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May 23rd, 2007, 8:29 PM
The Preface

The swarm grows ever larger, as millions of bodies pile into the square. They push and shove and roll, trying to get a better view of the podium. After a few minutes, the movement stops and the crowds quiet down, as a man steps into view.

The man is small in stature, dressed in silk robes of red and gold. His legs are clad in black leather knee-high boots; his arms in iron gauntlets. On the back of his robes, a golden waffle is emblazoned; it looks rather crispy and delicious. The man’s face is round; elegant yet fierce. A large, jagged scar covers is left eye. It is the face of a man who has seen many battles in his time, yet still knows of compassion. He appears to be mounted on a polished stone with four tiny legs; it’s heavy body laying low to the ground. As the stone approaches the polished wooden podium, the man dismounts his rock. He raises his arm in a call for attention, and stands in wait as the crowds fall silent.

“Greetings, fellow members of the Pokémon Community forums!” He pauses briefly before continuing. “Your lord of waffles has returned from his long, long absence. I have travelled the globe, and have seen many things. And now, I have returned to share my story!”

Murmurs swept through the crowd like wildfire, as memories of the lord’s previous story resurfaced.

“How can this be!? The previous tale was banished from the records!”
“The fables he spews are like poison to my ears!”
“Can there be no end to the madness!?”
Without a word, the robed man reaches into the sleeves of his clothing, and pulls out a roll of parchment.

The Plot

Bread. It is the quintessential ingredient of any good sandwich. So it has been for ages past, so it shall be for all eternity.
The year is 9999 GQ. Don’t ask what GQ stands for; the new calendar has been in place for so long, nobody really cares anymore. Some people believe it stands for Galactic Queekloks, but that doesn’t make any sense. The people have just accepted GQ as being the new intergalactic time standard. ITS would make sense as an acronym, but again, nobody really cares at this point.

In the year 1971 AD, on the planet known as Earth, the Skcubrats coffee shop came into being. Originally, they served only coffee. But their influence quickly spread, and at this time they are the leading corporation in nearly all developmental fields. Their reach extends everywhere from groceries to scientific research to medical breakthroughs; nearly every aspect of modern consumerism revolves around Skcubrats in some way. They even influence the government. By the way, their coffee is fantastic.

For the record, the headquarters of this corporation, wherein Connor takes residence is an artificial planet. It has no name, so most people call it Planet Connor.

And so it came to be that Skcubrats controlled bread production. This may be because the current CEO of the company, a soft-spoken man named Connor MacLeod, loves bread oh so much. In fact, his favorite is Galactic Space Bread, a pre-made bread that is so rare, only 5 loaves are said to exist in the universe. He has eaten 2 of them, and seeks the remaining 3.

And that is why, here, in the intergalactic federation known as the United Revolutionary Galactic Association for Yodeling, he has created the Super Special Awesome Task Force.

They are the best of the best. The elite. The strongest soldiers in the galactic military. Gathered from all across the universe, these warriors possess phenomenal power that is nearly unmatched throughout all of known space. And they have giant robots. While their general purpose is to handle large-scale conflicts, such as inter-dimensional invasions and babysitting Connor’s nephew, their current assignment is far more daunting.

Rumors have spread that a mysterious group of ninja zombie pirates have found the last three loaves of Galactic Space Bread. The Super Special Awesome Task Force has been called in to track down the pirates, confirm the rumors, and gather the loaves.
Since the Task Force is spread across the entire universe, each member often receives notification that Connor requires their services at different times (This means I’ll be accepting late registrations for the duration of the RP).

You, board members, will decide the fate of the Galactic Space Bread.

The time has come, Task Force members. Create your fantasy self!
Name: Do I really need to explain this?

Age: How old are ya? Different planets revolve around their stars at different speeds, so convert to Earth years for all us foreigners.

Planet: Which planet do you come from? Go ahead, make something up. The universe is huge.

Race: Are you a human? A demon? A warrior race of flesh-eating zebras?

Appearance: What do you look like?

Personality: Crazy? Peaceful? Adam West?

Powers: Yeah, you get your own superpowers. Go ahead and go crazy; just don’t go overboard. Omnipotence gets old fast, you know.

History: Tell us about your past, oh young one.

Misc: Anything else?

Name: Obviously, your robot needs a name. “Giant Robot of Smashing Awesome Crushing Killer” works just fine.

