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February 18th, 2007, 7:57 PM

The National League is an organisation that operates through the holding of annual tournaments within each commercial region. Each tournament is sponsored by the National League and in return, each region advertises the National League during their respective ceremonies. Current commercialised regions include Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn. Each region has held a Pokemon League tournament from which a champion has been decided. Past champions of a Pokemon League tournament are commemorated through the induction into the Hall of Fame. This is where the greatest of trainers are acknowledged for their superior skill, strength, and wisdom. The Hall of Fame is forever, and is the main goal of many aspiring Pokemon Trainers.

The National League has announced the holding of their latest Pokemon tournament event in a region known as Summit Nine. This nation has been renowned for its competitive trainers and powerful Pokemon. Because of its large estates and facilities, tourism has become a major factor in the region’s development. To further sponsor the growing nation, the National League has decided to hold their latest tournament here in Summit Nine’s bustling metropolis. The nation’s main landmark is its patented Pokemon League Tower.

Your Role:

You are a Pokemon Trainer who has received a special invitation from the Summit Nine Pokemon League to participate in its upcoming tournament. You will be participating in a number of events throughout the competition that will revolve around and outside of the Pokemon League.


1. The concept of this RP is based around Pokemon battles, so participants will be engaged in battles with one another. Because of the structure of the plot, participants will be defeated and thus eliminated from the tournament and depending on the situation, the RP as well. The outcome of Pokemon battles will be completely up to the two participants engaged in the battle and no one else (send each other PM’s or e-mail each other to discuss the details). Of course, if neither of you can come to a decision, I will decide who will win and who will lose.

2. Pokemon battles will last for a maximum of 10 posts for one-on-one battles and 15 posts for two-on-two battles. This should give both participants enough time to describe their battle in descriptive detail as well as come to a decision on who will win the battle. The maximum number of posts applies to all participants in a specific Pokemon battle.

3. Each participant must have 6 Pokemon in their respective parties. These cannot change throughout the tournament. The use of legendary Pokemon in this RP is also prohibited.

4. No relations can be made to characters from the manga, anime, or any other Pokemon related services. This is an OC (original character) RP with Pokemon concepts.

5. Spelling, grammar, and vocabulary are all important. Make sure your posts are legible and understandable. Also, any posts in the first-person perspective will not be allowed. All posts must be written in the third-person perspective.

6. Standard PC rules should also be followed.

7. If there is something you don’t understand and can’t be bothered finding out about or if you just don’t like anything about the rules or RP, then don’t bother joining. I’m giving you fair warning on what to expect in the RP so do not complain when something happens and you don’t like it. Read the rules and make sure you understand them.

Sign-up Sheet:




Physical Description:




RP Sample:


My Sign-up Sheet:

Name: Hamano Akira

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Akira is slightly short for her age. She stands at an approximate of 171 centimetres and weighs an approximate of 62 kilograms. She has thin black hair which is pulled back across her head. Several strands of hair also fall over her forehead. She wears a loose and slightly crinkled white collar shirt. The sleeves are rolled up to her elbows and the buttons are undone. She wears a white short-sleeve shirt underneath her collar. She also wears a pair of short knee-high cargo pants. Her attire also includes of a pair of white ankle socks that cover her feet. She also wears a pair of white sneakers. Akira also has soft brown eyes and a slight tan.

Personality: Akira is a kind but quiet person. She does not like large crowds or confrontations and tends to avoid them both as much as possible. She does not speak much and has a hard time depending on people. However, amongst close friends and relatives, she tends to be more open and relaxed.
She does not like arguing and will often seek a solution that will benefit both sides of the argument. However, she will speak her mind when she or her ideals are forcefully opposed. Akira also tends to wander off alone without thinking and inevitably causes her to become lost. She can be become stubborn and defensive when insulted but tends to accept the insults rather than retaliating.
She is generally a very nice person but is also very shy and withdrawn at times.

History: Akira has spent most of her childhood living under her aunt’s care due to her parents’ complicated relationship.
Her aunt had acted much like an older sister in her childhood. She was also a rather competent Pokemon Trainer who had travelled across a number of countries living off the earnings she won through Pokemon battling. She specialised in a variety of Water-type Pokemon and won a number of prestigious awards through her short-lived career.
Once Akira had turned ten, her aunt had prepared for her to receive a Pokemon from the local Pokemon Professor. However, during her errand, she discovered a lost Dratini along the shoreline of an infamous lake outside of town. Naturally curious and excited to see her first wild Pokemon, Akira approached the missing Dratini and befriended it.
Her aunt was surprised but approving of her new friend. However, she announced that Akira had to declare the Pokemon lost before she could claim it as her own. For a fortnight, Akira and her aunt posted flyers advertising the missing Dratini. The end of the fourteen day advertisement saw Akira’s first day as an official Pokemon Trainer and the capture of her first Pokemon, Dratini.


Dragonair: Akira’s starting Pokemon and best friend. Dragonair was Akira’s very first Pokemon and is undeniably her strongest. The two share a strong bond of friendship even though their personalities are somewhat different. Dragonair is strong-willed and very open, but like Akira can become stubborn if insulted. Her biggest concern is evolution and has no intentions of becoming a Dragonite. She finds them “un-cute”.

Cloyster: Akira’s only fully evolved Pokemon is Cloyster. He is very stubborn and reckless and often charges into situations unprepared. Because of this, he is often caught off guard and Akira and her other Pokemon are forced to rescue him. However, despite his rash nature, Cloyster is a very brave Pokemon and is quite strong. He is Akira’s second strongest Pokemon and often competes with Dragonair for Akira’s affection. He shares a strong rivalry with Clamperl as well.

Wailmer: Akira caught Wailmer under unusual circumstances, but ever since then, the two have gotten along very well. Akira first met Wailmer when she took a job in assisting a group of pirates in catching some rare Water Pokemon for a reward. She had needed the reward for supplies and other necessities but in the end came away with a new Pokemon. The pirates were also apprehended and the all of the rare Water Pokemon they had captured were released by the town’s police force. Wailmer in return for being saved holds an immense sense of gratitude towards Akira and serves her loyaly.

Duskull: Akira caught Duskull along with her sixth Pokemon Misdreavus in the same episode. The two had been rampant within a windmill outside of a town she had passed along her travels. Meeting the two Ghost Pokemon for the first time, she was forced into a rather obscure Pokemon battle. However, she was able to subdue the two ghosts with the help of Clamperl’s rather nonchalant attitude and assistance. Duskull is a very playful Pokemon and because of this, he tends to lead Akira into unwarranted situations with other Pokemon and trainers.

Clamperl: Akira’s second Pokemon encounter and capture. Clamperl is very tame and acts much like Akira does. He is quiet and seldom speaks or acts out to voice his own opinion. Clamperl is a gentle Pokemon that would rather sit and be seen rather than to stand and be heard. However, much unlike his initial nature and composure, Clamperl has a short temper and can become irritated easily. He also finds Akira’s other Pokemon somewhat annoying, especially Cloyster.

Misdreavus: Akira’s sixth and final Pokemon is Misdreavus. She was secured moments after Duskull following their heated two-on-one battle with Akira. Misdreavus, much like Duskull, carries a playful attitude about the group and again like Duskull, this tends to lead Akira into some uncomfortable situations. However, un-supporting of her upfront and in-your-face nature, Misdreavus is actually very intelligent. Because she is not as strong or as able-bodied as Akira’s other Pokemon, Misdreavus relies on her power to confuse and confront using her mind, and these alone prove to be valuable assets to her team.

RP Sample:


I'd like to apologise to those from the last one I made for my absence (I was sick). But since some of you had such high expectations for the last one, I thought I'd make another one, for any of those who were waiting for me to reply or for any new members who just want to participate, here's your chance. Anyway, since I'm going back to school and work, I'll be more active and the chance of me getting sick is slim (hopefully...) so there probably won't be much of a chance this one will die as quickly as the last one. But I'd just like to personally thank those who stuck with it anyways. Well, have fun again, I guess.

February 19th, 2007, 12:11 PM
Its a shame the other RP just kinda died like it did..So I am here to join this one! I loved the other one, for how far it got, and I want to see it go SO much farther here!

Name: Xtian Lyke (pronouced Christain) (Also can be called X)

Age: 17

Gender: male

Physical Description: http://ic1.deviantart.com/fs10/i/200...ultimachan.jpg (http://ic1.deviantart.com/fs10/i/2006/080/2/7/PKMN_TRAINER_TRAIYU_by_ultimachan.jpg)

Standing a normal 5'9, Xtian looks shockingly diffrent from teens his own age. He looks much more mature. His snow white hair is held up by his red head band. His light green eyes glow in the sunlight. His shirt is three diffrent colors. White sleaves, red bottom half and a black top half. The back is completly black. He carries a dull yellow bag that has been worn down from its long time use. A black and yellow wrist band resides on his right arm and two black braclets on his left. His pants are a lighter black until the knee then its the same color as his bag. He wears a pair of red and black jogging shoes which look almost brand new.

Personality: Xtian is a very abnormal kid. He befriends almost anyone. He doesn't matter who you hang out with or what you look like. A very energetic teen, Xtian loves to have fun. He will laugh and play just like a kid, but when it comes to Pokemon, he is as poised and stern as any Champion has ever been. He hates being under estimated and doesn't mind expressing his feeling. Xtian hates the snobby, know-it-all kids who think thier better than everyone and most of the time turn out being just the opposite. He will befriend you if you have a can do attitude and like to have fun!

History: Growing up in the Orange League, Xtian's first pokemon was the water type pokemon Magikarp. Not being able to battle with his Magikarp, Xtian was very dissapointed, until the day his wish came true. When Xtian was challeged to a battle, he sent out his Magikarp. Knowing he could win, Magikarp hated seeing Xtian so upset. So he forced himself to evolve. Gyrados was actually able to battle and hasn't lost a battle since. It had always been Xtian's faithful pokemon no matter how deep the battle got. Catching more and more pokemon Xtian grew to be quite the trainer and moved from the Orange Islands at the age of 14. Beating every gym in Kanto, Jhoto, and Hoenn. After being invited to the Pokemon League, Xtian took six of his strongest pokemon, including Gyrados and headed onward to the Pokemon League.

Pokemon: I didn't know if you wanted me to put description on my pokemon or not, so if you do, just let me know and I will be glad to!

Gyrados: male

Sizor: male

Arcanine: female

Ralts: female

Umbreon: male

Blastiose: female

RP Sample:

Walking through Golden Rod, Xtian headed towards the pokemon center at the center of town to revive some of his pokemon. "Wow, that was tough for only using two pokemon. It would have been alot easier if I used you, isn't that right Ralts?" Xtian spoke smiling at his pokemon who walked lightly beside him.

< Yes master. It would have! But Sizor did a good job. But fire over powers him everytime! But Umbreon was more than enough job for his other pokemon. > His pokemon used psychic to send her reply straight into Xtian's head. < Master did you hear that? > His pokemon spoke to him.

Xtian tightened his ears a listened carefully. Someone was yelling at another person to end the battle. Xtian and Ralts ran into an alley where the cries came from. There was a battle between an Eevee and a Scyther.

"Scyther, lets just have some fun with the whine bag and his sorry excuse for a pokemon! Its not like we have anything better to do!" The Scyther's owner laughed, not knowing who was watching. "Get up wimp! Lets finish this battle!"

"Please stop this! My pokemon isn't that strong yet and your just being a bully!" The boy replied. "Please ju---" The boy was stopped talking as an Ralts appeared suddenly in between the Eevee and the Scyther. Xtian walked slowy from the shadows of the alley. "It isn't nice to pick on children." Xtian lifted the young boy to his feet. "Take your pokemon to the Pokemon Center and have nurse take a look at it, ok?" The young boy smiled up at Xtian, grabbed his pokemon and ran from the alley. Then Xtian turned to the trainer.

"Who gives you the right to get involved with something that you have no business in?" The trainer asked. "You just let my toy go! I have no one to toy with now. So I guess I get to toy with you. Scyther attack!" The trainer growled. His pokemon took off from his standing place and headed straight for Xtian.

"Ralts, psychic." Xtian spoke these two words slowly letting the pokemon get closer. "You have no right to pick on little kids like prey. He is just only gotten his first pokemon and you think you have to teach him who is the boss in town. Well let me tell you something, its not you. His sorry excuse for a pokemon huh? I was just like that little boy. I had a pokemon who couldn't battle. Just wait, because in few years he is going to be so far past your greatest accomplishments! You think you own this town well let me tell you something else. You dont own jack! Now I will teach you not to pick on the little guy!" Xtian spoke these words not only from anger, but from hate. He hated this boy and he had a reason to. The Scyther, who was frozen in place by Ralts' psychic could do nothing by listen.

