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Secrets of the Darkness: Chapter 1- Major Arcana

Rated: PG-15

mild blood and gore, swearing, and violence

It is said, that in the world lies a fabled book that tells thy reader of the darkest secrets in mankind.
This book is thought to be but a myth or an old legend, but what we don't know is going to be our downfall, our Apocalypse.

It's the modern and carefree year of 2004, A cold February day in Johto, Blackthorn city to be exact. We see a group of teenage boys walking about near the icy caves, “ Hey Dillon, I dare you to go into the closed off cavern” A boy in a red shirt says to a another boy in a polo pointing to a small cave with boards closing it off. “ Can't, it's closed off” Dillon frowns pointing at the boards blockading the dark cavern. The red shirted boy smirks and with swift agility kicks the rotting boards down with a thud into the snow on the ground. Dillon smiles nervously and moves into the cavern watching his step as he goes in.

Dillon starts to see a light up ahead and starts to go faster, as if he is driven by the light. He starts to feel like he never has, the feeling is like... like... An intense sensation of happiness and power. Dillon is now going even faster not even caring he is being scratched up from the sharp ceiling and walls, he just wants the light. Thats all that matters! Just get the light! He thinks to himself. And then he finally reaches it, and he can't see what is shedding this incredible malevolent array of light. Dillon looks down on the ground to see some moldy, ratty piece of paper, No not paper, papyrus! How old is this? He thinks to himself trying to read the sodden paper.

Hemos sellado el tomo de diablos, lo sellamos en la pared northen de este cuarto de cavernas. Una ortografía antigua y la cerradura se han asegurado que el libro se quedará no leído. Tuvimos que sellarlo aquí para el Libro de Sombras no se quemaría, esto es el mal se había extendido como Plauge y ahora es terminado.
Deje a Dios tener misericordia de nuestros desgraciados después de tal Armagedón,
Firmado, Marcus, Trinidad, Leon y Se elevó

“ It's in Spanish?” Dillon wondered to himself as he looked around the room for more to add to the paper he had found and then he saw the source of the majestic light and as if he were under a spell he shuffled slowly to the wall where the light was coming from, a wall. Dillon saw the crack where the light came out and felt compelled to smash it, he picked up a large rock and proceeded to smash it, he picked up a large rock and proceeded to smash it up against the wall. When the wall had been broken up effectively he moved on to grabbing the blood soaked cloth covered package. He cradled the package in his arms as if he were holding a baby and started to run out of the cavern to the outside.

Dillon started to feel the power consume him as he slowed down and fell on his knees, he started to breathe heavily and smile manically. “ It's mine... all mine” He muttered to himself holding the bloody package to his chest, he started to unravel the cloth feeling better and better until the cloth was gone and a black book was left in it's place. Dillon tried to open the book only to be shocked, “ what in the hell?” Dillon yelled angrily. He noticed the white lock on the book and scowled, and then a thought randomly came to him Blood acts as the key. Dillon smiled as he pulled out a small hunting knife from his pocket and started to slash at his arms, blood started to fall out of the wound and fall out on to the book. With every drop of blood the lock started to dissolve slowly, the lock fully dissolved and Dillon picked up the book quickly ignoring the wounds on his arm. More light poured out of the book as it opened, Dillon flipped a few pages until he came across a page with the words Capítulo un the top with the words Arcana Principal below it, Dillon sighed and started to touch the words. The word started to turn into English, it now read; Chapter one: Major Arcana.

Dillon smiled and started to read... and read... and read.

two hours later

Dillon walked out of the cavern to see his friends looking bored, Dillon smiled as the red shirt from the beginning came up to him. “ Where the hell you been?!” The red shirt yelled shaking Dillon. Dillon kept his smile and swiftly threw his arm through the red shirts chest going out his back. “ Oh nowhere..” Dillon mumbled retracting his now blood drenched arm from his old friends chest, the red shirt gasped and fell to the ground the snow starting to turn red as he died horribly. Dillon turned to his other friends and pulled out a majestic sword, he ran at a Mach speed cutting through his friends like butter and leaving them in pieces. Dillon ran off.

It's been three years since that day and Dillon has managed to enslave the earth from his newly created castle, He has summoned the Major Arcana and become ruler of all humanity, But there are some people hoping to rebel, hoping to destroy the Major Arcana and Dillon, And I'm one of them.
But it's also said that if the Major Arcana and it's summoner are destroyed that the world will go back to just as it was before and all memories of the incident will belong to the hero's that sealed the evil. This is said in the book of light which is in the possession of the Rebellion, you are recruits of this elite force or a warrior of the Major Arcana, The choice is yours.

Summary: There is a Book Of Shadows that tells of the worst Dark Arts, After a boy finds it with the help of his friends dares he becomes possessed from the evil known as The Major Arcana, a chapter of evil inside the book. He then summons the Major Arcana Demons to be by his side as he rules the world. You must now either Help him or Kill him, the decision will either destroy the world or save it.


1.Please, no sexual stuff... kissing and hugging is fine... but no sexual things.
2.Don't power play
3. Your not invincible.
4.If you make your character have a special ability.. don't overdue it.
5.No teleporting, it means if your in one city and then suddenly in the next.
6.Pokemon are only used for there special ability's and for capturing other Pokemon, doesn't hurt the Major Arcana.
7.Have fun.


El Gigante


muerta resucitada




El Sierra


Character sign-up sheet:

Name: ( Nothing from anime or manga... be original)
Sex: ( Can't really go wrong here...)
Age: ( 14 and up please)
Description: ( nice detailed 3-5 sentences)
Personality: (same)
History: Optional
Pokemon: (only start out with three, No legendaries unless I say so)
Weapons: ( You can start out with two, Ex; Shotgun, Combat knife.. Ect;and I'll let you have a powerful weapon as a last resort weapon.)
RP Sample:
Member Of the Major Arcana

Name: ( Nothing from anime or manga... be original and remember your not one of the Major Arcana it self, just a guard or an overlord of a town.)
Sex: ( Can't really go wrong here...)
Age: ( 14 and up please)
Description: ( nice detailed 3-5 sentences)
Personality: (same)
History: Optional
Weapons: ( Your Weapons are usually melee weapons, but can be guns. and I'll let you have a powerful weapon as a last resort weapon.)
RP Sample:
Pretty much it...

Pallet Town: The Fool: Yuri
Viridian City: The Magician: Gary
Pewter City: The High Preistess: Brock
Cerilian City: The Empress: Vessel- Misty
Vermillion City: The Emperor: Vessel- Lutinent Sarge
Saffron City: The Hierophant: Vessel: Sabrina
Celadon City: The lovers: Vessel- Erika and Allen
Lavender town: The Chairot: Vessel- Mr. Fuji
Fushia City: Justice: Vessel: Koga
Cinnabar island: The Hermit: Vessel: Blaine
Olivine City: Wheel Of Fate: Vessel: Captain Steel
Ecruteak City: Strength: Vessel: Morty
Goldenrod City: Hanging man: Vessel Whinry
Cianwood Island: Death: Vessel: Toren
Mahogany Town: Temperance: Vessel: Jill
Blackthorn City: The Devil: Vessel: James
Battle Tower: The Tower: Vessel: Giovanni
Newbark Town: The Star: Vessel: Trisha
Cherrygrove City: The Moon: Vessel: Blue
Violet City: The Sun: Vessel: Red
Azaela City: Judgement: Vessel: Joshua
Ice Path: The World: Vessel: Violet
BlackThorn City: Dillon

Finnal Notes: Everyone who isn't a rebel is called a "Cultist" and will attack rebels. The vessel is the human that the Arcana Demon possesed to sheild themselves and when battling they will show themselfs. If you quit or are kicked out which is rare for me to do to someone, Your character will be killed off or something.

