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PC B/W 2 Speculation Contest Entry

Posted March 7th, 2012 at 2:17 PM by Elite Overlord LeSabre™

Here's my entry for the B/W 2 Speculation Contest, which is basically my idea of an ideal story scenario for B/W 2. Not my dream game mind you; this is a scenario that has to be within the framework of a B/W sequel.

Anyway, here goes:

Butner Federal Penitentiary, North Carolina: Bernie Madoff breaks out of prison, and exacts his revenge by splicing Kyurem in half and setting it loose on the citizens of Unova.

This takes place four years after the events of B/W.

Your character awakens in their lavish luxury penthouse atop one of Castelia's highrise buildings. Unfortunately, due to League regulations, all trainers in the region, regardless of hometown, must pick up their starter Pokemon in Nuvema Town. So, in a cutscene, you are seen being transported to the town in your family's very lavish luxury sedan. Once there, you meet Professor Juniper and receive your first Pokemon. As you leave, you are approached by a young boy, Barton. He is absoultely ticked that you chose the starter that he was going to choose (this happens regardless of the starter you picked). He challenges you to battle. Regardless of the result, Barton storms away, swearing revenge on you.

On the way to Accumula Town, your character feels a sudden chill. Looking up to the sky, they see an ice-blue creature flying high overhead. Thinking nothing of it, they continue to town. After the appearance of the mystery creature, however, more Ice-type Pokemon begin appearing on the route, both Unovan Pokemon like Crygonal, and non-native Pokemon like Spheal and Snorunt. Upon arriving at the Pokemon Center, you witness a group of thugs attempt to rob the Pokemon Center's shop. They are wearing the outifts of the old Team Plasma and in fact refer to themselves as Neo Team Plasma. You battle and defeat two members and they take off.

In striation City, you stumble upon more Neo Plasma members who are accompanied by Ghetsis. Ghetsis is now preaching a slightly different tune. Pokemon and humans can co-exist, but the current powers in control, i.e., the Pokemon League, are allowing too many liberties and not exercising enough control to ensure that Pokemon battles do not cause excessive injuries to Pokemon. He professes that Pokemon are traumatized by the current battling regulations, and that he would see to it that a more humane form of Pokemon battling would be established. But first, he would need to take all the trained Pokemon to his special facility in order to undo all the psychological and mental distress caused by the League's more brutal battling style. Some of the people in attendance are swayed by this. After the speech, Ghetsis approaches you. It is implied that your character asks him about the Neo Plasma members that you witnessed rob the Pokemon Center. He assures you that there exist rogue gangs that take on the identity of Neo Plasma in order to undermine the group's reputation.

After defeating the Striation Gym Leaders, you are approached by someone. If your character is male, it will be an older Hilbert. If you are a female trainer, it will be Hilda. Both will appear to you dressed in business attire. They will comment that they remember meeting you in Castelia Central Plaza about four years ago. They will then ask you if you recall the events of four years ago regarding Team Plasma. It will be implied that you answer in the negative, as they will say, "Oh, I see. So, you knew of Team Plasma but that they mysteriously disappeared and nobody knows where they went. But recently they have resurfaced as "Neo Team Plasma." This will definitely require investigation." Then they will leave, muttering something to themself that you don't make out clearly.

On Route Three you encounter Barton again, more determined than ever to defeat you. At the Daycare, Neo Plasma is attempting to abduct Pokemon, and you have to fight off four grunts in order to shut down their plans. Some of these thugs are carrying non-Unovan Pokemon including Rattata, Pikachu, and Growlithe. Once that situation is dealt with, you continue on. Your second badge and trip through Pinwheel Forest go without incident.

However, Neo Plasma members are plotting to destroy Skyarrow Bridge, and this time you square off against Tripp, an "Elder" within the organization. He claims that the destruction of the bridge is to send a message to the League and force them to turn over their leadership to them. After beating him, he takes off toward Castelia. Your rival Barton has witnessed all this, but instead of battling you, he shoves you aside and sprints toward Castelia.

In Castelia, you are approached by Cheren and Looker, both of who are police investigators looking into the recent crime outreak. You inform them of your run-ins with the Neo Plasma group. They ask you to keep in contact with them should anything occur. In Castelia, you have an optional run in with a biker gang hanging out on Narrow Street if you venture that way. Otherwise it's just a Gym Leader battle here... for now. You can also pay a visit to your family while in the big city.

