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July 17th, 2007, 4:50 AM
God created the planets, universe and all beings that inhabit them.
He then moved onto a planet called Earth.
He crafted the world with his mighty powers until everything was to his liking.
After creating a massive world with vast oceans, landscapes and an infinite universe, God instituted human beings to keep his creation in order. Upon realization that man was mortally flawed with weaknesses and feelings, he created a mysterious force known as the Seru; these stone objects would aid humans in decisions and day to day functions. Worn as an apparel item, they granted the wearer many strengths and abilities ranging from the movement of heavy objects to flying capabilities. Thus, human life was made easier -- the Seru would forever obey their masters.

And then the Mist arrived.

Filled with destructive means and hatred, the Mist covered the human's cultivated lands and destroyed a seemingly eternal bond with the Seru. Instead of loyally helping their masters, the mysterious stones turned against the humans; they became maniacal tools of evil, controlling minds and ruining innocent lives. The human existence was reduced tremendously with few survivors fleeing to uncharted territories. Perhaps the Mist wouldn't find them wherever they ran.

With a dying passion of revenge and to reclaim what was rightfully theirs, the humans are determined to overcome the powerful force and evil Seru.

You play an average character growing up in a certain village. You are just an ordinary everyday person until one night, a birrage of Seru invade your village led by the evil ruler Zeto. You have been training with your master in the village for some time, but you never thought you would have to ward off evil Seru. Your master tries to defeat Zeto, but is defeated effortlessly.
The death of your master puts you over the edge and you begin to fight the Seru, failing at it horribly because of your lack of training.
Finally you resort to praying at the Genesis Tree which is in the center of the village, finding to your suprise that the Genesis Tree grants you with the awesome might of a Ra-Seru. Ra-Seru are Seru that are determined to rid the world from the mist, latching onto worthy humans to give them the power to stop the war. And it has chosen you.
Your Ra-Seru instructs you to have everyone in the village prey to the Genesis Tree and rid the village of the Mist and evil Seru.

After a long night of Seru filled horror, you wake up in your home, fixed on getting out into Drake Kingdom to delete the Mist from the world and do whatever it takes to do so. Later that day you set out with a new Hunter's outfit, a dagger and a few Healing Leaves having a goal not to come back until the war is over.

The Infamous Character Layout:

Name:[make it something interesting.. not just luke or something]
Age: [seventeen or older]
Male? Female?
Your past: [VERY detailed; no less than 2 paragraphs]
Appearence: [same criteria as listed above]
Village Name: [i dont care what it is, just make it old sounding EX: Rim Elm]
Ra-Seru Name: [again, interesting]
Element: [choose from: fire, lightning, wind, dark, light, earth and water]
Arts List: [see Note1, no more than 4 to start]

Note1: Another thing i should mention about this. Arts are basically combinations of moves and attacks put together to make a semi-ultimate attack.
They can basically be anything.. I really dont care.. just don't overplay it.
Name examples are things like: pyro pummel, lizard tail, swan dive, electro gash, tornado flame, ETC.

Now it's only fair if I put my character in first, so here we go.

Name: Vahn Isigesh
Age: 19
Past: Vahn grew up in the village south of drake castle and the biron minosary, called Rim Elm. He was raised with his dad and his sister Nene. Ever since he was 6, he hasn't remembered his mom, and doesnt know why. He was raised a true fighter by his trainer Gaza and he had always wanted to help cure the Mist problem.
His chance came when the Mist and Seru invaded his village. Throughout the night he fought and fought, but was forced to resort to using the Genesis tree to help him. The Genesis Tree put upon him the Ra-Seru, Meta. Meta is a fire elemental Ra-Seru who is bent on helping Vahn with his dream. The next day, Vahn set out to meet other friends to help destroy the Mist.
Appearence: Vahn stands about six feet tall give or take 4 inches, giving his dark stature an even more chilling effect. His hair is a deep black with a blue-ish tone to it, his eyes icy blue. He normally wears a vest over a workout shirt and hunting jeans. At all times he carries a small dagger carved from limestone his father made for him. He doesnt use it, just keeps it as a momento.
The real weapon he carries on his back. An extremly wide and long broadsword that utilizes his Ra-Seru's power to add to its own. The sword has its own elemental attribute adding direct fire damage to the foe with a singing flame engulfing the blade.
Vilage Name: Rim Elm
Ra Seru : Meta
Element : Flame
Arts : Toxic Flame Drive, Blazing Punch, Berserk Burner, Tornado Flame.

I will give 6 spots out on a first come first serve basis. Reserves will not be held, so if you want to sign up you need to have the info on hand. If i do not see that your info is filled out enough, depending on the content i will reject you or ask you to add more to your sign up.

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