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Sonic Thunder

The events in this RP take place after the events of Sonic Rivals during the Adventure timeline (Adventure -> Adventure 2 -> Heroes -> Shadow -> Sonic the Hedgehog (360) -> Sonic Rivals). However, everyone’s memories of the events of Sonic the Hedgehog were erased at the games end, so we’ll consider that non-existent.

It has been but a year since the events of Rivals, when the evil Eggman Nega, Dr. Eggmans descendent from 200 years in the future, came back in time from the future and attempted to take control of the world. His attempt was thwarted by Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow and Silver, and Silver sealed Nega in a card and returned him to the future. Six months after Silver’s return to the future, Eggman Nega broke free of his prison, and escaped into the past once more.

Feeling responsible for allowing Nega to escape, Silver left his world and Blaze once more in pursuit of the past. Upon arriving in the past, however, he could not find Eggman Nega anywhere. Nega, however, was hiding aboard Space Colony ARK, a location that Silver was not aware of due to his lack of knowledge of the time. During the six months that followed, Silver continued to search for Eggman Nega with no results, while the evil being from the future began making modifications to the weaponry aboard ARK; particularly the Eclipse Cannon. In reality, Nega was converting the Eclipse Cannon into a weapon capable of creating much chaos throughout the planet without directly harming the planet itself. Using forbidden technology from the future, Eggman Nega transformed the Eclipse Cannon into a weapon capable of transforming human lifeforms into anthropomorphic animals, much like Sonic, Silver, and the majority of the cast.

The day of reckoning finally arrived as the end of the six months came to a close. Despite all of Nega’s planning and genius, he made one brutal miscalculation. Without the use of the Chaos Emeralds, the Eclipse Cannon was unable to reach maximum output, and thus was only capable of affecting a single city instead of the entire planet. Unfortunately, that single city was Station Square, and all of the cities inhabitants became anthropomorphic animals. The city plunged into chaos, and was eventually sealed off by G.U.N, the higher ups not wanting a worldwide panic.

One benefit of the incident, however, was that the issue was brought to the attention of those willing to step in and help. Sonic, who had been in Station Square at the time of the assault; Shadow, who had become an agent of the government after putting his past behind him; Silver, who had also been present in Station Square that day. Along with their allies, and most importantly, you, a human who had become caught up in the life changing blast from the Eclipse Cannon, this group of heroes must put a stop to the plans of Eggman Nega, gathering the Chaos Emeralds so that he is incapable of fulfilling his evil goals.

You are one of the many caught in the blast from the modified Eclipse Cannon, and have become an anthropomorphic creature as a result. Just to clarify, characters like Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Amy, Tails, Knuckles, etc are all examples of anthropomorphic creatures. Somehow, you have found yourself involved with the hero group. It soon becomes your responsibility to help see the groups efforts go through. Your journey will take you all over the world and beyond in search of the Chaos Emeralds, and you will face many dangers.

Character Profiles
Sonic the Hedgehog (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/b9/Sonicrun_2006.png): The blue hedgehog makes his return in this new story. Sonic has been described as being "like the wind", and is noted for being free-spirited and adventurous, often jumping into situations without thinking. He likes rock music, and it has been hinted at in the Adventure series that he may have a past time as a DJ. After the events of Rivals, Sonic returned to his carefree lifestyle, occasionally thwarting the minor schemes of Eggman. Sonic was in Station Square due to his own personal desire to have another vacation. Having recently beaten Eggman, he had not been expecting the events that soon took place.

Shadow the Hedgehog (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/75/Shadow_Sonic06.png): Shadow returned to his duties as a government agent after the events of Sonic Rivals. Shadow is a lone hedgehog who distances himself from Sonic and his friends, but he will help them out if needed. He doesn't talk much (but is known to be soft spoken), and he never bluffs; if he makes a threat, he has every intention of carrying it out. As shown in Shadow the Hedgehog, he has a natural killer instinct. Shadow is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants, and when he's determined, he is virtually unstoppable willing to crush entire armies or destroy planets for what he believes in. After the events of Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow decided to put his past behind him, not letting it control him anymore. Shadow was assigned to Station Square shortly after the Eclipse Cannon attack. He was to investigate any extreme abnormalities in the city, as well as keeping the citizens under control.

Silver the Hedgehog (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/8/84/Silver-large.png/272px-Silver-large.png): Silver has "a strong sense of justice" and it is this personality trait that motivates him to head back into the past to correct the future. Also, he believes in standing up for those who can't stand up for themselves. This led him to accept Blaze when everybody else was teasing her because of her pyrokinetic abilities. Although seemingly serious in nature, an interview states that Silver is young and immature. He is emotionally dependent upon Blaze, and gets insecure when she is not around. Blaze claims that Silver is naive several times, and, before sacrificing herself during the 360 game, she says that this is something she always liked about him. Silver can use his psychokinesis in a number of ways. He can move objects with his mind, and either use them as projectiles, or arrange them in order to cross gaps. He is also capable of bending various metal objects such as beams and prison bars. Another move would allow him to stand on a various object, and levitate it in the air, allowing Silver to gain more altitude. Other offensive skills include the ability to paralyze enemies with his powers, and being able to halt and return enemy fire.

Miles "Tails" Prower: (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/9/95/Tails_2006.png) After Rivals, Tails returned to his experiments back in the Mystic Ruins, only to hear about the Eclipse Cannon firing over the news. Tails knew Sonic would be there, and headed there himself. Tails have a few weaknesses; he is very afraid of lightning and ghosts, and also has a tendency to talk too much, which frequently causes him to accidentally blab out secrets or plans (for example, in Sonic Adventure 2, without thinking at first, he told Eggman that the Chaos Emerald Sonic had was a fake, thus ruining the heroes' plans). He also has a tendency to talk technobabble.

Knuckles the Echidna: (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/d8/Knuckles2006.png) Knuckles returned to guarding the Master Emerald on the floating Angel Island after Rivals, witnessing the beam of light that was caused by the Eclipse Cannon fall from the sky. Knuckles is honest, independent, headstrong, devoted to his duty and often gullible. He is very serious and usually likes to be by himself, but can be relied upon to help out whenever the planet needs saving. Because of his flaws, he and Sonic don't always get along, but are still good friends.

Amy Rose: (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/f9/Amy_2006.png) Amy returned to her everyday life in Station Square after the events of Rivals. She was present when the Eclipse Cannon struck, and has been attempting to help calm others during the chaos. Amy has become far more violent and aggressive since her early days, but has increased in strength and speed to impress her love, Sonic. Sources of anger to her include insulting the love of her life, or worse, daring to suggest that Sonic doesn't return her feelings. However she is extremely protective of her friends, and if a villain tries to harm them, she will use all her might to defeat the enemy. She is also the most cheery and optimistic character in the series. Her strong-willed personality lets her do unbelievable things. Amy never gives up, and she doesn't let her friends do so either. Amy has a very good heart, and tries to keep everyone happy.

Cream the Rabbit: (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/c/ca/Creamtherabbit.jpg/510px-Creamtherabbit.jpg) Cream has recently been taking up residence in Station Square along with Amy. Cream is a princess-like figure; she is polite, follows manners and does what she is told. She is very friendly and tries to be close to everyone she meets. She is brave as well, usually not afraid to go out on an adventure. She is a bit naive, however, and doesn’t always see things right away, since she’s still very young.

Team Chaotix: (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/1/1d/Team_Chaotix.jpg) Recently, Team Chaotix received a job investigating unusually happenings aboard the Space Colony ARK, but were taken captive by Eggman Nega upon attempting to do so.