Appearance: What does it look like?

Background: How did you come to have this robot? Build it yourself? Inheritance? Slaughter a Gundam pilot, steal his mech and customize it to suit your needs?

Abilities: The fun part. Tells all about the crazy stuff your super robot can do. Weapons, special abilities, transformations, etc. Remember, your robot is a walking weapon of mass destruction. So have fun with this. Just, no universal destroying stuff. Well, fine I’ll allow it. As long as you promise not to destroy the universe unless absolutely necessary.

RP SAMPLE: Post an RP sample here =)

May 27th, 2007, 5:06 PM
You made it! Sweeet! Guess I'll make a brand new character.. sort of..=)

Name: Simon Sehz, however he is known to everyone as “Nomis”
Age: 18
Planet: Earth - 20791 ALPHA, Sector XYZ, Parallel Dimension Code name: LOTS
Race: Human
Appearance: Nomis usually has a smile on his face and can be seen with black sunglasses under his worn out backwards baseball hat. He also bares a necklace with a Star, he also wears an old ripped up red cape that he wears to make him look fancy and somewhat important. On his shoulders he wears two shoulder plate armor that makes him look a bit more buff. Nomis, has blue eyes but its hard to tell since he’s wearing sunglasses, has brown hair that is usually a bit messy, he always tries to comb it back but it always ends up going back to a mess. He wears blue jeans and blue denim jacket over his white shirt. His clothing however is all ripped and faded as if he went through a terrible battle with something. In the middle of his white shirt at the front there is an orange circle with a red line twisting across it. Nomis also has a pen always ready at hand which he keeps behind his ear. The pen however is always out of ink and Nomis never seems to bother getting a new one. He also wears worn out white sneakers that look like they had better days. Aside from his clothing and accessories, Simon actually has a pretty decent body but stinks at most physical activities and sports.
Personality: Nomis is pretty hyper and is never caught depressed. He constantly daydreams though and never pays any attention to anything giving some to believe that he may be a bit stupid and that he can be at times. However he has one nasty trait and that is a short temper. Nomis can be angered quite easily by almost anything and another bad trait is that he thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread. Aside from these unattractive traits, Nomis is actually a nice and caring person but a bit whacky most of the time.
Powers: Nomis is capable of rapid movement, he can perform a series of lightning-fast attacks with little effort. His extreme agility makes him a very difficult target to hit, but if an attack does connect, he will likely be neutralized by a single blow. He also works with mana clusters. He can manipulate air currents to generate powerful barriers, reduce a target’s mobility, and other creative defensive things that you can think of. A strong enough force can pierce the barrier though. He can also gather and manipulate mana clusters. He could make actual formation of it. As mentioned before though, a single strong attack can completely knock him out and render him useless.
History: Nomis loves film and enjoys making “movies” all the time under any circumstance, he also seems to have a fascination of Funions to the point where he is addicted to the snack and will do anything for a bag of tasty onion rings. Ever since his younger sister died he started to get into Giant Robots and became more whacky to the point where some thought he lost his mind. What he enjoys the most is filming his Robot compete in battles. He has filmed every single battle his Robot has ever been too. He edits his movies a lot to add in cheesy special effects that are done so bad that the viewer can’t help but cry. Because of this however it is unknown whether he actually wins all of his battles truthfully or if he edits them out so he looks like he is the winner. In either case, his “movies” are so bad and cheesy that they are funny and are usually enjoyed by those who wish to point and laugh at them. One fateful night however will completely change his life forever as he had a dream of some red-haired girl who he daydreamed about flying around before with her pig-tails. Aside from that note he eagerly woke up and wanted nothing more but a penny. To find out more about pennies he started to question kids by filming their every movement. Soon he created his own unofficial School club called “The Lost Penny Club” in which he “enlisted” members by dragging them out of their own clubs to his to gain information by any means necessary. However he gained no to little information about Pennies other then the fact that they had Abraham Lincoln’s face on it and that they were made of copper, nonsense! However he was soon told about the Lucky Penny. Simon however still has no idea what the Lucky Penny is; nevertheless, he will stop at nothing to claim it! During his travels for this sacred object he encountered his final opponent which was a being made of pure energy, trying to defeat it using his Angel (which is some sort of foreign robotic technology) he was defeated in battle and was unable to save his Earth from total mass destruction. His friend Melanie, who is a time-traveler, brought him to an alternate dimension to save their lives. No longer able to bear his name “Simon” because of shame of him unable to save the Earth and the friends he made, he decides to change his name to “Nomis” and start anew. From his many new adventures he was recognized as an amazing Giant Robot Pilot and joined the United Revolutionary Galactic Association for Yodeling and was the first to enlist for the new Super Special Awesome Task Force. Where will his new adventures take him next?
Misc: His Angel was actually dedicated to his sister that died by illness. She always wanted to become an actress and was always in complete happiness when she got to play in Simon’s movies. However it got destroyed beyond repair in the Earth he is from when he lost to the god-like enemy. The only remains he has of his beloved robot friend is her Star emblem which he now turned into a necklace.
Simon also had a black pet cat named “Melanie” who ran away after he came to this dimension of Earth. What is unusual about this cat is the fact that the cat can actually turn into a girl. However this power is only allowed when no one is watching. Her human form is a very cute girl with long black hair. Melanie is in love with Simon and knows him from left to right, however she never has the courage to tell him her true feelings. When she is a human she used to hang around Simon a lot and is usually his only fan. She can also turn back into a cat but again it can only be done if no one is watching. Aside from this she is actually more normal than Simon and becomes very jealous when another girl is around him, but she is usually a very nice and warm-hearted girl. However this all changed ever since the day she saved him. During the time traveling she was hit in the head by a cosmic rock that was travelling within the space and time continuum, ever since then she has grown bitter and evil. Melanie the once nice girl now plots to rule the galaxy. Even though she loves Simon dearly she wants to destroy him. As Simon somehow gained super powers in this dimension, Melanie has become evil instead of good. Of course Simon has no idea that his runaway cat and his fan Melanie are the same entity, in fact, he has no idea that his cat even has this power and in truth he has no idea that Melanie wants to even kill him, he thinks that she is just acting funny because she likes him. Also do not let Melanie’s appearance fool you, as she has powers at her disposal as well. She also owns a Robot capable of rivaling Simons. And what does Melanie look like you may ask? Melanie is one year older than Nomis and is extremely cute, anyone who looks at her either falls in love almost right away or becomes very jealous, depends on your preference. She has yellow pupil eyes and a cute smile. Melanie has long black hair that goes down to her waist. She also has two large loops of hair that cover her ears and are bowed to the top of her head by small bows. She wears a tight school uniform shirt with a long red tie going down the middle of her chest. The shirt is also revealing leaving her arms and stomach bare. Melanie also wears a red miniskirt plaid with darker red lines. She wears long black stockings with red school shoes with black bows. On one wrist she wears a red bracelet with spikes around it and on the other she wears two golden bracelets. Melanie also wears a cloak similar to Dracula’s, its red and the end of it shapes into spikes. The collar is popped up and goes above her head creating a sinister V-shape. It is unknown what her robot looks like since no one lived long enough to see it.

