bulbasaur and then returning it to its ball.

“Well I guess we still have a lot of training to do” Said the shorter boy who then turned without another word and sulked off. The taller boy said nothing and turned to follow his friend.

“Well that was interesting” Flame said walking up to the pair closely followed by Preina.

“Yes you two are quite a formitable pair” Preina said tentativly seeing if her sisters mood had grown better with victory.

Mars walked over to her sister and put her hand on her shoulder. “Listen sis I know you don’t like to battle and im not going to force you to battle just because I want you to”

“Well now that the awkwardness is over lets figure out whats going on with everyone, me and Bolt are going to travel through the Kanto region first” Flame said

“Well I have decided to travel the Hoenn region and compete in the contests they hold there” Preina said explaining to her sister what they were.

“Well I wanted to try out the Kanto region as well but, Preina cannot travel alone, as absent as my parents might seem I would be in it deep if they found out I let her go to Hoenn alone” Mars said looking both excited and sad at the same time

“Oh Mars this is great we are going to have so much fun!” Preina said hugging her sister.

“Well I guess that’s settled then” Bolt said with a sigh

With more jovial talk about how they would meet up with each other one day and tell each other of their stories. Mars and Preina boarded their plane with Bilb in the pilots seat and took off into the afternoon sun.

May 17th, 2006, 7:28 PM
Chapter 4

“This sucks I thought we were gonna have some company, I mean your exciting and all but, meh oh well you ready?” Flame said as they left the city on their way to Viridian City.

“Yeah it would have been nice to have them along, we still have a journey and a lot to do. So lets just get to Viridian and see what happens from there” Bolt said checking his PokeNav to make sure they were heading in the right direction.

“You did pretty good in that battle back there Bolt I hope you didn’t let It go to your head though, im still a much better trainer than you” Flame said with that smile of his on his face.

“Well we will just have to see when we get to Viridian who is the better Trainer” Bolt said putting his Nav away sure that they on the right path. Bolt had known just what to do in battle, it was his first real match. He had been waiting for so long to start his journey that he had taken great care to make sure he was ready when he finally did set out. Studying for hours mainly about the pokemon found in Kanto and a few from the other regions.

After walking for a few hours they decided to set up camp. “Hey Bolt what do ya say to a little training from what I hear we already have the advantage over the Viridian gyms ground types but our pokemon are still pretty wild” Flame said rolling out his sleeping bag on the other side of the campfire opposite Bolt.

“Sure” Bolt said he then pulled out the pokeball containing his squirtle and tossed it releasing it from its ball. “Heya squirtle how are ya!” Squirtle hopped up and down but then stopped and looked around “oh, yeah Mars and Preina left for Hoenn its just me and Flame from here on out” Bolt said catching on.

Flame had called his squritle as well and they spent the next few hours coming up with drills for their squirtle to train on. The first drill was not much of drill more than Bolt telling his squirtle to chase Flame around and seeing how many times he could hit him with water gun. The next drill consisted of a mock obsticle course consisting of logs, and rocks with targets being little red circles on some of the rocks. Finally they decided to let them rest and try out their newest pokemon.

“GO Larvitar” Flame called, the small horned pokemon appeared and waddled over to Flame and rubbed its head on his leg. “Hey now these are new watch where ya stick that thing” He said kneeling down and petting it.

Bolt was trying to stop his Bagon from bashing its head into every tree in sight. “Hey buddy you ready to start training we can put that head of yours to some use” Bagon stopped and ran over to stand next to Bolt. “Hey Flame you wanna battle?”

“Sure why not” they stood opposite each other in a relativly wooded area. “Larvitar you ready?” Larvitar ran forward showing his answer

“Bagon, Skulbash now! Aim for that small tree where Larvitar is headed” Bolt said sending the little blue pokemon running head first into the tree knocking it over. Apparently Bolt had guessed right about Bagons headbutt attack. He was not used to the pokemon from Hoenn. Bagon had been one of the few that had he had been able to look at. It was supposed to be powerful if trained right.

“Larvitar watch out he is trying to herd us” Larvitar turned left out of the falling trees path only to meet Bagon head on. Larvitar stumbled back a little bit but shook off the attack and glared at the Bagon who was getting ready for another headbutt.