< I hate waiting like this. I am tired can we just finish these two off and go? > Espeon spoke to Xtian. Xtian stood there, towering over the teenaged boy. "I hope you can change. For your own sake. Otherwise, I will know and I will be back." Xtian warned the boy before he turned around and nodded at Ralts.

Scyther was sent flying back towards at his trainer as Ralts spun his head in the same direction. "Hey! I wont have you treating my po---" The boy was interupted as Ralts sent a psybeam hitting directly knocking out both Scyther and the boy.

< Master > his pokemon spoke as she caught up to Xtian. < Do you think he will learn? > His pokemon asked him as they headed off in the direction of the pokemon center. "For his sake, I hope so." Xtian replied in a low tone as he walked into the doors of the pokemon center, dissapearing from site .

February 19th, 2007, 1:44 PM
@Hyuuga Neji: That's a good sign-up but if you could just go over your spelling and punctuation that'd be appreciated. And no, you don't have to write descriptions for your Pokemon, a list is fine. Anyways, you're accepted.

@Alana: That's fine for now, you're reserved.

Scarlet Weather
February 19th, 2007, 2:25 PM
Name: Travis Albright

Age: 105 (In dog years- that's seven for every human year, y'know.)

Gender: Let me give you a hint- he isn't female.

Description: Skinny as a rail and with shoulder-length light brown hair, Travis stands at five foot six. His clothing consists of a light purple shirt, a green scarf (worn for fashion purposes only), and a pair of waterlogged jeans. His eyes are a slightly off-shade of hazel, and his canine teeth appear slightly longer then most. (No, not insinuating anything here- I have longer-then-average canines myself, and that's my only reason for inclusion.)

Personality: A deep thinker, Travis contemplates many things, such as the concept of death, life, what comes after, and the evils of capitalism. Due to his highly philosophical outlook on life, Travis doesn't often show negative emotions as he believes that such things only serve to cause others around you pain. He's a bit of an optimist, and as such can be a real pain when others are concerned on his behalf- to give an example, if Travis lost one of his fingers he would probably shrug it off and say "Oh, that finger was always getting in my way" as opposed to the more traditional "AAAHH! MY FINGER! MY FINGER!". Travis has a "thing" about sacrificing Pokemon in order to assure victory, and doing so will cause him to launch into his famous "True Trainer" speech. Travis enjoys Pokemon battles for sport, but takes the law of not using Pokemon to settle disputes very seriously.

History: When Travis was ten, his mother died of a heart condition that nobody had known about. After getting over the initial grief, Travis began forming his personal philosophy. He decided that since other people had gone through the same loss, he shouldn't let it affect his life, and should instead offer help to others. One year later, he met up with his Zangoose, Ryota, and began travelling. His mission as a Pokemon trainer was really just to have as much fun with his Pokemon and see as much of the world as possible. His four year career as a trainer has had many highlights, including numerous battles in cash-prize tournaments, most of which he lost. Travis's main problem has always been money, and he is constantly attempting to earn more not out of greed but necessity.

Other: Travis thinks that the Japanese language is fun to speak, so he occasionally allows terms from it to creep into his speech, mostly in regards to his Pokemon. He's a notorious fan of the Japanese version of blackjack, oicho kabu.


Name: Ryota (Japanese for "Splendidly Stout")

Species: Zangoose

Gender: Male

Description: Other then the quick claw on his necklace, Ryota is unusually muscular for a Zangoose of his age, and his fangs are about a centimeter longer then average. Additionally, Ryota is shorter then the average Zangoose, and stands two inches below Taiki, counting his ears.

Personality: Ryota is Travis's first Pokemon, and considers himself top dog. Ryota has a close bond with his trainer, and enjoys his position as Travis's brother. Actually, there isn't a lot that he doesn't enjoy about being with his trainer, due to their close friendship, which allows them to communicate fairly easily. His loves in life include eggs, female Pokemon, and high intensity Pokemon battles. He's also a bit of a strategist himself, often coming up with new and different tactics for Travis to use in their battles. He's also a friendly type of guy, unlike most of his species, and is only downright hateful to Seviper as a general rule.

Other Pokemon (Will improve later.)


Female- nickname, Alice

Description: Named after Travis's mother. Alice carries herself with pride, and considers herself a beauty queen and elitist. She and Ryota are at odds with each other constantly, since she considers his almost lecherous ways "Uncouth".

Raichu (Male)

Name: Raidon

Description: His name is a pormanteau of "Lightning" and "King". He's Ryota's "partner in crime", and often assists him in thieving various objects, such as eggs. He teams well with Trodite.

Absol (Female)

Name: Hikari

Description: Alice's upbeat assistant, Hikari puts the stereotypic pessimist Absol image completely behind her, and displays ferocity only in battle. She blows Ryota off in publice, but it is rumored that she has a crush on the big lug... Okay, well, everyone can tell except Ryota and Alice, for some reason.

Electrode (Genderless)

Name: Trodite

Description: His name is a combination of "Hermaphrodite" (Due to his genderlessness) and "Electrode". He's really more of a backup team member then anything, but he packs a pretty heavy punch with his Rapid Spin. He considers himself male, and plays cards with the other team members quite often.

Blaziken (Male)

Name: Ra

Description: A powerful, fiery tempered Pokemon borrowed from an old friend, Ra doesn't have much to do with the team, and often acts a bit antisocial. He has a slight crush on Alice. He's quite possibly Travis's most powerful Pokemon in this tournament, and he bases his attacks around martial arts kicks and punches for the most part. Bizarrely, he practises "Drunken Boxing".

RP sample: (This is from a slightly odd rp...)

"And I'll be a lustful Pikachu..." Jack muttered, extricating himself from below his starter. "And a fairly handsome one as well."

Directly behind him, a pair of swordsmen, one of whom seemed to be a refugee from a bad science fiction movie, stood directly across from him. Nearby, a couple of league trainers were out cold, taken down immediately by other survivors from the ship- at least, he assumed they were. Not many of them seemed familiar to him.

<Iwo Jima is going to look like Fort Sumpter by the time we're through here.> remarked Sonja, swishing her gigantic tales back and forth as she advanced towards the enemy.


<Alternate universe battles. Don't bother about them. Needless to say, I think we're in for a long hard slog.>

"Hmm... well, who should we team up with? It's a bad idea just to walk around alone..." Jack muttered, motioning to the rest of his team.

<The girl with the big staff looks interesting...> said Sabine, motioning in the general direction of a girl who appeared to be some sort of mage.

"Ding-ding-ding! Time's up let's move." muttered Jack, before leaping to the side to narrowly avoid an incoming egg bomb. Nearby, a very angry Chansey seemed to be making its way forward. "I didn't know the league owned all the PokeCenters around here. That's gonna make things complicated." Jack continued, leaping aside as yet another projectile began winging its way toward him.

<So, we move for mage-girl?> Rai asked, leaping onto her trainer's shoulder.

"You betcha. Move out, team!"

That was all the cue the group needed. As the next egg bomb came hurtling toward Jack-tachi, Audrey's vines in all of their thorny glory shot forward like living whips, rebounding the ovular projectile back towards its thrower, and creating a very convenient smokescreen. Meanwhile, Jack leaped onto Sonja's back, careful not to touch her tails, as Sabine and Rai clung to his shoulders. With a roar, the fiery fox leapt forward, racing towards the staff-wielding mage, with Audrey in hot pursuit.

'Tis me. Bijou and I will (hopefully) still get to finish our battle on the original, but I've gotta say, what this roleplay needs is a way for two people to conduct battles at once. Meh.

February 19th, 2007, 3:36 PM
I will be sure to work on that thank you for letting me know! Now I have something to work on!

February 19th, 2007, 4:44 PM
Adryan Benton



Physical Description:
Adryan has a rather stocky build with broad shoulders and a thick torso. He stands at about 5'11 with long muscular legs and an upright posture. He has dark blue hair that he keeps rather short and spiky to match his dark blue eyes. Adryan generally wears a black muscle shirt and over it, a sleevless zipper white jacket that he likes to keep open. To match that he wears a pair of black cargo pants and white tennis shoes for all types of mobility and terrain.

Adryan is a very laid back and carfree person. He will almost always avoid unnecessary conflict unless of course it's a pokemon battle. However, in the arena he becomes very intense and plans every move with the utmost care and planning. His battle style still remains flexible and open for new things, just like himself.

Adryan grew up in the heart of Cherrygrove city in Johto. He was raised by his older sister who had taken care of him for as long as he could remember and even she cannot remember their parents. They lived peacefully for some time until Adryan's 10th birthday when he had originally started his pokemon journey. Along with his starting pokemon, Cyndaquil, they went on to conquer the Johto league. He also performed extremely well by placing 2nd in the Johto league and 5th in the Hoenn League. Over the course of seven years, Adryan has trained together an incredibly solid team and honed his own strategic skills as well. He still looks forward to conquering the Orange Islands and the Battle Frontier as well.


Typhlosion: Adryan's first pokemon and the heart of his team. Ever since being a Cyndaquil, Typhlosion will fight to the bitter end if it means winning a victory for Adryan. The bond between pokemon and human is truly shown when these two battle side by side.

Espeon: Espeon has also been with Adryan since near the beginning of their battling days. His training with Eevee during the daytime caused it to eventually evolve into a hearty Espeon. Espeon tends to get jealous when the other pokemon get too close to Adryan, but proves to be a good friend to the others all the same.

Milotic: Since its selfconcious days of being a Feebas, Milotic remains the shy one of the group. Although it possesses great beauty, it still has the same introvertive personality towards others. In battle, Milotic tends to focus on nothing but the fight, so it does have its moment in the spotlight.

Heracross: One of the more recent additions to Adryan's team and a fierce competitor. He trained with Heracross and accentuated on its fighting type skills. With moves like Focus Punch and Brick Break, Heracross gives enemies a run for his money.

Aggron: The complete tank of the team. Aggron is the final touch to the team that Adryan added, to provide a defensive wall for double battles and outstalling in single. He uses Aggron's raw power and takes advantage of an opponents weakness. Aggron remains anti social but give complete trust to Adryan.

Pidgeotto: The last member of Adryan's team. He caught Pidgeotto shortly after finishing the Kanto league. It is one fiery spirited bird and is definitely considered the "life of the party" among the team. It may not be as strong as
its teammates, but it never gives up.

RP Sample:
Adryan was quickly exiting the Kanto League tournament site. Just as he arrived at the final exit before the route, he looked back and remembered how well he performed in this tournament alone. As he was left in his thoughts, a trainer stormed up to him and demanded: "You're Adryan right? Well, I didn't get a chance to fight you because I lost the round previously...How bout we make it up right now?"

Adryan snapped out of his thoughts. He didn't really like the guy's tone.

"I don't see why not. Only thing is, I don't have alot of time to be meandering around here anymore. One pokemon. Let's go."

The trainer responded by clasping a ball in his pocket and released it into the air. A menacing Scyther had appeared before him, blades glinting with the last rays of sunlight.

"Go. Pidgeotto."

The hawklike creature erupted from its ball and cawed its name loudly.

"Scyther! Slash that thing to nothing but feathers!"

Scyther reacted on command and swiped its huge blade towards pidgeotto.


Pidgeotto rolled out of the way just seconds before the impact and was now flapping frantically, ready for more.

"Sand attack, then follow up with Aerial Ace." Adryan commanded calmly.

Pidgeotto flapped its wings furiously at the ground until a torrent of harsh sand blinded scyther. It then proceeded into its swooping tactic until the opposing trainer reacted.

"Scyther! Swords Dance, clear away the sand then direct your attack at Pidgeotto."

What a boring tactic.

"Pidgeotto. Proceed with the Aerial Ace, but now combine it with Steel Wing!"

Its wings became mettalic and it dove at an extremely fast rate. It was over in seconds. Despite Scyther's constant spinning, Pidgeotto landed perfectly and hit Scyther with a critical hit.

"Good job Pidgeotto."

Adryan then returned it to its ball, and left the Kanto League in high spirits.

Other: Nothing really, this just looks like a great RP that I can hopefully be apart of.

February 19th, 2007, 5:03 PM
@Art_Critic_Cubone: I'll still be conducting the original one so if you and Bijou and anyone else from the old one wants to continue, I'll be there. I was also thinking of including more than one Pokemon battle at a time since that would greatly increase the speed of the RP, but it might get a little confusing with people posting different battle sequences one after another. Any ideas? Anyway, you're accepted.

@Key: Good sign-up. You are also accepted.

February 19th, 2007, 5:30 PM
OOC: Toomi, I think I'm going to try this one again. I'll be using the same character as last time, if that's okay. As long as this one doesn't freak out like the last one, I'll be fine. So, give me another chance!

