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June 6th, 2006, 2:25 PM
Yes, these are two separate poems. I've got them on another site, so I just copied and pasted it from there. (Serebii, my name's Kitteh there, too).
Here ya go!
School's Out!
School's out!
It's summer break.
The pool's open!
Come on, let's race.
My birthday's near!
It's time for cake.
School's out!
This is boring now.
And another poem.
13 candles on a cake,
Melting wax sealing my fate.
13 years I've been alive,
Loving God with all my might.
13 candles burn today,
Bringing 14 years my way.

It being summer, these two poems tie together somehow, but THEY ARE TWO SEPARATE POEMS. Someone on Serebii thought they were supposed to be the same poem. They aren't. Enjoy!

WEllz, peace and crackers,