Name: AJ Kinova
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Description: AJ is a medium sized Hispanic teen, He's about Five Foot four and weighs around 130 something pounds. His eye's are a Cloudy blue and his teeth are nice and pearly, He is wearing an earing in his left ear and has a tattoo of the cross on his forehead. He wears Black leather pants and a black shirt with a white cross and the words 'Judgment Day' he wears black boots with iron soles. He wears a white trench coat with another cross on it, this times black. His hair is grayish white and styled in a ponytail. He wears a tactical vest when battling which has a holster for his handgun, sheath for his blade and a strap for his shotgun, there is even a belt used to hold variety's of grenades, Flash, fragmentation, incinderary Ect;

Personality: AJ has a fixed personality, he is serious and strict in battle but will also have a sense of humor to lighten up all the tense moments. Averagely he is a layed back calm kinda of guy, real outgoing. Even if you get on his nerves he will be willing to help you but if you really Piss him off your going to regret it, big time. So overall he's a layed back humorous yet strict and serious kind of guy.

History: AJ has had a pretty rough past with the whole 'Parents were in an accident' thing, he knows that the Major Arcana killed them and that Dillon had been responible for so many of his freinds deaths. He had known Dillon before he was so powerful and hadn't liked him to much then. When AJ turned sixteen he started 'la rebelión' which translates to " The Rebellion". He has recruited a few people and started to plot, AJ has had a past of taking courses in technoligy, he now knows a alot to making weapons and modding guns. His latest projects are the Striker Shotgun and is now developing his special " Desert Eagle 50. Magnum".

Pokemon: Mudkip Male, Rurio Male, Espeon Female.

Weapons: Wakishibi: Short Katana.
Beretta PX4 Storm Handgun: 40., holds 17 rounds and comes with a laser pointer on the bottom of the barrel. http://world.guns.ru/handguns/hg149-e.htm
Modded Striker Shotgun W'SMG Attachment: Holds 12 shotgun rounds, The SMG attachment holds 32 rounds and with proper tools the Micro
Uzi can be detached and put with something else like A Chainsaw Baynette. http://world.guns.ru/shotgun/SH09-E.HTM

Other: AJ has a slight Psychic ability he doesn't know about and has an Isolophobia- Fear of solitude, being alone. which mixes in with his, Achluophobia- Fear of darkness.
RP Sample:

AJ looked around the large room, it was pretty empty to tell you and that didn't bring comfort to AJ's mind considering they would need all the world had to offer them to win this war. He sighed and decided to go check the armory and make sure everything was running smoothly, " Hello AJ! Finished the Desert Eagle Project yet?" Asked a tall man in an oil stained shirt, his face was real rugid with facial hair and more grease. " Not going so well, the parts are hard to come by and when I get them it's a little hard to know the anatomy of the gun without completly taking it apart so I might be winging it for a while." AJ replied trying to act calm but it came out a bit frustated.

" That's to bad, with that kinda firepower... We could blow a Major Arcana demon to peices." The tall man said to AJ.
" Yeah, starting with the one located here in Pallet. The Fool." AJ said with a scowl plastered to his face.
" Don't worry 'bout it really, We completed the map of the Major Arcana Overlords." The tall man said smiling broadly and gesturing AJ over to a table. " Oh really now..." AJ muttered sitting down next to Barry. " Yep, The fool is here in Pallet, The Magician is in Viridian..." Barry started pointing at the map. " Yeah..yeah... Let me stop you right there. Your Forgetting that Dillon's been creating extra warriors, not as strong as the Major Arcana, but still mighty powerful compared to a regular human.

Name: Misty Valentine
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Description: Her tall and model like figure has everyone drooling most of the time, Misty has a nice 5'7 figure, she's a hispanic girl like AJ and has some of these features. Her skin is a tanning tone and her eye's are a catlike emerald, her teeth are in place nicly and she usually wears a pink lipstick over his lips. She wears saphire earings and a opal bracelet, her hair is a velvet black that is styled in a long ponytail. She wears stylish Combat boots with hard iron bottoms and a hard leather top, She wears a bright pink shirt on with the words " Kick Ass!" on it and a sleevless red vest with flames on where the sleeves were cut off and on the back are the words " Valentine". She had long tight black leather pants on and when on a misson will have a holster on her leg for her revolver and strap on her vest for her Thompsan not to mention having a bag filled with the disassembled parts of her Sniper Rifle.

Personality: Misty is sassy and sarcastic, bossy and must have it her way. She will usually think of herself as the leader of the resistance and is always leader of the team she is on in a mission. For what it's worth she can be pretty helpful though, considering she is a know it all and that helps out alot, not to mention she can intiminade alot of people. Misty is very artistic though and never passes up the opertunity to paint a portrait of a teammate.

History: Misty and AJ have been freinds for as long as they can remember and they have always really been hiding her feelings for him. Her parents were captured in the first years of the apocalypse and turned into early expirements.
Pokemon: All Lost in one of the bigger rebellion wars two years ago.

1928 Thompsan A1, Capacity of 40 and uses .45 ACP rounds, http://world.guns.ru/smg/smg29-e.htm
Colt Trooper, .357 Magnum. Capacity of 6 rounds. http://world.guns.ru/handguns/hg83-e.htm

Last Resort Weapon: Barrett XM500 Sniper Rifle, .50 BMG rounds, Capacity of 10. http://world.guns.ru/sniper/sn73-e.htm
Other: Misty has a photographic Memory
Alignment: Rebellion
Position: Elite Member

Name: James Kinova
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Description: Being AJ's Twin Brother he isn't very diffrent, he has a solid height of 5,6 and a steady weight of 150 lbs. His Hair is a darker white then AJ's and his eyes are now a feirce crimson since being tampered with from Dillon. His hair just flows, no real organzation to it. James's complexion is hispanic, He wears Black fully steel boots with retractable spikes on the bottom of the soles. He has a pendagram tattooed on his forehead for he is the vessel that is possesed by "The Devil", An Arcana Demon, This is how " The Devil" Gets around through sunlight. James wears a black trenchcoat with Bullet proof clothes underneath, He has a sheath for his sword and a holster for his shotgun.

Personality: James is dark, very dark. He likes to torture people as much as he can and he is very cruel. He feels like he must control everything, kinda power hungry and being Dillons right hand man gives him the ego to match his power. Being so immoral he doesn't know right from wrong and enjoys to watch people suffer, he gets excited from the sight of blood, misery and death, He likes to kill people slowly and horribly. He is a bad person, not a shred of light.

History: After being shunned from soceity for doing thing totally immoral like dissecting live creatures and other things he became dark and when the Arcana came he became high in the ranks of darkness.

Weapons: Benelli Nova Tatics Shotgun, 12 gauge, Modded to hold 12 rounds. http://world.guns.ru/shotgun/sh21-e.htm

Golden Katana, Aproximently 2 foot 3 inches long.

Last Resort- Sythe, Aw yes, the sythe. A great weapon of darkness. With this he can decapitate with ease, Now cant he?

Other: His expirmentation made him have the strength, Dexterity, agillity and speed of five men, Very powerul indeed.
Allignment: Arcana
Position: Dillons Right Hand man.

Name: Barry Foreman
Sex: Male
Age: 29
Description: Barry is a very tall and rugid man, Being about 6,5 and weighing in at an incredible 275 lbs of muscle, this makes him a very powerful man. His face is rugid with untrimmed whiskers, He is cacassiun and has brown eyes. His hair is brown but thinned out somewhat, He is very muscualar due to working out frequently. Barry wears steel rimmed boots, He has black leather pants which are partially bullet proof and a heavy bullet proof jacket going over black leather Jacket. Barry being an engineer usually will have lots of grease on his clothes and skin, doesn't smell to pretty either. He has a special helmet to use when using the Chaingun to avoid shellings hurting his face, He has black leather gloves to go with it.

Personality: Barry is a laid back guy, real smooth talker and all around conversationist. Being very social helps him figure out information for the rebellion, Barry can be serious in battle to the extreme though, He fights with a vengence if one of his teammates are injured. So Barry is pretty much average guy, nothing big.

History: Not much is known About Barry, he was one of the First recruits to join the rebellion.
Pokemon: None.
Combat Knife, .50 Desert Eagle AE

Last Resort: Grenade Launcher- http://www.the-junkyard.net/images/w...delauncher.jpg Holds 6 at a time. Or depending on the Mission Could be The ChainGun, http://doom3.planet-multiplayer.de/i...t/chaingun.jpg Holds... Alot!
Other: Barry is the only one on the team so far able to Carry and fire the Chaingun.
Allignment: Rebellion
Position: Engineer

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Um , yo Fallen (can I call you that?) what if we joined the last time this was up before it died , do we still have to sign up?

