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March 18th, 2007, 2:09 PM
Okay, this is my first plot and time being the RP master, so forgive me if I’m not too good…

The Legend

There is a legend in the world of Aedrys, speaking of a great war between the East and West over three mystic blades created by the God and Goddesses of this world. These three swords were the Blade of the Sun, the blade a blazing red-orange, was able to harness the Sun's great fury and call forth blazing rain, or create a blinding beam of light, and said to be forged by the Sun Goddess, Solarrin. There was the Blade of the Moon, a dazzling blue, forged by the Moon Goddess, Lunaria, said to be able to warp its wielder between any place instantaneously, as well as the wielder being able to warp the blade anywhere they wish. The last blade was The Blade of the Void, the blade a wicked black, created by the Shadow God, Kageriin, and was able to control shadows like puppets, as well as topple entire buildings with a single slash. If these three swords were ever brought together, an even greater power would be brought into the world, under the blades' wielder’s control, but this power was described simply 'Only one pure of soul shall not bring ruin to the world. Twisted of heart, or selfish of intention shall ruin the world and destroy themselves. To right this wrong, the pure must gather the blades of legend'. The three blades had been hidden by their forgers, never to be found, unless the time truly came when the whole of Aedrys was threatened. However, the greed of men did not heed these warnings, and sought the blades' great power.

This war raged for many years, until the West finally had all three blades in their possession. The West's king, a cruel Muro with a twisted heart had killed countless people, both innocent and warring. He craved only power, and didn't care what he had to do to get it. Once the three legendary blades were place together, they had vanished, and in their place was a great monster, a reflection of the king's lust for power. The beast, black as the king's heart, swallowed him up in dark tendrils sprouting from its body. The survivors of this incident named the beast, Exittaddo, 'Bringer of Destruction.' This monster then destroyed the West's capital, Doran, and the only thing that had stopped it was the Goddesses and God descending to Aedrys and destroying the wicked beast, but destroying their physical forms in the process. Their spirits took refuge in the blades they had forged, sealing the monster in a blade of its own, called the Arcumbre. This blade was made sure to be hidden well, as the Goddesses and God didn't have power to stop the beast again. The only way to access this blade was to bring together the three original blades at the Arcumbre's temple. To help guard the four blades, they 'touched' three people of Aedrys, of three different races, giving each and their bloodline a special ability, but this power has since faded from the bloodlines.

The people of Aedrys had then agreed to peace, not wanting a repeat incident. They rebuilt Doran, now a technological metropolis, and the three 'descendants' had guarded the blades, until, after a while, the people had forgotten the war and simply marked it down as a myth. The descendants, too, had forgotten where the swords rested, so the God and Goddesses used a bit more of their remaining powers to create special creatures, bound to the blades, and they were meant to keep all but the blades' respective descendants from ever entering the resting places.

One thousand years after the war was forgotten, the bloodlines no longer clearly identifiable, and the resting places left to ruin, the bloodline possessing Kageriin's power unknowingly found the Blade of the Void and took it from its shrine. Seeing the blade's great power, she began to feel the same lust for power as the ancient Muro king. The blade's guardian sensed this, but was powerless against the Blade of the Void. She had remembered the old legend, and craved the other blades' powers. This girl, a Kuria name Kurozyn, only 17, began to destroy other villages and towns, searching for the other descendants. Kageriin's spirit watched in horror as his power was being used to destroy the world he had helped create. He attempted to warn the Goddesses, and told them to somehow have their descendants claim the blades and defeat Kurozyn, whose fighting class has seemed to go out of normal people's abilities. She had the ability to call down ferocious beasts, as well as cast all elemental magic. Her skills with the sword were better than that of a well-trained blademaster. After hearing of the descendants claiming the other two blades, Kurozyn had fled deep in the Demon's Maw Mountains. Using water and wind magic, she was able to view the descendants and attempt to kill them by controlling monsters she had created. But, unfortunately for the descendants, they had no knowledge of Kurozyn's location or abilities.

You play as either the Sun or Moon descendants, (if those spots are left) or one of their teammates. You will all travel as a Slayer group, people who kill monsters and protect travelers from attacks. This way, you will gain experience and knowledge from battles, to prepare you for the showdown with Kurozyn. ~Also, after two more people have joined, we will decide where we meet.


Normal PC rules apply, along with no powerplaying, godmodding... If you visit this area of PC often, you should know what's acceptable... And NPC creating is fine, along with generating monsters, etc. Just don't go overboard with it. I control Kurozyn (my RP) and when 'boss-type' monsters (Kurozyn's creatures) pop up. When having a monster/your chara attack someone, let them react. And when reacting, don't have your chara dodge, block, or counter EVERY SINGLE TIME. And if you don't follow rules, or misspell/use words, YOUR CHARA SHALL DIE AN EMBARASSING DEATH.

{Make the sign-up decent, please? AND NO CLICHES. OR ELSE.}
Name-Character's name
Gender-Dude or Dude-ett?
Age-I knew I forgot something.
Race-Options in a min.
Personality-Err, you should know this.
Description-Make it race specific, but you can add your chara's personal touches. This is for physical description. OR, if you’re lazy like me, you could throw the armor in too, and use this. (http://www.tektek.org/dream/dream.php) I personally prefer a visual, but words are fine, too. Only KuKuria, Muro and Humua (possibly Lieroso or Veinn if you can find the right stuff) are makeable with the link.
Armor- What the character wears. Can be simple or intricate, and won't change during the RP.
Class-Just wait a sec, 'kay?
Class Specifics-Robot for Engineer, Summons for Summoner, etc.
Weapon- Can change during the RP, so try to not make your first weapon too awesome. Unless you're the Sun descendant. In that case, all you really need it to be is red.
RP Sample-Just as long as you make decent posts and can spell...I mean it. You misspell/incorrectly use words, try somewhere else… Not trying to be mean, or anything, just use the right words and spelling.
Bloodline/Reason for Joining the Descendants-(I need someone to take the place of the Sun descendant, which is a Veinn. For the Sun decendant, since Solarrin is in the blade, you could have her communicate with your chara, if you want.)


Humua-Human. That's about it.
Kuria-Full blood elf. They're tall, slender, and not harsh on the eyes.
KuKuria-Humua with longer, pointy ears, so half-elf, basically.
Lieroso-Animal people, y'know, human with animal attributes?
Veinn-Dragon-Humans. Because I love dragons. And veinn cannot fly. They can hover and glide, but cannot freely fly. Their faces are more human than dragon, and their skin can be whatever color you want. Their wings are generally small, and they have tails. Their ears are...like a two feathered wing...like...ear (http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/9149/veinnearhw3.png).If you want a Veinn chara, please follow the description.
Muro-Demonic people, with horns, fangs, a slender tail, claws, ect. And they don't wear shoes. Their claws on their feet would just rip 'em.
Dragon-I only added this race because I have many a dragon character, so I thought that it would feel odd to me with no dragons. But please, I don't want 7 people wanting to be dragons. Anyways, dragons in Aedrys can wear clothes if they want to, although they usually don't. They're not very bulky, and stand on two feet. Their 'ears' can rage from two horns to cat-like ears, to nothing at all. Dragons also can have some sort of 'hairdo' such as Taiik (http://img157.imageshack.us/my.php?image=taiik1cv.png). Don't mind the little wings. I just doodled that. And didn't bother with the wings too much. Then there's Guardian (http://img147.imageshack.us/my.php?image=guardian1xb.png), who wears a shirt (and pants, you just can't see that.) has no fuzz, and has two horns for 'ears'. So there ya go.