Name: Cameo
Appearance: Cameo is a giant robot with a bulky head and a slim body. The robot’s body is very slim with long legs that look almost like the blades of a sword. The torso is small and surrounded in a dark blue bulky chest armor. The arms are rather slim and drape down from the torso to reveal its knuckles covered with large metal spikes. Under Cameos arms are two very big scythes that stretch out from the arm and hang down. With this the robot itself is a weapon. With Cameos rapid movement, it is capable of creating spectacular colors every time it moves. The arm blades looks like a shooting stars. The head of the robot is covered over with a metallic hood coming from the bulky armor. In front of the face of the robot is a large grill that makes it look as if the robot is smiling. The face itself is a giant camera with a single lens that can actually zoom in and out and move about. The robot itself is painted in bright colored camouflage patterns that yell for attention. You can see this robot a mile away.
Background: The robot was given to Nomis from a film company to shoot a movie in space. After the movie was done Nomis ran away with the robot and has yet to give it back. And for the record, the name of the movie was “The True Story of Bloody Whisker and the Space Cat Pirates – from the novel “Space Gatta” which was written by Thondur the Oocblah from Planet Sector Alpha Omega X - 3.
Abilities: Cameo is capable of filming full feature films, take snap shots and record those precious Kadok moments. Aside from its camera and lens abilities, Cameo has a Charged Particle Beam Cannon built within the lens making it capable of firing rapid shot lasers to full death rays capable of devastating destruction. Cameo also has small scythes built into its arms and legs which are released for surprise close range attacks, they could also be used as hooks or claws. This robot, like its master, is extremely fast and very powerful. It is capable of creating chain attacks for long periods of time if necessary. Cameo can also create a barrier which envelopes it in bright shiny colors enhancing its defenses and allows it to charge up lost energy taken away from it from battle. However it can only use this attack when it Is not moving. Cameo can also transform itself into a giant fully functional camera (with tripod). The only thing it can do in this transformation is take pictures by shooting a ray at the target, create an exact image of it and then fire it at the target creating a large explosion.


