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December 29th, 2006, 5:57 PM
Savage, blood-shot eyes—
the proof of his bloodline
Swift movement;
keen senses—
abilities that one from the Uchiha clan could obtain

Popularity confined him—
he did not wish this
Only one goal remained significant in his eyes:
the death of the man who massacred his clan—
the life—at one time—he knew

Inevitably, he finally confronted this malevolent man—
nii-sama—his older brother
Unnatural rage surged through him;
one goal set in mind—
Uchiha Itachi must die.

Despite his nonstop training;
new techniques he learned;
the tables had turned
Something happened that he didn't predict would occur—
Chidori—a deadly jutsu,
easily avoided by a swift interference of his hand

Plummeted towards the wall,
newfound realization had struck him—
he was the same as he was that day;
no amount of training had changed him—
Itachi stood as the victor; and him—
the weak little boy who feared death

Broken pride engulfed him;
tainted blood caked his handsome features;
a tight grip around his neck choked him
Bending down to face his younger brother,
he whispered, "You are weak."

"Doshite—why?" he wanted to ask;
the difference in their power hadn't altered;
he needed to know why
"Because you lack hatred," Itachi answered
It had suddenly became clear to him—
Sasuke had to form a resolve

This is a poem about Uchiha Sasuke from the anime: Naruto. If you have seen the anime, then this would definately make more sense to you than to those who haven't seen it, apparently. It explains the hate he holds for his brother and what his intentions are in order to defeat him. If the hint in the last line doesn't give it away, I'll gladly explain it. Otherwise, think about it for a moment.

January 21st, 2007, 4:04 PM
o this sounds nice! I like how you make emotions bubble up and making this somewhat in the point of view of Sasuke. Really cool!