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July 24th, 2007, 9:13 AM
Whew. I don't remember the last time I posted some sprites here. Somewhat scared of getting shot down. Anyways, I may or may not update with more sprites.

Babuga (Buh-boo-guh), complete scratch. Ice/Water starter for my RP forum.

Icuga (Is-oo-guh), also a complete scratch. Evolution of Babuga.

A trainer for the RP forum I'm a mod at. I need help fixing the hair. Tips, I don't need someone else to edit it. Please.

Another trainer for the forum. hair is better, still bothers me though.

Some fusions, not meant to be real serious, just a couple two second edits I did.

July 24th, 2007, 10:00 AM
These arer actually pretty good. The "Babuga" and "Icuga" need a little bit of darker shading. Maybe add a little blue in it (besides the eyes).

The first Trainer looks like his shirt and jeans are one piece, lol. Try a different color on that shirt. The hair, if you want it emo looking, the only thing you need to do is to make it black. Otherwise, try to add a little bit of hair over the shoulder on the side or something (I'm not that well with hair btw).

The other trainer's hair bothers you because you dont see it on the left side of the trainer. Add a little more hair there and it should look all right.

I like the Cyndi-whatever sprites... I see you did at least 3 different fusions to see what one to use as the actual Fusion. With the first and second one, inside the ear is a little bright. Where the orange is in it, use the darker shade of tan that's already on cyndaquil.

Great job!

July 24th, 2007, 10:19 AM
For one, the first trainer is a she.
And why would I want to make her emo? It's completely unrelated.
I'm happy with the lack of blue. The third evo will most likely have blue.
It's how I like my sprites, that shading, but yes, I guess I must change it to make it look 'official'.
The ear shading is supposed to be like fire. You know, fire is bright?

Thanks, anyways.

July 29th, 2007, 7:22 PM
O_O OMG! soorryy!! I did not know that!
Um, well, still, try adding alittle bit of hair over the shoulder.