OOC: From "The Lord of Snacks" RPG.





Simon could be heard screaming in the crowd of people. Everyone turned to see him. However everyone slowly moved their eyes away from him and made their way to his friend Melanie, who is an extremely cute girl.

Simon turned his camera to Melanie,

"And so! Our young hero enters the tournament with her Star by her side!" Simon says as a narrator.

Melanie can be seen laughing a bit and blushes as Simon points the camera to her. Just then she takes Star from Simon who takes it out of his jacket pocket and hands it to her while filming.

"AND MAGICALLY! STAR APPEARS!" he shouts in excitement.

".. Wait a minute, Simon.." Melanie says as she blushes more and holds his Angel close to her.

"Augh! CUT!!" Simon yells at everyone.

Most people started waving at the camera. However most of the guys were just staring at Melanie.

"Mel! You messed up the script!" Simon told her as he flipped through a couple of crumbled pieces of paper he pulled out of his pants pocket.

"No, no, I didn't sign up for this, you did!" Melanie told him.

"Oh yes! Of course I did! But what we need is a female hero. You, my girl, are that hero, one of the stars!! Of course Star will be the main attraction!!" Simon said and then laughed.

Melanie blushed a bit.

"Me... the star?" She asked and giggled.


"Whoa! That's us! Me! We! RIGHT!" Simon said as he mumbles out his words in excitement.

Simon pushed his way into the crowd of people and practically jumped into the arena with a kid across from him wearing a blue vest, he looked pretty short.

"YEAH! YAY!" Simon cheered as he shook his hands around and cheered with the crowd.

"WOOO!!!! I'm pumped! This will be my greatest movie yet!" Simon said.

Melanie was handed his camera and stood there with him.

"Okay, make sure you get every shot of Star fighting! Ooo!! I can't wait to see this on the big screen!" Simon said as he began dancing in place with excitement.

Melanie laughed a bit as she held up the camera.

"Oh, Simon, here.. you'll be needing Star." Melanie told him as she handed him back his Angel.

She brought her hand back and held the camera steadier. She is blushing quite a bit to be invited to see Simon have an Angelic Fight and help him make his movie.

"Si-Simon... good luck." She said in a shy manner and smiled.

Simon laughed and turned to her,


He put his beautiful Angel down in the ring, aside from her flashy looks, she seems quite deadly. Her Scythe is bigger than herself.

Scarlet Weather
May 30th, 2007, 5:56 PM
Jeez, I used to think that I was insane... dang, I wish I had joined your last roleplay. Hm... if I join, I'm going to need to find my character a super-special awesome theme song!

Name: Uriel Camistrophios Catastrophesizallamus, known by all who meet him simply by the name "Ralph"

Age: Due to his limited shape-changing abilities, Ralph is able to change his age at will, however, he tends to keep it somewhere around fifteen to seventeen while using human form.

Planet: Ultimilton- 20168D, Sector WHY, Paralell Dimension Codename: NONE

Race: Jenovahovamaviabogin. (Put simply, shape-shifters)

Appearance: Due to his limited shifting abilities, Ralph has no real fixed appearance, but he does tend to stick to five or six specific human forms. In his normal, unaltered shape-shifting form, Ralph is simply a gelatinous blob with barely discernible humanoid facial features. He doesn't use this form very often, however, unless he has sustained serious injury in another form or he is in serious danger. He is, however, completely impervious physical attacks in this form. His jelly-form is similar in color and feel to lime-colored jello.

