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May 8th, 2007, 7:38 PM
I thought I might try adding a new RP. However, this one will hopefully travel across all the regions. That’s the main goal.
Note: Do not bother joining if you’re too busy to stick around or if you’re the type to vanish from the community/RP forum for awhile; I want this to go smooth and fun and that requires consistent posting!

Trainers from all across the Kanto region traveled to the world renowned lab of Professor Oak, the Pokemon Professor, to receive their first starter Pokemon and begin their journey, no matter where it led them. In the past, many trainers have come and gone by themselves or in pairs but this time around the Professor had a new policy. For the next few years the trainers he gave Pokemon to would not be able to travel alone, at least not if they wanted to follow the new standards of the Pokemon League. This League wasn’t just the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, or Sinnoh league: instead it was one giant Pokemon Trainer Tournament that trainers from across every region could come to participate in.
Each year the tournament was held in a different region, this year in Sinnoh. The tournament attracted trainers from all over the world that had to show proof of either twelve gym badges or some other status recommending them for participation (you could earn maybe ten badges and win a competition or two to prove you’re the real deal). Twelve gym badges would probably require travel between at least two of the regions before heading over to Sinnoh to take place in the tournament. As a group, trainers would have to cooperate and work with one another but not just for survival and travel sake: the groups which consisted of five trainers max had to make sure that no more than two people in the group had the same gym badge. This proved to the League they had variety and have also traveled enough to earn the League’s respect. Once the group reached the League’s doorstep, however, only two challenge rounds involved them fighting as a team. The rest would be up to each individual trainer. Winning or doing well at the least would bring those trainer world respect as great Pokemon Trainers.

What we do: A group of trainers are already a bit into their journey from Professor Oak’s lab in Kanto (no you do not have to have one of the Kanto starters, as they have now begun offering Pokemon from each region, but yes you must choose one of the starters. Once one of those is claimed, another entry cannot be put up with that Pokemon.) We’ll start off in the Kanto region but each trainer signs up here with exactly 3 badges in hand already, as well as a team of at least 3 solid Pokemon. During the story we will not only compete for badges and other contested prizes but we will encounter many other groups that we’ll have to challenge and re-meet throughout our journey.

(Required information: I can only accept 4 other trainers besides myself, detailed descriptive people will indeed be chosen over short written bios.)
Type of Trainer: (Just like your trainer style, i.e. Ace/Cool Trainer, Hiker, Swimmer etc.)
Pokemon: (At this stage in the story, your characters should probably only have 3-5 standard Pokemon on their teams, nothing too powerful and nothing too out of the ordinary, but please be original! We’ll of course run into many wild creatures that you can capture and befriend to your hearts content. Oh and no legendaries =P. Though later on we may all have opportunities to catch some.)
Badges: (Like I said, each of us has 3 already. I’ll choose the town we start in after I get the entries, but remember only two people in the group can have the same badge. If you see it’s been taken twice, use a different one. Note: Obviously in the game levels determine the strength between gym leaders, but here we assume Brock’s Onix could be just as tough to beat sometimes as Blaine’s Arcanine. At least to a certain extent.)

RP Sample:
My Sheet
Name: Ryan Aquaras
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Type of Trainer: Ace Trainer
Appearance: Ryan is a 5’7’’ teen with neck length blonde hair that’s often messy and can cover his eyes, bright blue in color. He can often be seen wearing a white t-shirt with some type of sports symbol on the front, usually a tennis racket because he’s a great fan of it. Over the light shirt is a kind of black vest, but instead of winter wear its long and thin, hanging down to his pants pockets. He carries his Pokeballs at his belt which is really just the brim of his tan shorts where the capturing devices are clipped on around his waist. His shorts are longer than most, hanging past his knees and he wore white sneakers with black lines across the front. He also has a pair of blue sunglasses that he doesn’t wear too often but when he does, he means business. His mother’s necklace of a blue crescent moon hangs around his neck. Sometimes he uses the two clips on his vest front to hold Pokeballs he’d like to use in battle right away.

Personality: Ryan is a somewhat quiet person, never saying too much but always saying just enough to keep the momentum of the group going. He’s easy to get along with and normally finds good solutions to any problem the group runs into. Calm, cool and collected, Ryan knows when to say what’s on his mind and when to let things pan out on its own. He likes to read and write mostly as he would like to become a Pokemon Journalist and write for the Spearow Gazette back in Cerulean City when he’s too old to continue his journey. He prefers water Pokemon overall, mostly because he grew up admiring the sea, lakes and rivers and all the creatures that inhabited it. He loved that something so beautiful could be so vast at the same time and wanted to harness the power and love of the water creatures. Although he’s neither too outgoing nor wild, getting him angry or in trouble will put you on his list.

History: When Ryan was born his father was in the military and they were living in Slateport City in the Hoenn region. As he turned four, his younger brother was born and the whole family moved to Kanto to Cerulean City. He didn’t remember much from Hoenn but he did remember the ports and the ocean and remembered how in awe he was as such a tiny kid overlooking that gigantic body of water. His parents experienced a big change in their lives, the people of Kanto were very upbeat and laid back at the same time unlike the Slateportians who rushed around all the time and never stopped having fun. But since Ryan was still little he never really called any place other than Cerulean his home. He loved Pokemon the first chance he got to study about them in school and although he paid attention in classes like history and English (just assuming we speak English here, haha) he often slacked in mathematics and science classes to study up on Pokemon so he could get his license and be off on a journey. Unfortunetly he could never do that at the age of twelve (the standard age to let children go off on their journeys was raised from ten because of issues with parents) because he had to take care of his brother while his dad was off on trips and his mom worked locally. Once he turned sixteen his brother was thirteen and capable of watching himself on lazy afternoons, so Ryan headed down to Pallet Town with the approval of his parents to begin his life as a Pokemon Trainer.


Squirtle (M): Ryan’s friend that he received from Professor Oak’s lab. A trusted and hot-headed companion, Squirtle is always ready for a battle. His first Pokemon, Ryan talked to Squirtle a lot to understand his speech in some ways and to get to know the little turtle. Ryan held onto Squirtle as his only Pokemon for awhile during the start of the traveling, gaining a 12-0 battle record in one on one battles with trainers his group met, before finally falling to a member of his own group (first person who wants that honor can say so, haha). Even though Squirtle is quite powerful already, he refuses to evolve into a Wartortle until he knows he’s ready for the change.

Poliwhirl (M): Ryan met this Pokemon as a Poliwag while the group passed through Cerulean City. It was the offspring of one of the Cerulean Sister’s Pokemon and Ryan was permitted to keep it. Poliwag is Ryan’s most likeable companion and the easiest to get along with. It evolved into a Poliwhirl during his battle with Misty, out to show the sisters how much Ryan and it had grown together. It’s probably the Pokemon Ryan gets along with the best and the one most like him.

Fearow (F): Fearow was caught as a Spearow near the outskirts of Viridian Forest. Ryan thought it would be a good addition to his team but soon found out how troublesome the girl bird Pokemon was. Hardly listening in his battles with bug catchers inside the forest, Ryan called it back and said he’d wait to really train it. Unfortunetly, he was pressured into being one of the trainers to battle Brock and soon after Brock’s Rhyhorn had slammed Squirtle into defeat, Ryan had no choice but to use Spearow. Impressively, Spearow came through with critical Pecks and Wing Attacks to subside the already weakened Rhyhorn. After that, Spearow was still ignorant toward other members of the large party, only thinking Ryan was fit to train it. It evolved in Mt. Moon after protecting a small portion of the group from wild Golbat.

Graveler (M): Graveler was taunting a group of schoolkids near Mt. Moon when Ryan decided to capture it. Just recently evolved from a Geodude, it was still in it’s prime as a second-stage Pokemon and the capture was successful. Though not as easy going as his water types, Graveler has come through for Ryan on many occasions. He’s the prankster of the team as well as the tank, battling with great force attacks and defending the group when it was needed. The boulder Pokemon is always good for a laugh.

May 10th, 2007, 10:01 AM
Cool! Sign me up! :)

Name: Kyle Desian
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Type of Trainer: Swimmer
Appearance: Kyle is about 5"7 with medium length brown hair, styled into one big mess, jutting out at all angles on top of his head. His eyes are a brilliant sapphire blue, just like the ocean which he loves so much. He is sort of a beach dude, with a baggy t-shirt and board shorts. If the weather gets cold he will adorn his blue sweater with the name of his old swim team- the Olivine Blues. However, Kyle will never abandon his board shorts, his own personal promise. Even if he was stood in snow up to his neck, his legs would just have t freeze. Kyle's shorts hang past his knees and are blue and yellow in colour. Kyle's t-shirt is usually blue or white with a picture of an azure blue pokeball on it. Kyle may be a bit of a surfer, but he hates sandals, flip-flops or anything of the like. instead, his brilliantly white trainers with green stripes and soles, sit lossely laced around his feet. Besides his board shorts, Kyle's trademark is his blue wristband with OB emblazoned on it (Olivine Blues) however, this band is different, because inside the "O" is the same pattern found on the belly of a poliwag.

Personality: Kyle may look far out and he is; sometimes. Kyle has a great imagination, his mind often wanders to far off places and he gets rushes of creativity and enthusiasm. However, when it comes to serious topics, Kyle has the focus, intelligence and desire to see him through. Kyle is committed and has an extremely strong will. He is caring and kind and is sometimes the joker. Although, Kyle can sometimes get carried away with himself and become arrogant. He also hates being interrupted when he is thinking, or imagining. Kyle loves water pokemon, which sprouted from his love of swimming, which grew to love of water and eventually all things to do with water. Kyle likes to think his relaxed nature comes from watching the Olivine tide drift gently in and out on warm summer evenings.

History: Kyle lived in Olivine until he was twelve, he was a renowned swimmer, who was always representing his city at galas. Kyle loved going to the beach when he was younger, he always believed that tackling the waves with his poliwag made him a better and stronger swimmer. Kyle to this very day still believes that he saw the legendary bird Lugia rise from whirl islands only to quickly disappear. His mother dismissed it as fatigue and too much sun, but Kyle knows what he saw. Kyle had an older brother , Ross, who was once a hardcore trainer, but was now pursuing a life of research with Professor Birch. Kyle's mother was a doctor and his father was owner of a ferry service to Cinawood City; so, it could be said, Kyle's family were well-off. They were not rich, but a the same time, they were not too financially restrained. Kyle's family decided to move to Kanto because kyle's father wanted a new career and Kyle's mother wanted to try her medical skills on new species of pokemon. So, Kyle took the Ferry from Olivine to Vermillion, and took the express train to Pewter City, this was to be his new home. However, to this very day, Kyle considers his true home the sunny town of Olivine. Kyle studied in Pewter city for two years before departing for professor Oak's lab at the age of 14.