So, if you want the most freedom with your chara, choose Humua, or KuKuria.

NOW, classes. And weapons and armor are suggestions. Not mandatory. ((These classes are based off of my characters in my fic. Which isn’t done. Even if it were, I probably wouldn’t post it here…))

Warriors specialize in physical power. They usually wear heavier armors, such as chain mail and plates. Other warriors wear lighter armors, allowing for more movement in battle. This class can be seen with any type of weapon, even staves.

Chaos Mage
Chaos mages are scholars of the black arts, able to cast destructive magic. They tend to wear light cloth armor, to better channel their magic. Chaos mages often use staves, maces, or daggers, but can use any weapon.

Healing Mage
Healing mages are masters of the white arts. They use defense as their offense, and are valuable to any slayer team. Healing mages are able to cure sicknesses, and heal wounds, even bring someone out of a coma. They cannot, however, bring people back to life. This class usually wields staves and maces, and wears cloth armor.

Spell Blade
Spell Blades are a jack-of-all-trades, but master of none. They are able to cast both healing and destructive magic, but not anything near as powerful as the Chaos or Healing mages’ magic. Because they have less need to channel powerful magics, they usually wear medium armors, such as chain mail or leather. Like warriors, this class is seen with many weapons.

Ninja are very agile and are also able to cast various weak black magics. They usually are good with projectile weapons, and are good at concealing themselves. Since speed is the ninja’s main weapons, they tend to wear light armor and wield smaller weapons. Dattebayo~!

Agile, like the Ninja class, but is better with closer combat. Assassins can also use darkness (as in the element, which is listed below) magic to weaken their enemies. Their main weapon of choice is the dagger, able to be thrown, or used in close combat, although they have been seen using a light sword, too. They tend to wear leather armors.

Musician is certainly an odd class. They are able to manipulate raw elemental magic by simply playing music. Depending on the song’s style, beat, and such, the musician’s element (a musician will usually choose one or two elements at the start of their career) will react, and to what extent is determined by the musician’s will. Their weapons are their instruments, of course, and their armor is generally light.

Tamers specialize in bows, guns, and crossbows. They have no magic access, but have the ability to tame a wild creature to do their bidding. There may sound like no need for this class, with the use of Cyrun Gems, but Tamers can tame monster (magic manifestation), creature (gryphon, dragon, phoenix, etc), or animal (wolf, tiger, hawk, etc), and develop a strong bond with their “pet.”

Summoners call forth both creatures from Cyrun Gems and can tap into the elemental streams to create powerful monsters of their own creation. The created monster are then kept in a Cyrun Gem. If no Gem is available, the monster turns feral, similar to a normal monster. Summoners can have only one creature ‘active’ at a time. Summoners can also wield both white and black magic, but their spells are much weaker than a Chaos Mage’s or a Healing Mage’s.

This class specializes in creating machines and AI robots to do their bidding. Engineers can create anything from a simple sword to a giant mechanical dragon. They can also make convenient gadgets, such as a “magic” map, that shows the owner’s location, along with anyone in that person’s group. Engineers create these items by finding the base materials, such as wood, metal, or gems, and then using raw magic to shape and meld them into the desired shape. They are a valuable asset to a slayer team, as their specialized magic allows them to mend armor and weapons, in the off-chance that they break. Engineers don’t have any special combat skills, but can still don armor, pick up a weapon and start swinging it around. However, they tend to send their machinations into combat.

TOWN DESCRIPTON ~ This is all that was left after Kurozyn's little killing spree. And the descriptions are vague so that the RPers can create the areas, based on the bit of info.

Small port town on the West coast. It is often plagued by sea monster attacks. There is an inn for travelers starting on the great road. There are many docks on the coast.

Medium resort town on Teiyaros Island. Teiyaros is a relatively small island, north of Eeshi. The island is populated by palm trees and sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. Despite the island’s beauty, monsters run amok here.

Large industrial city. Doran is the rebuilt capital of the western lands. There are few monsters here, as it is protected by large gates. There are many shops here, ranging from your run-of-the-mill item shop, to expensive, rare artifact shops. There is also an inn here.

Small village in the middle of the Great Plains. This place’s power is provided by windmills, but monsters are drawn to these energy sources and often damage them.

Small village on the edge of Reitio Forest and near Umisa Ocean. The buildings are made of a strong wood, and the roofs of thick leaves. Most KuKuria are from here. The Temple of the Moon is in the woods near here.

Medium town at the foot of the Demon’s Maw mountains. There is an arena here, and weekly tournaments are held pitting slayer teams against each other. The prize is often a Cyrun Gem.

Large town in the Demon’s Maw. Haven for Veinn and dragons. It is located in a valley, half-way up the mountain. The buildings are carved from the side of the mountain itself. There is a temple in the very back of the valley, that no one has been able to enter for centuries. (Temple of the Sun)

Medium desert oasis town located in the Kinursi Desert. The buildings here are often made of magicked sands, preventing any heat from entering. There is a large, natural fountain in the middle of the town. Many grasses and trees grow around the pool.

Small village on the Southern Plains. It is almost exactly like Sheiru, only in a different area.

Large, beautiful town located near Kyose Woods, Maris Lake, and Oakarza Mountains. The Academy is here, teaching students about the arts, depending on the class they wish to be. Most people, however, choose to educate themselves, or have the locals teach them.

Kuro Outpost
Small outpost north of the Oakarzas. It was set up as a rest point for people going to Froswind. There are a few wooden buildings here, one being an inn, another an item shop, and the last a practice building, letting teams keep up their skills if they’re trapped in a snow storm. The outpost often has a thin layer of snow, but can sometimes fall prey to a vicious snow storm.

Medium town that has snowfall year round. There is an annual race here, having participants use any means (except teleport magics) to get to an ice Cyrun Gem. The course changes each year.

Large, grand city that is the Capital of Aedrys. In the middle of the city is the castle that houses King Veirallius and his son, Kazeryu. There are gates surrounding the city, and another set of gates around the castle.

The map is here (http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/2261/map2eb7.png).

ELEMENTS~ (The main description is pretty focused, which is why I made subcategories. Those don’t really need an explanation. Just have your chara cast magic based on the name. And magic in Aedrys is controlled by the mage’s willpower, and many mages call out a name for the spell, to help their concentration. The amount of magic a mage has and the spell’s strength is based on their level of concentration. If the mage is worn out, and can’t concentrate, they might not be able to cast at all.)