Blaze the Cat: (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/42/Blaze06.png) Blaze is the princess of the future, hailing from the same time as Silver. Although Blaze is somewhat shy and withdrawn when meeting strangers, she doesn't let this prevent her from fulfilling her mission. Her lifestyle is similar to that of Knuckles and, like him, she is quite timid, often finding it hard to open up and talk to people. She hates having the spotlight upon herself, preferring to take a backseat. Throughout the course of Sonic Rush she develops a more friendly and gentle personality. Blaze wears a cape because she was teased for her special fire abilities when she was a child. However, she will toss off the cape in a heartbeat if she needs to use her abilities. As a pyrokinetic in a world of psychokinetics, Blaze was teased by others, but Silver accepted her and thus the two are best friends. After Silver had disappeared into the past for a much longer time than expected, Blaze decided to follow in pursuit, afraid something may have happened to her friend.

Form: Can be an original or existing character. If you use a canon characterm you have to fill out the form all the same. You don't have to do history if the character is mentioned above. Maximum of two per person.

Animal: (What anthropomorphic animal are you?)
Abilities: (For example, Sonic has super speed, Tails can fly, Knuckles has his strength. Something along those lines.)

RP Sample: (If using a Canon character, I need to see an original sample of you RPing as that character)

For right now, Sonic, Shadow, and Silver are all reserved.

March 18th, 2007, 2:47 PM
Other Profile made!!!

Name: Metal Sonic (Goes by simply Metal these days)

Age: about three or so, from date of creation

Gender: None but would be considered male.

Animal: Robot Hedgehog

Appearance: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/a/ac/Metal_Sonic_Rivals_Card.jpg
(Is a pic ok for canon? If not I’ll add text later)

Personality: Metal has spent sometime trying to develop a personality, simply because he wish not to be a mindless drone. At the moment he’s rather indifferent about most things, but sometimes he seem to act a bit like Sonic, some programming in the back of his mind acting up, so along with his indifference, and incisiveness he can also be cocky, smug, and he felt the thrill of adventure. Though most of the time he usually doesn’t lean one way or the other, he can sometimes seem cold, old habits die hard after all. Metal’s personality is very primitive and undeveloped depending on things go, it could change for the better or worse.

Abilities: (For example, Sonic has super speed, Tails can fly, Knuckles has his strength. Something along those lines.) Metal is a sophisticate double ganger of Sonic, his speed almost matches his, and at times can surpasses it, but usually not for long, like they say, you can’t beat the original. He rarely runs, he usually just hovers, making obstacles easier to surpass. Metal being a machine has an auto repair system allowing him to heal fast, thought is makes him far from invincible. Metal also has a dark crystal like shield that can take a lot of damage. Final, one of Metal Sonic’s best abilities, is that he can copy data from opponents, allowing him to lousily copy moves, or at least predict them in some way

History: Metal Sonic is a robotic version of Sonic, created by Doctor Ivo Robotnik. His first appearance was on little planet were he just barely lost a race to Sonic, and was destroyed. He was re-built and lost once again to Knuckles, Mighty, Espio, Vector, and Charmy. After that he spent a lot of time in a tube in the Egg Carrier, next to his older, and more defective brother, that’s was know as Silver Sonic. But unlike his brother he was released, and redesigned. But in redesigning him Eggman gave Metal Sonic a mind, and free will. Metal Sonic became Cruel and aggrieve, he wanted to rule the world himself. So he went along with his former masters plans, and then simply double crossed him. After words he used his more advanced data copying system and made himself a chaos like creature, but again defeated was by Sonic, this time in his super form, along with Knuckles and Tails. After the, he was taken by Omega, his programming was damaged, his data incomplete, and his personality programming nearly erased. One day though, he was ambushed by someone named Eggman Nega, seeing someone that looked so much like his creature left him confused, leaving Nega with an opportunity that he wasn’t about to pass up. He reprogrammed Metal Sonic sending him back into his mindless drone state, forcing him to help stop Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, And Sliver. Again defeated Metal stood in the same spot for a week, then, he had a relapse, Nega wasn’t familiar with Metal Sonic programming, allowing him to leave the drone state that he despised so much. For the next 348 days, Metal stayed in the shadows, Nega Eggman was gone, he wouldn’t go back to Robotnik, he wouldn’t risk becoming nothing but his slave again. And Sonic, well, he still harbored a deep dislike of him, he had been beaten by the hedgehog many times, he wasn’t about to just join his little group. He was outside station square when the cannon hit, and he had a bad feeling about it, his creature usually didn’t try a failed plan twice, and something felt different… That’s when he went to check it out. Though he dislike Sonic, and doesn’t trust his creature at the moment, Metal despises Nega over all others, he didn’t like to be controlled.

RP Sample: Metal Sonic stood on the grass firmly, looking on the near by city, and at the plain he was on. “Data confirmed, that is Station Square, highly populated city.” Metal said staring, his thought starting to race it hade been a year sense his encounter with the three hedgehogs, and the Echidna, and he was still alone, he couldn’t go back to the doctor, n or did he think he could be excepted with Sonic, though that was an option he would only make if no other was given. “Maybe… Maybe I should just shut down… There may be no place for me in this world….” Metal said reflecting on his past, he had been beaten time and time again by that annoying blue hedgehog, and he could not bring himself to directly go against his creature, not anymore. What was left for him? Then Metal felt a large energy spike, staring up at the sky, he could see the ARK, the eclipse cannon was being fired. ‘The Doctor wouldn’t just destroy a city without threat, he wasn’t to rule this world not destroy it… This doesn’t feel right; few people could operate the cannon… Could it be…’ Metal Sonic thought to himself, then jetting towards the city, as the blast was ceasing.


Name: Jimmy “James” Walker

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Animal: Skunk (And he’s not happy about it XP)

Appearance: Jimmy, as a skunk, is mostly covered in black fur, but there are a few stray white stripes on his body, two visible on his arms, and legs. His tail is the predictable long and fuzzy tip, with a white tip, that separates in a diamond shape, then pulls together again, going up his back. When the stripe reaches the bottom of his neck, it’s actually changes to a blond-ish color, going from his neck to his head fur, this is an uncommon, but not inhered of trait in skunks, and is the only thing that show’s Jim’s original hair color. Jimmy is about 3 foot 6, which please him, sense he had always been a tall human, and wears a Black shirt, with orange shorts, rapped around his shirt is his white, and a little red team Jacket form his tennis team. His eyes, are a light shade of blue, and his hair, slightly spikes up, but for the most part, looks kind of wild

Personality: Jimmy was for the most part a normal teenager, pretty close to care free, though a bit quick to panic. James has always been inquisitive, though only being a C-B average, He’s always been a good problem solver, loving games like chess, and such. Jimmy ahs always been dedicated to tennis, it was a passion of his, and can be brutal on the court. A small side note, Jim likes to cook, but happens to be quite bad at it, and he’s more then a bit girl crazy. He’s can be passive guy, not a big fighter, but he won’t just sit by and watch destruction enfold in front of his own eyes.

Abilities: Being a big tennis player, he’s light on his feet, and has a strong arms. And he’s no run of the mill Tennis played; his trade mark serve has been know to be killer. He also ahs devolved great aim, which is not limited to just a tennis ball. James has always been a stealthy kid sneaking around and such, being very hard to detect.

