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Lord Mike
May 25th, 2006, 7:16 AM
The Year 2050 AD

Ash and Pikachu are happily married. They were happily married. Until one day.

Ash: Got to work ovetime tonight. I'll be home around 12:00.
Pikachu: Ok Ash! I love you!

Ash walks out the door.

Ash (mummbling): Time to go meet Raichu!

Ash arrives at Raichu's house in his Ford Escape Hybrid.

He walks out of the car and discovers something. A scratch on his car!

Voices: Hahaha! Son of a...
Ash: You! I knew it! Off with your head Griffin!
Stewie: What are you going to do about it?
Ash: Cut off your head!

Ash pulled out a knife.

Stewie: NO! Don't hurt me!
Ash: OH! What? With this?

Ash pulled out a samuri sword.

Stewie: AH! NO!

5 minutes later.

Ash: Now that Baby Griffin is done, I fiddle around with Raichu!

Ash rings the doorbell.

Raichu: Hi! Can we play?
Ash: Sure.

Ash and Raichu did what they did best.

Ash: Great day! I want fiddle more next time!
Raichu: Have you divorced Pikachu yet?
Ash: Uh, well.
Raichu: Divorce her or I'll use Thunderbolt!
Ash: Ok, I will!
Raichu: Good.

The next day.

Pikachu: Honey, I want to see if you like these burmuda shorts.
Ash: SHUT UP! You are at my mercy!
Pikachu: What the...

Ash was pointing a rifle at Pikachu.

Pikachu: HONEY!
Ash: That's peanut butter and jelly for your information!

Ash ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Pikachu: Ok. That was weird.
Ash: Uh. Yeah, well Taylor Hicks won American Idol.
Ash: Oh, yeah. Well, anyway. HEHEHEHAHAHA!!! MCPHEEVER!
Pikachu: Never mind.
Ash: You're done anyway!

Pikachu fell to the ground.

Raichu burst through the door.

Raichu: Good! Pikachu's done! Now.
Raichu: WHAT?
Raichu: Why do you want to kill me?

Raichu fell to the ground.

Ash: YES! I'm a seriel killer!
Dumb Police Officer: Two Pokemon killed? Hmmm. Is that bad?
Dumber Police Officer: Nope. Just two Pokemon. No harm done.


Ash fell to the ground.

No ones happy.

Papa Schwabs
May 25th, 2006, 9:23 AM
it makes me feel happy inside, lol
it's very funny, I like how you fit Stewie in there
good job

May 25th, 2006, 10:10 AM
I want to go down your flaws, but the only redeeming factor I found was that your grammar was merely acceptable.

Lord Mike
May 25th, 2006, 11:15 AM
I knew it seemed a bit extreme, but it was fun to write.

Lord Mike
May 25th, 2006, 11:22 AM
2051 AD: The Aftermath

Ash was arrested 3 months later when smarter police showed up at his door.

Ash busted out of jail and seeked revenge on people that didn't do anything to him.

Ash: YES! My new record! 500! HAHAHA!

Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans hard, and so did Ash.

Ash pointed a rifle at a baby.

Ash: So where's the tresure?

Ash was a mad man.

Lord Mike
May 25th, 2006, 11:44 AM
A New Beginning

Ash was still a criminal, but some how sneaked into Jimmy Neutron's house in Retroville and used the Extinctinater. It starter the world all over again.

Then there was another problem.

Ash: AH! Kabutops stop slash me! Aerodactyl, don't you dare pick me up! Omastar! NO!

The extinct Pokemon were now alive.

He luckly was able to steal another invention from Jimmy Neutron's shack. It fast forwarded time to college.

Ash: Hey! Pikachu! Want to get down?
Pikachu: Sure.

Ash hated Pikachu, so he didn't want to watch this.

Ash: What has happened to me? Should I still love Pikachu? Raichu?

He forwarded to the time when he tried to fight Mewtwo.

Ash: Wow! What is that cute pink thing?

It was Mew.

Ash watched more of the memory.


Mew slapped Mewtwo.

Mewtwo cried.

Mew: Ah, shut up!

Ash entered the memory.

Ash: Hey Mew! Want to play?
Mew: Sure.

Ash and Mew went back to the time before he and Pikachu got married.

Ash: Mew. Will you marry me?
Mew: Can we play?
Ash: Sure.

Ash and Mew were married.

Mew: Yay! I'm married! Now I can I rub it in Mewtwo's face!
Ash: Yeah, now I can rub it in Jessica Simpson's face!

Ash though back.

Jessica Simpson: You'll never get married you skinny son of a...
Mew: Hello? Ash? Can we mingle?
Ash: Yeah!

Ash and Mew did what they did best that night.

Ash: Mmmmmmmm.
Mew: You hit hard!
Ash: Really? You do too!
Mew: I'm suprised. I haven't ever done this before.
Ash: What attacks do you know?
Mew: I forgot.
Ash: You're a Pokemon after all.
Mew: Well, yeah. I just attack. That's my thing.
Ash: Ok. Whatever you say.

Will Ash and Mew stay together? Will the guilt of all the humans and Pokemon he killed haunt him forever? Find out next time.

May 25th, 2006, 9:02 PM
It just keeps getting worse. This is probably the sort of thing you should keep to yourself.

Garouga! Bare Your Fangs!
May 26th, 2006, 4:06 AM
This is the strangest thing I've ever read...Ash is a serial killer who married Pikachu and cheated on her with Raichu. Then he kills them all. Why not name it The Kanto Chainsaw Massacre?