A very destructive element, possessing no healing or defensive abilities. Based on magical offense.
Subcategories of Fire are heat and explosion.
Opposite of Ice.
A defensive element, using barriers to deflect attacks and reflect magic. Based on magical defense.
Subcategories are snow, hail and cold.
Opposite of Fire.
A balanced element, possessing healing, defensive and offensive maneuvers. Water is Multiuse.
Subcategories are mist, steam, and acid.
Opposite of Lightning.
A very destructive element, having no healing and weak defensive abilities. Based on magical speed.
Subcategories are cloud and sound.
Opposite of Water.
A ‘tank’ element, having no healing abilities (unless using the ‘Nature’ subcategory), but strong defense, stamina, and strength. Based on physical defense.
Subcategories are nature and stone.
Opposite of Wind.
An elusive element, based on a ‘hit and run’ strategy, which is effective, as wind-based things are generally frail. Wind can also solidify air to create temporary barriers. Based on physical speed.
Subcategories are time and blades.
Opposite of Earth.
The ‘healer’ element, having very weak offensive abilities, but strong healing, stamina, and defense. Also allows removal of negative effects, such as Slow, Poison, or Blind. Based on healing.
Subcategories are ray (an offensive version) and shield (an even more defensive version). Even damaging magics are classified as White Magic.
Opposite of Dark.
An offensive element, although it has weak physical traits and direct damage magic. It focuses on dealing damage through using enfeebling magic. Based on magical offense.
Subcategories are shade (a defensive version) and malice (+direct damage, -enfeebling.) Classified as Black Magic.
Opposite of Light.

Cyrun Gems are physical manifestations of elemental energy, formed the same way that monsters are, although gems take much more energy to form, making them a rare find. Gems have the ability to amplify magic of their element and capture monsters of their element, too. Each Cyrun Gem can hold up to 3 monsters. However, the only people who can call monsters out of the Gems are Summoners. Each different element of a Gem can only be found in a certain area, too.


Monsters are living, physical forms of the elements, created like Cyrun Gems, but they need much less energy to be created, making them much more common. Monsters are generally found in the same place that Cyrun Gems of their element are, but sometimes a Fire monster could be in a Light area. Monsters also can have two different elements, making them more versatile, but easier to find the right Cyrun Gem to catch them with. Monsters are caught by being weakened to the point of near-death, and are then drawn into a Gem. If there is no Gem present, or there is none of the right element, the monster turns back into energy. After being caught, the monster is still weak, and cannot be used for a day.

Here's where monsters of certain elements are generally found.

Lightning~Leis (Oakarzas)
Earth~Reito (Reitio Forest)
Dark~Demon’s Maw Mountains
Light~Leis (Kyose Woods)

I will also make a bestiary soon, and any contributions will be appreciated.

Lol, reading.

Here's the Example (my) Sign Up

Name- Tsukai
Gender- Female
Race- KuKuria
Personality- Tsukai is usually pretty calm, but can be a bit hardheaded and sharp. She is a bit timid during battle, and is terrified of spiders. Despite wielding a heavy blade she prefers to stand back a cast during a fight.
Description- http://img483.imageshack.us/img483/6664/tek070319d44870av1.png
Armor- The headband, armbands, and shoes are thick leather, the pants denim, and the shirt is a smooth, but durable cloth. The gloves (which are dark blue) are the same material as the shirt. There is a hole in the shirt underneath Tsukai's pendant. The pendant is a Cyrun Gem of the water element, but Tsukai has no summoning abilities.
Class- Engineer
Class Specifics- Tsukai's Mech is Neji. Its body is a dull silver, and its almond eyes are yellow. It has the shape of a naga, with a serpentine body and two four-segmented arms. The first is the shoulder/upper arm. The second is the elbow, which is a ball with a small spike on it. The third is the lower arm, which has two blades on it. The last is the hand, which is a ball with four sharp, movable fingers. The hand on Neji's left arm can morph into a laser cannon. The cannon is powerful, but slightly inaccurate and has a limited number of shots before it needs to charge. There are Veinn-like ears on its (although it seems boyish) head, alond with a red triangle on its forehead. There are three smaller triangle connected to the larger one, each with the points touching the larger. There is a long blade on the end of Neji's tail.
Weapon-The Moon Blade, which is pretty much this (http://img398.imageshack.us/img398/7278/moonbladewy2.png). The blade shimmers, and is semi-transparent. The hilt is wood, with a metal grip.
RP Sample- Heh, I would probably accept myself.
Bloodline- Moon.

Not much, but still a decent enough description to let others "see" what my character does/is.

Scarlet Weather
March 18th, 2007, 6:33 PM
Ah... if this is all I need, I know I can make it here. XD (Sorry...)

Name: Amakichi Hikaru (Note: Surname first, since names for this rp so far seem to be Japanese culture inspired).

Age: Older then you. Seriously, he's like, seventeen.

Gender: Male. And for once, I think I named my character something where that isn't pitifully obvious! XD

Race: Humua, with a slight bit of KuKuria and possibly Lieroso way back in his geneology somewhere.

Personality: Hikaru's stand on life seems to be "Keep your weapons sharp and your wit sharper". He has no qualms with assailing anyone, be they friend or enemy, with his sharp-edged insults, calculated to drive anybody who hears them over the edge and into a rut. He's got a silly side, and enjoys short rests and oppurtunities to relax, but he's more of an "action guy"- wherever the fight is, he has to be. He does have a purely comrade-in-arms relationship with a veinn from his homeland, Nishi, since he's traveled with her on several shorter, less dangerous outings. He's also one of the few guys she will tolerate, and in order to keep it so, he has developed a bit of a chivalrous side, a part of him that inists that he defend women. If he were married, he wouldn't be the type to leave his wife for any reason, in other words. He's also unfailingly polite to young women, unless he happens to be facing them in pitched combat.

Class: Spell Blade

Specifics: Hikaru wields an identical pair of twin blades, each one about as long as half his arm's length, which he wields with the elegant grace of the experienced skirmisher. His spells tend to focus on simple self-preservation or basic healing of small injuries rather then offense, although he has been known to toss a flurry of solidified shadows at an opponent. His element of choice happens to be earth, in the "Nature" sub-category, with one or two dark spells thrown in on the side.

Description: Hikaru is about medium height, and carries himself with a cocky, arrogant swagger that doesn't let much get in its way. His hair is light brown, with a few reddish highlights, and stays straight down on his head, like good hair should. His skin is rather tan, since his place of origin is the desert, after all, and his eyes are a deep, glinting orange-y color. His face has a few slight scars on it. His ears are very slightly pointed, and his eyes have a slight "gleam" to them that tends to make those he stares at incredibly nervous.

Armor: Preferring basic armor that allows for quick movement, Hikaru wears a light leather breastplate with lightweight chainmail contained within that allows for freedom of movement as well as decent protection, and wears a heavy, tan traveling cloak over his normal clothes when moving through areas with hot or cold climates. His pants aren't really armored, and he doesn't wear anything to protect his back.

