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~Beautiful~ :: Life Is

Posted August 16th, 2012 at 12:20 AM by Kurui

"*insert Life is Beautiful instrumental here*"



So you cheated your fate at the loss of something dear.

The truth is that what you have right here and now is what's most important. Lose your memory, lose your flesh and blood, but here there's still life. I think inside you, you just know that somewhere. It's what spurs survival. It is the thing that turns away any trace of denial.

And if you were deaf you'd know the beauty of sound by the vibrations.

Like that, invisible, it is still real. So welcome home, soldier.



I had a beef with UTAU about it not rendering my oto.ini (or any of the flags I set) for Toad's voice bank, but then suddenly it worked. I didn't touch a single setting it just POOF decided to work again. So to practice making smooth USTs for his upcoming Rain Stain (which I'd still like to be his coming out song), I started making one to the chorus of one of my favourite anime OP themes~. Tomorrow from Full Metal Panic.

Sadly, the resampler I use, although it cleans up his notes, sometimes destroys his consonants (diminishes them) on some notes it renders. So while this is nice and pretty and smooth, you'll hear that some of his K, T, and Sh sounds have.......mysteriously vanished! I'll probably have to rework envelopes and then edit in audio program to get those to be loud enough. His N's and M's are amaaazing though. :D

So now I present Mortimer Toynbee (a.k.a. The Toad~) singing to my custom UST this chorus.

My winning piece.

I also won a little mini award for being a 'best overall CV UST designer' at a small place online (live chat/cam group for UTAU people) lol. Go me. The accomplishments of life >.>.................Thank you Toad for helping me achieve that with your pretty voice. And thank you to all those people who wrote UTAU tutorials that I have poured over for months to get this far! *high fives*

Toad had a majority vote for 2nd most attractive (out of 3 places) non-Japanese male (NOT gender bend) UTAU voice there but since he did not attend, it went to another person (I forgot to tell them he was not the guy with me online at the time so they really started tallying his piece up). XD Sucks, ne?



He clearly didn't remember a thing. Not a dang thing. He tilted his head at me as I asked him, over and over, about this or that. Specific things we'd said and done, things he'd confided in me, and his expression remained genuinely puzzled. The "new" camera was no better than a dead one, but I could still make him out enough to fawn over his gorgeous face, just like in the movies, all the ducks lined up in the fricking row. Perfect. Flawless.

"M'sorry, luv." He said softly, with a conviction that made me believe him immediately. I heard a thumping sound of him banging the heck out of his keyboard to type, fixing up any errors. Sticky keys? Moments later the sentence appeared on the chat screen.

I shook my head even though he couldn't see me. Mental note. Buy another web camera. Feeling silly, I drew my Yeti mic (GREAT MICROPHONE BTW THROW YOUR HARD EARNED DOLLARS THERE) towards me, "It's okie."

Of course it wasn't okay. He'd lost not only a part of himself, but something else the world could never give back. In fact, remembering would be more painful.

"Don' 'ate me."

"I won't."



But the grin on his face that followed almost convinced me. Everything was okay.

Life was beautiful.
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