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July 12th, 2007, 10:34 AM
The School of Fear
Year One

Over a thousand years ago, in an age where all things magical were shunned, the four greatest witches and wizards of the age shared a dream, to create a school where young people of the wizarding world could study and be trained in the magical arts they needed to become skilled, fully-trained wizards. These four great wizards each founded one of the houses of the school that they worked together to form: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. For hundreds of years, both the school and the wizarding world have benefitted. The wizarding community was on the verge of merging with the muggle, or "non-wizarding", society. But then, a terrible power arose. A power called Lord Voldemort, a wizard twisted by the Dark Arts and his own greedy desires.

The Dark Lord, as he was called, wreaked terror throughout the worlds of magic and muggles, torturing many and killing a select few. With these few dead souls, he created Horcruxes, a means by which to split his soul and make himself harder to kill once and for all. He created six of these Horcruxes, all out of items significant to him, therefore splitting his soul into sevenths. Having finished this, he went for his next exploit, to kill one child that would grow to have the power with which to kill him. Voldemort had two choices: Neville Longbottom and Harry Potter. He chose the latter, and was off to commit another murder. Upon reaching the door, he was stopped by James Potter, Harry's father. After mowing down this opposition, he casually murdered Lily Potter, James' wife, and fired a killing spell at Harry. The spell rebounded, deflected by a final protection spell cast on Harry by his mother's sacrifice. Voldemort got the full blast of his own killing curse, eliminating his own body.

Voldemort was considered dead by many, and to an extent actualy was. Whatever the case, wizards everywhere celebrated the next day for their ancient opponent's defeat, by none other than a 14-month boy no less. Harry was sent to his muggle aunt and uncle's house, and lived there among muggles for ten years. On his eleventh birthday, Harry was selected to attend Hogwarts, and gladly applied for his first year. That year, Harry came face-to-face with the Dark Lord himself, and stunningly killed the severely weakened wizard by himself. In his second year, Harry founght the Dark Lord again, this time through means of one of Voldemort's horcruxes, a diary. He, again, emerged the victor. Harry also overcame the Triwizard Tournament; narrowly escaped Voldemort (now back in a body and at full power); witnessed a one-on-one duel between Voldemort and Dumbledore, the current school headmaster; and went head-to-head with some top death eaters before seeing the dead body of Headmaster Dumbledore.

Then, the next year, now just over seven years ago, Harry Potter, now called "The Chosen One" and "The Boy Who Lived" by many, fought Lord Voldemort face-to-face, no strings attatched. At this time, only a seventh of Voldemort's soul remained. When the seventh and final part of Voldemort's soul was destroyed, along with the Dark Lord's body, Harry's duty was finally over. The Order of the Pheonix, a society of the top magical forces, tracked down and captured many of the remaining Death Eaters and sentenced them to Azkaban for a long time. Harry settled down to a mostly normal life. Hogwarts school was reopened with Minerva McGonagall as Headmistress. The Ministers of Muggles and Magic finally got along and learned to foster friendships between their kin. Most wizarding families now had ties to the muggle world, though they didn't let on to magic and prefer wands over technology. The wizarding world had finally come to a time of realitive peace.

But not for long.

For a few Death Eaters still remained, mostly the exceedingly avid, cunning and ruthless followers of Voldemort. They kept together in tight-knit groups, eventually gathering up enough strength to lead small attacks on the community, leaving no trace of their existence at the disaster site. Though small, these attacks were mostly effective; very few wizards or witches can effectively counter a sneak attack by magic. As if the attacks weren't enough, there have also been disappearances. Some say that it is kidnapping, others say it is just leaving without warning. Still others think that it's simply codswallop. They're wrong.

Nobody knows that, though.

Within the last month, there has been mass havoc. Death Eater attacks have gone up. People are becoming less and less cooperative with the ministry. Political unrest is becoming more common. And, worst of all, Harry Potter has recently disappeared on a trip to the Weasley residence. The remaining Death Eaters, leaderless but not broken, are seeing this as a window of opportunity. Muggles have been noticing magic more and more lately, and Muggle relations are disintegrating fast. The Minister of Magic, Rufus Scrimgeour, has been impeached and replaced once again by Cornelius Fudge. How much better Fudge will do, nobody knows.