Poliwag had been rescued by Kyle's father during one trip to Cinawood. Kyle's father brought the poliwag home and Kyle's mum nursed it. Kyle was so excited and amazed to have a poliwag at his house that he looked after it every second of the day. Poliwag made a full recovery, but decided to stay with Kyle, their personalities matched so perfectly, a cool and calm poliwag, but with a real sense of desire and commitment. Kyle caught Poliwag officially at ten years old, but Zip usually abandons his pokeball anyway. Zip is Kyle's undisputed best friend, seven years in the making.

Poppet has a serious issue with his biological clock. He is possibly the only Hoothoot who isn't nocturnal. Poppet used to arrive in Kyle's garden at sunrise to pick up crumbs left by Kyle himself. This process became a meeting for Kyle and Poppet, a time to confide in each other. When Kyle moved to Vermillion, Poppet flew the entire way, and was perched on Kyle's window ledge one morning, Kyle opened the window and Poppet flew in. The Hoothoot literally walked into a spare pokeball and as been Kyle's ever since. Poppet is cheerful and loyal, always jumping and cheering when his friends are in battle. Poppet helped Kyle win his second gymbadge too.

Croconaw was the pokemon Kyle chose from Professor Oak, Kyle couldn't resist Totodile's bright smile and cheeky laugh. After beating Brock's Geodude, Totodile evolved into s Croconaw. Wano is mischievous, but never in a malicious way, he likes to joke and play tricks, but all in good spirit. However, when the time calls, Wano has all the focus and desire imaginable.

Badges: Mineral Badge- When Kyle turned ten he could not resist challenging Jasmine. Zip manged to beat Jasmine's Steelix in an amazing one on one. Jasmine knew that Kyle had not visited Oak yet, but she promised, that as soon as he ahd got his "starter" from Oak, Kyle could ring her and she would send the Badge to Oak's lab.

Storm Badge- Kyle decided to test his skills further after beating Jasmine, so he got his dad to take him to Cinawood for the day. Poppet came along for the ride. Kyle challenged Chuck in a two pokemon battle. Chuck's hitmonlee destroyed Zip, but Poppet jumped onto the field and insisted to fight. Kyle explained Poppet was not technically his, but Chuck said he did not care for technicalities and the battle went on. Poppet's strong peck saw Hitmonlee fall. In a heated battle with Primeape, Poppet learned confusion when it really counted and sealed Kyle's victory. Chuck promised he would do exactly what Jasmine had said and would send the badge when appropriate.

Boulder Badge- After returning to Pewter to pick up his badges (Kyle told Jasmine and Chuck his new address and they sent them there) and say his final farewells, Kyle decided to challenge Brock with his new buddy Wano. Brock chose to use his Geodude, which was easily beaten by Wano (he had lot of training in Viridian forest) after the battle, all of Wano's hard work paid off as he evolve into a Croconaw.

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I will put some more detail soon

Name: Axle Steel
Age: 15
Gender: male
Type of Trainer: Ace
Appearance: Axle's hair color is black and hair style is slicked forward. He doesn't even need to comb it because it just stays there. His pigmantation is pale but not albino pale. Eye color is cerulean

For clothing, Axle wears a black long-sleeved shirt. Over this he wears a plain white t-shirt. Ontop of this is a blue vest with inner pockets. Axle also wears a Sharpedo-tooth necklace. Axle likes to dress for any occasion. Axle's backpack is a saddle-bag that he straddles on his right. On the bag is a few pokemon symbols made into buttons. He keeps a red scarft inside his bag just in case of cold weather.

For his pants Axle wears dark blue jeans with a belt. The belt is brown in color and the buckle is silver. Axle's jeans get darker down to where the bottom of his legs are.

Axle's shoes are white sneakers with black stripes. His shoelaces are blue and so is the the bottom sole of the shoe.

Personality: Axle's personality is complex. When seen by strangers Axle will occasionally be shy to them and not show his face. He doesn’t care what other people think so he ignores any insults directed at him. When asked a very hard question it would take him longer then normal to answer it. This usually annoys people who want to ask him simple questions. In his free time Axle spends it by battling. This is his main hobby and time waster. He is seen training with his pokemon or battling other pokemon.

When in a battle Axle's personality would shift. He would try in any way to win. This would mean he would start shouting and getting riled up. This usually works since he trains with his pokemon a lot. A few times however he will lose. When this happens Axle will do anything to request a rematch. He hates losing more then anything at all.

History: Axle'ss entire life had been a blur. His father a retired pokemon trainer and at the time a member of the elite four had died after a pokemon training accident. Leaving to him a few meager posetions. One of these was a sharpedo-tooth necklace which he always wears. Plus a red sarf which he keeps inside his saddle bag. But rarely uses it except for cold weather

Axle's mom finally settled in the town of Oldale. Axle made frequent trips to Littleroot to meet a few people. One of these people was Professor Birch who saved him from a wild pokemon during one of his studying periods. Axle who always wanted a pokemon requested one right away. His mom usualy ignored him completly so she didn't mind. Axle requested the same pokemon that his father was given. A Torchic which is now his signature pokemon. He has been training for over a year now.


Combusken, Male: Starter pokemon. Axle has trained considerably more with his Combusken. It is mainly his signature pokemon which he uses the most. The other pokemon he has are mainly used as backup. Combusken has a hot-headed attitude much like Axle

Pidgeotto, Male: Caught shortly after reciving starter. He actualy caught Pidgeotto right after he recived his starter. Axle uses Pidgeotto for battling against pokemon that are weak against anything that Combusken is weak against. Pidgeotto is very loyal and is always listning to Axle

Poochena: Poochena was traded to Axle from a bug catcher. Axle traded a Wormple he caught a few moments before for the dog pokemon. Poochena is always growling and always is angry at Cain. But Poochena does have an intimidating look which Axle uses against smaller pokemon.

Aron: Little is known about Axle's Aron. He caught it shortly after defeating Brawly. He used it in only one battle against Watson and uses it more and more now. Aron has a robotic sort of personality never showing much emotion. However due to this it doesnt break under pressure just like other pokemon. So it is immune to moves such as intimidate.

Badges: Stone badge: Axle recived the Stone badge after using his Torchic to faint Roxanne's Nosepass in Rustboro. The result evolved his Torchic to Combusken. This turning point also made Combusken learn double kick. Roxanne very reluctantly gave him the stone badge for this

Knuckle Badge: Axle recived the Knuckle badge very luckily. His Combusken and Pidgeotto were both fainted. Relying on his Poochena which he had never used in battle. Thankfully Brawly's last pokemon was nearly defeated and Poochena defeated it with ease. Brawly gave him the stone badge and left to do more training

Dynamo Badge: Axle recived the Dynamo badge after he attempted to use Combusken and do a double kick against Watson's Magnaton. The result paralized the pokemon. Axle decided to use a different strategy and made Aron headbutt the Magnaton. This resulted in the pokemons defeat.

May 10th, 2007, 11:54 AM
This seems pretty cool, I guess I'll try!

Name: Charlie Buchanan

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Type of Trainer: Cooltrainer

Appearance: Charlie Buchanan grew up with pale skin, dotted in freckles, but once he hit his teens he started to get more of a tan, eliminating the dots across his face. Though still there was his bright red hair, falling over his face in sharp bangs. He has dreamy blue eyes, that seem to stare off into space a lot. His apparel is an orange jacket, with white trimming, which he chose after seeing a lot of "Cooltrainers" pass through town. His pants are black, and the white trim is more detailed than that of his jacket. His shoes are also red with white laces and soles. Over his shoulder hangs a big yellow backpack, with enough pockets to meet any adventurer's needs.

Personality: Charlie Buchanan is pretty much just the guy that everyone wants to be. He's calm, cool, and collective, and never really gets fazed by anything. He doesn't get nervous, just excited and you can always expect him to pull out a joke when the time is right. Though in battle he leaves his daydreams behind him and gets serious. He doesn't just rely on his pokemon, but uses his wit and cunning to dominate his opponents. He completely changes and gets perfectly focused on every detail of his battles.

History:Charlie Buchanan grew up an average kid, going to school anticipating his Pokemon Journey since he was a small boy. Finally once he hit 14 he finally got to go to Oak's lab in Pallet Town. He came from the very heart of Kanto in Saffron City. He had always grown up as the "popular" kid, everybody at school liked him, he was athletic, smart, and liked all of the right things. Nothing really bad ever happened to him to change his life, he was just ...normal. That's the main reason he wanted to go on his adventure so badly, he wanted to get away from his regular routine of life and see the world. And now is his chance.


Quilava- Cyndaquil was the pokemon that Charlie chose as his starter from Professor Oak. He had always had a fascination with pokemon since they were powerful, and so rare compared to most types of pokemon. It instantly became his best friend, since it gets lonely adventuring. Ever since it evolved, Cyndaquil's personality has been different, though. It used to be cute and cuddly, whereas it's now fierce and cunning.

Oddish-Oddish was the first pokemon that Charlie actually captured. And the first wild pokemon that Charlie saw on his adventure. He was thankful for the fact that he ran into a grass type so soon, it was weak against his pokemon and easy to catch, but covered Cyndaquil's weaknesses. Oddish is always wanting to explore the world and see new things. It's fascinated by the most simple things. Though it seems pretty cute, when this thing doesn't get what it wants it let's the whole world know even if it takes a whole lot of razor leaves.

Elekid- Elekid was hatched from an egg that he'd found nestled between some rocks. Later he had to answer to an angry Electabuzz mother, of course he didn't realize that it was the egg's mother until he was long gone. By then it had already hatched and accepted Charlie as it's trainer. Still a baby, it's never very violent and is always adorable. Though it does throw in an accidental thunderbolt every once and a while. Thunderbolts that pack a punch...

Badges: Cascade Badge- the Cascade badge wasn't hard to get with Oddish by Charlie's side. It was able to beat Misty's Staryu and Starmie without too much trouble, though Quilava was needed at the very end of the battle. Somehow Cyndaquil managed the type difference and add the Cascade badge to Charlie's collection.