History: Jimmy, wasn’t really anything too special, and he would be the first to admit this. He spent most of his life in the country, to his own distain. But a few years ago, he moved to station square, his parents, using there savings to by a re-built hotel, the original owner, not wanting to take the chance of losing it again, like during the Chao’s problem, which destroyed most of the city. After a year of attending high school, Jimmy reached the top of his game becoming the tennis captain of his schools team, which editable was only so-so, but Jimmy was hoping to take them to nationals. Jimmy’s life was peaceful enough, sure his dad was weird and a bit lazy, and his sister was a hyper active eleven year old, but nothing he couldn’t push through. Jimmy was just returning from a great practice when the cannon hit, and his plan’s were derailed.

March 19th, 2007, 10:23 PM
OOC: No time to proofread, so this is a WIP post.

Name: Brandi Price

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Animal: Hedgehog

Appearance: Brandi stands at average Height considering hew new species at 3'3'' with golden blonde fur, wearing her quils in a long style with two bangs at the front, and the rest curving down, then forward at the end. She wears a pair of high-tech headphones, a sapphire blue that matches her eyes perfectly, as well as a short blue and white dress, with a slightly darker blue wrap around coat, likewise trimmed in white, along with some rather indescribable gloves and high-heeled boots. (thankfully, I'm providing a picture for detailed reference.) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v215/AIVAS/characterref1.jpg

Personality: Suprisingly, Brandi is almost always cheerful, and while not slow, is usually oblivious to finer points. Though it's probably by choice, rather than by any mental fault. However, a very few things can break through her valley girl act, revealing the sharp, and vindictively perverse mind behind. For the most part though, she just acts the Mary Sue until someone can break her act.

Abilities: While physically fit, Brandi doesn't have strength to rival knuckles, nor speed to rival sonic, she's extremely fit, able to be fast and strong to a lesser extent, but her true prowess is in her fencing. She's more than compitent, she's an expert at fencing, and able to use her sword as an extension of herself, boosting her even further. Also, though she has yet to figure out how to control it, she's recently gained a strange power that seems to make other people, completely at random, attracted to her. More inconveniant than helpful.

History: Born a typical girl, Brandi suffered ridicule at her name, and her personality, but learned to just let it bounce off her cheerful outer shell, and devoted herself perfectly, developing hobbies of reading, video games, and fencing, excelling in all of these. She learned Fencing from her Uncle, a reputed hobbyist swordsman Named Danny Jackson.


Name: Shadow The Hedgehog

Age: N/A (Immortality, whee!)

Gender: Male

Animal: Hedgehog

Appearance: (under the assumption that pics are okay for canon..) http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/78/Chara_shadow.gif

Personality: Shadow has developed over the years since his release rgeatly. Whereas he was first bitter and distant towards everyone, holding a paticular apathy for humans. However, though his adventures, he's mellowed somewhat, and come to accept that people really do have good sides as well. While still rather aptly considered a social pariah, Shadow has a somewhat cool, disdainful personality instead of the eternal aggressive nature which previously hounded him. Make no mistake though, he has no qualms about commencing extreme violence againstany and all obsticles.

Abilities: Basic traits between Shadow and Sonic are virtually identical. However, there are differences. First of all, Shadow's strength is very great, as seen in Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow can flip vehicles over with one hand and kill enemies very easily through hand to hand combat. Next, due to his Air Shoes, which can swich on and off with his mind, he can "skate" incredibly fast, only slightly faster than sonic, though it's speculated that he would be much slower without them. Last, he has different "Chaos powers" that vary from teleportation to firing blasts of energy. These abilities utilize the same kind of energy as the mystical Chaos Emeralds, and are generally referred to as being fuelled by the Emeralds.

Shadow's trademark move is Chaos Control, which allows him to warp time and space. Shadow uses it mainly to transport matter and to stop time or slow it down. Sonic and Silver can also use Chaos Control, though the move originally appeared with Shadow and he makes the most extensive use of it, and Silver and Sonic seem dependent on having Chaos Emeralds to use it, while it is stated that Shadow doesn't need to have a Chaos Emerald, as well as a greater skill with the power. Shadow is able to shape Chaos Control into a variety of offensive and defensive attacks, and use energies that are or are similar to those of the Chaos Emeralds to produce a variety of abilities.

Shadow has shown that he can also use a wide range of close-combat weapons, firearms, semi-automatics, and heavy assault weapons. He can also improvise with debris, and drive a wide range of vehicles, although it is unknown if he has a license.

Another trademark of Shadow is his Air Shoes, which are also called Jet Shoes or Hover Shoes. These utilize hover jets in the soles of the shoes to reduce friction and enable Shadow to "skate" incredibly fast, as well as hover in mid-air.

By harnessing the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds, Shadow is able to use super transformation to transform into Super Shadow. The abilities then presented to him are similar to those used by Super Sonic.

History: Shadow was bioengineered by professor gerald robotnik aboard the ARK space colony several decades ago, using a combination of state of the art bio-engineering, and potent alien DNA, intended to be used as a template for curing various debilitating diseases and conditions. However, after several years of research, and peaceful life among his surrogate Family, G.U.N. Agents attacked the ARK, killing nearly all survivor's, including everyone that ever mattered to the Ultimate Life Form. And in an ill fated Escape attempt, landed on earth inside a capsule, only to be sealed within a military weapons depot for over half a century.

However, a descendant of Gerald, Ivo Robotnik stormed the base himself, and recovered the "secret weapon" his grandfather developed. released from captivity, Shadow saw Eggman as a pawn, and manipulated him, attempting to use him to destroy the world. In the struggle that ensued, shadow had a change of heart near the end of the conflict, and aided the others in keeping the planet from being destroyed. He fell from the stratosphere in the end, presumed dead.

The stress of falling through the earth's atmosphere was nowhere near great enough to destroy a perfect being, and so he was found by eggman, and placed in cold storage until he could continue his grandfather's legacy. And it was there where Rogue activated a mutinous guard robot, as well as freeing shadow from his captivity, temporary memory loss resulting as a side effect of the storage. And so the group hunted the Doppleganger of eggman, decieved by the disguise, and thus becoming involved in the conflict with Metal Sonic.

Shadow had several other minor adventures, including a bout in which he found the returning aliens that had helped in creating him, and used his unbelievable power, coupled with Gerald Robotnik's Eclipse cannon, o destroy the entire alien force, leaving shadow to finally place his past behind him, and seek a new path. Currently, shadow works as a special agent and informant for G.U.N.


March 20th, 2007, 8:00 AM
I'll Join
Can I just say, that my character was thought of before Blaze the Cat was introduced as a character in the games, so if you think he's a rip off, then your wrong. I'm changing the name for this RP though.

Name: Joe

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Animal: Chameleon

Appearance: http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs7/f/2006/344/d/2/Blaze_the_Chameleon_Guitarless_by_Raizor_Blaid.png He's a dark red colour, all of the swirls are black. His t-shirt is plain black and his jeans are blue. The flames on his shoes are red and the main colour of the shoes is grey. His horn is yellow. He also carries a guitar around with him. (Strapped to his back)

Personality: Joe is a humorous guy (or chameleon) and will attempt to be funny at any possible chance, Joe is a very loyal friend, and will protect his friends at all costs. While in battle Joe takes things extremely seriously, the only trait that remains in battle is his loyalty for his friends

Abilities: Joe is a pyrokinetic meaning he can control fire. He can also run at a relatively fast speed. Also he can play the guitar extremely well. Joe also wields a laser katana that shrinks down to fit into his jeans pockets, he knows a great deal about swordsmanship, and it is his main form of combat.

History: Joe was born into a normal family, and went to school normally, he has taken guitar lessons since he was 6 and has mastered playing the instrument. He has trained with his family in using his special laser katana, and has become an expert in swordsmanship

March 20th, 2007, 7:26 PM
Clow, Shiney, accepted. Esupio, your form is seriously lacking in detail, so I can't exactly accept it.