Name: Artemis Consel

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Physical Description: When you look at Artemis, the first vibe you'd get is "unorganized." More often than not, his sand-colored hair is ruffled and his clothes are... less than "classy." However, take a bit of a closer look, and you'll find quite a handsome young lad.. when he's cleaned up, that is. Underneath a scruffy exterior is a boy of nearly 6 feet. His hair is long enough to not be short, but not quite long enough to be long, reaching about the bottom of his nose at the shortest, and the base of his neck at the longest. It's usually over one eye, although this is unintentional, and is more of an annoyance than a "cool" factor. Underneath that scruff of hair are a pair of deep blue eyes, which reflect light like a pool in the moonlight. People always say that they "change colors," but Artemis has never witnessed this phenomenon personally. Outside of his eyes, there's nothing too special about Artemis' face, or the rest of him for that matter. He's of average build and weight, although a tad more athletic than the average teenage boy of his age, due to his history of team sports.

Most of the time, he wears 3 visible layers. On top, he almost always wears a dark grey jacket. The jacket, like most of his external clothing, is frayed, and tattered about the wrists. On the breast pocket, the insignia of the High School he attends is embroidered. Although not thick, the jacket serves it's purpose. Under that is a white T-shirt with some slogan on it, that even Artemis didn't know. He just bought it because it looked cool. Under that, to top it all off, a thin black long sleeved shirt that hugs his chest rather tightly. He sports beige cargo pants, which sag slightly, and a belt, which holds his pokeballs, along with his pants. His shoes, much to be expected, are falling apart. Black converse sneakers nearly ripped along the edges, are loosely laced with neon green laces.

Personality: Artemis is usually a happy, laid back, carefree kind of guy.. However, he's easily startled, and he can be very reserved towards people who don't give him the right "vibe." While not exactly a psychic ability, he posseses a certain instinct, a "sixth sense" if you will. This allows him to tell when something is about to go wrong, or is going wrong, or vice versa. He can be quite bipolar at times, and depending on such trivial things as the weather, or hearing something on the news can shift his mood from bouncy and bubbly to reserved and lonely. He loves to play little tricks on people, provided he's in the mood, and he can be rather flirtatious. (again, when the mood suits.)

History: Born and raised in Ecruteak City, both his parents lived and worked in an age old, family owned inn, which Artemis has lived all his life. Ever since the time he could walk, he loved to sneak out of his bed and listen to the old tales told by travelers and mariners alike who frequented the tavern. Being the nature of the city as well, many monks would barge in and yell about a various spirit that was going to haunt them all. (At this, just to be funny, Artemis would flick the lights on and off a few times, just to freak everyone out.) All sorts of people came and went through the inn. (Some of his favorites included a man named Ignov, who was a big beefy man from some foreign country who married his Jynx, and a skinny man named Horace who insisted every time that he came into the bar that he was turning into a Bellsprout ever since the guards at the tower had thrown him out the window.) So, naturally, Artemis became very familiar with the surrounding regions, along with any tall tales that accompanied them. He dreamed of being an explorer one day, and finding out if any of those tales were true.


Girafarig - "Melody." Female.
Melody is the type of girl who always cares about her appearance. She is very vain, and very proper. She can't stand to be dirty in any way. If someone around her is acting foolish or un-dignified in any way, she becomes very embarrased. As a girafarig, she has two sides to every issue, but usually the back end handles any altercations or battles. However, she drops all of her dignity when she is battling. She fights very hard, and fights to win. Sometimes, her competetive nature intimidates Artemis.

Sharpedo - "Psycho." Male.
As his name suggests, Psycho is erratic and spontaneous. He loves to eat, and sometimes his hunger gets the best of him and he may attack others without provocation. For this reason, he's usually locked safe in his Pokeball. When he battles, he uses vicious bite attacks, and usually has a good deal of intimidation under his belt. Personality wise, he has a one tracked mind - he has to finish whatever he's doing before starting anew - this is dangerous in battle, when he needs to avoid an attack with his jaws firmly latched around a seperate opponent.

Swellow - "Robin." Female.
Robin is very protective of her team, almost like a mother figure. She manages to be able to patch them up after a battle, no matter how bad the injury. In battle herself, she is fearless and deadly, striking weak points, and making sure no harm comes to her family. However, it rarely comes to this, and Robin will only fight if it's the very last resort.

Jynx -"Jynx." Female.
Jynx is one of the three elemental triplets that was given to Artemis as a 15th birthday present, given to him by the Goldenrod breeders. Jynx herself is very sisterly and dependant of the other 2, and is always with them, even in battle. They all three share a bit of telekinetic link with each other, and find themselves completing each other sentences often.

Electabuzz "Electabuzz." Male.
Electabuzz is one of the three elemental triplets that was given to Artemis as a 15th birthday present, given to him by the Goldenrod breeders. Electabuzz can be spontaneous, but is always supportive of his siblings, helping them with whatever they need. They all three share a bit of telekinetic link with each other, and find themselves completing each other sentences often.

Magmar - "Magmar." Male .
Magmar is one of the three elemental triplets that was given to Artemis as a 15th birthday present, given to him by the Goldenrod breeders. Magmar is the "cool" one of the three, intellectual, calm, and possesing a good amount of leadership. He's often considered to be the leader of the triplets. They all three share a bit of telekinetic link with each other, and find themselves completing each other sentences often.

RP Sample: Slateport - a massive staple of Hoenn's power and money. As Julian stepped out of Earl's Pokemon Academy, (which happened to look exactly like the Goldenrod branch, complete with the horribly done neon sign of the spinning fat man, and broken window on the 2nd floor.) he realized that he had never, ever, been to Hoenn at all, let alone Slateport. Suddenly, he felt very afraid and insignificant. Suddenly, an odd, high pitched voice sounded out behind him.

"Hallo!! You look lost, yes?!" Julian wheeled around, and found himself face to face with a large man.. and he seemed to be spinning. Julian was taken aback for a second, but looking up at the neon sign, he made a few assumptions.

"Um.. I guess... are you Earl?" The fat man shook his massive face in an enthusiastic nod. "Why, yes! Have heard of me you?" Earl queried, almost psychotically. Julian took a step back.

"Um, I guess so.." The man named Earl took a step forward and made a grab for Julian. "I help you with pokemon, yes!?" Julian yelped, and took several steps back. He started to panic a little. "Uh.. no. I need.. um, directions to Rustboro city.. if you please." Earl threw his chubby arms in the air, and spun around twice in rapid succession. "YES! Exploration, always excellent! To for get to Rustboro city..."

Earl drew a large piece of paper from his pocket (How he managed to fit it in there, Julian wasn't exactly sure.) and also extracted a vibrant purple crayon, and began to draw a crude map of the surrounding area. "Well, my young friend, if take you this road, and go into cave, you make to Rustboro soon!" Earl handed the boy the map with a monstrous smile, but when he opened his eye to extend his hand in farewell, Julian had already bolted away from the huge man that he was sure had intentions to eat him.

"Huff... Puff..." Julian panted as he leaned against the wall. He took out his PokeGear to check the time, but as he did, it began to buzz and flash. [NEW EMAIL!] is what it proclaimed. Julian opened the message, and it went something like this..

“To All Team Trainer Members,

For the past few days, we have encountered a massive world problem known only as the virus. It has transformed many people, and some Trainer members, into hybrids, a combination of humans and pokemon. Although the hybrids seem to have retained their essential humanity, many people in this world still fear them and wish to kill them. We cannot allow that...

...All Trainer members who have not been infected and are stationed outside the Kanto and Johto regions are asked to report your status to Trainer Headquarters at Rustboro City. All traveling members of Trainer should also report to Rustboro City personally for further orders. Any members already on missions do not need to report in...

...We will get through this and we will succeed as a team. The world is depending on us and I am sure we will not let it down. Let’s fight for freedom, fight for glory, and fight to win!

- Directory Harry Kim

"Harry Kim..." Julian mused. "I remember hearing about him. He was really high up in the progression, but I don't remember exactly what position he held." He closed his Pokegear, and headed north through Slateport.

It was a lot bigger than he thought it was. It wasn't like Saffron, there weren't busses or trams that ran through the streets like in his home city. "Well, let's see." He reached for his belt, grabbed Asura's pokeball, and tossed it into the street. The girafarig emerged from the blinding light. <Yeah, what?> the pokemon grumbled crossly. <I was trying to fix the bow in my hair.>

"You can do that when we get to Rustboro." Julian responded simply. "I need transportation, alright? Willing?"

<Yeah, I guess so. But if you mess up my hair..> Julian laughed before she could finish, and hopped on her back. Girafarigs are surprisingly strong and fast. Before he knew it, he was galloping through the city. In about 20 minutes time, he was in the open field again. He stopped for a minute to let his steed rest.

"Team Trainer.. Harry Kim.. the virus.. what is this all about, anyway? Why am I so drawn to Team Trainer? He barely told me anything about it, and the next thing I know, I'm in a different country. I don't have anything to rely on except some crazy fat guy's crude map (which was basically purple lines. You had to use your imagination.) and this email from this 'Kim' guy. This is so crazy.." he thought to himself.

"What do you think of it, Asura?" The pokemon did not reply, too entranced with it's own reflection in the water. "Then again," he thought, "I know exactly what she'd say;"

<You're just crazy, Julian.>

"Maybe she's right." he thought. "Maybe I AM crazy"

Other: Artemis' preferred mode of communication is with his Pokegear, conviniently packed with tons of useful cards, including a phone, a map of the area, and a constant monitor of all of his pokemons' conditions.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
February 19th, 2007, 5:45 PM
Name: AJ Valentine

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Physical Description: AJ is a medium sized Hispanic teen, He's about Five Foot four and weighs around 130 something pounds. His eye's are a Cloudy blue and his teeth are nice and pearly, He is wearing an earing in his left ear and has a tattoo of the cross on his forehead. He wears Black leather pants and a black shirt with a white cross and the words 'Judgment Day' he wears black boots with iron soles. He wears a white trench coat with another cross on it, this times black. His hair is grayish white and styled in a ponytail.
AJ's body is pretty toned in muscle, he works out alot as a hobby making him pretty muscular and strong. He is the perfect subject for appeal because he has some good looks but is real modest about it and never gloats about his looks.

Personality: AJ has a fixed personality, he is serious and strict in a situation but will also have a sense of humor to lighten up all the tense moments. Averagely he is a layed back calm kinda of guy, real outgoing. AJ is real sensitive and Even if you get on his nerves he will be willing to help you but if you really Piss him off your going to regret it, big time. AJ sounds like your average everyday teen and doesn't care what anyone thinks, so he's never really depressed. So overall he's a layed back humorous yet strict and serious kind of guy, Don't get on his nerves and your fine and that concludes are little segment on his personality.

History: AJ was born in the bitter yet soothing city of Blackthorn and had two brothers, he had a twin brother and a younger brother. AJ grew up in Blackthorn until he was 14 and thats when he went out into the world to explore, AJ then beat the Jhoto leauge and Kanto leauge, He is now 17 and is working onto the next big challenge.


Mudkip, Muddy. Male- Muddy was given to AJ from his father for the day he went off and is AJ's most loyal and understanding pokemon.

Espeon, Star. Female- Star was raised from a eevee into a majestic espeon by AJ, the eevee was a birthday gift, she is very playful and collective.

Umbreon, Shadow. Male- Shadow is Stars Twin brother and is always serious and cold.

Alagazam, Cano, Male- Cano is a big thinker and will study his opponent before attacking.

Kingdra, Prince, Male- Prince is a carefree kind of pokemon, likes to kick back and relax.

Lucario, Ryu, Male- Lucario is like his owner, likes to be able to control the situation and assure other on the team.

RP Sample:

AJ sighed and rubbed his forehead, why did his sister have to show up everywhere and try to take his job? AJ started to walk away but he knew deep inside he needed to take care of this now, it seemed Claire had the same idea as he put his 50. Desert eagle magnum, more of a miniture cannon to her head and she did the same to him, " You know, a 50. calibur round has been reported to blow a man in half." AJ said with a wicked voice.

Claire had expected this and she put her Colt Python to his head as he did the same to her, " Whats your next move?" she asks. " I know you wouldn't pull that trigger on your dearest sister... while your head is in the same predicament." She said with a sly smirk.

From The Crystal Flute


February 19th, 2007, 5:59 PM
Name: Cain Ritham

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Cain has white hair that goes down to the bottom of his neck. The top of his hair is slicked. He is slim at 170 pounds and somewhat tall at 5"7. He wears a black polyester Jacket with an inside pocket that he puts all his items in. He wears a white t-shirt underneath the jacket. He has blue jeans with a brown belt and a silver buckle. His shoes are white sneakers with black laces.

Personality: Cain rarely talks to people about his problems. He is usualy talkative but he usualy forgets what he is talking about and keeps changing the subject. The only one who doesnt get annoyed with him is his pokemon. He feels that his pokemon is the one thing he can relait to. He loves to talk to his pokemon about how his day was or how he could beat the next trainer.