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Yeah, Put it up for everyone to view

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Yeah, Put it up for everyone to view

K I'll copy my old one and post here

Name: Jason Cai
Sex: male

Age: 17

Description: He is a Japanese kid who wears a black vest with no shirt under. He is a 5'9'' and weighs 110 lbs. He also wears a bright red headband and black and red and black sneakers. Has violet eyes and red hair making him a mysterious looking kid. He also has markings on his arms in the shape of stripes going down his arms.

Personality: He is energetic but very short tempered. He has no parents so he's sensitive when it comes to family matters. He cares about his few friends and anyone who is like him , with no parents and has few friends. Doesn't care about what happens , as long as they are safe.

History: Optional

Pokemon: Glacia male , Lucario female

Weapons: A black customized pistol that he calls 'Windslicer' , because it shoots bullets and when it does and narrowly misses someone they can't breathe because the speed scars the air , and a pulse katana that can shoot out invisible pulse waves that can kill an opponent instantly without electronic stuff. It can be upgraded by blacksmiths but there are few that can upgrade this customized sword. (it's his most powerful weapon.It's a customized katana.)

Other:He has no parents and has had no contact with his family.

RP Sample: Jason looked out the back of the truck he snuck into. He can see mountains passing by the red truck. He looked back at the drivers seat and saw the hooded man , who didn't know he was there. He got out his wire wrapped it around the now surprised man's neck. He tightened and pulled on it until it cut into the man's neck and choked him to death. The truck went out of control and he freed all of the people who were about to become experiments. He got into the driver's seat , pushed man out the door , and gained control over the truck. He stopped the truck and gave out a shout. "Okay! Everyone get out! The rest of those guys will come by any second now! Hurry!" He yelled to the scared but happy people. They got out and went to the mountains for shelter. He at last got out of the truck when the enemy helicopter finally showed up. "Put your hands up or else we'll bring you down by force!" The man shouted through the speaker of the helicopter. Jason then gave out a sigh as he pulled out his windslicer. He shot at the copter's blades and hit. The helicopter then fell to the ground as the people inside jumped out.

"Ah , still wanna play? Be my guest!" Jason said as he was surrounded by men with AK-47s. He drew his katana out as he disappeared. The armed men were confused as one of them cried with a blood gurgling tone. Another lost his hand as Jason re-appeared. "You still wanna mess with me? Come and get me!" He yelled as the armed people shot at him. He dodged every single bullet and shot a pulse wave out of the katana , killing almost half of the people he was fighting.

Remember this is an old sign-up so if there's anything different about the sign-up sheet on this thread then let me know.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
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You are Accepted, Lets wait til we have atleast 5 other people.

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You need at least five other people, I am quite bored, its a match made in heaven.

Name: Kume Casroc

Sex: Male

Age: 16

Description: Kume is 5’9 and 121 lbs. His figure is skinny, but not overly thin, almost average looking. He has a rather wild mane of dirty blond hair, which reaches just to the tips of his eyes, causing him endless frustration, and often causing him to, in an attempt at comfort over style, fashion a rudimentary parting with his unruly fringe. It does not look like it has seen shampoo in a good while, as it is quite greasy and dull. His eyes are a dark turquoise, with hints of yellow showing around the edges. Many people tell him that these are his best feature, and he would not disagree. They can be warm, or chilling, loving one second, intimidating the next. He would not say he was unattractive, but the lack of care in his appearance has left him with a wispy hint of a mustache and off-white teeth. He wears no jewelery, or any accessories, as he believes they are pointless and hindering. He has a tattoo on his left forearm, which reads Plagatus Rex in a scripty text in small letters just above his wrist. He is missing a fingernail on his right pinky, which tends to creep people out, if they notice it.

He dresses the way he looks, uncaring. He usually wears a large khaki jacket over a worn black woolen jumper, and fading, frayed jeans over a pair of well worn brown hiking boots, liberally encrusted with mud from two regions. The jacket is usually zipped to the collar, and he does not like taking it off, leaving it on even if it looks like he would be uncomfortably hot. He keeps it zipped up because if he leaves it flowing behind him, he feels it slows him down somewhat.

Personality: He portrays himself as a friendly, yet reserved person. He likes talking to people, but finds it a little awkward if he does not know them, as he usually has nothing meaningful to say to them, and he is spectacularly bad at making small talk. He isn’t selfish, but he isn’t very selfless either; he will only share if he feels it is necessary or important to do so, preferring to keep his own things private from other peoples influences. Underneath this somewhat approachable and nice exterior, lies a sniveling paranoid mess. He never fully trusts anyone, and hates not being included in conversations. He obsesses about what other people think of him, not on an aesthetic level though, his unkempt appearance is one of the few things he is comfortable with. He has, in the past, been branded as a pyromaniac for his love of staring into flames. He could do it for hours, as he finds their fragile, yet uncontrollably destructive beauty enthralling. Sometimes aspects of this side of him seep through; such as his immense distrust making him seem selfish, when really, he just doesn’t trust the other person with his things, or his love of fire causing him to constantly play with his lighter, sparking it at inappropriate times to relieve boredom. Kume has never really experienced romantic or lustful feelings for anyone, treating women like he would treat anyone else. A factor in this may, of course, be his lack of trust: if he hates it when you borrow his lighter, how is he going to feel if you stole his heart? He does not like violence, but is a formidable foe when defending himself

History: Somewhat boring and ordinary before the Arcana. Born and raised in Cerulean city by his parents, he was a somewhat neglected only child. He displayed a formidable skill with a camera from an early age, and he had wanted to be a Pokemon watcher for as long as he could remember. Like the trainers, he left at the age of ten to explore the region, but unlike the trainers, he had no desire to compete in the league. He spent a lot of the time in the wilderness, and lived for a brief few months in the Kanto Safari Zone, where he was paid on commission to get tourists photos of the Pokemon there.

Pokemon: Houndour, male (‘Mij’) Buizel, female (‘Edot’) Pidgeot, male ('Horne') [note: the Pidgeot is recycled from an old character, sorry for the not-being original]

Weapons: Crossbow and bolts (sometimes he sets fire to the ends, which he wraps in a rag doused in kerosene), and a Sgian Dubh (small ceremonial dagger which is kept in his boots so only the tip of the hilt is visible)

Other: Is a light smoker, and therefore carries a flip top windproof lighter, which he also uses for lighting the crossbow bolts. It is not technically a weapon, as he does not use it directly offensively, it is more a piece of equipment, a luxury item. The same applies to his beloved camera.

RP Sample: [note: Not reeeealy an ‘RP sample, so to speak, it is a sample of my writing, however, and I hope this counts] It is about 1 ½ pages long, so I put it in a spoiler tag. Essentially, it is my first attempt at writing about vampires, but if you need an RP sample, then look through 'Rose Isle Royale' for my posts.

Genea walked briskly through the dark, lonely street. She had no idea what time it was, and she was freezing. It was drizzling lightly, coating her deep red hair in a layer of water, which resembled dew and sparkled delicately in the streetlights as she hurried under their reassuring yellow glow. She splashed a puddle as she jogged through it, the water spattering the jeans which already clung to her thin legs, saturated in water. Her house was close; she could almost feel the heating, almost taste the tea. There was a rustling in an alley to her right, she skidded to a halt and peered down it. Maybe a stray dog, or a wandering cat. A fox even? She thought as she stood, motionless, her eyes trying to adjust to the abject darkness in the alleyway. The streetlight above her head flickered nervously, and a horrible sense of foreboding crept over her. I’ve seen this movie. She thought as she started back off again, only to spin round a second later as she heard whatever it was down the alley cough. Emerging from the darkness was a sickly looking boy. He only looked around fourteen, but he was at least as tall as her, and she was nigh on 5’11. A clump of dripping black hair stuck to his head unevenly; his fringe seemed glued to his forehead, but the back of his hair stuck out in all directions, like morning hair a thousand times over. He was ghostly pale, and unhealthily thin, she could see his cheekbones as his jaw chattered reflexively. He was soaked to the skin, and shivering violently, wearing only a tattered khaki jumper and some frayed and ripped tracksuit bottoms. She ran to him, her maternal instincts taking over

“Oh my god! Are you alright?” she stood in front of him, looking him up and own before staring into his eyes. They were a yellowing blue, a very strange combination that put her rather plain auburn eyes to shame.

