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oni flygon
April 24th, 2007, 7:48 PM
A little repost of a poem from about a year ago... hmm... might be okay. I appreciate comments and criticisms! Both! XD

To My Guiding Angel

She wanders the quiet groves of the misty forest,
Averting the penetrating gaze of speechless sentinels.
Baffled by the strange beauty walking silently,
The mute trees watch her peerless grace.

And beyond the shrouded brushes of the grand wood,
Resides the sea, with crashing and receding tides.
From the mist, she steps out; to the ocean, she gazes.
She stands, with arms spread eagle, with wings to the sky!

By herself at the edge of the craggy and treacherous cliff,
The ocean roars beneath her, beating the sharp rocks below.
She is free—free from the reaching grasps of darkness.
Free from corrupting shadows of the forest wraiths.

My guiding angel, oh how she shines the purest of lights;
Within the tempest that is life, I see her divine radiance.
Her faraway smile gives me strength to endure trials,
And the soft melody she sings is the warmth in bitter cold.

As my soul sails through time, I remember her…
That light, that smile, that song in midst of the storm…

My guiding angel,
Forever in my mind, present in my soul, alive with my spirit,
How I long for your presence.