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July 20th, 2007, 10:16 AM
I have had a deck idea in my head for a long time. Brock's Golbat/Fossil Gengar. Together they create one heck of a combo. Brock's Golbat does 10 damage to each of your opponent's Pokemon, and Gengar does 10 damage (plus 30 to the active) AND has the ability to move damage around to Pokemon to Pokemon. Together this creates a headache and a battlefield worthy of knocking out multiple pokemon early in the game. I have Narrow Gyms in here as well to corner your opponents bench for a quicker game as well. Brock's Protection allows for your opponent unable to remove DCE from Golbat as well.

Brock's Bench Destruction

4 Gastly (Fossil)
3 Haunter (Fossil)
3 Gengar (Fossil)
3 Brock's Zubat
3 Brock's Golbat
2 Scyther
1 Erika's Jigglypuff (FTK)
1 Igglybuff (Dark Vileplume, Slowking)

10 Psychic
4 Double Colorless Energy
2 Recycle Energy

3 Bill
3 Professor Oak
3 Computer Search
3 Energy Removal
2 Plus Power
2 Item Finder
2 Brock's Protection
2 Brock's Training Method
2 Narrow Gym
1 Focus Band
1 Super Energy Removal

Quick, fun deck. Any ideas, comments, or suggestions?

July 20th, 2007, 12:31 PM
In theory it's a good idea, but again its another deck where newer cards simply out do it. I played with Fossil Gengar for years, until I realised its not such a good card after all.

It has a shamefully low HP. There are many Stage 1s that have more HP than Gengar. Although Haunter is a good staller, once Gengar is out, it can be expected to have a few damage counters on it. A 4-3-3 line is somewhat outdated when a 3-1-3 or 3-2-3 can be more effective and faster by manipulating Pokemon Breeder or Rare Candy.
Eitherway, when playing a good deck, you can start to consider the potential of this card. Dark Mind does a total of 30 + 10 per turn. 80% of the time it took me over 3 turns to be able to KO another big Pokemon if it didnt already KO Gengar. 30 damage a turn to an active from a Stage 2 is very very bad (and can be easily negated by resitance). Curse and the 10 damage to a bench seems to make Gengar appear better than it actually is. [P][P][P] is highly prone to ER.

Brocks Golbat is also a bit iffy. There are lots of cards that have a better version of this attack, eg. Prinplup does the same thing for [W] as well as being able to evolve and having other better stats. Erikas Jigglypuff also has become an easy prize agianst F types like Tyrouge and kind of works against the strategy by doing less damage when there is damage counters. Igglybuff on the other hand is all good, as would other baby Pokemon Cleffa.

Trainers also need a bit of a shake up but thats up to you and personal preference ^^

July 21st, 2007, 9:50 PM
I appreciate your help. Which newer set(s) do you recommend? I got a Legend Maker pre-constructed deck that had Gengar on the front sticking his tongue out. It was fun, and I liked the React Energies.