On Route 4, the construction project has been revealed to be a grand resort hotel. A trainer walking with her Persian greets you outside and brings you into the building. She introduces herself as Leaf and says she's a visiting trainer from Kanto. She tells you she is looking for a young male trainer who wears a red ball cap. You indicate that you haven't seen him, and she leaves you. There are numerous trainers in the hotel that you can battle, but this is all optional, as are the other events on the route and in the desert ruins.

Nimbasa City is where you encounter Neo Plasma next, this time trying to wreak havoc at the amusement park. Gym Leader Elesa teams up with you at this juncture and the two of you team up and battle the grunts. The final battle here throws a surprise at you, as you find your rival Barton now holding a position as a Neo Plasma Grunt and fighting alongside the Elder, Nancy. As a team member, Barton now has access to non Unovan Pokemon. Once that's dealt with, Elesa thanks you and the two of you head back toward the gym. There you meet Bianca and it's clear she and Elesa are good friends. Bianca expalins that it was in this town that Elesa helped her make her dreams all come true in what she describes as a "life-changing moment." Afterward, you're free to partake in Nimbasa's attractions.

Cold Storage presents you with some more Neo Plasma members who are attempting to steal the merchandise within. Other than that, it's just the regular Gym collecting plot until you defeat Skyla. Another encounter with Neo Plasma awaits at the airport, where it's revealed that Barton has been promoted to "Elder." Afterward, despite your win, the team still makes off with one of the planes.

In Icirrus City, after dealing with Brycen, Cheren meets you outside the Gym. He and Looker have discovered a Neo Plasma base in Castelia City. The decision is made to storm the building... 25 stories worth of team members itching to battle. You'll face all three Elders here as well, and at the top you'll meet Ghetsis again along with the boy in the red ball cap that the girl from Kanto was looking for earlier. He's introduced as Red and he's got a serious chip on his shoulder, practically exploding in rage once the name of the girl, Leaf, is brought up.

It had been five years since Red was exiled from Kanto after it was discovered he rose to the position of Champion through brainwashing and bribery of League officials. Leaf, the rightful champion, had played an integral part in Red's downfall. Bitter and thirsty for revenge, he had a chance encounter with Ghetsis. In a seedy lounge in Striation City, the two discussed their former glory and downfall, and formulated their new scheme to seize power and control. Red brought Pokemon from other regions to breed and become part of Neo Plasma's attack force, but some of them had gotten loose, explaining the presence of non-native Pokemon in the wild throughout your journey.

Cheren and you take on Ghetsis and Red in a team battle. After being defeated, the team withdraws, fleeing in the plane stolen from Mistralton Airport.

Your journey will then take you to Opelucid City. Here, you will encounter Hilbert/Hilda again along with a green-haired young man who introduces himself as N. Both will be accompanied by Reshiram/Zekrom, and which trainer has which Dragon is determined by whether you're playing B2 or W2. They will explain to you the events at the end of B/W. When they mention Ghetsis, your character speaks up and reveals that he's reformed the group under the Neo Plasma name. Both N and Hilbert/Hilda will express concern. Noting your seven badges thus far, they tell you that they are headed to the Pokemon League area and urge you to follow once you earn the eighth badge. After defeating the local Gym Leader, they will tell you about Kyurem.

On an island to the north of Unova's Pokemon League, there had been a monumental event thousands of years ago. A terrible storm had struck the frozen wasteland, and during this event a massive bolt of lightning struck the ice and ignited it on fire. It has been speculated that this intense combination of ice, fire, and lightning gave birth to the mythical dragon of ice.

With this information firmly in mind, you head for the Pokemon League, only to find that now the entire League building has been razed. Only a massive crater and the gigantic castle surrounding it remain. The Elite Four are nowhere in sight. Bianca, Cheren, and Leaf are waiting for you outside, and tell you that N and Hilbert/Hilda have already entered. Unlike before this time you'll run into Neo Plasma members seeking battle, including their three elders. However, as you raid the castle, you'll also bypass the Gym Leaders and Elite Four members engaging members of Neo Plasma in battle. This also marks your final showdown with your rival, Barton, who stands as the final obstacle to the throne room.