But in such a troubled world, this means little to the students of Hogwarts school. Life still goes on, and first year witches and wizards are still readying for the start of a whole new realm of knowledge and experience...

Awright, short plot. So sue me. There are some rules that we need to get out first, though:
1. Proper grammar shall be used at all times. NO exceptions.
2. This is the only Harry Potter RP on the forums, I'm afraid, so let's try to keep this noob-free.
3. No flaming. This is a universal rule, and one that I'm willing to go for a ban over.
5. All other general forum rules shall be followed by all RPers.
6. Though cliche it is... HAVE FUN, FELLOW RPERS!
All violators will be towed at owners' expense.

Here's a list of all the teachers for the empty-minded.
Professor McGonagall - Transfiguration (Headmistress)
Professor Hagrid - Care of Magical Creatues (Head of Gryffyndor House)
Professor Flitwick - Charms (Head of Ravenclaw House)
Professor Sprout - Herbology (Head of Hufflepuff House)
Professor Slughorn - Potions (Head of Slytherin House)
Professor Binns - History of Magic
Professor Trelawney - Divination
Professor Firenze - Divination
Professor Lupin - Defense Against the Dark Arts (he has returned for the purposes of this RP)
Professor Hooch - Flying/Quidditch
Professor Vector - Arithmancy
Professor Sinistra - Astronomy


Name: First. Middle(optional). Last. Not that hard.
Gender: Male or Female. I've actually seen people screw this bit up...
Age: (10-11)
Birthday: Day. Month.
Best Subject: Which subject is your forte (your specialty)?
Worst Subject: Which subject do you fail at?
Pet: You may bring one Owl, Cat or Toad to school. (Though if you give a reasonable different choice such as an eagle, because one of the characters in the book and or movie took it,I might accept it.) Which one is it and what is its name, characteristics, etc.
Description: What does your character look like? Assume s/he's in muggle clothes, though robes will be used in all cases throughout this RP except outside the school. One or two paragraphs, paragraphs being at least four sentences long. You may use a picture aid, but you must have written description along with it.
Personality: How does your character act? If someone said "Hi," would he run, chat friendly-like or bite the person in question's head off? What is his/her philosiphy on life? Does s/he have any hobbies? Give basic get-to-know-you things like that. Again, one or two paragraphs, at least 4 sentences to a paragraph.
History: Here's where you put down your character's life story. It doesn't have to be in great detail, seeing as their only about 11, but still answer some background questions. For example, is s/he muggle-born, magical-born, or half-and half, and does your character have any siblings? That sort of stuff. You need a little more than you put for description or personality here, so make it an extra paragraph this time, 'kay?
Other: Anything you didn't mention above goes here. If it's all covered, put N/A for Not Applicable.
House:Go to this quiz,http://www.thealmightyguru.com/reviews/harrypotter/Docs/Quiz-House.html, take it then copy and pase the link of the house your sorted into. BE COMPLETELY HONEST!!!!!!

And here's my sign-up!

Name: Tylor Anthony Swanson

Gender: Male

Birthday: 8th August

Best Subject: Care of Magical Creatues

Worst Subject: History of Magic

Pet: Tylor owns an onyx black owl known as, Nyx, with snow white spots scattered across his feathers, along with three, frosty white stripes across his back. Nyx has a creamy white beak with piercing icy blue eyes. Nyx is an unusually intelligent owl, and he always seems to catch on to the situation rather quickly. When Nyx is outside her golden-colored cage she usually naps on the window sill next to Tylor’s bed. Nyx likes to explore and usually is active all day until finally wiping himself out and going to sleep.

Description: Tylor casually stands at Four feet and Eight inches, a petit and “cute” frame, and has shimmering light-black hair. Tylor has royal-blue eyes and has light color skinned. Tylor is rather skinny, but not too skinny. He has a pleasant air around him that tends to intoxicate and sometimes calm others down.