Name: Silver
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Animal: Hedgehog
Appearance: Click (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/8/84/Silver-large.png/272px-Silver-large.png)

Personality: Silver has "a strong sense of justice" and it is this personality trait that motivates him to head back into the past to correct the future. Also, he believes in standing up for those who can't stand up for themselves. This led him to accept Blaze when everybody else was teasing her because of her pyrokinetic abilities. Although seemingly serious in nature, an interview states that Silver is young and immature. He is emotionally dependent upon Blaze, and gets insecure when she is not around. Blaze claims that Silver is naive several times, and, before sacrificing herself during the 360 game, she says that this is something she always liked about him.

Abilities: When Silver was first introduced to the Sonic world, he was shown to be slow in speed, much behind Sonic and Shadow. However, according to Sonic Rivals, Silver appears to be much faster, and he is able to access the homing attack and the spin dash. He still has his psychokinesis powers as well. This is likely because to get around in his destroyed world (as shown in the beginning of his story in Sonic the Hedgehog) he levitated and didn't run due to most of the ground being constantly alight. Silver can use his psychokinesis in a number of ways. He can move objects with his mind, and either use them as projectiles, or arrange them in order to cross gaps. He is also capable of bending various metal objects such as beams and prison bars. Another move would allow him to stand on a various object, and levitate it in the air, allowing Silver to gain more altitude. Other offensive skills include the ability to paralyze enemies with his powers, and being able to halt and return enemy fire. Silver can also manipulate himself by levitating in the air and dashing at high speeds. In Sonic Rivals, he is capable of using his ESP to confuse his enemies. Much like Sonic and Shadow, Silver has the ability of Chaos Control, and is able to transform into a Super Form.

History: The early childhood is shrouded in mystery, although it is known that he grew up alongside Blaze after he stood up for her when she was being bullied. Since the events of SONIC THE HEDGEHOG never took place, Rivals is the only notable time that Silver comes into contact with Sonic and the others. Silver was mysteriously transported 200 years in the past, where he came into contact with Eggman. Later on, he found out that Eggman was actually Eggman Nega in disguise, and thwarted his plans with the others, and brought him back to the future.

And whats an RP with me without some poor guy getting changed into a chick? Yes, I'm aware I have issues. XD;

Name: Celia
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Animal: Cat/ Fox Hybrid
Appearance: Click (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v410/Legendary_Pokemaster/sonicchara.jpg) Artwork by sash0 (http://sash0.deviantart.com/). Character appearance concept by sersa777 (http://sersa777.deviantart.com/).

Personality: Despite what her new species may seem, Celia is far from the being the bravest person around. Likewise, when threatened, she is quick to attack and defend when called to. Usually however, she’s calm and quiet, one would almost say submissive, but not around her. She also tends to be colder than strictly necessary, attempting to hide, or even deny her emotions and discomfort at her status. This becomes a totally different case when jokes are made at the expense of her changed ‘condition’ making remarks about the change in gender is one of the best ways to cause her temper to flare. Despite her change, she is generally flustered around girls, and easily embarrassed. However, as time goes on, and she begins to become more accustom to her new status, her new gender and species are beginning to influence her traits and actions considerably as well. She despises bullies, but at the same time is easily placed in a helpless state because of her fear.

Abilities: Similar to Silver, Celia possesses psychokinesis abilities, albeit nowhere near as powerful. It is possible that her abilities could be linked to those common 200 years in the future; at least that was what Silver thought upon meeting her. Since she is still new to them, and is being trained by Silver, she can only use the most basic of techniques. However, it is possible that she may be able to catch up to Silver ability wise.

History: Celia lead a completely normal life for the most part. The primary difference being that she used to be a teenaged boy named David before the Eclipse Cannon was fired. Apparently, there were some abnormalities with the cannon, that lead to the occasional gender bend or species confusion. Sadly, Celia obtained both. She lived out the life of your average teenage boy. Attending school, working a part time job, it was all basic stuff. However, she was often abused by her parents, which lead to an intense fear of being hit and bullies. She was regarded as quite intelligent, and was very social. However, since the change her personality has altered, and she was still abused by her parents. What the future holds is uncertain, but perhaps the adventure will be good for her.

Since I don't have a Sonic yet, I'm not going to involve him yet. Might as well just do introduction posts for now. The current setting is Station Square during the morning after the night of the Eclipse Cannon assault. Now I know my post is going to seem like a rip-off of the past of Silver and Blaze, but I made it that way on purpose. XD

IC: "Argh. This is all my fault. If I had just found Nega sooner, this never would have happened!" A distraught Silver sighed as he walked down the main road of Station Square towards the train station. He occasionally glanced around at the confusion still taking place around him. There were animal people every which way. Foxes, dogs, hedgehogs, squirrels, the works, and he was placing all of the blame on himself. People were crying, people were scared, people were confused. Although he wasn't certain in people was the proper term at the moment. "Blaze is going to flip when she hears about this. Oh well, maybe I'll be able to locate Shadow or Sonic in all of this chao-" Silver stopped walking and turned to glance down the alleyway between the station and a nearby bank. He wouldn't have even noticed if not for the undeniable screams of a girl in danger.

A girl, not much older than Silver, was being pushed around by a group of boys who appeared to be pigs... quite literally in fact. The girl was a bit taller than Silver, and at first glance she seemed very delicate. He wasn't sure what species she was, but she reminded him of Blaze somewhat. All she wore was a pair of black pants and shoes, while the rest of her body was coated with yellow fur aside from the peach coloured puffs over her chest, wrists, and ankles. Silver's strong sense of justice clicked in, and he began to approach the group slowly and quietly. He wanted to figure out what was going on before he took action.

"Haha! Freak!" One of the boys laughed as he chucked a rock at the girl, whom gave a whimper as it hit her on the head. At this point she was cowering on the ground, not taking any actions of self defense. Her legs were bent outwards, and her hands were sitting on her lap as she stared down at the ground. Another one of the bullies walked up to her and kicked her, causing her to whimper once more. "You don't deserve to hang out with us anymore. You're not like us, you're not even a guy like us anymore, you freaky, female, fox and cat girl." As Silver drew even closer, he noticed how beat up she looked. One of the other bullies through another rock at her, but just as she flinched in response, it stopped in midair. The group became puzzled quickly, even the girl. As if set to go off as soon as she glanced at it, it flew back and hit the bully in the head, knocking him out cold.

"You know, I really hate bullies. But bullies who who pick on others for being different really get under my skin." Silver announced his presence as he drew closer and closer to them.

"Who the hell are you?" One of the bullies said smugly as he picked a large metal rod off of the ground, only to get a stone to the back of the head. He flung around angrily to glare at the girl, who had just barely gotten up and thrown the rock at him. "Why you little bi-" The metal rod in his hand flew up and smoked him in the head, and sending him to the ground unconscious.

"Anyone else?" Silver asked as he put his hand down, the response he received consisting only of the group picking up their fallen allies and fleeing, shouting "He's a monster!" Silver chuckled in reply as he approached the girl, who now turned her back to her young savior. She crossed her arms, and Silver could only describe her stance as an expression similar to "I didn't need your help." Silver couldn't help himself when he began to laugh. "You really are kind of like her. Whats your name?"

"Celia." The girl replied coldly as she turned her head to that she could watch him in the corner of the eye. "But isn't it impolite to ask for someones name without giving your own first?"

Silver gave a stupid grin as he walked in front of her. "Isn't it impolite to not look at someone when they're talking to you? Anyways, it's Silver." He began to look her over, and in turn made her blush and look away once more. "You're pretty beat up, huh? Shouldn't you go home or something and get cleaned up? It isn't exactly safe out here after yesterdays incident."

