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Always and Never
June 11th, 2007, 3:34 PM
the game's ending starts out joyously, but ends on a darkly mysterious note. In just a few seconds' time, it gives you a tantalizing glimspe that either strikes you as unimportant or makes you wonder, desperately, what it means, even as the game comes to a close.

I'm talking about the Deku Butler. You see him, deep in that cave from the very beginning of the game, the cave from the Lost Woods. You see him kneeling in front of that gnarled tree that, when you observe it at the game's start, is noted as "looking very sad." You see him crying, crying over this twisted tree, which looks suspiciously like a Deku Scrub. You witness this moment of dark sorrow, and right after the happy celebration of the fourth day, too. It seems odd, out of place, and very bitter.

Now if you'd recall, when you race the Deku Butler through the shrine labyrinth after completing Woodfall Temple, rescuing the Deku princess, and saving the monkey, he mentions that you remind him of when he used to race his son long ago, before his beloved child had disappeared without a trace, leaving him sad and miserable.

And if you'd also remember, each of the transformation masks you find in the game, with the possible exception of the Fierce Deity Mask, are the reincarnations of somebody who had died, somebody with unfinished business. The Goron Mask was the reincarnation of Darmani, the proud Goron hero who died in his struggles to seal off the cold winds blowing out of Snowhead. The Zora Mask came from the legendary guitarist Mikau, who was slaughtered by pirates when he tried to rescue Lulu's eggs. But where did the Deku Mask come from? Each mask comes from a creature that dies... so who died and was reincarnated as the Deku Mask?

Anybody can put two and two together in this case. The Deku Mask must of been the reincarnation of the Butler's son. This is purely speculative, but it's supported with facts. A theoretical sequence of events could've led to this:

1. The butler's son disappears one day, exploring the clock tower and taking the same wormhole Link did, but to the Lost Woods in Hyrule.

2. Around the same time, Link pursues the possessed Skull Kid into the caverns, and eventually catches up with the masked fiend, cornering him.

3. When the Skull Kid casts his curse, he is, in actuality, sucking the life force out of the Deku Child, who is farther into the caves. This transforms the poor sap into a weak and hollowed husk of a stump, eternally rooted in the cave. He then transfers this energy to Link, morphing the boy into a replica of the Deku Child. The Deku Child was the victim of Majora's black magic, and Link was the receiver of it.

4. This explains why Link seemed so familiar to the Deku Butler during their race through the shrine. It also fits in well with the notion of "unfinished business." The butler loved his son and his son in turn loved him; it must have been his final wish to say goodbye to his father, who he had foolishly run from, and what better way to redeem himself than in a good old race, just like old times? It was the mask's spirit that provoked Link to do this, and it was the mask's destiny.

I'm sure this has been thought up before, but I just wanted to bring it to mind. This is one of the great mysteries surrounding Majora's Mask and yet another one of the millions of reasons why the game is such an awesome, top-tier, triple A product. If any of you have any ideas on this, by all means, please feel free to voice your input. I'm rather interested to see what you guys think.

June 11th, 2007, 4:40 PM
Well, I thought you theory was good. I think That instead of the life force being suck out of the deku. But musta incounterd skull kid before the event and mustof got in his way and with the infuence of he evil majora's mask, Skull kid realesed darkmagic and stole the shape and life force of the s deku, thus causing the deku to revert back to it's primal state

June 12th, 2007, 11:30 AM
[font=tahoma]The transformation masks only appear once the "victim"'s soul has been healed (through the Song of Healing). The Happy Mask Salesman plays the Song of Healing when you get the Deku Mask. So, yeah.

Its not exactly a new theory, and its almost universally accepted by now on most Zelda boards. But keep 'em coming. I love Zelda theories. And I can see that you have put thought into this one. So...come up with some more.

If you look at the Darmani and Mikau - they were killed. Mmm...I mean, Darmani lost to Goht, and Mikau by the Gerudo Pirates. So, the butler's son had to be destroyed somehow. I don't think the Skull Kid can just zap someone's soul and put it in someone else. Mind you, he does turn Link into a Deku initially without the use of a mask. So, who knows.