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Who knows
May 23rd, 2006, 8:10 PM
This is the first time i am writing a fan-fic so i hope you will enjoy.



This is a story about a boy, a boy who was normal child.He had no super powers,no parents and no hope.This story how things can change your forever.


It was year 2052 A.D. in the real world.He had a hard life his parents had died 3 years ago his Relatives took everything Jack had.He had to start working form a very young age.He always wanted to play but he had no time.Jack only had one true friend his name was Smith.Jack was a genius in science so he was working in a lab.He had go to school in the morning and at the lab at night.Thou he was a lab assistant,He liked the scientist very much.

‘Hey, Jack ever heard about Pokemon ??’ Smith asked.
‘Pokemon,What’s that ??’ Jack asked
‘Oh,It was a great cartoon series,it was on of the longest ones and great,Too.’ Said Smith
‘You… still like cartoons,It is very funny.common man your 12,How could you like cartoons ?’ said Jack
‘Hey, Age has nothing to do with cartoons,Anyways my mom was worried about you.She said that you are working very hard to earn money and you don’t even have a house man.How the hell you can sleep in a lab ?’ Asked Smith
‘It is none of your business ,Speaking of it look at the time the recess is about to end.’ Said Jack.
Smith thought Jack, I was only trying to help you,But you never listen to me.After the school was over Jack went to the house of the famous scientist His name was Professor John.

‘Hi! Professor.’ Jack said
‘Oh! It is you jack, We have some work to do,Today.We have to test my new project.’ Said professor.
Professor is wasting time on project like this Jack thought.
‘ Professor that project ain't going to work.we have wasted lot of time on it.We can’t bring anything from the or go into some program,it is just not possible.’ Said Jack.
‘ I have work hard on this project today this is going to work today I am telling you.’ Said professor.
‘ OK, Professor if you say so but I don’t trust it.’ Said Jack.
Professor went inside a room brought a machine.suddenly he saw some one coming.
‘Who is there ?’ asked the Professor.
‘It is me’ coming inside from the door.

‘Oh, it is you smith, Why did you come here ??’ asked Jack.

‘ I am here to give you your book you forgot in school.’ Said Smith

‘Hey, thanks.’ Said Jack.

‘You guys must be hungry I’ill bring something to eat.’ Said professor.

Professor put down the machine and went inside the room.Smith saw
the machine.

‘What is this ??’ Asked Smith

‘it is our project it can allow us to go into a T.V. world or it can bring
some thing out from it.’ Said Jack.

‘That is great.can I use it ??’ said Smith.

Smith picked up the machine it had some buttons on it.

‘NO!!! don’t press anything.It isn't fully tested.’ Said Jack with a tense face.

But smith had no intention of putting it back.He suddenly started to press some buttons.Jack was really scared at that time.he tried to get the machine back but suddenly the machine blew off and Jack fell unconscious on the ground.When he woke up he saw a creature which was yellow had a tail,long ears and red spots on his chick.

Jack said himself ‘ Where am I ??’


I know it is short but i need some commates before i write more thank you.

May 23rd, 2006, 11:03 PM
good fan fic please continue this i want to read it i like it.

Who knows
May 24th, 2006, 8:27 AM
okay guys i am going to post the second cheapter today.i have vacation right now so expect every new cheapter a day.



As Jack stood up he could not remember anything because of the blast. The blast effected Jack’s brain so he had a memory loss. He remembers nothing except the blast and the machine blew apart.

‘Wha.... get away I say, go away you monster.’ said Jack

‘Pika …pika…pikachu’ said Pikachu.

‘Hey where are you pikachu come back’ there was a voice came from near the woods.

As Jack looked into the direction he saw a boy coming to him by looking
To his face he looked a determined person. He looked like a nice person but his hair was weird which is why he was wearing a cap.

‘Pikachu common we got go to planet town.’ said the boy

‘This creature is your pet is it??’ said Jack

‘No, It is not my pet … it is my pokemon....’ said the boy

‘Well, what is a pokemon??’ said Jack

‘Don’t you know what a pokemon is?? Pokemon are… Pokemon are...hmm’ said the boy

‘Even you don’t know what a pokemon is.’ said Jack

‘Of course, I know, what do think of me?? I came 4th in the honen league. I am Ash Ketchum haven’t you heard about me???’ said Ash

‘No, I have not heard about you.’ said Jack

‘Wha….’ said Ash no one seems to even hear about me Ash thought.