History: Cain lived in Pallet town most of his life. There professer Oak gave him a Torchic that was a gift from Professer Birch. This Torchic helped him when he was in route 1 and caught a Pidgey. He traveled through Kanto with his Torchic catchic 4 more pokemon. At Cerulean City he caught an Abra. Also at Cerulean he caught a Sandshrew. When fishing in Vermilan he caught a Tentacool. Finnaly when he was traveling in the safari zone he fished around and caught a Dratini. Through his travels through gyms he managed to evolve all his pokemon to their final levels. His Blaziken came last since it took longer for it to trust Cain as its trainer. Immediatly after winning the earth badge his Torchic which was now a Combusken finnaly trusted Cain fully and evolved into a Blaziken. Now it is his righthand pokemon for his journy to the pokemon leage


Blaziken Male

His right hand pokemon. Blaziken distrusted him throughout his pokemon carrer. But it did do all his commands just not with love and care like the rest of his pokemon. But once he beat the final gym leader with him Blaziken realised who his rightfull trainer was. Now he is best friends with Cain and is battle hardened

Pigeott Male
Pigeott was his most used pokemon. After catching it on route one and noticing how Blaziken distrusted him Cain used Pidgey frequently. Except when facing Brock and it was fainted. So he needed to use his Torchic. Pidgey is used second in battles.

Sandslash Male
Sandslash Cain caught in Cerulean. A fiesty trouble maker Sandslash always throws sand and slashes from behind. Cain rarely uses Sandslash for land battles since his tactic usualy doesnt work properly and the pokemon backsup and accidentaly hits Sandslash

Alakazam Male
Alakazam he caught in Cerulean as well. Cain was hunting around and found a sleeping Abra. But this Abra was well aware of him and teleported. Cain took a few tries but eventualy his Torchic hit the Abra and he managed to catch it. Alakazam is mainly used for teleporting and using Psybeam or Confusion when the enemy doesnt know where

Tentacruel Female
Tentacruel was a very easy catch. Cain hooked it on a fishing rod. This Tentacool was a runt and was easely caught. Its attitude is very aggresive and usualy gets into fights between the other pokemon.

Dragonite Female
The hardest catch of them all. Dragonite was caught on rod too. But once he battled it the pokemon ran back into the water. It took a few hours till he managed to weaken it just enough so it would stop running as fast. This made it suseptable to attack and capture. Dragonite is a peaceful pokemon and is not used in battle regularly but mostly in pokemon contests.

RP Sample:

"Dragonite that looks like a good place to set down."

Cain pointed towards Pallet town. Right infront of Professer Oak's lab. He was told that after he got all the badges to see Professer Oak on what to do next. After he landed Cain walked in the door of the lab and said

"Hey Professer. Im back and I have all the badges."

All of the sudden Professer Oak came out of nowhere and said

"So you want to go to the pokemon league?"

Cain did not know he knew and said suprised "Yeah. So where do I need to go?"

Professer Oak then said even more surprised " You mean you dont know where its held? Its at Summit Nine."

Then Professer Oak got out a ticket.

"Here use this. Get to Summit Nine and participate."

Cain thanked him and walked outside. He summoned Dragonite and asked it to fly to Vermilian.

"Dragonite make a smooth landing right infront of the docks. I want to go to Summit Nine and go to the pokemon league."


February 19th, 2007, 6:28 PM
OOC: Just a note, if it get's bad, I'm going to pull out, but we'll see how it goes for now. ^^

Name: Elixa Shann (Eli)

Age: (Hey, why is everyone 17? That’s so unoriginal!) 16

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Elixa has what you might call a “dream figure”. She has curves in all the right places, and being slender and lean with just the right tan that doesn’t make her look too pale and definetely not too dark. Her sheet of long strawberry blonde hair is unaturally straight, (becauase it is unnatural. Why do you think she carries a straightener around with her?) and her long bangs are brushed aside, behind her ear with a pokeball clip, which also holds her black basque-styled beret in place, slightly tilted to the side on her head. A plain, slim fitting white tank top and a pair of black cargo capri’s. A pair of black converse cover her feet, whilst a large red belt slung low around her hips holds 6 pokeball’s.

Personality: Elixa, though as pretty as she is, is a rather short-tempered girl, who accept’s nothing less then first-class. While this doesn’t mean she always get’s 1st, it means that she never admit’s it if she doesn’t. Therefore, being the sore loser she is, she refrains from competeing in competition’s, as she’s already got enough on her hands, seeing as half of her pokemon take after her personality as well, being stubborn, loud, and 100% perfectionist. However, if she finds that there’s any particular reason that you may be an asset of a friend, she can be the kindest, most selfless and caring person you’ve ever met in your life. But if you really know Elixa, and there are those select few, then you know that she’s really a very calculating person who loves to manipulate people for her own goals and interests. And when she wants something, she’s shameless, guiltfree, and perfectly okay with anything that has to be done to get what she wants. Though her personality can exhaust someone’s patience in a short amount of time, there’s one thing that she will do anything for, no matter what the case: Lollipop’s.

History: Elixa Shann, student with the top grades in class, slyest girl in class, and best trainer in the neighborhood. The perfect girl. That is, if she would take a chill pill and stop being bossy and angry. Having grown up in near perfect condition’s, she has a very innocent and childish outlook on life, which often bothers others who have had it rough- however, this rarely fazes Elixa. “What comes around, goes around”, as her biggest motto (amongst many others) she has never had pity for these sob stories, and was often seen as a spoiled brat. Often the suck-up in class, amongst her siblings at home, and whenever she gained from it, she would most likely be going after it again. At first, she had little interest in pokemon, because they seemed to simply be boring passtime’s for others who weren’t as successful as herself. However, having been given a Beldum from her older brother, and being bet that she couldn’t ever raise a pokemon team because she was too girly, she immediately took up training pokemon. Having grown up in Olivine and spent most of her time in the more exciting city (though not by much) of Ecruteak, she's old friends with Artemis. (Of course, Elixa always ends up yelling around him, due to his personality being utterly parallel to her's.)

Pokemon: Houndoom (M-Match), Wartortle (M-Notze), Metang (?-Ollo), Delibird (M-Pichi), Manectric (M-Vult), Cacturne (M-Pinn)

RP Sample: "Wow, these are really good!" Touya grinned, munching on a candy bar he'd insisted on buying. His newfound "friend" (Or maybe the girl who always ended up healing him whenever he got back from a mission,) had been pestering him about it being dangerous to go to the corner shop, as the boy's Gigai wasn't exactly the least conspicuous of the two's. Especially his attitude that should've belonged to a 4 year old perhaps, while he looked at be at least 14. Miki sighed, placing a hand on her forehead, having been unable to give in to the younger boys pleads to take him to the corner shop. She'd been shaking like crazy in the midst of so many humans, afraid they'd notice something wrong with her gigai or ask her a question: And the clerk did- which made her nearly scream at Touya "Look at what you did!!"

But he ended up asking her whether Touya was her little brother, and Touya answered for her. "No!" He'd said in a disgusted voice, "She's my brother's girlfriend." Miki hadn't the slightest idea what that meant, but the clerk had just nodded and quit asking questions after Touya's strong response. Now, in the abandoned alleyway that was the Urahara Shoten's, Miki felt much more comfortable to mumbled, "We're here on official business Touya! Can't you be serious?"

"You're a 9th seat, you've never been to the real world, have you? Well, I've already been here once, -though I wasn't exactly much help- it's not as scary as you think it is." Touya glanced up the chocolate bar hanging from his mouth, hands in his pockets as he stared at the duo sitting on the Urahara Shoten steps. Touya grinned, Miki shook, and the boy waved like mad to the two, yelling out, "Hey! You guys here for the miss-" Miki however, slapped her hand over Touya's mouth, and hissed, "What if they're normal humans!?!" Touya raised an eyebrow and pointed at the two, and Miki nodded, and Touya waved her hand away, "You can't feel their reiatsu? No wonder your so low ranked." He smirked, as Miki freaked out about the melted chocolate she'd acquired on her hand, waving it around and trying to get the substance off her palm.

"Look at what you did..." Touya said in slight disappointment, as he continued to walk towards the shop, "You crushed my candy." Looking up he smiled brightly at the two, "Hiiii!" He waved like a child with the hand that didn't hold the crushed candy, "My name is Touya- 3rd division, 5th seat!! Who're you guys?" Miki sidled up beside Touya, using a handkerchief to get rid of the icky sweet candy on her hand, "Oh- this is Miki, 4th division." Touya whispered, deciding that reporting her seat wasn't even nesseccary.

"Hey!" Miki snapped, turning around, "I can fight just as well as you!" Touya put a finger in her right ear, the side Miki was standing on and mumbled, "Yeah yeah, when you tremble at every little thing you notice, I don't even see how you got seated at all."

February 19th, 2007, 6:41 PM
@YoshiRiRu: You can use your old character if you'd like, so that's fine, you're accepted.

@ash jr.: Some of your punctuation is off here and there, commas and quoatations, but overall it's not that big of a deal. You're accepted also.

@Grim: Some of your sentences' structures are a little awkward but again it's not that big of a deal. You are also accepted.

@Bijou: That's good and don't worry about the RP Sample. You're accepted.

I'll probably post the starting post later tonight or tomorrow morning. I'm still looking for one or two more people but if I can't find anyone, we'll start straight away.

February 19th, 2007, 7:11 PM
In the last RP you had people play against NPC. If you need that again, I would have on of those first battles.

February 19th, 2007, 7:54 PM
Yea I can face against Robert again. Im itching to roleplay.

February 19th, 2007, 8:30 PM
Name: Cher Yeux

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Cher is rather beautiful for her age, some say. She has dark brown hair that is thick and has never been touched by any sort of dye. People tell her that her body is in the shape of an hourglass, and that she’s perfect. Cher’s eyes are the rare color of hazel, and some say they are hypnotic. Her attire includes dark shades of any color, mostly blue.

Cher’s description of herself is average. She doesn’t like herself, no matter how much men compliment her. Cher knows she’s flexible, that she can be sly and sneaky, and that she got her looks from her famous mother who’s a model. Cher wants to blend in with the crowd, she doesn’t want her hips to swing, she doesn’t want her hair to stand out, and she doesn’t want the attention.

Personality: Cher is a very shy person, very sensitive. She does care what people think and was taught to care. When men look at her, they see something beautiful, outgoing, and sexy. But, when females see her they think of someone who is out to steal the next hottest guy she sees. Countless men have asked for her hand, and all have been declined. Cher hates the attention she gets just because of her looks.

Cher is a hard worker. She is extremely loyal. If you become friends with Cher, she can be what some say as an idiot, or retarded. Cher is extremely perverted and loves to laugh and smile. Fun loving, and sometimes energetic, also rather random. Cher can be very serious is the moment calls for it. But, usually, Cher will proudly admit that she is an idiot, a dork, a nerd, a retard, or anything of the sort. Cher is anything but someone who is obsessed over herself and thinks the world should revolve around her. No, not Cher. Looks may be deceiving, Cher is living proof.

History: Cher’s family comes from France, so speaking French came natural. She has six brothers; only one of them is younger than her. Her brothers are protective of her and call a few times a day to check and see if Cher is all right and doing fine. Her Mother is a famous model and actress, but Cher doesn’t want to follow in her footsteps. Cher’s Father is a big producer, and both of her parents make quite a bit of money, but Cher isn’t the one sporting designer’s clothing.

Pokemon: Ursaring [Male] Subir; Rapidash {Female} Ferme; Lapras {Female} Laver; Breloom [Male] Ombre; Gardevoir {Female} Flux; Salamence [Male] Vrai

RP Sample: (( From ‘No One Said Life Was Easy’ ))
Ireland sighed, her anger subsiding as she stepped onto the soft sand of the beach. Jingle looked up at her trainer from her arms. “Odd?” She questioned quietly. “Yes, Jingle, I entered you in the Tournament.” “Odd, oddish!” “Don’t stress! You’ll do great! I know you will!” Ireland encouraged her. Jingle sighed in disbelief and shook her head slightly.

Ireland opened her mouth to continue, but she didn’t get the chance because a call interrupted her. “Hey! You! You’re Moonnite, ain’t ya?” A brute voice asked. Ireland turned and smiled, seeing a rather buff man a few feet behind her. “In fact, I am Miss Moonnite. Why do you ask?” “I demand a battle!” “Name your game!” “Six on six!” “Sounds good.”

“Go, Marowak!” Said the brute and he threw his Pokeball to reveal a high level Marowak who looked very ready for battle. “Jingle, I choose you!” Ireland declared, setting Jingle on the sand. “Odd!” Jingle cried, shaking her head. “Come on, you’ll do fine, I promise!”