When Tylor is on school grounds, he usually wears his black school uniform. But when in a muggle vicinity: Tylor wears a plain black shirt with slim jeans, and black sneakers. When it is nearing winter he wears a black sweater with two individual white lines down each sleeve over a gray shirt. He wears onyx-black cargo pants and black sneakers with a black visor bini pointing backwards on his messy head. He needs to wear his black spectacles to properly read. ttp://img434.imageshack.us/img434/2125/hpchrom6hc.png

Personality: Pretty Retro style, careless nature. Taylor’s personality varies.

Tylor tends to be very nonchalant about things most of the time. He’s by no means easily intimidated, and doesn’t have an exceptionally short temper. In fact, it’s difficult to make him get angry at all through conventional means. Of course, when someone he cares about is harmed, he does get very angry at the one who did it to them and will fight to the death to prevent it from happening again.

As you might assume from the above statement, Tylor also has a strong sense of justice. However, he firmly believes that right and wrong are just concepts, and that it’s what you do and what you believe in that matters in the end. He personally thinks that the lives of others take priority over his own, though he’s by no means incredibly selfless. However, he will gladly risk his life so that someone else can keep theirs without so much as a second’s hesitation.

Tylor lacks patience, and prefers continuous action to repetitive and monotonous situations. He may even look for trouble for the sake of entertainment.

Tylor loves sugar, and all kinds of candy. He rather favors chocolate frogs over other candies. He does not take into mind blood types, and doesn’t care for them. He treats people equally, no matter what blood line they originate from.

History: Tylor comes from a fairly average wizarding family. His father is employed at the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, more specifically the Improper use of Magic office. His mother is unemployed. Tylor, now entering his first year, has a younger sister who will be entering Hogwarts in roughly around three years. She is eight years old.

Tylor had always particularly fond of owls as a young child, seeing as owls were always wandering about the backyard and what not. Tylor goes out to his backyard to play and sometimes feed the owls as they pass by and perch on the tree branches. Tylor has inherited a Silver Arrow from his father, but is in hopes to one day purchase his very own, Firebolt.

Tylor’s family lives in London in a two-story house. The house is rather old and has a quaint feel to it. Their family generally uses the Underground to travel throughout the country and traditionally the kids come home for Christmas. That rule may become broken; however, seeing as Hogwarts is currently a safer residence for the students. Tylor’s father and grandfather were Hufflepuffs, and his mother and grandmother were Ravenclaws.

Other: N/A


Phew! That's finally done. Now, I don't need any praise for taking my time to make you guys a Harry Potter RP at last(jk). Just sign up and have fun. We need a whole year of new students, so I'm aiming for AT LEAST 15 people. The second, third, fourth, ect. Years will be NPCs

July 12th, 2007, 2:01 PM
Name: Axle Steel

Gender: Male

Age: 11

Birthday: June 11

Best Subject: Defence against the dark arts

Worst Subject: Herbology

Pet: Axle owns a great horned owl named Tyrath. Basically it is Brown with its horns black. Tyrath is an owl which is always full of itself. Usualy getting into fights with other owls and animals. But of course it does have a competitive streak and does manage to get deliveries done in record time.

Description: Axle is a slim pre-teen at 4"5 and weighing in at 100 LBS. Axle has black hair shaped into a mullet.
Axle has a slim face with no apparent facial blemishes and has blue eyes. Axle doesn't care very much for clothes but he wears a dark green zippered hoody. He wears dark blue jeans with a belt and a silver buckle. His shoes consist of white sneakers. Underneath his hoody Axle wears a white t-shirt which reads "Temple roxx" which he made in a graphing shop once. Underneath the t-shirt he wears a white tanktop which is lined. Axle also has a surfer styled shark-tooth necklace which he places over everything.

However this is just his muggle clothes. His wizard clothes are regular robes.