Human Appearance One- Leo: A normal human boy of about fifteen or sixteen with a lion's tail. In this form, Leo possesses fiery red hair, stunning green eyes, and carries a long metal pole used for martial arts. "Leo" was the first human form Ralph sucessfully attained, and his most used one. "Leo" usually wears a black tank top and a pair of loose-fitting green cargo pants that seem to accentuate his lithe, sleek form. "Leo" is fairly easy for Ralph to upkeep for long periods.

HA Two- "Herculea": A stereotypic "Strong Man", a muscle-bound twenty-year old with a winning smile, brown hair that stands up in a shock on his head, and brown eyes. "Herculea" posesses great strength, but the transformation is very difficult to upkeep, so Ralph only uses him for a few minutes at a time, with long rests between.

HA Three- Methuselah: A wizened old man whose bald head is hidden underneath a spreading straw hat and whose long beard nearly covers his body. He wears dingy, purple robes and carries a long walking stick. This form has no particular abilities and usually isn't used for anything more then distracting someone long enough to bring them in close for Ralph to envelop them in his jelly form or switch to "Leo" to hammer them.

Personality: A happy-go-lucky sort of individual with certain slightly eccentric traits, Ralph is really hard to pin down in terms of an "exact" personality. His emotions flip-flop from sad to happy to enraged to anything in between, sometimes at the drop of a hat. Overall, Ralph does have a sort of dry sense of humor and a horrid fashion sense. His imagination does tend to run away with him. He has a mixed attitude towards the opposite gender, preffering them to approach him instead of vice versa.

History: A member of an ancient, shape-shifting race of coffee-loving creatures from a distant star, Ralph was born into the aristocracy, and enjoyed a very happy childhood (Well, as happy of one as you can have when you're a blob of lime gelatin). However, on his seventh birthday, his family's position as arch-grand-duke-bishops was usurped by a strange-looking blue woman-thing who framed them for the supreme crime of tasting the first coffee beans of the harvest before their king, the mighty Muck-a-Muck of the Archduchy of Gammanosiklopathia, Aegis von Weinersnitzakarravan Chuckaboo the third, otherwise known as Wilfred. (It was a tradition of the aristocracy to give their children long, annoying, difficult names, but really simple nicknames). Thus, poor Ralph and his family were banished from the planet. (The traitoress was later discovered, and she was hurled to a distant planet, where she proceeded to wreak unimaginable havoc, but that's another story.) When Ralph was thirteen, his parents died of coffee withdrawal just a few steps from the nearest Scubracts. Ralph, lonely, managed to get hired by the Sckubrats, where his wages were paid in coffee beans, and continued to serve as a cashier until the age of seventeen when he came into posession of his robot, Celestia Retro, and joined the Super-Special-Awesome-Task-Force.

Powers: Ralph is capable of changing his shape, but he is limited to humanoid forms, and must have a strong image in his mind of what his finishing form will look like, and the transformation can be forcefully undone if his body sustains a large enough injury. Additionally, his gelatinous body is capable of surrounding enemies, trapping them for brief periods, but not absorbing them. In his natural, jello form, he cannot be completely destroyed, but is easily injured by intense cold or heat. Ralph must also drink one liter of coffee every three days, or he will begin to shrivel up and die.

Robot Time!

Robot Name: Celestial Retro

Appearance: Form 1: A giant Rubik's cube with a sterotypic "Angel-Like" Head. It is capable of firing lasers from certain panels but cannot move freely, and additionaly just looks plain old stupid.

Form 2: Sections of the Rubiks Cube detach and float freely about the mech, revealing the true from of Celestial Retro: A gleaming, seraphim-like robot with six wings on its back connected by a golden ring, and two outstretched hands carrying a pair of blue orbs. In this form Retro can rotate the free floating cube orbs and use them as shields or weapons, as well as move freely and fire bursts of flame, but it is much more vulnerable to attack.

Background: Celestial Retro was the product of years of research by the most brilliant scientists on Ralph's home world. After years of failure, frustration, and drama, the prototype version was finally completed, and King Wilfred decided to send it to Ralph, whom he had finally succeeded in tracking down, as a "Sorry" present for unfairly banishing his parents. (He was really a nice guy, he was just jealously protective of his coffee). Ralph is rather a novice at driving Retro, however.

Abilities: Aside from the aforementioned ones, Retro can rearrange the Rubiks Cube sections around itself in a sphere-like formation, then fire a burst of laser light in all directions. Before its transformation, it momentarily appears like a giant, floatin disco ball of doom. Scary...