Rainbow Badge- Since Charlie had Quilava, he went to Celadon City as soon as he found out that Erika was a grass gym leader. He never really knew why they called it a Rainbow Badge, but Quilava burnt Erika's grass pokemon to a crisp.

Zephyr Badge- After finding himself at Viridian City Charlie decided to satisfy his need for adventure by travelling all the way to Violet City in Johto to fight Falkner. By now Elekid was grown up enough to fight Falkner's flying pokemon, by after all it was still a baby and Quilava had to come take over again. Quilava was just barely be able to win, but just as with Misty he won somehow.

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Wahoo! I was worried nobody would check this out. Okay let's see..

Speedonh-Accepted; similar personality to me, especially with the water thing, your perfect for the group.

Mr. AltoSax-Accepted; Also similar on some things but different too, however if anyone else tries to come with a "cool" attitude, they'll be denied =P

OmniReaper-Pending; I like your personality, it's good. We'll see what else you add later.

(For our 4th trainer it'd be nice to have a girl in the group, if there are any ladies reading who aren't in a current RP?)

May 11th, 2007, 5:47 AM
Is it okay with you if I'm also RP-ing in War of Conflagration?

Sign-up sheet for The League of Leagues

Name: Reika Hotoroshi

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Type of Trainer: Swimmer/Kimono Girl apprentice

Appearance: Reika has long wavy black hair that falls up to her waist. Most of the time, she keeps them in pigtails or twin buns to keep them out of the way when swimming. Black goggles decorated with piplup decals hang from her neck instead of just a plain necklace. She wears a black one-piece suit under black shorts. Commonly she wears a long white off-the-shoulder shirt along with this as well as black flip flops. If she's competing at a contest which happens only when called by a coordinator friend, she wears a short blue summer dress with matching flip flops. Vertically-challenged, she resents her height and so her flip flops' soles are often very thick. But she cannot wear high-heeled shoes when she's performing with the Kimono Girls or when she's training with them. She has to wear a kimono and the japanese sandals.

Personality: Afraid of a lot of things, Reika has a strong sense of knowing when something is going wrong. This comes from often getting hurt or getting scared because of something that she did before. She likes to swim and swims a lot. When she doesn't get to swim for long periods of time, she gets cranky and yells at people. When this happens only a few people and her loved pokemon can calm her down. One of Reika's quirks is that she's so hyper most of the time. She runs ahead of people and dances around all the time but she tires out easily even when swimming. This lack of endurance shows one of her bad traits, laziness. While bouncy and full of energy, Reika is very optimistic and infects most with this happy feeling, but when she's down and feeling low, she's also very pessismistic and spiteful. One of her happiest times is when she's singing or dancing.

History: Reika got into Pokemon training by chance. She started out as an apprentice of the Kimono Girls but one day, while swimming a trainer she battled a day before saw her. He told her that she seemed perfect to become a swimmer trainer like him. Surprised, she decided to accept his request of joining him as a trainer. Together they went to Professor Oak and he gave her a piplup. After this they parted ways but they stay in close by calling each other using the PokeNav. Ever since then, Reika has been battling other trainers and returning to Ecruteak city to train before joining the League.


Piplup was the starter she received from Professor Oak. Due to its cuteness, Reika couldn't bear to allow it to evolve so she borrowed an everstone from a friend and gave it to Piplup. Piplup has a childish personality, often asking his trainer for snacks and to be released so he can swim in the lakes and seas.

Leafeon started out as an Eevee that was given to Reika when she joined the Kimono Girls but as she trained with them, she was given a Moss Rock as a gift when she was finally allowed to perform with them. Leafeon has a caring nature and is often the one telling Reika to calm down when she freaks out. Leafeon watches them from an inflatable boat when they go swimming. Reika affectinately calls her Leafy.

Mantyke is a pokemon Reika caught while waiting for trainers to battle. Mantyke is very playful and likes to blow bubbles at her. He also likes to be chased when swimming. Reika and Mantyke both consider this as fun excercise.

Goldeen is Reika's newest pokemon. Goldeen has a cold nature and rarely responds to Reika and the other pokemon. However, this doesn't mean that Goldeen doesn't like them. It just means that Goldeen is very introverted and is shy. Sometimes Goldeen displays affection but this is very rare.


Fogbadge- This was Reika's first badge. It was given to her after defeating Morty in a one-on-one battle that he suggested to prepare her for the League.

Soulbadge- This was her second badge. Reika found this one to be the most difficult to get since she ran out of antidotes and pecha berries. She lost to Janine two times before getting the badge.

Heatbadge- Reika found this badge to be easier to win since she mostly has water-type Pokemon. Sure enough, she beat Flannery and they became friends.

May 11th, 2007, 11:22 AM
Okay I added small amounts of detail. I hope I can get accepted. Oh and one big major change is I changed my character's name

May 11th, 2007, 3:46 PM
Name: Seph "Vox" Monroe

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Type of Trainer: Dragon Tamer

Appearance: Seph always wears a look of confidance on his face, his clothes are extremely clean and shiny (long black cape, grey shorts, black longsleve shirt and black `n grey boots.) His hair is sort and always spiked upwards, supported by a headband engraved with the gemini zodiac sign. He is exactly six feet tall, weighing about 175 pounds.

Personality: When confronted by any situation, Seph laughs and makes some kind of joke to either make someone mad or lighten the mood a bit. His confedance often causes him to seem as if he posesses a dragon's flaming determination. Seph's a loner when it comes to anything team-related.

History: Seph was born in Petalburg City. His family moved all the way to Goldenrod City in Johto, once there he forged a friendship with Bill's family who got him into the pokemon, he went to Pokemon Tech in Kanto where he learned everything nessisary to become a trainer, he chose the Dragon Tamer profession due to his like of all things Dragon-Type Pokemon. From there he went to obtain his first pokemon from Professor Oak and so her ehe is with three badges clutched in hand.

Pokemon: Dratini (F) Seph caught Dratini while he searching for a golden Magikarp in the Safari Zone of Fusha city (which he had no hope of finding anyways). He knocked it around a little with rocks and then thre his ball as fast as he could to make the catch. The two bonded like glue and was happily wellcomed by Croconaw as they moved on in thier journy.

Magikarp ~shiney~ (M) After an extrmely long and difficult search on the beach of Cinnabar Island, Seph finally managed to capture a golden Magikarp, but it took almost all of the pokeballs he had to catch it. It was well worth the effort in the end after being attacked with Dratini's Twister and Thunderwave attacks. This Magikarp has journied with him for a long while now.

Croconaw (M) In the beginning of his quest, Professor Oak bistowed upon Seph his first pokemon, a Totodile who recently evolved after a long and grueling battle with Blaine for his Vocanno Badge which ended in victory. These two have traveled together for what seems like ever.

Badges: VolcannoBadge: Seph's first badge won, he lost aobut five times before he taught Totodile Water Pulse. Almost losing again to Blaine's Rapidash, Seph acted quickly and commanded Totodile to use Water Pulse on Rapidash and Seph won.

SoulBadge: Seph won this badge from Janine in Seph's first doubble battle. Her Venomoth and Weezing proved to be a challenging duo to beat untill his fired off a combo of Thunderwave and Water Pulse courtasy of his Dratini and Croconaw.

HiveBadge: Bugsy accepted the challenged issiued to him by Seph for the fourth time (this battle being the fifth) in a three on three match, after eliminating Syther and Mothim he stepped things up with his Shedinja once again and all Seph had was his Croconaw who could never land a hit on Shedinja untill it used Rock Tomb to defeat Shedinja.

May 12th, 2007, 7:04 AM
Name: Miss Teal Aulous'
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Type of Trainer: Is crazy allowed xD? Cooltrainer 8D.

Appearance: Teal looks as weird and crazy as much as she acts it. Rainbow hair, with 10 colors; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Macaroni-and-Cheese, Pink, Magenta, and Teal. Which is very contradicting to her name, as someone would expect her hair to be the shade of 'Teal.' If Teal is acting, only acting, serious, she often uses the white ribbon that is tied with a bow as an elastic for a ponytail. Teal can't see that well, so she wears thick, black rimmed glasses that are in the usual rectangle shape and worn by nerds, but i'm not saying that Teal is one though. Teal has hazy grey eyes which may sometimes change to a lighter or darker tone of color. There's always this glint in Teal's eyes, like a mischevious one. Her pale complexion is very contrasting with her very saturated hair, and all attention draws to Teal.

A white choker is placed around Teal's neck, a rose is growing out in a ribbon form, just like her matching bracelet she keeps. She always wears a short-sleeved AFI tee shirt, which is black and faded, while the sleeves are obscured because of the long length of her colorful hair. Teal wears typical demin jeans, which are chained and are much like retro bellbottoms, though they are super-small. Seeing as they only fit to the knees, which make them shapris. Teal's lime-colored ballet flats are super-shiny and look a lot like Dorothy's red ruby slippers, though the lime-colored flats aren't glittery but look like vinyl is on them. Teal has one tattoo on her ankle, which is of a scraggly line. As Teal wanted a tattoo but chickened out when the motor-cycle guy was making it, because while reading her book, tip 847 said that tattoos hurt. Teal's long nails are always painted white.

Personality: Teal is one you could describe as 'off the monkey bars' more accurately, crazy. She has always been seen as odd, queer, and any other synonyms of 'weird.' Safety is Teal's middle name, as she has memorised the 'Johnson Book of Safety Issues, Worst Case Scenarios, and Always Wearing A Helmet When You Are On The Monkey Bars or You Will Get A Very Severe Injury.' When trouble is near, she recites tips that may probably help the group in the bad scenario. Or not. Almost everyday, Teal thinks of the philosphies of life. Socrates is one of her favorites, 'nuff said. Gloomy? Never! Queer? Always. Almost-A-Cookie-Dough-Eating-Maniac? Sometimes, though only when 'Nako-chan comes home with her favorite. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream. 'Nako-chan is Teal's guardian, who is only 'that' much older then her. She is the lion tamer. The only one who came tame Teal, and her disastardly ways.

Okay now, Tip Number 439: Never mess with Teal. Ever. Or else she will probably appear by your bed at night. I know, I know, it sounds very scary. But all you have to do is listen to her, follow her every command, bow down to her, and give her cho..okay, okay, 'but all you have to do' isn't such a good start. So, I hope you have a good life in heaven! Heh..heh..eh, just kidding, Teal would never walk around with sharp things as tip number 138: Never carry around anything sharp while plotting to kill someone if they haven't given you Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream. Okay~! Now you know, now you know, all about the ever-so-crazy Miss Teal Auslos'.