Axle doesn't like to watch his weight knowing that he can just work it all off later but doesn't like to bing eat either. Knowing that he could get a stomach ache

Personality: Axle is more or less the every man. He is friendly and is always trying to stop conflict. But Axle is complected. He is smart and uses logic or quotes many famous or well known people. However Axle is always wanting to make friends with the strangest of people. Usually it happens.

Axle however feels guilt over the slightest of choices. He feels guilty over spending to much money or spending not enough. When he hears someone beg he cannot feel any emotion other then pity and help fullness. But this usually lets people take advantage of him in any way possible.

Axle does enjoy sweets occasionally but he stays away from high quantity's of sugar because of bad experiences.

Axles personalities with other people are a different story. He usually gets bet to do things such as jump off small buildings or run into traffic by other kids. But this usually is all for naught since Axle does every single dare he gets. By this reputation he is brave in the hearts of other kids.

History: Unknowingly Axle is more or less a muggle born character. He has muggle born parents and gets along fine with other kids his age. From his birth to his 11nth birthday he has never known what wizards were. But on his 11nth birthday he finally found out. He found out that he was accepted into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and almost exploded with questions. Since his parents were muggles they didn't know of the things that were happening in the castle so they let him go.

After finding out more about it. Axle persuaded his parents to let him go to Diagon alley by himself. Since he was very trusted with his parents and he did go to london alone many times he was allowed. With the help of local wizards he finally made it to the strange alley. But still brave as he was he still managed to retrieve school supplies and one more local wizard who unknowingly before was a family friend gave him some spare change in order to buy an owl.

After he bought his school supplies Axle read more into his books for more information about where he was going to school to. After reading more about the dark arts he read about Wizard Dueling and he thought about how it would be like to duel another wizard.

Other: Nothing comes to mind

Also I am wondering. How will we choose what hogwarts houses we get sorted into? Since there are lots of problems with what houses we get into since they only have one requirement and we have many different traits in our personalities

Oh and I doubt that there are 15 active roleplayers on this forum. So I think you are going to have to wait a while for people to join your roleplay until you get 15

July 12th, 2007, 4:51 PM
Nice Sign-up! Good character, and history. Accepted
To answer your question abou the sorting,I will depend it upon your personality, history, and maybe some other things. I'm in the process of determining how I will exactly determine it.
And abou the fifteen sign-ups. Fifteen does sound like too much, how bout 8?

July 12th, 2007, 5:00 PM
Nice Sign-up! Good character, and history. Accepted
To answer your question abou the sorting,I will depend it upon your personality, history, and maybe some other things. I'm in the process of determining how I will exactly determine it.
And abou the fifteen sign-ups. Fifteen does sound like too much, how bout 8?

Well Okay then. We could always just do it the old fasioned way just like in a few HP roleplays I have joined. Either post a house or take a quiz like this one http://www.thealmightyguru.com/reviews/harrypotter/docs/quiz-house.html

Anyway 8 sounds okay. You could always do a smaller number and either

Create a TON of NPCS

Or just let people join at any time once the roleplay has started

Oh and by the way I have a question. Where does the roleplay start. IE: On the hogwarts express, Kings cross, the feast etc

July 12th, 2007, 5:25 PM
That quiz is a good idea, but how do we know if they are lying about it? What if they get Hufflepuff but wanna be in Ravenclaw and they tell us they got Ravenclaw when they got Hufflepuff?

Actually that sounds reasonable, how bout five. And as more sign-ups come we casually meet them in class or the common room or something like that.

The rp starts at your home, in the morning. ABout one hour before the letter arrives to go to Hogwarts. I will post the time, and the rest of you post along with the time that seems suitabl until we reach the hour when the letter arrives.

July 12th, 2007, 6:18 PM
Okay then. 5 is a good idea. Anyway I solved the quiz problem. You can always post your results page for your character. (Like mine is here http://www.thealmightyguru.com/reviews/harrypotter/docs/Quiz-House-Results.html?12&12&12&8) That way you can tell if people are faking.

July 12th, 2007, 6:23 PM
Like this?
Alright, I guess that'll work. I'll edit the sign-up sheet.