"N-n-n-n-no, I can't go home, not after last night..." Celia said softly as she moved a little closer to Silver. "Could I come with you? Just for now? I don't want to run into those bullies again. What was that you were doing anyways? You were moving things with your mind or something." Celia shared a common curiosity of the unknown. However, at this point she was oblivious to the fact that she possessed similar abilities.

Silver stood there tapping his foot for a moment as he thought, but turned his back to her and began to walk away. "Listen. I don't know what happened at your home and I really don't care that much, but I should at least accompany you to the medical section in the station. That is, if GUN doesn't have it sealed off. As for my abilities, I'll tell you later." Celia nodded and ran after him, but the pair soon ran into a GUN barricade. "Well... so much for that idea. Have they really sealed off the whole city?"

"I think so..." Celia replied as she glanced at her surroundings. "I was looking for a way out before I got caught by those bullies earlier."

March 22nd, 2007, 8:30 PM
"Of course the whole city is sealed off, do you have any incling of just what happened here? I thought she'd be evidence enough." Said a calm, but dark timbre voice from the small alcove near the formerly accessible doors, now completely covered by newly developed high polymer plastics. "The entire city's been attacked, and we don't know what the full effects are, or if it's contagious or not." Shadow continued, as a small blonde hedgehog peered out from behind his back, looking at the others with mingled curiosity.

I blinked, relieved. Neither of the two looked threatening, or anything like Tafia might have. I shuddered slightly at the thoughts of my cousin. I just knew she'd be clingy after a shock like this, and it would be improper to be seen with her attached to me. "Even if she does have built in cushions- NO, bad brain, BAD!" I shook my head, sighing with exasperation at myself. I had heard of Shadow before, but he didn't seem as standoffish as people said. Maybe the fact that I had just decided to hide behind him without saying anything had something to do with it...

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March 23rd, 2007, 6:47 PM
OOC: I hope I can still do this....honestly I'm scared that I won't be any good at this anymore...I hope I still have the touch...*crosses fingers*

Name: Alex
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Animal: Tiger

Appearance: Before his transformation, Alex, between college classes, would visit the gym and work out. Ever since he started wrestling in junior high, he has been in a work out routine, and six years later the hard work was paying off. Coming into his twenties, which many view as their "prime" Alex was well developed, and has sharp defined muscles. Despite his muscle mass, Alex joined the track team, to help keep him from slowing down as his muscles increased in size.

After his transformation, Alex assumed the appearance of a tiger. He still retained his well defined muscles, but instead of plain skin, he was completely covered in the short fur and markings of a tiger. Alex only wears a pair of jeans, and prefers to go shirtless; due to the fact that claws make it hard to wear shoes, Alex neglects to continue to care. His hands still stay human, but covered with fur and claws, and his teeth become sharp, and his face takes on the characteristics expected of a tiger.

Personality: Alex is a very studious young man, who has his heart set on science and making it in that field of study. His drivenness is on the verge of obsession when it comes to his studies. Outside of college, one would never suspect him to be as composed as he is while in college. He's naturally carefree and lazy, with his only concern being for college, he neglects his other family members or friends.

He can be very distant at times, and there are moments where he is very close to those around him. He has a bad habit of making sure he gives everyone else advice, but neglects to listen to any advice that anyone tries to give him. Alex tends to want to jump to action rather than thinking through a problem, but at other times he can be annoyingly cautious with making certain moves. This instantaneousness is something that many do not like about him and that he is very unpredictable, there is no telling what side of the man you may get.

Abilities: Alex has the ability to move, lift, and/or throw just about anything. Though there are limits to this power, Alex can definitely dish out more punishment faster and harder than must people can give to him. His hard muscles make a good insulator against pain, and can almost take as much damage as he can give, though this doesn't make him invincible, just hard to hurt, since he can't move too swiftly, he must rely on his own body has his defense.

Unlike Sonic, Alex isn't very fast, though not slow by any means, but his muscles and his new found strength hinders his speed though. Like tigers tend to be good at, Alex can jump higher and farther than normal, and can also climb more easily due to his claws. He exhibits many of the natural abilities of the animal he takes the form of, like a keen alertness to his surroundings and a sixth sense to danger, though not capable of telling where or how, he can tell when there is something dangerous near by.

History:Alex grew up living in the city his whole life. Though when he was born his parents moved around a lot, they finally settled down when he was born, thinking that it was the best place to raise their son. Along with living with his mother and father, he also has a 15 year old sister. He claims that she is the most annoying brat in the world, but if you were to confront him about it, he would admit that he is overprotective of her.

In junior high, Alex became interested in wrestling, and found that he was decent, at least enough to keep him in a varsity spot, though not the best on his team. As he grew older, so did his interest in wrestling, till he finally won a scholarship and was well on his way to college where he found a fondness for science.

(Ooh boy...here we go...*crosses fingers again*)

RP SAMPLE: Alex looked up from the book he had been reading. Something wasn't quite right, but he couldn't put his finger on it. It was almost as if he had an aweful feeling like something horrible was about to happen and that it would involve him somehow. The feeling, however, left as quickly as it came, so he paid it no heed and returned to his book. Exams were tomorrow and unless he didn't get cracking he was sure to get a B on the test, and a B for Alex wasn't acceptable.


"AAH!" Alex exclaimed as he fell backwards on his chair. A pair of crystal blue eyes regarded him, before their owner plopped herself down on a stool beside which Alex had been sitting only moments before. "What are you doing it?"

"Just to see what you are doing. What are you doing, by the way? It seems silly to try and be taking a nap when it looks like you should be studying!" the girl giggled and offered her hand to help her older brother up. "What are you trying to study? It looks really tough!" she commented as she bent down to read what he had be so concentrated on only a moment before.

"Physics...you wouldn't understand that. No, please, Emily, be on your way and let me be!" Alex pledded as he shut his text book and made a point of shoving it in his book back. "I need time alone to think without you bugging me every five seconds. Now run along, surely you have somewhere else you rather be. Maybe one of your new fancies can keep you busy for awhile," Alex remarked dryly. Emily was quite the looker for a 15 year old, and was the object of much talk around her school. Though she denied it, Alex could tell she liked the attention, though he doubted she was even aware of what they were whispering about.

Suddenly a blinding light filled the library. A book hit Alex on the head, or at least what felt like a book, but whatever it was, it hit him hard enough to send him to his knees. The last thing he remember was the high pitch scream of his little sister, and then all was dark.

(I hope that was good enough...)

IC: "Why does my head hurt?" Alex mumbled as he stumbled around aimlessly, too dazed and confused to make any sense as to where he was or how he even got there. The last thing he remembered was being half blinded and feeling like his sister had swung a pile of books at his head. Speaking of his sister, where was his sister? Where was he? His mind was too clouded by what had happened, but immediately cleared when he ran his hand over his body. Fur...? Fur!? He didn't understand why he had fur, just that he did, still too groggy to understand that his whole body had been transformed.

After what seemed like about an hour of aimless wondering, he began to peice together little peices of information as he stared blankly at buildings and others, not able to note the changes undergone. Then he stumbled upon a group that had gathered and seemed to be chatting about something that had to deal with the city being closed off. Made sense, after all something had happened, though Alex still wasn't sure what that something actually was. Quietly, Alex approached, trying to seem casual, but how casual could it be to have a tiger walking on hind legs come up and try to see what was going on? Probably not very casual, but Alex still had no clue what was so odd about everyone, or why he had fur for that matter. Just that he had to get to the bottom of this some how, and he had a feeling that these people were the solution to his problem. Maybe they could provide him with some answers that would help to completely clear his mind.