History: Teal hasn’t had one of those lives that makes her all emo. In fact, her life at first was pretty good. She hasn’t had her parents die, just go on a very long vacation to Portugal, though Teal doesn’t know why. I would say this in coughs, but’s it’s not like Teal can hear it. They went on the vacation because of Teal’s craziness, what good parents. So Teal lives with her new guardian Minako-chan, or as Teal calls her ‘Nako-chan. This has been the routine for every day for 11 years now. Wake up, hyperly, eat chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream for breakfast, play those video games that everyone loves, eat chocolate chip cookie dough for lunch, exactly 56 spoonfuls of it, more annoying ‘Nako-chan, and then dinner, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, ironically. When Teal received her starter pokemon, a Chikorita, they made a duo like a fox and a rabbit, a bad one. But they started to bond and all that jazz, though they still argue. Now, Teal stalks the regions and receives badges from the ones she can and all, so yeah, that’s Teal.


Bayleef - Beryl Puerile Iota - Female
Beryl Puerile Iota was given to Teal as a starter pokemon. She is very dictative and if Teal wasn't her trainer, she would probably want to rule over her as well. Bossing all the other pokemon around. Beryl Puerile Iota is a true leader, who will always take her life for another pokemon. Ahh, cut the crap, Beryl is selfish and would never do all that 'I'm your friend!' stuff, even at the worst of times. It is very odd how a rude pokemon like Beryl Puerile Iota came into Teal's own hands.

Skarmory - Heather Cineral Livid - Female
Heather Cineral Livid is very much a synonym of Teal, she is very optimistic and shares the same love of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream. A polar opposite of Beryl Puerile Iota, Heather'd reather save her friends, which include not Beryl, not Beryl, Teal, Pomegranite, Not Beryl, Did I mention not Beryl? There is a patriotic rivalry between Beryl and Heather, and both fight out for being one of the best, though Beryl Puerile Iota does it in a more violent way. Teal found Heather when she found her injured in the middle of a field and she took care of her, and Heather then took a liking to Teal.

Misdreavus - Pomegranite Violaceous Heliotrope - Female
Pomegranite Violaceous Heliotrope is simple, cute, and serious. She is simply au naturel and casual. The normal one of the 4-girl group. She normally breaks the fights between Beryl and Heather, though she can get quite cranky in the morning. Pomegranite is a bit shy and would rather read a book then go fight with Heather and Beryl. Pshh, Pokemon can't read books, so you can just say. Pomegranite would rather look at Teal's book and not understand anything then fight with Heather and Beryl.

Badges: Rainbow Badge - Teal had a bit of a tough time with Erica. This was her 45th time battling her, but she finally figured out a way, she used Safeguard to block out Vileplume's spore attacks, like Stun Spore, Poison Powder, and Sleep Powder. Then she toxic-ed her way to victory while using a Lock-On and Drill Peck combination.

Mineral Badge - Argh. Why is Teal always getting the hard trainers?! Anyways, Teal used Shadow Ball many times against Jasmine's Magnemites, and used a Sunny Day and Solarbeam combination against the tank, Steelix. Though all her pokemon used their strongest attacks on Steelix.

Cascade Badge - Meh. This one was VERY SUPER SUPER EASY. Razor Leafing her way to victory, Teal just wanted to fight Kasumi to see who was prettier. And sadly, Kasumi lost. Ironically, Teal even wore her ugliest face. And then I, 'LOLed.'

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May 12th, 2007, 11:39 AM
Meep, Ok, tough decision. I would accept all of you, but the group-badges thing doesn't workout unless we have 5 or less. Soooo...I could only accept two.

OmniReaper-Accepted; good edit, besides that you applied before the others.
blankspace-Accepted; great personality/descriptions, good Pokemon choices too. Heh. Yes it's fine that your in another RP, just check both when your on. ^_^
esparoba-Denied; Sorry but your a little lax on description, although it gets the point across.
Mikurachan-Denied; And I really hate it too! Denying you I mean, haha, your so detailed. But the others did come in first, although your extremely descriptive and original, I'll definitely join in any RP you create! The only other issue I had was the pokemon names which might get confusing.

Entry Closed
I'll be back soon to post what town we're currently in and what badges I have. (Any Kanto badges people recieved could have come while we were in the group, we'll figure that out in the RP.)

Zephyr Badge-Ryan took a vacation awhile back with his family after getting a few Pokemon. He visited a bunch of ruins and then went to nearby Violet City where he found a gym. He decided to test his luck with Squirtle and Poliwag and, despite a powerful Pidgeotto and a Doduo to back it up, Ryan's excellent training with water Pokemon proved too much for Falkner.

Cascade Badge-While starting out in the group of Trainers, Ryan and Charlie were the ones to take on Misty and her sisters for a Cerulean Gym Badge. Ryan had his full roster of Pokemon and while Charlie took on Misty herself, Ryan handled Lily. His Squirtle and Spearow were able to defeat their opponents each, but both were knocked down by her strong Dewgong. He was able to weaken it enough with Spearow for Poliwag to handle the rest though. Poliwag evolved into a Poliwhirl with the final strike of the battle.

Volcano Badge-He took a boat south of Pallet Town while looking to expand his Pokedex when he found this Gym. Blaine was a tough opponent and refused to do anything but a one on one battle. Ryan used Poliwhirl versus Blaine's Arcanine. In an intense duel of water vs. fire on a rocky surface, It was Arcanine's speed that dealt a final blow to Poliwhirl. Although they lost, Poliwhirl learned many new attacks and perfected it's Hypnosis technique. Ryan challenged Blaine casually to a rematch and stomped his fire Pokemon with only using a water attack, Bubblebeam, for the final blow.

Starting Setting:
On a bright sunny morning with only a few clouds gracing the sky, a group of trainers we're running on a route near Saffron City. They had just recently come from Lavender Town where there was a Ghost Pokemon Catching Contest, an interesting event they couldn't pass up. Now they had slowed down near the city gates to have lunch before checking out their new challenge. Ryan stretched his arms and put a hand through his mess of blonde hair. The group had just come off an 18-0 winning streak and we're feeling pretty good about heading to the Saffron City Gym soon. Two of the group members could take on the leader and her partner, who was equally as qualified to hand out a badge, while the others dealt with the gym's challenging puzzle and the gym trainers. Ryan wondered who would be the team to tackle Sabrina. She had Psychic types and no one was really unqualified to fight her (the group currently wasn't heavy with Fighting or Poison types). It was a random choice, they'd probably end up rock-paper-scissoring for it. There was also a contest hall in Saffron City so that gave them something else to do. But even with all the fun, they had to be out of there in three days to catch the S.S. Anne in Vermillion two days later. This was going to be a one-two punch trip.

"Whew...I'm starving. I think I'll grab some apples from that patch we saw on the hill," he looked to Axle, Charlie, Reika and Kyle as they sat their things down in the patch of flat grass overlooking the city from atop a small dirt cliff. Ryan headed back to the tree and picked the fruit, finding some berries for the Pokemon as well.

"Oohh, Qualot berries..I've always wondered how these tasted.."

May 12th, 2007, 7:46 PM
Saffron city...

Axle looked towards Saffron city. He heard stories of the gym leader here being nearly unbeatable except against its own type. Axle began to stare at his own pokeballs.

Nothing some training can't fix

Axle got up from the grass. He quickly took a random pokeball from his saddle bag. But then he noticed Ryan took off to look for some fruit.

"hey let me come with."

But Ryan was already gone. So Axle ran towards him. He finally caught up to him picking some Qualot berries.

"Don't try to pick to many. We still need to travel light"

Axle then realised he was still clutching a pokeball in his hand. He thought he might do some training with any pokemon. So he released the pokemon inside

After a flash of light Combusken appeared.

"Well Combusken. Ready to do some training?"

Combusken nodded. Looking as if he was very bored in the pokeball.

Axle called towards Ryan "Ryan on second thought pick as many as you can take. I have a feeling we are going to get a little battle damaged here"

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May 12th, 2007, 8:00 PM
Ryan looked to him, blinked and nodded. He took the pouch of berries back to the camp and tossed it on their picnic blanket.

"Soo, who's up for a practice session, two on two?" He took his own Pokeball out that contained Graveler and tossed it into the air, letting the boulder Pokemon flash to the ground in a bright light.


May 13th, 2007, 1:58 AM
Kyle saw his companions releasing their pokemon over by the fruit patch and decided to make his way up the hill. He found a patch underneath a tall aplle tree, where he sat down to watch the action unfold.


An apple hit Kyle haard on the head. He quickly glanced up to see an oddly shaped hand disappear into the foliage.

"Zip, let's go!" Zip burst from his pokeball and smiled at Kyle. "Water Pulse on the tree Zip!" the tadpole pokemon obediently laucnched a strong blast of water into the leaves. Aplles showered down, but no creature appeared. at that moment a powerful swift attack burst from the green mass. Zip was knocked off balance. An aipom came flying through the leaves and landed on Zip.

"Rollout now!" shouted Kyle, Zip began rolling around with considerable speed, Aipom was thrown against the trunk of the apple tree. The purple monkey jumped to his feet and launched a heavy shadowball at Zip, which the tadpole pokemon responded to with another powerful water pulse. Aipom used quick attack and sent Zip reeling with an amazing iron tail. Zip got to his feet, he had a smile on his face, as did Kyle.

"Let's rap this up!" shouted Kyle. Zip used his psychic to stop aipom in his tracks and hold him in midair. Poliwag then launched an astounding hypro pump which blasted Aipom in the face. Zip released his psychic hold and Aipom fell to the floor, dazed.

"Alright!" shouted Kyle as he throw at pokeball at the exhausted aipom. The ball opened, transformed aipom into red light and snapped shut. Kyle wiated nervously as the pokeball wobbled from side to side. Eventually the light went off and aipom was caught.

"Oh Yeah!" exclaimed Kyle with excitement and he a zip did their victory jig. Kyle released Aipom, the newly caught monkey walked over to Zip and the pair shook tails, a sign of friendship. Poppet, who had taken a liking to Reika and like to perch himself upon her shoulder as much as Kyle's flew over to greet his new companion.