Hero of Time Link³
July 27th, 2007, 6:31 PM
Name: Lucas "Nicholas" Prince
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Birthday: 23rd July
Best Subject: Defence Against Dark Arts
Worst Subject: Divination

Pet: Lucas owns a Eurasian Eagle Owl called Link who usually is in a good mood but doesn't like the idea of other birds
delivering mail and usually gets in fights with them. He has black and white feathers covering his body, a black beak and yellow eyes. It usually eats mice and dead rat. It is good at delivering mail and almost finds the person everytime even if there isn't a address.

Description: Lucas has jet black hair with blue and orange highlights running through it and wears dark blue jeans and a black hoodie. He is quite a slim pre-teen and about 4"9 and weighs roughly 95lbs.

He has dark brown eyes and is very social. He has a Dark Red T-Shirt reading "Defence Against Dark Arts". His shoes are mainly white sneakers and black sneakers with red stripes. He also wears a necklace with a dragon tooth on it and he never takes it off as his dad wore it and died in a battle against 5 death eaters.

Personality: Lucas is a very social person and will befriend anyone needing it but he has a hatred for Death Eaters and Slytherins. He stops any fights he can but has a short temper for Slytherins. He can make many friends but he likes the strangest people like ones who believe in non-existent things.

He doesn't spend much money for many reasons and he hates sweets that are high in sugar.

He can be tempted to do some weird things but not very often.
He will help someone who asks for it but if they steal to do it he will tell the police. His hobby is to read long fiction books and collect chocolate frog cards.

History: He is a half blood because his dad is a Pure-Blood and his mom is a Muggle-Born. His parents let him go to Hogwarts because they went there too. He went to Diagon Alley alone and got trapped by a Death Eater who was about to use the Imperius curse on him but then a Auror showed up and saved him, he has wanted to be a Auror ever since.

He reads books about Aurors and duelling and ocasionally Defence Against Dark Arts.

His visit to Diagon Alley got him a owl and a wand made of ebony wood,phoenix feather and a dragon scale.

Other: N/A
House: Ravenclaw

Comic Tragedy
August 18th, 2007, 6:20 PM
Name: "Regg" (Regulas) Samsee
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Birthday: 15th of January
Best Subject: Transfiguration
Worst Subject: Potions

Pet: Regg has a male Hungarian Long Eared Owl named Sarge.Not only is the Hungarian Bird, one of the least common species of bird, but is also the most obedient, and well mannered bird you will ever see. When standing on it's perch inside its cage, It proudly raises it neck for anyone in the room, constantly checking its feathers for ruffled feathers to smooth.

Description: Regg's apearance resembles a lazy/slopy, yet intelligent person. He is also quite husky, and strong looking for his age.

His muggle clothing consits of a thin long - sleave shirt that is slightly tethered at the end. Covering that, is a poofy "hoodie"
that is obviously a few sizes to large for him. For pants he often wears blue jeans, or sagging cargo pants.

His wizarding robes are just ravenclaw's house robes.

Regg's face often wears a large smile revealing small dimples on each side of his face, which resembles his freindly demeanor. He has a full head of hair, wich he does not style in any way at all, but usually holds up from his face with a thick headband.

Personality: Regg is an extremely freindly person that is close to selfless, some people don't understand why he wasn't placed in
the Gryffindor house. The reason for this is his amazing knowlage
and will to learn, everything there is to learn, ....... except in potions.

Regg is not necessarily a courageous person, because he likes to be very sure of himself before he gets himself into something. Then again, Regg is usually very sure of himself, and when he starts a task, he intends to finish it.

History: Regg comes from a old pureblood family, that was slowly forgotten for their terrible mistakes, and incidents. Because of his family's misfortune they are very poor, and that forces Regg to work with his older brother and father. His family's failure and loss, is what pushes Regg to be as smart as he can be so he can help his family.

As long as he could remember Regg wanted to join his brother, and other students in hogwarts, and the wizarding world.

Other: N/A
House: Ravenclaw