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August 10th, 2007, 8:02 AM
The following deck I made was a rather pressured edit of a themed deck. Please if you would give your suggestions on alternatives which are more up to date and please by all means eat it away, I want a more interesting deck. :)Also if you suggest a card, name the booster its in. I'll get it. :)

---Colorless Night

1x Tauros 70HP/crush chance/Call for family/Horn Attack[20]
4x Sneasel 60HP/Double Slap[10x]/ Feint Attack
1x Weavile 80HP/Nasty Plot/ Dark Pulse [10x]
4x Poochyena 50HP/Double Kick [10x]
1x Mightyena 70HP/Plunder[30]/Dark Burst[50+ 20 with stadium]
1x Chansey(Classic) 120HP/Scrunch/Double Edge [80 and 80 to chansey]
1x Zangoose1 70HP/Scratch [10]/Fury Cutter [10+]
1x Zanngoose2 70HP/Thick Skin/Call for Family/Sharp Claws [10+]
1x Snorlax(Classic) 90HP/Thick Skinned/Body Slam [30]

4x Bill (Draw 2 Cards)
2x Sidney's Stadium (Dark Pokemon cant be effected bysleep,confuse,or paralyzed)
2x Potion
2x Prof. Birch
1x Prof. Oak
1x Scott
1x TM 01
1x Energy Removal
1x Plus Power

10x Dark Energy
16x Grass Energy
3x Double Colorless Energy
1x Potion Energy (1 Colorless plus a heal of 1 damage counter.)

Well reallly I just try to rush my Mightyena and the stadium card comes easy using Scott aswell. The colorless pokemon are rather decent to spare me some time, that is if I top deck any. I think its a whole lot of suck, but its the only deck that worked against my bros pure energy search deck. Which was suprisingly annoying, though not intentional at all. haha.

Yes very how should i put this, crappy? It needs help, and im asking. :) If the info provided isnt good enough ill try to find links to them. Also the grass energy are fillers, since i do not possess enough dark energy cards at the moment. Thanks in advance!