"Excussssse me," Alex rumbled in a throaty sound, not being able to understand my his voice had become so baritone, or why his teeth suddenly felt like he had another animals teeth in his mouth. "What's going on here?" Alex said, still not being able to get over the near growl in his voice, though just a hint to the actual ear, to Alex it seemed like he was roaring.

March 24th, 2007, 4:06 PM
"Hey! Shadow!" Silver exclaimed as he approached the black hedgehog and extended a hand, not really expecting a handshake in return. The two had been fierce rivals during the majority of their last adventure, although they had come to help each other by the end of it. "Actually, I'm pretty sure I know more about what just happened than you do. Like, who did it. That's answered simply with one word. Nega." Silvers voice had lost its loose tone, and he now seemed like an entirely different person, similar to how he was when he rescued Celia.

"Nega, huh?" Another voice chimed in, one of unknown origin. Unknown until a blue hedgehog dropped down from the roof of a nearby building and ran towards the group. It stopped just before the black and white hedgehogs, and greeted them so casually. "Yo Silver, Shadow! Its been a while! But what do you mean Nega, Silver? I thought you brought him back to the future?"

Silver turned his back to the two hedgehogs. "Sonic... It's my fault. I let him escape back to this time, and I couldn't find him, thats why all of this happened."

"Umm... I don't really know who most of you are, or whats up with the tiger guy over there, but... Aren't the streets a little... empty?" Celia said to the growing group. It was a valid point, there were very few people present on the street, and after all that had happened it was very worrisome. Of course, her hunch was right as a group of foes fell from the sky and created a circle around the group. Six of the nine enemies were Shadow clones, while the remaining three were Chaos clones from ARK. Celia almost instantly hid behind Silver, not exactly knowing what to do.

"Whoo! Time to get this party started!" Sonic said as he began stretching out his legs.

March 25th, 2007, 6:20 PM
(OOC: Going to add fan char to profile post a tad later.)

Metal walked through the city, it looked to be in disarray, not that Metal cared that much. Then, Metal pen pointed the area were the cannon had struck first, listening around the edge of the building recognizing the voices. “It figures, were ever there’s trouble, there will always be a hedgehog…” Metal said peering around the skyscraper. A figure appeared from the shadows of a building. “Heh, looks like were one Echidna short of a reunion.” Metal Sonic said, staring at the group. “These people… They’ve been altered..”

Metal said, with nearly no emotion what’s so ever. This looked to be interesting, Metal was thinking about his choices here, the best one seemed to be, to ‘join them’ and this choice reached the top because of only one reason. “Nega…” Metal said, sounding dark t that moment, the one person he hated, more then anything. Well, he was here, and he had nothing against Silver or Shadow, in fact, he kind of liked them in a sense, Silver was Nega’s enemy, and Shadow shared some similarities with him, in appearance, and past. “If this involves Nega Eggman, then I want in, I want… Revenge…”

Metal sighed, at least what sounded like a sigh, as nine enemies appeared, if Metal could smirk at that moment, he would. “Pathetic model’s, my counterpart could handle them alone, this should be a simple task.” Metal said, slowly lifting off the ground, almost as eager as the original, though this could be that piece of Sonic’s personality acting up again. “Try not to slow me down Sonic, a year of lounging may have made you soft.” Metal taunted, dashing at one of the Shadow’s clones at full speed, ready to smash it right into a near by building

March 26th, 2007, 2:15 PM
Shadow sigghed, cracking his knuckles and picking up the handgun on the floor. "You' think he'd realise that nine aren't enough to beat me, let alone all of us." He said, raising his gun, and blasting one several times in the forehead with the teflon coated slugs to knock it back, before closing it to fight it with his abre hands. I however, was quite content sitting in my safe little corner, at least for now. Chances were that my cousin wouldn't be able to find me here.

March 26th, 2007, 6:29 PM
"Whaaat? Metal Sonic?" Sonic asked his metallic copy after KOing a Shadow robot and Chaos robot with ease. "Aren't you on the wrong side or something?" The behavior of Sonic's nemesis was very peculiar, considering all of the things he had done to harm him the past. The only possible reason he could be helping would be to get to something he wanted himself.

"Yeah, no kidding." Silver added as he swung his extended left arm to the right, causing a nearby stop sign to fly towards another Shadow robot, thus impaling it. "You almost got me good last time we met, and I'd prefer to keep it at almost, so if you're going to help, you better not turn around and kill me, you psychotic robot." Of course, Silver was facing a completely different direction, and because of such, was shouting loudly. "Hey Shadow, you aren't as flimsy as these replications, are you?" Taking down the final Shadow robot as Sonic took down the two remaining Chaos clones with a homing attack.

Celia, unable to actually help, stood behind Silver and studied his movements. He was using psychokinesis, that much was clear to her. She felt strange watching though, like it was familiar to her. That wasn't all however, her hands felt like they were being burned off. She originally thought to check them, but had little time when she noticed, barely, something moving in front of Silver. In fact, they seemed to be everywhere. However, it didn't appear anyone else could see them. She could barely see them, they were barely translucent, and when they were moving they were basically invisible.

Celia jumped in front of Silver impulsively as whatever it was raised what seemed to be a weapon of some sort towards his head. Not knowing what it was she was doing, she held her hand out and an orb of blue energy imprisoned the creature, and slowly rose into the air. The form of the being suddenly became clear.

"What the!? Black Arms!?" Sonic exclaimed as he saw a Black Arms footsoldier. It looked dead, though, its body made out of only the remains of the creature, and the rest was replaced by mechanical parts. The most notable feature was its right mechanical arm, and seemed to have the ability to change into a variety of weapons. "Wow, I love the creative array of enemies we're getting." Sonic then added sarcastically as he shrugged his shoulders. The foot soldiers began struggling within the sphere, impacting the walls in an attempt to break free. Celia, however, didn't know how to drop it, and began to wobble and sweat as her energy drained.

As soon as she thought she was going to pass out, she felt something grab her arms from behind to hold her up. "Okay, breathe." Silver said into her ear, and she did as she was told. "Now, slowly close your fists so that you aren't focusing anymore." He continued, and Celia did what she was told once more. The sphere disappeared, dropping the foot soldier onto the ground, where it remained visible. "Hey, you okay? I wasn't expecting to see meet anyone with psychokinesis here..."

Celia struggled in Silvers grasp slightly, before he let her stand on her own. "Yeah, I'm fine. But there's mor-" She was interrupted as the soldier before them began screeching, and eventually loud, unbearable screeching sounded from all around them. "More of them!" She shouted over the noise, holding her ears.

"So, anyone else interested getting out of here for now?" Sonic shouted the question to the group, waving his hand towards the newly disposed of barricade. "Please be careful when boarding the train. Our next destination is Mystic Ruins!" And with that being said, he dashed into the station, Silver carrying an exhausted Celia following suit.

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March 26th, 2007, 6:46 PM
Nothing made sense to Alex, what was going on? He recognized several of the animals in front of him. One being Sonic, this he knew, it was hard not to recognize the blue hedgehog. The other two were simple enough to identify, those being Shadow and Silver, both hedgehogs as well. But the others were new to him, the metallic duplicate was easy to figure out, but the others were beyond his comprehension. Then it donned on him as he looked around at the scurrying critters around him, there were an abnormal amount of humanoid animals running around as of late. Silently, Alex had to wonder what it all meant, of course still completely oblivious to his own change.