“Bagon, god job now bite that horn on top of Larvitars head” Bolt said remembering where the pokedex said the Larvitar was most vulnerable. The Bagon dodged around another tree and was leaping for the back of Larvitar, when it turned around and caught Bagon with its stubby little hand right in the stomach.

“Nice Larvitar quick thinking” Flame said grinning at the dirty fighting nature his pokemon had developed in such a short time with him.

Bagon Flew backwards and landed hard near three tightly packed trees. “Bagon get up quick get behind those trees and then come around the other side and tackle that Larvitar” Bolt said hoping that mach punch hadn’t do too much damage. Bagon turned the corner and ran toward Larvitar and was lowering his head to attack when the ground started shaking violently throwing both pokemon to the ground as well as their trainers.

“Hey Flame that’s not your Larvitar is that? Earthquake is strong but man” Bolt called after picking himself up and running to make sure his Bagon was alright.

“Naw that wasn’t me, I don’t think Larvitar even knows that skill yet” Flame said checking to make sure that his pokemon was alright. The ground stopped shaking and was replaced by a crashing sound coming from the opposite side of the camp.

“Lets get our stuff together and see what the hell is going on over there” Bolt said running for the camp followed closely by Bagon, Flame, and Larvitar.

They quickly packed and headed towards the noise. It grew louder and louder with every step. “Oh ****!” Flame said reaching down to return Larvitar to his pokeball and Bolt did the same with Bagon. Both Pokemon dematerialized into their balls just as a boy riding an Acanine closley followed by a Snorlax came into view.

“What the F..” Bolt was cut short as he and Flame were forced to dive out of the way and even then it was almost not enough with the Bulk of the Snorlax snapping and bending trees as it ran by.

“Sorry, cant stop this thing” The boy said calling from the back of his Arcanine

“Little late for that” Flame called standing up and dusting himself off

“Yeah well lets see what we can do, you know how powerful Snorlax is it would be a great addition to my team” Bolt said starting down the wide path it had made.

“You mean my team don’t you Bolt?” Flame said catching up to him. The Snorlax had stopped up ahead and it seemed to be eating. The boy and his Arcanine were sitting near the Snorlax looking relieved. When he saw them he stood and waved.

“He had better get back on his Arcanine and ill let him have a head start” Flame said putting his fist into his open hand with a smack.

“Always know how to get to the important things first, so while your assaulting the boy does that mean you don’t want the Snorlax?” Bolt said he never got tired of his little brothers sense of humor, but then again if he wasn’t joking this might make for an interesting afternoon.

They reached the boy and were able to get a better look at him. He was almost as tall as Bolt with dirt brown hair and a swagger to his stance. He was wearing a long brown coat with a black shirt and black pants. “I really am sorry about that, I am trying to get my Snorlax here at least an hour exercise a day.” He said “My name is Xander, I usually don’t travel out this way but Arcanine caught the sense of something and he still has some trouble listening, don’t ya boy” At this the Arcanine howled and then snuffed the air and lay down again.

“Yeah well you should watch where your going we could have been hurt and then you would have been hurt” Flame said

“We werent hurt but we could have, you really should be more careful at how you handle your pokemon” Bolt said

“I normally don’t” Xander said giving Bolt and Flame an obstanant stare. “But I saw something shiny moving fast through the trees” I almost forgot Snorlax was behind me and then it dissappeared” Wran said

“No hard feelings just don’t let it happen again” Flame said calming down a little

“Hmm did you get a good look at what it was?” Bolt said nudging his brother. Both Bolt and Flame knew about shiny pokemon, their father had once had a Shiny Dragonite but since his death they had not seen the green dragon pokemon.