Inside, Red and Ghetsis are squaring off against Hilbert/Hilda and N. Ghetsis is taunting his adversaries, telling them that they must unleash Zekrom and Reshiram if they hope to stop him. Once they send the dragons out. Ghetsis smiles. They've fallen right into his trap. All of Neo Plasma's crimes and speeches were just a front to attract the attention of the partners of Reshiram and Zekrom and lure them to their base of operations. And now with Zekrom and Reshiram both before him, Ghetsis can put the final phase of his plan into motion. He summons Kyurem into the throne room, who, upon sensing the immense energy from the other two dragons, begins to vaporize. Two distinct vapor trails begin to swirl around each dragon before materializing into the two separate Kyurem forms. The two villains laugh. With these two forms of Kyurem in their control, they plan to conquer the world by sheer force.

You must choose a partner at this point, from Bianca, Cheren, N, Leaf, or Hilbert/Hilda. The two of you will then engage in a double battle against the two Kyurem forms. You cannot capture either one - they will flash freeze any Pokeball you send their way, including the Master Ball. You must defeat both forms.

Upon winning, the Kyurem forms will once again vaporize, leaving behind weakened Reshiram and Zekrom. Ghetsis and Red will be extremely angry and attack you and your partner. This is a full on, 12 on 12 battle. Once victorious, all Neo Plasma agents will be rounded up and placed in confinement. You will automatically be transported to a house in Opelucid owned by Anthea and Concordia, which previously had been locked. There, the participants of the final epic battle will share their thoughts on what transpired. N's complete backstory will be revealed to you by his caretakers. N, affected by Ghetsis' comeback attempt, will set his dragon free and accept the consequences for his actions with the original Team Plasma. All the characters will say their farewells and depart. You will be treated to an ending sequence that will vary depending on who your chosen partner was for the final battle. The credits roll.

In the postgame you will have the opportunity to capture Kyurem atop Dragonspiral Tower. Of Reshiram and Zekrom, the one that N held will be randomly roaming the region awaiting capture; the one held by Hilbert/Hilda will remain allied with them and is not obtainable. If you talk to Cheren in the police headquarters in Castelia, he'll reveal that N was given probation and has set off on another globetrotting journey to try to discover himself. He'll also tell you that Ghetsis, Red, Barton, and the rest of Neo Team Plasma are currently serving their sentences on a secluded island prison. On Thursdays, Cheren will also battle you. Cheren and/or Looker will also contact you every now and then to offer you optional sidequests that have you fight crime in various locales. Hilbert/Hilda will return to Nuvema Town on Saturdays and Sundays; though you can speak to them they won't battle.

You'll finally have the chance to battle the Elite Four and Champion Bianca, as well as a "Tournament of Champions" where you face off against Cynthia, Steven, and Lance. These battles are held in N's old castle, which now serves as the new League headquarters after the old one was destroyed. Once Champion, you keep the title, and any subsequent Elite Four challenges will conclude with random trainers who want to take your title away. Every 10th Elite Four challenge will end with Bianca as she seeks to win back the title. You may now purchase a villa in Undella Town. Leaf now also has a villa here, and you can challenge her and her team of Pokemon in the game's most difficult challenge.
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  1. Old Comment
    Taro Tanaka's Avatar
    I'm sorry if I'm a bit critical, but I just can't see some of these characters coming back. I mean, I can't really imagine Red or Leaf starring in BW2, and if Hilbert and Hilda aren't the protagonists anymore, then I can't see them coming back to assist in the storyline either. I can understand N and Ghetsis returning, though, considering how they left without an ending and were left with open-note endings, but aside from those two, not the others.
    Posted March 7th, 2012 at 7:19 PM by Taro Tanaka Taro Tanaka is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Elite Overlord LeSabre™'s Avatar
    Jasmine in D/P/Pt. Crasher Wake and Maylene in HG/SS. Cynthia in B/W. They've already had a history of bringing characters from previous games into other games, so they could theoretically try to do the same. Also, this contest is going on the idea that B/W 2 are sequels, so Hilbert/Hilda would (a) already have established teams from before, and (b) be quite a bit older... perhaps in their 20's during the events of B/W 2. IIRC, this contest is based on the idea that there will be new protagonists.

    And at least I didn't go with my Bernie Madoff idea xD
    Posted March 8th, 2012 at 9:56 AM by Elite Overlord LeSabre™ Elite Overlord LeSabre™ is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Mentalii's Avatar
    It is an interesting scenario, but totally unlikely I think x)
    I don't think developers are able to do a storyline that original.
    Posted March 10th, 2012 at 5:13 AM by Mentalii Mentalii is offline

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