‘Now answer my question.’ said Jack.

‘Huh, Oh that… I don’t have to tell about anyway where you live??’ said Ash by the way what are pokemon.

‘I… I don’t remember.’ said Jack.

‘Do you know your parents names?? Said Ash

‘I don’t remember anything.’ said Jack I don’t even remember why I am here in this forest.

‘At lest you know your name right??’ said Ash

‘My name... is…Jack I think.’ said Jack

Suddenly there was a voice came from near the woods ‘Ash where are you?’

‘I am here Brock’ said Ash

Jack saw three people coming near.

‘Jack, This is Brock, that is May and his little brother Max.’ said Ash.

‘Hi! Everyone’ said Jack.

‘Listen, Ash we should be going to planet town right now.’ said May.

‘Hey Jack come with us, we will stay together until your memory comes back.’ said Ash.

‘So you have lost your memory?? That’s quite serious.’ said Brock.

‘Okay, Ash.’ said Jack.

‘Than let’s move on guys.’ said Max.

‘Not so fast....’ A voice came from some where. Jack looked up in the sky he saw a balloon.

‘Prepare for trouble…’ (You know)

‘Who are they??’ said Jack.

‘They are team rocket… They always follow me to steal my pikachu.’ said Ash.

‘We won’t follow you if you give your Pikachu to us… Now give that Pikachu or else’ said Jessie

‘No, I won’t give you my pikachu.’ Said Ash

‘Then you left us with no choice weezing use sludge attack.’ Said James

‘Arbok use poison sting.’ Said Jessie

‘Oh yeah, Pikachu dodge and use thunderbolt.’ Said Ash

Pikachu jumped used thunderbolt and team rocket’s balloon
Bust and they blasted in sky again.

‘Hey, Ash what was that from that pokemon came??’ said Jack

‘It was poke-ball; it is used to catch some pokemon.’ Said Brock

‘Hey, I want to be a trainer, too.’ Said Jack

‘Than let’s come we will go to planet town and there will meet professor oak. He will teach about Pokemon.’ Said Ash

‘Thanks, Ash.’ Said Jack

Ash and friends were now moving towards planet town. They felt that there magical journey is about to begun. Jack was eager to learn about
Pokemon and he was trying to remember anything about his past.


I hope you like it and i am lokking forward to some reviews.thanks

May 24th, 2006, 12:20 PM
Always have an editor. Grammar isn't really your strong suit, and it's probably the most important aspect of writing. Your character has no posessions or family, except the family that took his posessions... what? Why doesn't he just live with them? Go into that a bit more in a prologue, or ignore it entirely. If it's not relevant at the time, don't prattle on about the past.

If this is supposed to take place in the real world, it's very unlikely that Jack wouldn't know what Pokémon are, unless they died out long ago, in which case Smith probably would not have heard of it.

What kind of first name is Smith, anyway? Your names all sound like you thought about them for 12 seconds. Jack is a name that should only go to badass characters, and your Jack is hardly badass.

The "machine teleports-you-to-TV" makes no sense and is imposssible.

Develop things a bit more. How does NotJack know he has amnesia?

At least you didn't tangle Tracey and Misty in the party, but why are they there in the first place? Don't bastardize existing characters, make your own. It's more interesting.

‘Prepare for trouble…’ (You know)

Never do this. For that matter, I really hope TR don't attack in every chapter.

Planet Town isn't really a good name for a town, and why is Professor Oak there?

Also, you have bigger issues to worry about, but it was far too short.

Lord Mike
May 25th, 2006, 4:03 PM
You stole my 2050 AD idea and used it.

May 25th, 2006, 9:07 PM
This fic was around before yours, so if anything, you copied him.

Who knows
May 26th, 2006, 4:11 AM
First thing is first i am using a editor called MS word.

The second thing yomama iis that i had never copied anything.even our stories are very diffrent.the year 2052A.D i thought was perfect and i,ve read your fan fic we both
have a way differnt story, But if you think that i had copied your idea than i will lead this decioson to the admin or mod of this server.If they think that i copied the idea they are free to lock this thread.

Lord Mike
May 26th, 2006, 7:38 AM
Sorry. I got this idea of Flashplayer and thought you copied me. Sorry.