Then terror struck the group just as they were all beginning to come together. Clones, clones, and more clones fell from the sky, at first, Alex's first instinct was to fight, but then he caught sight of his own hands and almost yelped with horror. He was an animal too! With shaky steps, Alex began to tread backwards, away from the fighting, and to a safe little corner where he could study himself, to see exactly what had happened to him.

Before he ever got the chance, however, Sonic spoke up advising them all to run as reinforcements came. Alex didn't know much right now, his brains were still scrambled from the blow he took, and now he found he wasn't himself...at least not outwardly. Now to top it all off there are those clone things coming after him, he had a strange feeling that it had to do something with Sonic and his gang, but he wasn't sure. Sonic had been pointing to the only visible exit as they were being trapped. It was either go with this group or stay there to die. Alex suddenly found that he loved life, and loved too much to want to give it up, so he took off in the direction Sonic was pointing.

March 26th, 2007, 9:29 PM
I was in the process of reloading when sonic decided to make a dash for it. "Spoilsport." I muttered, no real feeling in it though. I looked around, and sighed. It wasn't just me this time, so I couldn't afford to take risks. It'd reflect poorly on my service record. I glanced over at the others. "I reccomend we do as he says. I hope you all can run." With that, he looked over at me, and none-too-gently grabbed my wrist, yanking me along into the station after him. "H-Hey!" I yelped, but he snapped back. "Hush. Would you prefer the cyborg wannabe's back there?" I asked, un-aware of the strange shillouette in the station's alcove watching us...

March 28th, 2007, 10:53 AM
(Little note, if my char is no good, then I’ll edit the char, or the post)

Jimmy woke up, with a pounding head ache, the last thing he remembered we a beam of light, and a feeling of eminent doom. Jimmy felt his pounding head, which for some reason, felt really soft, which was odd, because Jimmy’s hair was usually rough, and maybe a tad greasy. Tennis racket clutched in his hand, Jimmy rose to his feet, adamantly noticing something was wrong. He was always a tall guy, losing this much height was more then unsettling. As he look around he admittedly notice one, Sonic the hedgehog, and even Shadow, he remembered the whole ARK thing, it was a few weeks after he moved to station square, like many, he was keeping his eye’s glued to the TV and cheering the two on. Sliver stuck a nerve in his mind, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. At this point, Jim was a bit worried, with hero’s galore here, this place must not be safe, walking around, Jimmy lost his balance falling over, right on his back, but his large tail broke his fall, that’s when it hit him. Jimmy, hesitantly examined the tail, know what it had to belong to, he had to study skunks for a school project, he actually grow to like the critters, but he was still panicking, after all, the main stream views of skunks were les then great. Jimmy, at this point, was nearly having a panic attack he could hear all the insults and nicknames, echoing in his head, he had nearly snapped

As the skunk kid had his little panic attack, Metal tossed aside, what was, for lack of a better word, a broken Shadow Android, taking moment to speak. “One, I go by Metal know, I don’t like being referred as nothing but your duplicate, it’s annoying, and two, I haven’t been on anyone’s “side” in a year.” Metal said, another android about to kick him from the air, Metal grabbed his leg and then smashed him into a wall. “I’m not eager to go and join the doctor again, and joining your little group doesn’t sound to pleasant either.” Metal said turning to Silver. “And I have no reason to kill any of you, save Sonic, but I can hold back that urge, you see, maybe if the “Blue Blur” was a little smarter, he would have noticed I was acting a little funny during the encounter with Nega Eggman.” Metal said then turning to Sonic again. “I was re-programmed genius, that moronic scientist turn me back into a mindless drone, and if you know what that was like, you would become a psychotic hedgehog, know I’m not sure if I want to kill him, that remains unseen.”

Metals aid pausing for a moment, his eyes glowing redder then usual. “But, I do want to make him pay, no matter what type of paying it is, I want him to know, that… I am nobodies slave, not the Doctors, his, or yours.” Metal said noticing the odd creatures entering the fray. “Black Arms, I have a little date about them, they sure did a good job getting one everyone’s bad side, Sonic, Robotnik, G.U.N… They don’t seem so tough.” Metal said as one charged at him, Metal simply moving, grabbing on to the right arm. “This weaponry… Is a waist on you!” Metal said, with some impressive strength ripping of the creature mechanical arm, tossing it aside. As more and more appeared, Metal’s biological counter part suggested that they leave. “ I may be miles better then these inferior models, but I’m not stupid, if you guy are leaving, then I’m not sitting around.” Metal said, crossing a some skunk boy. “Hey you.” He simply said, Jimmy tilting his head up, making an odd face seeing the dark robotic copy. “Do you want to die?” Metal said, emotionlessly, as Jimmy nervously smiled. “Um.. I would prefer not to if that’s at all possibly heh heh.” Jimmy said laughing nervously. “Well then..” Metal said, grasping the guys arm. “I suggest, you get on that train!” Metal said, throwing him in the train door, Jimmy on a chair, upside down, his tail drooping down onto his face, to his own annoyances. Metal turned to the growing crowed of enemies. “Well as much as I would love to prove my superiority further, I have to be going, sayonara.” Metal said, two fingers at his head, waving them forward to symbolizes, basically “See you later” dashing to the train doors.

March 28th, 2007, 6:12 PM
Sonic, now aboard a luxury car with (hopefully) everyone else, gave a big yawn as he threw his arms into the air, and fell down onto a seat. Silver, who was kneeling in front of a wounded Celia lying upon what appeared to be a leather couch on the opposite side of the car, gave the blue hedgehog a glance, before standing up and walking towards him with his fists closed. "How is she?" Sonic asked in his usual voice, devoid of fear, yet a hint of worry was present. "You can relax for now, Tails is in control of the train. If it really is Nega behind this, he probably won't make another move until we stop!"

"She's fine, she's just sleeping now." Silver replied as he sat down beside Sonic, leaning back against the seat. "Somethings bothering me though..."

"That power she used? It was psychokinesis, wasn't it?"

"Well, yeah, I think so. I didn't get a good look at any possible markings on his hands, since she had her fists closed." Silver continued, opening his fists to look at the blue circular markings on his palm. "But the earliest recorded trace of the powers of my time come from this era. It's a possibility that she may be the trigger that created my people. If that is the case, then I can't let anything happen to her." He closed his fists again, and walked back over to Celia. She was laying upright with her hand closed on her stomach. "Besides, I dragged her into this accidentally."

"Y'know, she isn't the only kid who got involved accidentally, right? Either way, you aren't alone Silver." Sonic tried to comfort him, but the only response he got was Silver sitting down in a seat nearby Celia. "Sheesh, try to help a guy... Oh! Shadow!" Sonic exclaimed as he slammed his right fist into his left palm. "Those Black Arms we saw, those were cyborgs, weren't they? Didn't they remind you of Gerald Robotniks Chaos experiments? Do you think those are his creation? Or do you think Nega whipped 'em up?"

March 28th, 2007, 9:46 PM
Shadow shrugged, seemingly nonchalant. "The technology looked simlar, but not quite the same. I guess it could be negas, or geralds, or even our friend Ivo's. For all I know, he could be trying tsome new designs." He said, lokking at his handgun, and sighing as he tossed it in the trash. Out of ammo. "Aren't you a little young for that? And isn't it a bit early?" He asked, seeing me open up the locker to the wet-bar in the luxury car. "Shut up, it's been a long day." I said, quickly pouring some out. Shadow shrugged, and turned back to the window, to stare at his reflection. Except for the fact, that his face staring at him, was haning upside down from the top of the window. "What the hell?!"