Weapon: The twin blades mentioned earlier, known as the "Twin Devils" because of the user's ability to quickly attack using either of them with equal strength, and their ability to outmanuever slower weapons. Their lightweight, yet strong metal allows the wielder to use them to block even heavy claymore blows without fear. Their one drawback is that a true master of them must be ambidextrous, but thankfully Hikaru is, so it really doesn't matter.

Reason for joining up: Hikaru essentially joined the team on a lark, because he felt that it would be a good chance to go adventuring. He isn't exactly a guy who likes to stay in one place, and the chance to fight against an evil villainess with a mythical blade of power appeals to him. He also joined up in order to travel with his old buddy-in-arms Nishi, and to make sure that nothing happens to her blade, which he has essentially fallen in love with. (Yes, Hikaru has a thing for blades... you'll see what I mean.)

RP sample: I shall return with one shortly. In the meantime, may I ask you to look at "Star in the Sky" for some of my better posts?

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 18th, 2007, 7:12 PM
Name- AJ Valentine
Gender- Male
Race- Humua
Personality- AJ has a fixed personality, he is serious and strict in a situation but will also have a sense of humor to lighten up all the tense moments. Averagely he is a layed back calm kinda of guy, real outgoing. Even if you get on his nerves he will be willing to help you but if you really Piss him off your going to regret it, big time. AJ sounds like your average everyday teen and doesn't care what anyone thinks, so he's never really depressed. So overall he's a layed back humorous yet strict and serious kind of guy, Don't get on his nerves and your fine and that concludes are little segment on his personality.

description is a medium sized Hispanic teen, He's about Five Foot four and weighs around 130 something pounds. His eye's are a Cloudy blue that seems to reflect innocence, frailness yet his eyes are very deceiving and his teeth are nice and pearly, He is wearing an earing in his left ear, It's in the shape of... well a cross, a golden one with some rhinestones on them and has a tattoo of the cross on his forehead, it's a eerily white tattoo making it look strange, but still well fitting. He wears tight Black leather pants that seem to shine slightly and a black shirt with a white cross and the words 'Judgment Day' on it. He wears onyx black boots with iron soles that seem to be good for kicking people. He wears a long white trench coat that goes down to just above his ankles with another cross on it, this time black. His hair is grayish white and styled in a medium sized ponytail.

Armor- AJ doesn't really wear any armor except for the fireproof trench coat and sometimes a bandanna, nothing much.
Class- Musician
Class Specifics- Carry's a violin and a flute and some notes with him.
Weapon- Violin and Flute (Flute is crystal)
RP Sample-Misty stayed alert while sneaking upon the random buildings of Pallet, she saw some spell driven cultist. " Try to divert attention" She mumbled to her group as she kept going, keeping low and quiet and then Snap! "Sh|t" Misty curses as she stepped on a large twig, and as if it was an alert about twelve cultist started to surround them, almost moaning as they sluggishly raised large metal rods or bats. Misty nodded at her team and pulled out her Thompson , she pulled the trigger and almost dropped the machine gun as it unleashed an unholy spray of bullets onto the targets in front of her. Ratatatatatata the sound was deafening and her ears were starting to ache as the figures flew back, blood dribbling from several bullet holes in each one as they crumpled. Misty pulled her finger off the trigger and the sound instantly stopped, Thank god she thought to herself as she looked at the big ass pile of bodies.

"Move out!" Misty yelled as she kept going, while she was running she switched the magizines out for her Thompson . This was going to be a long night.

Arcana Tower

Dillon rubbed an orb made of crystal, and smiled. " Aww yes... Cain and Sol have made it to the destination, though it looks like Cain isn't coping as well as I thought as he would." He mumbled deeply and then grimaced, My children are dying though but his grimace was replaced with a bitterly sweet smile, They're indispensable though. He thought to himself slightly chuckling. " Master, you shouldn't have sent a boy for a mans job" a dark voice interrupting Dillon's thought. " Do not worry Lord James. They are indispensable , no great loss." Dillon said, his voice was smoothly sour.

The door burst open without warning as medium sized Caucasian bust through, obviously excited about something. Dillon frowned at the interruption , " Lord Dillon! The Magician wishes to send you a mess-" Dillon cut the man off. " Did I say you could come in? Did you knock? Obvious such manners can't be accepted." Dillon grumbled as he clenched his fist-
and the mans right eye exploded. Blood started to dribble down his face as he screeched in pain, " Shut up!" James yelled as he ripped the man throat out, cartilage and the gleaming shine of bone as his throat exposed, the man gave a final blood filled cough as he fell to the ground. Dillon smiled at James " Thank you. I'll dispose of this nuisance ." Dillon said grinning as the body and blood disappeared . " We have business to attend to." Dillon said his voice fading.

AJ was waiting for the answer he wanted, the reason for the mans appearance when he remembered something. " Barry, where is that Sandslash ?" He asked anxious, Barry replied with a shrug . " Damn, where'd he go." AJ mumbled looking around.

Bloodline/Reason for Joining the Descendants- AJ decided to come so he could see the world, tired of staying in the same place. It was getting all to boring to say the least, but this way he can get to see more then the same stupid city.

March 18th, 2007, 8:15 PM
Name-Uma Eria (like ACC , Last name first , first name last.)




Personality-Eria loves to fight , whether it's physically or mentally. His teachings from his father included "Always have your weapons ready and don't let your guard down." He also never wants to back down either. He is mildly short tempered and can push anyone over the edge with words , unless it's another smart mouth like him. He can be reckless , though. If someone pisses him off , they'll regret it , big time....

Description-Eria has a blue right eye and a green left eye. His hair is mainly white but he dyed it all black except his bangs. He has a pretty good sized scar across the top of his nose and a blue stripe-like mark under his eye. He wears a tiara on his forehead and has medium sized teenage arms. He is also a 5'6'' tall kid if you wanted to know. He is also one of those teens with an average body size. His skin color is kind of pale but not too pale. here's the image : http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/8558/tek070319d02288sn9.png

Armor- Just let me say this , if you're a ssbm fan or player , then you should know about Roy. Yeah , Eria wears the same type of armor Roy does but it's lighter and more protective. He also wears a blue cloak/cape and wears light iron plated boots that reach up to below his knees. His armor is black and gold and so is his tiara.

Class-Spell blade

Class Specifics-He can use both of his swords called Daylight Darkness and Twilight Blaze. He can also use some black magic and white magic.

Weapon- His gun sword called the Daylight Darkness and his double bladed sword called Twilight Blaze. post pictures later.

RP Sample-"Lancer what the heck are you doing!? Don't go .... You'll die saving her!" Lancer's sister said.".......Then I'll die trying............."He jumped into the pit that was called the underworld , but was really nothing but lava , that's why he had to save her or she , the one that he loves , Shi , will die and he will not be able to bear it...... That's when he saw her still falling."SHIIIIIIIIII!" he yelled. He had sent out his Salamence to save her. When it caught her though , it missed Lancer...... and that's when hope was about to be lost.

Lancer woke up in a hospital bed , all wrapped up with bandages and chanseys and blisseys trying to heal him. They told him he had burns on his right arm and was seen hitting boulders while he was falling.Thirty minutes later he was let out and saw Shi there. "....Shi" he said with tears swelled up in his eyes. "I will never leave you again , I promise." "Thank you , Lancer-kun" then they had a passionate long kiss that made Lancer feel happy again.

But that was 2 years ago ..... Shi was dead now , and Lance would avenge her death by doing what the murderer did to her , kill him , and he knew who it was it was..., "Lance......I.....WILL.....KILL YOU!!!!" he shouted angrily and crazily.He decided , he won't kill him , no, he will take the place as champion back......and then he'll have granted the wish that Shi wished for , for him to become Champion.-from the dead RP "Just Another Trainer Story" by O

Bloodline/Reason for Joining the Descendants- He wanted to help people , but he mainly did it for adventure and fun.

OOC:I couldn't find any black and gold armor so I used the mythril armor , which was white and gold , since it was close.

March 19th, 2007, 1:48 PM
ACC- Nice sign-up (heh, more than mine.) and good use of grammar. Although, you haven't posted your reason for joining the Team... So, get that done and you're accepted. Pending

Ash Jr- I really wasn't kidding about the grammar thing. Run your posts through a word processor, if need be. Otherwise, good enough. Also need your reason. Pending

Lightning Rider- ...What? The only other 'playable' decendant is the Sun Goddess (That doesn't mean they have to be a female, though). You also need to make each time a different person speaks into a different paragraph. Might also include your character's skin color. Other than that, it's good. Pending

Grammar is my pet peeve. Really, it is. (Which is totally ironic because I misspelled it in my 4th grade spelling bee.)

Scarlet Weather
March 19th, 2007, 2:42 PM
Reason added. XD Sorry about that...

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 19th, 2007, 3:00 PM
Edited, put it through an online processor. ;)

March 19th, 2007, 4:30 PM
edited appearance , reason , and weapons. also edited tiny bit on personality.

March 19th, 2007, 4:39 PM
Name - Peter Summers
Gender - Male
Age - 16
Personality - He is usually upbeat and cheerful, but can be serious at the appropriate times. He is very long-tempered, and can forgive someone in an instant if they apologized.
Race - Kuria
Description - http://img103.imageshack.us/img103/3991/tek0703196d2e2rm7.png
Armor - No armor, just a shirt, pants, and boots.
Class - Assassin
Class Specifics - Peter is a very low-armed Assassin, as he doesn't carry weapons. But he can make a weapon out of nearly anything and is an excellent hand-to-hand fighter.
Weapon - None, but he can use nearly every weapon he comes across.
RP Sample - Zorba looked out at the rippling waves. He noticed a ship approaching their island, a mile or so away. He couldn't make out the flags though: it seemed like the ship kept them up. Zorba was a bit worried by this, but continued to look on. The ship drew closer.
Gamba, a watchman, looked out through a telescope. He could tell that there were at least 200 men aboard the ship, but he, too, could not see any flags. Zorba ran up to him. 'Gamba! Can you see any colors on that approaching ship?'
'No.. I can't,' replied Gamba. All of a sudden, while the ship was about 200 meters from the shore, from the masts, a large flag rolled down. That flag, the Jolly Roger, sealed the people's doom.
'Pirates!!' Shouted Gamba. He ran to the alarm bell and rang it loudly. In seconds the militia was running down the shore, muskets and swords drawn, just to be shot down by the approaching buccaneers. The ship turned to its side, about 50 meters away, and fired a round of cannons, about ten, which took out the entire line of defense for San Salvador. One cannon headed straight for the watch tower. Zorba promptly leaped out, barely missing the demise of the structure. Zorba looked back. He realized what had just happened to his life friend, Gamba. He could see a small hole in the debris, just big enough to squeeze in. He could see Elin running down the beach. Wishing to help her as well, he quickly called to her.
Bloodline/Reason for Joining the Descendants - No bloodline known, but he joins the descendants in hope of regaining his memory (see below).
Other - Peter's memory is completely gone, and it has been for about a year. He woke up one night in the middle of a cold, dark road, with only the memories of his name, his age, and a unique fighting style that he does not know the name of.

March 19th, 2007, 6:32 PM
ACC- Welcomed

Ash Jr- Eh, still a few apostrophe errorrs, but ah well. No one's perfect. Welcomed

Lightning Rider- As long as you remember to space between speaking, Welcomed

Ditto- Just one thing: You need some sort of reason, even if it's only, "His reasons are mysterious," and then explain as we go along. Pending

March 20th, 2007, 1:36 PM
Okay, added a bit more. Hope this clears things up.

March 20th, 2007, 6:36 PM
Okay, that'll work. Welcomed

A few more and we'll start. When we get ready to start, I'll post where we start.

Scarlet Weather
March 24th, 2007, 8:27 AM
OOC: Eh, since it doesn't seem like anyone else is interested, may I request a second character? I don't mean to seem a little over the top, but I'd like to throw in a character of another class.

March 25th, 2007, 11:07 AM
Sure. Hopefully we'll have some more people join... And we still need the Sun decendant. I guess we can start after we have a total of 6 characters. Or 7. Depends on if we get the Sun character... And we'll start all start in Eeshi, if that's fine with everyone.

Scarlet Weather
March 25th, 2007, 4:08 PM
Okay then... since I don't really anticipate anyone joining as the sun goddess's veinn person, allow me to do it. And by the way, let me add that it will be a female, since I, The ACC, am not afraid to roleplay characters outside my own gender!

Char: But ACC, you still don't play as a girl unless you have a guy character already...

ACC: Shut up.

And now, it's sign-up time!

Name: Nisha Salamandra (Known by her friends as "Nishi".

Gender: Female, since I feel like it, za!

Race: Veinn

Age: 18

Description: Nishi has bright red skin, and she's quite an attractive girl and has many admirers, which is a pity since she's also a rabid feminist to the point that she despises male contact to the highest degree, and makes a point of not associating with men outside of a professional setting. Her face is mostly human, with a slightly smaller nose then most, and a pair of enlarged canines. Her hair is reddish, about the same tone as her skin in fact, and drapes to her shoulders. In the way of clothes, she wears a pair of brown pants designed for comfort and function, not too loose but not that tight either, and usually wears a brownish T-Shirt with holes in the back to allow for her small wings and her long, flexible tail. Her eyes are green, and constantly spark.

Personality: As has already been said, Nishi is a rabid feminist, and as such bears a deep hatred towards men in general, particularly perverted ones or admirers, and her relationships with them are strictly professional. Her one exception in regards to this philosophy is Hikaru, whom she has worked with often enough that she's grown "used to". It can't hurt that they grew up in the same village, either... She doesn't tend to hold anything back, and wears her emotions on the outside of her sleeve, fitting for a member of a bloodline that guards the blade of the sun, the force that gives out the light that reveals all. Her attitudes toward a fight depend on the situation, if it inconveniences her, she tries to avoid it, but if somebody ticked her off and she has the time, she'll charge in with relish.

Armor: None, but with her amped up speed and strength due to her half-dragon body, she's able to dodge most hits that require armor.

Class: Tamer

Class Specifics: Nishi is able to tame almost any creature immediately by capturing it in a rope that she wears around her waist and reciting the words "Listen to me or else, furball". She doesn't have any creatures following her at the moment, but she's an expert at developing dual tactics with the creature when she does, synchronizing her movements with it until they become almost one being in thought and action. Her main assets as a tamer however are her animalistic strength and speed, which allow her to move at the same speed as most of the animals she tames, putting her on even ground physically with certain monsters and making it easier to capture them.

Weapons: Aside from her rope, Nishi employs the blade of the sun, which she doesn't often use due to her lack of training with it. When she does use it, her skills usually amount to simply swinging the blade wildly and hoping that it connects, trusting her natural strength to make up for a lack of proper training. The blade itself is a long broadsword, with a gilded hilt and an intricate sunburst pattern along the blade.

Bloodline: The Sun. No dah.

Reason for starting: Nishi essentially started because it was her duty, and her first official team member was Hikaru, who begged to come along.

March 26th, 2007, 5:01 AM
ACC: Heh, making a feminist chara... Welcomed

So... I'll give anyone else who might want to join ... 8 hours, maybe? (When I get home from school. Which I do so hate.)

April 6th, 2007, 10:36 AM
Incredibly sorry about the double post, but I think people have forgotten about this, so I'm just trying to let everyone know it has started...

The two were walking along the port village Eeshi's coast on a sunny afternoon. Being in the element of water's domain, Tsukai's pendant, a Water Cyrun, gently glowed. Neji was beside her, in all his metallic glory.

"Well, this should be a good place to recruit," Tsukai said as she walked, her arms crossed behind her head. She was glancing around, and saw multiple posters on the small wooden buildings around her. They were warning signs, portraying a giant water beast, most likey a monster, attacking the port. "Slayers probably come here to do trade, along with ridding the town of the water monsters, right?"

"Probably," Neji replied, his voice sharp and metallic. He sounded irritated, as there were many heads turning to look at Tsukai's mechanical creation. "Although, you're not the type to go up and ask people if they are Slayers, are you?"

Tsukai put her arms back at her side and looked up. "...Well, not really, huh?" She stopped for a moment, her arms crossed, and head slightly tilted to the side. She then looked forward and snapped. "That's it!"

Neji looked as confused as a mech could and asked, "What's it?"

Before Tsukai answered him, she ran over to an empty dock and sat down at the edge, her feet hanging off of the dock. Neji slithered his way over to her, still confused. Tsukai turned to look at him, and announced her plan. "I can sense water monsters with my gem. You knew that, right? What we do is wait until a really fierce one forms, then all the Slayers in the town will come to fight it!"

Now informed, Neji liked her idea. "That's brilliant!"

"What did you expect from one of the best AI Engineers?" Tsukai said. "All we do now is wait."

Only 20 minutes had passed when Tsukai felt a presence form under the placid waves. She jumped up and commanded, "Neji, go!" He leaped from the dock, diving into the water. Unable to communicate with each other while Neji was underwater, Tsukai could only hope for the best. In a fighting stance, she peered at the once calm, now rolling water. She saw a silvery shine under the waves, and then Neji burst up from underneath the water onto the dock.

"What was down there?" Tsukai asked.

Neji laughed, metallic as it was, and pulled a small fanged purple fish off of his tail spike. Holding it between two claws, he said, "Not much. Just this Pyrran." The fish wiggled around.

Tsukai let out a sigh. "That's way too weak to call all the Slayers here... We might as well-" Before she could finish, a huge bulge formed in the water behind Neji. There was a look of panic on Tsukai's face.

Neji, throwing the Pyrran back into the water asked, "Tsukai, what's wrong?"

Still looking shocked, she point and forced out a "Behind you!"

Neji spun around and saw what was making Tsukai nervous. "MONSTER!" Neji shouted, causing the villagers to look and run in a mass panic, screaming much like Neji. Pleased with himself, he said, "If that's not going to alert the Slayers... Well, we probably wouldn't want people like that with us, would we?"

The monster causing all of this was a giant aqua-blue serpent.Starting at the lower jaw, its scales were light grey, with a black stripe dividing the two colors. It had thin glowing red eyes and four fangs as long as an arm and sharper than a knife. Starting right between the eyes was a black fin that seemed to stretch all the way to its tail, which seemed to be forked. At the end of each fork was a yellow globe of light. The great beast let out a deafening roar, revealing rows of razor sharp teeth and a bloodred forked tongue.

"Holy crap!" Tsukai exclaimed, staring at the towering monster. "If others don't show up, this could be bad!" She raised her right hand, fingers extended, and the air in front of it shimmered. The shimmers solidified, forming the Blade of the Moon. She gripped the hilt and assumed a battle stance.

(OKAY, she can warp the blade from its temple if she feels like it, making travel easier. She can cast weak water magic with her Cyrun Gem.)

Scarlet Weather
April 6th, 2007, 11:14 AM
Across the street, not two blocks from where the sea serpent was rising, a merchant was begging for his life. He had no idea how he had offended the snarling young Veinn in front of him; all he knew was that one moment, he had stepped into her path and insisted she come look at his wares, and the next... well, he wasn't really sure what had happened, but whatever it was ended with him being shoved against the wall, his arms pinned, while the girl held a blade to his throat. "Please, please!" he begged, his eyes wide with terror, "Please don't kill me!"

"First, apologize for detaining me, and admit that you're a chauvinistic pig, or else." the Veinn insisted, clenching her fingers tightly around the handle of the gilded broadsword she was using one hand to press lightly against the man's throat. Her eyes seemed to spark with energy as she pushed slightly closer, secretly enjoying the look of fear in the man's eyes.

The merchant stammered as he began to attempt to follow her orders. "I'm sorry for timing your detain, I mean, detiming your tain, I mean being a pig with a timer..." he babbled, fear draining the color from his cheeks.

"Close enough." muttered the Veinn, rolling her eyes as she let him drop to the ground, clutching his throat and gasping for breath. Without stopping to look back, she slipped the sword into the loop made by the lasso that was slung around her midsection, and marched away. Men! They thought they were so important, thinking that just because a girl had a pretty face it was an excuse to waste her time and make her look at useless objects. Didn't they ever stop to think that just maybe people might have more important things to do? Noooo. With a disgusted sigh, she marched down the avenue.


The voice made her turn. Nishi narrowed her eyes, scanning the streets for the speaker. At last, she saw him, leaning against the wall of a nearby weapons shop. Hikaru. He was a male, true, but at least he had the decency to not let it affect his judgement. He was an oddball, for sure, but he didn't seem to be a pig, like most of the members of the opposite gender she encountered. "I take it that you're ready to go?" she asked, nodding to him.

Smirking, Hikaru returned the nod. "Yep. Twin Devils are sharpened," he said, indicating the two nearly arm-length daggers strung at either side of his waist, "Spells-in-a-bag are ready for quick access," he continued, this time pointing to a small pouch hung near the first blade, "And, of course, I've finished speaking to my contact. Looks like the 'other half' of our little group is an engineer, complete with mecha, somewhere nearby." he finished, grinning widely.

Nishi nodded, returning the grin quickly, a rare gesture around male company. "Then won't she be pretty conspicuous? It'll be easy to find her if she's being followed around by a ten-foot mechanical something or other."

"Well, only one way to find-" Hikaru began, before the sound of screaming interrupted him. Darting to Nishi's side, he scanned the road, looking for the disturbance. "It came from over there!" he yelled, pointing.

Nishi nodded. Without another word, the two adventurers leaped into action, racing down the street past screaming townspeople, terrified shopkeepers, and an old man who still didn't know what was going on. At last, they made their way to the pier, where the roaring sea serpent lay. "What... is it?" Hikaru asked, staring at it.

"I don't know, but whatever it is, I think our partner is fighting it." Nishi replied, pointing towards a younger girl standing near the monster, accompanied by what appeared to be a a snake-type mecha of some sort.

"Then we'd better give her some assistance, eh?" Hikaru winked, drawing both of his blades from their scabbards and twirling them expertly.

"Mm-hmm." Nishi nodded, reaching for the handle of her sun-powered blade and unsheathing it.

With a roar of combat, the two launched themselves forward. Hikaru struck the first blow, removing a small bag from the pouch at his hip, tossed it up and down once, and then lobbed it at the monster's head. "Burning flames of the ancients, ignite thy formula. Ra!" he murmured as the bag sailed through the air, and then, without warning, exploded, causing the serpent to rear up for a moment in alarm.

Nishi darted in, launching herself from the dock with her sword poised to strike. As the serpents's head came up, she struck it, landing a powerful blow on its lower jaw. The monster fell back, but as it did so did she, landing on the dock. The monster recovered itself and roared again- the blow hand glanced off its scales. "Bloody annoying armor..." she muttered, before turning to the younger girl who had been facing the monster down. "We're with you. Do you have a plan?"

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
April 6th, 2007, 4:23 PM
AJ had been making some chump change in the town center playing his violen when he had heard screams. His payers started to run off, AJ sighed and grumbled angrily at the same time. " No! Come back!" He pleaded to them.

" Damn" He murmered as all of his fans had fled in complete terror.

" Why does this always happen to me?" AJ asked himself, AJ was a lean seventeen year old with platnuim white hair, dark crimson eyes and a white trenchcoat. He was carrying a violen and a crystal flute, he was a musician. More then a musician.

AJ was a powerful magical Musician. The Fallen Angel.

AJ collected his money that he had earned and rushed in the direction of the chaos, he arrived a little to quickly.

A giant sea monster, a sea serptent. Too small to be a Leviathan though. Thank god, he thought to himself considering that a Leviathan could destroy a city quickly.

He saw others surrounding the beast, not knowing what to do. But he might as well encourage others... or make some more money.

He pulled out his fiddle and started a simple magic tune, just something to give others sudden boosts of adrenaline.

April 6th, 2007, 4:46 PM
OoC: Forgot to mention Neji is only 5 1/2 feet tall... Nyah. @FA~ I had started writing this before I knew you were going to post... Sorry 'bout that. And I really don't feel like going back through it again...

Slightly dazed by the two newcomers, it took Tsukai a few seconds to notice the Veinn who had just spoken to her was wielding the Sun Blade. It took a few more seconds for Tsukai's brain to register what the Veinn had said. She snapped out her momentary confusion, and said, "...A plan? Well, if that person," she pointed to the brown-haired Humua, "can cast lightning magic, we're well off." At that, the monster's eyes started glowing blue, and it roared yet again. A swirling column of water shot out at Neji. He swiftly slid back, and then held up his left arm.

"Neji, not yet!" Tsukai ordered. "For a monster to be able to use magic... This thing is really tough... Neji! Spiral!" Tsukai shouted. Neji put both of his arms out, blades facing outwards. He closed his claws together, to where they made a single sharp point. He bent his torso back, and then sprang forward, spinning rapidly. He managed to hit the monstrous serpent below its neck, but after jumping back to the dock, he noticed he only left a small scratch.

"This isn't going to work..." Neji reported, stating out the obvious. "...So can I...?" He asked, holding his left arm out again.

"We still need to wait. That attack is inaccurate, and you have a limited amount of shots. We've got to get the monster to hold still somehow..." Tsukai was already out of ideas. If she had known her rediculous recruiting plan was actually going to work, she would have thought of a plan before time.

"Until I think of something, let's try this." Tsukai brought the Moon Blade back over her shoulder and then swung it forward with what little physical strength she had, as if she was going to make a vertical attack, but as the blade was almost perfectly horizontal, Tsukai let go of the Blade. She closed her eyes and snapped. The blade vanished. Not even a second later, it reappeared behind the serpent, still going forward. The serpent roared and started writhing around in pain.

"Yes!" Tsukai exclaimed, thinking her attack worked. However, for a split second when the monster turned around, she noticed that her attack left only a slight cut to the left of the monster's fin. She willed the Blade back to her, and agitatedly sighed.

April 6th, 2007, 6:07 PM
Peter was walking through the marketplace, in his own little world, trying to regain at least enough memory to know where he was born. He tried and tried, but couldn't remember a thing. It wasn't until he saw the merchants screaming and running from a certain direction that he realized something was wrong.

Snapping out of his meditative state, he ran near where the four were, and the one playing a violin. That was when he saw the monster.

Running behind him to a weapon merchant's table, he scooped up fourteen quality daggers. Someone grabbed his arm. Looking down, it was the salesman hiding behind his table. 'You can't take those!'

'Please just shut up,' Peter shook the man's hand off. He ran to about 10 meters behind the fighters and laid out the daggers. He mumbled a quick spell, one of the only things he could remember, that made the daggers as sharp as they could be. He kneeled down behind them. He picked one up and, taking careful aim, and threw it at the monster.

He kept this up, knowing that the daggers themselves wouldn't do anything, but hopefully they would provide a distraction for the monster, giving the others a fighting chance.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
April 6th, 2007, 6:34 PM
AJ watched in pure amusement, he kept the violen beat steady, making sure to hit all the notes in the tune. He kept the violen bow in his hand as he etched rapidly on the violens strings, his palms starting to sweat slightly. He smiled as the tune echoed through his mind, he then started to near silently draw out the mystic words that would put the effect of great strength into the people in front of him.

" Esto... Renji... Lomis... Goro...Veris... Prism!" He mumbled slightly, his higher spells still required words to activate. Ones he had mastered however, could just play the tune.

AJ smiled as the magical music went into effect, the people fighting would soon become twice as strong as before, maybe enough to defeat the beast of the water, however this could be wishful thinking considering that most of the people in front of him were looking younger then him, only slightly though.

AJ winced as his music went the very slightest off beat, he had to pay attention more, or it would be the end of him.

Scarlet Weather
April 7th, 2007, 3:14 AM
As the music reached his ears, Hikaru turned to Nishi, clenching his fists. "Do you..." he began to ask, before she nodded. It wasn't his imagination, then: he really had felt a magical increase in his strength.

Nishi turned to the young girl wielding the moon blade. "To answer your question, Hikaru can't launch lightning magic. He's got one fire spell, three darkness, and the rest are nature. He's got something better though." With a grin, Nish flipped the blade of the sun in her hands so that the point was facing downward, and hammered it into the pier below her. "Alright, let's do this tamer style!" she growled removing the lasso from her shoulder.

Hikaru knew what came next. "Alright everyone! Stop that serpent as long as you can with any means necessary so that Nishi has a clear shot at it!" Not waiting to see if his orders were obeyed, Hikaru immediately reached a hand behind him, with his first two fingers pointing outward and the rest curled up to the base of his palm. "Flurrying shadows of blackness, bend to my will! Kastroth!" he murmured, before whipping his hand forward. Immediately, some ten or twenty shadows, solidified into ripping black knives of dark energy, shot along the beast's head, scraping the wounds where the kinfe-thrower's assault had already injured the beast.

"One more attack oughtta daze it enough that I can lasso it, or somethin'...." Nishi muttered, waiting impatiently for the oppurtune time to attack.

April 7th, 2007, 5:42 AM
The violinist's music had reached Tsukai's ears, and she then felt a magical energy and strength boost.

"...Lasso? Wait, you're gonna try to tame that thing?" Tsukai was half-amused, half-mortified. "That thing's pretty big! I mean, even if you were to tame it, how would we move it around?"

"We could find a way, somehow, but now that Veinn needs it stunned," Neji said, his metallic voice urgent.

Tsukai started thinking, and snapped again. "Okay, let's try this!" Tsukai held the blade out like a baseball bat, and swung it, as if she was going to slap someone with it. Quickly, she thought as her arms locked forwards and she let the blade go. She immidiately closed her eyes and snapped. The blade again vanished. This time it appeared by the monster's head, smacking it. Tsukai willed the blade back, and then looked at the effect of her attack. The serpent looked more angry than dazed to her. Heh, that would have knocked me out... I guess I don't have think armor on my face though, do I?

"Maybe I could use that to distract it... Would it?" Neji asked, again raising his left arm.

"I dunno," she replied to Neji. Tsukai turned to look at the Veinn and asked, "Would a blast of heated light distract it long enough?"

Scarlet Weather
April 7th, 2007, 8:56 AM
Nishi turned to the girl with the moon blade. "Heated Light, y'say? That'll probably fry the thing. After all, it's essentially an overgrown fish. And by the by, we aren't moving it, it will be moving us. We can travel across the ocean with that thing. It'll just stay here 'til we need it." Whipping her lasso, Nishi leaped into the air, vaulting herself onto the back of the beast's head. "Eat this!" She yelled, crashing her fist into the beast's head. Not quite enough to stun it, but enough to move its head back. Perfect for firing.

April 7th, 2007, 9:31 AM
'Outta the way!' shouted Peter as he grabbed the last dagger and dashed through the fighters, jumping off the dock. He grabbed the side of the monster, trying hard not to slip off the scales. He shimmied over to the back of the thing.

Climbing up its scales on its back, Peter held the dagger up and, with all his strength (which was even more thanks to the violinist), stuck it in the monster's back. The creature shook a little, jerking him from his position, causing him to fall off into the water.

April 7th, 2007, 10:26 AM
OoC: @Ditto~ Eh? The monster is in the water with its tails (yes, there's 2)underwater. It's also a serpent. No limbs.

April 14th, 2007, 8:14 AM
OoC: Btw, I fixed that like, a week ago. o.o;

April 14th, 2007, 2:19 PM
OoC: Sorry I haven't really checked this often lately. I've had too much to do.

Tsukai watched the blonde-haired person fall of the back of the great beast and land in the water below. "This is going nowhere fast..." Tsukai began desperately thinking. Again, she snapped. She cupped her hands together and her pendant began to shine and rapidly pulse. An orb of water formed in Tsukai's hands.

"Water? That won't work against this thing!" Neji shouted over the monster's roaring.

"You'll see!" She replied. She spread her hands apart, which were still cupped, until her arms were parallel. The globe water then expanded to touch both of Tsukai's hands. Next, she lifted her hands up, the water following. She then flattened her hands out, turning the water into a sheet. She manuvered this sheet of water until she saw a spot of light on the water serpent's head. "There we go..." She said, her voice strained as she was having to put a lot of effort into controlling this much water. She turned the sheet a bit more, and one of the serpent's pupils immidiately shrank, the blinding light stunning it.

"So that's what you were doing..." Neji said.

"Now's your chance!" Tsukai called to the Tamer.

Scarlet Weather
April 15th, 2007, 3:13 AM
"Oh, YEAH! I owe you a free ride on our new pet!" yelled Nishi, gleefully, as the serpent reared back. Flipping her rope expertly, she leaped into the air, spreading her wings. She would only be able to glide for a moment, but that was all she needed. Whirling and spinning the rope, she launched the lasso at the serpent's head. The loop neatly passed around it. Though the monster thrashed, there was no escaping.

Hikaru stood on the dock, fidgeting. "Nishi, say the friggin' incantation before the fish gets away!" he yelled angrily, brandishing his blades.

"Fine, fine. Jeez, give me a break, Mr. Action." Nishi groaned, before pulling the rope taut. "Alright, listen to me you stupid furball or else!" she shouted.

For a moment, nothing seemed to happen. Then a shock of magic energy shot down the rope like an arrow, sending bolts of light spreading across the creature's body. When they cleared, the monster was sitting there, calm as can be, without a trace of the rage it had been experiencing only moments before. Docilely, it swam next to the dock, and extended its tongue. Nishi didn't have time to fall back, and was forced to helplessly accept the beast's "kisses".

"Ugh! Gross!" she complained, wiping her body off. Turning to the girl holding the moon's blade, she took a moment to smooth down her hair before announcing, "I'm Nishi, descendant of the sun. I'm a pure-bred desert dweller, and a monster tamer by proffesion. That bundle of incensed spells," she said, jabbing a finger in Hikaru's general direction, "Is my partner, Hikaru, proffesional spell blade and world's biggest nuisance."

"I heard that!" Hikaru replied, smiling. "No need to be so rude, Nishi, after all, I'm quite the charmer when I need to be."

"Yeah, snake charmer maybe, but charmer charmer? Uh-uh, no way." replied the Veinn, rolling her eyes. Moving closer to the young Kukuria, she whispered "You get used to him after a while."

"Once again, I heard that." Hikaru broke in as he stared at the monster. "I don't get it," he muttered, "Why would something like this just up and attack a village? Normally they're fairly docile unless something agitates them, I thought..."

April 15th, 2007, 12:33 PM
Sighing, Peter swam to the dock and pulled himself up onto it. He spat out the water he had collected in his mouth, and shook off like a dog.

'Ugh,' he said, 'I really don't like water...'

He walked over to the others, 'Hey, I'm Peter..' He looked down and noticed that he had a giant gash on his leg that he didn't even feel. 'What the...'