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Lornami's Conquest Part 2

Posted July 22nd, 2012 at 5:18 AM by Nina

Hideyoshi's Story (Year 2)

NOTE: I mess up the names a lot, forgive me?

Okay so let's give a little more information this time. I'll write this blurb to be on all posts from now I think.
This isn't mean to be a real Let's Play, or Battle Log, it's just fun for me to blab about it and put VS images up??

The game I'm playing is Pokemon Conquest. I have finished the first story of the game, and now I'm working on extra stories that have been unlocked. In short, I command Warlords and warriors who fight with one partner Pokemon each in Feudal Japan. Only 6 warriors can occupy a nation at a time, and we are warring to collect more nations; expanding my territory. The pokemon fight and move around in tactical form, like Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced. If you want really specific explanations just read bulbapedia or buy the game! :)
I'm not going to record each blow by blow as it's just not what I like doing. Maybe I'll get to the point that I show each combatant, but I don't think that would be interesting? I'm basically highlighting my achievements each in-game month and musing on my thought process as I go along.

January, Year 2

I'm tired of waiting for everyone to finish waring with eachother, and they're getting a bit stronger so it's time to move on. I didn't notice Ieyasu is still here actually, completely surrounded by Nobunaga but still holding strong! You go dude! I'll get you later. Now, for the (hopefully) final showdown with Shingen. With a quick try at more Warlords.
...I'm getting the feeling I'm not able to get more warlords or something in this story, because NO ONE has joined me so far??


Hideyoshi's Army lead by Lord Hideyoshi VS Shingen's Army lead by Lord Shingen

Nggh. More banner maps! I remember this one being horribly difficult with the warps and floating crystals. I wish Muneshige would have joined me again! His Stariva would be helpful. Any flying type really.
HAH! Shingen used his ability and then attacked in a way which attacked his ally and then it just MISSED me anyways! How nice! I'd laugh at him more, but I am the tactical type that if I think it's worth it the ally might have to take some damage. :x Sorry that's mean, it's just how I do it!
NPCs refuse to even leave the banner once they are on them. While I understand that might be the most valid tactic, I don't think so! If the action isn't near you and you're sure you can get back first, go for it! Even if not, as long as you have one to fall back on I wouldn't worry too much about it. Oh! What I was talking about earlier, I just used discharge on Hideyoshi too to get to an enemy, but the damage done would kill them and Hideyoshi had HP to spare so then it's fine! I have Beedrill attacking Shingen's Ryhorn as he camps on the banner. He'll fall soon enough. Not as pressed for time when it comes to 20 turn battles. Eheh, these back and forth blocks aren't so bad when I can trap someone to go back and forth when their attack only works from two spaces away!
I could have claimed the banners and finished, but I finished off Kunoichi first. :>

Turns Left: 11 / 20


As much as I'd like to take another area this month, my second army lead by Kanbei just isn't strong enough to divide, and that's the only way to do it with Cragspur and Yaksha. I will switch my first army over there so they should be able to handle the split. I'd like to have enough warriors for a third force, but it's just not happening at the moment.

Febuary, Year 2

Hehe, some warriors are gossiping about me! Oh. Oh no no no. Eeep! They gave themselves moral! That was a sucky event. It apparently caused Nobunaga and Kotaro's Army's to increase in strength. Not a little bit, but REALLY increase in strength. I should have attacked earilier! Ugh.
Afterwards Nobunaga once again tried to take Valora from Ieyasu, and failed again. He's so tough!

I have to advance though. Thankfully I now have a third set of army that can move in the nation I just left, so someone doesn't attack while I'm attacking them! Avia and Cragspur will be my targets for now. I will take Avia, from Illusio, then take Cragspur from Terrera in the same month. With both of those taken Illusio won't be connected to enemy lines. If something goes wrong in Cragspur the third army is Pugilis will occupy Illusio to protect it. If all goes well it will occupy Terrera to protect it from Yaksha.
If Kotaro's Army decides to attack from Yaksha, it's 1000 vs 600 strength, but I betting he wouldn't be foolish enought to leave his nation unprotected. If we do loose, I'll be moving into Yaksha and trapping him! That's down the road though. I'm going to try and get Muneshige then off to war!


Hideyoshi's Army lead by Lord Hideyoshi VS Nobunaga's Army lead by Lord Nobunaga


Well we're two turns in and Hatsu's Audino is surrounded by a Pineco, Gabite, and Spiritomb! Ah, the Spirtomb went somewhere else. Maybe she'll survive for an extra turn. Aria doesn't have a banner game, or ways you can indirectly damage with the field. Basically it's just a ***** to nagivate with a lot of one way jumps! I'm figuring out Kanbei is really...useless. I wish I could get a warlord to replace him!
Oh no. There is a Dratini and Gabite. There is always the balance of using the strongest pokemon with playing type weaknesses. Usually, I ignore types unless I have a large amount of them with one army. However, Dragons are nasty beasts. But how am I supposed to get the pokemon types strong against Dragon when the areas with those pokemon are not available to me until I get past his Dragon pokemon?? I don't have high hopes for this battle, but I'll try my best.
Yikes! Monferno is gone! There's a Dratini and Spirtomb where my Flaffy is about to be, but is actually stuck at the moment, and a severly weakened Audino being chased by a Gabite and Pineco with Beedrill on the way. I need either Aya or Ocichi so bad, because of their abilities! I didn't realize how much I depended for the mid fight pick me up.
He had four pokemon left, a horrible defeat! Ugh, do I even want to try Cragspur as well?


