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May 14th, 2004, 03:02 PM
For some weeks is on the official side to 7. Motion picture film "???" To see Pokémon. There now outlined a new Pokémon shown
The name is unknown. (it stands "Gonbe" more drueber, but ob's 100% adjective the name is white really, I not, since someone said to me that "Gonbe" sowas like "no name" meant. However Kabigon (Relaxo) and Gonbe would fit whole good.)

Here a Scan of the Coro Coro Comics (by yosu!):
http://www.anime4ever.hostxl.net/news%20images/pokemon/20040514t_corocoro.jpg (http://www.anime4ever.hostxl.net/news%20images/pokemon/20040514_corocoro.jpg)

And here still another larger picture (http://www.anime4ever.hostxl.net/news%20images/pokemon/20040514_pokemon2004-gonbe.png) of the new Pokémon.

And the new pokemon is one of the 100 to 150 new pokemon that are comming soon. There will by new pokemon games to.

May 14th, 2004, 04:17 PM
Eh, another ugly one? x_X; It doesn't look very original to me, lol. But, it is certainly neat to see! I can't wait for the new Pokémon and games.

(By the way, I adore your avatar. =D It's so cute!)

[EDIT] Ohh, wait. I just noticed that there is a similiar thread already on this forum. I'm sorry, but this one is going to have to be closed.