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December 18th, 2006, 7:17 PM
Okay, I've got two poems I've written... I hope they're good.

If the world could be unbroken
I would fly on the gleaming wings of a seraph
The things that pull me down
Would disappear into the being of nothing
I don't wish to look at humanity the same way others do
Send me away from the lights which haunt me
I want this pain to end, but it doesn't stop just wishing
I desire to stare into such a dark blue night
Because I cannot, the wishing just makes this worse
Please, take me away, take me away from this aching universe


The ocean's twists and ripples, time breezes through it
It never stops, not even when it pains you
Toki desu seinto to kagaisha
Unavoidable, everything is sent back into the moment
Rushing doesn't make it accelerate forward,
Lagging doesn't make it fall behind like none other
Toki desu seinto to kagaisha
Through your own pace, life expands the mysteries to you
Through your own pace, time will throw you behind
Would you ever understand?
Would we ever feel a contentness again?
Toki desu seinto to kagaisha

"Toki desu seinto to kagaisha" means "Time is the saint and the assailant."