"Aipom, i think i'll call you Snatch!" said Kyle, smiling at Aipom and the warm reception he was getting. "Alrighty, Wano! Say hi to your new friend!" Wano burst from his pokeball and walked over to Snatch to shake his tail. Wano then sprayed Snatch with a light water gun in the face. The aipom just laughed, turned around and used his tail to tickle Wano into submission. Kyle couldn't help but laugh too at the whole spectacle. A big scary croconaw being tickled to fits by a little aipom. Such was kyle's pokemon team.

"Of course!" said Kyle, hitting his head with his palm. "Shadow, say hi!" the drak ball creaked open and a purple haze seeped out, suddenly a haunter was hovering in front of Kyle. Kyle had caught Shadow at the ghost catching contest in Lavender Town. Unfortunately, shadow did not help the team win the contest as the pokemon were rated for scariness, ferociousness and such qualities; but Shadow was the gentlest, kindest and probably the most scared Haunter of all time! Shadow was too timid to make friends with the group so he stayed near Kyle all the time.

"Come on Shadow, go and say hi- to everyone!" Kyle laughed. But still, Shadow remained behind Kyle, even frightened of being seen. Then something wonderful happened. Poppet the slightly dizzy Hoothoot flew over Kyle and perched himself on Kyle's head. he looked down at Shadow who glanced up nervously. Poppet then showen the biggest smile he could find and held out his wing to Shadow. Shadow's disjointed hand rose up and softly shook Poppet's wing. Poppet let out a soft "coo" and flew back over to the other pokemon. Shadow followed. He began chatting to Aipom, Zip and Wano, he was even laughing. Kyle stared on in joy and amazement, a massive grin across his face. Poppet was getting extra pokefood tonight.

Kyle gathered all his pokemon friends and returned to the cool shadow of the apple tree. Axle and Ryan were midway into their training battle. Kyle and all of his poke pals grabbed an apple each that were scattered on the ground from Zip's original water pulse into the tree. Everyone took a bite of their apples before finding a comfortable position to watch the training battle of Ryan and Axle unfold. Kyle's team were happy, relaxed and ready to take on Saffron City Gym.

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May 13th, 2007, 4:19 AM
Ryan figured any of the others who wanted to jump in on either team could do so as he and Graveler wandered their way to face down Axle and Combusken.

"Let's not go overboard. How about we try some new techniques?" he spoke to both Pokemon and his group member, "We can figure out ways to make sure we get the Marsh Badge on the first try."

Ryan snapped his fingers and Graveler launched itself into a spinning form. It spun fast enough on the ground that it began tearing into the dirt and grass underneath it. When Ryan snapped again, the boulder Pokemon charged forward to it's Fire type opponent with a speedy Rollout attack.

His team had been working on snapping moves for quite some time. It wasn't exactly a fair way to launch an attack nor was it fair to the Pokemon but his team had agreed with him it would be nice to have a sneak attack for backup in case they got into trouble (or in the perfect position for a surprise thrust at their opponents.) They had to get ready; once they had eight badges each the group could compete in any of the Leagues they wanted to (Kanto, Hoenn, etc.) and then head to the Ultima League in Sinnoh this year. It was going to be an amazing experience, and although the group was still a little shifty when it came to working together, they were getting closer each day and becoming easier to get along with.

May 13th, 2007, 4:28 AM
"Ahh, who's a cute little, Elekid? You are! You are!"Charlie said, tickling his electric pokemon. For some reason Charlie always seemed to give up his "cool" attitude around Elekid. It was just a baby, after all. They were sitting by a tree, with Elekid nestled in his arms. Oddish and Quilava were scamping around either side of him collecting berries for the team. "Those two and their merciless training,"Charlie chuckled to Kyle, as he watched the battle between Axle and Ryan unfold. "Don't worry guys, we'll get some, too," he said to Quilava and Oddish who nodded in agreement. He pulled himself up from the ground, and gestured his pokemon to follow him, the baby Elekid still in his arms.

"Oddish, I want you to use Vine Whip on the apple trees, try to hit just the apples and not any branches. And Quilava, you see how far through a tree trunk you can get with ember. Just try not to knock it down, and choose a thick tree." The pokemon obeyed him and began practicing against trees, then once again Charlie's attention was turned toward his Elekid.

May 13th, 2007, 4:31 AM
For the second time that day, Shadow did something amazing and floated over to the combat. Kyle had never seen Shadow in combat before, he always thought he would be too scared to fight and didn't want to put any pressure on him. Charlie looked on in amazement too as Shadow flew off, the cooltrainer also new about the haunter's odd personality.

Shadow dived in front of Axle's Combusken and used protect, Graveller did not fly backwards like in normal protect defense, but instead he continued to roll against the glassy green enery of the attack.

"All right! Now we're cooking!" shouted Axle. Kyle jumped to his feet and ran over to the battle to see what Shadow was doing. As he went he turned to Charlie,

"time for me to do some merciless training too!" he laughed

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May 13th, 2007, 4:44 AM
Ryan smirked and snapped Graveler back to his side, eyeing down both Pokemon opponents with strategic eyes.

"Graveler, Rock Throw!" he shouted, pointing to Shadow. "Grav-eLER!" his Pokemon grunted as it drew a multitude of rocks out of nowhere and rained them down upon the others.

"Follow it up with Mega Punch!" Ryan called. Graveler smirked and pulled back one side of it's four armed body. It charged toward Combusken as it's fists began to glow.

May 13th, 2007, 4:46 AM
Shadow dived out of the way, full of fear from Graveller's fist.
"I knew it wouldn't last long!" chuckled Kyle, he turned to Ryan, "sorry if i'm messing up your training, Shadow just came over, i didn't have chance to stop him!" Kyle turned to see Combusken take the full force of Graveller's mega punch. "Shadow! Look what you've let happen to poor Combusken!" Shadow looked at Combusken and then at the ground a sad look on his face, he then looked up again, Shadow knew he had let his side down, now it was time to make up for it! He used hypnosis on Graveller, the rock pokemon gazed dreamily at Shadow for a moment, before collapsing to the ground.

"Now follow it up with dream eater!" but Shadow stopped in his tracks, he refused to harm Graveller even if it was a pokemon battle and he was the opposition. "Oh dear." groaned Kyle as Graveller woke up and returned to its feet

May 13th, 2007, 5:17 AM
Awww... Are Sign us closed, can you make one exception? If not I'll leave you alone, don't worry.

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May 13th, 2007, 5:55 AM
OOC: Sorry yes they are, we can only carry 5 trainers. We may introduce a rival group eventually, but only if this RP is successful enough to hold that many people.

May 13th, 2007, 6:36 AM
In another slope of the hill where the sun's rays did not beat down as harshly, Reika stood in front of Piplup and Leafeon, wearing a battle helmet on top of her head. She stood there with her hands behind her back, copying the stance of military officers with great care. She glared at them coldly, engaging them in a staring contest that she was sure she would lose. At some point, she lost interest and simply laughed. Her pokemon merely looked at one another in mild confusion. Sudden laughter was not new when coming from their trainer.

"Alright! You win! I was just joking about the military-style practice!" she cried. "It's not like there's anyway for me to do that anyway. No ditches here or anything"

<I hope you know you're being unfair by saying that! There's no way Mantyke or Goldeen will ever be able to join in obstacle courses and stuff!> Piplup announced in mock outrage.

"Don't be so uptight, Piplup! I just need you to train for a bit by yourselves since Goldeen and Mantyke can't possibly train properly under the scorching sun"

<May I remind you, Reika, that Piplup is a water pokemon too?> interjected Leafeon.

This statement got Reika to shut up for a bit, but it got Piplup started with a long speech on equal love for a trainer's pokemon. This greatly infuriated Reika and so she took it upon herself to get an apple, Piplup's favorite, from her bag and gave it pointedly to Leafeon. Piplup wasted no time in voicing his protest.

<Why did you give her a treat and not give me one?> Piplup yelled.

Reika stuck her tongue out. "It's your fault for being a smart aleck!"

The argument began from there. All the while, the others in the group were busy training. It was only after minutes of bickering that Leafeon pointed out quietly that since the others were training they should too.

Reika paled and approached the others. "Right. I should have just gone there in the first place..."

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May 13th, 2007, 7:00 AM
As Ryan and Axle continued dueling for a bit, the clouds rolled in overhead. A thunder cloud boomed softly in the distance and Graveler and Combusken exchanged blows, Graveler still drowsy and tipsy from Shadow's Hypnosis attack. Ryan waved for Reika to join his team versus the other two guys.

He looked behind Axle and Kyle to the baby Elekid laughing in Charlie's hands. He grinned; those two were funny sometimes. Ryan knew Elekid would become a really great Pokemon in Charlie's team.

May 13th, 2007, 7:28 AM
Kyle noticed Reika coming too. He called out and asked if Mantyke and goldeen would like to train with Zip and Wano. There was a lake at the bottom of the hill where their pokemon could be supervised at all times. Kyle was probably closest to Reika on the team, even though she was of the opposite sex. Kyle didn't know who Reika liked the most, he just assumed it would be him after all the swim sessions they had done together on the journey already. But Reika got on fine with everyone, she's just that type of person Kyle thought, but he didn't know Reika's real feelings. All he knew was that she was a keen swimmer, just like him and they got on well together. That was good enough for Kyle.

"Haunt-taunt!" Kyle hit himself on the head, his damn mind, wandering all the time! Shadow had taken a beating from Graveller's magnitude, but somehow, by Shadow being attacked, he was no longer afraid to attack graveller as he had used hypnosis on the already groggy rock pokemon and was presently eating his dreams. It also appeared that a boom of thunder had drowned out Kyle's offer of training to Reika, he would just have to wait until she was closer.

May 13th, 2007, 7:58 AM
"Woah , stop it Quilava, you're almost through that tree!"Charlie said running over toward Quilava through the apple littered grass. He finally coaxed Quilava into stopping, and got Oddish to stop hitting the apples. "Okay guys, I guess you shouldn't be training this way. I suppose we should be training with the others..."Charlie said, knowing they wanted in on the action. With Elekid in one arm, he pulled out Quilava's pokeball in the other. "Return Quilava!" Quilava was transformed into a beam of red light and pulled into the pokeball.

"Go Oddish!"Charlie said, his attention now on the battle. "Don't worry Quilava, you're next," he reassured his starter as Oddish ran toward the battle. "Hope you guys don't mind if I join!"Charlie smiled, "Oddish, use stun spore!" The small grass pokemon shook the leaves on it's head, causing a shower of yellow powder to rain down on Graveler and Combusken. Once again both of Charlie's arms were wrapped around Elekid, even though is eyes were focused on the battle.