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March 30th, 2007, 5:36 PM
"Wait for me!!!!" Alex exclaimed as he raced to catch up with the others, but it was too late, they were already in the car. Why were the leaving without him? Then it dawned on him, they didn't even know he existed. What was he going to do? He tried to run after the car, but with every step the vehicle seemed to be growing further away. Skidding to a stop, Alex looked frantically around, his mind racing for an idea to hit him. How was he going to get to that car!? It was obvious that standing there wasn't doing him a bit of good, he needed to act.

"AHH!" Alex screamed in terror as the thought of being left behind suddenly frightened him. For all his balk, Alex was a man of thought and not of action, even though he boasted the opposite. With that, Alex took off after the car, still scrambling to try and find some way to catch up. Another realization hit him, as long as he kept moving the car was slowing its progress away from him, so he must be travelling at some decent rate. "How am I going to catch up to them!"

Running wasn't getting him anywhere, and he was exhausting his own endurance, though he was a decent distance runner. The pain, the horror, and the fright of it all was fatiguing him, and if this were normal conditions he could have kept this up for at least another half hour if need be. But as time went by, his mind slowly began to clear at last, and he realized that these conditions were hardly what one would call normal. He had to act now or he would be out of breath and out of the chance to survive, his life depended on this next move more than he would ever realize.

With a mighty heave, Alex launched himself into the air, and to his surprise, accelerating to the car as if drawn as a magnet. Higher in the air he rose, and he found, by instinct, his tiger like claws were now out as he decended to the car below. The impact of him hitting the car's roof sent his mind reeling, but still in the grasps of instinct and adrenaline, he bounced off the roof and rolled to the trunk of the car. Right when he was about to roll off back onto the road, Alex tore into the trunk of the luxury car, and was able to stop himself and hold on tight, silently praying that he could hold on long enough to see the end of this wild ride.

April 1st, 2007, 10:41 AM
Jimmy laid down on a seat of the luxury car, trying to ignore the large bump on the back of his head, grasping his racket, trying to think this through, he didn’t like this predicament, he was no hero, no fighter, he was just some guy, with a killer serve, but better to be a furry creature, and on this nice train, then dead. Jimmy would do what he could, but he was in no mood to socialize, plus, Sonic and his friend would have better things to do, he was no one special, and he kind of actually liked it that way, nothing wrong with just trying to live, Jimmy couldn’t help but give out a sigh, just relaxing while he could.

Metal leaned on a wall in the car, he didn’t let the train go off without him, he wouldn’t, he would have sooner busted into the window then be left behind to deal with thoughs creatures alone. “So this… Is what it’s like to be able to relax…” Metal said looking around the car, the other hedgehogs made it, but he didn’t know the others, he didn’t count, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for the poor fool that was left behind, though feeling sorry for someone still felt odd. Metal looked at Sonic, Shadow and Sliver, this would most likely be an uneasy trip, he wasn’t sure he should be with them, but then again, if Nega was behind this, he would most likely find the, he defiantly had a better chance with these people. “So the Eclipse Cannon did this? That can’t be good…” Metal said, to himself, but it could be heard by other.

“We need to do something about that thing, the Doctor, or Nega might decide to use on themselves, maybe in an attempt to match Sonic in some way.” Metal said starting to think, a thought coming to mind. ‘Could that thing… Make me biological with some alteration?’ Metal thought to himself, really think about it, sure, it may make him weaker, but it could just as easily make him stronger, not to mention, he would no longer be a machine, he wouldn’t be any easier to control by either Robotnik or Nega, then Sonic himself. Almost out of instinct, Metal stood up straight stretching for no apparent reason. Metal looked over the room again, Sonic know chatting it up with Shadow, and Sliver was watching over some girl. Metal slowly walked over to the psychic hedgehog, having nothing better to do. “You, your Silver aren’t you? I have very little data on you, I simply know your name, your fighting style, and the fact that you have some history with Nega.” Metal said pausing for a moment, simply glancing at the girl, then back at Silver. “So what’s his story? And what is you relation anyway?” Metal asked, try to fulfill his curiosity, Metal Sonic had always been good at collecting data , so curiosity came natural.

April 2nd, 2007, 7:29 PM
"Well, what ever they are, I guess we'll just have to take 'em down!" Sonic announced, seemingly not caring that they had just been attacked, and would encounter many more enemies to come. "Don't be so tense, Metal." He then added, listening to his mechanical counterparts speech. "Then again... you are made of metal, you can't exactly soften up..." Silver gave Sonic a 'is this really the time?' glance before returning to watching Celia again. Silver took some time to think about how he should reply to Metal, before finally deciding.

"If we were in any other circumstances, I probably wouldn't share this with you. However, since we all have to work together on this, I might as well." Silver began, glancing over at Metal again. "I, like Nega, am from the future. The future is populated by creatures like me with psychokinesis powers. Nega is my nemesis, as he haunts the future with his attacks, much like Eggman haunts this time. I came back to the past searching for Nega, whom I accidentally let escape."

"The future... huh?" Soft words suddenly came from Celias mouth as her eyes opened to find her self looking directly at them. "So... is that related to why I have these?" She held out her palms meekly, revealing two pink circles on her palms, much like the blue ones on Silver's hand.

"Yeah, somehow you got psychokinetic abilities. I guess Nega made an error with the DNA when he was working out his plot..." Silver said as he grabbed her hand to help her sit up. "I'd like to send you home, but I can't if you're in this state."

"That's fine... I can't go home anyways."


"I'll tell you... later." She gave a meek smile, before standing up in a wobbly fashion, before collapsing again.

April 2nd, 2007, 9:39 PM
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I took a very long draft from the Brandy, enjoying the warmth that rushed through me. A welcome change after all the repetitive shocks and scares. But I wouldn't over indulge. My cousing had taught me an important lesson about that screw up, at least.

"How is the future related to Psychic ability?" I asked, only hearing about half of what they were saying, bemused by my own thoughts. Nuklear disaster? New radiation? Who knew? Shadow paused, blinking as he stared at the window. The upside down reflection was gone. Maybe he should have some of that drink too.

He turned again, facing thde others, his back to the window. "So, why exactly are we heading to the mystic ruins? This isn't exactly responsible conduct, and I'll need an explanation for when I retport this." He had a record just like every other G.U.N. Agent did now.Still, it was rather at an impasse, because even if he decided to act any way he wanted, there wouldn't be a lot that could stop him, short of the other hedgehogs.

Raichu Master
April 7th, 2007, 7:35 PM
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IC: Alex clung for dear life as the car swerved and sped along its chosen path. What an odd sight this must be, Alex thought dryly. A tiger creature clinging to a luxury car as it picked up speed. Something out of a horror movie, Alex continued to think as he peeked over the roof of the car to see where they were headed. Still feeling queezy from his whole experience, his mind couldn't make sense of what he was seeing.

What was wrong with him? He was normally more level headed, more analitical. Geez, transform into a tiger and it all goes out the window. Voices were could be heard from the interior and he figured that they had no clue that he was even with them. "Well...time to let them know I'm here..." Alex growled as he clawed his way from the rear of the trunk to the top of the roof of the moving vehicle. With a raised claw, Alex punched a hole in the car's roof and jumped in. "Mind if I drop in?" Alex growled, his voice dripping with sarcasm. He was in a foul mood. First they ignore his presence in the city, then they run away and don't even look back to see if he followed. Then, to top this all off, they drug him along, granted unknowingly, on this crazy ride. "Of course you don't," Alex finished the thought bitterly.

Noticing that they were all in a relatively relaxed position, Alex plopped himself down on the furthest seat, so that he could get a good look at who he was talking to. There he sat, his gaze intent on each one of them, waiting to see if they would fill him in on what was happening.