“P-p-please. I n… help, help me.” His breathing was laboured, and he was stumbling as he tried to walk towards her, almost falling as he hacked and coughed violently. She rushed out to catch him, grabbing his bony arms and hoisting him to his feet. He smiled weakly at her in thanks, and that was when she saw the fangs. She let go of him, and began to back away from the boy timidly, “I-I need s-somewhere t-t-to sleep, s-some-” he grabbed her arm desperately

“Something to eat?” she spat at him, shrugging his hand from her. He looked up at her, terrified

“No! I don’t…I w-wont… please! I… just need somewhere to sleep, one night. Please, I don’t… I would never touch another person. N-never!” he sounded sincere, and he really looked like he needed rest, but how could she trust him? If she agreed, she was inviting a vampire into her house, it could all be a trick, and she could be dead in the hour. But… he looked so desperate, and his condition did suggest that he had been living off animals, like the infested rats that plagued the city. No matter how desperate he was, however, she could never trust a vampire, not with all the terrible stories she had heard from people. One of her friends worked at ‘Soulbirth’, which was essentially a rehab centre for vampires. Although I was advertised that way, from the things she had heard, it sounded more like an asylum. They were worse than the junkies, although the two groups, the lowest in society, seemed to be slowly morphing together as more and more junkies were fed off, due to their desperate situations, and (often lack of) living conditions, which made them easy pickings for the vampires.

“No way. I am not inviting you into my house. Not a chance.” She had made up her mind then, if he died, it would not be detrimental to society, it may even help. She looked back at him; he was tearing up. Slowly, although it was hard to discern from the rain, they began to roll down his face. He turned away from her, silent as the night he was born from

“I haven’t slept at all in three days” he began, choking back the flow, “ and I have never, ever fed off a human. But nobody ever cares, to them, I’m just another goddam bloodsucker, out to murder them and everyone they love. Its… its almost racist; we didn’t choose to be this way, and now we’re hunted down and killed like we are some kind of parasite on your fair city. I was in school, I had six GCSE’s, my teachers said at that rate, I was a shoe in for University. I wanted to be a Physicist. I had friends, a girlfriend, a family, and then, just like that,” he clicked his fingers, emphasizing his point, “just like that they were gone. I got jumped on my way home from a friend’s house, a really big guy. He just tore my throat out and ran off, leaving me for dead in a backstreet.” he turned back to her, his piercing eyes now full of despair, “Its only one night, I wont touch you or anything living in your home. I will be gone as soon as you ask it of me, and I will be forever indebted to you”

“I…its…” she felt his pain, she too wanted to weep, but he was still a vampire, and something she had been told ever since she could remember was not to trust them, her parents and teachers and friends always told her about how evil and scheming and desperate for blood they were, carefully reinforcing the belief that they were not really human, and should be treated as a inferior species. But he… he seemed so real. And there, on that damp street in the early hours of Sunday morning, she made an important decision, one which she knew was right

“Please…” he begged, one last time. He couldn’t read the expression on her face, but he knew she had come to a decision. This, his final plea, echoed around the street, his last desperate and woeful attempt to find shelter.

“One night, then I never want to see you again. I have a pistol somewhere in my house, and while I know I can’t kill you with it, I know I can put you in a world of pain, so touch me, or my cat, and I will not hesitate before kneecapping you” who knows? He seemed like a nice enough person, maybe she wouldn’t have to shoot him

July 30th, 2007, 4:02 PM
Name: Koji Kasuma
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Description: Koji wears a black sleevless undershirt that has dirt on it from his constant training. He has brown shorts which are also dirty from his training. He has a couple of bandages that he received from training as well. Koji has blue and white reeboks. He has bandages on his arm from an Usaring attack when he was younger. He has dark, dark, dark, brown hair and a red bandanna wrapped around his forehood.
Personality: Koji grew up very shy and very sensetive. After his family were killed off Koji began more confident, but he was still a bit shy, and he's still a bit sensitive. He trains whenever he get's a chance to overcome this weakness so he could kill off the cultist who did this, and eventually Dillion. Koji is shy but whenever he's reminded of his famillies murder, he goes emo, and his heart is shrouded in hateful thoughts, and feelings.
History: Koji grew up happy, without a single worry in the world. He had a loving family and everything! When Dillion's minions came to his village a year ago, Koji had to join in order to spare his famillies lives. They were slaughtered anyway and Koji declined. They threatened to kill him, but he escaped eventually. Koji then joined the rebellion to get revenge.
Pokemon: Ralts
Weapons: Staff
Other: Koji's Ralts goes into "Shadow mode" whenever Koji becomes enraged. (I'm talking about "Shadow mode" from Pokemon Colloseum, and XD).
RP Sample: Koji stared out at the tree towering in front of him. It had cut all over it that came from Koji's training. Usually Koji wouldn't attack a tree like that, but his Ralts informed him it was gonna die soon anyway, so Koji decided to take advantage of the situation. Koji continued to slam at the tree with his staff as Ralts sat in a tree behind him, watching. Concentrate your attacks, Koji. Ralts said to him telepathically Koji dashed towards the tree and slamed his staff against it. He continued swinging his staff at the tree. He couldn't waste a single second. "I think that's enough for now, Ralts." Koji said panting hard. Ralts shook it's head, and teleported on to Koji's shoulder as he walked off.

July 31st, 2007, 8:25 AM
Name: Leroy Jones
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Description: Leroy is an average height; about 5'10". He is somewhat bulked up since he has been training with the resistance. He has spiked golden hair and bright blue eyes, but usually wears a black baseball cap and sunglasses to cover his face. He has no sense of fashion; he wears bluejeans and a white T-shirt all the time. However, because of the impending doom and his membership to the resistance, he has added a brown leather jacket and combat boots to his outfit.
Personality: Leroy is a tech nerd. Do not let his appearance fool you in any way. He is great with technology and uses his talent to his advantage (see weapon). He likes to take situations apart and assess them logically, and usually confuses people by doing so. Before his training with the resistance, he was a wimp, but he has "manned up" a bit since he started fighting.
History: Leroy grew up on cinnabar island where he obtained Magmar to stick with the Fire theme of the city. He moved to Sootopolis after the volcano erupted (GSC plot) where he learned more about water pokémon and caught his Feebas which evolved into Milotic. After Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza were ressurected (RSE) he moved again to Mauville where he got his Pikachu and learned about electric pokémon. Basically, his parents kept moving to avoid conflict. When Dillon's Reign spread to Hoenn, Leroy was one of few to escape Mauville. Not being able to avoid conflict this time, Leroy had no choice but to join the resistance so he could fight to return things t the way they were.
- Pikachu with Thunderbolt, Hidden Power, Iron Tail, and Light Screen.
- Milotic with Water Pulse, Dragonbreath, Safeguard, and Ice Beam.
- Magmar with Flamethrower, Sunny Day, Solarbeam, and Psychic.
Weapons: Leroy has a technologically modified sword (and 2 spares at base) that he carries in a case on his back. He will call out his pokémon and have them use an elemental attack on the sword. He will set the sword to absorb the attack and the sword will become a, for example, fire sword if he uses Magmar's flamethrower, or an electric sword if he uses Pikachu's thunderbolt. He also has an M6D Pistol and a lot of ammo for it. He also carries with him 4 grenades.
Other: Call him either Leroy, or "Lee". He doesn't mind.
RP Sample:
"Okay, Pikachu," Leroy shouted pointing his saber at his Pikachu, "hit this with a Thunderbolt!" Leroy had been toying with the idea of a pokémon-powered weapon recently after seeing the movie, 300 Pokémon the other day. Leroy flipped a switch as the Thunderbolt hit the blade of his sword. His idea was to create a sword that would absorb a little of a pokémon's attack and the sword would retain the power and attack with it. He was working on this project in New Mauville. Leroy checked a gauge he had put on the sword to measure how much power was stored in the sword. He saw the meter was full so he orderd Pikachu to stop. "Okay! That's enough. Good job!" "Pikaaa-pikachu," his Pikachu responded. "Alright," said Leroy, "let's see if it works this time." Leroy flipped the switch on the sword the other way. The blade began to glow a bright yellow and some small sparks started shooting out. "Yes! It's finally working," cried Leroy. Unfortunately, in a matter of seconds, the blade exploded, leaving ashes covering Leroy, Pikachu, and the entire room as well as leaving metal scraps everywhere. "Uh...back to the drawing boad, eh, Pikachu?"

