View Full Version : Team DarkEve, only for the best!

January 24th, 2007, 6:38 PM
Thank you for taking interest in Team DarkEve, below you will find all information on this team. Remember that only try signing up if you ARE the best, or at least think you are.

What Team DarkEve is:
Team DarkEve is an online Pokemon gaming community, we are known to be sort of evil and our mascot is Darkrai.

How to join:
Just post saying you want to join :)

Why you should join:
We are normally one of the first websites to update pokemon information, and we’re working on creating a pokedex. We give out missions, and if you complete them, you can choose any Reward you want (see below) along with a certain amount of points depending on the rank of the mission (see below). We also have tournaments anyone can create and take place in, and you can receive rewards from them as well. You can post your team and see what everyone thinks of it, along with telling you how to make it its best. We also have an area for challenges, where you can post a challenge for members to do, and receive points for if they win.

Points are like the currency of Team DarkEve. You can trade them in to go up in rank, and you can use them to get ANY Pokemon you want. (50 for a regular Pokemon, 200 for a legendary, 400 for a shiny Pokemon, and 1000 for a special event Pokemon).
You can get these from completing/beating missions, challenges, and tournaments.

These continually vary, they can be anything possible. We have missions for just posting in the forum, to collecting Pokemon, to beating a rival team. They are normally very easy to complete, and anyone can make and undertake them for rewards (see below).

Now, the good stuff!! To receive a reward, you have to complete a mission, challenge, tournament, or achieve something very good for the team. Here is the criteria for the rewards:

Any normal Pokemon, level 50 or below—F to C rank mission
Starter Pokemon From Any Region--- D-B Rank Mission
Any Pokemon, level 100--- C to A rank mission
Any Legendary Pokemon--- S to * Rank mission
Any Special Event Pokemon--- * to *** Rank mission

Some missions can let you choose from two rewards, so choose wisely!

We have a forum so we can act more as a team and community, and we have loads of stuff to do. Most of it is in the why you should join section, so please look there.

Thank you!! And please post away to join :)