"Just remember to stay away from Combusken, Oddish!" now his eyes began wandering toward his baby pokemon, he knew that Elekid evolved with happiness, so he didn't want Elekid to ever be sad. He noticed Reika coming down from the hill, of course he had too many things on his mind at the time to greet her.

Volkner's Apprentice
May 13th, 2007, 8:02 AM
Graveler helplessly tried grabbing Haunter several times but it didn't seem to work and that confused the boulder. He didn't have many dreams he could remember but his energy was slowly being drained and that made him slower than he already was.

The boulder Pokemon let out a growl and started glowing white.

"Gah! GRAVELER I TOLD YOU TO FORGET THAT MOVE!" Ryan said dashing to his Pokemon but then realizing the consequence of his action and running the other way.

"Ahh, he's using Explosion!" he said, dashing past the others behind a tree.

May 13th, 2007, 8:17 AM
Kyle watched helplessly as the white light expanded around graveller, but suddenly the energy did not bigger. It was then that Kyle saw Shadow straining as hard as he could. He's using protect on Graveller! thought Kyle, amazed at his Haunter's quick mind. His companions ran in to collect there pokemon as they saw Shadow could not hold off graveller for much longer. Shadow could see that the pokemon were clear but he seemed incapable of stopping protect, the strain was really showing now. Kyle ran in to try and grab his haunter, but it was too late, the protect failed and the explosion rushed forward blasting Kyle and Shadow into the air.

Kyle landed with a heavy thud, his head was lying at Reika's feet. he was ling some 10 meters to where he had been standing previously. Kyle stared up, bleary eyed into Reika's concerned face. She was leaning over Kyle with her pig-tails hanging down.

"Fancy a swim later?" Kyle asked in a daze.

May 13th, 2007, 9:04 AM
"Return Oddish!"Charlie shouted, bringing the weed pokemon back into it's pokeball. By the time Oddish was back it was too late to escape the explosion, despite Shadow's amazing efforts to stop it. Trying to protect Elekid from the explosion, Charlie turned around and wrapped himself around his pokemon. By then the explosion had begun and Charlie was being thrown through the air.

Charlie pulled himself up from the grass he'd landed on, Elekid asleep in his hand. Charlie looked at his body, which was covered in scratches and bruises. He didn't recognize his immediate surrounding, he must have been blown away a little from the cleearing. He could still see the pond near the campsite. Though more impressive was what was behind him. The familar sight of Saffron City brought a wide smile to Charlie's face. It was his hometown, he hadn't been back since he left for Violet City in Johto. Fighting his urge to go see his friends and relatives then, he ran back toward the campsite to tell everyone that he'd found a path to the city.

May 13th, 2007, 10:13 AM
"Awesome!" exclaimed Kyle jumping up from cradling Shadow in his arms. Charlie had just returned with the news that he ahd found a path to Saffron. Kyle was pretty unhurt by the explosion, but Shadow was a different matter. He was conscious, just weakened.

"Ok, let's get to Saffron and find us a pokecentre!" declared Kyle as he withdrew Shadow into its pokeball. "If that's ok with you guys" said Kyle looking at is companions. Kyle knew himself that no one had done near enough raining to take on Sabrina or her partner. However, Kyle also knew that Shadow needed some medical attention and Graveller probably did too after the size of his explosion. Reika didn't get chance to do any training at all because of graveller's unexpected to the training session. But Kyle didn't blame Graveller, nor did he blame Ryan. Kyle didn't blame anyone because he was content with the world and content with all his companions, pokemon and human alike.

However, he desperately wanted to get to Saffron city

Volkner's Apprentice
May 13th, 2007, 12:06 PM
"I'm so sorry about that everyone!" Ryan said, returning his fainted boulder Pokemon with a sigh. Graveler was powerful physically but as soon as special attacks got into it's mind, it began to get out of control. He hoped soon he could trade/trade back with another trainer. Maybe as a Golem it could control itself a little better. Either way it wouldn't be his choice versus Sabrina's Gym.

"A new path? Sounds good to me!" he turned to Reika and Axle, "Ready to go guys?"

Ryan picked up his pack and breathed heavily. It was going to be an excellent journey. He walked to the others as the thunderclouds above them grew louder and it began to sprinkle.

May 13th, 2007, 3:35 PM
"Well, we're finally here guys,"Charlie said as he turned the corner. Above the group Saffron City towered, shining gold in the rain. Above them was a large sign that read "Saffron City". Charlie finally took his first step onto the familar pavement, and a smile grew on his face. The city had grown considerably over the years of Red. It was massive with buildings of all shapes and sizes, more than half of them shining with neon.

"Listen guys, about who's fighting Sabrina...I think that I shouldn't. I mean, I only have three pokemon and one of them's a poison type and the other's a baby, so leave me out of the rock paper scissors today," immediately after that he ignored the others' replies and went back to his Elekid. It was still asleep despite the massive explosion that had occured.

May 13th, 2007, 6:19 PM
Is it all right if I join?




Type of Trainer: Cool trainer

Appearance: He wears a black vest and a red shirt underneath it.He has half of a bracelet hanging on his green jeans pocket and his shoes are black with red laces.His hair is blond and going to the left and is poke.Very small socks and a black and red cap covering the top of his hair,but not the pointy spikes.

Personality:Afraid of two things,clowns and losing his Pokemon.He is a very hot head and can easily be tricked into doing stuff which in some switchaction he can not be trusted, which is the reason he has few friends and the ones he has back stab him,and he loves old school and fire Pokemon.

History: He doesn't have parents he was living with his granparents,but when thrives broken in his grandfather tried to stop them and was killed by a fire blast, Sky tries to keep his grandfathers last wish "stay happy" his grandmother gave him a charmander when he had just turn 10. he tried to leave as soon as he was 10 so he would not be a bother to his grandma.


Charmeleon Mwas a charmander till it evolved after battling a Ivysaur.The charmander that was suppose to be his started Pokemon was not pick,it thought it was ugly,ran away and fell in a pound,it came out a drak Charizard.

Ponyta M was Sky second catch Sky treats it as a baby and hardly lets it fight he only rides it short distances.

Beldum ?was A "gift" from a trainer he was in a hurry he bumped into Sky and said" out of my way" and droped a pokeball in his hand. his attitude is to do what he wants when he wants.

Chikorita F was a pokemon nurse joy had she gave it to him to beat brock,and misty. Chikorita is a loveing pokemon,by that I mean she loves to fight.


Boulder badgewas A hard fought after loseing twice his charmander learn metalclaw and with the help of Chikorita Sky came out the winner.

Cascade badge has to be the hardest for him to get he work Chikorita mad,but she didn't seem to mind.

Rainbow badge was the first time ponyta fought,and lost but thanks to charmeleon Sky won that badge with ease.

I know there is no more room,but do you think my guy would have been acpeted?

May 13th, 2007, 8:15 PM
Reika grinned and danced into the city, waving her arms around happily. This was her first time in Saffron city and she wanted to make the most if it despite what would surely be a hectic schedule. The numerous buildings looked inviting, calling out to her to do some shopping. Well, she was a girl after all.

"So when are we going to decide who gets to fight against Sabrina? Personally, I'm kinda scared to fight her since I heard she's so good..." she trailed off and moved closer to Kyle. "But you'll protect me, won't you?" she whispered teasingly.

After that, she giggled and announced that if they decided to check who would battle, she would be in the PokeMart buying supplies. She left the rest behind, a cautious Leafeon at her heels.

May 13th, 2007, 10:25 PM
Kyle stared at Reika as she walked off, he felt slighty strange after Reika's little joke. Kyle felt a blush come on too.

"Well, I was going to say that i wasn't fit to take on Sabrina either, Shadow doesn't know any ghost attacks! But since i caught an Aipom that knows shadow ball and nobody else wants to confront Sabrina, i'm ready to go!" Kyle then slapped his head once more. "The pokecente how could i forget, i need to get Shadow a check-up. Ryan, you coming?"

May 13th, 2007, 11:01 PM
Reika darted about the PokeMart, tossing various items into her basket. Leafeon watched her calmly from a small distance since Leafeon was never far from Reika anyway. The others were still in their respective pokeballs. Piplup was inside for a Time Out punishment while Mantyke and Goldeen just liked napping all day. Reika continued grabbing potions and antidotes and the like, blissfully unaware of the price tags. That is before Leafeon spoke up.

<Are you sure about getting all of those things?>

Reika glanced back at her darling pokemon and grinned. "Of course not! But since we're here anyway I'll just buy as much as I can. We need to make sure you guys stay healthy" She stopped and gazed thoughtfully at the Flower Mail in front of her. "Besides it would be nice to send my regards to the people back home..."

<I think you're more concerned with how the Kimono Girls are doing than how your family is at the moment>

Reika laughed and tugged on her pigtails, rolling her eyes. Leafeon always knew one way or another what she thinking. It was like some kind of psychic connection. Reika grinned. "Hey, Leafeon, are you secretly a psychic pokemon? I mean, you can read minds"

There was no answer from the pokemon. Leafeon only scratched her nose with a paw and pointed to the cashier. Reika pouted. "Do we have to go meet up with the others already? We just got here!"

But although Reika did not want to leave just yet, she followed her Leafeon to the cashier and paid for everything. She left some things at the counter when she realize that she did get too much. After that, Reika stuffed the contents of the grocery bag into her own. She pulled out a soda and drank from it, pointedly ignoring that as a swimmer she shouldn't be drinking sodas.

May 14th, 2007, 6:54 AM
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IC: "Yo let me come with Kyle"

After the battle he needed something else to do. Why not training wise.

Axle took out Combusken's pokeball and returned him. Then walked closely to Kyle

"I wonder how we can defeat Sabrina. She does weild Psychic pokemon."

May 14th, 2007, 7:36 AM
Kyle turned to Axle who had run to catch him up.

"Yeh, Sabrina's psychic pokemon. Well, she has an assistant so we could request a two on two battle. You could use poochyena and i could use Snatch- my aipom. Poochyena could take all the psychic attacks, because of his type they won't affect him. Whilst poochyena was being attacked, Snatch could launch a series of shadowballs. When the opposition are weakened by shadow ball, Poochyena could run in and finish them off. But, i don't know how confident Snatch is with shadow ball, so i need to do a bit of training; that is, after i drop off Shadow at the pokecentre."

