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November 25th, 2006, 8:53 PM
I have been brainstorming this for many days and i think that I have finally had a breakthrough. My idea is to create a naruto rpg that hopefully will be more successful then the precious ones. The plot is simple but i believe i need help in improving it to make this rpg better.
.: PLOT :.
The last attempt to destroy the hidden leaf village by the sound village was foiled and caused the elimination of their existence from the world. Many years have passed after this attack and the other countries of the naruto world have become stonger. Many things have chanegd and developed. Everything seemed to be calm until there were rumors about a new organization that was ploting to destroy the world. Only a small percentage of the people who crossed paths with this force were left alive to tell a story. Due to this conflict the villages made an agreement with the hidden leaf village. That was to send their newest genin to the hidden leaf village were they would train to become jounin. They believed that the hidden leaf village would be the best place to train their ninja due to it's large population and protective system. The villages agreed to this because they feared this developing organization. After this agreement the villages hidden in the rocks, sand, clouds, rain, waterfall and grass send their genin to train here.

(I also will put the sigh up sheet to see if it needs improvement)
(no super characters[Ex. Sasuke, naruto and neji])
Age: (12-14 genin) (18-20 jounin)
Appearance: (4 or more lines)
Personality: (4 or more lines)
Village: (village your from)
Evil or good: (Put good if your not in the evil organization)
History: (4 or more lines[can't be related to anyone in the series)
Pet: (opitional)
Fighting style: (your specialty in fighting styles)
special technic: (your special move[3 or less])
Bloodline: (optional[can not be any of the past bloodlines])
Summoning: (What animal you can summon, only if you are a jounin)

I'm planing this rp to have:
*12 genin
*3 Jounin
*2 evil organization leaders (jounin)
*2 evil organization genin
*4 genin with bloodline limits
*1 Jounin with bloodline limit

Ok and these are the contents of my rpg so far hopefully with the help of everyone in this forum it will improve greatly. :D


November 25th, 2006, 9:20 PM
1) I suggest you spell check your plot, sign-up sheet, and technically everything.

2) I suggest you lower the amount of people you expect to have in this RP. PC doesn't even have 24 RPer's who would be willing to join a Naruto RP.

3) I suggest that you add a paragraph about this 'evil organization'.

4) Lastly, I highly, highly suggest you lengthen this, and add the things such as, 'No gods like Sasuke, Naruto, and Neji', and 'You can't be related to any characters in the Naruto series' in a set of rules.

5) ...Nevermind, that wasn't a lastly. >.< Anyway, you should probably specify whether you want the characters to have a specific event in their history, such as 'being sent to Konoha to train to become a Jounin'.

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November 25th, 2006, 9:26 PM
Hmm maby you could add to the plot that the organization had sent spy's to infiltrate the leaf village by posing as genin in the rock, sand, cloud, rain and water fall villages.Then when the organization is ready they will start their plan which is to make the villages go against each other, then when they are at their weakest and least expect it, the organization will jump in and defeat them.

In the sign up sheet I think we should put a weapon like a shuriken, kunai, exploding tags, ect.

This is just a little bit of what i'm thinking of.