Finally, the little Oddish made its way out to the battlefield, quite nervous. “Go, Marowak, use Stomp!” The brute made the first call and sent his Marowak charging after Jingle. Ireland knew that if the Marowak hit Jingle, she’d faint on the first hit. “Dodge, Jingle!” Ireland called, causing Jingle to take a huge leap into the air.

“Now, Use Razor Leaf!” Ireland instructed, causing Jingle to send out a fury of leaves, being flung at the Marowak who tried to beat them off with its bone. By then, Jingle had landed on her roots and was waiting for the next command. “Jingle, use Grasswhistle!” Ireland instructed. Jingle began folding her leaves into a sort of whistle and sent air our through the leaves, causing a sort of lullaby noise to come forth.

This sound seemed to lull the Marowak to sleep and it soon fell into the sand, asleep. The brute growled in defeat and returned his Pokemon, throwing another Pokeball to reveal a large Machoke. The Machoke laughed at Jingle’s size, not listening to his trainer’s commands.

“Jingle, Acid.” Ireland said calmly, causing Jingle to angrily spit acid in the Machoke’s face, quickly poisoning it. “Now, Leech Seed!” Ireland called. Jingle hopped into the air to get a clear shot of the Machoke that was rushing around, Acid in its eyes. Jingle spit a seed out at the Machoke, that hit it directly in the head and grew thick vines instantly, covering the Machoke completely so it couldn’t move before beginning to suck the energy from the Machoke, which was losing energy from the poisoning and the Leech Seed.

It was now that Ireland noticed all the attention they were attracting, watching as a small crowd began forming.

Other: Cher’s singing voice is fantastic, but she isn’t much of a singer. She adores music and dancing around like a loser, but is extremely modest about her singing skills.

February 20th, 2007, 4:08 AM
@*~Hazel~*: Good sign-up, you are accepted.

I'll probably wait for one more, but if no one has applied by the time I come back on again I'll start it off.

February 20th, 2007, 2:03 PM
Meh wants to join again x33. Sorreh for not being so active, I promise I will be.

Name: Misha "Mi-chan" Wasuremono

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Misha has a peachy skin-complexion to which her face appears to be glowing and full of life. She has flowing russet-brown hair that reaches to her shoulders. Her bangs range from a slanted position on the right side of her head to a small stub on the left, part of this obscures her viridian eyes that are to say the least, pupiless. Misha keeps her eyes protected by her unruly bangs with her lime-trimmed spectacles that enable her to see clearly. At the base of her hair, lies an emerald ribbon that keeps about one inch of hair at bay.

Now, you could easily conclude that Misha absoulutely adores the color of green and yes, there is more to it. For her top, Misha harnesses a once again, pine tunic with a collar on the upper. The collar sports a chalky tie which has sage-green polka dots splattered onto it. She wears flared jeans that seem a tad to large for her, as both of them can easily flapp under to reveal her underwear. At the end her herself, she usually walks barefoot and only sometimes wears waraji. Misha is petite, and stands at a short height for her average age. In paltry details, Misha also sports two bells along the side of jeans and they are just for show and when moving, they are almost completely silent except for the tingling echo of it. Around Misha's wrist lies a string bracelet of the color raven, it was given to her by her father and is a memory of him. In her hair are two barrettes, that are a chartreuse color and are shaped of a flower.

Personality: Misha is naive; and can easily fall into an easily-laid trap or trick, and with that no one should leave her alone. She's upbeat and perky, and can make a grouch smile just by her own quirks. You can compare Misha to a chocolatte eclair, she looks tough and sour on the outside, but on the inside she is super-sweet. Impish and optimistic, Misha is a reincarnation of these two words. She’s sly, knavish and will usually order people around using this prodigious ability of hers. Misha teases and makes people think less of their selves, while her frequency of sarcastic remarks will only make the first-impression of her worse.

She's upbeat and perky, and tries to make the best of the situation, another recitation, if any someone of something is abiding to be rapacious to her, she'll also lament over the situation. In precise, Misha is hyper, acts like a toddler, is buoyant, and not aghast to bellow. Her own language, is definitely her eccentric demeanor, where she says -chan at the end of everyone’s names, including boys, which mentions her character while addressing herself in third person. Her personality clashes with brooding ones and makes them greatly annoyed, especially if they hate perky people. To Misha, life is a game that must be always of fresh moves and continuous entertainment, free of routine. Changing horses in the middle of the stream is another small quirk for Misha, which makes decision making, and sticking to a decision, particularly hard for her. Misha is incredibly imaginative, thinking of new ideas almost all of her time, but concentrates on the good stuff in life. Only thinking of optimistic things, you could address her as a "Goody goody." In fact, she doesn’t think of herself at all, only as “Mi-chan,” herself.

Misha is typically full of creative energy and enthusiasm with a great inner drive, which is expressed through action, to prove her. She is constantly seeking experiences which give them the opportunity to prove they are the best. There is little timidity to be found in Misha, she is a confident "doer" who frequently forges ahead regardless of the consequences. However, this impulsive behavior can sometimes lead to problems because Misha tends to leap before she looks. She is not afraid to take risks or gamble in order to have their way. If Misha’s impulsive drives can be tempered, then she will accomplish much and become a successful leader. She constantly seeks to be the best at whatever they do and would rather have fame and fortune than material wealth. Misha is willing to sacrifice time, and even their lives for those they love. And that is the character of Wasuremono, Misha.

History: Misha had a lived a pretty optimistic life, no one special died, she wasn't abandoned, or anything that Misha wouldn't be able to handle. She had lived a happy life, the child of Aiko Wasuremono and Ryuu Wasuremono, who owned a business in a odd antique shop. Misha was fascinated with all the knacky objects in there and soon wanted to take over the family business, for her love of finding quirky objects was big. One time, Misha had found a pot enscribed with strange carvings, she brought it home. Another time, Misha had found an amulet with a amethyst stuck on it, she took it home. This hobby of Misha's made her smile. When Misha saw the trend "Pokemon" it made her want to think: hey! I want a Pokemon too!

And so, Misha began her journey in the Kanto region, getting the badges, one by one, while greately struggling at each battle. Then, there came the Johto region, which Misha noted for their "Cute" Pokemon and greately tried at recieving badges here. Then came Hoenn, Misha did the worst there, with all the different types. Along the way, Misha has met with some pokemon that became her bestest friends and always was on the road with them. When given a invitation to this competition, Misha had nearly squealed and jumped at the sight of it.

~~ Corsola ~~ Sango ~~ Female ~~ Sango was found when Misha was strolling along the beach. This Corsola wanted to play and had found a perfect-target; Misha. THen she started yapping and other sounds Corsola could make. Misha enjoyed her spunkyness and soon added her to the team. Sango means Coral, exactly what a Corsola is. Sango is rude, arrogant, and only takes orders from Misha, while being playful and optimistic at the same time.

~~ Banette ~~ Ryou ~~ Male ~~ Ryou was found in Mount Pyre as a Shuppet, woho also had a knack for finding things. In the place, Misha would always find Ryou with a different rare objects, which is unusually odd, as only Linoone's have this ability. Misha wanted it for herself, to help in her studies, and after a hour of chasing around, she soon captured him. Ryou means Darkness. Ryou is a pessimist, and sometimes a bit austere as well. But strong, yet evil.

~~ Hime ~~ Wigglytuff ~~ Female ~~ In the Kanto region, Hime was found as a Jigglypuff, Misha absoulutely adored cute pokemon like this and vowed to catch the pokemon. After several failed attempts, mostly because it put her to sleep and it would run away. She soon gave herself to Misha, Hime refuses to be in a ball, and usually walks on the side of Misha. Hime means Princess. Hime is spoiled, and acts like she is better then everyone else, she hates getting dirty and will only battle if nessecary.

~~ Ariados ~~ Doku ~~ Male ~~ Misha encountered this pokemon in the Johto region. For some odd reason, Misha loved bug pokemon and opted to make him hers, she caught Doku as a Spinarak and was an easy catch. Doku means Poison. Doku is one that will stop the quarelling between all the pokemon, he wasn't raised in commotion and became calm and relaxed, just like poison seeping through the body.

~~ Gengar ~~ Kage ~~ Female ~~ This was the first pokemon that Misha had caught, Misha was currently in Lavender Town at the cemetary when she saw a shadow, she was scared all right, and soon ran out of the tower. When she talked to Jii-san Fuji, he told her it was a spirit, Misha got excited and wanted to catch a spirit. Turns out, it was a Gastly, though Misha caught it. Kage means Shadow. Kage is much like venom, cold, hard and not easy to get out of. Much like a labyrinth, hard to understand.

~~ Steelix ~~ Ja Ne ~~ Male ~~ Caught in Johto, Misha encountered a Onix in the Rock Cave, or whatever it's called. Though it was easy to catch, as he had no place to hard, per his big body. Ja Ne means, something as 'see you later'. Ja Ne is kind, not much like others his kind, and accomodates everyone, though a bit shy. It's a wonder that he is like that, as Ja has a steel-hard body and looks very, very, very intimidating.

RP Sample:
"Wow, isn't this place pretty!?"

These were the first words that came from Ichigo, who had just arrived at the village. Her bateau was broken once again and she had to retreat to the nearest town. Ichigo took the time to admire the cerulean ocean, just glistening over the top of the town. To tell, the truth, Ichigo had no idea what the name of the location once. From passer-bys, she could tell the words "Coco," and "Village," but the voices were soon drowned out by the crowd, to her it sounded like "Cocoa Village."

Then she suddenly had a craving for hot chocolate.

Ichigo hadn't eaten and days, and was surviving from biscuits, and small doses of rum. She took a breath out of her breath, and breathed a sigh of relief, it made her calm as she breathed out once again. There were many dwellers in the market, by the way I mean many, it is not like the crowds in cities, but the small ones that seem big to ones that haven't seen cities big. There was the population of travelers, pirates, and just the village dwellers.

Ichigo had been told to not fear pirates, as told by Shigeko, "Your worst fear is yourself," if it was Shigeko, then she could of easily gotten that quote from a dictionary, or one of those fancy people Ichigo didn't like. Some pirates could be odd, as there was one that had tattoos up and down his whole arm, he looked clueless, just as clueless as Ichigo when some asks a super-hard math problem, but Ichigo just kept walking toward him, he somehow intrigued her and she wanted to get a closer look.

February 21st, 2007, 10:49 PM
@Mikuru-chan: Okay, that's good, you're accepted.

Sorry about the slow starting post, but I have work today so I'll only be able to conduct the start of the tournament by this evening, so until then I guess you can either wait or just mingle your characters a bit before the competition.

IC: Holding six Poke Balls in her hands, Akira looked over her party as she stood waiting for her ride. The platform was isolated from the other tracks and no other passengers appeared to be catching the same train. Seeing this, Akira felt slightly wary of where she was heading and what she was doing there alone.
“This is crazy, it’s probably just a hoax,” she muttered to herself, looking up and down the platform. It was deserted. “I don’t even know why I came.”
Akira looked down at the six Poke Balls resting in her hands. Sighing, she returned the six balls to her bag that she shouldered across her back. “I can’t believe I actually thought that an organisation like the Summit Nine Pokemon League would invite me to compete, it’s ridiculous.” Regaining her composure, Akira looked from one end of the platform to the other before finally coming to a decision. She was going home. “And to think I ironed my clothes this morning,” she said frowning, as she turned to leave. Suddenly, as she took her first step away, a gust of wind encircled the platform. Holding her hair and bag in place, Akira turned to see what had caused the sudden draught around her, only to find herself face-to-face with a compartment door. The train had arrived.
Akira stood wide-eyed as she looked over the train that had suddenly appeared. Its appearance was the same as other locomotives that ran through the station’s circuit, yet there was something distinctive about it that separated it from the rest. Pulling out her ticket, Akira examined her invitation before looking back at the train. “Well, I guess, this is it,” she muttered to herself, looking over the platform for the last time.
The door that stood before her led into one of the many carriages trailing the train’s head. Each carriage was adorned with a large painted number across its side.
“I guess this one is as good as any,” she said slowly, opening the door. Stepping inside, Akira found a rather spacious carriage with a fair number of seats and stands. Looking around, she quickly found out that she was the only passenger on board. Realising this, Akira quickly made herself comfortable and stretched herself across a triple seated stand. The doors of the carriage soon closed and the train shifted back onto its track. Akira’s journey to the Summit Nine Pokemon League had begun.

Akira sat up straight in her seat as the train slowed into another platform. She had only been travelling for ten minutes before the train made its second stop. Slightly confused, Akira looked around to see where the train had stopped and to see who was getting on board.
It must be picking up the other trainers for the competition. She thought to herself as she pressed her face against the window to see outside. She could see several figures standing outside on the platform that the train was slowing into. The lights in the carriage turned on as the doors opened across the train.
I wonder if they’re getting on. Hoe, this is getting a little uncomfortable. Akira soon realised that her face was still plastered against the window and quickly forced herself back into her seat, securing one of her Poke Balls in her hand as a precaution. The group of passengers then stepped across the platform and entered the train.

