View Full Version : Looking for Translator for Pokemon Ranger Translation

June 21st, 2006, 03:53 PM
Hi guys,

It seems I have attempted to translate and edit the Pokemon Ranger comic as stated in the earlier thread:

However, because of my amatuer level of self-studied Japanese, I find I am unable to continue with the project because of my inability to translate properly.

So I've decided to share the project with the forum and ask if anyone with a decent knowledge of Japanese would like to continue the project with me.

Basically as the Japanese translator, you'll be required to:
- Translate Japanese text into literal translation
- Re-edit the literal translations into an equivalent English translation appropriate for an English speaking audience.

What I'll be doing on the other hand will be the Graphic Design stuff which will be:
- Pasting the edited text into word bubbles
- Exporting the translated pages into graphics
- Encoding them into Flash for easy browsing.

There are loads of pages to translate: 96 so far (but we'll work in installments of 32 pages a chapter)

If you think you're up for the challenge, would like to sharpen your Japanese translation skills or if you think you know someone who is up for the challenge, let me know.

Remember! If you guys wanna see this comic in English, it'll only be possible if people take the trouble to work at it : )