August 4th, 2007, 6:12 AM
Ooh, shiny roleplay. :)
Name: Vivian
Sex: Female
Age: 16
Description: Vivian stands at about 5"9, and has pale skin, dark blue eyes, and blonde hair. She normally wears a black, form-fitting halterneck shirt that ends at her stomach, and baggy black cargo pants with plenty of pockets. She has black armbands that go from her wrists to her elbows, and wears her hair in a simple ponytail, with soft bangs that frame her face.
Personality: Vivian is generally easy-going. She loves to tease people, and mock them. She doesn't have a short temper, but she holds grudges, and is an expert at snubbing people when she's mad at them. She often plays pranks on people, but hates when they're turned back on her. When Viv gets angry, she gets mean - her playful teasing turns cruel, and she does whatever she has to do to get back at whoever annoyed her.
History: Vivian's first pokemon was a Ralts, when she
was five. Well, to be exact, her first pokemon was an egg. She found it while playing, and thought it was a pretty stone. When it hatched, she was as surprised as the Ralts. However, the two became fast friends, and when she moved from the friendly town of Petalburg to the even friendlier town of Floaroma, he went too. It was there that they found a poor baby Shinx, and they decided to take care of her. Trying to avoid the conflict, she moved once more to the inhospitable Snowpoint City, where she found a young Snorunt. But soon after that, she left to join the resistance, realising that she could no longer sit on the fence, and she must fight.
* Gallade-male(again, duh)-"Prince"-Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Slash
* Snorunt-female-"Ice"-Headbutt, Ice Fang, Bite, Icy Wind
* Luxio-female-"Ears"-Bite, Spark, Roar, Charge
* a crossbow and bolts ('and bolts'? duh *facepalm*)
* a plain, serviceable dagger
Other: She prefers to be called 'Viv'
RP Sample: Vivian sighed in annoyance as she was once again stuck in a snowdrift.

"They say you get used to the snow," she muttered under her breath, trying to get free, "That you hardly notice it after a while...yeah right..."

Finally escaping, she continued her trek through the snow, making sure that she wasn't walking in circles.

"That would really suck, wouldn't it?" the girl asked the Snorunt in her arms. "I find a young Snorunt that looks totally worn out, and then we get lost on the way to the Pokemon Center and both die. Wouldn't that be typical?"

The Snorunt opened one eye and looked up at her quizzically. Vivian started to laugh, but soon the laughter turned to coughing.

"I'm so not cut out for this cold air," Vivian complained, "Sometimes I think I should just go and...oh, I dunno, join the resistance or something. Surely they're living in more sunny places..."

Caught up in the idea, she continued wandering in the snow, not realising that she was now walking in circles.

"That'd be cool, actually," She continued, "Like, I could fight, and battle, and..." Vivian stopped talking, and looked around at the unfamiliar trees. "Wait... where are we now?"

Dark Summoner
August 6th, 2007, 2:20 PM
Name: Vert Elxiun
Sex: Male
Age: 15


Vert is exactly 5ft 7 and weighs 112 pounds his skin abnormally pale and his hair long and black got him the nickname Ghost. His parents named him Vert meaning Green in French for his strangly bright green eyes. Vert usually wears Black Jeans and a red jacket which he wears unzipped with a white shirt to accompany his black and white Pokemon League shoes (One with the symbol of water on its undersole the other with the symbol for fire ((representing blastoise and charizard from the first pokemon series in the pokeleague advert)) both have laces matching the symbol blue for water red for fire.)

Personality: Even though Ghost has a ghoulish look he is complealty the opposite. Bullied by many of the local children where he came from who taunted him with the name 'Ghost' and pushed him around at school Vert ignored them his personality happy, bubbly and sometimes crazy many people see him as a bit to much at first until they get to know the deep sould behind the barrier of happy go lucky fun.


Vert Elixium was born on the 7th of March 1990 as a twin in a unknown region which was close to the south pole. His parent slightly freaked out by he and his sisters amzingly bright green eyes named the two of them Green in French for Vert and Spanish for his sister due to her slightly darker and tanned skin.

Vert grew up bullied heavly by the kids of his village nicknamed 'Ghost' for his abnormaly pale skin, dark rings under his eyes and dark black hair Vert put upo a wall of bubbly happyness trying look on the brightside of life and never telling people why he always looked like he didn't sleep.

The reason being that Leon could see ghosts. But these ghosts were diferent unlike the normal human ghosts Leon saw the ghost of pokemon who had died through mis treatment and slavery years ago during his regions darketst era.

The ghosts talked with him talking of some dark power that had been why he had died and was now locked "away... far away it is hidden in a book... a book of darkness." finnaly when Vert turned 10 he descided to become a pokemon trainer catching a Ghastly from the attic of his house he began training in the surrounding areas of his home town rigourously moving from his primary school to pokemon school where he became top in class for Pokemon Tactics and Teqnicues and the history of the Pokemon World.

Finnaly when Vert graduated he left, accompanied by his sister, his home region wishing to no longer be pestered by the ghosts of long dead pokemon he began to collect pokemon researching every detail aboutn them he arrived at Johto wishing to join the Johto League he and his sister went there seperate ways his saying that he took to much care in researching each of the pokemon he captured to just return them to the wild.

Four years later Vert lives hidden away training with his pokemon in secret with a man who claimed to be the best trainer there was and that Vert along with many other people must be rescued and trained to fight the coming darkness which Vert linked to his Home regions darkest era.

Today Vert is looking for people who he has been told will be important to saving the world. He is now trained partially in Kung Fu and has followed the following sylabus in the exact order for 3 and a half years.

Dragon Walking Set

Lazy Dragon Springing Leg Set

Young Eagle Leaves the Nest

Earth to Heaven Set

Two Person Set

Broad Sword Set

Staff Set

Shaolin Chi Power Set

Broad Sword Two Person Set

Staff Two Person Set

White Cloud Mountain Set

Three Sectional Staff set

Combined Kicking Set

Young Monk Set

Spear Set

Two Person Set

Old Monk Set

Kwondao set

Two Person Set

Pokemon: Gengar, Hitmontop, Scyther

Weapons: 3 1/2 years training in kung Fu (Syllabus above), Carrys A Browad Sword. And a Anchient old staff (The Staff is Kung Fu's most powerful weapon this one could just have slightly mystical effects)

Other: Nothing much
RP Sample:

Vert wiped a grumby hand across his stopping the blood trickling down his face he looked across anger filling his body as the old man just stood there a smile on his face. They each held staffs both made of chinese oak but the old mans seemed diferent as if it contained some force making it more powerful. Vert had been struck twice now and the blows were like being hit by a crowbar not a 6ft long piece of wood.

" You are not concentrating renember your earlier training renember yourtraining with the scyther learning to block blows from every direction, renember you fighting with the Hitmon Top learning to dodge its many kicks and punches," The old man said jumping from the spot he had been standing for the first time during the hole fight he span through the air using a flurry of blows to try and make Vert move but Vert didn't he quickly moved his staffs blocking all but three of the old mans blows he fell forwards dizzyness and pain wracking his body.

" Did you not listen or do you not think?" The man said again his voice calm. I stood my back to him taking in deep breaths.

"There is one thing you forgot..." I said barely keeping myself from collapsing.

" And what that be my young freind?" He jumping forwards he attempted a kick to Verts head but he missed flying over Vert as he ducked and brought his staff up catching man in the back of his legs he stumbled nearly falling to the floor when he landed.

" My training with the Gengar," I said calmly jumping up into the trees I jumped through the branches my footstpe barely making a sound.

"Ahh so you hope that your lesser stealth skills will help, " the old man shouts up into the trees. "Then I will join you up there," Suddenly I here him leave the ground dispearing into the tres around me I look amongst the branches hopelously remaining concealed. The first to move or break there concentration would be the one to fall from the branches.