OOC: You don't have to all come on the train at this time, you can even show up at the tournament just as it starts, so there's no pressure. If you do plan on getting on the train, you don't all have to be together in the same carriage of course, there are others, it's up to you really how your character gets to the tournament. I'm just trying to create an opening ;).

February 22nd, 2007, 9:24 AM
"Woooo!" Cher screamed with glee. "Ferme, vas, vas!" [Ferme, go, go!] Cher shouted, encouraging her cantering horse to go faster. Ferme neighed and tossed her head about before taking off into a gallop, the two becoming a mere blur of speed, now. "Summit Nine Pokemon League, here we come!" Cher declared with excitement.

After a while the excitement of the ride on Ferme became rather boring, and Cher signaled to Ferme to slow to an easy stop. "Remercier tu, Ferme. Retour." [Thank you, Ferme. Return.] Cher said to her Rapidash, returning the graceful horse back to it's Pokeball. "Perhaps I should travel through the sky?" Cher asked herself, looking up into the blue sky. "Oui." [Yes,] Cher said to herself, a smile appearing. She brushed a lock of dark hair away from her face and pulled out a Heavy Ball.

"Let's go, Vrai!" Cher called, sending her large Salamence out into the open. After showing the Salamence some affection, Cher climbed onto his back and they were soon off, again, for the Summit Nine Pokemon League.

February 22nd, 2007, 12:16 PM
OOC: Im on the same train as you are Toomi


The boat ride to the train station was long and tedious. But finnaly he made it to the train station where he would go to Summit nine.

Cain waited patiently at the platform with his ticket inside his inside pocket. Then when the train came he stepped onto it.

Finnaly my trip to Summit Nine officialy starts.

Then Cain walked through the the train looking for a cabin.

February 22nd, 2007, 1:37 PM
Sprinting down the hill towards the train station, Xtian watched the train start back up. I CAN'T MISS THIS TRAIN!! This is a once in a life time moment and im going to miss it! Xtian thought to himself as he came into 20 feet of the train. The conductor was ushering him to hurry by waving his hand as the train started moving. When he got to the end of the station, the train was 30 feet away and rapidly increasing.

"I AM NOT MISSING THIS TRAIN!" Xtian yelled as he grabbed a pokeball and throwing it in frustration. An Arcanine appeared suddenly staring at his master. "CATCH THAT TRAIN!" Xtian commanded as he jumped on his pokemons back. The giangantic dog took off at a sprint with his master holding on tightly to his fur. As the pokemon caught up to the train, the conductor looked on in amazment at the creatures incredible speed. Xtian who was used to riding his pokemon reached out and grabbed the side of the train, swinging himself onto the train and returning his pokemon.

"Thanks for keeping the door open!" Xtian patted the conductors back and walked into the train compartment.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
February 22nd, 2007, 2:33 PM
AJ had been running and cursed silently as he ran full throttle down the station, Why did I have to drop my keys in my coffee? And Wake up late. AJ thought to himself as some sweat appeared on his forehead, he had been so late to wake up and then all the other little things was going to make him miss his train, which otherwise he would have to wait a long time for the next and that wasn't an option. This thought made AJ run even faster. AJ could see his train departing, " Oh no you don't" He mumbled running even faster then before. He could see the train right ahead of him, taking off to where it was due to go. AJ ran besides the train, all those years of track were finnaly paying off, he was keeping up with the slowly accelerating train. He waited and then, This is it! AJ thought to himself as he jumped onto the speeding train, " Oww! that Really hurt, not like the movies at all" He said rubbing his chest, he started to climb to the top of the train and then continued to walking on top looking for a window to go through.

AJ could see a skylight from on the train right up ahead, he took a look down on it and sighed. " So many people..." he muttered ignoring how fast the winds were waving across his coat and hair. AJ continued to trying to open it and groaned, " Of course, it's locked because nothing's ever easy." He said scowling. I geuss I'll just have to pay for the glass... he thought to himself as he took a deep breath and took a leap into the glass pane, and... he broke straight through, glass shattering was all he could hear and well the shouts of the passengers, he had made a perfect leap. So atleast he didn't look like a loser.

February 22nd, 2007, 3:05 PM
Adryan made a huge yawn that would've made the sleepiest of Slaking's jealous. According to this ticket he had recently recieved in the mail, he was invited to join in a Summit Nine tournament hosted by the National League. When it came down to it, Adryan would do his best to win, but at the current moment he was more interested in a pair of Rattata playing tag with each other. He watched them try to grab each other by the tail when he decided to take a second glance at the invitation. As he read over the familiar message, he saw that the train would be at the station in about 5 minutes. Adryan then gathered his belongings and headed for the town.

When he looked at his watch again, it showed that the train would be arriving in about 2 minutes and Adryan began to quicken his pace. He was sort of close to the station, but he shouldn't have to rush. After all, it was them that invited him to this thing. It would be common courtesy after all. Just as he arrived in front of the steaming train, it was already leaving in the station. Adryan rapidly held on to his backpack and lept from the platform and just barely grabbed onto the railing of the last cabin. He hoisted himself up and he entered the cabin, sagged against the wall, and took a sigh of relief. Just as he was about to put up his arms in relaxation, the conductor entered the formerly empty cabin with a very puzzled expression.

"Um...where did you come from? Well, at any rate. May I see your invitation please?"

Adryan flashed his ticket at the conducter who then nodded and made an ambigious expression on his face. He seemed disappointed yet confused. Adryan kept examining him until the conductor muttered under his breath: "I must be going nutty. Oh well, I won't let him know that." and at that he left Adryan alone in the cabin.

What a weird guy. Oh well, time to see the sights out the window.

February 22nd, 2007, 9:15 PM
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Goldenrod City, 7:36 AM

The sound of hooves hitting pavement echoed throughout Goldenrod City as the sun lazily made it's way to it's designated position. The awakening sunlight cast a chilly shadow over a boy and his steed as they sped through the dingy alleys of the big city.

"Come on, Melody! We're not going to make the train.." called Artemis sharply, briefly glancing at the Pokegear strapped to his right forearm. "7:37..." he muttered, as he lightly applied pressure with his ankles into his steed's sides. Melody squealed with discomfort.

<Oooh!> she cried, tossing her head in the air, her gorgeous mane battling the oncoming wind. <I'm going as fast as I can, Artemis! We'll be fine! The train doesn't leave until 8:00 anyway..> she pleaded, beginning to slow down. Artemis released the pressure from his heels, and let the girafarig rest herself for a moment.

"You know what, Melody? We're close enough. I think I can walk from here." Glancing quickly at his watch, he made his way toward the ticket window. As he reached into his pocket, the old woman behind the counter coughed, and pointed upward at a sign. "Pokemon League competition, platform 6B." Hastily stuffing the flyer back into his pack, he walked with Melody by his side towards the large platform.

The platform was slightly isolated from the others, and apparantly ran on a completely seperate track. It ran with the other track for a while, but veered off to the right, into the mountainous regions. The engineer sat in a small brown chair at the edge of the platform, reading the paper. A large cigar was sticking out of his mouth, and occasionally puffs of smoke would emerge from his mouth. Peering over the paper, he nodded his head at the boy and Melody.

"Sor'y, bo. 'Fraid you can't have no Pokemon over 4 feets out on this here train." he stated robotically before putting his paper back up. With a nod, Artemis returned Melody to her pokeball.

Before long, the low rumble of a train could be heard powering across the track. As the train grew closer, his excitement grew proportionally higher, and by the time he was stepping onto the train, his heart was almost pumping out of his chest. He turned to the left, and took the third room on the right. Without paying much mind to the crimson velvet cushions or jade green walls with the forest green window curtains, he closed the door behind him, sat down in one of the seats, and let himself sink into the cushioned surface.

February 23rd, 2007, 2:32 AM
OOC: Okay, long and rushed post coming up. I've sped up the whole "starting the journey" to "arriving at our destination" sequence a bit, so bear with it. Just to sum up what's going on, all of the passengers on the train (Xtian Lyke, Adryan Benton, Artemis Consel, AJ Valentine, Cain Ritham, and Hamano Akira) have arrived at the Pokemon League Tower in Summit Nine. The other five trainers (Kyohaku Musouka, Travis Albright, Elixa Shann, Cher Yeux, and Misha “Mi-chan” Wasuremono) are already in the tower in the trainer flats, which is where everyone will be living during the tournament. When everyone has responded, I'll post the start of the tournament, so until then, mingle, relax, train or whatever. :) ;)

IC: The train skipped back onto its track as it left its fourth stop. Akira sighed in disappointment, as she had been expecting some company ever since she had seen the group of passengers waiting at the first stop. However, none of the other passengers on board had entered her carriage, and she was becoming increasingly lonely and frustrated. She had thought that she would have met at least one other trainer on board before the train reached Summit Nine, but to her disappointment, none arrived. She finally conceded that she would meet the other trainers when they arrived at the city and decided to accompany herself with her Pokemon until then.

The carriage lights buzzed into life as the doors slid open. The train had arrived at its final stop and it was time for the trainers and their Pokemon to enter Summit Nine.
Restoring her six partners back into their containers, Akira secured her belongings and stepped out of the carriage and onto the station’s platform.
“So, this is Summit Nine?” she muttered to herself, looking up and down the platform. It was then when she saw for the first time her future opponents. Five male teenage trainers stepped out of adjacent carriages and onto the same platform. Observing the five trainers, Akira soon became aware of how out-of-place she was in this new environment. These were professional Pokemon Trainers, invited to one of the greatest Pokemon League events in history, and then there she was, a simple high school student who had won a few low-brow competitions in her neighbourhood.
Hoe, now this is even more uncomfortable… She thought with a grimace. These guys look serious…
“Holla!” called a sudden voice from the other end of the platform, drawing her and the other five trainers’ attention. “You guys must be the other competitors. Good, good! The other five have arrived, so we’re just waiting for you lot. Come on, follow me!”
Akira was taken aback by the source of the voice’s frankness. The one who had called out was a tall male teenager, around the age of the other five trainers. He had short black hair and wore a loose white collar shirt and long grey trousers. Akira had a strange feeling that she had met him before, but decided to forget the notion as he ushered the group of six outside of the station.
Hoe…this is getting uncomfortable…

The tall male teenager had revealed himself to be the Summit Nine Pokemon League trainer guide. His name was Miles. He also informed the group that he would be participating in the tournament along side the other competitors.
Akira couldn’t understand why, but despite his calm and nonchalant nature, she couldn’t help feel that Miles was leading them on in concerns with his abilities as a trainer. She felt that he was more dangerous than he lead on, and for some reason, that bothered her. However, she decided to reserve her thoughts until she could find some quiet time alone, but until then, she was trying hard to take in everything Miles was saying.
“Okay trainers,” he began, leading the group into a large room where a centred circular counter sat, “this is the main hub of the Pokemon League Tower for Summit Nine and the tournament. Before we can go into the details, I’ll need all of you to register yourselves with the receptionists over there and then come and meet me at elevators.” The carefree guide directed Akira and the other five male trainers to the circular counter where a number of receptionists greeted them.
“May I see your Pokedex and trainer identification card please?” one of the receptionists asked Akira with a smile. Akira complied with a slight smile as she handed over her Hoenn-made Pokedex and trainer identification card. She’s a little…straightforward...
The receptionist then returned her belongings, finishing her registration into the tournament.

The group of six had soon finished registering and gathered around the guide. Akira had finally learned the names of the five other trainers who accompanied her, and along with Miles, would be her future opponents.
Xtian, Adryan, Artemis, AJ, and Cain... She thought, recalling their names. Hmm, I’ve never heard about these guys before. They must be new like me, heh… A sweat drop hung over her head as she looked over the five other trainers.
“Holla!” Miles called, interrupting her thoughts. “Now that we’ve all registered, I’ll show you guys your new home for the tournament. The other five trainers have already arrived and are probably unpacking and settling in, so you’ll get a chance to meet them when we get there. Come on, follow me!”
Akira gave a slight smile as she followed the group and Miles into the elevator. The ride up to what Miles had described to be the "Trainer Flats" took a fair amount of time, further promoting the height and architectural design of the building. Reaching the forty-seventh floor, Miles led the group into a single spacious corridor that ran right around the level's frame. The outer wall resembled strong glass panes that allowed those in the corridor to see the city below and around the tower. Across the inner walls of the corridor stood twelve single doors, each titled with the trainers' names.
"Congratulations trainers," Miles began, ushering the group out of the elevator. "Welcome to your new homes."