Kyle saw the Pokecentre emerge from behind two large buildings, he broke into a run. "Axle! You have a think about my stratergy and meet me at the pokecentre, i really need to drop of Shadow, Ok?" Kyle saw what looked like a nod from axle, so he sprinted onwards towards the pokecentre.

After dropping off Shadow, who nurse joy declared as "Just a little shaken", Kyle noticed a green machine in the corner of the lobby. It was a video phone with storage and transfer capabilities.

"Erm...Excuse me nurse joy." said Kyle politely, the pink haired woman turned to face him. "Have you got a swimming pool here?"

"Yes, yes we do, this Pokemon Centre is rather large."

"Awesome, is it available for public use- people and pokemon?"

"Sure!" replied Nurse Joy, "if you want a quick swim, just follow the signs up there." The kind Nurse pointed to a large wooden sign hanging from the ceiling, it had directions to many facilities of the Centre, at the bottom, it said swimming pool, with an arrow pointing left.

"Thanks!" said Kyle gratefully. He then turned and walked to the green phone. Kyle fiddled with his Pokegear until he found Reika's number, which he proceeded to type into the video phone. He pressed "dial" and the phone began to ring.

May 14th, 2007, 11:40 AM
"You really like her, don't you Kyle,"Charlie said, Kyle unaware that he'd been with them. He was feeding Elekid some poffins while Quilava and Oddish were standing at his feet. "Well, anyway...I think your strategy sounds good. I think that I'm gonna go see my relatives real quick, they live near here. Just give me a call before you go to the gym, See ya," and with that Charlie walked away toward the Pokemon Centre's door, not staying around for Kyle's answer.

Charlie started walking down the rain drenched streets, toward a group of apartment buildings. He made a short detour at the pokemart to get something to drink. Surprisingly as he entered, he saw Reika and Leafeon near the counter.

"Hey, Reika!"Charlie said to the swimmer, surprised to run into her despite the size of the city. "What's up?" he asked as he slipped a dollar bill into a vending machine. Out popped a bottle of Cherry Cola, which he opened and started to drink.

May 14th, 2007, 11:46 AM
I would like to join in later time if its possible, I wont quit.

May 14th, 2007, 3:32 PM
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IC: Axle walked back to the pokemon center. Knowing that Poochena would do what he asked he thought the strategy was okay. He finally found Kyle at the video phone

"Hey Kyle who ya calling?"

Axle walked up to Kyle and towards the phone.

"Mind if I help with anything?"

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May 14th, 2007, 4:07 PM
Ryan walked over to the nurse and handed her his Pokeballs. He noticed the guys by the phones then Charlie went out to meet Reika. He raised an eyebrow and sat down on a squishy bench near the counter. He whipped out his Pokegear and clicked through some things to find out how his eggs were doing at the Breeding center. The woman who was raising them had posted something to his gear that said one egg had hatched and was probably being taken care of, the other was still in it's nest resting warmly. Ryan nodded happily and stood up to stretch.

The rain began to come down outside a little harder and thunder was heard more closely. The Gym would probably close for the rest of the afternoon but that was alright with them, they could use a training session before a good night's rest and then tackle Sabrina tomorrow. They still had to figure out who would be the challengers anyway.

His blue eyes blinked as the Nurse waved him over and he happily took his Pokeballs. Just in time too! A rush of trainers were coming in from the rain to get their Pokemon healed and Ryan had caught the desk before the rush. He sent Poliwhirl out of it's pokeball and it hugged Ryan's leg affectionately. Poliwhirl was as adorable as it was tough and the two of them walked over to the others.

"Hey guys. Did I hear your going for a swim, Kyle? If so, Axle, want to go grab rooms upstairs before they're all taken?"

May 14th, 2007, 10:32 PM
Reika grinned at Charlie. Fancy seeing him in the PokeMart. "Well, to answe your question, the sky is way up there but I'm guessing that's not what you mean-"

Ringing from her phone cut her off. Holding a finger up to signal for Charlie to wait a moment, she mouthed 'phone'. Her phone was ringing loudly and she was worried, it would disturb the other customers so she stepped outside before answering.

"Hello? You've reached Reika"

A short conversation ensued, ending with Reika smiling from ear to ear. "Sure, I'd love to go for a swim. Where? PokeCenter? 'Kay, I'll be there in a few"

She ended the phone call and popped her head into the Mart. "Charlie, I'm going to the PokeCenter. See you later, alright?"

May 14th, 2007, 10:34 PM
Kyle pressd the button to end the call.

His head was still echoing with Charlie's question.

"You really like, don't you Kyle?" It played over and over in his head. Kyle always saw Reika as the cool and funny swimmer girl who he enjoyed being around. He never really considered it anything more. But, then again, he never really considered it. But now, Kyle was thinking, reika and him had some awesome moments together, be it in the pool or out. Kyle also realised that reika was quite attractive. That was when kyle's stomach felt all funny and his head became a little light. Was he in love?

"Hey guys. Did I hear your going for a swim, Kyle? If so, Axle, want to go grab rooms upstairs before they're all taken?" Kyle's thoughts were yanked back to reality. Ryan was standing behind him, Kyle whirled around to face him.

"Yeah, i just phoned Reika, she says she'll be here in a minute, we'll probably do some training, but you guys can come too if you want."

May 14th, 2007, 11:00 PM
Jogging back to the PokeCenter, Reika couldn't help but notice the different sights along the way. There was an elderly couple exercising with a Machoke, a flower garden in front of a shop, and quite a number of people handing out flyers for a sale in a different city. She smiled. It was so nice to be in a cheerful bustling city.

Turning on a corner, she came face to face with the big building that was the PokeCenter. She stopped, panted, and wiped beads of sweat off her face. Her bag was really heavy from all that stuff. She was worried it might get too full so she decided to drop off some stuff at the Center first before meeting up with the guys. She stepped into the Center, carrying Leafeon who seemed very pleased at being carried.

Reika grinned at the nurse and asked her to watch over Leafeon for a while since she was going swimming. Besides Leafeon was probably tired from walking so much, not to mention chasing after Reika. The nurse agreed and Reika dropped some of her stuff at the storage area.

Looking across the room, she saw Kyle, Ryan, and Axle. A mischievous grin slipped onto her face. Time for some fun. She tiptoed towards them and yelled "BOO!"

Without waiting for their reactions, she laughed and stepped closer to Kyle. "So ready to swim? My pokemon are just dying to go swimming after sooo long"

May 15th, 2007, 3:09 AM
"Wow, I really don't like swimming that much..."Charlie said once Reika was out of earshot. He began to start out of the pokemart and back toward the Pokemon Centre,"But I guess I shouldn't be wandering alone..."

A sleeping Elekid still in his arms as he approached a video phone and dialed a number. It rung a few times, and finally a voice answered with a "hello?".

"Hey, it's me Charlie!"the red haired teenager exclaimed, obviously talking to a family member. The conversation went like so for a few minutes, but he was glad to keep it going seeing as he didn't like to swim.

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May 15th, 2007, 5:15 AM
Ryan rubbed the back of his neck, "Heh, you guys go ahead. But remember to meet us back here in an hour and a half. We should have a group training session and maybe we'll go eat out since we've got all this money laying around.."

Ryan followed his statement by pulling out a large chunk of pokedollars he had gotten from smacking down a bunch of trainers on their way here. As he thought about who they had defeated, he thought of the Ghost catching contest and then realized he had something in his PC.

"Oh, oops, uh, so yeah I'll see you guys later, I'll go get us some rooms upstairs before they fill up. Axle if your not into swimming, we can figure out strategies later." He dashed over to a group of PCs in the corner used by a multitude of trainers. Putting in his own Trainer ID he logged into the phone and called Professor Oak.

"Hey Professor! I was wondering if you could send me the little one I sent over back in Lavender Town."

"Oh of course," Oak replied, "she's doing fine, very curious and for a ghost type she's none too scary."

"Hm, maybe we'll have to change that?" Ryan joked as his Pokeball zapped in next to him. He picked it up, thanked Oak and said his goodbye. With a toss a white light enveloped the floor and out came a Drifloon from the ball.

"Drii..?" it looked around confused before it saw Ryan. It casually floated up into the air to look him in the eyes before tilting it's head. It didn't act much differently now then it did when it was a wild Pokemon. Ryan took it gently by it's balloon-string hand, "Hey Drifloon, it's good to have you on the team! How about meeting some of the others?" He tossed the rest of his Pokeballs revealing a peppy Squirtle that climbed up on his back and sat on his shoulder, Poliwhirl who waved at the balloon happily, Graveler that still looked dazed from earlier and a sleepy Fearow who opened one eye and closed it, noting that there was nothing of particular interest to her here.

The Nurse told him not to release all his Pokemon in the lobby so he brought everyone upstairs to the three rooms he reserved for the group and used a key to open one, getting Drifloon more acquainted with the team.

May 15th, 2007, 5:58 AM
"Heh, you guys go ahead. But remember to meet us back here in an hour and a half. We should have a group training session and maybe we'll go eat out since we've got all this money laying around.."

Turning back to Ryan, Reika nodded. "Sure, I'll be sure to be back here by then. If I'm not... Well, I do miss the water" She then waved goodbye to Ryan who was walking off to the PCs.

She turned back to Kyle and grinned. Hopefully he was just as excited to go swimming as she was. Then she remembered Axle who was also with them so she grinned at Axle too.

"So do you want to swimming with us? I get the feeling Charlie won't be coming with us and Ryan already said he didn't want to come along. So it's either you, me, and Kyle or..." She got a playful look on her face. "Like I said, it's either the three of us going for a nice relaxing swim or it's a date between me and Kyle"

Reika continued smiling, not noticing anyone's reaction. "Of course, if it will take you a little while to decide, I could always go ahead" She paused. "Or we could go together, Kyle"

Without waiting for an answer, Reika went ahead. "If you guys are going swimming, go ahead and catch me!"

It was a typical childish thing of Reika to want a race even though she often lost. Running ahead, she wondered if she would win by default if they weren't going to follow or if she was really going to win for once. A silly smile pasted itself on her face. Win or lose, she was going to find out soon.

May 15th, 2007, 7:07 AM
Axle jogged up the stairs towards his own room. In an instant he placed his saddle bag on the bed. Quickly taking a pokeball from it.