There was silence wind shaked the great trees limbs but still no one moved. Time flew past night finnaly arriving the air became chilled cold but still Vert tried to stop himself shaking breaking his stealth he ruubed his cold body then he quickly tried to conceal himself again but he was to late he felt a sharp pain shoot through the back of his head as he began to fall from the tres his body screaming out as the branches bruised his body.

He had lost.

" You have learnt much..." The man said landing beside Vert.

" But lets eat."

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
August 6th, 2007, 5:54 PM
You are all accepted, we will join when one more person signs up.

August 6th, 2007, 7:45 PM
This is old. I’m not changing it at all. Well some of it was deleted so I could make a new one. That’s why all the added crap is there.

Full Name: Yuko Farzai Norenne
Nickname: "Just call me Yuko"
Age: 14
Birthday: November 12
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Down to back of knee
Hair Style: Lays flat and lifeless if nothing is done to it. At the moment, it is hanging lifelessly since nothing is being done to it.
Eye Color: Purple
Height: 5'1
Body Structure: Her legs are too long for HER liking. A little on the thin side.
Basic Clothing: Now let’s see. Starting from the top down, in her hair is a big butterfly barrette type thing. She wears what she always does around her neck, a red and green plaid cat collar.

Actual clothes: Starting from shirt down yet again, she wears a top that looks like the top of a kimono. It is adorned red with black roses, just to let you know. For bottoms, she has regular denim shorts that have a Black Mokona key chain in one of the belt loops. To complete the look of hers, she is wearing red lace ups since she has the fashion sense of a cow and can't create a good looking outfit.

Personality: She has a bit of a patience problem and has a short temper. She resents girly girls and anything in the slightest that is girly.One time she put a poster in her homeroom class that said'Some makeup is made with the help of cochaneal.Cochaneal is a bug.’, which freaked out the girl students. Aside from being a rebel, or as she likes to say, a "delinquent”, she is a loner that has no friends. She says this is fine by her, since"All friends want to do is go and bug you and do sleepovers and each other’s hair and crap".

Other: The ever annoying phrase that she says almost every 3 hours is, "It just flashes light and makes sounds."


Weapons: She never has liked them, really enjoying frightening with foot and arm. She does have a knife hidden somewhere around there.

Side: Rebels

RPG Sample: If it needs more to it, tell me:

Okay, death and destruction wasn't the right word for it.

Maybe "chaos" would have fit it better. But in that classroom, the words "calm" and "silence" didn't have meaning to the students. They would happily go along and smash each other in the faces. That was the life.

Until the main joker, Himawari, was killed.

Himawari wasn't the best name for her. No sunflower sweetness there. Just mean, sarcastic, sadistic humor. She was found dead in the park, her blood still flowing from around the ice skate smashed into her mouth. A frozen look of horror locked on her face.

I think everyone but me was more than a little miffed about this whole thing. Over the next month death was our silent, stalking companion. The words "silence" came to meaning, but "calm" was way off the mark. I actually saw and heard someone scream when someone else tapped them on the shoulder. The halls also became dead with no words. Then the next one came.

It was Amber's.

She had been quieter, but she could be mean and proud of it. Everyone found her dead inside her locker, her right eye gouged and torn out, and a giant rip in her arm.

I was the only one a little "miffed".


Because I killed.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
August 6th, 2007, 7:59 PM
Good Very Good, Now Everyone... Please, Tell me what side you are on... I didn't see that on your posts, Rebels or Arcana?

Dark Summoner
August 6th, 2007, 8:28 PM
My character doesn't know what side hes on yet though he needs to fall into the rebels side really due to his quest.

August 7th, 2007, 6:22 AM
mine's a rebel.

rebels FTW

August 7th, 2007, 6:49 PM
Don't forget that just a few weeks before the last one died that I was a rebel! A fat guy-killer , a lady's man , and a stubborn pursuer at the same time! *remembers shooting RPG up a vent.* BOOM!

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
August 8th, 2007, 5:04 PM
Okay, ( Looks at lack of guns out of everyone and Sweatdrops) You guys better be really good with the weapons you have...

I'm going to put up my sing up in a min, along with some enemies.

Dark Summoner
August 9th, 2007, 2:06 AM
Who needs aGun When you have 3 1/2 years worth of Kung Fu training... guns are useless.

August 9th, 2007, 5:23 PM
true dat. and if ur pokémon has reflect, light screen, barrier, counter, mirror coat, magic coat, Detect, Protect, or Safeguard, then you'll have super special awesome defense!!!

August 9th, 2007, 7:40 PM
*SIGH* Only pity is , lots of people like JBCpeace and Nigma aren't paying attention to the Pokemon Roleplay thread. And that makes me and Fallen the only veterans from the dead version of this thread and part of the few people with guns , and that this thread has gone nowhere in the past four or five posts (no offense)

August 10th, 2007, 4:46 AM
if it'll keep this thread from closing....fine, i'll give my guy something. Like maybe like the pistol in HALO 1...i'll go edit my post now. :P

Dark Summoner
August 10th, 2007, 9:45 AM
I thought we were aloud any weapons? didn;t think we would need guns seeing as I have a bastard sword and a staff... actually maybe i will carry two pistols or something.

August 10th, 2007, 5:43 PM
I thought we were aloud any weapons? didn;t think we would need guns seeing as I have a bastard sword and a staff... actually maybe i will carry two pistols or something.
You don't need guns , but it's recommended.

August 11th, 2007, 4:52 AM
well yea. if they are "recommended" then they're sorta necessary, no?

August 11th, 2007, 7:56 PM
well yea. if they are "recommended" then they're sorta necessary, no?

You got a point there , bro'.

August 13th, 2007, 7:01 PM
just wondering...when r u planning on starting the RP?

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
August 16th, 2007, 1:37 PM
I geuss we can start, Any late sign ups anytime are okay though.


AJ walked into the armory and picked up a bland gray box from inside a safe, it was heavy. He slowly opened the box and took an object out of it, Latest Project, create a desert eagle that will shoot the traditional .50 round, not AE. AJ thought to himself as he took out the large handgun, the gun would have to be bolt action to work correctly. AJ sighed and put his latest project back in the gray box, he put it back in the security case and locked it up tight. " With that... We would be able to kill the Arcana so much easier." The hispanic muttered to himself.

" Don't get your hopes up." Said Barry from across the room, he was holding a large wrench that seemed to shimmer in the light.
" Why not?" AJ challenged changing his expression from a frown to a smirky grin, seemed to be filled with lots of sass.
" We're not ready to storm the first place, to kill The Fool." Barry said sitting down in a wooden chair.
" We're already near Pallet, we sneak in real easy and blow the Damn things head off." AJ sighed pullling his beretta from it's holster, " We could load up and go right now, Sneak in and Boom!" AJ smiled making a motion with his gun.

" Well no one's ready yet, The Fool's supposed to have a power anyway, all the Arcana do." Barry said getting up and shuffling to a cabinet. " Have a page from the Book Of Light copied in here about them, Just hold On." He said to the blue eyed Hispanic.

" Ahh! Here we go." Said the Bulky man opening a file, " Read it and Weep."

Major Arcana- Number Zero- The Fool.

The Fool is to be the weakest of the Major Arcana, yet it is the beginning of all ends and the first step to the journey of a thousand miles. The Fool can call upon it's followers with a shriek and has the ability to make a person have temporary Amnesia, The Fool's weak Point is usually quite obvious, The rose it will always in battle hold. Without the Rose The Fool cannot Regenerate and can therebye be killed traditonally. The Fool is to carry a large wooden pole that he can thrust through a man, Beware the Fools Agility and speed. http://www.midnightmoonchild.com/images/fool.gif Also Watch out for the Wolfen he cry on to, for they shall answer in thy enemies blood.