February 23rd, 2007, 3:15 PM
OOC: Ah, crap. I could've posted earlier, but I was waiting for Yoshi to post... Oh well. I'll just back track a little then. (This is going kind of fast... >.<)

IC: "Fair." Elixa finally said after a moment's silence, as she evaluated the trainer flats, "Just fair."

Pich, however, had already scrambled onto the bed that was seemingly claimed for Elixa, and was currently digging through his bag of presents, looking for- Lunch! He heroically presented the neatly wrapped peanut butter and jelly sandwich (no crusts) to nobody in particular, before unwrapping it. Downing it in one bite, he watched with mild interest as his trainer gave the room a long examination, filled with hard critiques, and irrelevant things. He was used to this, as it happened in nearly every pokemon center they stopped at. Nothing was ever much better then 'Fair'. In fact, even home was 'Below Average'.

He pulled out a water bottle and sucked on the straw he'd dug up from the depths of the bag of presents. Elixa finally finished her examinations and sat down with next to the smaller-then-average delibird, saying, "I heard that Arty's here too, it'd be fun to see him again wouldn't it Pich?"

Pich clicked his beak and nodded, though remained silent as he disappeared in his bag, looking for god-knows-what. Elixa, however, heard a little commotion outside, therefore, opened the door and peered outside with a nonchalant expression.

"Oh, more people." Elixa said flatly, before Pich hurriedly gathered his things and rushed out the door to greet them.

He expertly balanced 5 neatly wrapped present's in a tower that was at least 2 times as tall as himself and held them out to the five trainers, "Deli Deli!"

Elixa sighed, "Don't open them! They're potentially dangerous to your physical and mental well-being." She called, and muttered to herself as an afternote, "Though I'd imagine they're more physically damaging."

OOC: Crap post. Oh well. *whatever*

Scarlet Weather
February 23rd, 2007, 5:37 PM
"Geh... that was a bizarre dream."

Travis pulled himself out of the sheets of the comfortable bed. He'd been dreaming that he was stuck in a chatroom, and a random member had been running around screaming that they needed to excrete in a roleplay that wasn't even considered to be anime-related. Of course, now that he was awake, he realized that this was a dream that was probably brought on due to his obsessive use of the computer last night. After all, he had been a little overboard with his use of the computer. It was his first time with internet access, and he had gone everywhere he possibly could in one night. He had stayed up a little late as well, hence, the sleeping in the middle of the day. He made it a point never to deprive himself of sleep unnecessarily. Slowly, he shuffled over to the door of his two-room flat, and opened the door. Outside he could see his Pokemon lazing about on the grass-filled lawn. Ra, being the elitist he was, was leaning against a tree with a stick of barley in his mouth, away from the others. Travis did catch him sneaking a glance at Alice, who was giggling about something with Hikari for the umpteenth time, before looking away again embarassed. He's really just a softy. Anyway, despite Ra's apparent dislike of most of Travis's team, he was a powerful Pokemon and Travis had been lucky that Tori had been willing to loan him. Normally that girl was almost paranoid about lending any of her team to Travis anyway. Ryota was playing cards with Trodite and Raidon, but the moment he heard Travis step out, he walked over, laughing. <How goes it, great leader?>

"Not bad. Come on, let's go check and see if the others have arrived."

X number of minutes needed to get to where the other trainers are later...

Travis arrived just in time to watch a Delibird begin balancing various presents on his hands and hear the other trainers being warned not to open them. "Trust me, believe the girl. I opened a present from a Delibird once. It wasn't pretty."


"Aw, how cute! It's giving me a present!" a young Travis laughed, staring at his father's newly purchased Delibird.

"Travis, don't-" his Father began, but before he could finish, the child had already grabbed the present, and a miniscule explosion rocked the room. "Never mind." he finished, sighing.

End Flashback

"And that is why you should never look a gift horse in the mouth." Travis finished, wagging his finger in a knowing way.

Ryota smacked one of his claws against his head. <Ay, he never passes up a chance to tell a story.>

OOC: Yay for introducing the team, yelling at annoying non-roleplayers, and moving Travis to the main building in a single post?

February 23rd, 2007, 9:18 PM
OOC: The league starts finnaly


Cain left the train when it made it to the platform to the tower at the pokemon league. He noticed a few other trainers that made him uneasy

What if they are really strong? Maybe I should have trained more.

Cain walked with a few other trainers. Then a taller one by the name of Miles said that he was the trainer guide to Summit nine. Miles led them to the registration desks where Cain found himself near the back of the line to signing up. When he finnaly did get to sign up the women in charge of doing so asked for his Pokedex and his Trainer card. So he gave both and waited. He hoped that the receptionist wouldnt run off with his Id or something. Then a few seconds later the Receptionist returned his Pokedex and Id.

Well im in the tournament now.

Miles led them to the trainer flats. There Cain selected a room very quickly and was very glad to know he had the room to himself. Cain took his backpack off and released his Blaziken. He needed some company through this.

Once Cain released Blaziken he asked him

"So.... we are in the pokemon league how do you feel?"

Cain then felt very uneasy about doing this. He knew asking stupid questions usualy annoyed Blaziken

February 24th, 2007, 3:13 AM
OOC: Hyuuga Neji and Grim, please make sure that you run your posts through spell check before posting. Also, some of your punctuation could use some work, as I can see a lot of errors here and there. Other than that, keep it up. :) This is the list of participants and their trainer counterparts, just for reference: Toomi (Hamano Akira), Hyuuga Neji (Xtian Lyke), Alana (Kyohaku Musouka), Art_Critic_Cubone (Travis Albright), Key (Adryan Benton), YoshiRiRu (Artemis Consel), ash jr. (AJ Valentine), Grim (Cain Ritham), Bijou (Elixa Shann), *~Hazel~* (Cher Yeux), Mikuru-chan (Misha “Mi-chan” Wasuremono). Oh, and this is a kind of laid back post, just to slow things down a bit, heh.

IC: Akira slowly opened the door and stepped inside her new accommodated suite. Feeling the sides of the wall, she quickly found the switch and turned on the lights. Closing the door behind her as she entered her new home, Akira hastily made herself comfortable, taking in everything the room presented her with.
“This is great!” she exclaimed as she threw her bag aside, her six partners’ Poke Balls scattering across the carpeted floor, before she collapsed onto her queen sized bed. “Oh, this is so nice!”
‘I would think so,’ spoke the voice of her young Dragonair partner. ‘You could have at least released us first Akira, before relaxing I mean…’ There was a hint of urgency and irritation in the dragon’s voice that caught her trainer’s attention. A sweat drop hung over Akira’s head as she waved off her Dragonair’s exclamation. “Sorry, sorry,” she began, pulling herself up from the bed’s sheets. “The room just got to me. Anyway, how did you get out of your Poke Ball? Don’t tell me you broke the seal again…”
The mood between the two instantly changed and the young dragon was soon under the pressure of her trainer’s questions. ‘That’s, uh…’
At that moment a voice resonated from outside her room’s door. “Holla Hamano!”
Akira abandoned her argument with the Dragonair, much to her relief, and answered the door, where she was greeted by a beaming Miles, the trainer guide.
“Ah Hamano, just thought I’d let you know that the hot baths and market centre are open and running for all participating trainers in the tournament,” the guide began, “so if you get bored, don’t feel restricted to just your room, the Pokemon League Tower has heaps to do!”
Akira smiled in agreement, even though she was slightly taken aback by the guide’s enthusiasm. “U-Uh thanks…”
“Oh and for tomorrow, the first round of the tournament will be officially announced in the tower’s lobby, where we all got registered, remember? Make sure you’re there by eight o’clock at the latest, or we’ll start without you.” The short black-haired guide finished with a smile before waving himself off. “I’m going through all the trainers to tell them what’s happening, so if you need anything I’ll be here on this level. My room’s right by the double elevators. Catch you later!”
Akira nodded. The guide gave a final wave before quickly heading for the next trainer’s room, where he greeted a rather surprised teenager who appeared to have been in preparations with his Pokemon inside.
Retreating back into her room, Akira turned to find that all of her party had been released and were making themselves quite comfortable in their new home. “Ugh, you guys! I was planning on taking a bath and going to sleep…” the tired trainer exclaimed. “Can’t you guys play some other time?”
‘But Hamano, we’ve been resting all day in our containers, this is our first time outside since you got that invitation,’ Cloyster replied. ‘Besides, I heard that guide, there’s a public hot bath somewhere in the tower, so you can have a bath there. And if you want to sleep, well, you can sleep in the hot baths as well.’
Akira frowned. “I told you not to address me so formerly, and besides, that’s cruel, making me leave my own room just to take a bath…”
The door slammed closed and Akira suddenly found herself locked out of her room with a towel hanging over her head. Clenching her fist, she turned on the spot and bowed her head. “Ugh, if this tournament doesn’t kill them, I will!”
Looking up, she noticed that Miles was still briefing the other trainers on the far end of the corridor, and seeing their rather surprised expressions made her feel slightly calmer. Taking a deep breath, Akira slowly made her way around the corridor, towards the level’s double elevators, while taking in the tower’s view.
The sun’s already setting… She thought, as she approached the elevators’ doors. The tournament starts tomorrow…I hope I’m ready.
The sound of the elevator’s carriage rumbled behind the metal doors that opened into the centre of the tower. The light above Akira’s head flashed as she stepped inside, the doors closing behind her. She located the tower’s bathhouse on the twenty-second floor and stepped into its steaming milieu.
Slipping into the towel that her Pokemon had so willingly given her, Akira found a small bath secluded in the female’s dorm and stepped in. The steam from the bath swelled around her as she entered the water.
“Just right…” she breathed, leaning back against the bath’s edge. “Huh, I guess I could stay like this for a while…”

February 24th, 2007, 6:24 AM
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The room was dark. Too dark.

As Artemis stood up from the uncomfortable chair, he dully realized that he wasn't where he remembered. He was in a large building, and for some reason.. he knew exactly where he was going. As he walked from the lobby into the main part of the building, he felt the pressure of something cold and metal on the back of his neck.

Artemis awoke in a cold sweat, his hand clutched tightly to his heart, which was nearly beating out of his chest. Looking out the window, he realized that they had pulled into the station. Closing the viridian curtains, he stood up. His legs were still shaking, and he had to grab the brass bar above the window for a bit of support. Slinging his bag of belongings over his shoulders, and reattaching his belt of Pokeballs, he made his way out of his room.

The carraige was hustling and bustling with about 6 other trainers all doing about the same thing as him. Artemis was the second one to leave the train. As he did so, a tall boy, about Artemis' age jogged up towards them, patting down a cowlick that stuck up oddly off the side of his head.

"Hola!" he exclaimed, and Artemis winced. He couldn't stand people who used one word phrases from other languages. The same concept applied to people who said "Merci" for no reason other to sound "classy." Something about this boy already struck a nerve in Artemis' system.

As soon as everyone was out of the train, the boy clapped his hands together , and rubbed them together. “You guys must be the other competitors. Good, good! The other five have arrived, so we’re just waiting for you lot. Come on, follow me!” With that, he walked off.

The area around the train platform was littered with various greenery and several potted plants, but that isn't what caught Artemis' eye - it was a huge dome, probably 50 feet high. Artemis couldn't help staring at it.

"Is that where we're going to be competing..?" he wondered out loud. The boy smiled.

"Why don't you find out for yourself, compadre?"

Artemis considered for a fleeting moment of objecting to the boy's proposal, but since he had no idea where he was or where things were, he followed quietly and obediently; ignoring the last remark. As they neared the large dome, their guide turned around and addressed them, walking backwards. "My name is Miles, and I'm going to be your guide while you're here." Miles said cheerfully, turning around just in time to open the large glass doors which lead into the dome. "I'll also be entering the tournament.. so I'm right in the same boat with all of you." he said, his back still turned.

As they all made their way into the room, Miles moved his arm in a wide arc, showing off the room. "This is the main hub of the Pokemon League Tower for Summit Nine and the tournament. Before we can go into the details, I’ll need all of you to register yourselves with the receptionists over there and then come and meet me at elevators.” Miles motioned towards 2 or 3 receptionists sitting at desks, hands neatly folded, all smiling just a tad too big for Artemis' taste. He made his way towards the far right receptionist, who smiled, showing off glistening white teeth.

"Hi!" she bubbled. "I'll need to see your like.. Pokedex..? And like.. your.. like.. Trainer ID!" she finished, flashing another huge smile. A smile tugged at Artemis' lips, and he obliged. Quick as a flash, the lady had entered his information, and returned his belongings. "See you around, cutie! I'll be rooting for you! Good luck!" she cooed, waving her petite hand, a wink flashing across one eye. Turning slightly red, Artemis made his way towards his destination, the elevators.