Just in case

He placed the pokeball in his pocket and went downstairs again. However he had no reason to go swimming since he didn't really care for it. So he went towards the pool deck. But instead of going towards the change rooms he went towards the rim of the pool. He quickly sat down at a deck chair

May 15th, 2007, 7:22 AM
Kyle sprinted down the corridor, he had to catch Reika, they both took their racing seriously, even if it was in the name of fun. So far the two were tied on "Wins" 37-37.

Kyle saw Reika just before the changing room doors, he put in an extra burst of speed. As he drew up behind her, she turned around.

"Let's save are energy for the pool!" Kyle panted. "Are you taking in any pokemon or not?"

May 15th, 2007, 7:30 AM
"I'm thinking that Goldeen's still sleeping but Mantyke and Piplup have been bugging me to let them swim. So those two will be swimming" She paused and a smile spread on her face. "Hey, I won, didn't I?"

Without waiting for an answer, she skipped into the locker room. "First person into the pool gets some rice cakes!"

She stepped into a shower stall and tore her clothes off. The excitement of swimming made her move faster than usual. In a few minutes, she was out of the locker room again. This time in her swimsuit.

May 15th, 2007, 7:58 AM
Kyle was about to open her mouth to protest over Reika's "win" but she had already disappeared. Damn! She always full of energy Kyle thought. Zip and Wano would join Reika's pokemon for a swim Kyle decided. Poppet could teach Snatch to swim if he did not know already. Poppet was a fairly strong swimmer despite being a Hoothoot. Being in a group of swimmers and water lovers, it was hard not to enjoy splashing around. He turned to Poppet who rested on his shoulder,

"You can teach Snatch to swim right?" Poppet nodded and grinned with excitement. "If Snatch can already swim, i want you two to play in the shallow end today, just to be safe." Poppet showed no signs of protest, so Kyle released Snatch the Aipom. The purple monkey danced around and made some light chattering noises. "Hey there Snatch, Poppet is going to be your swim instructor today, Okay?" Poppet swooped off of Kyle's shoulder and landed next to Snatch. The aipom smiled at Kyle, then at Poppet and the hoothoot and aipom rushed off through the locker room. Kyle smiled and then remembered Reika's next contest. He tore of his t-shirt, trainers and socks right there in the corridor. He did not care who was looking and what they thought. He wanted to be swimming- with Reika, he also wanted to win.

Kyle sped through the locker room, out onto poolside, where he dumped his bag and clothes on a chair next to Axle and did a running dive into the pool.

May 15th, 2007, 11:37 AM
"Hey Ryan, you aren't swimming either?"Charlie asked, walking into one of the rooms that Ryan had reserved. "Nice Drifloon..."the red haired teenager commented walking farther into the room, and taking a seat on one of the beds. "Listen, I think that while the others are splashing around in that pool we may as well do some training. We just need to find Axle, I don't think he's swimming with Ryan and Reika...That or we could make fun of the happy couple,"he smiled, once again teasing at Ryan and Reika's relationship.

As he spoke, Charlie brought a small bottle up to Elekid's mouth, who happily excepted the drink. He had released Quilava and Oddish as well, who were laying on the bed with beside him.

"Also, I think it's time that Elekid learned to walk, he's starting to get heavy now," Charlie said as the electric pokemon dozed off. He layed it down on the bed, snugly wrapped in blankets.

May 15th, 2007, 11:50 AM
Axle released the pokemon he was holding. To his surprise Aron apeared in the flash of light.

"Well now. This is a surprise. I thought I got Pigeotto's ball"

Aron still just looked at him but acted like he didnt care. But it didnt matter. Axle knew that Aron was probably a real softy under the rock hard exterior.

"Come on. I have to get to my bag. It holds all my other things."

Axle got up off the chair. He began to walk back to the interior of the center with Aron behind him


Axle made it back to his room. He returned Aron back to his ball. Then slumped onto the bed. It had been a while since he had done any lounging. So he might as well be productive

Axle took a book out of his bag. It was labled "The Adventures of Blaziken."

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May 15th, 2007, 8:56 PM
Ryan was patting Drifloon and learning what moves it knew when Charlie walked in. "Practice? Hm, sure. We can make it a double battle. I'll use Poliwhirl and Drifloon here," the balloon Pokemon looked startled that it would be used in combat so soon. Ryan assured her it would be just fine in battle.

"We can practice in the garden by the pool, then we can make fun of the lovebirds," he said with a grin. He nodded Charlie out of the room after leaving Graveler and Fearow to rest, bringing his other three team members down to the pool area. He walked past Axle/Kyle's room, "Hey Axle, if you'd like to read by the pool we'll all be down there. If not, catch you in a bit!" he said as he passed the doorway slowly. Down to the pool they went as many other trainers came upstairs to get rooms before the rain-rush. It began storming harder. Luckily for the group, the garden was under skylights indoors. A glass wall seperated the lush, flowery area from the pool and it's deck.

Ryan stood on one side as some trainers sat idle by the tables, watching the training session start. He let Squirtle frolic (sp?) with Kyle's pokemon in the shallow end, the playful turtle just spinning on it's back in the water. The rain poured down on the skylights as Poliwhirl and Drifloon took their places, the ghost Pokemon a little shaky.

May 16th, 2007, 5:21 PM
"Well, I guess I still need to choose my team...Oddish needs a little training, I know that..."Charlie said, releasing the weed pokemon from it's ball. "As for my second...Go Chimecho!!"Shocking all of his teammates he sent out a bell shaped ghost pokemon, a pokemon that no one had realized Charlie had caught. "I still can't believe you thought I didn't catch anything at Lavender Town..." The Chimecho responded by calling out it's name with delight.

Charlie was glad he had the element of surprise in this battle, though it probably wouldn't last long, after all he hadn't known about Drifloon. Though they were in a garden, which should give Oddish an advantage.

"So, what do you say we get this started, Ryan?"Charlie said, a wide grin on his face, his large red bangs hiding his determined eyes.

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May 17th, 2007, 5:51 PM
"Sure thing!" With a point of his finger Drifloon floated above the opponents curiously as Poliwhirl went in for attack mode. Ryan shifted his weight and shouted.

"Go! Poliwhirl use Bubblebeam on Chimecho, Drifloon use Gust on Oddish!" Drifloon swirled with great speed creating a large twister that was narrow in size but all the same effective as it collided down to where Oddish stood. The bubbles released from Poliwhirl's gloves sped toward Chimecho from behind, the toad Pokemon using Drifloon's overhead as a distraction to run around it's opponents.

May 18th, 2007, 11:51 AM
"Oddish, dodge the twister and use Razor Leaf on those bubbles!"Charlie shouted to his Oddish. In response it rolled to the side just in time to escape the twister, which compared to Oddish was pretty big. It lifted itself back to it's feet quickly, and fired a series of spinning leaves toward the bubbles that were headed toward Chimecho. Each of them exploded before reaching their target.

"Now Chimecho, use confusion toward Poliwhirl and Drifloon!" Chimecho followed the orders, turning around quickly by firing a strange beam of many colors toward Poliwhirl. It kept rotating slowly, causing a ring of the confusion beam moving outward from it. Oddish ducked to to the ground to dodge the ring, which was now headed toward Charlie's opponents.

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May 19th, 2007, 8:48 AM
Poliwhirl thought for itself even before the confusion landed a hit. It used it's gloves as a buffer out in front of him, sending a wild blast of Hyponosis to meet the opposing psychic attack head on. Drifloon floated casually overhead as Poliwhirl held off the beam.

"Drift, take Chimecho down with a Shock Wave!" The Drifloon blinked before floating high above it's opponents, sending a shock right to the ground that sped out in waves; one toward Oddish and the other straight back up to Chimecho.

May 20th, 2007, 8:43 AM
"Oddish, use Ingrain to hold yourself to brace yourself!"Charlie yelled over the sound of the powerful shockwave, "Chimecho dodge the other Shockwave!"

At Charlie's command Oddish spread it's roots into the ground, holding itself to the ground. The shockwave hit Oddish and the small pokemon shook violently but wasn't knocked onto the ground. At the same time it was absorbing nutrients from the ground. Meanwhile it was much easier for Chimecho, who simply hovered to the side, causing a subtle ringing sound.

"Hang in there Oddish,"Charlie said as Oddish began to regain it's bearings, "Use Stun Spore!"

The tiny pokemon began to shake it's head, sprinkling a shower of yellow spores down on it's foes, paralyzing them on contact.

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May 22nd, 2007, 4:50 PM
Poliwhirl was stunned for a moment while Drifloon sped down for a tackle of some sort. The Pokemon continued battling for awhile until all four were breathing heavily. Ryan suggested they took a break for a bit and check out what the pool-kids were doing. He walked inside, letting Poliwhirl jump in the pool. Ryan sat back against a chair as the storm continued outside in the garden onto the sunlight, the trainers had disperesed talking about the strength and strategy Ryan and Charlie used in their practice.

May 30th, 2007, 7:07 PM
{{ Hey, guys, sorry for disappearing. My internet went wacko on me. It just disappeared and now it's back! }}

In character:

Reika grinned at the rest of her groupmates. She was glad that they were so serious about the League, but at the same time it made her feel bad. Her own determination was nothing compared to theirs. Did that mean she did not take her pokemon training seriously?

She sighed and glanced at the new entry into the pool. Poliwhirl. Ryan's Poliwhirl. She wondered if she could give the Poliwhirl a hug. It looked adorable. She tiptoed closer, trying not to make any splash. She was about to glomp it when bubbles splshed onto her face.

"Aaaaaaah!" she screamed.

When her vision finally cleared, it revealed her Manytke, floating in front of her. She glared at it and gave its sentence.

"Okay, 50 laps back and forth! Then you're out of the water"

The Manytke paled and Reika grinned. "Don't worry. I'll give you a treat afterwards" Her expression darkened. "Even if you don't deserve it"

June 8th, 2007, 10:45 AM
"You sure do work them hard, don't you Reika," Charlie said, grinning at the trainer as her pokemon swam through the pool. He had returned his pokemon after the battle had ended. "It's getting late guys, we should probably get going soon if we want to eat. First thing tomorrow we can go challenge Sabrina!" Charlie was very enthusiastic, not nervous about the battle at all. Then again he probably wasn't going to be battling anyway.

He was holding Elekid once again, now in a blanket. It was getting bigger everyday, before Charlie knew it the Elekid would probably be walking. Maybe even evolving.

"I'm gonna go read a magazine or something...I'll be waiting on you guys," Charlie said, walking out to the main room of the Pokemon Center.