AJ Sighed at the Page and decided that this was going to be a little harder then originally thought, " Time to Prepare anyhow"

August 17th, 2007, 12:09 AM
Hey hey, i know this one. Sorry that i wasn´t able to pay attention to the rp forum here like Omega said. ^^ I had lot´s of important stuff to do, and because all my friends are gone i didn´t had the interest in coming back here. Well, i hope that your second rp runs better. Have much fun! ^^

August 17th, 2007, 7:01 PM
Leroy rushed into the armory barely dressed. He only had on a white t-shirt and jeans. His hair was a mess and he was in only socks. Of course, he also had his belt with his pokéballs on. He stopped dead in his tracks upon seeing A.J. and Barry in the room staring at him. "Heh heh. Er...don't mind me guys, I'll be decent in a second!" Leroy sprinted to his locker and opened it. First, he took and put on his jacket. Then he slipped on his boots. Next, he took one of his swords in a case and strapped it onto his back. Finally, he opened a box and took out his pistol and around 80 extra rounds for it which he slipped into a box on his belt. Sweat was dripping down his face. Leroy knew the day the resistance took on the first Arcana was approaching. He was nervous, but not nervous enough to rush in a random direction hoping to escape. He was not like that anymore, not since he had joined the fight against the Arcana. When Leroy finished throwing together his ensemble to walked over to A.J. and Barry. "So, guys," he said, "what's the plan?"

August 18th, 2007, 8:32 AM
Jason ran down the hallway to his locker with incredible speed without his shirt on. He opened it and took out his vest, headband, pants, and sneakers (He only has his blue boxers on.) and slipped them on immediately. After that he slid his katana into its sheath and strapped it onto his back and strapped his gun into place. He ran towards the meeting place and stopped when he noticed A.J. and Barry all there, looking at him and Leroy, who was apparently there before him.

"Uh..... Hey." He muttered.

He heard a munching sound and turned around to see Rocky, the chubbiest member of the rebels, grubbing on a plate of chicken.

"Damn it Rocky, you fat ass!" Jason spun and punched him through the hallway and into the kitchen, with lots of cooked food like sausages." Ah crap... That's gonna get me into trouble... BIG time." He cursed and walked away back to the others.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
August 19th, 2007, 4:02 PM
AJ glared at his pitiful soldiers, mainly at Jason, " Jason, Stop harassing the others, for your disruption... Fifty Push-ups." AJ told Jason, with coldness in his voice. " I would like everyone to suit up, Gather your weapons and any other gear, meet back here in ten minutes." AJ announced, and then quickly " Except you Jason, do your push ups and then gear up."

AJ felt a hint of anger toward Jason, a strange yet powerful rage, " In such serious times, we must stay serious, we must not point out weaknesses in others, we must simply fight and fight as a team, next time you make such a disruption... I will not be so soft on you... you can bet on it."

AJ walked from Jason and went to suit up for combat, their first attack would be on the fool, inside his base in the center of pallet town, they would kill all of the enemies they had to, once they killed The Fool, Pallet would be freed from any other dark spells that surrounded it, no more evil.

They would then move on to Viridian where they would fight Type 1 The Magician, which was considerably tougher then The Fool. They would keep going until they had killed all of the Arcana Warriors and then they would finish off Dillon... And James AJ thought silently to himself.

James was AJ's twin brother, and he had been tempted by the darkness of Dillon, it was all to bad. Before the madness, James had been an outcast from society, he had been a strange one and when Dillon rose he had his revenge on all that had taunted and hurt him, he had either killed them or tortured or both.

That had made AJ sad, but then... He killed mom and dad... AJ had been so angry, James had killed them in his extremity of power, in his rage.

AJ found his way into the Armory and went to his weapons locker, he put on his combat vest and grenade belt, he put in three Incendiary grenades and three frags. He then pulled out holsters for each hip and put a Nine millimeter handgun in each, he filled up the pack part of the holster with three seventeen round clips each, two of the six clips had special explosion rounds. AJ found a leg holster and put a compact snub nosed .38 revolver in it.

AJ put a Combat knife in the knife holster on his shoulder of the vest, then on another leg holster he put his Wakizabi, the short katana. He found his shotgun next, it was an Eight gauge non stock combat breeching shotty.

He loaded his hip pack with about ten shotgun shells and two speed loaders for the .38, he put the shotgun on his back with the strap and turned his attention to other things, AJ grabbed another carry on bag to put more ammunition in, he stuffed it with another two handgun clips, another speed loader and thirty seven more shotgun shells, he quickly made sure all the weapons so far were loaded, they were. AJ grabbed his last two weapons, a burst fire MP5K with four thirty round magazines and what he had really been working on for so long, he dubbed it " The Fallen Angel" named after the saying on the back of his trench coat, it fired the heaviest round known to man, or at least to AJ. It was a special round, .90 a very large round that fit into the sleek chrome revolver, the Fallen Angel was huge.

AJ stuffed the Fallen Angel in the bottom of his large bag with two extra speed loaders, which meant that AJ had 18 Fallen Angel rounds, he would only use them on last resort.


Barry wasn't surprised at AJ's harshness toward Jason, Barry would have actually made Jason do three times the punishment, but Barry knew that AJ was on a tight schedule and had no time to punish people. Barry walked from the main room to the armory, he found his locker which was the biggest out of all of them, he typed in the password to unlock the locker and decided on what he would be getting.

He grabbed a bullet proof combat vest and grabbed his first weapon to get from AJ, it was a .357 chrome revolver with an optic scope and silencer, AJ had also gave him a few rounds that were armor piercing. He put the bulky revolver in it's holster, he also packed twelve speed loaders in his hip pack.

Next Barry grabbed an M79 Grenade Launcher, this was his big weapon, he loaded it with a buckshot. This is just a Shotgun on steroids Barry grinned at that and grabbed five other buckshots, Barry also grabbed some explosive ones and incendiary. He packed them away for later use in a large carry on back pack, he also strapped the grenade launcher on his back.

Lastly Barry packed away a small nine millimeter handgun, packing it away with three clips. Barry shut his locker and went to return to the main room of the base.


Misty heard AJ and nodded, she went to the armory and quickly opened her non password locker, she really didn't need one for the weapons she had, not like Barry did.

She put on her combat vest and grenade belt, half of her grenades were flash or smoke grenades, the other half was full of frags. She put some throwing knives on the grenade belt and a combat knife in her shoulder holster, she didn't prefer hand to hand combat like AJ did.

She found her Desert Eagles, .50 AE and Valentine designed to hold more rounds and a nice visual job, they each had optics on the top and optional silencers, not to mention they were gold. Misty packed them in her hip holsters and packed five clips for each one in her hip pack.

Misty then grabbed her remade Thompson, AJ had made a clip for it that held 75 rounds, much better then the original, she packed an extra drum clip for it and packed two 200 round box's that she could manually reload the drum clips with.

To finish off her weaponry she grabbed her Mossberg Shorty, it was a twelve gauge shotgun that was real short but held only three rounds at a time, still good.

Feeling like she had gotten everything she needed she left the armory and went into the main room to meet Barry, " Hey Barry, is AJ here yet?" She asked him in anticipation, " No, Casanova ain't here yet..." at that moment AJ walked into the room.

" Speak of the devil..."

August 19th, 2007, 7:37 PM
Jason glanced at A.J. and gave off a smirk and a "Hmph..." Rocky came out of the hole and stared in awe at how mad A.J. was, but not in the way everyone would think. Jason walked up to Rocky, hand stretched out towards him. "Told you I could piss him off. 20 bucks you owe me I think?" Rocky reluctantly gave it up and Jason walked off to his own room to grab all of his projectiles and daggers and other minor weapons he would need.

"And I can't forget this..."

Jason grabbed a wallet with the delta symbol engraved onto it. He opened it up and stared at what was inside. Inside was a collection of photos of him and his girlfriend, Yuri. He let a tear fall and closed the wallet, gripping it tighter by the second. He walked off in a silent rage, remembering what the Arcana did to her.

'Those monsters.... They did everything horrible to her, and made me watch. I couldn't do anything. Held by those abominations and their huge-ass claws... The most horrible thing they did though.... Was torturing her to death in front of my eyes...'

Jason gave a slight feral snarl and shouted out at the cloudy sky. He walked out of the city, silentness following him...

August 20th, 2007, 9:49 AM
Leroy let out a sigh as he once again tried to bear a regular, chaotic morning with the resistance. He turned to A.J. "So, boss, I think I've figured out a strategy to take on The Fool's area with minimal risk. Only problem is we don't have a hydrogen bomb in our arsenal..." He looked at A.J. again and could tell he was not amused. "Ok, here's the deal: We have to make him think our numbers are greater than they are. Y'know, psych 'em out. All that calls for is a little double-teaming and I think I have an idea of how we can do that."

