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July 22nd, 2006, 6:20 AM
Project: Pokemon Offline Database
Codename: Pokemon 100%
Name: Yet to be determinated

An idea, a dream; a Pokemon Database with more than everything that a Pokemon Trainer needs.

Being one of the most determinated games for more than ten years, Pokemon has been a source of interest and fun. With rip-offs such as Pokemon Card Game, Anime, Manga and even Traiding Figures Game, it has more than many things that someone can spend his time on. With no doubt it is now a classic serie. With great meanings on life and intelligental evolved.

Many of us know what something like Pokemon Mania is. All of us has been on that stage, one more, one less. However, a "Pokemon Maniac" cannot be perfect. Without doubt there is no ordinary trainer that know everything can be known from Pokemon. That is the main reason of this Project. Working all together, gathering everything we know, we can creat the absolute Pokemon Encyclopedia.

Aims to help new and advanced players; Pokemon 100%, will be distributed freely through the internet. Of course, a person or two, or even ten cannot form this. That is why we ask for your help in order to gather information about Pokemon Games, Anime, Manga, Card Game and any other Pokemon Rip-Off. Pokemon 100% will be an offline Pokemon Database with everything, absolutely everything, someone needs.

Everyone can join the project as long as they are ready to work hard and want to help theirselfs as well as the others. Everyone's help will be appriciated and respected.If you are interested, please let us know. This project shall help everyone. As you unterstand the group to be formed have to work hard. Everyone will be given credits.

Thank you for your time,

July 22nd, 2006, 6:27 AM
This sounds like an interesting project to join. I'll join this project and will work hard on it.
I agree that we need an pokemon database with more than everything that a Pokemon Trainer needs.