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August 8th, 2006, 3:48 PM
Hello!If you would like a banner by me, fill out this form:

Pic: (just give me a link to the pic you want a banner of)
Text: (what do you want it to say)
Effects: (like hazey or make it like popping out like mine)

Here's some examples I've done:

I made this for someone on Byond.com for their Mana game.

This was for another Byond game.
This was for another forum some time ago.
Well,you're welcome to request pretty much any kind of banner here!Enjoy.

Here's a new format you can request!


sprite: (what you want for sprite on the side)
face: (what sprite what pic you want for the side face)
colors: (the 2 colors to blend in the background)
text: (what you want it to say)
text: (color:(color of text)

I came up with this idea while I was bored today.

By the way,I go back to school tomorrow so requests can't be done right away,but will be done!

Also,I know my banners aren't really as good as eryone else's, but I dont have photoshop and I need to improvise.This is helping me get experience.

August 8th, 2006, 3:52 PM
I don't want a banner from you but what r u talking about these are as good as anybody elses i've seen good job!

Lord Mike
August 8th, 2006, 4:05 PM
Not requesting, just complimenting. Good banners man!

BTW-I have to go back to school tomorrow too. It sucks man.

Pandoras Box
August 9th, 2006, 5:54 AM
ill request

Text: Respect Is Not Handed Out It Is Earned
Background: http://www.gabby.com/truepix/tornadoes.jpg
Colors of Text: doesn't matter as lon g as u can see it with the bacground

August 9th, 2006, 1:10 PM
Ok.I'll get right on that.Yes sadly,I went back today.Last year of jr. high.My little bro's first year though.Wasn't too bad.I like most my teachers.The only thing is that almost every class is on the opposite side of the school from the one before so I have to walk really far this year!Lol.Anyway,thanks for those comments guys.Makes me feel like cranking out some more now.I'll go do that request now.

Papa Schwabs
August 10th, 2006, 1:29 PM
they are nice, but, eww at the Bevel and Embossing, it looks ugly, i learned that the hard way

August 10th, 2006, 2:42 PM
Ya,I know.I dont bevel it as much now.Look at my KH ones for example.They're barely beveled,but just s little to add a little border kind of.Well,anymore requests?

I finished the banner yesterday,but my electricity went out and was working on my laptop which was running on low batteries.It's done though.I had a litle trouble with it,but I still like it.http://i5.tinypic.com/24b3jw4.pngEnjoy and give me credit.Come on people,I need more requests to get better at this!

August 15th, 2006, 1:09 PM

Guys, c'mon, I'm not done here!

Arcanine Fan 101
August 17th, 2006, 8:56 PM
Text: Earn My Respect.
Effects: Hazey

~*!*~Tatsujin Gosuto~*!*~
August 22nd, 2006, 12:26 PM
Not requesting for any just compliamenting. They are put together very well nice job.

:t093:~*!*~Queen Boo~*!*~