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Trainer Mehmet
November 29th, 2006, 11:02 AM
http://www.rpgfan.com/pics/zelda-gcn2/logo.jpgHello Dear players of The legend of Zelda games. here can we chat about all the games named The legend of Zelda titles. This game goes about the land named Hyrule and that country is ruled bij the Black Knight named Ganondorf and he captures the Princess of Hyrule named Zelda. Prince Link must rescue the Princess Zelda and Hyrule from the hand of Ganondorf and he is not alone Tri-Force will help him. The Tri-Force have the power of Knowledge, Courage and Power. Princess Zelda have the power of Knowledge, Prince Link have the Power of Courage and GanonDorf have the Power of Power.

=>Mine The legend of Zelda Collections<=>> The legend of Zelda 1 (NES).
>> Advanture of Link (NES).
>> A Link to the Past (SNES).
>> Link's Awakening (GBC).
>> Oracle of Ages (GBC).
>> Minish cap (GBA).
That's all whats I have of Zelda.
=>Zelda game I played but not Owned<= >> Ocarina of Time (N64).
>> Wind waker (NGC).
That's all and I hope it's likely that you can chat about The legend of Zelda games. Please enjoy here.

December 3rd, 2006, 3:41 PM

Hyrule, technically, is not ruled by Ganondorf. It is ruled by the Royal Family of Hyrule. Ganon only took over Hyrule once, and that was only for seven years. All the other times were simply failed attempts. Well...Ganondorf is leader of the Gerudo tribe, but generally not any of the other Hyrulean races/tribes.

Ganon is not a knight.

Link has never been a prince.

There isn't a hyphen in Triforce.