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December 22nd, 2006, 9:46 AM
The Mantis

One day I landed on a flower
to have a little drink
but something strange is watching me
its big, its strong its.....pink
its bulbous eyes are whirling round
like a fair ground spinning wheel
hypnotizing me with a single stare
I just cant tell what’s real...

Tension rises as hours pass
silent threats fill the blood drenched sky
its hungry face still waiting there
and it makes me wonder why?
what can it be thinking of
that is such big a deal?
is it waiting for a bus?
or thinking of a meal?
Cockroach kebabs, Beetle stake
or a home cooked butterfly
I really don’t want to find out
so I think its time to fly

But as I fumble on the petals
Somthing glimmered in my eye
something resting on its wrists...
its holding kitchen Knives!

A guilty thought it crashed and bumped
around my fuzzy head
if I made another step
I might as well be dead

Though not a step
if I must jump, up into the air
but as I do, my plan falls through
as I’m plucked with out a care

Now I’m held in place, with its knives encased
in my blood, skin and hair
before I die I close my eyes and fall into a trance
I guess with a praying mantis
you never have a chance.