“Hola!” Miles called, and Artemis winced again. “Now that we’ve all registered, I’ll show you guys your new home for the tournament. The other five trainers have already arrived and are probably unpacking and settling in, so you’ll get a chance to meet them when we get there. Come on, follow me!”

The elevator was quite a decent size, and all 7 of them fit in quite nicely. However, after 47 floors of waiting around, Artemis was more than happy to get off. As they did so, Artemis was surprised to find a Delibird shuffling out of a room, carrying a formidable amount of presents. However, nobody seemed to take one, and proceeded to their rooms. Feeling bad for the pokemon, Artemis took his gift, and opened it to find a scrumptious cookie. Smiling, he pocketed the cookie, and helped the Delibird take it's unopened parcels back to it's room. Once he had set down the presents, he nearly burst out laughing.

"Well well! Look what we have here!"

February 24th, 2007, 8:03 AM
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Pich followed the familar boy back to the room, and on sight of Elixa, he began to bawl and threw himself at his trainer, crying in his pokemon language how cold human's were and how none of his presents were accepted. (He neglected to mention Artemis.) After a moment of crying, Pich finally sniffled and crawled onto the bed to open the rejected presents. Eating the cookies himself, (rather cheerfully,) he ate with one hand and pointed at Artemis with the other.

"Hello Arty." Elixa said in a flat tone before walking over to Pich and bringing him over to a chair, "No eating on the bed. Anyhow, I see your just the same."

Pich laughed and pointed at Elixa, who was brushing the cookie crumbs off the white bedsheets. Plopping down on the now crumb-free bed, she decided that her last question wasn't really that important, "It's been awhile though. Gotten any better at training?"

<'Not that we won the last time we battled.'> Match's bored tone came from his pokeball, and Elixa was about ready to fling his pokeball at the wall, but resisted the urge. She simply sat patiently, waiting for a response. This action was an old sign that said she was trying her very hardest not to rip someone's head off. Particularly a houndoom that was whispering sarcastic remarks to his trainer from his pokeball.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
February 24th, 2007, 8:56 AM
OOC: updated pokemon

AJ groaned and rubbed his head, he was tired but knew he had to get out of bed. He looked at the clock, " Good, right on time" He muttered to himself and pulled himself out of bed heading towards the bathroom to shower. He undressed and turned on the shower, he waited until it was nice and warm and then slipped into the shower. Ah.. very relaxing... He thought to himself putting shampoo in his hair, he rubbed it until it was gone and just tryed to relax in the shower. AJ got out, " Now where the towel's..." He mumbled going towards a cabinet, " Ahh there we go" He said pulling out a towel and wrapping it around his waist.

AJ walked back to the main room and pulled out some clothes and started to dress, when he was all dressed he walked over to his bed and picked up his bag and proceeded out the door. He heard a kid speaking spanish in an english tone, " How stupid..." He muttered considering that AJ was actully a hispanic and knew the whole language. AJ decided to get something to eat and kept walking down the hallway, " Where could the food be..." AJ muttered and then remembered, " Oh yeah I had to pay for that skylight on the train... I need to get some cash at a bank..." AJ groaned.

February 24th, 2007, 10:28 AM
Everything was happening so fast. It seemed like moments ago he was dozing off on the train, and now he was registered for the tournament, staring at a sweet new home, and had an incredible view from this position in the tower. It was a bit overwhelming at first but it was something that he could definitely get used to. Adryan started to walk around his new room, examining everything up and down. He wanted his pokemon to join in the house warming, but both Aggron and Milotic would easily be cramped inside the room. Just then, Pidgeotto emerged unexpectedly from its ball and Adryan's face wore a humerous expression.

"You can never stay in there can ya? Well, its not fair to the others if you get to be out and they can't."

Pidgeotto answered by crowing out its name and flapping a small gust within the room. "Ok, ok. Calm down."

Adryan swooped the hyperactive bird into his arms and exited his room. He looked around, but no one was in the hall. They must all be settling in too. thought Adryan.

With Pidgeotto on his shoulder, he entered the elevator and began to lower down to the floor with the hot baths that the map had mentioned. He passed the entrance counter and went to a hot bath large enough for all of his pokemon to enjoy the soothing water. He released them all and let them play around or just relax. Adryan then became lost in his mind about tomorrow's tournament. There would be tons of extremely talented trainers he would have to defeat if he really wanted to win this thing. He looked around at his team and saw Espeon and Heracross watching Milotic dance gracefully with the boiling bubbles. Aggron was napping quietly at the edge of the bath with Pidgeotto perched on its back. Typhlosion was no where to be found until Adryan looked right next to him and was approaching him with a concerned look. Adryan didn't know what to say except: "Don't worry. I have full confidence in all of you."

After they finished soaking up the suds, Adryan returned everyone and returned to the elevator. He noticed that the baths were closing, and judging by the moon in the sky, it was alot later than he had thought.

February 24th, 2007, 6:38 PM
OOC: This post is a bit big, but I thought it was necessary since some of the other RP-er's have yet to post, and interest seems to be faltering. So anyway, in my next post the tournament will start, so be prepared for that, as I'll probably write it up later today or tomorrow. If you have not posted yet, please try to get one in before then, so that I know you're still active. Okay, happy readings. ;)

IC: Akira awoke to the gentle prodding of the bathhouse owner, who had informed her that the hot baths were closing for the night. Her face red from embarrassment from falling asleep in such a public setting, and her body soaked in steam for staying in so long, Akira quickly stepped out and grabbed her belongings.
Oh no, I can’t believe I fell asleep… She thought, as she pulled herself into her set of clothes, cursing at the fact that she had forgotten a second towel to dry herself with. She would have to return to the flats drenched and steaming. Ugh, that Cloyster…

She had finally dressed and headed for the elevators, where she found another one of the trainers just getting in. Adryan. She thought, recalling his name from the registration earlier that morning. Heh, he must’ve had a bath too.
Sliding into the elevator, Akira noticed that the moon was already high in the sky, meaning it was much later than she had initially thought. Hoe? How long was I sleeping? Adryan pressed the level for the Trainer Flats and the elevator began its ascent to the forty-seventh floor.
The ride was considerably shorter than their first trip up, but Akira was still as nervous and uncomfortable as she was during the first time. She had wrapped her arms around her torso in order to prevent her clothes from sticking to her body. Her hair and clothes were still soaked and were dripping onto the floor in the elevator with the bath’s water.
“F-Forgot my towel,” Akira stated with a nervous smile, noticing Adryan’s puzzled look. “I-I was in the bathhouse. I-I fell asleep.”
The lift slowed into its gate before opening its doors to the forty-seventh floor. The outer glass panel wall of the level displayed the nightlife of the city below. Lights and fireworks covered the darkening mass of buildings and people, showing off Summit Nine’s festive and active culture.
Akira quickly ran up to the wall and pressed her face against the glass, looking down at the bustling metropolis below. She smiled as she gazed at the distant sight. Calmness came over her as she rested against the glass, water running down from her hair and face. She was anticipating on going down to join in the festivities before realising that she had an early morning tomorrow and knew she was not the lightest of sleepers.
“Oh man…I really wanted to go,” she sighed, hanging her head. “Ugh, but I guess I should go to sleep. I don’t want to miss out on the tournament either.” With a final teary look at the bustling festival below, Akira tore herself away from the wall and returned half-heartedly to her room, where she would spend the rest of the evening making preparations with her Pokemon and resting for the upcoming tournament.

She awoke with a shock, frantically looking around in an attempt to locate the time. She remembered falling asleep after having long discussions with her Pokemon about how they would approach the tournament, but came to the decision that any tactic or strategy that they could come up with would be unreliable, since she really didn’t know anything about her opponents or their Pokemon. It was Dragonair who had said that she and her other Pokemon would all try their very best, regardless of the situation that satisfied Akira the most.
No matter the outcome, as long as we’re with you, we’ll be alright… She thought, recalling what her Dragonair had said the evening before. “We’ll be alright…”
‘Well, we won’t be alright if you don’t hurry up and get changed Akira,’ came her partner’s voice. ‘And to think I said what I did last night.’ The Dragonair shook its head as her trainer tumbled out of bed, struggling to get ready.
“Hoe…why didn’t you wake me up?” Akira exclaimed, as she tripped out of her pyjamas in attempt to get dressed. Her blue dragon partner shot her trainer a sharp look who immediately backed off the topic.
‘You know how it is Akira,’ her Dragonair continued, ‘I spend half my morning trying to wake you up and then you spend the other half shouting at me because you wouldn’t. It’s a wonder how I’ve lasted this long…’
“Don’t say that, I just get a little grumpy in the morning,” Akira replied, to the scoff of her blue dragon partner. “But I really do appreciate your concern,” she continued with a smile, before giving the Dragonair a small kiss on the nose.
The Dragonair blushed, before realising the situation and continuing with her argument. ‘You better hurry now Akira, it’s already fifty past seven. I’ve coaxed the others back into their Poke Balls too, so we’re ready when you are.’
Akira smiled before drawing out her partner’s ball and returning the dragon to its container. Picking up her bag, she quickly made her way out of the room and to the elevators, where she would take the long lift down to the lobby and to the start of the Summit Nine Pokemon League tournament.

“The first rule states that each Pokemon Trainer is required to select a maximum of three out of his or her six Pokemon for each round of the tournament.”
Miles the trainer guide had already begun his introduction to the tournament as Akira entered the lobby. The group of other trainers exchanged various looks of amusement, nervousness, and anticipation as he continued his explanation of the tournament rulings. Akira herself was feeling increasingly nervous as she was very inexperienced and had no real knowledge of how tournament proceedings were conducted.
“Pokemon Trainers for each round are chosen at random via the random name generator in each stadium,” Miles continued, looking over the group with a less than cheerful expression. His voice carried a threatening tone that established his authority as the league’s trainers’ guide and he was no longer smiling with every word he spoke. The buoyant energy he displayed the day before was absent as he continued his briefing of the eleven other trainers. “Trainers who are not participating in an active round may reserve seats in the stadium’s audience or return to their respective locker rooms behind each of the arenas.”
Akira scratched her head as she struggled to take in everything Miles was describing. The other ten trainers also appeared to have several thoughts on the official rulings but none spoke out. Seeing this, Miles continued with his explanation without hesitation, despite Akira’s faltering attention.
“The second rule states that if a Pokemon exceeds the boundaries of a stadium’s arena during a battle, that Pokemon is considered ‘knocked out’ regardless of whether the Pokemon can continue to fight or not. Once a trainer’s three Pokemon are judged ‘knocked out’, that trainer will be eliminated from the tournament. In two-on-two battles however, if a trainer’s three Pokemon are judged ‘knocked out’, that trainer will not be eliminated until his or her partner’s three other Pokemon are also judged ‘knocked out’.
“Other standard procedures during a Pokemon battle, dictate that no trainer is allowed to enter the boundaries of the stadium’s arena during a battle. This will result in the immediate disqualification of the trainer and his or her partner in the case of a two-on-two battle. The adjudicator’s judgement is final and cannot be challenged until after the match. In the case of a mistaken call, special consideration may be given to the challenging trainer after the match has concluded.”
Finishing his last sentence, Miles regained his breath as he looked over the group. Seeing no objections, he continued. “Now that the rulings have been announced, the final steps of the tournament’s initiation will begin. Because of residential enquiries, the initial ceremony for the tournament was held last night in the city, so that the start of the tournament could be announced immediately the following day, which is today. So, now that we’re all familiar with the details, let’s begin…”
With that, the guide turned and directed the group’s attention to the monitor that stood above the lobby’s counter. Screenshots of the arena flashed across the screen, showing each angle and detail of the stadium. It was then that Akira realised just how big the tournament was.
Crowds of people filled the stands of the stadium, as an official addressed them from the arena’s centre. Miles had returned to his initial composure and smiled as the group observed the flashing monitor. “Let the tournament begin.”

March 6th, 2007, 4:21 PM
ooc: wondering if I could join.

Name: Hotaru

Age: 14

Gender: male

Physical Description: Hotaru has a white collard shirt unbuttoned. Underneath this is a black shirt with a white skull on it. His lowerhalf is covered in a tight black pair of pants and black boots. His hair is black shoulderlength. His eyes are dark dark purple, almost black if looked at from far away. His right wrist has a spiked wristband.

Personality: Hotaru is an outgoing and fun person. He likes to mess around a lot, but still keep his cool and get seriouse.

History: After becoming of age, Hotaru reseaved his first pokemon. After begining his journey, Hotaru was kidnapped and taken to a strange region. After landing, he decided to do the gym battles there. He finished and came back to his home town, where he finished the gym battles to finaly hit the pokemon legue. He finished the league in the top two, but lost to someone who claimed to be his brother. On his way home, Hotaru reseaved an invitation to the Summit Nine.

Pokemon: Medicham, Houndoom, Flygon, Donphan, Amphorus, Feraligator.

RP Sample: