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April 10th, 2007, 6:05 PM
Here are three poems that are somewhat closely related that I had to make for my English class.


A lifeless goal is a bottomless pit.
It is without future
and it is without past.
You say:
there is no hope to achieve,
but it is only a secret
you are wanting to be hidden;
it is only a past
you are wanting to be avoided.

Idyllic Realm

Dreams are wishes our heart makes.
As we close our eyes,
we allow our emotions
to reach the illusions
only we can see.
The melody of time
plays in our hearts
and we wish for something
more than we receive
in reality.

Incurable Reflection

A mirror is a confession of your true self.
As you gaze upon it
you see your reflection
of not only your physical form,
but of your spiritual form as well.
It reveals what others see you as --
your opposite self; an exposed scar
which shows the other you
who hungers for revenge and despair.