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time slows right down when you're getting things done

Posted May 5th, 2013 at 9:59 PM by Anna
Updated April 18th, 2015 at 5:48 PM by Anna

So as far as I can tell I came back 'round here regularly again at the end of February. So it's been like just over two months since I came back properly and I just ???? I feel like it's been at least four? I've been busy as hell and I've done so much stuff that it just amazes me. I can't have ever been this active. Well, maybe when the Nightclub was happening but that's nearly untrackable. I think that thing had over 100 pages when it closed so... maybe I was more active then? idk it feels like I've been more active these past two months. Feels like more has happened. I feel like I've been doing episode threads for a long time but it's only been two months. I've only made fifteen of them on this account. It felt like I spent forever doing that stupid episode index but it was actually only like five days I guess? Watch-Along is on its seventh week?? GCD's only been up for a month? What?

Well actually the last two are kind of surprising. I started Watch-Along and was hoping that maybe four people would be interested in the idea. I cut that down to an expectation of two in order to meet reality. And then I started it, pessimistically expecting it to kind of die off after like three weeks because PA wasn't looking too hot. BUT WOW now I have three people regularly posting there, not including myself? And some actual discussion going on? Wow thank you guys you have really made me happy. <3

GCD- General Character Discussion- was a thread I started up after the Character&Shipping forum was removed. The idea was sort of a mix between replacing that, making something similar to the old Shipping Debates thread, and giving PA a type of DCC. And I wasn't expecting people to hop on board that idea either but it's currently got 111 replies and it's only been up for a month and I did not expect that to happen in PA. Thank you. <3

Just... wow. I'm impressed that new threads in Episode Discussion are constantly getting more and more replies. I'm impressed that people are coming up with new and interesting ideas for threads in the main section. The amount of activity in there compared to two and a bit months ago is astonishing. Thank you thank you thank you everyone who's been posting in there for any reason, be it because you just wandered in or my constant nagging got to you or whatever. Thanks for making PA feel lively.

This week in Japan, Satoshi-tachi got stuck on an island because of Team Rocket.
This week in the USA, Ash&co made it to Aspertia City and met Cheren.
This week in Watch-Along, we finally watch something from DP- "A Pyramiding Rage".
In GCD, we discuss Samuel Oak vs Aurea Juniper.
In regular PA, we wonder why Pikachu is so strong. Or is he really?
And a Sinnoh-era discussion thread to match the OS & AG series threads will be coming later this week!
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    Necrum's Avatar
    More people need to get in on the action in the watch along. Come on guys. I wasn't even really watching the show any more when it started and yet I find myself enjoying the experience of just watching a random episode each week and talking about it with others. So even if you're not a pokemon anime fan, come hang with us. It's loads of fun!
    Posted May 5th, 2013 at 10:44 PM by Necrum Necrum is offline

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