August 20th, 2007, 12:04 PM
It was a crisp and sunny day over Pallet Town, and the only blemish in the clear blue sky was the tiny speck of a large Pidgeot, soaring high in the air in lazy circles. The people of the town did not think too much of it, and went about their day as usual. The few that stopped to watch the majestic bird patrol the air did not notice that it was being ridden by someone, and nor did they really care.

“This’ll be something to watch, eh Horne?” no one in the town could hear the voice of the man on the Pidgeot’s back as he stroked the feathers of his Pokemon. His only response was a gentle cooing, created from the syllables in the bird’s name. “The Rebels are planning to try and attack here tonight; shoot and slash their way through the whole town and try to kill the Arcana demon that lives here. Is ‘lives’ the right word to use Horne? I mean, it isn’t really alive in the first place, but it does tend to stay here. Resides. The Arcana demon that resides here.” The Pidgeot made an acknowledging noise, shaking its head and flapping its wings to push it a little higher into the air.

Kume wasn’t really a Rebel, so to speak. He was in no way associated with the Arcana; and he was sure he hated them just as much as any of the Rebels, but he tried not to befriend the trigger-happy gun-toting over-zealous Resistance fighters as well. I mean sure, they paid him well for his photos; he was more like a Resistance surveillance photographer these days, and as much as he missed the good old days when all he had to do was dodge an angry Tauros or two to get good shots, the pay was a lot better now. He got shot at a considerable amount more than he used to, and the money was hard to spend anywhere, but it was either this or become one of the aforementioned gun-toting trigger-happy soldiers. He would rather be shot at some.

A lone Spearow cawed out near them, and Kume spun around to see the little bird charging at him, like it was trying to attack. He instinctively reached for his crossbow, and planted a bolt in the little birds chest. The lifeless Pokemon spiraled to the ground, and Kume smiled to himself. I really hate those little buggers, he thought as he watched it fall out of the sky. It was headed straight for the center of Pallet Town, and he knew he couldn’t really stick around any longer. On the ground, a woman shrieked as the bloody Spearow landed next to her with a dull wet crunch. An Arcana guard examined it, and studied with particular detail the projectile extruding from the torso of the deceased bird. Back in the air, Kume and Horne were already out of sight, and were nearing the camp. Now that he couldn’t hang around the skies of Pallet Town, he was going to have to listen to the Resistance soldiers as they prepared. Lots of ‘Oh-Ra’s and ‘Sir, yes sir’s as they each tried to look more macho than the next. The Pidgeot landed gently inside the encampment and he strolled to the place which was the most full of the soldiers. He felt for some of them, having gone through personal trauma; like that guy who had his girlfriend kidnapped and killed. He could understand why they wanted to fight, but he didn’t approve of their methods. As he entered, he heard one of them crack a joke about H-bombing the whole area, which he found to be just a little distasteful.

“…and I think I have an idea of how we can do that." The same man finished. Kume didn’t know his name, but he had seen him around before. He was addressing AJ, a higher ranked soldier than he was, and also in the room were various other combatants whose name he did not know. He turned his attention momentarily to the first soldier

“Yeah, unfortunately they haven’t yet designed a way to make all your egos visible.” He chuckled as he strolled past. He liked cracking the occasional joke at their expense, it wasn’t like they could do anything about it, Kume was outside of their ranking system, having been officially hired by someone farther up the chain of command. He sat himself down on one of the nearby chairs and extracted his professional quality SLR camera, currently equipped with a panoramic lens. He extracted the film from the back of it, and placed it in a film case carefully. Next he took out a roll of sticky labels and wrote Viridian City – Town Center in block capitals before peeling it off and adhering it to the film case on his other knee. He them pocketed the labels, his pen and the camera, placing it back in its custom made leather pouch before putting it back in his pocket. From a smaller pocket in his large overcoat, he produced his lighter, and began to flick at the ignition wheel absentmindedly, half watching that, half watching the soldiers as they prepared for their assault on Pallet Town, and within it, The Fool.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
August 20th, 2007, 9:35 PM
AJ felt like he was being watched, from the sky's, How strange... AJ thought silently to himself, He payed his attention to the one talking to him, which was... Leroy! Of course. Leroy was trying to lighten him up with his stale humor, it wasn't working, not at all. Leroy then said that a good plan would be to double team on single enemies, " To make them think we have more then they do." He had said.

AJ found himself slightly aggrivated with Leroy's plan, We? Great numbers? AJ mentally laughed, the Arcana had the whole world, while they only had about sixty or less people, in the war against The Fool, they would be facing atleast three hundred of each kind of warriors. El Gigante's and Hacha's, not to mention the deadly Chainsaw Beasts and the common zombie like creatures.

The other flaw in Leroys plan was the fact that the enemies they would be facing had nearly no soul and such, they had no real mind, they we're puppets being controlled by the pupiteer, Dillon. But some soliders still retained their mentality, not all with their humanity; they had all been altered in one way or another. AJ remembered his first encounter with one of these warriors, it was still fresh in his mind.

He had been causing lot's of trouble to Dillon, not even trying to act careful, in result Dillon sent one of his impossibly altered soliders to finish him. AJ had been in Pallet at the time and it ended up being urban combat, Walking along and suddenly feeling a dark presence behind me, turning around quickly I saw him; nearly standing at seven feet tall, he held a massive rail gun aiming at me, about to pull the trigger.

I drew out a incinderary grenade and in a swift motion stuck it in the barrel of the gun, diving backwards as it exploded. Hoping that that was the end of it, reluctantly looking toward the smoldering ashes of the rail gun, but he was still there and didn't look phased by the fiery death of his weapon.

And he didn't look amused, " Now, I'm mad." I had been shocked by that the most, that he spoke more then just mindless moans. He cracked his neck to the right, then to the left, an audiable crack sound could be heard. The man started to charge, looking then I could see that he had a large blade drawn to his left arm and he was going kill me with it. I drew my nine millimeter handguns and started unloading the rounds onto the large man, blast after blast, the bullets were piercing but he didn't show a sign of slowing down, feeling desperate I unvieled my combat knife, but by then I had been hit. The large blade went into my shoulder, it went in deep, I felt my chance to attack as he stood there with his knife plunged into my left shoulder, using my right arm I swung the combat knife into his chest, hoping that my slim chance of hitting his heart would pull through.

He seemed to be in a small shock, blood started to drip from the puncture wound and stained his clothing, hoping to finish this brawl I pulled out my Eight gauge shotgun and aimed toward his face, even though he was in shock he was still smiling, " Wipe that grin off your face... Better yet, let me!" I fired once, twice into his face, the bb's found their ways into many parts of his face and scraped the flesh off the mucsle, creating many places that were impulsivly bleeding.

The man still stood however, " Thats Bullsheet!" I cursed angrily as my anger pented up, in my rage I sent four more of the powerful shotgun blast into his skull, the fourth one decapitating the fellow. His bloody head slid off his neck and landed on the ground with a meaty sounding squish. " I'm going to have to be more careful from now on." I said aloud walking away, " Oh yeah, one more thing." I pulled the knife out of his chest.

AJ snapped back to the present, " Your plan wouldn't work, not at all." AJ didn't feel the need to explain.

" I'm going to do a little something and then we'll head out." AJ announced as he sat down in a chair and pulled out a small laptop.


Barry saw AJ leave Leroy off without any detail of why his plan wouldn't work, Barry sighed and walked over to Leroy. " The reason your plan wouldn't work is... Well, They have too many on their side and none of them will feel any suprise, fear or any emotion at all. Think of them all as Zombies." He told Leroy in assorted emotion.

" Be ready to leave in a few minutes... Because it seems like Jason already did, Damn!"

August 21st, 2007, 9:00 AM
Leroy understood what A.J. was talking about. Of course! Leroy thought to himself. Zombies don't think. Why does it have to be zombies? The one thing that type of strategy doesn't work against... He smacked his forehead to try to knock some sense into himself. A decent alternative to that would to physically increase our numbers. That, or increasing our weapons' power. He took out a notepad and began to write down possible options as soon as A.J. walked away and took out his laptop. Crap! I can't think of any strategy to make the opponent think. That's when Leroy had an epiphany. "A.J.!" Leroy shouted. "The enemies in Pallet don't think, right?"

September 14th, 2007, 8:30 AM
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