“No I didn’t but I don’t think im gonna be here much longer I am traveling through to Viridian to start on my way the Indigo Leauge” Xander said then he stepped toward the Snorlax and pulled out a Ultra ball and with a red beam of light returned him to the ball. “How about both of you? Heading to the Indigo Leauge?” Wran said walking back over to them

Bolt had known this would happen ever since the first year had passed since he was supposed to start on his journey. Not that everyone started at the same time but most would have not waited this long “No actually we were just headed to the Viridian Gym to start off” He said

“Start off? You mean you don’t have any badges yet?” Xander said

“We were delayed” Bolt said shortly

“Yeah I can see that” Xander said. “Well I guess I guess I should get back on my way” He pulled out a pokeball and called his Arcanine that looked a little annoyed at being called so soon. He mounted it and rode off without another word.

“Sometimes I forget how cool you can be” Flame said clapping a hand on Bolts shoulder.

“Yeah I know, you just wish that one day you can be as cool as your older brother” Bolt said with a smile

“So what do ya say, im not really tired lets keep going we can rest when we get to Viridian City” Flame said

“I agree lets go” Bolt said

The two set off again for the second time that day. They walked until early morning and decided just before dawn to take a rest.

“Hey Flame do you see that over there?” Bolt said standing up from he fallen tree they were sitting on.

“You mean that little tail peeking out of the bushes, im your younger brother not blind” Flame said getting up

“No wait” Bolt said picking up a small rock and tossing it towards the bushes. The bushes rustled a little more and then a pokemon jumped out of the bushes with an angry look on its face. It was a Pikachu and it was not happy.

“Cool, a Pikachu Im gonna catch it” Bolt said pulling a pokeball from his belt. “Go Bagon” Bagon appeared and as it saw the angry Pikachu it readied itself for battle.

The Pikachu wasted no time, it jumped and unleashed a bolt of electricity. It connected with Bagon and sent it reeling across the ground.

“Shake it off Bagon, hit it with a head butt” Bolt called. Bagon rushed headlong into the Pikachu. It only moved back a few feet, man this thing was powerful! “Bagon hit it again this time from the air!” Bagon ran back and got a running start, jumped and aimed its head down. It hit the pikachu with a thud and drove it slightly into the ground. It was incapacitated, Bolt pulled an empty ball from his belt and threw it at the wounded pokemon. The ball rolled back and forth a few times before coming to rest.

“Yeah! Awesome ive always wanted a Raichu!” Bolt said picking up the ball and clicking it back onto his belt. “Bagon great job, return” The Bagon gave a toothy smile before he was returned to the ball.

“You know that thing isnt a Raichu right? It not really all that powerful according to the pokedex unless its with more of em, honestly I don’t know anyone who would want a Pikachu on their team” Flame said putting away his PokeNav.

“Yeah well Lightning is going to be a good addition to my team until I can evolve him. I wonder where I could get my hands on a thunderstone” Bolt said pulling out his own PokeNav and looking for anything concerning Thunderstones “Hmm says the Celedon Dept store sometimes has em, I don’t think I ever saw any when I was there. But then again I wasn’t really looking” He said

“Lightning?” Flame said with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, I think it suits him. Bolt said.

“Well anyways I kinda always wanted a Raichu, Im gonna see if I can find another one of those Pikachu” Flame said

May 20th, 2006, 9:54 PM
It's kind of weird for Naminé when she reads the fanfic... She finds so many grammar mistakes regardless of what Mr. Trainer Bolt has claimed about checking his work. Some of the mistakes such as "Ive" should be picked up by the word processor's grammar check already. How bizarre... Beware of those punctuations on top of spelling mistakes, too~

It's slightly more realistic of a story if a character is titled with a more realistic name. It does bug her quite a bit to see it so. She will never see any actual people whose name is Flame or Bolt, so it really turns out to be a bit weird...

Though details are important, they are never recommanded to be put together into one paragraph. Naminé got a little bored whenever that happens... perhaps, Mr. Bolt_Trainer can space them out over the entire length of the chapter instead?

Um... try to use different words so everything looks new and original. Using a lot of "said" isn't too good for the story as it may show up as boring. Naminé thinks that Mr. Bolt_Trainer can try to use some synoymns, like reply, shout, and so on... There are many choices. She thinks that this can also apply to other words too.

Anyway, Naminé shall leave it up to here for now so there's some time for Mr. Bolt_Trainer to go over his story and do some quick fixes. It seems to her that there's also a few guides written by experts from the past within the forum, so why not take the time to glance them over a bit?