Considering I just lost when I had a strength advantage and my second army and Kotaro's is just about equal, that's enough waring for this month. I may have to take a few months to develop. Quick faq check, the reason I'm not getting warlords is because I'm not beating them with other warlords? I had one in my party, or does it HAVE to be the main warlord? Guh, we'll see.

March, Year 2

Ieyasu fends off Nobunaga again. What's going on with Kotaro and Nobunaga not attacking each other right now? It sure would help me! There are 0 warlords this month. Lame.

April, Year 2

No one moves. No warlords again. ARUGH.
Oh! I upgraded Ignis and the floating rocks became available. And have a warlord on it. But no one is availabe this turn now! :|

May, Year 2

Ah Nobunaga is back to attacking Ieyasu. Oichi is in Greenleaf. I REALLY NEED YOU. PLEASE COME WITH ME.

AW YEAH I DID IT RIGHT! I have her yaaaaaayyy! How did I ever get them in the last story?


June, Year 2

I'm going to work on getting warlords still while hoping someone kicks Nobunaga's butt out of that horrible map or he divides his army. :|


July, Year 2

Nobunga took over Cragspur! However he took army's from two different areas, so they are actually stronger than who was previously their. That gives me an idea to go down to Yaksha and try and go around the back to take less defended area. However, some bandits just took something from Ignis and now I have to go save their butts. It's going to cause problems I think...

Aha nope! Doesn't take my turn up! It's time to take some nations! Avia is now the weakest, with only one Dragon type. Here we go!


Hideyoshi's Army lead by Lord Hideyoshi VS Nobunaga's Army lead by Kunoichi

I feel much more confident this time. I have Flaffy against two Zubats and a Starly, so I hope they come to Hanbei ASAP. Riolu against Kunoichi's Scraggy is easy, I just lauched her back the way she came, it was great! I don't think Axew will be a problem, just how Larvitar was not last time. If thinks go bad, I have a free heal!
I need to remember Monferno's weakness to flying. It's not a big deal but he needs to stay back. Thankfully the other two kindly encircled Flaffy. They're about to die. <3 They're setting themselves up really bad this time! People keep jumping to where my Riolu is, but Riolu's attack knocks them back to where they came from before they get a chance to attack next turn. This battle is going really awesomely. OH HE JUST JUMPED BACK. Stupid Axew. And then Scraggy comes back and does it. Sooo silly.

Turns Left: 14 / 20


As much as I'd love to just go gun-ho, it's impossible right now. They're too strong.

August, Year 2

Uh oh! There is a heat wave in Pugilis, Illusio, Chrysalia, Cragspure, and Terrera...
OH! Awesome! In those places Fire pokemon are in high spirits! Nobunaga just attacked from Cragspur so it's time to attack!


Hideyoshi's Army lead by Lord Hideyoshi VS Nobunaga's Army lead by Toshimitsu

So we're on the map where you can push rocks down a hill. NPCs really don't take advantage of this like they should. :] I did against my sister who wasn't paying attention to the map.
Grrr! I don't think of Zubats as flying all the time like birds so they took down my Riolu. I blocked the way, but DUH they fly! However, the Zubat just sat in the same spot the first Zubat did...When it got toasted by Flaffy's discharge. Bzzzzt!

Turns Left: 16 / 20



Illusio is just one more nation I don't have to worry about. Here's the first step into the final stretch! Nobunaga is still so very strong. I will defeat Ieyasu next, because I need Aya! Hmmm...I'm very tempted to attack Valor right now, but I don't think that would be wise. I will however attack Viperia! THey are also weak and I can cut off Yaksha!


Hideyoshi's Army lead by Tsunehisa VS Nobunaga's Army lead by Yoshimoto

I forgot to commentate. I won.



Going to test if to get a Warlord it needs YOUR Warlord specifically or just a gold Warlord. We'll see.
The Warlords have to be finished by another warlord, ANY other warlord, but it doesn't work just to have them in the party. Good I finally learned this. However that got me Nene instead of Shingen. Hurf.


September, Year 2

Collecting Warlords now that I know how to do it right!



Rinse repeat with a lot of failures.

December, Year 2


Hideyoshi's Army lead by Hideyoshi VS Ieyasu's Army lead by Ieyasu

So you know how Nobunaga keeps trying to attack Valora and fails even with more strength?
Yeah. I'll save you the story. Look at the turn count.

Turns Left: 1 / 25



Bonus Aya, recruitable right away!

And then I went to bed around here. These battle commentaries are getting shorter and shorter, huh.

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